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Tonight I dine on Turtle Soup edition

Koopa on Vacation
Koopa collab yesterday's stream >>5348924
Troopas still angry, fear of Nyanners 2.0 among minglers.

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What's the point of making threads right now when schizos are still running rampant and there's no stream discussion to drown them out with?

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new schedule soon, until then no point in discussing here

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who do you think made the thread

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This image makes me want to brush Koopa's teeth

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Horny green nerd collab ikz

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>3/4 streams are solo streams
>2 are Zatsu/games
Most schizo post I've seen in these threads lately

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You would seethe no matter what was on the schedule, lets be honest. Well except maybe naked dogeza

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T'was just an experimental post anon, if it really upset you so much just don't reply to me again.

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>just don't reply to me again.

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CBT is gigakino and will bring Koopa great success in the future

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The next step is almost upon us

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>1 collab and no cbt
i'm replying to your post

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I think the 3d model is coming soon, but this week is the tactical turtle mom.

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Unity love!

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I gotta lol

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More art. We must disarm the schizos with art.

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now why would you write WHORE over the schedule like that barely visible, at least put that shit in bright red.

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Koopa sure has a lot of outfits

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What the hell are other vtubers even doing with their earnings? Why hasn't Eira improved her model with a new 3D one or L2D? Carmine and Koopa are the only ones that actually reinvest out of /here/ chuubas.

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actually made me chuckle, thanks anon

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schizos? them fucking is beyond speculation at this point
if you're okay with being cucked, you can just say so

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Eira improved her model in small increments so it's not quite as noticeable as one big upgrade. It's definitely way better than it was initially.

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Alright, troopas taking over this thread, time to KOOPA LOVE and get hyped for the streams, what are you bros looking forward to the most i personally can't wait for the watchalong, those are always peak comfy

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Deus ex streams have all been pretty kino so far

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Look guys. You might not be seeing the whole picture. Have a bit of sympathy for what could be going on behind the scenes. Now this could be a rat, but I believe it's possible that koopa and spacer are being manipulated by coercion and blackmail. Some people and organizations like to play with people's lives and treat them like they were sims characters whose life can be controlled. If koopa keeps saying her life is in her control and you can't force her to live like she was your sim could imply that somebody out there or somebody's out there made her think her life was their play thing and she's trying to gain back her control. With fame can come the attention of scary people with scary wishes to influence scary things. Perhaps some boss gangster wanted to see his two favorite vtubers play house? Have you ever wondered where these two broke dumb vtubers came up with the funds to meet up out of nowhere? Ever wondered why things seem out of characters? This could be a rrat but all I'm saying is have a open mind and some empathy for these two characters for what they could be facing behind the scenes.

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What the fuck, are you good bro? You forgot your meds or some shit?

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>Don't use Twitter
>Threads have been such a shitshow lately that I wasn't even aware this was a thing
It's looking good, excited for tomorrow now

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it's the latest thread copypasta, seen it like 4 times now

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Ohhh, i was away from threads cause my PC was fucking dying

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Wow koopa's over spacer already? That fast?

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hello Harvest Elf

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Hell yeah! I'm ready for the next PR disaster that is Koopa!

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She'll be known as the CEO of bad PR by the end of the month.

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>Koopa made 3 tweets in a row linking her accounts
Uh you ok Koopa?

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She's truly lost it this time...

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So she has sex with a fan while married to her husband? Dropped

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This is TROO FAR Koopa, TROO FAR.

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>So she has sex with a fan while married to her husband?
Rrat?? That would make her as bad as froot though.

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Don't reply

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the ponytail looks kinda weird desu

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>the curse of the patches

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When's RFA again Koopa lel

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just stopping by to say you have to actually be in a real relationship with someone to get cucked by them

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It's hot

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He's got a good shot. She's single and over 50.

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>She's single
Anon, I.....

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I will laugh if Spacer grows tired of Koopa.

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So is she still in Cali? I thought she was returning home this week.

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It's not the same bros.. I want to go back

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Explain me this Troopakeks: If this bitch has turned her back on her /vt/ audience because she's a strong and independent womyn, and its now aiming for a new crowd, why should she have a place for discussion on the "horrible place in which no chuuba should be associated with" that it is this website and this board in particular?

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Vergil... don't look... then again Yozora did steal him from her

>> No.5402023

Did she? Most shitheads (pink cat) at least wait until they're moderately successful before throwing their old audience under the bus.

>> No.5402119

Same reason Nyanners has threads.

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Koopa hate!

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luv me Koopa

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I gotta say, Spacer's cum mixed with Koopa's pussy juice has quite the exquisite taste

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muh dick

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no pasty neet is strong enough nor rich enough to be fucking that woman 24/7 and afford enough kids to ever make her happy

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Cucking is having something you treasure stolen by another person.
So yes troopakeks all got keked by the BCC (big chuuba cock)

>> No.5403024

you think people know what cucking is?
anthony birch ruined this website
ruined it by being a retard

>> No.5403029

Nah, she just autistically said akin to
>I don't do GFE don't watch me if you only want GFE
then posts teasers of her skintight suit and calls herself mommy

>> No.5403042

Does the mouth tracking seem better or is it just me?

>> No.5403384

Gotten good at sucking cock and the tracking picks up on that.

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There's a reason of why the term "western whore" exists, troopakeks
I will stick to my superior JP chuubas, while you can continue to listen to Koopa's post-sex audios

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If Koopa really becomes the next nyanners I'll be happy for her because nyanners is one of the most successful vtubers on this platform

>> No.5404290

>my superior JP chuubas
Paying for Rushia's dates...

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literal cuckold mentality

>> No.5405541

can one of you fucks explain what happened why you're all mad at the green hag now

>t. /hlgg/

>> No.5405675

What if Koppa was a Getter?

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We have a schizo arc every month, don't worry about it

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>Koopa says she's taking vacation with family to Cali
>Spacer confirmed to live in Cali
>Koopa makes voicepost tweet featuring Spacer, which can only be recorded live and not edited, making the only two possibilities that Spacer was there in person, or that he was feeding his voice through her speakers
>said tweet had them sounding very husky and sensual
>this causes a small uproar between Troopas who seethe at being NTR'd, Troopas who are happy for Koopa but uncomfortable with relationshit being brought into public light, and Troopas who don't give a shit
>things begin to settle down after a good bit of discussion, with general (though by all means not total) agreement that Koopa can fuck whom she wants, but everyone would be way more comfortable with her maintaining kayfabe and separation of chuuba and RL
>Koopa now chimes in with a rambling corporate-sounding post talking about her content growing and Troopas needing to grow with her, insulting "schizos and goslings," and with a very unfortunate typo accidentally calling the "experience" an "experiment"
>seething now grows beyond control, with Troopas feeling extremely betrayed
>this continues for 16 hours as Koopa goes radio silent
>Koopa then posts a schizo-tier manifesto Pastebin that does very little to set anyone at ease
>like two hours later, the Yokomeshi announcement comes out

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She's not my girlfriend nor will she ever be, I just want /our girl/ to be happy

>> No.5406147

Okay to clarify, who is Spacer? I don't care if consenting adults fuck but if he's a Koopa fan who managed to seduce her then that could make things awkward for her fans.

>> No.5406188

Some PNGtuber whose only notable point is he was raided by a Vshojo

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>he lacks the relevant information

>> No.5406314

Somewhat famous male indie vtuber who is a fan of Koopa

>> No.5406351

What's the point of making these threads? She betrayed us and deserves zero fans.

>> No.5406463

>Somewhat famous
By the metrics of /here/ male vtubers yes, but otherwise no.

>She betrayed us
If you mean betrayed our expectations are hat she's not retarded yes, otherwise she's still going to be streaming.

>> No.5406498

so he's like Connor except actually gets what he wants? sounds based

>> No.5406505

But I like Koopa

>> No.5406657

Koopa Hate!
Tonight we dine on turtle soup!

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If we don't treat her better she will definitely leave us.

>> No.5407057

>Somewhat famous
Are you high

>> No.5407287

Oh fuck off you seething would-be groomer.

>> No.5407541

If it's what she'd prefer, isn't that better for everyone? I like Koopa enough to not want her to keep doing something she dislikes.

>> No.5407578

Women don't know what they want

>> No.5408618

She doesn't know what she wants, and she already blew it with making her post addressing it sound like a politician trying to dance around the issue like they got caught cheating on their husband 7 times. What a southerner bitch.

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dramaschizos out

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Koopa hasn't been streaming as often because she's on vacation, schizos are running rampant in the meantime. That's about it.

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Are you cunts just freaking out because she's going to stream with male streamers now and that makes you feel threatened? Is that it?

>> No.5409685

>Are you cunts just freaking out because she's going to stream with male streamers now
Her first like, 3 collabs were with male tubers. Any of the like, 3 idolfags who watched her were run off by then. Now it's that Koopa is acting almost as schizo as her schizos by not really having any idea where she's going.

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>She betrayed us

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>> No.5410259

>she's going to stream with male streamers
if only that was the reason.
Instead Troopas got legit NTR'd by her

>> No.5410599 [DELETED] 

I honestly couldn't care less about collab gender, or what someone does in their personal life. I liked CBT and basically every stream Kongou was on, for example. For me, it's much more about the contents of the two corpo-posts.

>> No.5411310

Koops... don't cry...

>> No.5411769

Why are you such a PR disaster Koopa? What the fuck? Why did you make a blanket post that sounded like a politician? What the fuck?

>> No.5412640

You were never a couple nigga.

>> No.5413499

Whatever your feelings were over the past few weeks, I think it'd be good to at least make a sincere attempt to watch/enjoy tomorrow's stream. Maybe things have changed (Koopa herself might even come out and say as much), but at least give it a shot.

>> No.5413532

>outing yourself as an ironic weeb
Go look it up what NTR means first ya dum dum

>> No.5414103

Perfect Blue tier deluded schizogroomers

discord falseflaggers


>> No.5414703

>everything I don't like is from discord
Oh you're >>5406810 aren't you? That explains everything

>> No.5414821

We were w couple of pals

>> No.5415101

Koopa is bad and she should feel bad

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I'd like to point out that (You) are the reason why we can't have nice things. That whenever someone or something nice happens to us, and (You) collectively shit your pants with rage the moment the slightest misstep (real or imagined) happens.

I hope Koopa sticks around, because we sure as hell don't deserve it.

>> No.5415604

There is pretty clearly at least a small contingent of people who like shitstirring for shit's stake, and I think those people should be ignored. But Koopa also did herself zero favors with how she worded the posts, and handed them all the ammo they could ever use.

>> No.5415728

I hope Koopa finally dumps these cucks and pursue's her true passions as a porn star

>> No.5416018

These threads will never be the same comfy experience. Koopa should make a discord so the good part of her fandom have a place to hang out and the schizos can rot here and spin rrats.

>> No.5416174

>make a discord
Like that'll go over well.
Where will her career go when the mods she puts in place get found for grooming and preying on others while koopa is trying to keep all that down? It's a disaster waiting to happen

>> No.5416279

>Koopa should make a discord so the good part of her fandom have a place to hang out and the schizos can rot here and spin rrats.
I can't see how that would make this anything but worse.

>> No.5416510

Koopa should make a chatango

>> No.5416551

Koopa should make an AR-15 desu

>> No.5416708

Because it's not intended too. It's a stepping stone to further drama by building off >>5414703, playing sides against each other.

>> No.5416744

what other things should Koopa make

>> No.5416875

My children, pornography, etc.

>> No.5417252

collab sex stream
troopakeks we need this

>> No.5417287

Koopa should making sex to me

>> No.5417702

Koopa just should not have even ALLUDED to the idea of her and spacer maybe being a thing AND cultivate the audience she never wanted. You cant have your cake and eat it too.

>> No.5417796

She didn't. People are just pulling shit out of thin air and running wild.

>> No.5417905

She did my dude, its like you dont know what happened. Even it isnt true her handling of the situation was "how to fuck up your PR 101."

>> No.5418197

This is so oddly phrased I can't even tell what you're trying to say

>> No.5418840

I think shutting down the legitimate stalkers was a good idea. What someone does in their personal lives should be personal. I just don't understand the rest of it.

>> No.5418897

If only you knew how many there were. There's a reason for everything.

>> No.5419021

i don't know why i assumed that indie chuubas would be relatively schizo free

>> No.5419094

>Is a fan of vtubers before becoming one
>Knows what kind of attention it brings
>Freaks out when she gets it
What was she expecting?

>> No.5419131

If she had said something like "sorry guys, this is getting uncomfortable because a lot of people have started taking it too seriously and are getting out of hand" we would be having a completely different discussion right now.

>> No.5419178

That she went on fucking one of her fans wasn't the big kicker that made this take off. It was how she worded everything. Disingenuous, guarded, and reserved.

>> No.5420018

Oh so Koopa left for like 3 weeks to go and get fucked or something? Thats fun. I wonder how her "disabilities" kept her from doing that

>> No.5420096

Like a week, and dropped the ball as far as her PR goes.

>> No.5420442

So after reading through all this, is it possible Koopa's husband is a cuckold and enjoys her being with other men? Maybe they'll film their romp and let him watch it?

>> No.5420845

You think these desperate fucks will give up that easy?

>> No.5421031
File: 72 KB, 247x248, 1622054021076.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was under the impression she was single and (barely)under 30. Is she/was she married? Are we rratposting?

>> No.5421071

I think I still love Koopa?! I dunno anymore Troopa's tell me how to feel I'm so confused. I hate drama so fucking much

>> No.5421121

Maybe, maybe not, but the way she did handle it ended up alienating way more people than the actual problems.

>> No.5421184

Don't decide anything right now, it's just drama. Wait for Monday's stream. While watching her again, you will be able to decide for yourself how you feel.

>> No.5421187

Come on guys be honest. Can you really blame the guy? Who wouldn't want to get some of that thick southern ass

>> No.5421242

I think i'll do that, no need to rush things. Thanks Troopa

>> No.5421306

Probably a safe drop. This isn't a good indicator going forward. Shit PR or not this was a disaster and it's not really getting better. If you feel really attached then I recommend for you to either not have her as your oshi and watch other chuubas or just distance yourself a bit.

>> No.5421382

watch the streams, as along as the streams are good, why do you even need a thread.

>> No.5421399

I've been avoiding these threads ever since they were made from because of the discord drama. When I notice that Koopa had somehow made another drama, I just had to know. Reading the pastebin she graciously made, I don't know how you Troopas can still be here and support her. She basically cucked and lied to your face twice now. Fucking twice. You are all just her experiments. She feels so much different now compared to the time when we were all on /trash/.

>> No.5421417

can you rename this to the c u c k general, thanks

>> No.5421565

I'm guessing she's hoping this will blow over in time and just ignoring it

>> No.5421603

I have a feeling some sperg will post something about it in chat and she will comment on it. It is Koopa we are talking about

>> No.5421782

I have a feeling that "irony" is going to become a reoccuring joke in the chat any time she does something like show off a new outfit.

>> No.5421847
File: 3 KB, 355x53, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's over Koopa is done for...

>> No.5421848

>You) collectively shit your pants with rage the moment the slightest misstep (real or imagined) happens
You know I'm always ready to forgive and continue to support a chuuba for many things that she may have done. That's not the case when she reveals herself to be a sjw, a whore and a liar; and Koopa has just checked all of those boxes. I'm not saying that I wouldn't forgive her if she apologized, but I would for sure stop supporting her as I'm not a fool to support a whore who thinks its fine to sleep around. I just can't stand promiscuous women
>I hope Koopa sticks around, because we sure as hell don't deserve it.
She and her diehard keks have all made clear that they don't like this place and the people here, that this place is a cesspool in which no chuuba should be associated with, and to that I say fuck you, this place is what launched her to prominence, at least around these parts.
Is not that we don't deserve her, its she that don't deserve us. I hope that you and all her other keks would all just fuck off to reddit and discord

>> No.5422074

>I was avoiding threads
>Knows the misspelling
Okay, schizo

>> No.5422088

feels bad when an anon decides to throw their audience away the moment they get a whiff of fame doesn't it? I'm sure green nyanners will be happy

>> No.5422117

jokes aside I think this is very likely for most men she'll find herself with given the tendancies she's displayed

>> No.5422163
File: 471 KB, 694x772, 1622988404069.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh nooooo a woman had sex with a man I MUST HARASS HER UNTIL SHE FIXES THIS

>> No.5422199

Yeah grow back your hymen Koopa you WHORE

>> No.5422225

>Is not that we don't deserve her, its she that don't deserve us

>> No.5422261


>> No.5422287

you can't convince me that this and previous threads are some coordinated ops/raids

>> No.5422316

Anon meds, Koopa has like 100 viewers no one cares that much I hope

>> No.5422340

What about her anal hymen

>> No.5422381

I mean I did archive reps. Of course I know.

>> No.5422436

It blows my mind that anyone gives a shit about the relationship aspect. That has nothing to do with anything, and is so trivial it makes me think it's an intentional false flag. Nobody is that crazy.

>> No.5422599

Didn't she go to cali for some medical shit, doesnt she have cancer

>> No.5422611


>> No.5422673

see >>5405845

>> No.5422696

is this real?

>> No.5422730

This is a good question, do we know if she actually suffers from heavy medical issues, or have we been baited all along? I really don't know what to believe anymore man

>> No.5422935

Anon is not that hard to understand, no man wants to know that the woman that he likes, either romantically or not, is having sex with another man. It makes you feel like a third wheel and a kek. In fact it's even worse with Koopa since she made that audio, which I'm sure it has traumatized some long time Troopas with the sheer NTR element it had

>> No.5422977

I'm so glad I just found out about this shit and missed that audio

>> No.5423010

She'll grow it back when you lose your virginity. So never.

>> No.5423032

Bend over Troopa, we have a virginity to restore

>> No.5423048

>Disabled person goes on vacation
You realize airports have disability assistance? She probably gets taken to the gate in a wheelchair.

>> No.5423093

Jesus Christ you're a gigantic faggot.

>> No.5423106

Anon that's not my point, It's more of she lies about other shit and there's been many cases of people lying about illnesses or disabilities for pity points ala this gem https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_N5gixJ2X8M

>> No.5423155

I was just making a big titty maid outfit ironically.

>> No.5423206

Now this is schizoing

>> No.5423264

Okay, schizo.

>> No.5423292

There's also the recent twitter thing about this kid named Azzynemu who faked having cancer, being raped, etc. and people sent him 19k in response. So it's always probable that anyone can fake it.

>> No.5423331

She pops her arms out of her sockets, she damages her wrists, she bitched about the airport stuff too didn't she? It'd be a lot of work to fake that and then know so much about a genetic tissue disease. You're literally just a schizo looking for irrelevant shit to tag on.

>> No.5423353
File: 258 KB, 417x388, 1624063246308.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So many falseflaggers. I hope all goes well on tomorrow's stream.


>> No.5423365

Never got it. I just quietly unfollowed and all that. Never ever understood why they'd need to make it a massive fuss and begin trying to fuck them over. Just move on. Be disappointed, be hurt, whatever. Just don't hound them until the sun blows up over it.

>> No.5423535


>> No.5423552

She can walk you know. Her condition means her body is weak, not that she's quadriplegic.

>> No.5423567

I believe Koopa will be able to stop being a fuck up.

>> No.5423597
File: 785 KB, 750x750, TrooKkangpae-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

이 실에서 나오는 개자식들

>> No.5423646

My point is how do you know if any of that happened, or she's using that shit for pitty points. Yes it would be a lot of work but some fucking weirdos actually DO that and Koopa fits that weirdness to a T

>> No.5423725

Nintendo DMCA when?

>> No.5423744

Koopa wouldn't be Koopa without the scuff.

>> No.5423748

the only thing that's true for sure is the threads are fucking garbage now.

>> No.5423790

well, only one way to not have garbage threads now that koopa is doomed to be shitposted on sight

>> No.5423798

>cultivates a fanbase from a place filled with the mentally ill who can't fit in anywhere else
>surprised when it backfires immensely
lmao another one to the list

>> No.5423806
File: 191 KB, 1280x1252, 1566271396824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why are you still here troopas, just to suffer? Its over, things will never be the same. Best to look elsewhere since Koopa made it clear this place was just a launching pad.

>> No.5423831

Dumb sluts need to be reminded of their place

>> No.5423837

I'm watching fesh pince of blair , what about you guys

>> No.5423893

The collab is a watchalong https://twitter.com/TerumiKoizumi/status/1406824673673760772

>> No.5424000

If any of you unironically believe these rrats you need to be moved to an asylum and be force fed meds.

Koopa isn't even an "idoru" streamer what's with the schizoposting?

>> No.5424079
File: 82 KB, 344x340, Mad Kwappi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holy shit this thread... i posted pic related on /hlgg/ and then got a lot of fucking (You)s
i lurked and now I'm confused... this place is filled with schizos

>> No.5424083 [SPOILER] 
File: 59 KB, 1280x720, 1624249936137.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Rewatching the Sopranos, Koopa never had the makings of a Vtuber.

>> No.5424112

You new? Everyone here is autistic Anon. Better get used to it

>> No.5424123

It all started because of one twitter video and that all

>> No.5424139

Its not about the rrats or even the fact that she fucks. Its the fact that this dumb cunt can't keep her fucking mouth shut. Had Koopa just used some braincells this whole shitfest could've been avoided.

>> No.5424189

not new... in fact i was in /jp/ and supported Koopa before she even get a chubba avatar
i just... i was convinced that the schizo posting was only for corporate chubbas, ergo, only schizo posting in HoloLive / Niji well there are exceptions like that commie
is still up? i didn't find it... just the pastebin

>> No.5424228

I like Koopa

>> No.5424319

jwu this morning.

>> No.5424354

The post is still up

>> No.5424369

The first sign of a yab vtuber is one that let's herself get groomed. She got groomed so hard her womb got coated by your fellow troopa while you stood by and watched lole. I warned you poopas

>> No.5424372

If she wasn't, she is now, after what spacer did to her

>> No.5424374

Fair, I also hoped that was the case but apparently not

>> No.5424420

that and a typo that people sperged out over

>> No.5424441

A-anon? Your shitposting reps...

>> No.5424638
File: 151 KB, 300x300, 1595070053893.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No. Not my Koopa

>> No.5424757

Got myself a gun.

>> No.5424829

>i don't know why i assumed that indie chuubas would be relatively schizo free
anon, its often significantly more schizo
I suppose the only difference is that when company chuubas get into dramashit its more likely to result in actual life ruining shit since theyve got all their cards on vtubing while an indie's life wont get fucked by the same kind of drama

>> No.5425209


>> No.5425235

Sorry to hear about what happened Troopas. Good luck to all of you who are off to new places, in search of a new oshi. Or perhaps a new hobby all together. Good luck to all of you Troopas who are sticking around as well. I hope that you have fun, and that your loyalty is rewarded by your Oshi.
I wish you all happiness.

>> No.5425327

Love you too, Koopa.

>> No.5425491


>> No.5425796

What's up, my fellow Troopakeks?
How are we doing today?

>> No.5425803

koopa should play Saya no Uta to get an idea of just how much disgust and despise I hold for her and her PR disaster retard ass.
You brought this on yourself and you had multitudes of ways to go about this. Why turn around and act like nyanners 2.0? You brought this on yourself? Tonight we dine on turtle soup.
Fuck you

>> No.5425822

Basically this. Why do think all the remainding turtlecucks are talking about making their own Discord and leaving here? They were never part of /vt/ in the first place.

>> No.5425823

Feeling cucked, you?

>> No.5425857


>> No.5425882

ready to end it all
never watching a westener again, the fucking holobronies were right

>> No.5425994

I was already incredibly depressed, decided to check out a Koopa thread since I hadn't in a while since she's been gone and all, only to find something that made me sadder. :(

>> No.5426036

Damn, imagine if /hlgg/ never paid attention to a L O N D O N vocaroo about the Nigger of Nippon. Or if that one anon just never brought up his dream about a sixth rejected HoloEN. None of this would ever happen.

>> No.5426333

We definitely have falseflagger schizos here, she never disowned us all wtf, that's a fucking lie, some of you autists fell for the husband thing she doesn't have one and troopas didn't talk about leaving this place aside from lile a post or two so it wasn't even considered, they are now making shit up trying to make the entire thing worse

>> No.5426347

Wrong, this was destined to happen. Everything happens for a reason, no matter how trivial it may seem. The universe has given us the valuable lesson of never trusing western whores.

>> No.5426418

>unironic idolfags itt
I thought it was ironic, surely people didn’t actually watch for GFE

>> No.5426541

Aw, Anon. I'm sorry you had to find out this way. I was in a similar boat yesterday. It's been awful.

>> No.5426542

Schizoposting is literally at peak /hlgg/ Kiara hatred tier in here. Anyone who thinks this shit is organic is a fucking idiot

>> No.5426554

It has nothing to do with idol culture. It's more about feeling like a third wheel. And people don't want to pay for their chuuba's boyfriend's condoms

>> No.5426625

The thing that separates vTubers from regular streamers is escapism; ergo nobody wants to hear about chad fucking their virtual waifu when said viewer probably experienced that at some point IRL.

>> No.5426657

wrong fucking thread dogfucker

>> No.5426678

>I got cucked in high school so now I’m mad that my anime streamer lady is talking to a guy
Lmao ok bro, that’s your life

>> No.5426922

>talking to a guy
H-haha yeah, they're just talking to each other

>> No.5426936

I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but you literally had no chance. Ever.

>> No.5427048

>there are literally no upset troopas
>every troopa is happy about koopa's new fuckbuddy
>nothing happened in tiannanmen square

>> No.5427202


>> No.5427618

Incorrect anon, with a no nothing guy like spacer who's only quality was having a deep voice meant anon had a 15% chance of getting with koopa.
Hell that'll likely come back up as a chance once he's done turning kwappi into a roastie beef flap sandwich

>> No.5427695

what's wrong with idolfag? entire industry were build exclusively to cater to them, they create jobs ranging from games, animes, live performances, vtubing, etc and overall are net positive to the japanese economy and creative industry. what does cucked incels like you or your demographic ever contribute to society?

>> No.5427698

Anyone remember the God Hand stream? Those were the times...

>> No.5427727

Why hasn't there been a single good woman to have come from 4chan? I thought Koopa would be the one.

>> No.5427750

For as much anti animosity my emotions have generated upon having to see her in my recommendations which I wish I could disable I appreciate that the bat character let's you know when she doesn't like you bluntly openly and honestly. That honesty I used to think was brutal but now. Now I know that it is a great kindness. A service of kindness. Sometimes shattering a glass charade allows you reach the extinguisher to put out flames. I have a different oshi not the bat. Never the bat. I'm too invested in her to stop watching as long as her content is available but I no longer possess the will to champion for her. I've now realized that every single one of my advances have been shot down just in a very gentle way. Each of my gifts to her while received with a smile were quickly disposed of with little thought. Don't be me.
My oshi is not koopa by the way. Let this be a lesson though as you might relate. Take comfort in knowing you never had a chance of receiving any good graces from your oshi. Whether you took a chance or not just know that you and the thousands of others no matter their efforts were barking up the wrong tree. Vtubers did not become vtubers to be your friend. It's a job. You're just a analytic.

>> No.5427753

you don't even know what that word means

>> No.5427770

incredible celebrity?

>> No.5427843

Probably because they come from 4chan

>> No.5427889

Remember when Boxy was a thing? At this rate even she would make a better vtuber because she more or less disappeared

>> No.5428052

Imagine Koopa reading this thread right now, she might actually cry

>> No.5428072

Good. She needs to write an oxford level essay with just how bad she is at PR.

>> No.5428092
File: 121 KB, 828x996, Sad Peko 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5428159

Stop hurting my mom you faggots!

>> No.5428165

She's too busy getting her brains fucked out to care.

>> No.5428170

I beleb

>> No.5428180

There's one schizo having a meltdown, a few discord dramafags egging him on, and everyone else awkwardly looking around trying to figure out what to do. What is there to cry about?

>> No.5428232

Koopa, it's OK. At least you still have herdcord.

>> No.5428233

Are adult women not allowed to have sex or am I missing something here?

>> No.5428268

It's more of the way she handled people finding out is what a majority of us are having issues with.

>> No.5428593

Koopa is a good woman, i still BELEEB

>> No.5428638

do not cry my sweet madame you are but a delicate flower i understand but not all of us gentlemen are such monsters that would not show compassion to miladies such as you're self

>> No.5428690

How does a 30+ year old woman let herself get groomed?

I thought that was for zoomers like Ollie

>> No.5428735

so you people stop watching her or are you just shitposting and still going to watch her anyway?

>> No.5428768

Not anymore, sorry to say, barring something coming to light. This was handled like an out of control dumpster fire.

>> No.5428790

>just shitposting and still going to watch her anyway?

>> No.5428799

not with fans because that imply that i actually have a chance and some dude just beat me to it, of course im pissed, anyone else and done behind the scene i would be fine and unironically support her.

>> No.5428851

I'll try tomorrow's stream and decide then

>> No.5428949

I've unfollowed and will stop watching, but I might check the threads every once in a while

>> No.5428973

I unfollowed and unsubbed, I'll make sure to drop a dono asking about Spacer's cock tho

>> No.5428975
File: 53 KB, 443x383, ChickenSmug 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will still watch her because i don't give a fuck about schizo rrat

>> No.5429011

This desu

>> No.5429017

Don't worry everyone, Spacer will be there to comfort her if she cries because of these threads

>> No.5429038

No you won't

>> No.5429058
File: 19 KB, 368x493, 1882819.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I probably live rent free in her head at the moment, but I plan to continue watching and supporting her.

>> No.5429073


>> No.5429098

Is this that "spacer" I hear so much about? He's cute

>> No.5429168

This thread is very schizo

>> No.5429225

Well yeah, the whiteknights have timelooped to the start at the NTRoopa yab and the antis are making asses of themselves

>> No.5429248

This. The Troopas are wonderful people. I won't bring it up, may not even post much, but I enjoy seeing them having fun.

>> No.5429513

So, anyone got the link to the alleged NTR audio and the PR statement about it?

>> No.5429876

I don't want to bring more shit up. Search the archives.

>> No.5430036
File: 11 KB, 174x254, 18482818.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



A Scandalous Romance Revealed, Philosophers Wonder, "Are Troopas Cucks?"

Tricks & Traps, and a Turtle's Joke Gone Wrong

"Experient", A Word Employed By Manipulative Hags or Loving Autists Too Exhausted to Spell Check?


"The Manifesto of the MommyDaughterWife Party"

>> No.5430070

>I am not intending my content to be a GFE. I'm sorry if it's come off as that or if anybody has misconstrued my content as that. I didn't intend that, and if it comes off as that it is purely my autism that caused that. I like to parody or satire that form of content, but I am not trying to do that kind of unironic content with what I do.

>> No.5430158

I mean, it certainly seems like she doesnt have much of an idea of where she wants to go with her vtuber career but the statement doesnt seem as apocalyptic as the schizos are saying, i guess we'll see what happens in the next couple of streams.

>> No.5430165

Are those text posts really her, cause holy shit if so shes a giga retard.

>> No.5430268

I'm glad I dropped her before she moved to twitch. She was so promising when she started out. I watched her debut and her GunASMR won me over. Then she did a bunch of uninteresting shit and it fizzled out.
I'm so sorry for you, troopas.
You do not deserve how she treated you.

>> No.5430299


>> No.5430318
File: 23 KB, 220x273, 220px-Cow_Tools_cartoon[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

farsides was a newspapercomic
it's far suns

>> No.5430361

>the statement doesnt seem as apocalyptic as the schizos are saying
Oh, you think? It's almost like this whole thing is a ridiculously overblown nothingburger. Like any "drama" ever.

>> No.5430377

so its literally nothing? reminder that the schizos here always blow things out of proportion

>> No.5430407
File: 116 KB, 342x504, 12858825.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


[PINK PRESS and all other subsidiaries of FORTUNA INC. are not responsible for the authoring or editing of any soundposts, blogposts, shitposts, pastebins, ghostbins, selfposts, or any other sort of posts we report on, the selection of which is free of bias.]

>> No.5430458
File: 128 KB, 1280x720, 1616132622729.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think she wants to pursue more Nina like content so she doesn't want to actually do GFE, same as Nina does not.

>> No.5430470

>I think she wants to pursue more Nina like content so she doesn't want to actually do GFE, same as Nina does not.
if that were true she'd stop the mommy content

>> No.5430502

Then why does Nina have gigantic tits?

>> No.5430560

You are saying flat chested anime girls can't provide GFE? Anon..

That is absolutely correct

>> No.5430567

Having big tits doesn't make a girl a slut, it's not her fault

>> No.5430586

what would you consider something?

>> No.5430617

If it's literally nothing, why bother with damage control?

>> No.5430636

Well thanks for the news Pinkie. I'll donate the 50 ars to you that I used to give to Koopa...

>> No.5430638

start talking about politics, supporting corrupted American organizations, ect
to expose the retards who always do this shit... this is literally the Joseph situation

>> No.5430695

Why on earth would she waste her time "exposing the retards"? Isn't it more plausible that she realized she fucked up and went full damage control?

>> No.5430710

What did she mean by this?

>> No.5430722

it was already posted you dumb retard >>5430036

>> No.5430738

You didn't answer his question.

>> No.5430751

She makes an attempt to clarify it in her manifesto.

>> No.5430764

>he doesn't read the thread before posting
the absolute state of tourist

>> No.5430785

>to expose the retards who always do this shit
isn't this place like 90% of her viewerships? this thread alone have more IPs than her average streams, im not sure if it's a smart move.
t.ourist i don't actually watch her

>> No.5430793

You're still not answering the question Anon.
See this? This is an answer. Try that next time pal

>> No.5430815

And she made it worse

>> No.5430820
File: 298 KB, 600x583, kiara aqua.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it was answered in the manifesto
read zoomer, read

>> No.5430836

No, spoonfeed me I'm lazy

>> No.5430859
File: 39 KB, 351x348, ChickenSmug 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5430875


>> No.5430887

>I am a grown woman. I am able to make my own choices and I've hit this point where I need to make my own decisions. Nobody is being a guiding hand here and everything I do is of my own accord.
She's basically a strong and independent woman and fuck goslings and schizos.

>> No.5430925

Tongue kissing the chicken to distract her from life's troubles as you hold her in your arms!

>> No.5431068
File: 814 KB, 720x480, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That pastebin
What was she thinking?

>> No.5431142


>> No.5431204

She forgot that even 4chan has standards or spacer was egging her on. One of the two.

>> No.5431301

So this is everything? I expected something worse, she just spreged out, as expected of a femanon, don't think I'll drop her over this

>> No.5432783

I see. Now I know why she was the sixth rejected member of HoloEN from that Anon's dream. It all fits together.

>> No.5433395

That's the thing, she wasn't.

>> No.5433846

The prophecy will be fullfilled. She'll stream to a few anons who will shout YOU ARE DOING GREAT KOOPA!

>> No.5434828

>the mentally ill who can't fit in anywhere else
This includes Koopa too

>> No.5434892

I wonder if dads will kill themselves when Bea does something they don't like.

>> No.5435176


>> No.5435365


>> No.5435419

The blatant schizo astroturfing in these threads is just sad

>> No.5435432
File: 298 KB, 338x200, 200.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The more I think about it the more it all makes sense.

>> No.5435626

They'll go away in a day or two, then they'll just go and be parasites elsewhere because they can't stand people enjoying things, rinse and repeat.

>> No.5435671

I think it's more grating that you imply that people who may be sincerely turned off by this and voicing their objections are simply astroturfing.

>> No.5435772

There are people who have issues with Koopa, and then there are people who enjoy fanning the flames of drama.

>> No.5435982

if you call every bit of people expressing how Koopa didn't help her own situation in creating this PR nightmare a "fanning the flames of drama" then there's going to be animosity towards any criticisms of her and her decisions and that will split her fanbase even more. She's not a flawless person, but when even she tries to dance around that like a politician, there's no helping that people will be disenfranchised.

>> No.5435997

Voicing your objections at this point isn't helping, you're just empowering shitposters by making them feel like they're having an impact on people, which causes them to shitpost even harder.
If you're genuinely upset about this then just take a break from the threads for a while.

>> No.5436151
File: 18 KB, 344x342, 1586699452380.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't care about GFE in the first place but if she didn't intend to do it in the first place what's up with all the fucking troopa are my kids shtick and all the art with her and troopas. koopa figure out what kinda community you want and set clear limitations onegai. also fucking take a moment to think before writing huge paragraphs

>> No.5436196

You're getting offended at an implication that isn't there. Even if you are upset you have to admit the state of the threads recently has been way over the top and most of it is blatantly in bad faith.

>> No.5436266

>"Troopas are my kids" schtick
>Fanart of her with the avatars of her fanbase
Neither of these contradict what she said

>> No.5436501

There's very little that remains to be said. Koopa threw gasoline on a situation that was resolving in her favor ("respect the private lives of streamers") then continued the PR fuckup with a manifesto that makes no sense given her prior actions. It is up to everyone individually to decide how much was "panicked autist tries to calm down other autists and does a bad job" versus "tried to discard her fanbase and backtracked when it didn't work." Everyone knows their position on the subject, aside from newcomers who should be doing their archive reps.

There is a stream today. We'll see how she reacts, if at all, and how her content has changed. Maybe some Troopas will forget the whole thing, maybe they'll give it a chance and realize the magic is gone. But dredging up the timeloop of the exact same discussions that has been reoccuring for more than a week solves nothing, advances nothing.

>> No.5436505

Hahaha wtf! Thanks for the laugh my dude

>> No.5436741

after some second thought yeah they don't. now that i look at it like an average person she just has that southern hospitality i hear americans talk about that's rare these days. maybe southern vtubers don't work an audience that only experienced that with their actual moms?

>> No.5436774
File: 68 KB, 463x85, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5436781


>> No.5436831

>she never disowned us all wtf
Yeah, the falseflagging on this is retarded, more like she threw a little tantrum and ran away.

If this was /yah/ they'd be calling her a genius and kino.

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