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A thread for the discussion of Momosuzu Nenechi

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the truest idol in hololive

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for bros who don’t speak Japanese, this channel does great Nene translation videos.

and his Japanese to English translations are accurate and of excellent quality, unlike the many clippers and speed-subber channels that make lazy and innacurate subtitles and yet they are popular on youtube.

and other translators in the community who are serious about high-quality translations vouch for this guy.

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Maple Leaf is a good clipfag, he's NENE's quasi dedicated clipper and he's autistic enough for to write short stories about Nene in the description (I don't read them but some are funny)

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Nene KING!

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How do i reconcile that i want to protect and cuddle nene but also want to unendingly fill her womb with my sperm?

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That's the power of love

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She’s unbearably cute. I would berry my dick so far inside her ass who ever could pull it out would be crowned King Arthur.

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what's a matanene?

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またね(matane) means "see you later"
またねね (matanene) just has an extra ne on the end because nene

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Why would you fuck her ass and cause her pain?

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Because it turns me on and Nene as my wife has to pleasure me

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The only hololive member I respect and admire because every other girl got into the company by nepotism, unlike super Nenechi.

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don't spoon feed

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Maple Leaf's thumbnails are god tier

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Maple Leaf is one of the best. He isn’t ESL and understands grammar and punctuation.

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Husband in law solidarity

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It's cronyism retard. Noone in hololive that was hired is a literal nobody except for Subaru. All of them have experience streaming, content creation or being in the entertainment industry or all of the above. You might need to do some roommate reps. It's called scouting. And noone will be retarded enough to not offer Polka or Korone a job. They already had a cult following.

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This character looks strikingly similar to Nene

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I love my CEO!

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Hey, me too!!!

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Same. Especially when she holds me over her head

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What was Nenes middle name again?

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providing translations isnt a bad thing, and asking for translations isnt a bad thing either. it’s not spoonfeeding.

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Yes and I like his edits too. He really shines a light in s'ENEN dorkyness

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Nene is one of the most qualified to be in a actual idol role too. I don't why it took them five times to hire her,but it's good too tho. Nene belongs in the 5th

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why the hell do you come out being so damn insulting to anons all of a sudden? what kind of mental illness is that.
yes their roommates had followings before hololive, but if you did your roommate reps then you would also know that most of them were friends, worked together, or at least knew each other before. several holos got accepted without needing to audition simply because they were recommended or recruited by another holo that they were friends with. This is why they call hololive neopotismlive. I don’t think Nene had the benefit of neopotism when she joined.

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It's not fair bros I just want Nenechi in my life
I want Nenechi to have my children
I want to grow old with her
I want to be burried next to her
I want to wake up to that face every morning
it's not fucking fair

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>I want to wake up to that face every morning
this is technically possible

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Sure it's possible to put Nene's cute face on my tv and see her every morning, but I want the real deal in my bed

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>Nene raised beetles.
>Nene got stung/bit on the foot while searching for frogs recently.

Nene seems like the kinda girl who would genuinely like to go camping and that is insanely hot to me.

She's girly, yet adventurous. Lewd but not overtly crass. Dorky but still intelligent and innovative.

God, I like her soo much!

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Me too anon, me too

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She's literal perfection

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Nene is a CUTE tomboy!!

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I want to hold hands with Nene and cum inside her

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Bless artists that lewd nene but still manage to give her that bratty energy

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I really don't feel the "wife" energy from nene
She feels like that dumbass friend you'd laugh with and at

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>She feels like that dumbass friend you'd laugh with and at
those make the best wives

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>I really don't feel the "wife" energy from nene
You ain't watch enough of her
She's a perfect newlywed wife who trys her best and does a bit of dumb stuff sometimes

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She applied 4 times before getting accepted, but to clear she never said she was actually rejected. It's possible they were just taking some (long) time to parse through the applications and Nene just kept sending it in over and over.

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Exactly this. No, she doesn't have the life experience and maturity of a 40 year old mother, but that's not who she is.
She's energetic, earnest, has a lot of varied interests, has the ability to mega nerd out on stuff she loves (Nene pls I can't keep up with your Bleach fangirling), on top of being a talented entertainer and SUPER IDOL.

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You don’t really have a say in the matter.

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Did she ever give a timeframe too? What if she just spammed applications for gen 5.

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Nene wife?

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How about this for the github?
>After talking to Aqua during a NEGIU dance practice and giving her various fashion advice, Aqua now calls her "Fashion Banchou".
From this clip of Aqua:

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Nene friend :)

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It's been a while since I remember her talking about it, so I'm not sure.

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>just spammed applications for gen 5
That would be such a Nene thing to do and I wouldn't even be surprised if this was true

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my wife

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Subaru is sharing lore of our wife

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1:45:40 [eng] Yeah I also met nenechi
1:45:48 [eng] her lesson clothing is very fancy
1:45:57 [eng] I went there with like a jersey
1:46:04 [EN] Nene always wears fashionable clothes to practice
1:46:16 [eng] another amazing thing is her bangs doesnt move when she dances
1:46:42 [eng] the teacher's bangs dont move much either
1:46:47 [eng] so I asked people how they do that
1:47:25 [eng] I asked so many people nenechi went "Subaru is talking about bangs again!
1:47:27 [EN] Why do some people's bangs move, but others' don't?
1:47:38 [eng] but aqua's bangs dint move much either
1:47:47 [eng] Its only mine that was flailing around so much
1:50:03 [eng] and when aqua seems like shes out of breath me and nenechi would cheer for her
1:50:16 [EN] When Aqua is out of breath, Nene always encourages her
1:50:21 [eng] then when I compliment nenechi she starts joking around
1:50:28 [eng] and I would do the same it was a lot of fun
1:50:41 [eng] seriously she would start makign weird movements
1:50:45 [eng] and I would follow
1:50:49 [eng] aqua was very confused
1:50:57 [EN] Aqua gets confused sometimes

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Anyone else find it hard to believe someone like Nenechi can exist? She's so naive, dorky, cute, and positive, that it's almost surreal... I don't get it. And honestly I don't think it's that much of an act she puts on, yeah she plays it up a bit but I think for the most part that's the genuine Nene.

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Danger danger

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I kind of get what you mean, but for me it’s more like who or what even is Nene. Her current personality and behavior is so far gone from her debut and her theme was totally thrown out for generic idol girl, but it doesn’t really matter because she’s so positive and quirky. It’s hard to explain but it feels like she’s aimless but driven, and doesn’t have her niche in Hololive but fits in perfectly.

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All you guys do is spread rrats and believe clips. Again. It's not nepotism. It's called cronyism. None of them are relatives. It's not true that any of them were pushed in because of recommendations except for Korone. Mio has already explained that she actually hid the fact she knew Fubuki. She only mentioned it after she was hired. The whole Gamer story is supposed to be lore for the Gamer generation. The fact that you have to use to rrats to lift up Nene is insulting. Nene was already getting minor projects as her roommate as an artist. She was already versed in multi-media entertainment because she was working in one. Her Mama is not actually a surprise given that they have worked before already. She already has connections. She got 2 songs already because of the fact that she already knows who to talk to. Will you accuse her of "nepotism" as well? If you fucking want to compliment her then do it right and not bring anyone down.

>> No.5369683

I feel like at the beginning, she was trying to be something she wasn't, and gradually dropped that initial act (dropping the arus, etc) as it wasn't really working for her. And then when she got her new outfit, I think she just started to figure being her dorky self got the best reactions from her fans and hence is the way she is now. I could be totally wrong but that's how I see it

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They forgot to mention that one time that night Lamy and Suisei exited into Flare's library under her house. This was more dramatic and full of storylines than it should be.

>> No.5372463

a lot of girls have a similar arc and it’s kind of adorable to watch them become more comfortable and self-confident and eventually acting more like themselves rather than putting on a character. For some other girls it’s a small change like they eventually use their real voice in streams when they used to use a fake voice.

In fact, it sounds like Nene now uses a fake, more cutesy higher pitched voice than her normal one but now with her more genuine personality, and her voice from early on sounded more like her real voice but back then she put on a character personality that wasnt really herself.

I like that how she behaves now feels more like her genuine self because she’s so cute and funny.

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Anyone have any good Nene pics for an itashi?

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Nene's picture when featured by other chubas screams peak retard energy
Just look at it

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She’s just happy to be there.

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I love that series, and I love the fact that it's mostly traced from her Live2D (that smile is as real as it gets)

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I know Nene got a boost in viewers around the outfit change, but how many posters here are part of that wave? It just occurred to me that there are probably several people here that don't know she used to have the "-aru" verbal tic.
When did you start watching nenene and what got you hooked?
Bonus: post your oldest related Nene image
>pic related

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I followed her since her debut. Her CEO shticks when she plays that good job game is really funny

>> No.5377182

I watched her debut even though I wasn't into Vtubers at the time, because I am a fan of Nishizawa's work. I started watching her more often aroung December.

>> No.5377207

I only started watching Hololive last November, during which I did check out Nene solely because her lunch streams were at a good time. She didn't super hook me at first because when I tuned into her stream she said something to the effect of:
>I don't have one now, but I'll look for my niche/unique trait.
Didn't give a lot of confidence to stick around compared to others. But watching a bit I saw she managed to make her SC reading fun by responding to the English and Spanish SCs.
What hooked me was her karaoke streams, which then got me watching more of her other streams. Though I'll admit I really only started trying to catch every stream after her new outfit.

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I've been following all the gokisei girls from the start since they were the first generation I saw debut. I was more interested in Polka and Botan at first but after their collab with EN Nene grabbed more of my attention and I've liked everything I've seen of her since. Now she's probably the JP I watch the most followed by Botan and Okayu.

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Based on the replies it seems like I'm the oldest fag here...(I've been watching since 2nd Gen debuted)
And no I got into Nenechi since her debut
Her cute nervousness and her cute Lamy song won me over

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Debut. I made this picture. But nowadays I can't be bothered to watch archives so I only watch her on weekends.

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Preview of Nene's voice acting in the upcoming VN:

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deja vu

>> No.5378572

Sasuga my wife

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>> No.5378748

That's a lot of NEs

>> No.5379063

what does that mean?

>> No.5379075

Damn I can barely feel Nene in that. Looking forward to it.

>> No.5379092

Yeah, but the funny thing is the character from the game appeared earlier than Nene

>> No.5379277

can somebody translate?

>> No.5379691

i watched nene and lamy's debuts, but then i became out of touch with vtubers in september because of schoolshit and only recently started watching nene again in april

>> No.5380232

The character name she's voicing is Nenene Anemone

>> No.5380538

nenechi is the real deal

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25th June 8pm JST

>> No.5383394

and with good announcements from both Nene and Suisei! also it's like a day before VARK, but I'm glad that we get to see even more Nene in 3D

>> No.5383698

Her very first streams of Rhythm Heaven and Good Job were what got me interested in her

>> No.5384008

"It's just like lottery, right? So if I send 4 applications the chance that they will choose me will increase 4 times!" ~Nene, probably

>> No.5384235

I think it was that the advert said something like "if you don't hear back within 2 weeks, assume your application was unsuccessful", which is a common thing companies write on job adverts. So Nene just sent another application every 2 weeks.

>> No.5385184

That doesn't mean what you think it means, newfag

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But that's the best part.

>> No.5386089

Holy fuck yes, Nene's power level is the highest during 3d streams, looking forward to it

>> No.5386303

Damn, that's genuinely good
Except for that 'ara', lol, she still can't make it naturally.

>> No.5386647

>yandere game shtick
>yandere adult nene
Breh......Are you prepared??

>> No.5386773

Already took the day and plan to play the whole day, other than the NeneSui 3D of course.

>> No.5386824

I'll wait for the Switch version (why does it have to come out later than smartphone version...)

>> No.5388205

It’s a shame I’m as turned off by VNs as I am sports games.

>> No.5388328

I hope nenechi can do the yandere like Polka did

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I knew about Nene before the new outfit but only because of clips I saw with her and Polka.
I really only took the dive into Vtubers after HoloEN launched, but I did watch this clip of Nene almost religiously after I saw it for the first time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNXVAdNZU2Y
But now ever since her new outfit, she really shot through the ranks for me personally and I ended up even buying her merch. I'm really happy that she's getting more of an audience now.

>> No.5389117

Why do I feel that some of jpbros in Nene's chat are assholes towards other girls when Nene does collabs or trying to interact with her senpai? They actually ruined my mood during the whole Bleach collab stream.

I started watching her after clips of Nene's husband collection took over my feed. I enjoy her dorky stuff very much.

>> No.5389621

I only got into nene over the last 2 to 3 months. It wasn't due to the costume change but was just when I finally caught a clip of her and realized she was perfect.
I won't lie that the precious outfit did put me off but again, the change wasn't want prompted me to finally try.

>> No.5389854

A number of eops does the same as well. It's typical retard behavior to insult other holos to make their oshi look superior. Nene do not need any of that.

>> No.5389929

I started watching at her debut. She was the one that stood out to me most when gen 5 was announced, and it seems my intuitions served me well. She initially got me hooked with her ridiculous Twitter antics before her debut.

>> No.5391022


>> No.5391052

First saw Nene with her singing collab with Kiara.

>> No.5392302

which girl is Nene the hornest for? Lamy seems like a prime canditate, and Nene also talked about how she thinks AZKI is pretty hot and feels pervy things about her look, and then there’s Okayu who has every girl eating out of the palm of her hand.

>> No.5392667

>which girl is Nene the hornest for
But real talk most likely Lamy

>> No.5392820

It might be Ina. That sounded like the initial reason she wanted to wife her was her looks (before they interacted much). She talked about how her design hits all her buttons, she really likes the "featureless" flat body.

>> No.5392974

oh yeah Ina! I knew I was forgetting someone. how could i forget one of Nene’s two wives? and Nene’s into lolis isnt she? So Ina’s flat chest would appeal to Nene, and i can see Ina giving a loli vibe to Nene

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I fell down the rabbit hole with Botan noises from Trials around March, so the costume change didnt mean much to me. It didn't take very long to find the rest of her genmates and immediately fall in love with them. I think the first thing I actually saw was Nenenglish clips.

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>Nene willed an adult iCarly show into existence

>> No.5398151

Why Nene is so cute?

>> No.5398356

Total dumbass idiot with a big heart and a deep love for her fanbase and the people around her.

>> No.5398800

Is defolt.

>> No.5398864

What does Nene's farts smell like?

>> No.5399609

they are definitely floral

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