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>Gura is a cunn-

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Good, maybe people will finally accept that no true lolis exist in Hololive and it's all teen shit

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Thousands of chumbuds suddenly cried out in terror and were silenced.

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Or maybe tards like you will figure out they made it like that so it can sell in Australia and Canada.

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wearing pads

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There's no law against having a piece of merchandise of a clothed flat chested anime girl in Canada, believe it or not

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I mean she even admitted to wearing pads so idk what you are on about.

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oppai loli

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accept the cunny

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>Nacho Mama confirmed Gura is pettan
>Gura admitted in the very stream that she was using padding

Sorry, your rrat is too weak

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this, great thread, tourists fags

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tame EN shit. Too afraid to be bold.

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Not canon. Her Mama herself confirmed two days ago that Gura is flat. Some underpaid intern inserting his own fetishes into merchandise and/or Gura overcompensating in her birthday merch means nothing.

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Lol, explain those womanly curves then, that's nothing more than a cope.

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americans would probably cause problems if they actually tried to sell loli goods of gura

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Absolute cowards.

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>Implying a single pandering pettan joke means more than official merch

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They did it to Gura, they already did it to Towa and Matsuri, they're going to do it to everyone who isn't already a C-cup. It's over.

I'm not even into loli, for christ's sake. I just like small tits, I literally don't care about anything else. I like tall girls and huge thighs, even. This is infuriating.

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>explain those womanly curves then,
icomochi cope

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A loli is the most popular vtuber in the world and you have to accept that.

Cowtits are out of fashion.

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>Her Mama herself confirmed two days ago that Gura is flat
She can't decide shit, Cover can

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It's not an intern. It's the artist Gura hired. She was probably too retarded to protest and just acceptdd the art

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I accept what I see with my own two eyes. And I see a woman with breasts and curves in this image. An official (see: canon) image. It's (you) who cannot accept reality.

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But I just cum.

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shark is just Shion, funimation edition. why settle for scraps?

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Now we know where she puts her floaties.

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She said herself its padding. Gura is flat.

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Cover can say what is and isn't true

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Yes, she also claimed that she was taking a bath on stream, and that she didn't know what meatspin was. As we all know Gura is very trustworthy.
Accept the reality in front of your eyes.

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Proof that she's a short woman and not a loli.
Uohers blown the fuck out

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>expecting these people to actually watch streams.

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Next time she gets a new costume, she'll have tits. Just you wait.

Remember when Towa was supposed to be flat?

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She can't sing for shit and has the worst version of sorairo days i've ever heard.

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Wait, wtf. She has no gills?

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i'm thinking the managers are the ones who pushed for it, if you check out his other gura art she's flat. it's not hard to imagine the PR or managers saying it'll cause problems if you sell a loli in a swimsuit to the anglosphere

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The artist can take some liberties. But the mama is the one in charge of designing the next oufits. Mama knows best.

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Unlike Ina who is doomed to be 180 degrees flat, Gura is still a growing atlantean girl. Don't worry though, you'll all be long dead by the time she graduates from being cunny.

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>official art

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I see. So rrat town it is then.

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Seethe over what, i'm pointing out a shitty song cover from "the best singer in Hololive".

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The mama does the basic designs, but ultimately Cover dictates all canon depictions of their characters. If it was not canon, it would not be portrayed in official art.

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>5418841 (You)

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this is an intense cope, this gif was made for you guys

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Hey that's me!

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>Her artist says shes flat
>Gura herself says its padding

You normalfags sure are desperate to not be labeled lolicons, huh?

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it's not really a rrat other than who requested it, but when he does fanart she's a loli, when he got commissioned she's not

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Sorry, do you want to make the argument that Gura was really taking a bath in her bath stream? Or are you trying to say official merch isn't actually official? Either way you're a retard.

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And if Cover said she not that mean she not

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Her artist was making a pettan joke a la boing boing Rushia and Gura has lied on stream on several occasions. Cope.

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>in Canada
True, but Australia...

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Cover said nothing. We have one piece of artwork that Gura has already cleared up for us. It is canonically padding.

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It's not a rrat, relax.

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You can tell it's padding cause the top is basically floating off her torso, even accounting for the frills.

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There proof on stream that she is flat but i won't show it

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>a cope is more canon than what canon art actually portrays

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ironic shitposter begone

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And so do her cat ears

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Marine is so lucky

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>canonically padded even in the image
>redditors will still deny it

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Did he ever draw her in a swimsuit before? A lot of artists like to put on some fat on the boobs even when the character is flat if it's a swimwear

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You don't know how female swimsuits work, do you? There's often a built-in bra so that nipples don't poke out.

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Cover said nothing. And you just invented your head canon.

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Are you really trying to make the argument that official merch is not official? Sad cope.

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So canon art is less canon because your headcanon said so

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-tinuous source of inspiration for her fans.

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Another thing is that Suisei got boobs on her Family Mart merch.

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Canon art is intentionally misleading because the character herself as well as her creator said so. We're just going in circles now.

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Same artist. My rrat is this was the original artpiece but the cowards had them change it.

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Every artist would have preferences. Rurudo for one don't care if Towa merch or fanarts give her bigger boobs. Nacho probably don't either.

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I can’t believe this is even something for you guys to argue about. Who fucking cares

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And no one in their right mind would have called her a loli. They're just taking all the petite girls away at this point.

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explain that to the police officer

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Chumbuds only like Gura for her supposed flat chest and nothing else so this is a very touchy subject for them, pls andstnd. They'd drop her in a heartbeat if she looked any more adult.

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why does cover hire shit artists for merch? look at Marine getting quality stuff, this is deviantart tier.

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the highest order of canon is the model she streams with

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And because they're made up of 95% pedos

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You know what's canon? The Gura you *actually* see on stream designed by her mama, each day. That's the character which belongs to Cover, anonchama. Nothing is more official than that.

Cover commissions artists all the time. Like for the cover picture of Matusri / Gura collab. But those depictions won't be the Gura you see each day. I will stick to what I see each day instead of your stupid head canon. And then you go invent shit like "it is Cover's statement" when Cover made no statement, besides a commision.

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>reddit meme
So you've finally revealed yourself. You've had your fun, now its time to go back.

>> No.5419580

>You know what's canon? The Gura you *actually* see on stream designed by her mama, each day
You mean the one that clearly has teen proportions and an adult woman's voice?

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The most popular vtuber in the world being a flat chested loli unironically means a lot to the lolicon community who are constantly under attack by twitter, reddit etc and are constantly having the characters they like removed from/downplayed/censored in media.

>> No.5419657

If it were so clear, people wouldn't be arguing about it. You wouldn't have to be arguing about it. Congratz, you disproved yourself.

>> No.5419711

>and are constantly having the characters they like removed from/downplayed/censored in media
If you engage with English "localizations" maybe. This is why /jp/ told you to learn Japanese. Lolicons are not oppressed. Comic LO continues to go strong despite 10 years of fearmongering now that the olympics would kill it.

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The fact that some people argue against their own eyesight and eardrums doesn't make Gura any more of an actual loli.

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>teen proporations
i guess 11 year old proportions do techinically count

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>i'm not a lolicon, gura has postpubescent proportions
what level of cope is this?

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redditor cope

>> No.5419999

And pedo cope

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Yeah they're actually pretty thick with the layering

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You've clearly forgotten what actual lolis look like, but that's okay because I'll remind you.

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File: 186 KB, 480x480, tM9AIt8rlGZNMubkL0pz7heK3Ei3GH0rM6go8mOoKa5WfGi-5nynQC3sSBUaMZF3KRwgsNIl=w0-h0-c-k-nd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Inside of you there are two sharks
One is an apex predator
The other is a cute lolibaba

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the chad toddlercon has come

>> No.5420166

The fact that you see that as toddlercon just shows how far removed the term loli is from actual loli these days.

>> No.5420232

You're using anime/video game logic to a Vtuber and it's not quite the same thing, the character speaks for herself, the lore that she created for herself is more canon than anything Cover did pre-debut, it's well-established that the Vtubers themselves create their lore, why it would be different this one time? Gura collabed with her mama, they talked about pettan, in this birthday stream Gura clearly said it was padding, your rrat is inconsistent with everything in this genre.

>> No.5420295

This kek everyone complaining about the chest but forgot this is the first official belly drawing and no gills.

>> No.5420307

loli has been excessively watered down overtime, it's more of a catch-all term for any character with a flat chest under 5 foot these days, unless you had loligyonyuu into the mix which includes any short underaged characters with big tits

>> No.5420350

>Gura's not flat
Rushia BTFO.

>> No.5420433

>it's more of a catch-all term for any character with a flat chest these days
Fixed that for you. It no longer matters how tall you are; if you're flat (or small to a certain point), you're a Literal Child. I've unironically seen Tatsumaki and Holo get called lolis.

>> No.5420453

It would make sense that Cover would order it to be changed as this is an actual commercial product to be sold in English speaking countries and could potentially get them in trouble in 1 or 2 states.

But she's still canonically flat. She says so herself, begrudgingly, every stream including this one.

>> No.5420762

I mean Ina's flat chest was plastered all over Times Square recently. And its not like this is some R18 doujin. If it's kangaroo fuckers that caused the artist to have to draw using the wrong proportions than they just shouldnt ship to down undah

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Lolis are understood by examples, and one of the most iconic lolis is Illya from Fate.

Lolis are not defined by age (that would exclude Shinobu). Or by voice (that would exclude manga-only characters). They are defined by their physical appearances.

By the example of Illya as a yardstick, Gura is a loli with comfortable margins.

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why would a loli pad a bra

>> No.5421222

Genuine question. I've always been curious.

Where, exactly, would you say the "line" is between a loli and a petite woman? Because it seems like everyone's placement of said line is different, and one man's Literal Child is another's "no, that's just a flat lady, what's wrong with you?" It's really annoying for someone like me who likes small breasts, but has yet to find a single small-breasted character that doesn't have some controversy surrounding her.

>> No.5421259

Its a trope for flat characters to be self conscious about it.

>> No.5421307

You guys realise that a lot of swimsuits have padding right?

>> No.5421338

>caring what schizos think of your choice in cartoon characters

>> No.5421462

nice trips
loli was a term used to refer to petite woman, just with the innocence shit with it
but also used by pedos because of the lolita book and movies

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File: 424 KB, 1080x1873, Eyz0xbWWQAAbkSC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's pretty subjective, there are retards on twitter who think any character that isn't a D-cup amazonian qualifies as a loli

>> No.5421653

>any girl under 5'7

Isn't this like 80% of women? Wtf?

>> No.5421669

Kiara clearly stated that Gura is more boingboing than Ina. And Kiara has seen Gura's vmodel "naked". https://youtu.be/ThLlBViZktU?t=5232

>> No.5421693

lmao absolute retardpilled

>> No.5421743

This was an obvious troll albeit an elaborate one, half the posts in that thread contradicted each other

>> No.5421814

They all have seen her naked and Ame and Gura during Phogs collab basically re-established the pettan thing. Although shes still probably got more than Ina's non existent chest.

>> No.5421896


Before becoming a weeb I never knew what an anime loli was, but after Shakugan no Shana and Fate Stay Night, I knew. It is the popular usage, and I don't seek to contradict the popular usage. Words are understood by examples and usage, and if we disagree with usage, we are just describing a different concept with the same word. I did not think in clear lines or mathematical terms before calling Illya a loli. While Nausicaa and San are not lolis, even though they may just be as young or as tall as Illya. Because I have never heard people call them lolis, nor can I imagine it.

In other words, any definition of lolis is usually descriptive, instead of proscriptive.

>> No.5422186

The gist of what I'm getting out of this is that the only petite anime women who are objectively not lolis are unsexualized and at least B-cups. I don't know, I'm retarded, can you simplify that a little? I've been agonizing over this question for what feels like years now.

>> No.5422310

Anon, it's an argument whether she's flat, not whether she's a loli.

>> No.5422590

To simplify, if you hear enough people (like, over 50%) agree that a girl is a loli, she probably is one. Breasts aren't that big a factor, because big boobed lolis have their own tags on certain hentai websites.

>> No.5422641

hi, australian here. there is no way that shit will get through customs if they open it during a random inspection

>> No.5422754

Cover will go where the numbers are and where the money is. The potential western normie audience is many magnitudes larger than the weeb basement dweller crowd. They will tailor Gura in order to not be offensive to Western normie tastes; and surprise surprise, well-adjusted crowds are uneasy with the concept of a child body being flaunted sexually.
Gura will be boobafied, pedos will seethe, i will laugh.

>> No.5422886

That's a retarded metric to go by since the average normalfag has no idea what a loli is. If its the opinion of weebs then maybe.

>> No.5422893

Every fictional character that I've ever had any kind of attraction to has been called a loli more than a couple of times. Going by your 50% guideline, even characters I've had presented to me as "no, she's just a petite woman, look at her eye shape and proportions" like Shuten-Douji from FGO are straight up lolis (and I don't disagree with that, but still).

You say breasts aren't a factor, but the only characters I've never seen get called a loli always have gigantic ones, and they've always been a turn-off for me.

>> No.5422912

Rocking those paddings, gooruh.

>> No.5422927

I know you guys are cucked down there but pretty sure you can buy 'worse' shit off the shelves at Barnes & Nobles, no? This isn't hentai.

>> No.5422959

Sure you have to ask weebs. Only they know the other examples to judge.

>> No.5422965

don't forget that the majority of the weeb basement dweller crowd doesn't care (and some even prefer) that the art shows small/modest boobs rather than flat

>> No.5423000

go back

>> No.5423014

unfortunately in the federal government's eyes, if you're like anime, you're basically a pedophile waiting to happen

>> No.5423065

I would seethe, but then she immediately admitted to wearing paddings.

>> No.5423095

Stuff like No Game No Life has been taken off the shelves over there, actually. But you can still buy the Anime. Go figure.

>> No.5423110

>breasts aren't a factor
I say they aren't that big a factor. But they are still a factor when you look at the whole body. I just mean there is some flexibility. For instance, Kodomo no Jikan girls are among the defining examples of lolis, and there you have big boobs (Mimi Usa) as well as flat chests. In the other direction, a flat-chested girl who is never called a loli would be something like Phoenix (Fu Hua) from Honkai Impact.

>> No.5423126

All this "padding" cope. Her boobs were previously hidden by her hoodie.

>> No.5423175

Nice rrat, but she herself said those are paddings.

>> No.5423200

She said herself that its padding. Gura is canonically flat. You are the cope.

>> No.5423349

Looking up the character in question, I wouldn't call her flat-chested. She's just slightly below average. And unfortunately, I'd say she's a little past my threshold. (Plus, she's tangentially related to Genshin Impact, so I guarantee you I'll find ten zoomers on Twitter who would prove that "never called a loli" fact wrong instantly, but that's beside the point.)

I guess you're basically telling me to suck it up and go up a cup size?

>> No.5423565
File: 302 KB, 720x720, Uruha_Rushia_-_Portrait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura is less of a 'loli' than Rushia is. Nijisanji is the only company with actual lolis.

>> No.5423591


nta, but me personally,

It's a difficult term, I really don't like using it liberally, even though it gets used that way a lot.

I would usually only use loli to mean small and looks young enough to be a child. True lolis are actual child characters. There's babalolis and legal lolis which just look the part, or close enough, but are older. Flat grown up girls/petite women are not lolis, at least as I'd use the term.

But the term gets attached to them anyway. Also, anime artstyle can make it hard to draw that line between a legal loli or petite woman. So I wouldn't usually even call 'legal lolis' lolis unless they're VERY obviously supposed to look like actual children (Shinobu for example).

I think (talking from ass here) part of the problem is that JP can joke about "ohhhh so you're a lolicon haha" if you like a flat, small girl and it's fine, nobody cares. So if you're on that perspective, just call them all lolis because it's not a big deal.

But in EN, where the analogue would be "oh you're a pedo lol", it's very much NOT okay. So some people are hesitant to assign 'loli' to characters that others do. Some assholes just want to call everyone pedos so they'll call every character short of kaichou or knight cup lolis. With so many people meaning different things, it's basically meaningless.

As for where to draw the line, fuck, who knows. Anime is so inconsistent, a non-flat 14yo end up looking identical to 30yos from other, or even the same shows. A flat 20yo looks like a child in some other one. It's a mess.

Gura looks the part, so she could reasonably be considered a loli, but I personally wouldn't call her one.

But as far as being annoyed, I'd say stop caring about the term. If you can ask five people what something means and get five different answers, it's a useless term.

If it's a more "practical" annoyance, you can search for the tag "low lolicon", or "small breasts" and even "loli" and just judge the doujin by it's cover.

>> No.5423614
File: 1.61 MB, 850x1325, file_169dtunbryv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura is just a lithe little hag pretending to be a retarded little girl. I bet she has a dozen kids.

>> No.5423663

>I guess you're basically telling me to suck it up and go up a cup size?
Stop looking for approval from literal children and feminists

>> No.5423812

>I'd say stop caring about the term.
"Stop caring about being called a pedophile" isn't as easy as it sounds, Anon.

>you can search for the tag "small breasts" and just judge the doujin by it's cover.
I already do exactly this. Worst case, I get a bunch of doujins where whoever tagged them thinks mid-to-large C-cups are small, best case, a bunch of Megumin and Misaka Mikoto doujins that weren't tagged properly.

>> No.5423839

Gotta start making them soon

>> No.5423850

believe in the cunny that believes in you.

>> No.5423912

once you accept that there is literally nothing wrong with being a pedophile then you can truly live
men were fucking cunny for centuries before feminists ruined it, it quite literally is our natural biological instinct to seek out young girls

>> No.5423930

If you want reasonably flat-chested girls? Fu Hua was an example I liked, but I'm sure there are others. Like Kurisu from Steins Gate, or Holo from Spice and Wolf. If those are still not flat enough, Momiji Binboda is literally a plain (because she is poverty god), but I don't know if I like her series enough. Pariya Togonosh is a girl I like, but I have no idea about her chest.

>> No.5423998

Is her roommate OK with this design?

>> No.5424017

All mine.

>> No.5424087

Gura has boobs?

>> No.5424106 [DELETED] 

gura's roommate is not pettan so she's just larping.

>> No.5424116

never for a moment think that she does not know what she is doing. It is her niche, just like being a toddler is Luna and Miko's niche.

>> No.5424128


If you don't want to be called a pedo, don't call yourself a lolicon. If you say you like flat women, reasonable people will know you're not a pedo. Unreasonable people will call you a pedo regardless of what you do. They'll call anyone who likes anything anime a pedo. You can't fix their misunderstanding because they want to hate you and hating you necessitates that misunderstanding.

Shit as it is, yes. Stop caring about them.

>> No.5424165

Recent official artwork makes it pretty clear she's not flat. However, Maho from the same franchise is more my speed. And, of course, at least two people in-series call her a legal loli, and a grade-schooler assumes she's her age, so that's fucked.
Literally saw her get called a loli last week on Twitter. Plus, I've looked at recent official artwork, and she's not flat anymore. She's had a kid, for fuck's sake. They're literally sagging.

Google tells me Pariya is a teenager, so she's out, but Momiji might be good. Is her franchise fanservicey at all?

>> No.5424187

Yes, girls have boobs.

>> No.5424206

>stop caring about them
have you seen all the drama on this board?
you really think most /vt/ posters can do this successfully?

>> No.5424230

I'll call myself a lolicon on an anonymous tibetian shadow puppet theater forum as much as I want and will tell people who call me a pedo to go back and dilate as much as I want

>> No.5424365

funny with some fanservice but it's usual for anime

>> No.5424401

who cares. the chum jar is still getting filled.

>> No.5424421

Kurisu is a dime piece

>> No.5424487

Filled with what?

>> No.5424498

No I don't think they can, but I'm still going to tell them to lol


You do you

>she's not flat anymore. She's had a kid, for fuck's sake. They're literally sagging.

How could they do this to one of the most perfectly formed girls in anime? That's the saddest news I've heard all day.

>> No.5424530 [SPOILER] 
File: 209 KB, 1600x900, 1624250732343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking her up a bit more, it looks like she's an humongous bitch with no redeeming qualities. I'm willing to overlook a lot of shit for small tits, but there's a limit. Plus, the franchise looks like flat joke city. Hard pass.

Did I say recent art? I meant "literally the first game.

>> No.5424571

Mayuri is there ruining a beautiful scene.

>> No.5424602

Who care, it's fun.

>> No.5424637

i come here for the sole purpose of arguing over inane bullshit

>> No.5424695

Wtf I like Gura now???

>> No.5424869

Neither of the two were ever really my type.

>> No.5424888

her singing is good enough that i find the imperfections cute and more of a humanising mark

>> No.5424974

All mine.

>> No.5424983

she said it on stream dumbfuck

>> No.5425010

medium size breasts on a small body UUUOOOOOHHHHHH IM COOOOOOOM

>> No.5425105

Sounds like your type would be Nae.

>> No.5425121

not drawn by Nachoneko so its basically just fanart to me

>> No.5425266


I literally just said Maho was my type.

And immediately jumping to "well you must be a pedo then" is kind of the whole problem.

>> No.5425409
File: 31 KB, 600x600, 1612598152973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>she got Anya'd
Absolutely disrespectful to Nacho mama.

>> No.5425517
File: 1.98 MB, 1300x1180, Gura is a loli 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura is a based cunnyseur. There's nothing wrong with being a lolicon. It's ok to be a loli with breasts. It's also ok to be a loli with curves. Real lolicons understand this. Ironic weebs will just make fbi jokes and retards will scream pedo. Just know Gura literally does not care.
Gura is a loli. fucking deal with it. It's not a sin.

>> No.5425528

Shark cocksleeve!!

>> No.5425597
File: 1.10 MB, 944x1157, Toya Based.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's ok to like gura because she's a loli. You aren't going to go to jail for it. You're not a pedophile. You'll live. You can live your life just like anyone else in this world. At the end of the day they are just drawings. No, they are not drawing of," children". They are just idealizations and aesthetics. That's what art is. Everyone should be able to enjoy art. Everyone should be able to enjoy cunny. There is nothing wrong with lolis.

>> No.5425626
File: 700 KB, 952x767, 1595374839294.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Loli is a weight.

>> No.5425643

Genuinely don't understand how anyone can think this. Her default outfit hides it, yes, but every CG, official artwork, and scene that puts her in another outfit makes it clear she's, at worst, a mid-to-high B-cup. Small, but in no way flat.

>> No.5425676

Dime piece doesn’t mean flat

>> No.5425677

Cover better not start pushing the narrative that she isn't flat.
We're already starved for flat girls as it is, I fucking hate tits

>> No.5425708

>I fucking hate tits
Just say you’re attracted to men. It’s 2021, no one is going to shun you for it.

>> No.5425727
File: 1.32 MB, 1800x1200, faptogura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"well you must be a pedo then" is kind of the whole problem.
But I am. This isn't fucking reddit, pedo doesn't mean anything and the twitter fucks made it mean "thing I don't like." Some shitty youtuber tried to cancel gura way early on and got shut down hard.
nothing wrong with lolis

>> No.5425762

Nah, tits are just overrated.
Flat to B sized chests are way better because it makes girls cuter, and cuteness > sexiness for women

>> No.5425812

Who fucking cares about those countries? Does anyone even believe they exist?

>> No.5425825

Nope, femboys are alt-right adjacent or whatever. Don't like tits? Well, you're either a pedo or a nazi.

>> No.5425832

Busty girls can be cute too. What’s overrated is a big ass. It has no functionality.

>> No.5425840

The fuck Mayuri has glorious hips there.

>> No.5425849

>It has no functionality.
They're great at blowing shit, but other than that yeah I agree

>> No.5425896

I’ve yet to see a small ass that struggles with pushing shit out.

>> No.5425910

I don't remember towa ever being flat, she just had small tits.

>> No.5425913

No one wants hank hill ass unless you're asian. Doesn't need to be big, but not stupidly flat.

>> No.5425933


>> No.5425961

I don’t care if it’s a pancake ass. Just give me the cow tits.

>> No.5425986

I'll take cow tits over ass, so no argument from me.

>> No.5426049

You know what we can all appreciate? Thick thighs.

>> No.5426054

She got just as many cutting board jokes as Rushia and the rest, and I was always a little irritated that people were walking up to someone with visible cleavage and calling her flat, but she was definitely in that category. And then Palette and that merch of her in a wedding gown came out, and yeah, she's not even small breasted anymore.

Those screenshots I saw of From 1st make it look like they got to Matsuri, too. They'll get to everyone, eventually.

>> No.5426135

I loved the elins in tera. loli and thick

>> No.5426138

Nigger those are straight up toddlers.

>> No.5426153

Well said, brother. Small titties with a great pair of legs is literally the ideal body type.

>> No.5426205
File: 369 KB, 2000x2755, A4912C58-57E8-4AAC-AFDC-B8232D115DA4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Post more lolis

>> No.5426216

>They'll get to everyone, eventually.
If EN2 has zero lolis or flat chests despite Gura's popularity then that'll probably confirm it. Until then it's hard to say what they're thinking.

>> No.5426225
File: 2.43 MB, 2000x1374, Imagine.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>inb4 dumb nigger says lolis can't be meaty
One day those fucking retards will know all the wide ranges of lolis. When they do, I hope they all fucking dilate into the dirt.

>> No.5426310

>What they said is more important than what I can see
Cumbuds were honestly a mistake. They have brought in so many kids and retards.

>> No.5426341

She's literally the best singer in Hololive and could easy have been a worldwide pop sensation if she wasn't a lazy memer. Get some new fucking ears.

>> No.5426357

I knew hololive was heading in that direction the moment Holofive debuted and they were all titty monsters (Polka was average, but whatever). I was genuinely surprised when Gura and Ina (straight-up designed by the guy who made the eldritch loli from FGO) showed, but I'm thinking that's the end of an era, and Gura's Osh-Kosh B'gosh outfit and Ina's ludicrously modest costume that she apparently "left entirely up to her papa" just confirms it for me.

>> No.5426373

At least you specified hololive because we know vshojo has better singers.

>> No.5426430

hi nyanners

>> No.5426467

Remember when Gura had a comfy fanbase?

>> No.5426470


>> No.5426531

if she is a child she is sexual!!!

>> No.5426704


>> No.5426735

Hers has been the worst since HololiveEN started. It's just a consequence of being viral.

>> No.5426740

I think Ina's new costume is alright and is a nice contrast to her original one.

>> No.5426750

Kinda hard to get comfy when it's that crowded.

>> No.5426779

How much does Gura weigh?

>> No.5426852

So do I. But it's obviously as modest as it is because flat girls aren't allowed to be that openly flat anymore. Ina's using her old design far more often that I expected her to, but eventually she's going to switch to the artist outfit permanently, and then (under the guise of a Live2D update) when she shows off the default again, she'll have gotten a titty upgrade.

Even the other design Kuroboshi proposed was uncharacteristically modest.

>> No.5426889

>Modest persona being given a modest outfit
I think you're jumping the gun.

>> No.5426975

Ina said that she left the design entirely to her Papa, and Kuroboshi is known for his lewd designs, so I don't think he'd draw something that modest if he was actually left to his own devices.

>> No.5427943

I know you're not in the thread anymore, but I'm still a little pissed that this is the answer I got. One flat girl who's an unlikable punching bag, and three girls that are either a teenager or only flat/small if you're really oversexed.

>> No.5428186
File: 178 KB, 1200x895, 10266439a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's not horny 24/7. He can draw modest stuff if it calls for it. Take image attached which parallels Ina's current outfits; she has a revealing outfit and a modest outfit. Ina already has her revealing one and now she has a casual painter outfit to balance it out.

>> No.5428714

Why should I or anyone else for that matter care about that? This is a cowardly act and should be taken at face value to punish those responsible.

>> No.5428840

Get a load of this cope

>> No.5428881

Hey if you cope really really hard enough maybe your delusions might happen.

>> No.5428936

>The tranny can sing better than gura.

>> No.5428939

Tasteless faggot kys.

>> No.5428962

What is this thread even arguing about?

>> No.5429673

So deliciously flat it gets rejected by Australian customs and puts you on a list in Canada. I buy it, she said they're padded so its clear why they did it.

>> No.5434475

Anon, teens can have boobs and they’re children too.

>> No.5434617

Those look like 5 year olds. Have you forgotten that 5-10 year olds and teens are children too? Talk about moving the goalposts.

>> No.5434665
File: 26 KB, 598x574, booba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5434724


>> No.5434759

Cover can't stop kneeling

>> No.5435111

why Australia so cuck? even more than US

>> No.5435806 [DELETED] 

>being strict against sexual immorality is cucked
Wait, first the jews try to destroy the white race by promoting sexual perversion and now they do it by BTFOing pedos? Very interesting.

>> No.5435947

That sucks. They could’ve been based If they were consistent and banned the anime too.

>> No.5436003

Chum, what else?

>> No.5440822

I wonder how many people actually know what chum is, it's pretty visceral.

>> No.5442039

Because what's worse than being the US, is trying to imitate the US

>> No.5442450

>9000 years old
>Tail with bite wounds signifying she has mated before
Oh she definitely has kids

>> No.5443680


what do you call a loli milf?

>> No.5443741


now 80 percent of holos are lolis

>> No.5445062


>> No.5445420
File: 299 KB, 1200x839, 1624241628343.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry bros, this is my fault, but I will take responsibility.

>> No.5449629

Gura is versatile

>> No.5450558

Gura says she is flat and chest is padded on this image
How retarded can you all be?

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