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Aquafags on suicide watch

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im imagining you editing that pic on mspaint and all i see is a sad little man. this thread is gay and saged

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The first one is a Japanese nationalist, the 2nd bows to Chinks, it's obvious how this would've ended up

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What the fuck is wrong with that bitch, releasing the same exact cover a week after her coworker? As her senpai she should be better than that. I'm believing that Ayame is a bitch more and more everyday.

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Get fucked JAV idol onion gamer maido

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I actually used Paint.net
As much as I enjoy Ayame, I have to agree, she could've waited at least one more month

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They’re genmates.

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But they have more covers though

Ayame was already ahead a few days ago

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Are you guys excited for her Vampire cover?

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Well, Aqua the chinkqueen lost her chinkfans because of Coco, without her chink army, she's just a depressed second-rate Holo

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in the time it took you to make it she hit 3,9mil kek

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Shut up nerd

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Ayame antis are becoming dumber by the day if anything it's better for both versions to be released closely one after the other especially as part of the same generation

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I believe it's in the work since she's recording something rn

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Based Ayame, surpassing the one she leeched.

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Huh, I also see that on her page, but it shows me 3.8 if you do a serach.
Even youtube hates Aqua.

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>tribalism for two girls who are best friends
This is why people don't like newfags

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>youtube being shit
and water is wet anon

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>if anything it's better for both versions to be released closely one after the other
What kind of autism led you to this conclusion?

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ayame has the better cover
i couldn't stand listening to aqua's, but at least it was less painful than the original

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Ayame antis don’t even know to which generation she belongs

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>he doesn't enjoy vocaloid music

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i enjoy vocaloid only if it sounds good
flower is almost as bad as the kagamines

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Aqua should post it on bilibili instead
she's a chinese whore who slept with executives

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Idol group effect

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Flower's voice can be good when paired with the right producer.

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