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The Holy Trinity at it again carrying HoloEn with another scheduled collab

Meanwhile the other two are just collabing with ecelebs and twitch Vtuber thots.

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One day Trinitychads.

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>Trinity posting
>couldn’t bother to find a Trinity image

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I'm now a trinity-chad.

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>Meanwhile the other two are just collabing with ecelebs and twitch Vtuber thots.
and lets not forget one is a trash bear

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>EN didn’t even make it a year
Why are we like this?

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>trips of the beast
Santa confirms that EN is ruined forever. Time to bail out and find other chubas. Be careful of cynical whores. Don't get into a parasocial relationship with someone who takes your money and attention for granted.

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I’m riding with Ina until the end. Just let it be quick and painless. For my oshi’s sake.

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I love them so much.
(I only subbed to Mori to stick it to Kiara, after that Minecraft collab the 4 of them had together without her.)
>Trinity is blessed, fuck the rest.

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>The Holy Trinity at it again carrying HoloEn with another scheduled collab
>Meanwhile the other two are just collabing with ecelebs and twitch Vtuber thots.

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He’s back

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FYI: I have membership for the Trinity, and I unsubbed from Mori after recent events.

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Based Trinity

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Nothing wrong with this touch some grass

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The rest of the world doesn't want your cancer American politics. Especially Asia.

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>The rest of the world doesn't want your cancer American politics. Especially Asia.

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Wanting equality for everyone isnt "cancer american politics"

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Gaslighting people into thinking destructive mental disorders are "normal" or "empowering" isn't equality retard

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Trinity Supremacy

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Isn’t she a flip? Why does she have blonde hair dye and blue contacts but talks about hating whities?

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It isn't about equality for everyone anymore for a long time.

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>Gaslighting people into thinking destructive mental disorders are "normal" or "empowering" isn't equality retard

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>implying Amelia Gura and Ina are in any way better than the rest of EN

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Figured you were a bigot but it doesnt matter no matter how much you screech LGBT people are normal and are accepted

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>Figured you were a bigot but it doesnt matter no matter how much you screech LGBT people are normal and are accepted

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Equality is fake and gay. Go back.

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…and then there was 3.

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Kill yourself wojak spammer

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Go to /lgbt/ or reddit, somewhere that can hugbox you and your retarded views. The rest of the world doesn't like or want your politics.

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I already have my dose of TakoMori so I can survive this week until AmeMori

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Maybe 10-15% of the country thinks trans freaks are “normal”, and that’s being generous. I know gay people who are repulsed by it. It’s gross and people think you’re gross, tranny.

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It isnt
Not true soon every country will normalize being LGBT

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Never been to /lgbt/ but pretty sure they hate these woke faggots too

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Holy fuck this is disgusting
Why can't Takamori stop losing

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> normal and are accepted
In what way? They aren't normal according to the literal definition of the word normal. As for accepted, if they are so accepted why do you fags need to keep whining on about the issue? Let's be honest, outside of sjw retard circles they're tolerated, not accepted.

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>anon think she'll bring her political stance live on a sponsored stream

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Lesbian yes
Gay yes
Bisexual yes
Transgender? no I don't think so

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you're screaming into the void, stop trying to re-educate 4chan

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To submit to equality is to cut down each man until he is no taller than the least among us. Equality is a chain, a yoke forced upon the strongest of men, so that the weakest may plunder his efforts and name them his own. Who among us would deign to stoop to such barbarism? None! No man graced by God would deny his own will, would forsake his place in the holy kingdom. Even brute beasts, could they but think, reject the lie of equality in their eternal struggle. Only the worm, the lowest of the low, that cannot rise above even the dirt it crawls through, would demand that all others be reduced to its pitiful existence.

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What you've never seen a woke person go "I can't keep quiet about this anymore" or kneel when given a platform with thousands of people watching? It literally happens every week.
You can't even fire them anymore for it because insane American woke schizos on twitter will dox and threaten you if you do and they make the Taiwan zhang schizos look sane in comparison.

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Oh noooooo

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>cooperate trying to be "politically correct"

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Based. If you want to dress like girl and suck a cock…that’s fine by me. Just don’t forced other people to play in your deluded fantasy that you are a girl.

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trinityshit makes me ashamed of being a teamate

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based, I'll drink to that

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you will never be a woman
now take your meds and go back to bed you damn schizo

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Go ruin this thread,
None of this has anything to do with the glorious Trinity.

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t. KFPtranny

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all me btw, seethe

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No shit, but the form that she preaches her beliefs sounds like a retarded meme (muh People Of Color).
Gringo, I may live in a +20 years socialist dictatorship, but I prefer my shithole "republic" than your social failure of a country.

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I don’t care about what you were talking about, it just has nothing to do with the topic.

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make me fag

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tourist btfo

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We got three collabs outside of Hololive and the 4th one announced today.
Did you enjoy them?
How would you rate them?
Do you think Gura will be able to hold a good collab with her mama?

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did he get banned or just removed himself

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I just want to watch happy anime girls have fun playing video games. No more no less. These three are my absolute favorite, I hope they never change and remain wonderfully neutral forever.

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probably banned for off topic shit, janny warned me for even reply to them

>> No.5219727

>forgetting MoriMouse
It's 5. Yes, it's confirmed.

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Holy shit, janny is steaming

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Dude Mori is in that picture. Either way Ame is doing a collab with Nabi, similar to Gura it’s actually relevant to her.

>> No.5219834

Seethe more deadbrap

>> No.5219904

But they are...

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all of EN is a steaming pile of garbage too big to be allowed to stink up the place. Including those three. I got nothing to seethe about retard.

>> No.5220043

>Three boring individuals who completely lack any networking skills
>Will remain irrelevant while the others are making waves in the vtuber industry by popping the restrictive bubble around Hololive
You can't tell me you won't grow bored of the girls still collabing with Roboco in the 50 millionth Apex stream a year from now. That shit is already stale.
If they're only limited to collabs with the same few people within the company, even the "holy trinity" themselves will feel creatively stunted and bored.
You want them to graduate because of the standard reason, "I feel like I've done everything I possibly can at Hololive, and that I'm allowed to do, so I want to branch out and try something new"?
Say goodbye to your favourites then. All because you wanted to keep them locked away.

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No, they are just as shit.

>> No.5220098

its an objective fact you faggot

>> No.5220134

inb4 go mainstream and get cancelled because Japanese pedo weeb shit

>> No.5220150

Wake me up in 2 years when three of these are forgotten because they are not relevant,or can grow in any way. They just blew up during the Vtuber western craze and will fade to obscurity just as quickly. But enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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You would rather they sink in to obscurity covered in barnacles and parasites? If so go watch Shitbird and the Brapper implode.

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Yet you can stop seething, ironic faggot.

>> No.5220330

I would rather not watch EN
Doesn't matter what state they'll sink in. When you're gone you're gone. nobody will even remember who they were or what was the appeal in a couple of years except for a few fags here.

>> No.5220351

stating facts isn't seething you dumb fag. Lurk more before posting.

>> No.5220383

So you mean the pathetically desperate stage all these loser parasites are currently at? Trying to leech of someone else’s success to remain relevant. Played yourself with that analogy.

>> No.5220408

kys JPfaggot
you will never be japanese and your oshi is shit

>> No.5220471

my prediction is those three will reach the leeching phase too. Just in a bit. It's all fun and games while you're top dog doing your schtick. Gura might not and just do her thing while viewership drops and those big numbers stop meaning anything when she gets like 1-1.5k dedicated viewers per stream. Just like what happened with many Youtubers of old.

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I believe in this new cult

>> No.5220599

People watch the stream for them, collabs are irrelevant when the appeal is the girl playing the game. Everyone else has already reached critical mass, they are a big as they can be, EN has elevated an entire company. Everyone in Hololive is just coasting to a million now, they will never need them. Especially since they can just make more. It’s now a mark of quality, once Gen 2 hits those leeches are even more fucked.

>> No.5220700

coming back already?
all this effort to being able to keep seething

>> No.5220731

you truly believe Gen2 will be better and not an even bigger shitshow? Brave man.

>> No.5220781

Gura is going to collab with Belle Delphine and you will like it.

>> No.5220802

>an OnlyFans gangbang incoming

>> No.5220833

wake me up when the three decide to do sponsorships and put food onto the table for cover

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>Turned off SC for six streams straight.
Yeah, fuck Cover.

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Yes. your kind have been doomposting since the Gamer gen with Korone, then third gen with Pekora, then fourth gen with Towa and Luna, then now with Holo EN1, and now the cycle continue with En 2,and you know what? your kind will always be wrong, you are not special

>> No.5220901

It would be impossible to not be better than vShojo and NijiEN. The lowest subbed memebers of Hololive still have better VOD numbers that Nyanners. I hope they stop showing pity and just eliminate their completion. Destroy their market share, poach the ones they want and watch the rest fade in to obscurity.
>As the market leader, Coke would never give the underdog Pepsi the benefit of a mention in its ads.

>> No.5220908

I actually liked all of HoloEN even though I transitioned entirely to NijiEN and Africats, but this makes me realise I was a dumbass for not dropping Mori and Kiara earlier. Actual pieces of shit.

>> No.5220973

I will definitely like it. Belle Delphine has never talked about how much she loves GamerGhazi, nor has she collaborated with black supremacists.

>> No.5220984

NijiEN been around for a month dude. And NijiEN is already better than anything HoloEN provided unless you're a numbersfag. The spirit of JP lives on in them.

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Unironically yes

>> No.5221051

>EN has elevated an entire company
Delusional and/or very new. JP branch brings in way more money (in superchats and sponsorships) and they did bring in way more money still before EN even debuted. The top superchat earners are Japanese and the biggest donators are Japanese.

>your kind have been doomposting since the Gamer gen with Korone, then third gen with Pekora, then fourth gen with Towa and Luna
Nope. There was very little doomposting until the permissions arc. But that happened before HoloEN's debut so you probably don't know

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This is what you can do in a month when you don’t shit the bed.

>> No.5221058

>doomposting about Korone and Pekora
were you even around? Those were just one or two schizos. The EN situation is much wider as evident by 20 different threads posted by faggots which all boil down to the same thing.

>> No.5221134

>unless you're a numbersfag
bring in numbers
Lemme guess it's gonna be the fart thing, I don't even have to open it to know. You fags play the same tune everytime.

>> No.5221160

Nigga, what The fuck are you talking about? How is she piece of shit when she didn't even pick that woman.

>> No.5221161

why would they do it? They're only in it for themselves.

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Belle Delphine is unironically redpilled. Let's not forget that being South African, she has first-hand experience of the horrors of """diversity""".

>> No.5221229

Yep. That's why I love her and the reactions she produces in people. I'd never give her a fucking penny, but I respect her. Plus I've fapped to her once or twice.

She didn't back out.

>> No.5221251

Yes, i watched them when Korone first debuted. Of course the doompoosts were little, holo wasn't mainstreamed back then and still self contained with the /hlg/ general in /jp/. It's just a proof that there are now a lot more autistic retards than back then, but they are still the same kind of autistic retard

>> No.5221254 [DELETED] 
File: 658 KB, 1242x952, AAB57521-FFE8-4468-A6FC-E354CFC9EE40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are basically Shartemis. How do judge a TV show, movie, or concert? Viewers, tickets, and attendance. They are all massive failures.
>I’m on the most successful show of all time unless you care about ratings, viewers, and ad revenue.

>> No.5221276

>literally FAR better than anyone in the crumbling shithole that is Hololive or the pozzed mess that is HoloEN
>seething this hard

>> No.5221312

Then what? Subjectively? Because subjectively, I think Watson alone has better fast-paced stream, comfy stream, creative stream, better comedy, & way better chat interaction despite her chat speed.

>> No.5221314
File: 658 KB, 1242x952, 595FC796-36C0-4690-A741-53042A694AAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They are basically Shartemis. How do you judge a TV show, movie, or concert? Viewers, tickets, and attendance. They are all massive failures. I don’t remember any JP chuubas shitting their pants for attention.
>I’m on the most successful show of all time unless you care about ratings, viewers, and ad revenue.

>> No.5221331

>She didn't back out
You really can back out from sponsorship thing that has been planned for months.
Mori didn't even know who she is gonna play with expect Kiara.

>> No.5221372

You're doing a good job convincing me that it's not Mori but the shit tier Hololive management, then.
Still, Kiara's pathetic fucking "PLEASE KEEP IT TO YOURSELF" shit during the Nyanners collab made me lose all respect in her. Not even the collab, but her refusal to accept that people didn't like it.

>> No.5221373

>equaling success to quality
I don't even like Niji or agree with the poster but you are a massive faggot

>> No.5221427

>You're doing a good job convincing me that it's not Mori but the shit tier Hololive management, then
That is my point.

>> No.5221444

Good to know that the Kardashians and Pewdiepie are the pinnacle of entertainment because their big numbers = quality. Holobronies are so fucking pathetic.

>> No.5221495

>fuck emipirical evidence!
That’s why you will continue to cry as the shitty shows you like keep getting canceled. Eventually you will have to accept that you have shit taste.

>> No.5221531

Failure is quantifiable, just like success. If everywhere you go smells like shit maybe its just you.

>> No.5221578

Made me curious about the superchat. Surprised that according to playboard one of them made more supers than everyone besides gura and kiara last week.

>> No.5221595

Nah, you see I'm a much happier man than you because I'm not a sad numbersfag that needs to seethe this much

>> No.5221635

This guy you're replying to is a retard or a troll but Pewdiepie is kinda based though.

>> No.5221725

So shitting your pants is the pinnacle of humor to you? The epitome of the JP legacy or whatever bullshit you said? You said the were a success, I just proved they are failures. You don’t have to cry because you were wrong, while claiming every one else is seething. There is absolutely zero chance EN Gen 2 will fail as hard as they have.

>> No.5221752

>seething doomposter btfo, has to call everyone a numberfag.

>> No.5222903

Zoomers like ironic brap sounds tho, Fish is literally just doing what every other kid her age does

>> No.5222949


>> No.5223104

The takings ain't super great on the amogus collab but she's still earning like $10-14 an hour to play fucking Amogus

like, idk, most people would be content with that I think. Like you have to remember HoloEN are the Muse or Lady Gaga of Vtubing. They're the outliers, the extremes. Most people aren't reasonable going to make 100k per annum to play shitty games

>> No.5223626

The other two he isn't showing have brought in somewhere over $10k each in superchat within around 2 weeks of getting it enabled so far.

>> No.5226541

t. retard who doesn't think EN2 will be a thing

>> No.5226598

Didn't blue girl already collab with the internet's most notorious e-thot?

>> No.5226658

are you satisfied with your life?

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