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She has a clean, pube-free cameltoe confirmed. How can your oshi even compete?

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Watame doesn't need to be clean or pube-free. I love her just the way she is.

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Nene does too

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By not graduating.

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>How can your oshi even compete?
By staying

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I'm glad this cute bitch dragon is my oshi. Just imagining that the area around her cunt is smooth squicky clean makes my hard throb. Oh good God I feel extremely blessed.

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pubebros how could we let this happen...

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Wooly pubes. Soft and fluffy, conditioned like her hair.

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why compete, cunny is cunny

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who's that?

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ogey rrat. that looks nothing like her and her tits are bigger than that

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but why

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anon you scare me, why do you have a saved pic from coco (or fake coco)

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Where is this from?

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coco is both much darker and much bustier than this particular whore

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She said it.

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Of course she doesn't wear pantsu. You don't want to hide that magnificently clean cameltoe from view. I bet she inspects and is proud at how smooth she is and shows it to Kanata.

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I like asian girls with bush.

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>no pubes
>no panties
I guess she sleeps around a lot. I wonder how that works since she's living with Susei and Kanata.

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Please don't compare Coco to some Korean BJ

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Kekw, if you guys don't know, this is Artia, this was taken from her alt account where she shows her real face. I'm Chinese

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She sleeps with Kanata only.

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You are fucking STUPID anon. Falling for Zhang nonsense makes you a faggot. You make me sick. Now KYS.

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>How can your oshi even compete?
By shaving? It's not that hard

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Disgusting American influence. Adult women are supposed to have pubic hair, simple as.

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My oshi has a nice feathery pussy which is how a true chad prefers.

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She's smooth anon

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Joke's on you I like hairy bushes

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Maybe in your rotten SEAnigger gutter lands where boiled dog nutsacks are cheaper than clean razors to shave your pubes with.

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your meds, now

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>pube free
DYRBI??? She must have got laser.

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somebody submit this to shitpost review, add an SSS "CONFIRMED SMOOTH" tier for Coco.

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I like the other chart more with the last tier being "Forest Moon of Endor" with Botan and Ina in it

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t. American pedo who cant appreciate female body unless it looks like a child's. Now I get why your folk get so riled up about lolis. A country of insecure pedos

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Nene would be a whore if she knew how to do it.

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Mel's roomate showed hers and she isn't smooth

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gouda is confirmed hair free everywhere my man

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lol cute

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I want to eat Botan's hairy lionhag pussy like it's my last meal!

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shaved pussy = slut
It's the universal rule

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bush > no bush
this is objective fact

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Gura is too much of a slob to bother with keeping herself tidy

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anon this is borderline doxing and you DEFINITELY shouldn't tell me more.

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no one likes tall women in japan anon.

there is a reason she lies about her height and says 152cm in her other account.

*which is completely impossible consider the times when shes with others, shes like 3 heads taller than mio that time she was on the talk show.

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Why Japan is so gay ?

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there is a reason why the population is declining and the epidemic of herbivore males

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America in a nutshell

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where are the streams where they confirmed smooth for calli and kiara?

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Nip men are almost women. They don't know how to use their masculinity subtly, and they're famously passive aggressive, so when they do try to use their manness, they wield it like a wrecking ball. The height plays into the domination factor, the fact that girls are taller, immediately is an 'oh, I can't easily dominate this chick and don't know how otherwise'.

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reminder that the age of consent is average 14 in europe.

and this doesn't include romeo - juliet laws.
so you could literally date 12 year olds if you are 15 etc.
and 14 year olds if you are 40

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i have the opposite problem, i want a girl taller than me, but im too tall and can't find anyone my height or taller

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Kiara was literally discussing on holotalk today how she had permanent body hair removal.

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Eh by the numbers you're gonna have a tough time with that one. But they're out there.

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people can start growing pubes as early as 8. and some people are vastly less hairy than others or far more.
you're argument is retarded, a child can have far more pubes than an adult, its literally just genetics.

For example i had a whole bush when i was like 11 but i know some people who are almost 20 and barely have a stubble

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what about calli? why is she up there as well as confirmed, i know nene says it constantly

>> No.5338265

Funny that you think any Japanese girls are smooth

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I'd rather have a musky huge bush.

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Were you guys not around when she did hair removal streams?

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All the actual fans left lonG ago, only newfag Iedditers, larping zhangs, and dramafags exist.

People already starting to give coco the aloe treatment

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Kanata is one lucky gal

>> No.5340322

do you really believe that?

>> No.5340367

How is this surprising given how often she used to do laser hair removal streams where she'd zap herself down there?

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>all orange women are utterly clean
Truly they are best girls

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God I wish she would sit on my face so I could feel her huge soft bush on my skin and sniff the sweaty scent, would probably cum from that alone

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like this

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I don't care if she has a bush as long as she shaves her armpits and legs. European women are fucking disgusting.

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How does the logic that a taller woman is automatically stronger than a man pervasively scare Nip men

>> No.5340669

Prove it with pics.

>> No.5340681

For the same reason they want those fake squeaky high pitched 10 year old voices, anonchama.

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I want that thick lion pussy so bad

>> No.5341894

By not shaving. A good healthy bush is the thinking man's choice.

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Hags are the best

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She doesn't lie she really is 5'2 and weights 49kg

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My oshi won't have ingrown hairs.

>> No.5345378

She said in members she's smoothe below her eyebrows

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what are love hotels anon

>> No.5350245

My oshi can't compete with herself silly anonchama.

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This is the funniest reply I've seen all day imagine the look on someone's face if you said that to them in person

>> No.5352856

Choco gets hers waxed and Miko said she had hers lasered off.

>> No.5353059

Choco confirmed she gets waxed. I've heard claims that Miko said she's smooth too but I've yet to see it myself.
Choco should be SSS tier and someone here should link to proof of miko confirming it.

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Watame is literally a retired gal pornstar.

>> No.5353442

I only saw the witchdoctor, sauce?
I know C*n**n is a thing, which is great.

>> No.5353525

What does that even mean?

>> No.5353553

All lies, with 0 proof.

>> No.5353565

I don't remember her name but the voice is literally the same. In bed and I can't bother turning my pc on

>> No.5353604

Are you autistic? It means she removes all the hair growth below her eyebrows. Which means she has a smooth pussy too.

>> No.5353634

>She's a whore, dude trust me LMAO
>source: my ass

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>ywn feel kanatas smooth cheek skin glide on your perfectly hairless cameltoe

>> No.5354059

If any doubts
Just trust your Ass
101 how to surf the Internet

>> No.5356832

>shes like 3 heads taller than mio that time she was on the talk show.
Du yu rele belev et?

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Basically, they are all pedophiles.

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>Mori's thick, hairy upper arms

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I'm going to miss this bitch so much.

>> No.5374704

This thread has opened my eyes on just how new /vt/ is

>> No.5374727

So wait, she legit shaved her clam on stream?

>> No.5374909

God I want to pound Polka's fat hairy cunt

>> No.5375009

easy, my oshi will still exist after june is over (hopefully)

>> No.5375168

Think she'd do anal?

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god, imagine

>> No.5375430

I bet you think you can get pegged or suck dick in a manly way just because of your mentality or some shit like that
Imagine being so cucked that you think that manliness and security in yourself are synonyms

>> No.5375458

IIRC didn't Pekora say she was smooth in an older stream?

>> No.5375543

Don't argue with feminists anon, they're happy to define their self-worth by how socially acceptable their lack of power is
They're too passive to take control of anything IRL anyway so they can't do anything but get angry on twitter

>> No.5375700

you can literally search for it on youtube, newfaggotchama

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Since she western, most likely used up bag but ogey

>> No.5380614

Moona did as well, though it was members only

>> No.5380636

Probably only fingers while doing it doggy

>> No.5380641

My oshi doesn't bathe for days.

>> No.5380652

Woah dude are you from the 2005 internet?

>> No.5380665

She talks about putting things in her ass more than every other girl in hololive combined, there's no way she's not into it.

>> No.5380716

>How can your oshi even compete?
She doesn't need to. I'd only touch the reddit dragon if my oshi asked to involve Coco in a threesome.

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you know it

>> No.5388534

they would think you are literally insane

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Shouldn't Roboco be confirmed SSSmooth, being a robot?

>> No.5388716

>Subaru under stubble
Something about Subaru makes me find it hard to believe she bothers shaving it at all. She just doesn't seem like the type to care.

>> No.5388779

>Gura under smooth
Hell no. Gura can't even be bothered to wash dishes or fix a proper meal half the time. She's a weirdo shut in neet. That shit is thick.

>> No.5388841

weak shit
>welcome to the jungle
now we are talking

>> No.5388953

No because SSSmooth tier are holos that have outright stated they have hairless pussies.
The chart should be changed to include Choco in that tier because she has stated that she has her pubes waves in a salon.

>> No.5389027

> permanent hair removal
wow, what a world we live in.

>> No.5389041

So if you laser your pubes they eventually won't grow back?

>> No.5389077

If you remove/destroy the root, the hair won't grow back there. So if you laser all of the roots, there's no hair left to grow back in.

>> No.5389095

holos that remove their pubes either temporarily or permantently are the most likely to be having regular sex. You don't shave down there unless you have to i.e. a man will see it.

>> No.5389165

>Doesn't wash her clothes unless undies

Ya no why she's at least stubble or below.

>> No.5389168

Depending on how much you laser it. If you laser it slightly, the hair will grow back but slower, but if it's fully lasered the follicles will be destroyed and new hairs can't grow.

>> No.5389226

What are some artists that draw chuubas with thick bushes?

>> No.5389235

Common sense, I mean the only reason men trim more then what's needed is usually for sex to.

>> No.5389278

Or they just like it that way? I shave my pubes and I've not had sex in years. I just like how it feels/looks shaved. This is such a virgin take.

>> No.5389360

...or you just don't want the hair.
Skin feels differently, less warmth, less smell. It's comfortable without it.
I regularly shave my balls and armpits just for the sake of comfort.

>> No.5389418

What this anon said, some girls like the brappmaster just like being smooth its a personal preference thing.
Guys that I knew swam olympic were completely hair free because it made wearing suits easier and less drag.

>> No.5389460

athletes also have regular sex, the olympic village orgies are not a meme.

>> No.5389509

Tried shaving earlier this year, can't say it was all that great. Though I will admit after the hair had grown back maybe half the original length, it was a lot nicer.

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This anon is clearly a virgin. What an embarrassing thing to say.

>> No.5389592

unless you're in the 25% of athletes that believe sex diminishes athletic performance

>> No.5389615

It is a meme until videos show up on /gif/

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Kanata is so lucky

>> No.5389770

She's ready for OnlyFans, Cocofag will definitely chase her. Doing it to kson rn

>> No.5389816

you guys keep trying to summon the kiara roommate sadposting but it's not gonna work.

>> No.5389986


>> No.5390030

Damn, that's hot. I would chew on that pubes

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smooth haired pubes are fucking disgusting and i hope every hololive shaves their alien looking carpet. however i hope every holoen has a forest that runs up to their asshole

>> No.5391502

So she has no eyelashes?

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>> No.5391965

Imagine how sweaty and smelly a really thick bush would get after a hot day or an intense workout, fuck...

>> No.5395788

What about their armpits though?

>> No.5399810

Ame shave, this is confirmed

>> No.5411075

When did you get into hololive?

>> No.5411289


>> No.5413501

Matsuri is confirmed paipan, she said so herself during coco's 1M celebration stream.

>> No.5413660

Link and timestamp.

>> No.5414211


>> No.5414942

More holos to add to the non-pure and with boyfriends list

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Regardless of whether they have pubic hair, I'm sure none of them hair on their butts

>> No.5421350

Coco does

>> No.5421623

when did nene said she's smooth?

as expected, ever since that rrat of her touching herself in an asmr stream

Damn, what I'd do to see my holo's roommate nude, or even just some panty shots. I'd cum to it.

>> No.5422335

>when did Nene say she's smooth?
This is a recent clip, I think there were some others where she talks about it but this is the newest one.

>> No.5427052

Lmao. Serious question, can her lasers reach her asshole?

>> No.5427781


>> No.5428845

medicated posters will refute this.

>> No.5430496

I feel the tall problem. Miyuki (lucky star) is my ideal woman and half of that is because she's only a foot shorter than me.

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She's also fucking RETIRED now anon, deal with it.

>> No.5437159

I'm sure Botan has to have hair on her asshole if her bush is the entire jungle

>> No.5437583

Anyone have seen roommate's yabainess? Like canan or kson's booba or panty shots?

>> No.5437702


Holy based

>> No.5437729


> Touching smooth surface makes finger feel good

> Touching rough surface makes finger feel itchy

Must be a pedo

>> No.5438048

>Implying she wasnt the one with the star pattern in her story

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