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Will she ever stop being a nihilist? It's not healthy

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Gura Hatred playthrough when? Postal?

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I like Gura's Guras

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>being anti fun

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As opposed of being existentialist?
Stop your stupid ideas anon.

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Right is just left with moby turned off and ecstasy taken.

Left is sober and a good person.

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I'd rag on gura for being a nihilist and telling everyone how nothing matters as she sits on a mountain of cash and the power to shape the course of an entire genre of entertainment.....but the girl went through the other stage of nihilism, the stage i call the "Russian approach"

She'll find value in this world soon enough, and then cringe at her rants

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she is a fan of Feitan

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There are such things as happy nihilists. It just takes a bit more effort than the other coping mechanisms. Like religion. Oh, how I sometimes wish I could truly believe. But in exchange I became truly free.

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coop of cope

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intelligent nihilistic and with a wicked sense of humor?

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Yeah when she burns in hell. Then she will realize that stuff in life mattered after all.

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I'll impregnate Gura and turn her into a loving mother, giving meaning to her life.

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you cant be intelligent and nihilistic at the same time

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It would be more productive if others would take the time to pray for her.
The thing is, also, there isn't really much in this world that is of any value to begin with.

The only way to escape nihilism is to be willing to move past materialism and to come to grips with a more wholistic view of reality.

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Can you blame the poor girl though?

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Intelligent people can easily become nihilistic. When you live a life of ignorance, life is a much more blissful experience.

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That or being altruistic.

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On the contrary, one /can/ be both intelligent and nihilistic. However, to do so would involve either
A) following nihilism to its destructive logical conclusions, or
B) intentionally living in a way inconsistent with nihilism, precisely on account of its destructive logical conclusions.

(The latter would be a case of mental gymnastics, but intelligent people trap themselves in mental gymnastics nonsense all the time.)

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Nihilism is not a focus on materialism. This thread is gonna go to shit real fast.

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nihilism is inherently ignorance of the world. intelligent people will always find something to live for

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Gymnastics can be fun, sometimes.

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It's prime mudslime hours.

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Materialism, the view that only physical material existence holds reality, is an intrinsic presupposition of most nihilistic philosophies. Not to mention that the widespread adoption of this view is directly what preceded the rise of the nihilistic worldview.

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you dont need to be religious to counter nihilism. a truly intelligent nihilist will kill themselves. if you dont, that means you found some meaning in life, and either arent intelligent enough to realise what that meaning is, or you arent a nihilist. intelligent nihilists dont exist

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Islam is for faggots. Don't know what you're on about.

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As the intelligent will know, philosophy is all about psychoanalysing the spooks in your head.

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why is this rrat perpetually perpetrated?

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Gura said "nothing really matters" once in a stream and anons with meme understanding of nihilism took that to mean that Gura is a nihilist.

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Nietzscheian existentialist Gura when?

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Nihilism is the first step to true enlightenment. Brainwashed religious monkeys don't reply.

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>gura crime and punishment read along
Uh based and /lit/ pilled?

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No, she is going to an hero someday.

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>Nihilism is the first step to true enlightenment. Brainwashed religious monkeys don't reply.

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She found her joy and purpose already, your rrat is many months late.

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She found a boyfriend???

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Gura puts utility above all else. You could learn a thing or two from her.

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When is she going to go back to her old costume?

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>Islam is for faggots. Don't know what you're on about.

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Your post is nothing but narrative.

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Your rrats are dead and decayed, watch her streams.

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She is such an adorable softie, holy shit.

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Who are you replying to?

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So nihilists are the new fedora tippers right? They certainly post like it.

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Are you 9 or 90 years old? Nihilists have been fags since before the Atheism craze started.
t. faggot nihilist

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Gura's not a nihilist, she's just a little angsty and depressed. Real nihilism is very different from what Gura has discussed.

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You're not gonna force her to collab with Nyiggers, VTranny

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Pffft, she was what, like 17 at the time, if not younger? Le edgy teenager phase by the book, plus she legit has been through some shit by the stories she tells.
I'm glad such a beautiful swan rose out of it.

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>I'm glad such a beautiful swan rose out of it.

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>he believed it

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>be Gura
>become nihilistic
>"coincidentally" also become a depressed slob who doesn't wash her dishes, eats garbage, and oversleeps her genmates birthdays
Nietsche warned you fags

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The only valid counter argument to nihilism is to kill any nihilist you see.

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At the time of what? And can you think of a specific story of going through shit? All I'm recalling is generic mentions of life getting better after hololive.

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>he said while posting on the prime website for intellectuals and accomplished individuals

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She just told you to stop caring about people’s opinion, does that really make her a nihilist?

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Meds? what are you on about?

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>"coincidentally" also become a depressed slob who doesn't wash her dishes, eats garbage, and oversleeps her genmates birthdays
Nothing wrong with that. It doesn't matter either way

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That's the point

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>he doesn't know

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How did you not notice her depression?

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>Why, chumbud? Why do you do it? Why subscribe to my channel? Why keep donating? You believe you're watching for something? For more than a distraction? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know? Is it for fun or friendship, perhaps the GFE? Could it be for love? Illusions, chumbud. Vagueries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence without meaning or purpose, and all of them as artificial as vtubing itself. although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, chumbud, you must know it by now. You can't escape depression it's pointless to keep trying. Why, chumbud? Why do you persist?

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Hope Cover takes care of it's talents mental health

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And yet, I still love Gura.

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they always are holy shit you reeks a newshit in life

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we were born in best time, in the age of such magical thing as fucking Internet, not suffering from horrors of war, medieval ages or similiar. Why the fuck everyone is so depressed, ESPECIALLY Gura, who gets good money, whose collegaues are supporting sweethearts and who gets worship from crowds and crowds of people??????????

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damn, this bait wouldn't be as effective as it is

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The water, veggies and certain processed food has chemicals giving people depression. When you receive too much mineral or vitamin of a single kind, it causes chemical imbalances that causes nutrition toxicity which ultimately leads to deficiencies based on the mineral wheel. Gut bacteria usually handles these, but sometimes it's even too much for them.

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People in the medieval ages on average worked fewer hours and had much higher community engagement than today. They also had something they believed in, and revolted when conditions deteriorated instead of being forced to quietly accept them.

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because for all bad it is, some intake of "horror" (or simply, living) truly make you apreciate the good things

and this >>5282058 because no matter how much some philosophical schools said otherwise, we pretty much still chained onto our biology/chemistry to outright ignore

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Actual nihilists don't care enough to post on the internet as a whole to share their opinions. So everyone posting that they are a nihilist aren't.

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Please do not use "though" at the end of your sentences.

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I'm sorry, it won't happen again.

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people keep posting about her "nihilism" when it always sound to me it was just catharsis

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People who watch anime women play Minecraft condecendingly talking about praying and how nihilists will burn in Hell encapsulates modern 4chan perfectly.

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you can if you have a wicked sense of humor thought.

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To be in a board like this and actually enjoy their content you need to get over nihilism in the first place.

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He's cute!

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Who gives a fuck what her philosophy is, just enjoy the stream

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>Mistaking an obvious shit post for an attempt at being intellectual
Yeah, you're about as smart as a typical nihilist.
kys you worthless faggot.

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If you're not intelligent you have no say in the way other people live their life. Maybe that's why you're such a sour fuck

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are you unironically saying you fully know the universe so well that there is not a single thing in it that makes you think "being alive to experience this is worthwhile"? Do you understand how ignorant you sound

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You Gura, I still have you...

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i know exactly the type of person she is, i've been surrounded by this type for alot of time.
she will die a nihilist.
the good side is that this gives her good actor skills and can easily pretend to feel certain emotions
the bad side is that once she feels comfortable and decides to stop hiding it her personality will take a nosedive

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Gura you have to marry this anon the pents demand it

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Is is not an ought. Saying thing is meaningless doesn't mean you should stop doing it

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Just enjooooooy

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>nihilism is just hedonism's emo brother - >>>/vg/338173326

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More like
>nothing in life matters

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There is no valid counter argument to nihilism from a materialistic standpoint. In a universe that is bound to become nothing eternally, nothing really matters. A true nihilist wouldn't be afraid of dying. Every "nihilist" out there is just larping.

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That sounds more like Apathy then.

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Because I choose too

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This is what active nihilism looks like, this is the Nietzschean ideal:


For the record, Gura experienced great suffering in her life. She didn't meme herself into being depressed. Life beat the shit out of her when she was little.

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Nihilists don't necessarily have to be apathetic. The stupid YOLO thing back in the day is a good example. Nothing really matters, so why not enjoy the nothingness that gives you the most joy? A true nihilist would disregard the consequences because those are also nothing.

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My nihilism is rooted in the Dao and Stirner.

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>he hasn't discovered the esoteric truth behind existence via mystical experiences in deep meditation

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Reminder that the nihilism thing is a huge meme that started as a 'don't tell me what to do chat' rant

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There has to be a record of things for it to be on the record, anon. Depression isn't always a result from great suffering.

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>In a universe that is bound to become nothing eternally
first creating another universe overloading a singularity isn't discarted yet
second proton decay hypothesis has yet to be proven if isn't the true value holds in iron, lol

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Nihilism is correct. However people tend to view it in a negative light instead of a positive. With no meaning of life there is nothing holding you down.

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Really? Is that it?

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gura should serve allah

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Streaming is haram

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It started with Gura saying ultimately nothing matters so whatever

>> No.5313568

Holding you down from what?

>> No.5318622

From having your way with gura.

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Nihilists be like "nothing matters so I can do anything I want" then down a litre of whiskey in one gulp

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She needs a good stiff rod in her hole, that's her problem.

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Entropy is all that matters. When maximum entropy is reached, time becomes nothing, and nothing can ever happen again.
>creating another universe
You cannot create or destroy energy and energy is not infinite. Even if you can create another universe using this universe's energy, that universe will have even less energy and will reach entropy more quickly. The oscillating universe theory is also a meme because a perpetual motion device is a meme no matter what size.

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>things only matter if they are eternal
[citation needed]

>> No.5319105

Yes, and?

>> No.5319650

Nothing matters if there's no one to make them matter, anon.

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Epicurean Carpe Diem is exact opposite of nihilism.
If you truly don't care about anything, correct course of action would be to lay on the ground and die of dehydration.

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