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Memberships Global

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i don’t read japanese

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Doesn't matter,Gura No.1

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>3millions subscribers
>Not even 20k members
What went wrong?

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how do we take down gura?

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Where is Anya Melfissa in this list?

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debut 9 month,17K at least
Pekora: debut almost 2 years

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fubuki below calli ? i was expecting more of my oshi

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This chart is for members who at least chat 1 time, not for all memebers

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Calli's pushed her membership very hard from the very start and her GFE really ramps up there

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>Gura having the most members doesn’t count because she has more subscribers
Then it counts double, bonus for both.

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>This chart is for members who at least chat 1 time, not for all memebers
Why the distinction? The member who made a 100 yen superchat once is closer to a vanilla member than to the one who make a red one every stream.

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How did you get this infos?

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between the tiers, her avoiding unarchived content in membership so no one misses out and releasing 80% of it to public, it's actually the least pushed membership in EN

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Where did you pull these numbers?

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>Gura, Ame and Ina in the top of the graph

The Triumvirate continue to reign supreme

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I guess they have software to scan the chat and compile lists of members. Very impressive.

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all of their first names are written in kana. you can learn to read it in a weekend.

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The duality of 4chan baka

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Imagine posting on a Vtuber board and not knowing how to at least read hira and kana

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>Ya boy
>Subaru (this is bullshit!)
>Shion yo
>Drunk space mom
>The Yabber

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I thought YT membership numbers are private stuff?
How did you get the numbers, anon?

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The money really is insane.

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I can but I never get to post this

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I suspect its because we have no way of telling the actual numbers, so the best we can do is monitor how many chat participants have a green name over a decently large period of time.

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gura pekora coco marine watame aqua miko rushia
>the rest

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fuck off this is a kaigai niki board faggot

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It's not a competition to her, don't make it one for you. I'm just glad to know she has a steady and mostly dependable source of income so she can do what she loves with peace of mind.

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You said that but you're willing to spoonfeed everybody. Thanks btw

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It's just speculation.

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some of these are fucking bullshit

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Wow I didn't expect Watame so high on this list, good job sheep

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If you are willing to spend time rune reading you can trash talk me all you want.

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Iofi and Risu are plausible because they're indo and they suck, but what on earth is Mel's problem? is she even trying?

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Good point.

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The OP sucks because he doesn’t explain anything.
1. This was posted on the numberfag thread before. It’s related to the people who are members posting in chat, so it’s believed the numbers must actually be higher than the numbers displayed in chart.
3. The source is here: https://vtuber-matome.com/vtuber-13174-104227.html

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He means regular chat messages, not just superchats. Whatever bot or scraper used to make this chart simply counts all the unique users that send a message that are also members. It's not perfect because there could very well be members that never say anything and just lurk.

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probably some bot that scans the chats and counts how many times the "new member" notification pops up, or more likely it just counts how many people have a members badge.

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>Number 1 in subs
>Number 1 in memberships
>Somehow tries to twist it into a negative thing

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No it’s not. OP is just a faggot.

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Using software to scan the chat and compile lists of unique posters with membership. It's not complete but not too far off.

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It isn’t speculation
Some autistic nips counted how many members send a message in chat during the timeframe stated in the picture
They of course have more members because not everyone sends a message, but the numbers are the minimum

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>six points star
>white and very unmistakable blue
Anonchama, I ...

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Where is Anya?

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Isn't there a number thread where this belongs?

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This is a guesstimate I presume.

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Don't forget that Miko also has a large amount of subscribers on twitch. When you factor those in Miko is #2 in paid memberships.

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Holy shit you fags are pathetic.

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>you can't even read the names of vtubers youre watching
how sad

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This. it's free and easy too. The one thing duo is good for.

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you think we're blind you jew?

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>Where is Anya?

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why aren't they all on twitch anyway? There's a lot more money to get there.

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I found Tofugu to be infinitely more effective

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Same energy as Ollie calling indog only viewers disgusting

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this was taken from the numberfags

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Not just blind, but retarded as well.

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probably a secret pact with the redshield

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that's not a six pointed star retard

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That's why I said it's speculation, it's not 100% fact.

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Kiara has more members than Gura. It's just that KFPs are disciplined and cultured individuals that don't use chat but use a dedicated discord room. Also because Kiara works so hard, she deserves it.

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Do you know what the fuck a star looks like

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shirahari uni have better design but this one is more iconic.

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Japanese is cringe. Reads like shit and sounds like shit.

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I don't get it.
>Pekora: debut almost 2 years
What does this mean?

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It’s not speculation, it’s a display of the minimum number for each VTuber. Speculation would relate to assuming numbers ABOVE those numbers, to which we can be positive about. None of this is guessing anything, it’s all done by a computer that is counting. It’s been fine before too, so we know it’s working.

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exactly a satanic pentagram just like what the jews love. kill yourself kike

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Chumbuddies just like memeing and playful banter. They're not really.....you know..

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>it's a pentagram
This is also a jewish symbol.

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Don't respond to me, paint huffer.

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Welcome to membersheep!

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So, what does debut almost 2 years mean?

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No one in /vt/ denies Pekora's success
Chumbud trying to defend Gura's 18K membershrimps by comparison of having more than Pekora in 1/3 of the time.

>> No.5396184

Moona strong

>> No.5396209

Means the gap will only widen.

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It’s Gura birthday, anti and falseflagger are going all out it seems

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It's the latter.

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Or…I’m paying for membership because I appreciate her and don’t want any of my money go to Cover

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Take the channel URL of the chuuba you're interested in after "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC" and copy paste it after this link and you'll get membership videos for them
For example, Mel's channel URL is "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD8HOxPs4Xvsm8H0ZxXGiBw". Which the method above, you get
You can see the number of likes on her videos, which gives you an idea of the amount of members each chuuba has. Given that the amount of likes changes from 1K to dozens, it's likely that some streams were originally public and were then changed to members only. Mel has between 100 and 500 members based on this data

>> No.5396390

Here: >>5395200

>> No.5396428

>but the numbers are the minimum
It's computed over a 4 month period, so it's not really a minimum either. It's not likely, but it's technically possible for the number of members to have dropped below the listed number by the end of the period.

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>> No.5396451

You do realize that's still $10k a month.

>> No.5396474

Wait, debut almost 2 years only mean that Pekora debuted almost 2 years ago, it was just that?

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>only making a lot of money once a month
that's adorable.

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Gura hid Anya's tits in her dbd stream too. It's over for the dagger.

>> No.5396541

Chubas get at best 30% of it.

>> No.5396569

Cover won’t get a single cent. Worth it

>> No.5396575

Don't worry, since Gura is first in this it matters more than Superchats.

>> No.5396596

oh so it's not $10k. fucking lol

>> No.5396600

If you don't take into account any factors like regional pricing. I know superchats have that enabled so I don't see why memberships wouldn't be subject to it. But I don;t even have a youtube account so correct me if I'm wrong.

>> No.5396649

Are you fucking stupid, Rushia makes over 10k DAILY. Even more for events/milestones. How many days in a month, anon?

>> No.5396657

Does YT also takes cuts on membership?
If so, are we sure that cut is the same cut they take from a SC?

>> No.5396667

Now subtract the gubments cut. She's still probably above minimum wage in the states though.

>> No.5396687

Subaru deserves more

>> No.5396691

I remember Senzawa talking about streamers making $2M/year... Looks like her dream has come true.

>> No.5396702

yes and yes

>> No.5396722

Doesn't matter, Gura has more members.

>> No.5396725

That’s supachat. Beside 30% deduction by YouTube, Cover doesn’t get the money from membership

>> No.5396728

He's being a fag. Suggesting chumbud's only care about numbers where they have an advantage.But that's nousagis.

>> No.5396737

>so it's not really a minimum either
It ‘ultimately’ ends up being it though. Meaning that just as you can say they could drop (even if unlikely), we know for a fact they are higher than just the people chatting. You see? But overall, this sort of stuff should be left to the numbers thread. Or the OP should have a very detailed explanation rather than just a pic, to which will follow endless questions.

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>> No.5396768

meant for >>5396649

>> No.5396779

You're assuming every member pushes the like button? They're probably a much smaller percentage than the number of members who type in chat.

>> No.5396791

yt gets 30%

>> No.5396807

I don't believe that Cover doesn't take a cut. Gura regularly advertises members. Not one stream happens where she doesn't bring it up. Guaranteed cover takes a cut.

>> No.5396828

If you say so.

>> No.5396851

What data is that based on?

>> No.5396864

Read the thread.

>> No.5396889

So literally worthless with the state of chatreplay?

>> No.5396920

>500 ARS membership vs Rushia making billions in yen
You realize superchat revenue isn't in ARS, right?

>> No.5396969

Tracks people with membership badges in chat supposedly. So the chart probably represents less when it comes to EN, ID or multi lingual streamers. More accurate for JPs,

>> No.5396970

Not really it's an aggregate of 4 months, it doesn't account for people not renewing memberships.

>> No.5396971

I see Chumbuds making threads all the time about Gura numbers in the catalog, never Nousagis, unless you are stuck in 2020 I don't see how
>But that's nousagis.
has any basis.
If people "falseflag" as chumbuds while making those threads then there's no reason to believe that people doesn't do the same with Nousagis.

>> No.5397010

There is quite literally no reason to push the like buttong on a member video.

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So where did they get this number from becuase this stuff is not anywhere you can look publicly or privately? Guessing?

>> No.5397084

XQC makes more than everyone on that list and all he does is smash a desk and play GTA RP.

you people don't realize how insignificant vtubers are.

>> No.5397122

You must be blind then. I see nousagis jump from live viewers to superchat revenue to something else regularly. Shows a total lack of confidence.

>> No.5397130

Read the rest of the thread

>> No.5397143

So if N is the real number of members, n is the number of members who typed in chat and r is the percentage of members who typed in chat, i.e. n/N, the real problem is that we have no way of telling what the value of r is and not even how much it varies from holo to holo, making this list pretty much pointless except for telling some really big overall differences between holos which were already obvious without the list to begin with.

>> No.5397149

He also farts, that's important.

>> No.5397170

>Cover doesn’t get the money from membership
Didn't Kiara literally say on stream that she doesn't want to have multi-tiered membership and you should just SC if you want to support more?

>> No.5397175

Even if it's not the real number it's probably a good estimate

>> No.5397193

Right, there's that too. A lot of chat posts just don't show up in the archive at all. Probably why VNuma stopped computing it in the first place.

>> No.5397201

So mostly guessing, I see.

>> No.5397218

Here: >>5396737

>> No.5397241

Can you post what you think the connection between these two things is?

>> No.5397252

>Rushia making billions in yen
Not even in revenue, retard.

>> No.5397293

Like I said, if you check the catalog there's more reason to believe that Chumbuds are more numberfags than Nousagis.
If these are falseflaggers then there's no reason to believe that your jumpers aren't falseflaggers either.
Yet I don't see any thread in the catalog gloating about Pekora numbers.
Maybe you need glasses

>> No.5397296

She took forever to open memberships, probably just not registered when this was taken. My guess is she ends up above Risu and Loafy.

>> No.5397307

After the Youtube cut and Cover 50% tax, these girls are making very little. Twitch people make a shitload more.

>> No.5397315

Mathematically, it's not a real minimum, but save for extraordinary circumstances like many people canceling their membership in response to some drama it's effectively a minimum.

>> No.5397348

Why would Kiara advertise the support variant that gets an additional cut going to cover instead of adding higher tier memberships for support.
It makes literally 0 sense if Cover doesn't get a cut from memberships

>> No.5397352

Numberfags talk about the people at the top. That doesn't mean they are fans of them.

>> No.5397354

She streams daily?

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Barely anyone likes videos
It's NOT a good metric, here's some proof.
>12k member votes

>> No.5397366


>> No.5397373

>He thinks I spent anytime learning jp

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File: 1.26 MB, 950x841, 1601688818725.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man people are dumb, I should start making up graphs without facts or sources and people will for it on this board.

>> No.5397381

In reality regional pricing would only increase the earnings of the JP/IDs.
I know /vt/ thinks everything is in ARS but that's just mental gymnastics so they can keep believing their oshi isn't extremely wealthy.

>> No.5397397

Funny you mention that, Rushia made like 5k one day without streaming, just because people were superchatting Coco and they wanted to keep her #1.

>> No.5397413

So mostly guessing, I see

>> No.5397427

it's the third world countries subbing to holoENs, so that includes ARS/proxy ARS.

>> No.5397455

Maybe she doesn't want to make more streams or lock existing streams behind a paywall. Not everything is about money money money.

>> No.5397483
File: 1.37 MB, 1010x787, 1595015435525.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So people are just trusting a random nip that is like "dude trust me bro"?

>> No.5397496

If Cover didn't take a cut off of memberships, than all girls would just push for tier 3 memberships etc. And supas only for those that have already reached max membership. But we see girls actually tell people they would rather have supas than memberships. Dense

>> No.5397509

It isn't the exact number of course, but it gives you some indications on the number of members. It's better than a graph with no source besides "5Chan"

>> No.5397519

This. VNuma at least had some semblance of credibility when they used to compute those numbers. This is just a random graph posted by some random anonymous person without any proof that he didn't just type those numbers in a spreadsheet himself.

>> No.5397537

I see, there's no proof that this
>Suggesting chumbud's only care about numbers where they have an advantage.But that's nousagis.
has any real basis other than "my headcanon".
Got it.

>> No.5397542

youtube and cover tax is 65% not 50. Also these girls live in a country with 50% tax lmfao. So yeah

>> No.5397552

yep everything is in ARS and the girls only get a 1% cut.

>> No.5397554
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>> No.5397577

Actually mentally ill. Hope she never does a fan meet up.

>> No.5397586

The problem is that just counting likes vastly underestimates the number of members, you can assume likes are around 10% of the actual number.

>> No.5397590

Look another one:
3 theads about Gura numbers, 0 about Pekora.
But Nousagis are the ones that only care about number, not Chumbuds, right?

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File: 462 KB, 647x312, 1610216814624.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't get this board. Would you still watch your oshi if she had 500 viewers? Do you base everything on superchat income, and sub counts? I watched this rabbit before she blew up. I don't care, only her being entertaining matters.

>> No.5397632

>50% tax
What the hell are you talking about?

>> No.5397633

>better than a graph with no source besides "5Chan"
Not really a high bar to overcome.

>> No.5397644

Are you the one in the thread that mentioned fubuki three time to no (you)s? Here's a pity one in case you are.

>> No.5397655
File: 881 KB, 297x277, 1606682935152.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well they at least put out sources where they pulled numbers from. This is literally just some random graph posted by a nip. Why are people even taking it seriously at all?

>> No.5397661

You're mentally ill.

>> No.5397675

yeah because there's no falseflaggers here. they don't exist, no such thing

>> No.5397681

Japan is nearly a communist hellhole.

>> No.5397697

I wish I lived in your timeline where falseflagging doesn't exist

>> No.5397728

Whatever that is is definitely more accurate then thinking any of these girls has single digit members.

>> No.5397755

Anon neither Ina nor Gura or Ame until very recently ever locked any content behind higher tiers.
And Kiara really has enough life experience that it's better to have money than not to have money.
Not that it really matters in the end since according to her she's in the 2nd highest tax bracket anyway and getting any higher would require literally more than 1 million € per year

>> No.5397764

it's literally just console war mentality.
Only reason I could think of to worry about this is if one of the girls was making so little that they had to stop doing it and get another job. Which isn't the case even for the lowest earners.

>> No.5397780

So, show me proof that Nousagis are more numberfags than Chumbuds, I see the opposite here.
If people is going to accept bullshit like this:>>5396728
without reason, then show me why.

>> No.5397794

Muricans in charge of understand progressive taxation

>> No.5397798


>> No.5397843

Some other indicators can be used, there are YouTube add ons that give number of views on member videos
For example, since I'm a homo fag, Astel's latest member stream had 1.5K views, Aruran's had 1.7K while Rikka's had 800. Given that Aruran's and Rikka's member videos are song covers, it's likely that several people repeated the video, putting the actual number of members close to half of these views.
Astel's view count is more representative of the number of members he has since it's a recent stream

>> No.5397883

>I should start making up graphs without facts or sources
That’s just the OPs fault. There is a source for that chart, and it’s not simply made up. It’s been done before too, so it’s nothing new. It’s just that it is more often in a number thread where people understand things better.

>> No.5397907

>take someone who is making twice minmum wage like choco
>bring them down to minimum wage
>this is good

>> No.5397930

I'm talking about taxes in Japan. Taxes in Japan are around 50%. You live in a cave or something?

>> No.5397948

Go to hlgg and there will be multiple posts talking about pekora's live viewers in comparison to gura's without gura even having been brought up. What are you talking about newfag?

>> No.5397976

The source is literally some random guy, how is that a real source?

>> No.5398000

What does that even mean?

>> No.5398008

Governments literally piss away money, they waste everything. But it's good to give half of your money to them? Lmfao, stfu. I have free healthcare and taxes in my country are 33%. All countries that charge 40% are scams kek

>> No.5398039

The entire nousagi vs chumbud "rivalry" has been fabricated by shitposters since late last year and if you care to look there are plenty of delete chains in the archive supporting that. I watch both pekora and gura, where do you think I stand in this?

>> No.5398054

Stop living the past, like I said before:
unless you are stuck in 2020 I don't see how
>But that's nousagis.
has any basis.
I don't see people here making threads about Pekora, I see Chumbuds doing it.

>> No.5398068

Outside Miko's bedroom.

>> No.5398069
File: 10 KB, 1056x404, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's really not that complicated.
This table ignores local income tax which is an additional thing.

>> No.5398130

>y-you're living in the past
I'll take that as you recognizing what I said is true and immediately making the connection.

>> No.5398137

Dunno, I only see people accepting posts like 5396728 as true and when I see the rest of the board I can't think of anything other than: "what a load of bullshit".

>> No.5398196

can you prove those are actual chumbuds and not falseflaggers?

>> No.5398211

>5% tax on on someone who makes over 0 yen a year

>> No.5398272

It’s not a single guy, and it’s not new.

>> No.5398281

Can you prove that the jumpers the other guy talked about are Nousagis
I see, so you won't show an actual proof that in 2021 Chumbuds aren't more numberfags than Nousagis.
Couldn't expect less.

>> No.5398336

>you need to do work for me
>like how I just looked through the catalog and showed you the thread I was shitposting in
No fag, Do the archive reps yourself.

>> No.5398428

There is no evidence for either of those claims which makes the entire discussion unnecessary to begin with. How are you going to prove someones intentions on an anonymous tibetian shadow puppet theater board? Maybe reddit, where can associate posts to usernames and browse their post history is more your speed

>> No.5398505

I see, you are just shitposting.
Everyday I see Chumbuds making threads about Gura numbers, never about Pekora, maybe when you can get over the past you can face reality.
Nobody asked you about 2019 or 2020. Maybe try to read before replying.

>> No.5398558

I need you to corroborate your claim they are chumbuds with a single fact. And no, saying "t. chumbud" means literally nothing

>> No.5398656

>show me proof that Nousagis are more numberfags than Chumbuds
You must be new. Both are numberfags, and Pekora herself is a numberfag.

>> No.5398706

After you corroborate the original claim:
Like I said, I haven't seen any actual proof that Nousagis are more numberfags than Chumbuds, just people talking about the past or throwing random crap.
And no, saying "t. nousagi" or other crap like that means literally nothing

>> No.5398784

So you agree with
Glad to know. This was a waste of time

>> No.5398910

>No evidence.
As expected from a chumbud

>> No.5398964

Show me your evidence then chumbud

>> No.5399009

Is this holo only or vtuber general?

>> No.5399013

>Asks for evidence than Nousagis are more numberfags than Chumbuds
>Get called Chumbud.
Based retard with nothing to back up their shit.

>> No.5399051

I fucking said its not true and neither is the other way around, how fucking smooth is your brain watamate?

>> No.5399074
File: 18 KB, 1004x127, now fuck off tard.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5399076

Wow, this thread just keeps getting worse and worse.

>> No.5399215
File: 177 KB, 480x401, 1623002561701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I got caught, that's my call to leave.

>> No.5399428

Wow its another falseflagging 35p. Getting real tired of your shit fanbase

>> No.5400463


>> No.5402053

the problem with this is highlighted by two things.

one the gura discord has more then 17k members, and the members of that discord have to prove they're active members every month in order to be members.

two, i counted the unique usernames (members and non-members) who commented on gura's costume reveal stream, and only 870~ some odd members and 450 or so non-members commented on a stream with 200k viewers.

So this bot-check is vastly undercounting memberships for gura, and likely all of the girls. we know a lot of member shrimps, a min of half, aren't a member of the discord, and the discord has something stupid like 27k members in it. Which means she's probably much closers to 50k or much more.

>> No.5402353

>and the members of that discord have to prove they're active members every month in order to be members.
That sounds utterly retarded and completely unenforceable.
I refuse to use Discord as a base of measurement

>> No.5402357

Recent update? I'm sure Coco surpassed them all.

>> No.5402647
File: 91 KB, 1079x601, IMG_20210621_064951.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am a day one member and I am not even in that discord. 8 doubt everyone has active membership.

>> No.5402789

Not sure about his 27k number, but we know Gura has 12k votes on a member only poll. That’s a very real number, and of just the people who voted on it. My opinion having seen many a number thread, is Gura could easily have 27k members, but his 50k estimate is ridiculous to me.

>> No.5402836

It's literally pure guesswork

>> No.5402955

Depends on what you mean by guesswork. For example: the 12k number for the member only poll is pretty exact (no guessing). So she cannot be under that. Obviously though, the 50k number is guessing.

>> No.5403048

They make you send in a picture of your membership with visible username every month or your role will get revoked. I was in there for a grand total of 30 minutes and decided this was too dumb

>> No.5403075

I expected Calli to be higher than Ame and Ina due to the subs, and Kiara to be even higher due to the fact that she gets more supas.
Why the discrepency between Kiara's high superchat revenue and low membership count?

>> No.5403327

Flare and Kanata are also top SC earners but don't particularly stand out in membership numbers. My guess is that it's just a case of having very loyal and dedicated gachikois who donate tons of money.

>> No.5403402

highest income bracket in Japan is 40% and that's for people earning 18 million yen, so equivalent of around 140k euro.

>> No.5403438

Gura doesn’t care to read superchats (so they send less), saves the majority of her karaoke streams for members, and heavily promotes memberships. The streamers more focused on SC, tend to have less members. Not always, but this is common.

>> No.5403495

>Flare and Kanata are also top SC earners but don't particularly stand out in membership numbers
This is common. The VTubers often have something they push more. For Gura it’s memberships while mostly avoiding superchat.

>> No.5403721

Don't know if them all, but yeah, she's got over 15k now.

>> No.5403871
File: 32 KB, 636x333, shark.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well we have a few other ways to measure, for example, youtube indicates if you get 15-20% interaction from paid memberships (interaction being comments on videos or likes/dislikes) you're pretty much at the top of the curve for interaction. (the interaction numbers are lower for everyone paid, unpaid and non subs who views a video, down in the 5-12% range)

so if we use youtube's metrics and assume she gets high interaction from her memberships lets say curve breaking high at 25% then 17k represents 1/4 of her actual memberships, which puts us in the 68K range. a normally high interaction like 20% would make her membership count reach 85K. and if she gets normal interaction in the 15% range you'd be talking about well over 100k paid members.

We know her paid memberships are insanely high based purely on how much she does for her members. She's the only Hololive who pays a LOT of attention to her membershrimps. Unlike others who play to the superchats she's focused laser like on her memberships. why? Well the numbers work out pretty crazy for paid memberships. for example, 20k paid members (assuming all at $5/mo) works out to 100k per month in membership fees. Sure, youtube and cover take their pound of flesh from that number but even after that she's clearing 40k from memberships alone per month at just 20k memberships. and as i pointed out her memberships can be much much higher then 20k... for gura her take home membership $$ numbers are higher then pretty much every holo's superchat revenue.

want to know why gura pays little attention to superchats? that's why. her money comes in from memberships, so she does at least one member's only event per week, lots of member karaoke's reading normal non-superchatted members comments during streams, or why out of all the holos she does so many non-monetizable streams or turns off superchats on so many of her streams. there are girls on hololive who won't post herself singing unless she can monetize it. yet gura has exactly 1 singing stream which is monitized in 8 months. all the covers are on other girl's channels. not a single collab cover on her channel.

there are girls who work the youtube algorithm for ad bucks. Mori is a good example (this isn't a criticism, just the first girl who came to mind); mori doesn't do superchats on the same stream she just did, even if she plans on doing it at the same time. Why? because superchat reading depress viewership. the Youtube algorithm counts AVERAGE viewers; if you do a 3 hour gaming stream with 30k viewers, then a 2 hour superchat attached to the same stream with just 10k watching the average views for the stream will fall down from 30k to 22k, which can hurt your ad revenue and how often your view gets recommended in the search (or where it's recommended). She does the smart thing, she ended the gaming stream and starts up a new stream for the superchat reading to keep the monetization of the gaming stream good, and not drag it down with the superchats. She does the same thing if she's just going to hang out with her chat, she knows this is a low viewer content, so she'll end whatever she was doing with higher viewership and start the hang out session as it's own video.

Gura doesn't do any of this. If you look at all of this, it's obvious Gura's income is mostly membership based.

>> No.5403928

>they send less
I mean, at about 3k$ per stream, she's pretty close to the top of SC earners, on average.

>> No.5404021

I believe they mentioned 15k in the number thread, and the reason for the difference was because the chart (in OP) is a low estimate for all of them. It’s not meant to be an exact number, which is confusing for some people. If Gura came out today and said she had 25k members, the chart would still not be wrong, since it’s not meant to show the full number, and is just the members who posted.

>> No.5404034

haha WOW anon! you just got r/WHOOSHED! I am going to screen shot this and get lots of karma! thanks for the gold kind stranger :)

>> No.5404101

>the least pushed membership in EN

>> No.5404129

I do want to point out that JP fans do waaaay less of any of those interactions compared to EN fans.
The same way an almost JP only stream with 10k live concurrent viewers has about 3k likes and dislikes and chat moving at a normal speed, compared to an EN heavy stream with 10k viewers and 12k likes with partial emote spam.
So there's still a large margin of error.

>> No.5404132

I didn’t mean she’s at the bottom of SC. I’m saying they are sending Gura less than they would otherwise because she’s not focused on SC. I was explaining how some differences exist between member numbers and SC numbers.

>> No.5404161

One thing that turns me off with Calli's membership is the tier. Maybe I am just not too rich for her.

>> No.5404177

do nousagis really?

>> No.5404241

Ina's member streams were fairly regular starting out, there was extra content like scribbles, decent bit of polls directing future content and everything accessible at lowest tier

>> No.5404267

She's punching way below her weight class in terms of SC.
For comparison Kiara has ~80k more in SC total.

>> No.5404271

There's a reason people say she runs a cult.

>> No.5404275

thats not the real number of memberships, thats just how much the nip could count through his method. What we're seeing is just a fraction of the total.
Mori, for example, has her members only streams with around 18k views as soon as they come out to free public. But I dont expect it to be her total either, it always misses some, no matter the method.

>> No.5404293

I'd say Ina is actually one of the most pushed ones since she has the most aggressive slow mode and initially heavily discouraged SC

>> No.5404314

Coco gave the exact member total somewhat recently, of 15k members. She’s also near the very top for JP.

>> No.5404321

>Mori, for example, has her members only streams with around 18k views as soon as they come out to free public.
No she doesn't we have gone over this before, your method of evaluation is worthless.

>> No.5404403

Self-help group would be more accurate.

>> No.5404441

Oh lol, i never knew it jumps from 2$ to 15 then 25, weird.
Then again, Astel still has the weirdest tiers imo, with 10$ and 100$ only.

>> No.5404492

she doesnt have membership big guy

>> No.5404521

Calli modeled her intial memberships of some non-holo/twitch models because she knew fuck all about holo standards
it actually made her a membership repellent, but she found out she preferred the tiny t2/t3 streams and stuck to it in the end
it's also part of why she chose to release most of them for free at month end

>> No.5404613

>make me incredibly rich while I cry on stream
yes definitely not a cult

>> No.5404758

For Watame to cry, first people people need to send their sob stories via super-chat, and seeing her cry over them makes them feel better. That's the self-help group part. Maybe therapy would be more accurate.

>> No.5404801

Clever Mori. someone should tell Kiara to split her streams into gaming and superchat reading...

>> No.5404821
File: 28 KB, 498x569, nbtydvfu0r371.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5404860

I don't know by which logic, because if it's by number and length of streams she's getting way more SC than Kiara per hour.
If it's in terms of subs, or live viewers, we've gone over many times how those doesn't equate to SC earnings or viewer interaction. For a while, Rushia, Coco and Flare were middle of the pack or low for both subs and viewers, yet the highest earners. It's how you engage with your audience and considering Gura does none of the things these 4 do, she's getting a hell of a lot in SC.

>> No.5404942

>Mori is a good example (this isn't a criticism, just the first girl who came to mind); mori doesn't do superchats on the same stream she just did, even if she plans on doing it at the same time.
watch streams please, she swapped to reading SCs right after the majority of her solo streams, she doesn't do SC readings mainly after collab and sponsored streams

>> No.5404954

>I expected Calli to be higher than Ame and Ina due to the subs
Mori's music buff is huge, but people who sub for just music aint gonna member.

>> No.5405042

>Gura #1 and Watame in top 5

>> No.5405188
File: 69 KB, 732x732, 1623204279957.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a chance she's lower than Risu's. Her membership chat sometimes just move up at all.

>> No.5405386


>> No.5406327

It's also a symbol used to represent magic in a fuckton of different games and books.

>> No.5406416

You just realizing?

>> No.5406947

Where's the list anonchama?

>> No.5407255


It's the Mon of the Abe clan, the ones at the source of the Onmyôjis

You're fucking mongs

>> No.5407542

Please nobody sign up for Risu membership, the chat is slow enough that she sometimes reads my comments

>> No.5407802
File: 93 KB, 600x600, 0BD4D957-A881-47B2-987C-B2938631CD2B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know she’s one of the cheaper one’s, but Suisei’s being that high is shocking.

>> No.5410639

cover autism, and a bit of talent autism cause twitch isn't that well known in Japan.

>> No.5411413
File: 35 KB, 112x112, 1622113422768.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Always like seeing Miko on the higher end of membership numbers. Also 35p starting the tend of VA messages.

>> No.5414163
File: 182 KB, 1450x1050, Ev0z0lPUcAMy2z9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Miko getting emotional while on her sick break over not losing any member 35p warms my heart, I go back ever so often to her member videos from then to recharge on the warmth.

>> No.5415558

wait wait wait, I never expected there to be more Nousagi members than Tatsunoko members, specially seeing all those people membering during coco's streams lately to spite the antis

>> No.5416073

Risu and Iofi are very cute and I hope they are doing well enough to support themselves properly.

>> No.5416123

tbf this is from Jan to April. Way before graduation announcement.

>> No.5416573

No there isn't, Twitch gets a higher cut of donations and subs than YT does, plus the big Twitch subscriber push is more of a western thing, not as popular in japan, also, ad revenue is way higher on YT, especially on songs because generally more JP watchers on YT, Twitch mostly exists for Apex in Japan; more exposure through the algorithm, the clip translation culture, etc.

>> No.5416884

The cost of living can be as low as 1/10th in Indonesia compared to Japan so, even if Cover isn't making money off of them, they should be really well off with the cut they're getting.
Moona said in a recent stream that she always treats her friend and helps them out when they need money.

>> No.5417012


>> No.5417283

How do we save Anya?

>> No.5417474

The hard way: watching her streams.

>> No.5417494

>Below 10k
she said she had "passed 10k members some time ago" back in April, I can't help but question the accuracy of this graph

>> No.5418051

Pretty much this, like 3 months of duolingo I knew maybe half the Hiragana and no katakana 1 month of tofugu and I atleast can reliably read all but a couple of the more rare ones

>> No.5418481

it's 100% accurate its not counting total members

>> No.5418515

tell me which ones don't actually do anything for members so I can seethe

>> No.5418605

Well Coco said she had 15k recently. Check this post for explanation: >>5404021

>> No.5418684 [DELETED] 

Just mori

>> No.5418775

wait a minute, if they don't hide anything behind a paywall that's actually good.
ok tell me who doesn't actually do anything for members so I can seethe at everyone else

>> No.5420343

By "100% accurate" you mean that there are definitely at least [insert number here] members and no less (but quite likely more)?
So it's a lowball estimate? That doesn't really mean it's accurate, though I guess it works as a reference.

>> No.5420388
File: 250 KB, 594x866, 1600982110704.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>caring about ARS memberships instead of having a giant pile of money

>> No.5420549
File: 495 KB, 1511x627, 1596727997935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Coco barely beating Rushia without the graduation crutch
No one else is close. There is a mile between her and everyone else.

>> No.5420614

Was this before Anya got membership?

>> No.5420726

you can learn it in 2 hours wtf 2 days lol

>> No.5420772


>> No.5420804

Poor Risu

>> No.5421182
File: 90 KB, 1280x720, 1614504579018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lets pretend you're a productive member of the society, do you prefer money coming in at random times when you do your work, or a steady flow of income you know will come each month?

>> No.5421457

>Ayame at 7.5k
>Shion at 3.5k
Shion yo...

>> No.5421777

It makes me wonder why they haven't opened the membership in their official holo account in YT. Their NND is still alive. Would be better if they had it on YT as well.

>> No.5421809

I prefer winning more money, so in this case: random times.

>> No.5421898

Ayame is fairly active in terms of member streams, Shion less so.

>> No.5421913

its pretty much the minimum number of subs yeah

>> No.5421925
File: 141 KB, 290x307, 1622716535341.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>includes Twitch subs for Mikochi
>still loses to memeshark


>> No.5423312

>or Ame until very recently
Why did Ame change her policy?

>> No.5423579

Thank you, this is a well-reasoned rrat!

>> No.5424221

>Cover losing the member with the 3rd most memberships
Good job retards

>> No.5424839

She just posted a tease gif of her vr model to T2+ members specifically because she was so excited about it that she had to tell someone but at the same time she didn't want to spoiler the surprise for everyone.
She posted the same gif on twitter after the stream.

>> No.5424859

why the fuck is Risu so low?

>> No.5425073
File: 338 KB, 720x720, 1595032824806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And both get shit on by Rushia who is only a tiny bit behind Coco WITH THE GRADUATION BUFF ALL MONTH.

You are small time.

>> No.5425118
File: 138 KB, 1024x630, 1612969691503.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Treerrat, I promise to adopt and take care of you.

>> No.5425243

the absolute state of kfps

>> No.5425372

Retarded burger EOP here, why do the nips like Rushia so much?

>> No.5425400

She has actual superpowers and hypnotizes her chat

>> No.5427045

>and the members of that discord have to prove they're active members every month in order to be members

>> No.5427129

It used to be automated, you'd just link your YouTube account to discord and it verified the membership by itself
That bot broke so now it's manual

>> No.5427131

Huh, this is interesting. I remember earlier (either during March or April), nips put up a total membership chart based on total amount of emojis (counted blank / unfilled slot too to avoid undercounting lazy talents who didn't bother filling their emojis slots). FBK was in top 5 or 8 in that chart, and yet in this chart (membership gains, I presume?) she is #18.
Did FBK have so many members before the start of the year that it could somewhat offset her relatively slow growth (compared to the top holos in this chart at least)?

>> No.5427175

It's retarded, sure it makes sense if you want a members only club but christ. The only time I regretted not buying into discordfaggotry is the birthday book she got

>> No.5427264

That hurts a bit, but it's not like a VTuber company's revenue mainly comes from their SCs / membership anyway. Securing future investors / sponsors / MSM appearance / merch sales probably earn them way more than what they get from talents' memberships and SCs.

>> No.5427411

she's clingy, treats her chat as god and will slit wrist if anyone of her members stop subscribing the same could be said about pekora, they're both hiki autist.

>> No.5427440

Cute, mostly inoffensive GFE but has autistic moments too

>> No.5427562

Different methods of guessing. Neither seems to be accurate.

>> No.5428406

>i don’t read japanese
At least learn Hiragana/Katakana

>> No.5428438

What would the numbers look like in terms of members / subscribers as a percentage?

>> No.5429659

>open that image

>> No.5430652

Thank you!

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