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Why did Marine stream nearly 200 hours less than anyone else in gen 3 in 2020? Also why is she already 100 hours behind the rest of her gen in 2021?
Before you bring up her doing work behind the scenes, so does Fubuki but she streamed 250 hours more than Marine last year and is also ahead of Marine this year.
The reasonable conclusion is that Marine is lazy and hates her fans.

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Old hag pls andastd

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This image was made by Marineschizo on /hlg/ 20 minutes ago. In case you are unaware who marineschizo is, she is a Fujo who hates marine for not being a real fujo.

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why does it say nigger on the background
also marine love

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I want to fuck Marineschizo!

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>anyone less than 200 hours except EN or Gen 5

What's their excuse?

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slap nigger watermarks on all images to limit containment breaches.

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>defending Marine
>with a picture of Noel

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Trying to drum up drama about jp chubas on an EOP board isn't going to work. Next time try Mori or Kiara.

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Holy fucking new.

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>real fujo
what does that even mean? are there even fake ones?

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>she is a Fujo who hates marine for not being a real fujo.

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choco streamed that much!?!?

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She's like 32 and isn't a tweaker like Korone.
Give her a break.

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Marineschizo, if you're here, I have a lot of male friends you can fantasize about! Please let me see you!

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Choco gets addicted to a game, streams it for hours and hours, then burns herself and her audience out.

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based, if you say you're a fujo you should fucking MEAN IT

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>Gura only did 206 hours
>probably made a shit ton of money
Women get it easy

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they debuted in that last third of the year?

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can we have a Choco month? A month dedicated to Choco.

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Wow... Choco...

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Because she's fucking obese

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Spreadsheets like this make people love Choco Robocco and Watame

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She can't be obese. Her waist doesn't touch the bed. Obese people have a sloppy mess of a body and if they'd lay down all of their body would droop down to the bed. I wouldn't be surprised if she was chubby though with a lot of fat around her thighs and ass.

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The most amazing part of this list is that Miko is 5th for 2020 despite missing over 3 months due to illness. What a beast.

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She has 2 channels. In both she she usually streams for 6 hrs+. She is an Ark & Apex Addict need I say more.

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Newfag, if you don't know Mel was being stalked by an office co-worker an almost quit Hololive for her safety in 2020.

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>imblying I didn't knew
What's her excuse for this year?

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What are you saying? She can't take a break or something? The streamers themselves have a choice on when and how long to stream, they can be lazy all they want as long as they get proper rest. Marine is a goddess compared to Ayame and Shion.

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What did you say about Shion, you son of a bitch?

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Minecraft and GTA arent exactly high effort streams

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Shion is a teenager and has chronic depression have some empathy. Marine is just lazy.

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They take more effort than singing the same 15 songs and talking about retarded shit like Marine.

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>and talking about retarded shit like Marine
So, a minecraft stream? Minecraft streams are just chatting streams.

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Work smarter, not harder

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>had thought hololive members rejected her because she was weird
>but it's actually because she's fat

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Holy fuck anon, your reading comprehension reps...

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The reasonable conclusion is that Marine can't stop masturbating and is a horny fuck at all times.

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>Roboco the 3rd with most hours streamed
>One of the lowest at total superchats
Poor girl, I'll send her a SC next stream just for this chart

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So people can't post it on discord/reddit

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tell her to play portal or something else than apex and dbd

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RBC shouldn't pander to r*ddit like Marine does.

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it´s a fun game, she has some english skills and it fits her robot persona pretty well
portal is a good choice for her

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>fits her robot persona pretty well
She should wait for permissions and play Armoured Core instead.

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this is a joke but this honestly seems like a good idea

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Are you fucking dumb ? Miko is one of the holos with the most variety in games .

Most of her streams are clearly not Minecraft and GTA

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>Being on a discord server that prohibits the use of the word nigger.
Get a load of this faggot.

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ichimi only watch Marine.

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Marineschizo and orcschizo are fucking!!

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While Ayamefriend watches!

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at least she's playing really cool games like subnautica and portal.

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Flavour of the month shit*

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only 4 and a half more hours until more pirate kino

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>really cool games

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it's OP's signature

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So youre a newfag?

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Choco-sensei, ganbatte...

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I've been posting in /vt/ for years, you're the newfag here

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just shut up and watch your apex

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i would say this never gets old
but in a few years down the line people will say this seriously...

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Rinse and repeat then never learn our lesson.


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agreed she should play cruelty squad instead

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EN didn't stream for most of 2020 you troglodyte

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