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Due to my crippling autism to organize everything, I have been looking on Twitter to see each and every individual who is auditioning for Hololive EN Gen 2. Here is some of what I have so far, categorizing by newest posts. There's many more but a lot of vtuber cliques and groups are currently audtioning en masse without publicizing it. The biggest clue are Hololive audition retweets on those accounts, since they don't say anything about it. Also, this week and the next week are having a huge amount of debuting vtubers in the indie scene, I lost count after 50. This is just a small segmented list as there are at least 80+ VTweeters or pre-debut vtubers with no content who all said so. There's also a ton of clueless guys applying thinking they're somehow going to get into HoloEN Gen 2.

>Snow Evarose, music producer
>Tomoe Chisaki, ASMR and unironic uwu poster
>rivkarie, vampire singer / JP + EN
>Bianca Bubblegum, pre-debut vtuber
>Bri, re-debuting vtuber, streaming right now
>Bella, catshark totally-not-Gura
>Cooky Usagida, MS Paint chuuba / JP + EN
>Frey, JP + EN + FR artist and L2D illustrator
>Yuzu Hinata, HK Vtuber + CN + JP + EN
>Lorisse, EN + ES chuuba, interesting model
>Emimi, backwards cap tomboy
>Kaneko Hato, EN + ID + JP
>Kana, TH + EN evil queen, old timey singer
>Myu, squeaky Nyanners type
>Polaris Vanilla, extremely gay and woke illustrator
>Noire Vermillion, panda chuuba who loves bread, recently privated her videos
>Meeka Avery, wood elf with an alright singing voice

In other news, someone made a L2D rig of EnMa.

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who fucking cares. i wish people would stop shilling this zipperhead crap

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Got anyone who actually has a chance? They'd have to be as good as HoloEN gen1

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>as good as HoloEN gen1

that's not really a tall order

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ogey, zhang

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come on man

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I dread this. I heard in another thread they're specifially going after black and LGBTQIAPORK+ peeps. I guess we can just show them by not subscribing and not watching that we don't approve of wokeshit.

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Frey is the only one on that list who really stands out to me. Most of the high spec people auditioning are either not vtubers and go unnoticed or are already vtubers who haven't said anything about it. What's really striking to me is the sheer volume of VTweeters thinking they have a chance, especially with Mori more or less implying she's a part of the vetting process.

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Well, every single one of those people will not make it into gen 2.

You're not supposed to fucking say anything during auditions.

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laughing hard at how much of a virgin you are

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Anyone saying they're auditioning is immediately disqualifying themselves.

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I've had sex, just not with men. Is that what you are referring to? My virgin anus? Because I'm quite proud of it.

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>being a /pol/ack
no wonder you fall for such a simple rrat so easily

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The fact that you're taking hearsay from 4chan at face value tells a lot more about your character than you think you're letting on.

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The ones who get in probably aren't gonna tell anyone they're auditioning

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>Anyone saying they're auditioning is immediately disqualifying themselves.

hololive's whole "super serious secret idoru onry!!" thing is genuinely retarded. i don't know why anybody simps for these fake characters created by such a manipulative company. i feel bad for the people who VA the characters because they deserve better, but the fans who support this shit are braindead

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stop, my dick won't be able to handle it

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>someone posts something
>post a hypothetical scenario with the assumption that it is accurate
>lol u believe everything you read on 4chin!
I'm sure you'd love a member of the GNAA joining hololive, but I don't think the love would be universal.

I'm actually from /g/, but your slander rolls off me like water off the back of a duck. Tut tut.

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Polaris Vanilla has potential, from the 5 seconds total I've heard her speak.

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>unironic uwu poster
You guys are gonna hate me for saying this but o fucking love it when a cute girl does that bullshit.

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Wokeshit? Doesn't stand a chance against Yagoo. Dude is a clever guy.

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Just think of them as actors. What's the difference?

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So none of OUR girls are auditioning?
Nina, Rose, Yoro, Kana, Nyaru?

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I'm 99% sure she will get in.

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Same, part of the reason I liked >HER in the old times

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This is only a list of people who are retarded enough to publicly state that they auditioned, and disqualify themselves. All the good vtubers will never say anything.

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>>Kana, TH + EN evil queen, old timey singer

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She’s boring as a vtuber and should go back to making nier videos

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Me too, just so she can implode 2nd gen onto itself with some sudden tantrum.
That's what i assume is happening.

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They wouldn't announce it.

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She's too menhera and has no charisma. What would be the benefit of hiring her when she doesn't get to keep her high quality model?

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If Kana, the Kamioki one would get in.
Do you guys think they would let her use her nacho catgirl live2d she uses now?
Maybe rariemonn or that other tech wizard could rig it better.

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Kana herself said that she will still run as an indie

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>Frey, JP + EN + FR artist and L2D illustrator

Her profile says Chinese+English+French, not Japanese

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That's actually surprising, tsunderia must have really rustled her jimmies. I think she would have a fairly great chance at making 2nd gen.

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I applied. the chances are next to zero but better than not trying at all

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Man are not welcome.

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Kana would probably have to drop or give away her model to Cover, so I doubt she'll audition.

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first gen was a fluke
it all comes tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down
from now on

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Kana's biggest problem in Tsunderia is she couldn't communicate with her colleagues due to being a loner. Why would she join Hololive where collabs are even more important? She seems like someone that genuinely prefers being alone and isn't in a position to "force" her own character development like Pekora or Korone.

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I think that's one of the points as to why cover would have easier time hiring her.
She has actually great looking model ready to go by someone that spawned gura, maybe if they are autistic they can rig it better, hell if i know if it's doable.

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When have i heard something similar all last year?

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They'd absolutely never ever do this. They need to maintain merchandising and licensing rights for the model. The only one they've ever done it for is Suisei and her model has since been replaced by one that was made in-house. I agree Kana's model is high quality and could easily pass in Hololive but it's just legally not an option.

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no how many times do i have to tell you? they dont get to keep their avatars. the only instance of this happening is suisei and she had to re-audition bazillions of times. and there's no suisei tier holo in western community anyway

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I've been hearing this since HoloJP Gen 3. The closest thing this ever came to fruition was Aloe's graduation.

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She would have to literally hand it over, wouldn't she?

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Guys, Koopa is auditioning, my uncle works at cover.
He also said it was chink manager that gave mods to other chinks on THAT BITCH chat.

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Gen 1 was lighting in a bottle.
There is no way they can repeat it bros...

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I don't think she can, even if she offered to they wouldn't take it.

The idea of building their character brands from the ground up is important to them, especially for someone joining a gen. It'd be unfair to her genmates if she got to bring over all her fans and her model while they can't. Suisei was an exception because she joined Azki's label first and transferred over without being part of a gen.

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>Gen 1 was lighting in a bottle.
>There is no way they can repeat it bros...
ID2 was surprisingly better than ID1, at least Anya notwithstanding

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Is it better to be an indepedent or is it better to be under a corp's umbrella? Anon explained to me that the latter guarantees subs but wouldn't you be more or less at their leadership's mercy for better or for worse?

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Well as an indie you're at the mercy of the market at large and only 1% of indies end up with any actual success so...

>> No.560194

Your audience will be around ten to hundred times bigger as a Hololive member compared to what you'd pull as an indie. That's a lot of money if you're a career streamer

>> No.560213

If you want revenue, being with a corp/agency would be preferred. But you're also going to be limited in games you can play (permissions), are held to a much stricter schedule and/or are expected to clearly telegraph what you're doing 9/10 of the time (occasional guerilla streams, but can't just stream whenever you feel like it with no warning), and have to deal with any demands of "hey, everyone else in the agency is playing X, we need you to join in the server even if you despise the game, at least show face for a couple streams."

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Literally everyone in that list is NGMI

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Its only a matter of time anon, i give it two years max before it all goes woke. Enjoy it while you can.

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The nice thing is that the people agitating for wokeness won't subscribe and they won't watch. it will literally be "get woke go broke". It's the same thing for (women and) videogames. Twitter mobs demand manly looking broads but they're not buying games.

>> No.565116

It wont happen if everyone is annoying enough.
Artemis is the prime example: already forgotten and declining.

Hololive exist out of milking gachikois. This vtweeting debacle at least showed that followers don't become viewers.

>> No.565654

Going corp means you'll be restricted on what you can say, who you can collab with and what games you can play, not to mention the 3 videos a week policy. However you basically obtain guaranteed success and especially nowadays a HUGE headstart. It's basically the safe option.
Imagine believing anything you read on this site without fact checking first, you sound like a facebook grandma.

>> No.565729

Still the biggest western vtuber post HoloEN. Better off than most of the literal whos that will apply.

>> No.565732

Fact checking is for cucks.

>> No.565779

Okay 'maam.

>> No.565868

Holy fucking shit not even out and looks even more garbage and cancerous than first gen that was already a bunch of unbearable roasties, nuke this gen plz

>> No.565871

Imagine entertaining a thought without 100% believing it. I believe Plato called it the sign of having a mature mind. Something you wouldn't know anything about, since you're underage.

>> No.566004

>believing unsubstantiated rumors just because they fit your worldview of perpetual outrage over minorities and sjws is mature.
you have to go back.

>> No.566070

I don't care about that Plato retard, there's a difference between entertaining a thought and trying to instigate a political discussion in a thread that has nothing to with it. I'm sorry that you find repeating hearsay fun, but most people can use something called common sense to not put on a tinfoil hat everytime they go out.

>> No.566141

Oooo someone mad niggersanji isnt more popular

>> No.566151

Thank you for understanding, anon-kun.

>> No.566169

We haven't even seen NijiEN yet

>> No.566216

Kind of funny none of these people will get in just for tweeting they applied.

>> No.566286

Remind them to not publicly announced the audition, it's its an auto disqualification for Cover.

>> No.566312


>Doesn't care about the father of philosophy
>calls me a retard
uhh, a knownothing and proud. Interesting you claim common sense when defending mentally ill rejects.

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while cover corp might be incompetent management-wise, they've always have a couple of talent seekers who really know what they're doing
the loudest about applying most definitely do not reflect the application pool as a whole
i expect to see some interesting and obscure additions to HoloEN Gen 2, not the roasties currently blabbing about applying or the ones doing so """"secretly""""

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>> No.566419

Just heard from my uncle that works at Cover that HoloEN2 will have a brown Muslim girl in a hijab playing a British character. She'll make fun of Amelia for not being a real Brit and introduce viewers to authentic British cuisine like curry, falafels, shawarma, and couscous.

This is now a post in a thread so it must be true, right?

>> No.566452

You're so fucking embarrassing holy shit

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If anyone with a high class british accent applies, tey are basically going to be a shoe in. There have been strong requests from the EN members to have someone with a genuine british accent on the team.

>> No.566554

Thanks, was gonna go through the trouble of searching through all their twitters for yabai shit and archiving it but if none of them have a chance anyway you saved me time

>> No.566568

Everyone likes Risu.

>> No.566592

Let's play the tryhard philosopher then.
>>Doesn't care about the father of philosophy
>>calls me a retard
>uhh, a knownothing and proud.
Ad hominem
>Interesting you claim common sense when defending mentally ill rejects.
followed by a strawman.
Your move.

>> No.566615

why yes, i memorized a couple things from the book of logical fallacies and think they constitute an argument.

>> No.566641

British cowgirl or redneck please

>> No.566656

Strawman again. Will you surrender?

>> No.566675

No company flaunts the roommates, retard.

>> No.566693

What the fuck is wrong with you, OP? Legitimate question. Why the actual fuck do you care?

>> No.566722

After stumbling upon one of her streams where she started talking about how she tried to force her younger brother to use cosmetics and wear kpop clothes specifically chosen by her i felt nauseous and bad. She's godawful person, extremely unhinged in hope that she will get filtered out and will never become Hololive member, holy fuck.

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As if being menhera wasn't a desirable trait for hololive.
Also she could fill the niche of being an EN mom, she already acts too old for her age, even if she doesn't want to do it at first, Enma could just whip her good.

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>t. in the list

>> No.566790

>what's wrong with you
Check the url

>> No.566804

At least she says the "a-word".

>> No.566812

Not gonna do your work for free, Coverchama...
Though this is a brilliant idea, I'll give you that

>> No.566814

>mom chara
those two things don't really seem compatible for an EN vtuber. Lamy does it for JP but it's just not the same in english I think.

>> No.567028

You think there aren't deranged Western moms out there?

>> No.567212

No that's the problem. Western women are already stereotyped as emotionally abusive menheras so it's not interesting. A doting japanese waifu being a menhera is "cute" but a raging 35 year old white woman who is an alcoholic pothead with 3 kids and no husband isn't cute or arousing. Hearing a girl yelling about murdering you or verbally berating you in japanese is cute to weebs but hearing someone do that in english is just stressful for the many socially awkward incels that have been traumatized by women.

>> No.567318

Rrat and bait. They would never hire black, no matter how qualified, just because woke groups would immediately doxx and dogpile her into denouncing Trump. It's just not worth the shitstorm.

>> No.567423

There's no reasons, vtubing in France is really bad I swear. Let me greentext you what it's like.
>be me
>be french
>wonder if there are chuubas in france
>google it
>found one who's streaming rn
>the girl act like any other unknown streamer
>basically she doesn't entertain viewers
>viewers entertain the stream by typing jokes in the chat
>viewers, all of them, are also small vtubers
>the girl doesn't know shit about japanese culture
>she doesn't want to be compared to a waifu
>she starts talking about her life
>then casually talks about her boyfriend
>she starts talking about her favorite film that involve... gay relationships

Well, it may be the worst one that I found, but the few more I watched aren't that better. They didn't catch the concept at all.

>> No.572141

>she starts talking about her favorite film that involve... gay relationships
Was it Call me by your name.
That movie is very good tho.

>> No.572358

A Japanese corp wouldn't let real woke / trans shit get in, especially after their EN branch has experienced them firsthand through shartemis and TBA vtweeters. If anything risky actually manages to get through, it will be tard wrangled to hell and back. Mori has 2 managers on her because she's so fucking stubborn and wants to collab with critikal and her indie friends.

>> No.572428

That applies to every Japanese vtuber company, talking about auditions will get you blacklisted by all the companies.

>> No.572492

Every fucking Jap vtuber company does this. I can't tell if you're fucking retarded or trolling.

>> No.572562

Her content as Nerines sucks, if she wasn't able to get in as VA there's no chance in hell she can make it how she is now.

>> No.572758

I am going to be honest: never knew any girl in this country that had what it takes to make a good streamer. Not surprised there's no good vtuber

>> No.572846

God you're stupid.

God you're stupid AND you think you're smart. How embarrassing.
And of course someone who likes Plato would say a dead man smarter than him agrees with him to try and look good, that's all he ever did either lmao

>> No.572880

A lot of these are vtweeters with minor in their bio, zero chance

>> No.572950

You'll basically never be able to stream as a full time career as an indie. There are exceptions but hoping to be one of the few streamers that make it big is abit like betting on you winning the lottery. Most streamers are lucky if they can earn a thousand dollars every month.

>> No.572991

For what? If they can't figure it out themselves they are a bad match for hololive anyway. It makes it easier for cover to weed out the undesirables.

>> No.573035

I can't tell, I stopped watching her stream at this exact moment, I'm not interested in that kind of romance.
Now that you said it, I just realised that the only french women youtubers I often watch are from science or animals channels. All the entertaining or gaming channels I watch are only held by men.

Well, I feel sorry for non-french people ITT who'd dream about that, but baguette women seem to be completely unfunny.

>> No.573072

>baguette women seem to be completely unfunny.
Well, at least they smell funny.

>> No.573075

You do know that actually doesn't matter, right?
Hololive has a rule where if you announce publicly you're auditioning, your application is invalid.

>> No.573103 [DELETED] 

Ame literally got caught in 8k saying "nigger" and nothing happened. I agree that they probably want to avoid controversy with all these necrotic twitter vermin, but lets not pretend that their vetting proccess is insurmountable for some of these shallow fucks

>> No.573199

there is absolutely no way Japanese company would ever let themselves be drown with those mentally ill faggots. Don't believe in any rrats you see you fucking autist.
Compile it and send it to cover so they will never be able to join Hololive. Those fucking vtweeter faggots should never be able to be in the same agency as Hololive.

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This is the point and laugh thread.
Speaking of which, pic related.

>> No.573255

It's less insurmountable and more that they don't care so long as they can assume you aren't stupid enough to do it on stream.
"Said nigger once while quoting someone else" is one thing, "Habitually calls people niggerfaggots on stream" is another.
So if the concept of someone at hololive disagreeing with your politics privately scares you that much I guess you should be worried, but if you're normal you can assume even if they do said person will keep it off stream if cover hired them.

>> No.573371

having mentally ill retards who chopped off his penis to become a fake female and joining "all female Hololive branch" is not a simple "disagreeing with your politics".

>> No.573413

So you're not normal then, got it

>> No.573456

god, just imagine.
fuck westerners

>> No.573658

The only people who thinks that it's normal to cut off his penis to become a female is mentally ill retards and leftists. Just like you. Nobody outside you small niche cultural marxist western retards will accepts you 41% suicide rate tranny faggots as a normal part of society. You're just really fucking loud and obnoxious and you have big tech who are also filled with cultural marxists retards on your side which makes your mentally ill voice got amplified. Japanese will never accept you garbage heaps of human being in especially in their big agency.

>> No.573751

Bro you sound really mad bro

>> No.573858


>> No.573902

Geminitay said she will try to join in her stream. You can check her channel in youtube or twitch

>> No.573934

You know, I don't actually know what this one means.
I understand cope and seethe, but I still don't know why people say dilate.

>> No.574060
File: 138 KB, 463x453, 1612748572502.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You are not normal if you don't like fake women
wtf is wrong with you?

>> No.574101

I just hate women

>> No.574113

Being so upset about it is weird, yes.

>> No.574250

Ah, the new normal, I can wait for what awaits to your people

>> No.574262

They already filtered themselves, how quaint.

>> No.574441

should instead encourage to announce their auditioning so they filter themselves.

>> No.575162

Source for Ame saying that? Never heard it before.

>> No.575195

Preemptive doxxing, I like your style

>> No.575206

Its roommate stuff, against board rules

>> No.575531

French streamers in general really live in their own bubble just like Germans and Mexicans. They are still somewhat xenophobic when it comes to interacting with English speakers or Asians. Only Japan recently opened up to overseas audience (livestream wise), and Hololive spearheaded it.

EPL watchalong fucking when?

>> No.575647 [DELETED] 


>> No.575657

>announcing that you've applied to hololive auditions instantly disqualifies you
he doesn't know

>> No.575739


>> No.575898

Where the fuck do you read board rules from? I come to this website there is only posts i see? There is no setting or FAQ pages to read anything

>> No.576147
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How many of them are mentally ill freaks?

>> No.576169

You'll never be a woman

>> No.576226

Fucking indies

>> No.576240

Man they dodged multiple bullets with HoloEN 1. Hate on Kiara all you want but she seems like a fucking saint compared to most of the people auditioning now

>> No.576247

They'll get the rope first

>> No.576257

How new?

>> No.576355

where da fug is koopa why is she not on the list KOOPA wtf are you doing???? GO AUDITION RIGHT NOW

>> No.576375

>Mori has 2 managers
You got a source for that? I didn't realize the ENs had different managers until I heard of JENMa and ENMa.

>> No.576455
File: 9 KB, 112x112, 531966207121686578.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Relax everyone. Yagoo will NEVER hire trannies and/or niggers because Yagoo is a purist and a right wing Nationalist

>> No.576458

It took you 3 hours to think of that one?

>> No.576494


>> No.576503

It's from when one of the bigger woker anime conventions literally set up rest areas for post op trannies to dilate(forcible open) their crotch wounds to prevent them from healing and closing back up as is natural.

>> No.576545
File: 20 KB, 669x116, 1601829672903.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Man they dodged multiple bullets with HoloEN 1
like holy fuck i've been sifting through the different possible EN vtubers and a lot of them have something very yab
from mental illness to political/controversial posts to attentionwhoring, etc.
you can almost accurately tell if they're a dumbass redditor or a discord faggot
and there are no exceptions no matter what persona, tons of hypocrites out there
you can easily notice that people from a certain sphere of influence likely have the same hivemind by just looking at the type of people they interact with

>> No.576551

I have a feeling they'll get European EN holos. Hopefully no fucking trannies

>> No.576578

They dodged nothing. The militant lefties and woke crowd got filtered through checking socials and the first interview. They knew Kiara was desperate enough to keep her woke shit to herself and not fuck up her chance.

>> No.576653

I am here to ALSO call you stupid

>> No.576816

But she isn't though? She's just another victim of the clout chasing trend and that was a really long time ago and a lot of people are starting to realise how bs it all was. That's just the cosplay community in general and you have to pretend to be like them just to 'fit in'.

>> No.576865

I don't say this lightly but I think she honestly has what it takes to thrive in there, and she fills a niche with pretty high demand. If only she could keep her tangents under control. But then again, no one's perfect.

>> No.576886


Those are gonna be some awkward Kana/Gura collabs

>> No.576888

literally the top of /vt/

>> No.576975
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>implying I'm here the whole time
Based retard

>> No.576988

You don't get it. That was JP talent pool and this is post-HoloEN western talent. Nobody, not even cover could wade through the mountains of shit and trojan horses without letting a time bomb in. HoloEN as we know it is over. It's all "I'm a woman not an object!" and "I can't keep silent any longer" twitter rants from here on out folks.

Now's the time to pull back and invest in your sub 200 viewer indies.

>> No.577023 [DELETED] 

Japan hates niggers I doubt they're going to try to appeal to them

>> No.577193

True. I used to shitpost in /cgl/ just for a laugh and it was funny to see how the divide would occur between normal, albeit total weeb cosplayers and the woke SJWs that wanted to police everything and thought of the hobby as secondary.

>> No.577311
File: 39 KB, 179x161, 1613194975072.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Froot abandons vshojo without notice and reemerges in HoloEN2

>> No.577378

When you try and make a thread, there is a "Rules and FAQ" link below the 'choose file' form.

>> No.578399

Shizukou, then.
I think she'd have a solid chance if she's applying.

>> No.578535 [DELETED] 

>Ame literally got caught in 8k saying "nigger"
What?, as far as I know she only said "nigga" and that was in two different clips. She never dropped the word "nigger" on stream
Imagine being this retarded

>> No.579340

check the sticky newfagchama
I got a warning for talking about roommates

>> No.579937


>> No.583106

ara ara

>> No.583443

All of them, just like every other gen before.

>> No.587352

Shes in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uWGwasE0cg

>> No.587743

But that's ID, not EN

>> No.588446

>pre-debut vtuber
Automatically disqualified.

>> No.589611

>hololive interview
>what's your twitter?
>what's your streaming history?
>take this "humor" test we prepared for the interview
>take this test into deciding who should live and who should die (nig vs jap)
>Do you have smelly feet?
>are you a hikki?
>so you don't have a boyfriend? Will you have one?
>can you entertain children?
>show me what you perceive as "cute"
>why did you come to us
>what's your biggest strength
>do you enjoy being fucked in the ass?
>so no pineapple?
>Congratulations, you're not hired. NEXT
This is what the holo audition is

>> No.589613

people here seem to not understand the difference between 'nigga' and 'nigger', probably too autistic to understand the difference.

>> No.589712
File: 229 KB, 691x1941, 1584103674915.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Add this girl to the list, she's pretty talented but also extremely menhera

>> No.589723

Damn Cover hire this man.

>> No.591219
File: 347 KB, 400x476, 1610341012212.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's your black girl for HoloEN Gen 2.

>> No.591491

Boondocks made a great episode about this. Either way a lot of people just throw huge shitfits over the A's and hard R's.

>> No.591533

>No FR - EN - JP applicant
I won't buy

>> No.592047

Anon there is no such thing as to menihara for hololive

>> No.592087

So you were just a doxnigger who wanted to get a jump early to get bait fuck off and never come back

>> No.592164

Fucking vtweeters don’t even understand the culture

>> No.593034

How long do these auditions take? Will we get new holo's by summer?

>> No.593093
File: 39 KB, 792x410, Screen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.33.38_AM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.593468
File: 188 KB, 471x254, じいいい.....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i am getting some pretty subtle schizo energies from this person
cover should bring them on and in a few years hopefully she will ferment into a full-blown juicy scandal by then

>> No.594252

tfw I thought that menhera meant something like men hater, or someone who acted like a man

>> No.594382

Applications end on the 26th of March. After that, it's usually 3 - 4 months of waiting as they catch the new hires up to speed and make sure they gel well with each other, along with any sort of emergencies in the meantime. We're going to see the new VSingers somewhere around April - May, with EN Gen 2 around July or so. I'm guessing they immediately put these auditions out as they probably weren't expecting so many people applying for VSingers thinking it was Gen 2.

>> No.594444


>> No.594465

None of the people who got into Gen 1 had any sort of controversial or online presence. Yes, even Kiara.

>> No.594474

>Will probably have a job by then
Thanks anon, my time to simp is coming

>> No.594843

That sounds kinda bad.
Super hot, but kinda bad.

>> No.597579

To be fair, Nijisanji is gonna trigger those mines earlier than Cover, in their rush to get to the western market they are definitely going to let some of the mines in the process letting Cover know to be extra careful when hiring

>> No.603656

>and make sure they gel well with each other
Didn't Mori said in TT that EN only talked with each other right before debuting?

>> No.607453

These are fairly reasonable tweets

>> No.611207

It means Mental Health so it's Japanese way of saying you're schizo.

>> No.611631

I unironically think the idol agency mentality helped them dodge that bullet. You cant have a politically charged idol after all. Kiara especially knows the limits of whats allowed for a nip idol.
Nobody deserves that kind of yab. Though the nijis might have less resistance because they have no idol pretensions and they might be desperate enough to allow their talents to gain ground through clickbait moral grandstanding

>> No.612307

>her indie friends.
No one stops her on that but the schedule slots times

>> No.612426

Ichikara will just do what Ichikara always do.
Throw the compromised talent under a train and keep mobbing it until she/he quits on it's own.
Plus the japanese branch won't ever ackwownledge NijiEN just like NijiID and especially Niji Pajeet so anything happening won't even reach them, they probably won't even be on the same discord server too

>> No.614701


>> No.615510

>tfw you will never have wild, filthy sex with a zombie idol


>> No.615840

Actually a lot of them write "[EN/FR]" in their titles, in the hope that many people outside of france could be interested I guess.
Anyway they aren't fluent enough to convince native english speakers to watch them. They can't really do elaborated jokes outside of autistic swears.

>> No.615963

>posting this image to the OP that has 190 posts into the thread

>> No.617063

Man their application is long as fuck compare to nijis 2 weeks long.

>> No.618017
File: 23 KB, 292x292, 1613161169682.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Every gen/group they hire someone with either physical chronic issue or questionable mental health or both.

>> No.618316

>There's also a ton of clueless guys applying thinking they're somehow going to get into HoloEN Gen 2.
Being condescending but asking for help ? That's bad.

>> No.618380

Holostars EN is far from being impossible

>> No.618412

Lol people thinking that announcing they're auditioning isn't an automatic DQ

that being said im following a certain purple dog that mentioned auditioning for Vsinger. she hasnt said anything about EN gen2 though

>> No.623665

My mom works at Hololive. According to people familiar with Yagoo's thinking, Gen 2 will have Varyana, Dude That's Lewd, and Sugar Waifu as new VTubers.

>> No.623954
File: 242 KB, 680x556, 1568776661229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It just hit me I won't be hearing her during KZ's KH Marathon this year.

>> No.624016

My dad works at Microsoft, he says he met a guy who might have known someone who has a friend that dreamed that windows 11 will be out next year

>> No.624135

So they lucked out basically. Here's to hoping that Gen2 is all more introverts who know how to keep their opinions to themselves.

>> No.624259

Fuck that, British Appalachian miner

>> No.624293

>If only she could keep her tangents under control.
That's literally one of her strengths though. You think they hire people to sit in front of a camera and not stretch a random subject into 20-30 minutes of extra views/donations? Zatsudan queens will always have a spot for stream idols.

>> No.624347
File: 933 KB, 1080x1350, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope we get a Sassy Black/Latina girl this generation. not like the libtard kind though, like the Catholic conservative kind. You know? that would be pretty epic I think

>> No.624348

I beg to differ. All EN roommates fulfilled one or more of the following:
>reference work in professional creative industry (art/music)
>Publicly released EPs, live concerts or art work
>streamed for at least a few years with moderate success
>JP/EN bilingual and/or lived in Japan.
I would say the lowest common denominator is not a tall order, and I guess that some are less rare or difficult, but it does mean that if you are a foreigner and discovered EN or ID at the time of their debut, with no particular experience in streaming or creative stuff, it is too late to obtain the same level of aptitude for becoming a chuuba.

>> No.624475 [DELETED] 
File: 237 KB, 1996x1996, 8273e77548e34886972f90cb3e98c9c8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the biggest western vtuber post HoloEN

>> No.624488

So had a history of successful creative work or was Kiara?

>> No.624553

Imagine wasting your time doing this. What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.624555

Keeping an unspoken requirement than nobody who started streaming less than a year before gen 1 debut gets hired should keep out the wokies, at least for 3-4 years to filter the ones that just want to hijack hololive's platform with their nonsense

>> No.624557

Is this why only Kanae and occasionally Sukoya are the only JPNijis to collab with other branches?

>> No.624571

>Source: My ass

>> No.624578

Must be a happeningfag, they want to be on the ground of the next graduation shitstorm

>> No.624619

Trips confirm.
Please do this Cover.
>start creating, stop tweeting
I'm surprised it made them seethe that much.

>> No.624643

This and I don't want any SJW infiltrators

>> No.624650

I have a feeling Welsh Sheep is going to attempt
She's really autistic about Hololive

>> No.624682

It's like you read straight from my subscription box.

>> No.624767

>post holoEN

>> No.624789

Yeah but like you said a lot of them just aren't interesting. I'm trying to find French streamers to watch to improve my listening comprehension but none of them seem that engaging.

>> No.625017

When you've grown up and spent more time here I hope you can one day look back at your retarded posts and realize what great bait they could one day make.

>> No.625028

Yoro and Nyaru are both part of a group already and Kana left a group specifically to become an indie

>> No.625195

heres yours (you) and your threadly reminder to kill yourself

>> No.625445

Going beyond vtubers, this sort of discretion is expected of practically any actor period.
See: that time the English voice of male Byleth was swiftly replaced after making a joke about being in Smash before the Byleth reveal.

>> No.625462

People underestimate cover's talent scouting ability. Everyone thought EN was going to be a trainwreck too. It's pretty much a requirement to have some sort of talent to join hololive (except for amelia) which automatically disqualifies 95% of the mentally ill twitter "vtuber" sphere. If anyone gets through who rocks the boat too much they WILL be cut with no remorse.

>> No.625503
File: 79 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can anyone stop this crab?

>> No.625582

I thought he got ousted for something else.

>> No.625618

No radical leftists. That is the only thing that can destroy Hololive.

>> No.625713

cover and niji are 100x better than any shitty western vtuber "company" (which aren't even companies they're just names people come up with and put in their stream titles together)

>> No.625819
File: 295 KB, 1012x1012, 1603663873913.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you can't even be trusted to keep your mouth shut about the auditions, how the fuck could Cover even trust you to not leak company and roommate info? Jesus anon this doesn't even have to be about cover and chuubas and it would still be retarded, Employers don't like employees with loose lips, period. Even more so for jobs that require OPSEC.

>> No.625868

Ignoring the whole vtuber thing, it's normal to drop people who can't read job application instructions. It's literally a basic test of your reading comprehension and professionalism.

>> No.626165
File: 507 KB, 653x567, 1585254734982.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was fearing holoEN would be e-thots with anime avatars but cover talent scouting has not disappointed. I hope they will be able to filter the undesirables this time around as well.

>> No.626269

You're doing god's work.

>> No.626281

wasn't ame already streaming for more than 3 year? even with just sub 200-300 viewer (iirc). i think that can be count as 'hard work is talent too' thing but dunno though, or maybe cover just want to fill the hardcore/tryhard gamer personality in their roster which dont need specific talent in comparison to other talent (if you ask about gura's, she know how to be meme)

>> No.626358
File: 295 KB, 535x700, 1613065702497.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got one right here

>> No.626836

>Yagoo will NEVER hire trannies

>> No.627598

She's batshit insane and will be the first EN graduate if they go through with it

>> No.627608

Streams are a bit advanced if you are still learning. The french spoken by streamers, especially the smaller ones, is very slangy.

>> No.628434

He was outed because Twitter dug up confessions of him beating his girlfriend or someshit. Not sure I believe it, but that's what the FE community at large says, even on 4chan.

>> No.628576

>The biggest clue are Hololive audition retweets
I'm sorry but it doesn't mean shit. They are likely retweeting it because it's big news in a "vtuber community"

>> No.628737

why the fuck would you tweet that publicly?

>> No.629139

That's part of the reason I don't buy it. The fact that he went back to doing his own internet shit afterwards tells me that he likely did SOMETHING, but it's hard to tell what.

>> No.629168

Nijisanji basically doesn't give a shit about you once you're in. If you want to collab with someone as a niji it's up to you to contact the dude and hash out all the details yourself, which is particularly tricky if you don't share a common language. This also encourages small cliques to form which is why you see many little groups form in niji that rarely interact outside their groups.

>> No.629264

Sounds funny, rooting for this one.

>> No.629311

Amelia has streamed for years before joining hololive so while she hasn't made it big she has proven that she knows her way around a streaming rig and what is expected of her. Most of the people in the op have never streamed before or if they have they've only have a few months experience under their belt. Even if their political shit doesn't weed them out that fact alone will.

>> No.629504

Also from everything I've heard Suisei had to fight with her legendary tryharding to even get that approved, Kana can barely talk to other people that like her and look up to her, much less do business negotiation.

>> No.629845

That's how a lot of people are with politics, they just do it to fit in. When there's actual money on the line people are good about shutting the fuck up about their personal beliefs, or adopting new ones that fit in better.

>> No.629887

If Haachama isn't memeing and is serious about joining holoen, what are her chances?

>> No.629904

none, why would Cover waste a slot with a circlejerk when they've got 5 shots at a new Gura/Calli

>> No.629925

No they at the very least watched gen 5 debuts together as a group (in their Discord). That was a full month before their own debuts.

>> No.629960

Nijis is basically "are you a streamer?" Ok you're gtg"

>> No.630071

Her existence is a meme. No chance.

>> No.630076

Why is Enma such a bully?

>> No.630102

Learn proper English, construct an entire false identity, stream for at least a year undercover successfully, apply for Gen 3, collab with herself, then reveal her deception to the amazement of the entire world.

>> No.630203

>Learn proper English
No need since Kiara got the job.

>> No.632207

Have you seen the shit people tweet? Some people are just genuinely dumb and don't expect their actions to have consequences.

>> No.636304
File: 277 KB, 473x462, EileMonty.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Crab is too strong. No one is stopping EileMonty either. EU Gen is coming

>> No.639165

Petition for HoloEN to get new Mane-chans.

>> No.641461

>Look at me guys, I'm different. Aren't my contrarian opinions so cool?

>> No.643498

>Yuzu Hinata, HK Vtuber + CN + JP + EN

You can go ahead and scratch this one off the list, nobody in the Vtuber industry is going to touch a person who speaks Chinese with a ten foot pole

>> No.646395

Her Korone impression was way too good

>> No.647415

I'm pretty sure they sign all sorts of contracts and documents detailing any kind of violation that will get them forcibly graduated. Especially after they suspended Haato and Coco for simply mentioning Taiwan existing. I'm sure if any of the current or new talent drops any kind of SJW nonsense on their stream or twitter, they will be reprimanded and possibly fired. Cover seems to have zero tolerance for any kind of deviation.

>> No.647434

Well yeah they all just read a script nowadays. That's why hololive is so soulless compared to Niji and indies.

>> No.648874
File: 378 KB, 1079x1369, Screenshot_20210216-064110_Twitter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Everyone here is mostly listing off Vtubers. Well what about Sarurei? She's a self taught professional artist since 2008 and she's been streaming on twitch since 2019 IIRC. She averages around 1.5k viewers last time I watched her and regularly draws cunny.


>> No.648966

There is a bigger chance for her to be holoparents than liver

>> No.649031

>>Kaneko Hato, EN + ID + JP
>applying to EN

>> No.649043

Why the fuck so many ID tubers know Japanese and English and whether language they speak

>> No.649296

Westerners should never be part of hiring for Japanese companies. Her white guilt will kick in and prop up niggers.

>> No.649415

yagoo and i ran train on ur mum

>> No.650732

Strong accent and too rude and lewd for cover

>> No.650876

>list of people for cover to disqualify for not being able to shut their mouth

>> No.656338

*dismissive belch*

>> No.656384

holy newfaggotry batman

>> No.656446


>> No.656497
File: 879 KB, 245x400, bxES7xn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

black chuuba with a white avatar when

>> No.656609

>except for amelia
Amelia has a talent for variety content, which is less immediately obvious than other ENs, but it's still there.

>> No.656699

that accent is great though
>too lewd for cover
no such thing

>> No.656723

That accent has a lot of potential

>> No.656872

>round glasses
>idiosyncratic voice
reminds me of dragon's roommate

>> No.656982

its probably not gonna be that long, 3-4 months is away to fucking much to "teach people how to stream" if it ends in march we should have then by june at the latest

>> No.657044

some of them had like nearly zero game streaming experience, its probably gona be harder to get in this time, since a lot mid sized streamers are gonna try it

>> No.657184

amelia was a streamer for years before ever joining hololive, while she was completely unknown, she is the only member of holoEN who was consistently streaming games even before getting signed, the thing about gen2 is we are going to see a lot of middle sized streamers join holo, i think the GEN2 is going to be much stronger quality wise than GEN1

>> No.657356
File: 27 KB, 400x400, 1611928645920.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

holoRU when?

>> No.657369

hopefully not anytime soon

>> No.657455


>> No.657476

until there are actual good black female streamers

>> No.657504

Has she even shown interests in becoming a Vtuber?

>> No.657513

not in any foreseeable future, Russian vtubing is in its infancy

>> No.657532

Ky0resu is your only hope

>> No.657739

Thanks anon, she's way higher quality than any other slavic content I've seen

>> No.657843

>check the channel
>it's basically senzawa but spanish/russian
There is good potential

>> No.659836

I thought the same thing, she could be a serious contender actually. Her streams are rather chaotic to watch though beacause of the numerous languages she can speak. She ticks all the boxes:

>> No.660231

I know her. She's a really good drawer. But:
>she doesn't play games
>she can't sing
>strong french accent, I could hear it from miles away
>and her sense of humour is also uh... well... very french

>> No.661778
File: 130 KB, 285x263, 1420899672136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sense of humer is very french


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