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>harassed for over a year by chinks
>eventually "retires"
lmao at least niji only fires people for fucking up

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Not for long.

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This is now a pregnancy thread

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post nijis

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Nijiniggers deserve death

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People responding to this seriously because muh tribalism. Swallow a shotgun barrel.

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Get with the times old man the era of of holofags is gone (except Nene she can stay)

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anon i know this is bait
but there were niji threads back in jp as well
niji threads are older than this board...

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It's not just Niji you mong it's the Nijigroomers too
They're unironic cultural invaders and they should've been gatekept while we had the chance

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As a Nijisanji watcher I love Nene the best of the Hololive girls. For Holostars, it's got to be Shien. I love those retards.

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dramacord hands typed this

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This board would become a lot better if the Nijiniggers would go back to their discord groups.

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>at least niji only fires people for fucking up
i could probably disprove this if i gave enough of a fuck to follow Nijis

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The fuck is a nijigroomer

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Yeah, like they fired Roa for the grave crime of getting bullied by a schizo. How dare she get bullied.....YOU'RE FIRED!!!

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What kind of pedophile is into a pregnant girl?

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This does things to me.
Animalistic things

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This is now a Towa thread

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my heart´s a stereo~

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Jesus. Show me your armpit pregnant Ina.

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Let me guess
Your Nijisanji oshi is Noraneko?

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Thank you, Damascus

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I don't have an oshi but my favorite male is Fuwa and my favorite female is Himawari.

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Roa wasn't fired. She didn't even graduate, she's just inactive at the moment.

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based. NENE LOVE

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Lmao at this cope. Bootlicker tier.

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Based Damascus

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but its true tho? she never had an official graduation, is "cope" all you can say ?

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Based and retardpilled

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From this month.

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What kind of degenerates likes pregnant pics of animated characters? Why do people even draw them? I'm getting out of this thread before I see a pregnant version of my oshi here.

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I love them. Their minds far outpace ours. Best form of entertainment.

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>she never had an official graduation
I mean, that is even worse. They just told her to pack her bags and never show up again. Didn't even give her a proper send off. They can say they are Any Color but the only color they are is BLACK.

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If anything the fact that Roa hasn't been fired despite not streaming for months shows how lax Niji management is. Also Kataribe who debuted 2 years ago and has done nothing since then. Then in Hololive, you have cunt managers who isolate your talents from her peers and block them from doing the content they want to do.

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This is some really retarded shit. And to think it's posted with an image of coco. You should be ashamed.

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>Niji lets their streamers never stream
Nijiniggers keep saying this but it doesn't really mean anything. Nijisanji doesn't pay their talents so they don't give a shit if they don't stream.

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>They can say they are Any Color but the only color they are is BLACK.
I'll give you credit for writing a coherent sentence but I think you fellas are gonna need some new material after recent events

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Vshojofaggot you should kys

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No matter what Hololive does they will never be as black as Any Color for one simple fact. Any Color doesn't pay their talent. It's basically slave labor.

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Does nijisanji pay you to shill and shit on a girl who was bullied? Honest question indog.

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They'll be howling into their hats in two weeks' time, let them cope.

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NTA but everything they said is true

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Didn't read lol

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Then you're an even bigger retard.

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Explain how it’s retarded

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