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Are you?

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oh no no no kfp not like this

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No, because I don't care about this shit. I'm watching Korone play RE7.

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Those 5% are going to seethe when they see this.

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damn rip kiaras sanity

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bet she will desactive the comments of the vod too

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If she was smart she would just not enable chat at all realistically.

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Holy shit is this real? I love her now!

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>irrelevant dog
>Irrelevant game

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Nope, but I'll be there tomorrow to watch it live, after my subscription notification goes off.

Might SC encouraging words if it's on Kiara's stream, and if it's not, I might send Nyanner's a few hundred (bitties? Is that a thing) just to spite you.

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No if she was smart, she wouldn't fucking push for this collab so hard and not do it in the first place.

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I am not a fan of either but you have to be a schizo to do this

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What is the shit bird doing now?

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and let the rrats win?
no, we must push forward and drown the rrats in the power of kfp

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KEK is this real.
Bitch should've known what she's inviting with cancer like Nyanners, if she's not prepared to deal with it why even do it.

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>rant somewhere else
Way ahead of you

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Idk why the hell she is pushing so hard for a collab with a streamer who literally hates most of hololive and thinks they are all pedophiles.

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The real heroes commit wrongs for a greater good. You can thank her when Enma looks at this and blacklists the indie dream.

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Is schizo the new based?
I only ever see people post it anymore when people say something smart.

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when else you can act like zhangs and actually save hololive?

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can you even get superchats if you disable chat for a stream

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>kiara pushes for the vshojo collab
>in reality she opened up the greatest vulnerability - causing a shitstorm so hololive's overly cautious managers put a stop to it

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Yeah Boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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cant wait until literally nothing happens and you schizos will have to come up with the next thing to get mad about

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Holy shit Kiara fucking rules

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damn, being more annoying than kiara herself is a tough bar to overcome, but here you are

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Not the first time an autistic Austrian is told to stop marching to their doom and they just push on anyways.

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I've been waiting for this
X Attack
O Relent

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Love seeing kiara shitting all over /vt/rannies, you guys deserve it.

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She's right, containment breachers are cringe

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Because she believes the same but can't say it because she thought it would be her road to easy street. She thought she would unironically be in Gura's position of being the most subbed Holo.

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giving nyanners an opening to create a controversy is enough, she might wait a while but if she thinks she can get bigger by taking down hololive it'll happen

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For the good of Hololive and prosperity

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Go back

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She's talked about how much she admires Marine before who's an open shotacon though.

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The phoenix is secretly lady-Hitler?!

/vt/ must be coming in their pants right now.

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Nigger you're the containment breacher you're the one going on YouTube and posting in her chat YOU go back

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An All-Out Attack would take all 5 down, but the trinity doesn't deserve that.

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Go back to where? I wasn't anywhere else before

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Shota /= Loli

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neck yourself

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The game choice itself speaks volumes. Clubhouse is the most anodyne fucking game these vtubers play when you just want a sanitized, inoffensive collab. Literally nothing of note is going to happen, and tomorrow's posts will be the same people bitching that it was a shitty collab because nothing happened.

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not this shit again.
>>5164497 wait, no, not you. based
All of you fucking go back.

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the pedophile purges have begun

soon nonces will be banned from vtuber communities everywhere

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>taking down hololive
Cover is doing a good job of that already without her help.

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all me

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4chan existed before the 2016 election. I know you're shocked, but it's true.

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You are delusional if you think people treat shotacon and lolicon the same. Kiara will also say whatever she thinks benefits her the most in the moment.

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Why the fuck did you quote me nigger I want Nyanners and Kiara to burn.

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All me btw. Orange is back on the menu, boys

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guys shit he said the go back meme
must be a certified oldfag here

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Now this.... this is typical reddit behavoir.

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You are defending containment breaching
You are actively going on other websites and bringing shit from here there
(You) are the one who needs to fuck off back to Twitter, Discord, Youtube wherever you come from you absolute faggot

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>le go back maymay
go fucking kill yourself

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wait, is this real?

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You would have to ban most of HololiveJP

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Google loli and Google tells you that its illegal and you should be reported to the fbi

Google shota and it shows you all the gay little boy porn you could want

Big Homo is real....

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Go back to your discord where you share your fursona with all the other disappointments troon.

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Imagine having an Austrian prostitute as your oshi

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Okay, she also pushed for an off collab with Matsuri and clearly enjoyed herself as they ate chicken and sang together. Seems conspiratorial to claim she actually hates her. Also if this posts twice it's 4chin's fault.

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Bitch I was here back when moot was still around. You go back.

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Probably, but maybe kiara will have meltdown about it.

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Carry on. I quoted everyone.
Meds. I am here, and only here. I'm not even subbed to Kiara, but I'll send a containment breaching akasupa just for you <3.

We already have 6 other fucking turkey threads, did we need this one? Some poor indie thread died for this.

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Notice how reddit fags always seethe at the mouth when told to go back

Anyone who actually frequents here just ignores this.

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>All of you fucking go back.

See guys this is what happens when a Schizo dont take their meds

>> No.5164923

>Kiara will also say whatever she thinks benefits her the most in the moment.
Why use so many words when you can just say "Kiara is German"

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>>>5164663 (You)
Made it easy to find them all though, didn't it?

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Kek, I need to see this. Anyone got snippet of the chat before chicken close it down?

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Yes i liked the video, not even a fan of kiara or the pink cat. Just hate the schizos. Whatever make them seethe, i support.

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>Meds. I am here, and only here
>I'll send a containment breaching akasupa just for you
You can't even keep up the act in one post. Go back.
If you are defending containment breaching you're the fucking /r/4chan Redditor you gigantic retard. Encouraging this behavior just encourages Ledditors to pollute this already polluted board in droves.

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>Containment breaching is good when I do it
Go ba-
Actually, you know what.
Stay in! Stop going out! Leave /vt/ shit in /vt/ you fucking sperg. You're what's wrong with this board. I could live with 10 times the schizos this place already has if they stopped leaking out of it.

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The real schizo who quoted everyone thinks we need meds. That's pure gold bro.

>> No.5165049

I don't know man, maybe they tried to watch all 5 of them when Holo EN joined and found the bird to be most annoying.
Found her roommate's channel where she openly stated that she joined Hololive for the fame and doesn't care about it and though this woman not a good person.
Saw that she shit talks about her gen mates on stream and leeching off of pekora and found it to be really shameful and are now giving their honest opinions.
While her paypigs like you stay locked up in their own delusional world.

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t. projecting redditfag

>> No.5165055

Mostly just people calling Nyanners a hypocrite and a bad person.

>> No.5165074

I would enjoy myself too if I got an amazing opportunity to hard leech off of one of the most well-established talents in the company.

>> No.5165098

Matsuri's numbers have been dogshit since her Apex addiction flared up, what are you talking about?

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Schizos that want the T in /vt/ to stand for Takanashi. Or troon.

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You are defending OP who made a Kiara thread and posted in Kiara's chat, my god you're stupid, it's most likely a falseflagging KFP

>> No.5165151

How short would threads be if you cut all the faggots arguing over their seniority?

>> No.5165155

Just wait till this retard finds out that like 90% of this place posts more than just here.

What happened to 4chan people used to want to have an impact on stuff here now the just want to hide away in their safety bubble in fear of reddit and twitter. I swear a lot of you fags treat this place like more of a safespace than reddit.

>> No.5165168

>4chan existed before the 2016 election
What the fuck does this have to do with anything vtuber related?

>> No.5165226

>Just wait till this retard finds out that like 90% of this place posts more than just here.
I don't. What's the point of posting on twitter, facebook, reddit, whatever. I only use skype but it's just a texting service to me.

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>ust wait till this retard finds out that like 90% of this place posts more than just here
And that's a bad thing. Fuck off James you attention whore tranny.

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Because Americans think that anyone that disagrees with them is also supporting the other political party.

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When did I defend OP?
>We already have 6 other fucking turkey threads, did we need this one? Some poor indie thread died for this.
Calling all bugs, changs, and zhangs. The red-head you were after is gone, why not try messing with this one instead? I hear the pink cat likes Taiwan.

>> No.5165248

I don't give a single fuck about Kiara, I don't watch her and I'm especially not going to watch her collab with the fucking pink cat. But that doesn't change the fact that containment breachers are scum.

>> No.5165315

Is better than doing whatever this is supposed to be

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What am I seeing exactly?

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ay caramba

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I'm going to akasupa "containment breach" just for you.

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Your average containment breacher and an actual tranny.

>> No.5165407

You're all just as bad as the chinks

>> No.5165411

I'm sorry dude please dont compare me to this guy you were right.

>> No.5165426

Talk is cheap. Whores can talk. Judge through actions.

>> No.5165438

Ok chink keep telling yourself that

>> No.5165442

You were going to do that anyway you /r/4chan reddit nigger.

>> No.5165445

yeah, unsubbed and downvoted. not much else i can do.
feel bad for her paypigs.

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ok Trudeau

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>I'm gonna waste my money to anger a nutjob in a Korean fridge adjustment forum
You know that you will be the laughing stock of the board, right?

>> No.5165484

What makes a person mass reply to posts? By being a faggot? Or fishing for (You)s?

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ogey rratman

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I'm not gonna hate on Kiara for this, Pink cat was the one that asked for the Collab again... I just love Kiara too much I can't let this fucking pink cat change that, I'm just sad to see that it even happened but she is really naive, all she knows her for is someone that gave her a positive shout-out during the UNO schizo arc so there was no way in hell Kiara would let Nyanners past change her views.

>> No.5165516

What did you motherfuckers do this time?

>> No.5165540

Just in case what? Can’t spawn another rrat like this.

>> No.5165555

I see you're a tourist, in 2016 4chan saw a massive boost in unique viewers, with most people postulating the American election being the spark. As such, they came in with all their waterheaded, banal American cultural views where they treat politics like it's a team sport, because they're subhuman and their brains don't function like normal. Most of these people never left, so like an invasive species of vermin, they seeped into all corners of the site, spreading their pestilence. In a better world, we would liquidate all posters that came here past 2015, the pool is just too contaminated with filth.

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>What happened to 4chan people used to want to have an impact on stuff
chanology and the idea of this dumb fucking anime forum having an impact on anything were both mistakes and you must go back

also nyanners love

>> No.5165562

She was getting spammed a lot so she turns prechat off until a little bit before stream pretty often lately

>> No.5165583

I really don't understand what people like this are thinking
It's a collab, they're not getting married

>> No.5165623

ogey I wasnt paying attention to chat at the time and didnt see the message so everyone else is rrongman

>> No.5165685

"Not your personal army" really was a motto we should have maintained over all others. The moment we abandoned that to try and be some cringy "force for good" really was the beginning of the end, just a slow lurch into the coffin.

>> No.5165689

You know what, Kiara is totally based for going through with it despite the haters. Better to do what you want than follow the whims of impotent rage-filled faggots like you.

>> No.5165703

you're calling people pedophiles for shit that jp chuubas completely and openly approve of
do you know where you are?

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>> No.5165733

I hate it more every day. I know 4chan was never good, but jesus h christ has it gotten worse.

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>> No.5165798

lmao I know, they're just playing checkers and chess for an hour, and people are acting like Kiara and Nyanners are laying explosives inside the Hololive building. As usual they shitpost so much that they start to believe their own lies.

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bugman approb

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