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I feel like gura often acts stupid on purpose.

It doesn't feel genenuine. I can't really watch her streams because of it. I wouldn't mind if she was just normal stupid but it feels like she's playing a character and it destroys her likability for me.

Anyone else agree?

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You're telling me that a Vtuber plays up to a character?

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Of course she does. Gura's great, but it's clear that acting dumb is part of her persona.

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It's all an act bro. Stop sending ethots your vbucks.

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>it feels like she's playing a character
I have bad news for you

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Imagine tweeting once a week apart from announcements etc., pre stream reminder/after stream thank you and it's this crap.

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Gura is not genuine with her viewers anymore.

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No. And you should take your med.

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A thread died for this.

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Or was it the color that was named after the fruit?

A real CHICKEN egg situation, huh?

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Black berries

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It's the reverse in this case, the color is named after the fruit, rather than the fruit being named after the color.

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Fake tweet that was posted on reddit

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I stopped watching Gura after she told that she will be honest about any bullshit, and then just went along with Cover's censorship. Words rigging and rig are still banned in her chat you know. Gura did not mention her shitty rigging even once while clearly knowing that it was terrible.
I can't stand her anymore to be honest.

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I will agree that part of her character is playing dumb to avoid talking about things as a way to deflect.
Also she often talks or have the routine to make fun of herself, hence the dumb sticker on her forehead.
I still love her nonetheless.

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Yes. Obviously Vtubers do change personality but it shouldn't be so extreme. Look at Ame. Even though she stays in character, it never feels like she saying forcing what she's saying. Her speech feels organic like she would say the same thing to anyone else.

Gura on the other hand feels like she's playing a character and not talking from the heart. Her speech sounds forced and so i can't like her because it feels disingenuous. This critique is probably very applicable to cali too.

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No, because it's part of the cunny package.

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Imagine being an adult in your 20s and pretending to be a stupid little girl.

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>it feels like she's playing a character
Yes hello, welcome to VTubers, enjoy your stay.

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i think it goes a lot further. I think a lot of the times gura fails at math is on purpose. And so it's not just a clever deflection but a much bigger part of her personality.

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>I feel like gura often acts stupid on purpose.
No shit? We know. She knows we know. We know she knows we know. There's nothing deceptive there, unless you happen to be <90 IQ and didn't understand that.

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Your misrepresenting my point.

Other vtubers act a character, that's not the problem. It's that guras acts rather than just being nornal and acting organically. Her speech is often forced and it shows. It's not a good quality to pretend to be stupid to be more likable. It's ultimatly really cringey and not really funny because we know it's disingenuous. That's just my opinion though.

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This cheeky little brat is making fun of us...

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>It doesn't feel genenuine.
>expecting sincerity from filthy western whores

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>I feel like gura often acts stupid on purpose.
She's hiding her powerlevel from room temp iq normies like you. If at any point, ever, you thought she's stupid, then know she pretends to be dumb just for the folk like you to digest.

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>She's hiding her powerlevel from room temp iq normies like you
Her entire viewership is full of normalfags and actual children.

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>I stopped watching a corporation employee after the corporation employee was doing the job the company told the employee to do, and follow the company's contract, even though I want her to break the company's contract and risk the breach of contract

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then you'll fit right in

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You didn't have to confirm my point, but thanks nonetheless.

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That's right I love gura. cunny

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Literal corporate slave

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but you get blue berries AND black berries

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Go and watch indies, then.

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what is rigging?

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Not much rigger, what's up with you?

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>She's hiding her powerlevel from room temp iq normies like you. If at any point, ever, you thought she's stupid, then know she pretends to be dumb just for the folk like you to digest.

I don't get why your so bitter. The point isn't whether or whether not you think she's actually stupid. The question is whether it is a good trait for a V-tuber to over-act their character.

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13% of vtubers are responsible for 50% of yabs.

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Gura is more honest than Luna

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Nonsense, next thing you will say is that Ame acts like a gremlin and Calli acts like cringe boomer.

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>I don't get why your so bitter
I'm bitter because you retards cannot even tell the difference between "your" and "you're." Having any discourse here is legitimately impossible thanks to fucks like you.

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Well she claims she doesn't pretend to be stupid so whatever.

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I think she's kind of dumb but plays it up a lot for laughs, but people think she's actually a super genius actress for some reason

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Maybe im just too far gone, but i watch literally every one of her streams and i dont see that much of a difference. It doesnt seem like shes outright dumb, moreso that shes just oblivious a lot of the time or is very one track minded. I dont think that she thinks very hard about most of the things shes doing. Either way the content works for me so i dont really care.

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gura obviously has been playing 4d chess since day one. her pretending to be retarded is supposed to be a subtle self-ironic humor, unfortunately her audience (or the loud part of it) is genuinely retarded and fails to notice it

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Based off whenever she has to learn things like, ttrpg, it seems she is legit kinda slow

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Gura is not acting a character as "dumb"
She is acting a character that "acts dumb"
Pretend to be stupid is part of her character, 4d chess right here.

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>Cute and innocent act slips and she goes on a rant about how some dude gave her a weird look for wanting a juicebox as an adult and lectured her audience about "how to talk to women"

Aaaaaaand unsubbed. All you had to do was act silly and play video games.

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Unironically hot.

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When was this?

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Gura's sharp as an edgelord's blade. The "smol brain" shit is just because she never cared for academics. What she lacks in that area is more than made up for with wit so remarkable a lot of people can't even see it.

She inspires me every day. I've never been so intoxicated by a woman in my life.

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RE2:R finale.

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Tbh I also believe he is quite smart in a sense but nothing too serious for you to "get inspired". There are a lot of inspiring people, she isn't the best choice.

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uuuoooooooh tiny adult gura wants ringo juice TuT

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>There are a lot of inspiring people, she isn't the best choice.
She is for me. If I explained why you'd call it a rrat, and maybe it is, but there's a lot going on under that big smile. She gets me out of bed in the morning and makes me WANT to change myself.

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I guess do what's best for you. Just try not to develop an addiction or something.

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She gets paid to do so.

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>It doesn't feel genuine
Her Nyanners/Lilypichu ass voice didn't give that away?

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She plays up being dumb in the way people do with their friends, not in an overly deceptive milking-nerds-for-momey way but because so many of you are ASD gang it flies over your heads and you think it's played legit

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Threads here aren't worth saving anyways.

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they're literally all playing characters, that's the point.

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Only half true. "Orange" was already the name of a color, but that color was closer to what we now call red. The fruit was named after the color, but the original orange (color) slowly fell out of favor, and was replaced by a new orange (color) which matched the fruit more closely.

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She had a massive meme persona in her other life so the acting dumb is a way to self censor herself so she doesn't slip back into meme gremlin mode

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Dude, even Gura said that she played dumb on the reaction stream to her debut. As long as everybody is having fun, is fine.

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Gura is genuinely a bit of a ditz, but she also has great comedic timing and she knows when and how to play it up.

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>Just try not to develop an addiction or something.
Too late for that. I can't imagine life without her and I don't want to. If there were a 0% chance of a future where she's in my life forever I'd convince myself there's a 0.0000001% chance. She tied love and hope together for me and I'll keep them bound together until I can't anymore.

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unironically go to therapy.

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huh, I never knew that.

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Therapy's not useful when you've read enough Freud and Jung to know all their tricks.

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I have a therapist her name is Gura it's not working

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your acting retarded

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That's because she felt insecure about asking for a juice box. Gura projects all the time.

>> No.4998392

She would not have gone out of her way to indirectly insult every male viewer watching if she had thought she was in the wrong for asking for a juicebox as an adult.

>> No.4998558

Sure she would, that's her way of coping. I don't have the timestamp but go listen to the entire context of the story. It was just her side of the story but for all we know she mumbled about wanting a juice box and the guy didn't know what she asked for. I doubt some min wage grocery worker gives enough of a fuck to antagonize her over a juice box.
That shit she said about how he should stand up straight and give her a smile was cringe.

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>Going to psychoanalysis sessions

Noob, you go to cognitive-behavioral psychiatrists and get actually results.

>> No.4998810

Wait there are fags here that get upset by jokes? twitter really hits everywhere

>> No.4998859

I think you misunderstood my post, we are actually in agreement concerning the context of the rant.

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Oh yeah, I get you.

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So what your saying is that gura is Lex luthor?

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Yes, we here at /vt/ take great pride in getting upset by everything.

No, I will NOT take my meds.

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Am I being played like a fool?

>> No.4999948

If it makes you happy then what does it matter?

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The shark clearly copied Cirno's act as Cirno is the smartest yet pretends to be dumb so others don't feel stupid around her.

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The 2hus...

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oh no no /vt/ bros
/jp/ won

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lmao absolute garbage get

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based get

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wasted get

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/jp/ won....

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back to /jp/ I guess

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Fuck yeaaaaa

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Baka fairy, you're off by one

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Should've killed you when we had the chance.

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Fuck you nigger wasted

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>Cirno got the GET

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I guess the 2hus won after all kek

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Shut up David.

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Looks like you didn't learn your lesson 2hu

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Fucking hell anon I salute you.
But Cirno > Gura

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Put me in the screenshot

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/jp/sies go back!!!!!!!!!!

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the 2hoes..

>> No.5000268

>off by 1

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Put me in the screencap

>> No.5000379

I just got linked here from some post on a Chinese rrat thread so I literally don't belong here at all but sure. Put me in the screenshot or whatever.

>> No.5000398

You're a massive retard

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stay cucked 2huniggers

>> No.5000609

jannies are fags

>> No.5000788

The strongest!

>> No.5000810

It feels like her purposely acting stupid was a Chinese mandate to make westerners looks stupider than they meme them to be.

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Jannies confirmed faggots.

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we never left

>> No.5001409

She's obviously acting for some part, but I think the acting part got slowly to her real self so sometimes she's being dumb without even realizing it.

>> No.5001471

I have some pretty bad ADD. My working memory is in the 37th percentile, which is about 4%ile away from being considered as mentally handicapped. On the other hand the rest of my mental abilities are in the 95%ile or above. I make those kinds of mistakes pretty often because my brain processes significantly faster than my working memory is capable of handling. So her consistently making those kind of "dumb" mistakes despite being "smart" in other areas is not necessarily indicative of her playing a dumb character.

>> No.5001504

Remember when Gura would make a joke and wink at the audience? Them days are GONE. Also based janny dunking on the 2whos

>> No.5002038

I expected some weird feminist rant from what you wrote but it was nothing like that

>> No.5005774

its her character anon. there are moments where its obvious shes just pretending to be dumb (look at kiara 1 to 6 clip)

>> No.5005831

>thats just my opinion though

>> No.5005866

>it feels like she's playing a character

this nigga thought all those vtubers act like themselves

>> No.5005876

Yeah, no shit. Do you think she can't read or do basic math for real? It's done to make her look cuter.

>> No.5006339

>Lecture about how to talk to women
>It's her just giving general "have confidence" advice.

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before oranges the color was called yellow-red. but thanks to that fruit, we were given new color names like red-orange and yellow-orange

>> No.5006688

>schizo misrepresents something to try and cause drama
just another day on /vt/

>> No.5006713

rrats are getting really lazy lately. It is as if psyopfags did not care about us!

>> No.5006846

>one off

>> No.5006897

jannies couldn't handle such a powerful post

>> No.5006964

> Stand up straight
> But not too straight
> Practice in front of a mirror so it looks natural
>But don't think about it too much
> Just be confident
> If you're not confident, you'll have to fake it
> But be yourself and act naturally
How do humans ever reproduce

>> No.5007017

I dont get it, why are you upset?

>> No.5007034

This is unironically not a bad advice if you decode it from the shark-speak. What she is trying to tell you here is that you should not package any expectations into your interaction. And probably lift too.

>> No.5007167

The truth is most people don't know what they're doing and are just winging it. Such is life

>> No.5007310

Attractive people learn this naturally from a young age through positive feedback loops. Ogres and autists either do their reps until they make it, or do not reproduce. The latter is usually what happens.

>> No.5007312

Pretty sure the guy giving out juice boxes wasnt expecting sex, but she still didn't like him anyway.

>> No.5007486

I feel like anon often acts stupid on purpose.

It doesn't feel genenuine. I can't really read the posts because of it. I wouldn't mind if it was just normal stupid but it feels like it's playing a character and it destroys the likability for me.

Anyone else agree?

>> No.5007847

This is what the retards are on about. FFS

>> No.5008426

there was an old species of fruit called ôrnjies
wich went extinct around 355 bc. they had red-ish color, the name was given for the fruit, and then for the color, until they found the oranges we know today, which back then were called apples.(very confusing stuff)

>> No.5008495

I agree that you are a jealous waste of life

>> No.5008519

At 20:42, she specifically says that she thinks it was an age thing. Those juiceboxes were meant for kids but Gura wanted one so he was a bit weird about it.

>> No.5009364

You chink niggers are moving on to Gura now, huh?

>> No.5010054

did people already get bored of mori?

>> No.5010246

>just lift bro
By that reasoning, why is it wrong for me to say "just don't be fat" to girls?

>> No.5011095

>Implying anyone here would think hating fat chicks are wrong
Nice try anon that prob woulda worked better on reddit

>> No.5011987

>worked better on reddit
Pause and think for a moment about what you just said. Don't bring up something if you have no idea how it works.

>> No.5012475

Ok pally educate me on how what you said wasn't suppose to be reddit fat bitch bait posted in the wrong place

>> No.5014763

Sure just to clarify. Unless this place has changed, because I don't browse it mind you, I'm pretty sure such a post would be karma'd into oblivion.

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>> No.5023676

All vtubers play a character, even when they're pretending to be their actual self.

>> No.5026813

I bet you think her Gura's voice is genuine to. Just don't think about it and have fun anon.

>> No.5027227

I mean she feigns ignorance about a bunch of things and hides her powerlevel, but she's just as dumb as she appears.

>> No.5027270

I remember in one of the early Minecraft streams she wrote something in Minecraft internal chat to Amelia but after writing it without spelling errors she erased it and wrote the same thing with spelling errors. It really turned me off her instantly and i have not watched her since really.

>> No.5027406

If you are going to a therapist that uses any techniques from Jung or Freud you've fucked up big time. Psychoanalysis hasn't been taken seriously for like 5 decades.

>> No.5027486


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>> No.5027588

Yeah, she plays coy a lot. That doesn't mean she is secretly smart though. She's still bottom two intelligence in HoloEN.

>> No.5027598
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I kneel 2ho chads

>> No.5027855

Miko actually kind of addresses this. She was asked if she acts out her "pon" trait for laughs, and she said she occasionally does, not by pretending she is pon, but rather engaging in games/situations that she knows/expects will bring out that trait out. That's actually pretty smart and, if the entertainer can read the situation fast and react appropriately or has a natural talent of doing so, they can take advantage of the situation and bring the entertainment value of their stream up.
I'm not saying Gura is playing 6D chess with us, just that she knows how to entertain.

>> No.5037437


>> No.5041339

Anyone who thinks Gura's some Lex Luthor type actor, ahem pink cat, should go watch the ttrpg EN collab. She is scatterbrained (adhd) and genuinely bad at math, which often makes her seem dumber than she actually is (she knows this and plays it uo for laughs). The areas she does excel at speak for themselves, she might even be a retard savant.

>> No.5041427

I think it is a mixture of both. When she asked Kiara "what happened to 3 and 4?", and was in genuine confusion why Kiara is laughing. If not, then some of the stupidest moments are pure genius, since coming up with jokes in a short time is a gift.

>> No.5041525
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Most EN are extremely genuine compared to most JP.

>> No.5041588
File: 103 KB, 207x243, image_2021-06-13_145248.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5041609

Take your medication.

>> No.5041660
File: 274 KB, 1152x780, 1613492474980.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chads don't have to try, stand up straight, do self-improvement, etc.
It all comes naturally to them.

>> No.5041798
File: 2.31 MB, 2041x2343, 1612978471871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura is genuinely fuckin smart, but she's a lazy genius.

She refuses to use her intellect to delve or dissect a problem, but instead enjoys the privilege her intelligence gives her

using her great memory, pattern recognition, and creativity to have fun playing games, being a comedian and entertainer, improvising,

It shows because she can identify her faults with keen precision, so has identified her problem, but just avoids solving it. She probably would be great at math, but flunked it because it required brain energy, and jokes about how terrible she is.

Even now, she uses her faults as a resource, for improvisational moments or comedy.

She's genuinely smart as fuck, but just a lazy little pillow who uses her gifts to be a great entertainer, which is very rewarding and gives happy endorphins and shes probably trained enough in making jokes that its very easy for her and being a comedian is natural, as opposed to being academically smart which is hard work.

>> No.5042028
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>I was just pretending to be retarded.

>> No.5045811

I can’t believe that people as incredible retarded as OP roam this earth

>> No.5046022

I can't believe that people like YOU roam this earth.

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Gura seems like the kind of girl who would drop out of college on a full ride scholarship to be with a boyfriend in another state.

>> No.5048643

Gura is (was) smack down average intelligence, forever doomed to be lazy, inconsistent and apathetic by her NEET lifestyle for the last 10-15 years (assuming mid 20s). She's the kind of person that would skip around a 4 minute tutorial and then end up having to watch it three more times. Cant study because she never studied, procrastinates everything to the last minute, wont fix obvious issues (her rigging, her overlay) because there's not a deadline so she'll just do it tomorrow first thing in the morning for sure (except she never does).

To call her dumb or stupid is disingenuous because she's neither. Its not that she's genuinely dumb or cant think.
To call her smart is also disingenuous because she's not smart either. She's just there, she simply exists.
Many such cases.

>> No.5049201

literally me

>> No.5049574


>> No.5049650

The only problem with this is that "never studied" indicates a genius (for an American) or a highschool dropout.

>> No.5049754

holy shit she's literally me

>> No.5049953

Gura finished highschool but either never went to college or majored in some meme like graphic design.
Most people like her (extremely online anime voice actress wanabes) have a two year degree in either arts or music and pretty much only do streaming and india VA stuff so Im pretty confident on this one.

>> No.5050166

College IS the wall for people who can't motivate themselves/aren't self-starters/"""gifted"""-program victims though because you have to do your studying and dedication reps no matter what. Somebody who has coasted their entire life and is used to finishing their homework on the way out of class can't handle it.

>> No.5050684

I find it quite malicious to call her "stupid" like that. She's not an unintelligent person, she just has moments of foolishness like anyone else. Sure, she may play these moments up for content and the viewers go along with it, but nobody thinks she is outright idiotic, otherwise nobody would watch her. She's obviously a capable person, the fact that she's entertaining to so many people is enough evidence of that. Genuinely dumb people are unpleasant.

I think you shouldn't be so quick to label someone "stupid" when you don't even really know them personally.

>> No.5051922

I think it can be said she is good/smart at what she does which is know what traits to exhibit and what memes to play to, to attract her audience. Then again I can't say it doesn't just appeal to the lowest common denominator.

>> No.5052084

And who said you dont learn anything on /vt/?

>> No.5052168

black berries

>> No.5054770

Your mistake is taking relationship/socialization advice from a woman
This type of advice you should only get from men

>> No.5056022

Go touch grass you fucking mongrel this place and your obsession has rotted your brain

>> No.5058521

read this in her voice

>> No.5058716

She said she approached in an weird manner, whatever that means, so isn't it on her that the response was also odd?

>> No.5059383

When I was in university, the school baseball team had an event at a game where kids came out on to the field and stood next to their favorite baseball player during the seventh inning stretch. It was all in good fun until two morbidly obese college girls came out and stood next to the third baseman. Then, it became awkward. So, I can see an uncomfortable interaction if an adult Gura was literally shoving children out of the way to get a juicebox. It’s extremely likely that is exactly how it happened, despite Gura’s omission of those facts from her retelling of the incident.

This is never wrong.

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