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>At least my 100% Nipponese Holomem isn't an etho-

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Based Marine, lusting after my big fat kaigai Cock.

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Based Marine

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are you the same vwhore faggot that keeps trying to use Marine as your scapegoat to justify why you like vwhore's thottery?

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Thanks bro I don't have a twitter so I usually just browse 4channel until I see the ever present twitter sceencap threads.

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Marine is desperate for white cock bros...we have to help her...

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I'm already helping her, you guys stay out of this.

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All of the Holomems bow to white cock at this point besides maybe Izuru, just watch Nijis if you want Japanese content made for the Japanese

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you wish your irrelevant oshi get marine´s numbers

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That's leddit

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Post Holos who definitely are interested in Caucasians

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Marine calling me sexy feels wrong, I'm ugly as sin

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Isn't she already at a million?

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I do the same, I don't even know how reddit works.

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Yea, since her meme contest she became one of the active chubbas in reddit but all her posts are horny posts.

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She's a size queen and the average penis size of an indog fully erect is smaller than my flacid dick. Risu needs kaigai cock.

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Marine your public image reps....you fucking captain coomer hag...

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It's a past reddit post that OP dug

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I wish

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>but all her posts are horny posts.
Damn she should come hang out in the hag threads here, she'd fit right in. She probably wants to fuck her older colleagues too.

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Marine won't rest until her womb is full and neither will I

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god bless her

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Tell me about the Captain, why is she so desperate for foreign viewers?

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Bigger cocks.

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>6 months ago
read, nigga, read

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why does she know what the average is...

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Overseas sexy bros are "bigger" and taller. She's a natural masochist.

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When you are a shotacon you just know

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>6 months ago

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You know why anon.

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Please know that although she has a brain that is a horny on main 24x7 but its just her coping mechanism to combat her lonliness. She do care about her viewers and tries to read and respond to very superchats irrespective of laguage and responds.

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Because her lust for sex is as big as her love for her viewers that it even extends across the world.
She even recognizes member names even with how big her channel has gotten.

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I volunteer myself to fly to Japan and satiate Marine's unending lust for overseas sexy guys.

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I really wish I had a picture of Marine's ass. I could go to Japan and identify who she was simply by recognizing the size and sag of her fat hag ass and then tell her I'm into all sorts of freaky fujoshi shit and prone bone her bubble butt until she's unconscious.

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It's taken you 6 months to realize Marine likes foreign fans?

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I'm going to cum inside Senchou with my foreigner cock and there's nothing you can do stop me

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>half a year old leddit screenshot
>obvious bait in the OP
>thread still up 2 hours later

Classic /veetee/.

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kiaracuck is that you?

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Speaking of Aki, her interest is genuine. She is learning English off-stream, and she doesn't do those those duolingo pandering streams.

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This is literally canon now

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Yet you still responded. Curious!

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>i want to have non-consensual sex
how does that work?

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>hurr sex sex sex!! uoooo big white cock coom inside marine!!!!!! seeeeeeeeexxxxx!!!!!!!!!!
I hate white people.

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did you get buck broken?

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Do you have a point...?

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She wants the BBC (Buck Breaking Cock)

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Don't mind the details anon!

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>pandering to foreigners on a foreign website
>"why would she do this!?"

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Yeah Marine is pretty great

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>doesn't do those duolingo pandering streams
That's just consciously debuffing herself. I know it isn't the best way to learn, but she had an influx of EOP saviourfags who would have been tripping over themselves to watch her learn English.

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Too bad there won't be any sequel or anything hololive related from him

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But she wants to be gangbanged.

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I need this woman
I am going to move to Japan and find her, I absolutely will

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Shut up buckaroo

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It means she intends to rape at least six fat, faceless men back to back. Her endless serial rape is what made her the most wanted criminal on the seven seas, wanted dead or alive.

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Where do these images come from? I often see Japanese videos/websites use images in this style. Is this the Japanese answer to Allegro or something?

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>wanted dead or alive
You knowm this brings up a good question...
Would you fuck Marine's corpse?

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She thinks her overseas fans are all hot blonde guys like Lt. Surge and not seanigs

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All of her overseas fans look like this.

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Man's swinging some huge pipe and you know that sucker is CLEAN

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I have several questions.

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So you're saying I have a chance?

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Time is running out faggot go to japan NOW before her womb dries up and she loses interest in men.

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It's great and entirely FREE

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I must continue the Marine bloodline.

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>streams are all in English
>when an indog in chat asks her to speak more Indonesian she tells them to fuck off
Couldn’t make it more obvious if she tried

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>indonesian branch
>indonesian girls
>meant to appeal to indonesians
>girls speak english and tell indonesians to fuck off
i'd probably kill myself if i was indonesian

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Maybe she thinks Indonesian is shit?
I'm ESL and if someone asked me to speak in my native language instead of English I'd tell them to fuck off too.
t. spic

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Holomem vs YAGOO and Investors

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Don't get it twisted all ID girls definitely speak it, they just get annoyed when some retard in chat goes: retard: SPEAK INDONESIAN
I mean I'd tell them off to they can't be controlled, if they want to engage their other viewers they're free to do that, there are a ton of streams that are mostly in indo. Reine for example does her brunch streams in English because for us that is midnight for her it's morning she probably expects her countrymen to not really be awake or busy while her late night (ID) early morning (west) streams are Indo. It's rude as fuck. Anya on the other hand...

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retarded clipnigger

>> No.5007037

I'm holni.

>> No.5007080

>while her late night (ID) early morning (west) streams are Indo.
They aren’t, all of her Reine’s solo streams are in English, morning or evening doesn’t matter.

>> No.5007173

Oneesan Gumi

>> No.5007247

I don’t think she hates it. Her OG song is in Indonesian, and she has a recurring collab where she teaches a senpai some Indonesian. I just think she’s more interested in teaching Indonesian culture and language to non-Indonesians than just pandering to Indonesians only speakers. And seeing how the latter usually act on youtube and stuff, I don’t blame her.

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You forgot one of them being literally banged on stream, if anon is to be believed. Now that would hurt.

>> No.5007449

Anya is a wannabe nihonjin, just like all of /jp/ wants to be japanese but will never be, but /jp/ won’t watch her because she’s not on paper

>> No.5007503

Speak for yourself, that clip of Connor fucking her on stream is part of my daily jackoff regimen.

>> No.5007637

Anya is such an actual unironic weeb, she plays Death Stranding with Japanese voices and creams herself over every single seiyuu she recognizes, it’s hilarious.

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Holy bucked Batman!

>> No.5007731

It's called cnc anon. Hell, rap fantasies are pretty common in women in general, even outside of the BDSM scene.

>> No.5007791

Yeah just look at Mori.

>> No.5007861

But she is actually getting that nigguk cock. And maybe connor cock as well.

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>rap fantasies

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god i wish i was mori

>> No.5007898

Do share!

>> No.5007951

sometimes i forget anya even exists

>> No.5007979

One cannot happen without the other, anon.

>> No.5007987

didn't know Marine was into pizza faced redditors

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Holy shit it was real.

>> No.5008075

I'm talking about the conundrum of asking to be raped means it can't be rape.

>> No.5008122

Of course she isn't. Redditors are just so easy to manipulate for these girls.

>> No.5008160

I don't fuck around with my jackoff regimen anon.

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She's a /jp/ loyalist and won't come to this board. Who did you think was making all the boobhu and butthu threads?

>> No.5008916

A lot of holos are NNDwhore tho.

>> No.5009138

>tiny white cock
She wants my 8 inch Mexican dick. It's OK, I will oblige and fill her belly with my half-breeds like in that one Fate/Stay Night meme.

>> No.5009504

Don't be gettin all uppity now, buck.

>> No.5009572

Marine will take literally anyone decent, she's almost 40 and still a fujo virgin.

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>my 8 inch Mexican dick

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Marine wants brown cock inside her.

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