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Thread to talk about the punished OL Terumi, denied of her pegging, and her contractually seiso'd friends.

Terumi Channel
Marshmallow link

Other members of Amber Glow:
Xiulan Long:
Ash Ekrixi:
Misaki Nobunaga:
Malcom Bell:

Previous thread: >>5139892

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Thready reminder that if you love your oshi, you won't shit up her chat with your autistic ramblings and will refrain from advertising her here.

>> No.5250695

Threadly reminder to take your meds, schizo

>> No.5250898

Terumi liked a tweet of mine. Made my afternoon.

>> No.5251076

You too, cutie. See you in the chat.

>> No.5251489

Good for you anon.

>> No.5253511

>if you love someone you wouldn't partake in her chat or talking about her in threads

>> No.5253681

If you love someone, you'll do what's best for them. In the case of retards like us, it's not shitting up chat.

>> No.5253703

learn to love yourself anon, this self-deprecation is just odd

>> No.5253735

Not everyone is like you. Take your meds.

>> No.5253801

Nah, I'm just not delusional. Like I said, everyone here carries the mark of the autist. You can't escape.

They really are. I see what you guys type. You guys are worse than me.

>> No.5253855

think you're the only person who thinks like that here anon, and no one actually agrees with you
it might be wiser to just stop bringing it up constantly

>> No.5253941

Obviously I'm the only one here who thinks like that, because you autists keep typing and shitting up chat. But I can't just give up on you guys. You'll see the light of reason someday.

>> No.5254030

don't think anyone will agree with you the more you spam this anon
if anything people will just get angrier and continue on even worse
don't be needlessly stubborn

>> No.5254079

I was never going to be able to convince them through words alone. It's all about inspiring actions that prove my point : )

>> No.5254130

it's not inspiring, it's purposefully annoying

>> No.5254185

Two sides of the same coin. Annoyance because anger becomes action becomes the self-fulfilling prophecy I need to prove my point. The wheels are already in motion, it's too late.

>> No.5254203

guess anons will just have to learn to ignore you and move on then, shame

>> No.5254313

Don't worry, fortunately people never learn. I have experience in this field, trust me. As long as I will it, my plans will come to fruition. Beware my gnosis.

>> No.5256003

You are literally the #1 shitter in the amber glow threads

>> No.5257521

does anyone else find it weird how hard this anti-fan has convinced himself that he's a fan and somehow beneficial to Amber Glow talents?

>> No.5257921

Funny thing for me is that it's very likely that the girls do visit this threads at least once in a while, specially Teru, and are probably more creeped out by this guy's creepy "I AM the one who must gatekeep my queens" behavior than from what a random horny channer might say.

>> No.5259242

He's definitely a pretty unique flavour of schizo

>> No.5259339

True, I've risen above you petty autists.

I don't know man, they've seemed to like me so far :') at least going by what they say to me.

>> No.5259382

Anon you are literally the pettiest motherfucker i've ever seen, to the point you hate on a random anon for posting in chat. At least own up to it.

>> No.5259586

That's not being petty, that's just being responsible. People who post cringe in chat and break containment deserve to be made fun of. If you want a hugbox, I'd suggest going back to twitter.

>> No.5259616

You literally are stalking anons on twitter.
How is that not petty?

>> No.5260048

I wouldn't call looking at the responses to my oshi's tweets stalking, but I guess if you do, then yes, I'm petty. I don't think being petty is that bad in that context though, it just shows my d e d i c a t i o n.

>> No.5260126

At least you have s smidge of self-awareness. Yes, you are a petty motherfucker.
And being petty is bad, not something one can 100% overcome, but always bad, full stop. That's kindergarten shit.

>> No.5260383

Kindergarden at retardville, maybe. But, nonetheless, opinions on the aesthetics of pettiness not withstanding, I still disagree that I qualify under your definition.

>> No.5260449

You are literally described as a schizo by anyone in here, and you easily fit the definition of an overzealous schizo for anyone outside of this shithole. What more proof do you want?

>> No.5260641

Take your meds man, lol. We're talking about pettiness and then you randomly start talking about schizophrenia.

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holy shit

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>> No.5261068

...why is he like this?

>> No.5261410

I don't know, but I'm happy for it. Once he's here and start's collabing with the other girls he might finally DESTROY the poltards here and make them leave once and for all.

>> No.5261531

>He wants to get NSML'd by the Tencent mafia
Anon, toying around with chinese shit brought the Coco Taiwan kerfuffle, which made chinese antis also attack other members. With how loose his tongue is i don't trust him to not keep poking the hornest nest, specially when this may break the guidelines AG just put out.

>> No.5261615

They're 20 viewer english vtubers, my man, they aren't on China's radar ROFL.

>> No.5263912

haha guys FUCK i want Xiulan to eat me haha eat my DICK i mean UAGH I need to dump my cum in Xiulans mouth i need to CUM I need to hear her groans and grunts as she sucks and swallows my dick OH GOD fuck I want to ejaculate in her mouth and laugh as she coughs and spits it out and calls it salty FUCK I want to wipe my dick off and then rub it on her shoulders her armpits her neck her back her tummy her thighs her knees her feet EVERY SINGLE PART OF HER BODY i need to rub my PENIS on fuck fuck fuck fuck UAGHHHHH im gonna CUM im gonna CUM im gonna CUM ALL OVER XIULANS body I need to hear her laugh and giggle and choke me in disgust FUCK i want to FUCK xiulan I want to FUCK her as she chokes me and shoves me to the ground I want her to CHOKE me until I almost pass out I want her to straddle my cock as Im weak and can barely breathe I want her to CHOKE me and edge my dick until its about to burst and I CHOKE and I CUM and FUCK FUCK FUCK I want to FUCK xiulan as she rolls over and lets me FUCK her FUCK FUCK her tight pussy i want to CUM fill xiulans pussy with CUM CUM CUM fuck FUCK fuck fuck I need to cum

and I wont stop with xiulan no I need to CUM in Terumi too oh god oh shit FUCK I want her to stare at me with those OL eyes and fucking LAUGH at how sorry and pathetic I am FUCK FUCK fuck I want terumi to FUCK me with a strapon FUCK knock me over handcuff me to the ground and chuckle as she PENETRATES MY ANUS with her strapon FUCK I want her to call me a degenerate bitch, her degenerate dog bitch and UAGGHH CUM CUM CUM CUM fuck FUCK fuck fuck god I want her to stretch my asshole to its limits FUCK imma be bleedin she pounding me so hard FUCK CUM shit FUCK UAGH she giggles as I ejaculate from my asshole being stretched FUCK cum she leaves me chained down bleeding on the floor FUCK as she laughs and leaves me to die in the sex pit FUCK augh AUGH CUMMMMMMMMMMMM

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me and nunki have sex scene1: nunki stops streaming after a long youtube and twitch stream and shes sweaty and hot and tired and im sweat and hot and tired from work all day i come i kiss her after she stops streaming after a long stream i kiss her shes sweaty and hot im sweaty and hot we're tired since we just came home from work and streamed a long youtube and twitch stream we're tired so we lay down on the bed we're sweat and hot so we take off our clothes we put them next to the bed we lay down on the bed we're naked we're sweaty and hot because we just finished streaming and came home from work we're tired we're on the bed laying i ask "want to have sex" i ask because we're both sweaty and hot from streaming from working i ask "want to have sex" she says "ok" we lay on the bed because i asked we're naked because we were sweaty and hot i pull out my penis from my underwear because im naked because im sweaty and hot i take my penis and I put it up next to nunki because I ask "want to have sex" because we were both sweaty and hot and naked and she said "ok" so I put my penis next to nunki I slowly put it in I feel sweaty and hot because im naked im having sex and because i just got home from work nunki is sweaty and hot because she just streamed on youtube and twitch a long stream that made her sweaty and hot. I pull my penis in and out I ask "is it good?" i say as I pull my penis in and out she says "yes" as i pull my penis in and out im now sweaty because im pulling my penis in and out and hot because im pulling my penis and I just got home from work and nunki is sweaty and hot because im putting my penis in and out of her and she just got streaming a long stream, on youtube and twitch I feel a twitch in my penis im going to cum fuck fuck FUCK im going to cum "im going to cum" im going to cum so I say im going to cum to nunki she says "me too" probably because shes hot and sweaty from streaming all day on youtube and twitch just like im hot and sweaty from working all day I cum I came I cum in nunkis pussy i say "im going to cum" i cum inside nunkis pussy as she comes becuase i was pulling my penis in and out of her and i came and we're both hot and sweaty because i just came home from work and she streamed on youtube and twitch a long stream. "how was it?" I say as i wipe myself off because im naked because i asked nunki want to have sex and she said yes and i pulled my penis in and out of her and i came and said i was coming and she did too because im hot and sweaty because i just came home from work and im dry so i hand the towel to nunki because shes hot and sweaty from streaming all day on twitch and youtube and because I said want to have sex and she said yes and i pulled my penis in and out and came and said i was coming and she did too. Nunki is naked and wipes herself with the towel, and now we are both no longer hot and sweaty as a result of coming home from work and streaming all day on twitch and youtube and me asking want to have sex and nunki saying yes and me pulling my penis in and out and me coming and saying im going to cum and nunki saying me too.

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>ywn get drunk under the table by Shura
That elf is built different

>> No.5264564 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.5264767

BrOs MiSaKi iS StReAmInG bUt sHe'S BalDdDdD wTF?!!?!?!

>> No.5265429

Nah bro, you must be fucking with m-
SsSHe'S bAaAaAaAaAaAaaaaaAaaAAAAAALd

>> No.5266447


>> No.5267348

why are all Amber Glow talents like this?

>> No.5267733

i don’t love them, they need to ruined an prepared on a large scale.
i will be schizo and be apart of there initial training.
much worse is ahead of them.
they are generally liked here which is a great thing for them.
If it’s any place to control or have influence in positively that brings down negativity it’s 4chan.
control schizos before they become a problem an rehabilitate them.you never know what you can make of a schizo gosling.

>> No.5267781

what’s the point if it’s just for profits from literal idiots thinking representation actually means something?

>> No.5268396

Did she improve

>> No.5268445

Being generally liked on 4chan is a huge yikes for any content creator. I've seen it happen many times before, at first the popularity boost is nice, and then the autism kicks in, stuff goes bad, and it all goes to shit. It is, in no way, a good thing. Literally the only content creator who has skated on 4chan love is Nyanners, and A. she has a huge number of autistic anti's from here as well, and B. she was popular with normal people before getting popular here.

Getting your start here is practically a death sentence out of the gate. Appealing to here, even moreso. You talk like the most autistic schizos don't come from here.

Free yourself from deontological thinking, anon.

>> No.5268486

Hard to say. She's definitely paying more attention to the rhythm, but it seems like splitting her attention makes her singing a bit weaker. She'll have to practice until she can do it without trying.

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>> No.5269931

Based (didn't read past word 5)

>> No.5270613

Only a bit

>> No.5272747

Soft fox is finally live one youtube

>> No.5273117


>> No.5273453

>Teru is drinking alcohol
sleep tight OL

>> No.5273689


>> No.5273930


>> No.5274131

>Let me tell you about my experiences with underage boys

>> No.5274226

Why is she like this?

>> No.5274343

Breaking containment again teruchama

>> No.5274473


>> No.5274539

Terumi admitted for being the designated containment breach chuuba. Hurt her, not the other girls.

>> No.5274587

>teru claims she is containment vtuber
>always breaking containment

>> No.5274624

I could never hurt these gullible idiots, but Drunk Teru is pretty based. It brings out some crazy degeneracy.

>> No.5274638

no one is hurting em

>> No.5274642

Now no one can deny that to this day she's still /HERE/

>> No.5274650

>hurting Teru
Don't you dare.

>> No.5274690

Don't worry, she likes it rough.

>> No.5274736

Why us Shura retarded?
Also she got her ice cream in the end...

>> No.5274738

Shuwa please....

>> No.5274756

She also likes being rough.
She can hurt me any day.

>> No.5274973

Shura can drive huh

>> No.5275058

Doing Codeine with Shuwa while listening to Joji!

>> No.5275127

They stole her shoes and cushions.

>> No.5275320

>Shura uses Stilletos

>> No.5275387

of course she does, how else will she become 5 foot?

>> No.5275430

>Shura cosplayed as Boa Hancock
My dick!

>> No.5275494

>AND as Ishtar

>> No.5275503

Kissing Terumi's feet

>> No.5275555

I can't believe Terumi has no arms!

>> No.5275636

Shura why are you surrounded by creeps...

>> No.5275792

gently carressing Xiulan's waist

>> No.5275800

Massaging Teru abd getting massages from Shura...

>> No.5275839

don't you mean "Shuwa pwease"?

>> No.5275841

why is Terumi like this

>> No.5275863


>> No.5275895


>> No.5275944

Watching Terumi beat up Xiulan as you're tied to the bed

>> No.5275983


>> No.5276105

I'm not even watching the stream but UOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH

>> No.5276113

What is this belly button thing about?

>> No.5276173


>> No.5276261


>> No.5276266


>> No.5276347

>Xiulan what's your cup size?
>bigger than you
Teru getting bodied.

>> No.5276373

Shuwa's flat chest uoooooooooooh

>> No.5276457

>stop talking about bra's, that's so inapropriate
Never change Shura

>> No.5276483

>Shura loves fried chicken and basketball

>> No.5276525

I can't believe Shura is black

>> No.5276537

>terumi turning the "let's pretend to be fratboys" into a fujo thing

>> No.5276679
File: 66 KB, 500x706, E0CE6852-0C73-4FC9-AD30-1163939867EF.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it’s not about this, but

>> No.5276736

Xiulan dying live on stream

>> No.5276748

Shura has a good gag reflex...

>> No.5276825

Shura's special skill is alcoholism.

>> No.5276900

Let's talk about technology, Microsoft!

>> No.5276957

>58 viewers

>> No.5277330

Tsundere Teru...

>> No.5277392

>Xiulan getting humiliated live on stream
I didn't know Teru was into this, but it's cute.

>> No.5277539

>69 viewers

>> No.5277585

I was confused at first. I thought that bottom image was her playing on a drum

>> No.5277639

Xiulan's real laugh is cute

>> No.5277814


>> No.5278234

Shura forgets her pantsu, UOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH

>> No.5278241

Taking Terumi on a nopan date!

>> No.5278327

Molesting a pantsuless Teru in the train uoooooooh

>> No.5279563

Pig Teru uooooh

>> No.5280018

Terumi lastímame y llamame hijo de puta

>> No.5280383

>She addressed the MC account rrat

>> No.5280409

She needs to learn to ignore stuff and let people forget

>> No.5280438

She already did in the stream.

>> No.5280458

Only get bottled Beer, not cans, according to Alcohol connoisseur Shura

>> No.5280550


>> No.5280594


>> No.5280610

KOOPA?! Truly this is GORILLA like no other.

>> No.5280621
File: 453 KB, 617x391, 214.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well this is a surprise

>> No.5280711

How so?

>> No.5280720

I am surprised, but I knew Kooperchama would show up eventually

>> No.5280940 [SPOILER] 
File: 166 KB, 300x376, 1624034285844.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No regrets
Some regrets

>> No.5280991

This is fucking horryfing, thanks!

>> No.5281042

oh god no
don't give her the crazy eyes

>> No.5281404

She talked about how she bought her account 6 months ago.

>> No.5281499

Teru confirmed she's /our/ girl

>> No.5281599


>> No.5281610


>> No.5281689

Also they can't stop themselves from roommate posting God fuck

>> No.5281692

What's with /ourgirls/ being horny green hags?

>> No.5281716

It just hits all of my buttons.
Horny, green and hag!

>> No.5281840

>Kaede is best girl
good taste
Incidentally, she's also a horny green hag

>> No.5281928

Bye Koopa!

>> No.5282040

This Koopa person seems pretty fun

>> No.5282084

They are anon. And they're one of us. Commonly on the /wvt/ thread.

>> No.5282108

I know who she is, I just haven't caught any of her stuff yet. She's pretty alright.

>> No.5282126


>> No.5282147

Making Teru hold her pee in public until she wets herself!

>> No.5282202

Why do you have to be so cringy, anon.

>> No.5282217

omorashi is the fetish that is "too much", after everything else?

>> No.5282246

Of course it is! You she likes to be peed on, get it right anon.

>> No.5282278

It's not so much the content, more just how pathetic it is that you can't even watch your oshi without compulsively shitposting in her thread.

>> No.5282297

She's also into humiliation and while public stuff might be a bit much, I'm sure with enough time she'll get around to it.

>> No.5282328

Take your meds, jesus christ.

I'd tell you that Terumi would find you cringe, but you'd just project your imaginary version of her so it's pretty pointless.

>> No.5282351

Oh I absolute can.
I just don't want to.

>> No.5282382

But he's right tho

>> No.5282400

Clearly you can't, because you don't even bother to go through the minimum effort for a coomerpost.

>> No.5282490

What is the minimum effort for a coomerpost then?

>> No.5282705

Writing a scenario Terumi would actually enjoy.

>> No.5282797


>> No.5282867

She's a lovely gal and she'll be back to streaming more often next week, I hope you'll check her out

>> No.5282882

I'll give you a shot, Koopa.

>> No.5283200

Like three sentences m i n i m u m. Not only do you suppose the initial situation, but continue it on and further imagine the scenario.

I went all out to really exaggerate the cringe for comedic effect, but my example earlier in the thread is good. I expect better from you.

>> No.5283433

Fix this scenario then: >>5282147.

>> No.5283521

I'm not going to do your homework, anon. Apply yourself.

>> No.5283570

then stop bitvhing at other anons for not doing it as well 5head

>> No.5283610

Well pack it up boys, two sentences long post of something sexual are not coomerposts no more.
Also bye Teru

>> No.5283620

Terumi get a fucking outro screen so your streams don't cut out abruptly, but 10/10 i love your voice and your zatsudans, get some good sleep and enjoy the weekend.

>> No.5283686

rate the stream

>> No.5283698

my rating >>5283620

>> No.5283699

what stream/10

>> No.5283737


>> No.5283755


>> No.5283766


>> No.5283829

I never said that it's not a coomerpost, it's just really low effort and that offends me.

Bro I'm just not going to someone else's work for them. I've already put in my contributions, you guys liked my earlier shitposts.

>> No.5284051

my model quality tierlist
nunki and shuwa
bald whale

>> No.5284800

Cute and cursed/10

>> No.5284822


>> No.5284867

peak fap material

>> No.5284932

But she said she loves us uwu

>> No.5285324

soft fox now live on twitch, this time playing FNF for real

>> No.5285355

She was lying. Who would love someone like you, lmao.

>> No.5285415

god she's so fucking SOFT

>> No.5285533

do you rlly belieb it

>> No.5286216

they haven’t weaponized there autism against them yet.

>> No.5286265

i live for Nunki's "kon kon!"

>> No.5287065

Just imagine Conny, if autists here didn't spread Nunki around maybe you wouldn't be having to deal with this autist.

>> No.5287180

Do you really believe that those retards from here, and not from Twitch itself?

>> No.5287261

Whose to say. He comes across as a low IQ individual on the same level as you and the rest of the people here, though. So maybe.

>> No.5288683

I du
>Calling my oshi a liar
You're stepping out of line bruv

>> No.5288834

She's a known, self-admitted liar. You gotta love every part of your oshi, anon.

>> No.5290537

Well she talked about the specific relationship of love between fans and entertainer/idol several times, so I don't think she's lying on this one.

>> No.5290694

I have no doubt that Terumi loves me.
I rlly belieb it.

>> No.5290699

"hahahaha sooorrry i can't draw hahahahahaaa" can you fags just play the fucking game jesus christ the point is to draw badly.

>> No.5292171

Do you think Teru not only watches this threads, but also posts things too? If you're reading this and are Teru gives us a sign?

>> No.5292297

Some posts read very much as Teru like this threads >>5268396 or her asking what people thought about her singing a week ago or so.
I do believe she uses the threads to fish for unfiltered feedback.

Also she probably wrote this >>5263912 originally.

>> No.5292383


>> No.5292572

I really wish Nunki would stop saying pp over and over. I've unironically ejaculated like four times to her voice just saying that.

>> No.5292719

>I do believe she uses the threads to fish for unfiltered feedback
Is it worth it tho? Like, would any of you guys come here for the criticism? I mean I'm working on getting into streaming, but j don't think I would come to a mongolian basket weaving forum for criticism.
Maybe to shitpost for fun tho.

>> No.5293614

Congrats Conny, now you're cringe king AND simp king. Happy for you buddy.

>> No.5293649

seems like I need to release a King cover, huh?

>> No.5294277

Yes. I think people are more likely to give you an honest opinion here than elsewhere. And on other places you need to maintain some level of kayfabe too.

The "do you like her singing" post was followed up by her posting an acapella on twitter shortly after, because the reception was positive (even if nobody called it good).

>> No.5294283


>> No.5294516

And what about all the horny/gosling/shitposting?

>> No.5294538

You can just tune it out. And it's not like she doesn't know what the website is like, no?

>> No.5294728

>I am schiztoposter
>Terumi is me
>therefore Terumi is schizoposter

They really aren't. There are 1000 times more falseflaggers, shitposters, retards and autists here that obfuscate everything.

>> No.5294760

Well yeah, but when you yourself become the target of that i would think it might start weighing on you over time.
At least she seems cool with it tho, even going so far as to call herself Amber Glow's "Containment chuuba"

>> No.5294769

keep up your practice Terumi, I'm cheering you on!!!

>> No.5294799

Did you count all 1000 of them?

>> No.5295244
File: 412 KB, 718x703, 1622070663888.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The entirety of Terumi's Omori playtrough was absolutely heartbreaking, to the point i just have to take a step back from the VODs and do something else when it gets to the heavier parts.

>> No.5295250

Chatter from here. Usually manages to keep his 'tism to a minimum, compared to most people here, but is painfully unfunny and simps on the regular with no self-awareness, so he's situationally insufferable. Involved with the discord retards so he's automatically on the cringe list, although without that sin he'd probably be fine for the chat.

>> No.5300238

>my funny shitposts are influencing her
I have more power than you guys. I told you.

>> No.5300764

Nunkischizo, nobody is breaking containment with any of the others and they wouldn't have with Teru if she hadn't started it.
People have a lot more self-awareness than you think.

>> No.5301604

You haven't been watching the others then, lol. Or Terumi. Take your meds.

>> No.5302405

Nobody said anything with Terumi until she got comfortable enough to let stuff slip. It was mostly the /asp/ crew showing up.

>> No.5302465

They did. You're just new so you don't remember it. Or are autistic and containment break yourself and thus don't acknowledge containment breaks as breaks.

>> No.5302618

Do I just not pay attention to vtwitter enough or does Teru respond to her comments WAY more than other chuubas?

>> No.5302760

She totally does. I think it's a combination of a smaller reply pool and Teru being a lonely freak.

>> No.5303074

Anon, Teru is very lonely, please understand.
And reply to her if you can, it'll cheer her up, I'm sure.

>> No.5303225

It's about the same.

>> No.5303270

I think what surprises me the most about this behavior is that it doesn't seem to have attracted some attention whore who responds to everything she says.

>> No.5303358

The dopamine rush is nice when she responds or throws a heart at you though. I try to limit it so I can be less of a freak.

>> No.5303444

Some of the people here are borderline. Not every post, but most of them.

>> No.5303447

don't call her a freak, that's mean

>> No.5303866

She's definitely looking /here/. Hi Terumi, I love you!

>> No.5303893

Yeah? We got some recognizable fans at this point?

>> No.5304148

People generally know to keep it together on twitter, which is good.
I thought of making a twitter and youtube account to support Terumi, but I guess I'll wait until membership

>> No.5304188

Do it already anon, viewer engagement helps with the algorithm

>> No.5304224

Yeah. I can share my cringe list if you want, but it's not pretty.

>> No.5304312

Let's see it.

>> No.5304335

Sounds enticing

>> No.5304343

go on

>> No.5304420

Am i in there?

>> No.5304840

>Terumi reading that there's someone stalking her fans.
Wouldn't she be upset about that?

>> No.5305745

Honestly, I looked through it and I need to rewrite it. There's some people that have gotten better at not being cringe, and some that I've gotten to know and would feel bad putting on the list.

Stalking is a bit extreme. I just look at chat and write down whenever I see someone cringy so I know to ignore them.

>> No.5305845

So would she be ok or not with this? Would she not think that keeping tabs on her fanbase is weird or creepy? Because that's something not even mods do.

>> No.5305928

I mean, Terumi and the AG girls aren't my mom (although that'd be hot). I don't really care if they're ok or not with what I do, nor do I think they care. And even if it's not a written list, any mod watches out for problematic people and pays attention to them. I'm just doing the same, but written down because I'm bad with names.

>> No.5306800

>I don't really care if they're ok or not with what I do
So it was never really about how the girls feel huh...

>> No.5308524

I think Terumi...

>> No.5308574

kon kon!!

>> No.5308726

If you unironically look to the AG girls for moral decision making, you should probably go see a therapist lol.

>> No.5309639

It is how it's started. He talked about how "A bunch of artists and spergs" Can make the girls uncomfortable, disgusted, and/or feel insecure.
But if he suddenly doesn't care about how the girls feel about him, about making them afraid that they could have a schizo that's not gross, but obsessive and that has staking tendencies, then that just means he's a control freak.

>> No.5309921

You honestly need to take your meds bro. I don't your feeling OK. I'm just joking around, I don't actually have a cringe list, it's all OK buddy. One post making fun of you and you devolve into this paranoid freak, lol, just chill.

>> No.5310485

>Haha, I was just pretending to keep tabs on this girl's Twitter interactions.
>Oh those post where I complain about anons by name for interacting in her Twitter? Never happeneeed~

>> No.5310572

I made fun of Eclipse a single time like two threads ago, after other people made fun of him. Take your meds bro you're not thinking straight.

>> No.5310787

Ain't this you? >>5293614

>> No.5311387

That statement was in response to something Nunki said on her stream. Which I guess you weren't watching, obviously.

>> No.5312235

Misaki time
Is it me of her hairstyle is kinda weird?

>> No.5312463

Bro your right. She isn't normally, but she's bald for some reason. What is happening?

>> No.5312543

It's part of her cosplay for the game she's playing.

>> No.5312577

Has Terumi heavily edited any of her Omori videos? I usually can't catch her live and I want the full experience of the stream.

>> No.5312635

She doesn't upload every video because sometimes they get pretty lewd.

>> No.5312666

Only the last one and only a small and unnecessary part got edited.
Beware though the Omori play trough is very heavy, so if you can't make it pass the first one you're better sitting this one out.

>> No.5312692

*very emotionally heavy
And I'm not exaggerating, it gets pretty bad.

>> No.5313065
File: 48 KB, 227x222, 1622657048512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The only edit she made was a mention of her weirdo stalker, IIRC.

>> No.5313107

How lewd?

>> No.5313166

She flirted with two women on her gruella stream earlier today and has talked about pegging multiple times, even posting a "pegging chart" on twitter.

Nothing SUPER bad, but clearly 18+

>> No.5313251

Did she upload it?

>> No.5313266

No. But our very own Koopa made an appearance and the two chatted about tech stuff. It was very comfy.

>> No.5313271

Not talking about her fetishes, and how she would like to get humilliated and pissed on

>> No.5313291

Can you link her unlisted videos?

>> No.5313334

I downloaded before she took it down. I'll upload it somewhere if any of you guys want.

>> No.5313358

She's spoken very little about herself in the bedroom, but personally, I get the sense she'd like to be in control -- but probably not a top. Like a demanding switch, basically. So probably not into watersports or humiliation.

I only got in about half way through the stream. I'm sure someone else DL'd it.

>> No.5313457

I wouldn't really consider it "lewd." Just very cringy. As mentioned, she brought back the super epic and not unfunny at all pegging chart for like the tenth time. And did even more fake forced flirting with the other girls. She hasn't unlisted the many videos where she did this in the past though so I'm guessing it's because she got bonked on this one for not following the new guidelines (thank god for those).

>> No.5313468

one of Nunki's mods

>> No.5313475

Jesus christ man, take your medication or at least think through your autism before you post it.

>> No.5313551 [DELETED] 

That and anymore if you've got them onegai
>Powet bottom Terumi

>> No.5313590

That and anymore if you've got them onegai
>Power bottom Terumi

>> No.5313922

Didn't manage to download it in time myself so go ahead, anon. That thing is a clip gold mine.

>> No.5314062


>> No.5314096

Terumi's sending mixed signals about her activity on 4chan but I refuse to belieb anyone could say no to the temptation to at least browse their own threads

>> No.5314333


>> No.5314361

Shura's voice is a strong filter to me. Really tiring to listen.

>> No.5314450

do it or no futa coochie

>> No.5314544

She keeps calling it the "place that shall not be named" so she comes here. Otherwise why by coy abou it?

>> No.5314575

who knows maybe she's the one who started this thread in the first place.

>> No.5314660

In the long run not acknowledging her ties to this place would probably be the smartest move career-wise but maybe she's being more candid since it was a gorilla stream.
That or the booze.

>> No.5314685

I'm sorry I taught her that, anon. Didn't think she'd take it this far.

>> No.5314700

I think have Koopa on helped.

>> No.5315044

Taught her what? Funny PP joke has been a Phantasy Star thing forever.

>> No.5316941

what's next, Nunki browsing these threads?

>> No.5317527

God, I hope not. Imagine how she'd feel about her schizo fan

>> No.5317797


>> No.5317873

Honestly, it's pretty likely that she did.

>> No.5318829

showering with Nunki UOOOOH

>> No.5319652

Good rrat, but in reality they were all started by some anon that found her in one of those "Sad chuuba things" Thread.
That anon being me of course, but I have 0 doubt that she browses this place on the regular.

>> No.5320050

this rrat is of course not true, because I also started two of them

>> No.5320438

Oh really? Hmm, I think I started all of them at least since the Crash 2 stream, but for any other before that you might be right. I just started one because otherwise you could only talk about her on /wvt/

>> No.5323058

Anyone ready for ShuraTeru minecurah

>> No.5324727

merch when

>> No.5324921


>> No.5325135

I want an R18+ Teru daki.

>> No.5325250

I want her cute hat

>> No.5325274

Get Hype

>> No.5325551

>Bad boy! Sit down!

>> No.5325901

>Teru just woke up
like every stream then?

>> No.5326441

Cringe list doko???

>> No.5327237


>> No.5328177

Teru is retarded...

>> No.5329153

Breeding time.

>> No.5331055

Shura is cute when she has to be a babysitter.

>> No.5331069

I'm starting to worry for her health

>> No.5331756

Same. Her blood pressure is soaring.

>> No.5331807

God I need a rude and foul mouthed Shura

>> No.5332201

Shura SAN check = Failed.
Strangle me Shuramommy

>> No.5332337

fuck off eclipzex77. you're number 1 on my cringe list

>> No.5332724

Xiulan moaning softly in the background...

>> No.5332895

Xiulan's ass...

>> No.5333008


>> No.5333019


>> No.5333587

Strangle me mommy

>> No.5333678
File: 10 KB, 373x81, 876856797876.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What in the fuck

>> No.5333735

Same. What the fuck was that message.

>> No.5333736

Why is Teru so mischievous?

>> No.5333758

add him to the list boys

>> No.5333761

sorry teru I can't watch this, I'm feeling shura's frustration right now

>> No.5334652


>> No.5334742

>replying to your own falseflag

>> No.5335017

oh no

>> No.5335103


>> No.5335189

Teru's boat misadventures

>> No.5335435

so did they found the boat?

>> No.5335468

If the boat makes it to the end it will be the cherry on top

>> No.5336655


>> No.5336741

Shura is gonna have an aneurysm...

>> No.5336870

Shura is gonna murder Teru

>> No.5337504

Hey /agg/, newfriend here. Was randomly browsing through some new small chuubas to watch, and found Nunki saying on stream she lives in the same area of Germany as me. Feels kind of pointlessly weird to actually have a chuuba "near" me, but it makes me a little more invested, no matter how irrational it might be. Guess that means I'm a stinky boi now?...

>> No.5337569

Yes you are. Good for you tho, she's a great streamer.

>> No.5338185

Rate the Minecraft part:

>> No.5338285

2009 era troll face / 10

>> No.5338376

>Adressed the Ending card thing someone said yesterday
She can't even try, can she.

>> No.5338445


>> No.5338524

New bread

>> No.5339923

When Terumi said she was into chikan I lost it because I am legitimately in to chikan as well

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