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nijien already spawn their new wave and yet there is no indication holoen 2nd release any sooner
I get it there is no need to rush but are not this
bit too long? almost a years since holoen1 ?

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July 2nd

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fr? source ?

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July 2, so people forget Coco. Expect it.

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chuba buble starting to fade
cover will lost momentum

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>Coco Kaine never ended up getting even a cheap rig or a non-meme voice
I'm a little frustrated.

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Coco owns it, that just might be her new live2d for her roommate.

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Late July

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She did get a cheap rig. I'm too lazy to look it up but coco brought it out at least once.

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nah, too soon. Probably between July 14th and 25th.

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It ok. NijiID from auditions to debut only takes 1-2 months while holoID takes up to 6. EN shall be no different, NijiEN will have more liver by end year and for Niji it's no surprise either, they pump more livers bcuz it's Nijistyle

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That would be scummy as hell of Cover to do, but I also 100% believe they would do it.

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I want to see a Coco Kaine x Red-kun x Kurokami x ELITE collab. It would make Scarface seem family-friendly

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thanks loserbait

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It's more like they would have been announced before now, but it would be super awkward to do so with the graduation still looming.

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OP-kun, your English is almost as bad as the average vtuber clipper.

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You fags can't even watch a full gen of talents, what's the point of making a second one?

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Maybe they'll be more entertaining than the first one?

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>just after Coco's graduation

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Niji style: Thousand Vtuber summoning justsu!


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Niji style: Thousand Vtuber summoning justsu!


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Nijiculture never allows full brand wide experience, it's always cuts down to each liver so that they can maxed their simpings to specific livers

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They announce one the second week of July, and another week for realease

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Nah. Too heavy handed, but I wouldn't put it past Cover to have a 5th Gen outfit reveal announcements in time for their 1st year anniversary.

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