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Would the Stars have fared better if they were on Nijisanji?

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Unlikely since 95% of Nijis are deadweight who get no viewers

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Unironically and im not even a niji fan

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Whichever ones are good at Apex yes, the rest not really, they're probably better off in Hololive.

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Astel definitely would, he's peak fujobait if he can only contain his menhera moments.

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Astel with a natural 10k viewerbase would mean meltdowns every other week.

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Yeah. I love the Stars as they are, but even with Anycolor clearly prioritizing their more popular livers they give their smaller ones more than Cover gives the Stars with similar popularity. I'm no tribalfag but that does actually kind of depress me to think about.

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Yes and it's not even a question

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Nijisanji male streamers garner more views than some of your Hololive streamers, Holofag.

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Not really.
The strongest strength of Stars is their cohesion and closeness.
It will be hard to notice those in Nijisanji.
With their 100+ chuuba with their own internal group inside.

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Roberu would, the others not sure.
Not every male on Nijisanji gets fucking a bajillion viewd and money only a select few.

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True, but a similarly tight knit unit within Nijisanji made of the same people would probably get more attention than the Stars. Less guaranteed, because there'd be more people around them, but still.

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Astel, Roberu and maybe Shien.

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There are lots of units in Nijisanji who are close, male only units even.

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Male and female idol fans do not mix so yes unironically. If they debuted as a Nijisanji gen, they'd probably be doing a lot better although they are inclining a bit now.

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Maybe. Though, I think people keep propping the top 15% of top Niji males as the standard and forget the other 85% that nobody really talks about.

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I only noticed Kuzu and Kanae pair.

Tell me about units that you know and comparison to one of Holostars groups, so I can understand.

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It's not a question of numbers but more of a question of company support.

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Astel is the voice actor of binbungami and trafalgar law thats why he swear like a sailor

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If Astel was in Niji, he'd probably have been flamed just as much as Chihiro by now

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Nijisanji already hired their share of seiyuu themselves.

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The closest male group I can think of to Holostars units is VALZ (Kaida, Genzuki, Nagao, they do music) who all debuted together. There's Togabito (Kenmochi & Gaku) who play games together or offcollab, there's Meschers (Akina, Mayuzumi, Fuwa), there's Green Rouge (Joe and Chaika). Then there are musical units like Raindrops, le jouet, Nijirock, and a bunch others I don't really watch

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There's literaly only two male from NijiJP under 100k subs, Air and Naru, but they were part of VOIZ and were under the worst managers possible (Naru was forced to use an ugly-as-fuck Live2D instead of his cute one that everyone - including him - loved) and now that the manager has fucked off they are starting to incline, but even then they are over 70k and 80k respectively, better than most holostars.

Everyone else, even fucking Gilzaren (mostly as a joke, but still), is over 100k, the top ones being Kuzuha and Kanae at 400k and and some like Saegusa, Mayuzumi are inclining to hit the 400k mark this year still.

So even the bottom tier of Niji males is doing better than the average Holostar. You have to dig in NijiID and NijiKR to find males with similar performance/worse.

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>the top ones being Kuzuha and Kanae at 400k
Bit outdated with your info there, Kuzuha is at 800k+ and Kanae at 700k+

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Here's the ranking of Nijisanji in May.

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And here are Holostars. That anon is right in that every Nijimale has 100k and above while Holostars still doesn't have everyone at 100k.

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Yeah, I noticed after I posted. My bad.
Here, have an wageslave as an apology.

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Actually Naru and Air are still under 100k. Oh well

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>pizza man's views
Aruran fucked himself by pandering hard to overseas and not capitalizing his peak to get more jp viewers, like Roberu did.

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The boys seem to have that EOP 'problem'. Nothing wrong with views and fans, but these are Japanese streamers and EOP can't support them as much as Japanese fans.

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Naru and Air are a very particular case in which they were a sub-unit called VOIZ, in a somewhat stand-alone way within Nijisanji SEEDS, of idols targetting women.

They lost a bit of the initial momentum because they debuted after the others and were prohibited from collabing with Niji's gens 1&2 + the other Seeds. Their main platform was also mirrativ, while Nijisanji's main platforms were Youtube and NND. That unit failed within two months, with 2 of it's four members graduating, before being transferred to Nijisanji Seeds proper four months later after the failure and restarting actives.

And then they had to be turned from wannabe virtual idols whose shtick was singing and acting into streamers, so they pretty much wasted their first year and were trying to not only find their footing with streaming but discover what kind of content they wanted to do and what audience to cater to - while being part of Nijisanji SEEDs, a group who was an experiment of letting chubas on a loose leash and see what they'd come up with.

The situation was further complicated by:

Them getting a bunch of hate because they were the champions of the first Niji Mario Kart cup when they were two nobodies, so they had the other fans of bigger Nijis bitching at them.

In Air's case, he streams infrequently, usually two times a week - because apparently he is a workaholic to the point of having been hospitalized twice because of overwork.

He also, once revealed that his userbase was 82% women, in other words, he actually appealed to fujos - which means he repelled regular people and the mostly-male vtuber viewerbase. More recently he has been growing and that meant his viewerbase actually went down to 65% female (around December 2020).

In Naru's case: First, he didn't have the structure to stream properly, his internet and PC were shit and he had no capture card, so he streamed to mirrativ (since it's made for phones) and did PS4 streaming. He only started streaming properly in Mach of 2019 - that's it, almost one year after his debut.

Naru also had his new Nijisanji manager not like his avatar for some got forsaken reason and force some rather uninteresting avatar on him which he kept using for two fucking years and made him pretty miserable too.

The only reason they didn't quit was because the two wanted to stay there for the fans who had supported them (which in Naru's case also includes his mother, who watches every one of his broadcasts and every now and then lets her presence be known).

Things only started to improve last August when they apparently got a new manager, who actually cares about them and wants to work with them but has the tough job of unfucking almost three years of mismanagement. [spoiled] Also, the unfortunate loss of his job due to Covid's economic downturn also seem to have helped Naru's channel, as he started streaming more frequently and it coincides with his recent growth.[/spoiler]

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I didn't know they both went through all this trouble. I appreciate the rundown.

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So fucked up management.

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I didn't know about Naru's second model and now I wanna murder whoever thought that was better than the first model. Jesus, that thing is ugly. How the hell that manager kept their job for 2 years?

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What a fucking mess jesus.

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Holy shit what the hell is this.

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Christ, what a down grade.

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every day i practice self care by pretending this abomination never existed

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He's a trooper for enduring this whole thing.

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> >>5102718 is the same dude as >>5103138

You guys can tell me that old manager got the boot for doing illegal drugs and I'll buy it.

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don't know if raindrops is a good example because there is also women thete and the members don't really fuck with each other outside of raindrops related things.

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Probably had a few more successful names under his/her management.

No one knows why the fuck the management forced it on Naru, and you know it's bad that because no information was given on that model's designer and rigger, i.e. no one came forward to own it (and it's not a joke like Mashiro who has not knowing who his designer as part of his lore).

Rrats range from the management wanting the model to be more distinct from Kou's to the manager wanting to mess with him and forcing him into graduating.

A swing and a miss.

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Ooops, you were talking about the design being the same, my bad anon. I apologize.

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That anon didn't mean samefag, he meant that the difference in quality of Naru and Ugly Naru are huge.

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Anon, I...

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Seeing it in movement is even worse, it's basically a PNG. God damn, that would make me quit.

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The worst part is that shit got a summer outfit. He went 2 years with a shitty model he didn't like, got a new outfit and was forced to keep using the shitty model as a base. Didn't the Nijisanji Resistance happen a few months after his debut? Why didn't he asked for their help to fix this bullshit?

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that's some serious serial killer vibes there

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Jesus christ what the actual fuck.
Glad he's doing better, but what a ride this poor dude had to go through

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Robert already hangs out with the cool kids outside of vtubing, he doesnt need another agency

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You leave the most important information, Naru is a boring faggot and stream nothing but FIFA or boring games and his peronality is bland as harem MC faggot. All of popular Nijisanji males have great talking skill and engaging personality, they don't magically become popular just because they are Nijisanji male.

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I think I covered that when I said they were moving from sing-and-dance into streaming, like, they had no idea about what to do to entertain a stream audience - it took some time for the to figure it out and they had to do it alone, because their manager was of no help.

>stream nothing but FIFA or boring games
He hasn't streamed FIFA regularly since his return to his original model 8 months ago, anon. In fact, I think he only streamed it twice in 2021 and one of those was as apart of a vtuber event. He mostly streams Mario Kart, Uma Musume, Fall Guys and Apex adn the occasional Zatsudan in which he tells us about his insect collection - and since he's projected to hit 100k in the next few months he likely found his stride.

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>Go to vtuber wiki article to look at the 2nd design
>Side twitter just for stag beetles
Oh, I love him already.

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I don't know much about holostars outside of a few but I think Astel, Roberu and Shien at the very least would do much better in Nijisanji, including better than other males, at least reaching a middle ground.

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Astel, Roberu and the last faggot have pretty good numbers. They would be on the second lowest row of nijisanji. Honestly, all of them are doing well and above, just not the insantity that hololive is.

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He really likes them, he said at some point he spends more money feeding his beetle collection than with himself (iirc 15,000 yen with beetle food vs 10,000 with food for himself).

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>last faggot

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