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No. Kizuna Ai is washed up. Now is the age of VShojo.

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Gura will mog her soon.

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well yes, but she doesn't upload much..

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Is this why she got sick?
I knew it.

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Always has been

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Yeah, thank you for reminding me to unsubscibe, sonce I haven't watched her in in like a year.

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Have been since the start of 2017. I like other VTubers better now, but she was cute and I'm glad she paved the way for them

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No. The only falling star I subscribe to drinks Ringo.

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Eilene was always better.

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Out with the old and in with the cunny.

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I don't sub to Chinese shills.

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Thanks for the reminder to unsubscribe her.

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>Tfw we'll never go back to the era when all the vtubers were 3D and had cute skits instead of being introverted gamers

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3D skits aren't cheap to produce and edit, friend.

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Sora love!

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im subbed to soda tho

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No, I watched her once a long time ago and have had zero interest since. Pretty sure most people are the same.

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I don't support whores

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NO and I won't

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Of course. You came first Ai chan and I’ve been a viewer ever since. Too bad the others eclipsed her but Ai still does it for me. Bought one of her art books when I was in Japan.

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I listen to AIAIAI at least once a week though

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Thanks for reminding me that I was still subscribed to her
Just unsubbed so that Gura passes her sooner

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ugly nails

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I did yeah
4 fucking years ago

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Of course, I've been subscribed for many years.
t. Chumbud

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I have unironically never seen anything she's done. No clips of her have ever been recommended to me either.

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I agree

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Unsubbed 3 years ago sorry.

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Ai is only 5 Gura is 10000 years old

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When I started watching vtubers 3 years ago I always thought that Kizuna was cheap, Mito was streaming daily and making an effort and Kizuna just uploaded a retarded pre recorded vid and thousands of EOPs losed their shit for her
So no, I'm not and never will, she wasn't even the first vtuber, she is just the first famous vtuber, I'm not a fan of Gura either, but I really want Gura to surpass this girl that never had to make an effort to be that famous. At least in Hololive Fubuki, Aqua, Matsuri, Korone and even Coco worked their asses out to make the company big, even if it's Gura who gets the title, I'm glad

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This topic reminded me that I'm still subscribed to her channel, haven't watched her in years so I finally unsubscribed. Cheers.

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No old hag, I'm not subscribed to your channel.

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Her DJ streams are really fun

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This nigga thinking streaming is more effort than meticulously editing videos

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>She does it herself
Anon plz do you really?

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>she's not at 3 mil yet
>Gura is less than 100k behind her
It's over

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Her recent content isn't on par with her old but she was so much better and started before too.

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Remember when Kizuner called me Ai's copy? Well look who's laughing now bitch

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I remember one of her old videos about going in a mario game and at the end some menacing jojo guy or something comes but I dont know any archives. Does anyone know ??I fkn loved that shit

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Oyabun LOVE!

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Am I fucked up in thinking that she is pretending to be sick to get a whole bunch of sympathy subs in order to beat Gura to the race for 3mil?

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Nah, it's probably true

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She's sick? Wot?

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I like Kitsune Ai!

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Unsubscribed when she multiplied and they tried to hide it.

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Yes, years ago, but I remembered to unsubscribe

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only to mog the cumbuckets

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im never giving google my money

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The only vtubers i sub too are elienes family.

All others are fake whores.

The progenitor still has it after 8 years in the business

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Roommate reps.
Kizuna ai has had twice the amount of dicks as vei

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This is unironicly how she acts behind the scenes lol

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Damn guess the worlds got some hope after all.

Not everyones a holofag nijinigger or vshowhore

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You lose.

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lose what nigger i'm subbed to both

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Her english channel went to moe, so you can find some,

However her japanese channel was banned in 2015 and after unbann she gave it to mirai akari and she betrayed her and left for entum so all her eliene videos are deleted

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She's budget Ai up until her newest costume in March this year. She's different now, but she still hasn't surpassed Ai in any category.

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Since 2018 OP. Oyabun will forever be my true oshii.

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Sora is still a nobody though. At this point people consider fubuki and pekora the face of hololive

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>almost 3M subs
>most videos under 100K views

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She's still lower than Ai by a large margin.

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People who? Cause she's always been the face of hololive since day 1

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No because I'm not a chink

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No, and dead subs dont matter. She has been dead for years and Pekora is the only vtuber of note right now.

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I have all respect for her, but I don't watch her so I'm not subscribed.

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>I really want Gura to surpass this girl that never had to make an effort to be famous
the fucking irony of this statement.

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>Only vtuber of note peko.

Beaten by Rushia and Coco in SC.

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I said of note, not GFE stream who sits there while salarymen throw money away.

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this is basicly Ai getting DVDA'd by 4 holos next month

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So she has a different actress now? That's pretty lame.

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AI is dead now, but that will be several holos in a year or so anyways since COVID is basically ending.

Enjoy it while you can.

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No. Kizuna Ai wa Kizuna Ai desu. She had two "alternates" - presumably for when shit like this happens (get well soon Oyabun). They got hairpins a few months after the shitshow that ensued from their reveal so people could visually tell them apart, and eventually got their own unique models and channel where they sadly linger in irrelevance.

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Compared to what eliene does, every other chubba is a lazy whore

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Eliene does the editing for every single video for each member of her group personally.

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Does anyone know where Ai-pii went? Did she quit vtubing completely?

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I'm happy that Love-chan finally got her 3D model.

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