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Confess your virtual sin.

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I like every video polka puts out even though I'm a dirty EOP and don't understand what she's saying ;_;

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I like watching Narukami.

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I fapped to vtubers

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I masturbate to virtual children.

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polka is everything

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Go study you lazy bastard.
You disgust me.
God forgive you.

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I'm a tribalfag shitposter but my favorite vtubers are not exclusively from one company/group (I like Nene and Hana). I just really like riling up other retards on this shithole of a board.

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I'm not subscribed to a single chuuba, even though I watch small indies who count every single subs and celebrate 100 increment milestones.
I never push a like button. Sometimes I dislike them for no reason.
Memberships and superchats are out of question of course.
I blocked like half of the users in chats because they are cringe, but there is still chat on screen, so it doesn't really work. One of them once asked why he don't see some comments in chat, he thought it's a bug.
I doxxed out of leisure interest one small indie babiniku and found 1k subs channel he had 10 years ago. The content is exactly what you expect from YouTube in it's early age. People in comments wonder where he's gone to this day. I didn't do anything with the information I have though.
But my greatest sin is posting on this board.

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I avoid watching indies with low views because I bond too easily and don't want to make them sad when I can't follow them

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i rarely watch streams and instead make up rrats on this board.

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Indies make me cringe by default and I dont want them to succeed. I want them to find desk jobs or prostitute themselves for 40 years after their “careers” end with a wet fart

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i create shit threads just to kill threads on page 10

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zero superchats, zero memberships, addblock always on
Not even to my oshi.

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I hate rushia and I hope she gets attacked by antis

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This style is very "Alliance Alive"-like

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I changed the language of my YouTube page to English so I wouldn't be mocked when I post screenshots here

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my dropped my favorite indie because she moved to tw*tch

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Wtf anon

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Based agent of chaoschama

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I don't enjoy vtubers anymore.

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Another waste of space right here people.

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I want Hololive to collab with Zhangs.

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I watched a Nyanners clip and didnt think it was that bad

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I don't actually watch anime or know anything about otaku/idol culture at all. I don't know Japanese either. I'm not even that much of a gamer. I just like the GFE.

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I'm suppose to be a tit man but my brain keeps screaming that Aqua is hotter than Noel

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I'm a tribalfag. I boost Holo numbers however and whenever I can because I don't want them to lose to Nijis. I sub to them, give them views and like their videos without never actually watching them properly (except for a couple of them).

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Fuck GFE whores.

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i read a yandere chronoir fanfic and i liked it

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i've done 10 tribute faps to coco already

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I dont like the takofags who posts on /wah/ for sone reason. I find them very elitist for some reason

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I forgot to renew my membership to my oshi

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I was the one who revealed Purin's alt account to /hlgg/, and she privated it the very next day. I feel like a bully and deeply regret it now.

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I've never really liked livestreams in general, I'm more into edited youtube videos, I just got into vtubers because of the novelty and cuteness, now i'm months behind on my oshi's streams and cant be bothered to catch up

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> chubbachama, you are my oshi, I want to support you, but I'm poorfag and can't afford superchats, can I do anything for you?
> it's okay, anonchama, I'm happy that you like me, that means a lot. Just watch my streams, press like, and comment. My channel is monetized, so just the fact that you watch me already helps.
> proceeds to watch her without disabling adblock
> skip some streams even there is nothing better to do
> never press the like button
> not a single comment under any video
> still find her cute, wholesome and unironically smart
> she considers herself poorfag, hates her job, and her dream is to become popular enough so she could become full time youtuber, also she is depressed
> don't want her to grow because her streams are comfy as is, and it will only get worse once she'll have more than 100 viewers

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Hey fuck you too, buddy.

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I don't care about anyonbe but my oshi

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I was the one who translated that dedechi clip and regretted it ever since. Now I only translate harmless niji clips.

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I hate all of hololive and nijisanji,
unironically fuck all corporation shills

its all the same when a company gets popular they all end up like trash,

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>Chaotic evil

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I regret not archiving some streams of a small corporate chuuba who graduated... I miss her laugh

I haven't been keeping up with the streams of my oshi

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Pikamee was my favorite but I haven't watched a single stream since she started using the garbage new model

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I actually can't understand 90% of what my favorite JP vtubers are saying.

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I bought a model and started streaming. After 3 weeks I got hospitalized. After I got out of the hospital, I lost motivation to continue.

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I hate zhangs, niggers, and christfags. My sins are posting in /vt/ when I don't care about chuubas and I don't speak or read moonrunes so I will never watch your oshi. Also wanting to bash Froot's head in with a pipe and then rape her in the name of Islam.

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The first ever picture I jerked off to was to Shion, before I even knew what Hololive is. Even now, every time I see her I just want to deepthroat the Kusogaki so bad. It becomes so hard I can barely watch her stream without needing to bust a nut. Even know, just talking about it, I feel the need to cum.

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My first interaction with another person on the internet was offering to sell my body on Runescape when I was four years old.

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The first person I jerked off to before I even knew what Hololive was Shion. Even now, every time I see her I just want to deepthroat the Kusogaki so bad. It becomes so hard I can barely watch her stream without needing to bust a nut. Even know just talking about it I feel the need to cum, preferably on her smug bratty face.

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I have simped for a trap chuuba.

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Once I find a cool indie I advertise them there for a while and then forget about them, not out of malice, my memory just sucks balls when it comes to recalling things by myself

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I had a wet dream about sucking off futa Watame and I want to experience the pleasure I felt when I looked at her ecstatic face in the dream again.
Am I gay?

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i'll give you 10k

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There is nothing gay about sucking your oshi's dick.

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Since you still like women you're not gay, but at most, you're bi.

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max sterner would be proud.

based egoist.

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>first nut was in 2018

i thought underage were banned from 4chan?

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He could be a late bloomer or religious.

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Last months I've been masturbating more to Gura's streams than proper hentai.

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underagechama, you need to leave.

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