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>Gura starts her song with a reference to Jesus Christ, the Logos
What did she mean by this?

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>What did she mean by this?
Convert and acknowledge that The Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one and only your true savior?

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>Flying spahetti monster
Bruh, you just posted cringe

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I too remember when I was an edgy atheist teen and thought I could dismiss all religion by calling God a flying spaghetti monster, purple unicorn, or sky daddy. Then I grew up.
It looks like Gura has too and she's on the path to becoming a good Christian daughter.

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Huh. You're right. What DID she mean by that?

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>Flying spaghetti monster

2014 called, they want their joke back

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Jesus helped her coming to terms with her past.

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girl is so religious she wont leave jesus behind with her success

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logos just means word in greek, hence why "god is the word".

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As well she shouldn’t, abandoning your faith because of success is incredibly cringe.

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she's done being a nihilist and found redemption

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Southern girls are pious

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So is she finally getting over nihilism?

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She won't become existentialist if you are asking.

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The translation they use is "One word brings another" but the Greek is ἐκ λόγον ἄλλος ἐκβαίνει λόγος which is better translated as "Out of the word, but another word comes out"

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Gura is a sentimentalist if anything.

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Or "I speak one word but another word comes out". Perhaps a reference to Guras social anxiety?

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incredibly based

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Based Gura

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>Flying Spaghetti Monster
Dawkins is already dying. Please just leave his cringe in the past.

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>Starts and ends the song in Greek
>One of her favourite food is spanakopita, a Greek staple
Yeah, I'm thinking based

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>Farm girl
>Not expecting her to be religious

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Holy cringe

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She's also a big fan of anal sex.

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That's a good take.

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She's a sjw

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damn this post caused a lot of butthurt

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she caters to pedos, of course she's christian

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“One word leads to another word”, has nothing to do with your Jewish god.

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based and church pilled

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She means the based farm girl is real and not a rrat.
This song is about lore and leaving HER drunk retard edgy self behind

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Word = Jesus

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your brain on christcuckoldry

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>Didn't catch the trinity reference
I don't know what to tell you anon, she likes her blonde detectives

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so one Jesus leads to another Jesus?

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You’re not typing in Jesus, you're typing in words. If someone were to claim that Zeus is lightning, doesn’t mean when lighting is mentioned means people are talking about Zeus.

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quite the opposite, its about accepting HER whole self.

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yeah yeah, and trannies are women and you're edgy for not believing that they are. trump has already lost.

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all me

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>still transphobic
grow up

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>some rrat said she's a jew, she postponed stream multiple times to join church festival during first month after debut
I believe the rrat

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I'm not afraid of trans people anon, after all, I don't do women's sports
Now get back on topic before you get bonked!

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>I'm not afraid of trans people anon, after all, I don't do women's sports
>Now get back on topic before you get bonked!

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Because at the end of our life, the only one true thing we need is our Lord and Savior.

Toss away your faith in your oshis and return to the real VTuber of life, Jesus Christ. He will guide you with the Word of the Lord, and unlike the fake anime girls, who are clearly the works of the devil, he really does love you and does not need for material items such as superchats.

Repent and return to Him. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.

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The only God is Allah, and Muhammad is his final messenger.

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Anon is Oldfag

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>real VTuber of life, Jesus Christ
This... makes more sense than I'd like to admit...

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My zealotry extends far beyond your petty social issues you faggot.

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Don't be that fragile, man

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Why are there so many religious people on a mongolian basketweaving forum?

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ew disgusting a tranny

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>my life is so empty that i need to my daydream about my imaginary friend to feel satisfied

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Only in a very specific context. For most people, "word" has nothing to do with Christ. Take your meds and go outside.

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Jesus was an sjw.

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Being an atheist, being militantly anti-religious, is just cringe. Doesn't necessarily mean anons are religious when they call out your cringe movement that got demolished by Islam.

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Their mentality is exactly the same as that of gachikois. Being delusional.

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>I can't sneed
In all my years I don't think I have never laughed so hard at a single screencap before. I am unironically in tears rn

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>your cringe movement that got demolished by Islam.
wtf I am muslim now!

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I'm not afraid of water anon, after all, I don't do aqeous solutions.
Now get back on topic before you get bonked!

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>throwing old atheist joke
>unexpected amount of butthurt backlash
>the thread derails spectacularly

>throwing racist slurs
>couples of racist slurs tennis rally
>completely normal
4Chan true colors

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>Doesn't necessarily mean anons are religious when they call out your cringe movement that got demolished by Islam.
Yeah, as if someone who isn't religious would ever say something like this: >>5433951

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Election tourists still haven't left. They blend in by saying nigger, but mention the dead jew on a stick and it's guaranteed replies.

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>Music/Mix/Master : mudslime name
Too bad anon..

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He is making fun of his cringe post by doing an over the top reply to contrast his.

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and THIS will cause more for YOU
*rapes you*

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Nah she used to make fun of trannies.

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>one word brings another word
which one refers to Christ? I mean I'd like this to be true but it needs quite a stretch to make sense.

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I's more about accepting your cringe past and moving foward.

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thanks seminary anon

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christcucks main diet seems to consist of low quality bait

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Kek. Gets me every time.

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So does Gura have one nature, energy, and will (Todd's Daughter), or two natures, energies, and wills (Todd's Daughter AND Gawr Gura)?

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Incredibly based anonchama

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>>one word brings another word
>which one refers to Christ?
They say word = Jesus. So they it means one Jesus brings another Jesus. Just like how when lightning is mentioned on the news, and you know they are referring to Zeus. And like how Gura hated herself and was a piece of shit until she found a relaxed peaceful life in Hololive with her lord Jesus christ as her god.

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4chan is counterculture, the culture of the internet is anti religion so you have people here larping as Christians. You can use this to explain almost every behaviour on this website, it's contrarianism, pure and simple.

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>moshi moshi, anon is faggot? ok

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>Being an atheist is just cringe
So is believing in a Jewish God, well that even more so, obviously.

>> No.5442595

Yeah zoomer/millenials who have become christcucks later in life because they were too lazy to read the western canon and then shit up this site are basically as bad as twitter leftoid tourists. I wish this site would die to be remade but the feds will never let it happen.

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religion is the default human mode of existence

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Jannies, did you seriously just try to ban me for THIS? wtf?

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>noooooooooo you have to believe in the voices in my head otherwise you're cringe

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he literally made Jewish society cope and seethe so hard they had him executed, and even then he ultimately had the last laugh, I'd say that's pretty based

>> No.5442715

>he had the last laugh
>Protestantism lays the foundation for the fall of the west into babylon hellscape 500 years later


>> No.5442793

>500 years later
anonchama when exactly do you think Protestantism started? I implore you to take your meds

>> No.5442837

If you think both Atheism and Christianity are cringe, what do you believe in? Are you one of 'em neopaganists?

So? Not his fault.

>> No.5442855

what have you done......

>> No.5442903

He posted his bull 1520, and I was estimating but I've heard good arguments 2020 will probably be marked as the fall of the west.

>Not being a based deist following the teachings at the height of human thought before germ*oids cope posted us into the toilet

>> No.5442930

Catholicism: cringe
Orthodoxy: cringe
Protestantism: unfathomably cringe
Gnosticism: based
Christian mysticism: based

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why are you bringing up Kiara?

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go commit

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>what do you believe in?
I’m agnostic

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>seethed so much and couldn't let it go
>got bonked

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Word = bird

>> No.5443293

Lightning on the news = Zeus

>> No.5443462

And you'd know a lot about that. Bend over for your favorite pastime, bucko

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link please

>> No.5443672

Reddit would love you back

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Careful you don't wanna cut your wrists, do you now.

>> No.5443779

Jesus commited suicidal

>> No.5443805

>Jesus suicide by cop
>Suicide is a mortal sin

lol dumb goyim religion

>> No.5443813

>fedora posting
>in 2021
God damn, it really takes me back

>> No.5443926

I already regret it wrote that.........

>> No.5444022

>saying this on /vt/ of all places

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Holy lmao, got em

>> No.5444419

Atheists keep getting BTFO'd at every turn.

>> No.5444536

Freemason heretic detected.

>> No.5444599

What do you gain from pretending that men are women and vice versa?

>> No.5445833

>my life is so empty that i need to my daydream about my imaginary friend to feel satisfied
Same reason they make rrats.

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He might kill himself if he finds out Gura is an atheist.

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She's not Kiara or Mori.

>> No.5446135

mori isn't an sjw mate

>> No.5446179

I was told about it more than 10 years ago, never would I have thought in my life that writing out the name of TFSM could possibly offend someone, but here we fucking are in a /vt/ split I suppose.

Anyway, that's obviously not what Gura meant, and Christianity in reference to anything but nun vtubers and that one Marine Subaru collab is off-topic, and was already off-topic before you derailed the thread. Just saying...

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He thinks Kiara and Mori are whores, while Gura has a clean past. It is, what it is.

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>didn't sing any christian songs for christmas karaoke
i don't think so

>> No.5446295

there's no reason to put a comma after is in the last sentence
do your grammar reps niggerchama

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Dial911 your wrists are bleeding

>> No.5446593

the age of prophets was over before muhammad was born.

>> No.5446605

The comma is intentional. It’s comes from something. Thanks for caring.

>> No.5446692

>romans kill off a rabbi because people listen to him and they're in the process of setting up to sack the region and want noone to lead the masses against them
you cucks need to educate yourselves instead of spouting nonsense.

>> No.5446797

To be fair, Rabbi Jesus himself was himself a Jew, so the Romans killed a Jewish Rabbi.

>> No.5446850

She is talking about her, retard, and the fact you should believe in her and the almighty god of the sea and atlantis.
Not cristcuk, but the belief in GURA,
now repent and convert
She is obsviously trying to convert you

>> No.5446872

literally incorrect grammar but ok retard

>> No.5449592

Blessed Forever

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>t. Demon

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>This ridiculous thread is somehow still going
Well, if nothing else, it's nice to see meidos easing up on shitposting. It's more fun this way

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More like holobased.

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>Then I grew up
Sure you did kid

>> No.5454535

Same reason trannies exists

>> No.5456087

Have you looked at the state of the modern world? There is no better evidence that Demons are real and stalk the earth.

>> No.5456907

The context makes it obvious shes not talking about words. She even uses the trinitarian term for procession of the Son. Cope harder.

>> No.5457030

big if true

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>> No.5457391

>no one in the thread read Aristotle
>no one in the thread read the Gospel of John
Λόγος is the reason, the Son of God is the incarnation of Λόγος. He's not the "word" as a language unit, try to keep up. Read Aristotle's Rhetoric. Retards like >>5440235 have no idea what they're talking about.

>> No.5457762

The only thing I need to know about the Bible is jews are at fault for everything and the holocaust didn't happen but it should have and IT WILL

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Just her personal way of torturing Woolie

>> No.5458031

Rope faggot

>> No.5458082

Christcucks out

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>Read the western canon
>Realize Christianity is true and the Enlightenment was a huge mistake

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That was very based of you anon

>> No.5458521

same here, bro

>> No.5458546

read Rene Guenon

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Based and Christpilled

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11 hours later, still based.

>> No.5460013

This may be a stretch, but it could be a reference to John 1:1. Especially since the new testament was originally written in Greek
>In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

>> No.5460216

>twitter shit

>> No.5460226

But if Jesus is IDENTIFIED with logos, then it doesn't make sense for either a nonspecific "one word" or the "another word" it brings to be Christ. The only way this could be justified is by seriously reading in that the one word is the Father's and the another is the Son, but neither is given the uniqueness or reverence it deserves for this insinuation to be probable (e.g. they are both merely "one word," or "another word," and neither "the Word" with a definitive article).
Somebody says that the "brings" word is actually the same as "begets" which would confirm this, but I'm an EOP and can't even into kana, let alone ancient greek..

>> No.5460565

>dismiss all religion
You dismiss an order of magnitude more religion than I do, christcel.

>> No.5460760

read Rene Guenon

>> No.5461151

>Jesus reference
nani the fuck are you talking about?

>> No.5461350

It was 1517, 500th anniversary of the reformation was in 2017.

>> No.5461949

Based and breadpilled

>> No.5461955

still gross

>> No.5462611

this is factually incorrect but summarising the events as "made Jewish society cope and seethe so hard" has me in stitches

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>doesn't make sense for either a nonspecific "one word" or the "another word" it brings to be Christ.
Jesus leads to another Jesus. Welcome to Christianity, where people tell you you’re wrong for not believing X VTuber is a religious nutter.

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