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Reminder to do your reps.

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Her blowjob must be amazing

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Imagine removing her head like a dullahan and keeping it with you for portable succ

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am i really lazy for being unable to stop coco's graduation?

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God, ID sounds so bad.

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Imagine removing her head and fuck her windpipe

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I find Indonesian to be soothing for some reason.

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I'm not a fan of the zombie but damn, going ham like that is respectable

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She just indirectly threw shots at her JP senpais for being JOPs.

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Well yeah, what's their fucking excuse? They're as bad as monolingual Americans.

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Ollie should be a rapper or something.
How can she speak so fast?

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So this is the language of piss gods

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Disinterest/occupied with other things. They don’t want their chat to be cluttered with EOPs. Also, HololiveEN exists for a reason.

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I'm saying that being monolingual is pathetic, in general.

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wow time to unsub what a cunt

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>bad as monolingual Americans
Yes, because it makes sense to learn another language when the nearest country that doesn't speak English is 2500km/1600 miles away. Most Europoors and Asians can not even comprehend that distance.

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I already know two and am learning Polish as a third, possibly Japanese or some shit like German as fourth. What's your excuse anons? Go learn, if not for you, for your oshi.

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Us Americans are too busy making money and useful things to waste time learning languages that aren't relevant to our daily life and careers

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the only thing relevant to your daily life and career is worshipping trannies and joggers

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>this coming from Ollie out of all people
This is just peak irony.

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You should be prioritizing learning chinese since your country will be taken over by them

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God I want an Indonesian gf so bad

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>Making useful things


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>not useful
Pick one

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> Brazilian
> Chinese take over
Nah we're good, last time some gringos tried to fuck with our country, they got robbed, raped, and were stranded in an airport for weeks having to beg for food. Turned themselves in to the police as well. Good shit.

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Anon I hate to tell you but Mexico still exists.

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>gloating about rape and robbery
Hueniggers gonna hue

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>4chan was made by an American
>YouTube was made by an American
>Google was made by an American

Wow anon, I guess you don't know shit

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Are Indonesians expected to pick up English easily like Scandinavians?

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Pick better examples, anon

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Hmm, well maybe the Chinese might actually leave your shithole alone. You guys can destroy your country on your own

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don't bother learning Polish, take Japanese lessons instead

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How so? Ollie is bilingual.

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Jesus, how do you guys stand watching her streams.

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Ollie is many thing but not monolingual, she's fucking styling on her language reps

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then why are you here faggot

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Ollie seems like the type of girl who likes being choked during sex.

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Someone who can memorize pi to 2445 digits would find learning a language really easy but for most of us it's very difficult and time consuming. I'm with the Indonesians on this one. Nice speech though.

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holy shit imagine the breakdowns during sex

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Imagine her yelling at you for cumming inside her without permission

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To shitpost while getting paid to sit at home on company time

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I always had a moderate level attraction towards Ollie but now it’s skyrocketed.

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>siding with retards

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I'd cum again

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This zombie is the true wild card.

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The point is, as an Indonesian learning English, and maybe Japanese, is not a luxury but a necessity if you want to go anywhere in life.

Consider >>5590550
While it's shitposting he's technically not wrong. As an English speaker, the one language that is literally accepted as the standard international language by the world, why the fuck would they waste their time learning a new language expect for luxury? I learned English because I didn't want to be stuck with my own culture, it was a necessity. Now, I'm learning Japanese only because I want to, I have otherwise absolutely no reason nor necessity to do this, which is why it can be called luxury.

Nobody would give a shit about Ollie if she didn't speak English.

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The expectations are totally different. Everyone knows that English lessons in Japan are basically useless, but Indonesians are expected to at least be moderately fluent in English if they go through compulsory education. Most IDs are closer to Moona than Ollie or Reine though, you can tell they actually put in the English reps.
Furthermore, the issue isn't necessarily not understanding English, it's the trying to annoy the talents into speaking more Indonesian by feigning ignorance. It's the double whammy of taking pride in not knowing things and trying to change the content of entertainers you're at least supposed to like (or why else would you be there being irritating?).

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Ok, but this doesn't explain how it is ironic that Ollie, an Indonesian who speaks English, is berating other Indonesians who don't speak English, and even take pride in it.

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So is that clip the reason why she had a wave of antis?

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They couldn’t prevail against the zombie.

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How are those gypsy caravans and shitskin rape gangs treating you, Sweden?

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Based. Do your reps for EN, JP, and ID. Stop being a fucking nuisance in chat.

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how is she still not graduated is beyond me

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Cause the people she addressed to are either underaged or idiot while Ollie is not.

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>American think Mexico is in the southern hemisphere

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>idol berating her fans

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be me
>open anya stream
>"keris kok ngomong linggis? keris impor! produk penjajah! wkwkwk tolol, susu gede kok didelrkke!"
>close stream
>watch pajeet php tutorial instead

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Fox News is just trying to appeal to their braindead audience, please understand.

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I thought you were talking about her general advice on language rather than Indonesians specifically. In their case think of it as a community, or to be precise culture thing.
I too come from a shitty country that I won't mention but people here don't care about learning English or any new language, or even getting out of there. The whole place can, and most of the time will, be their whole life because, again, there is no need for them to get out. Some people are perfectly fine living in their own place with their own culture for life and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, I don't see why she thinks berating them can be justified under "they're just lazy". In that particular case that's just bullshit reasoning, and she's just getting full of herself because she did it.

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Jesus Christ, I want a cute Indonesian girl to rant at me like this.

>> No.5592073

A having a Japanese audience? We already know what happens when media tries to appeal to an "international audience". It becomes soulless, watered down, woke bullshit. Let the Japanese have their stuff.

>> No.5592119

why would you want to talk to mexicans

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many years ago I used to play cod4 on a serve in SEA
i'd always be stuck sniping with this one guy who went by PEKO, and all he typed was PEKO PEKO PEKO PEKO
i liked that guy
wtf is PEKO?

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Imagine wanting to talk to slants in their native tongue.

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I don’t want to talk to foreigners.

>> No.5592297

You're talking to one right now champ.

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>tfw no Ollie gf to berate and belittle me
Why live?

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They ain't even avid vtuber viewers, they're just edgytards who wanna follow some dumb trends

>> No.5592388

I don't think she calls every single young, non-english speaking Indonesian lazy. It's more like "you spend a lot of time bitching in my chat about not understanding english, but instead of doing something to change that you demand I change my streams to solve your problems for you".

>> No.5592404

she's berating her indonesian viewers who don't donate and get mad when she talks to english fans who do donate

>> No.5592425

Can they even donate at all?

>> No.5592432

this is more the reason, the Indonesians in her chat feel some type of ownership of her, because she's also Indonesian and think they should be the one everything is for
when in reality, english speakers are the ones her content is for and the ones who donate the most money

>> No.5592669

>english speakers are the ones her content is for
Can't really agree with that, she's part of the Hololive Indonesia branch so her content is also for them. Also let's be honest, you can't really expect Indonesian people to rival English speakers donations. It's even surprising that she gets some to begin with considering the state of that place.

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Dangerously based.

>> No.5592812

Not directly, they have to either use a VPN to change currency or go through the holo's Streamlabs. So what usually happens is that most Indonesians, who are cheap as fuck, will switch to a virtually worthless currency that can still superchat (usually ARS) and donate literal pennies, while western viewers will use real currencies like US dollars and euros. Just another reason for the ID holos not to pander to their ID viewers.

>> No.5592983

i wanna watch some indo blowjob porn tonight

>> No.5593016

>she's part of HololiveID so her content belongs to Indonesians
this is exactly what she's upset about lmao, she wants to appeal to EOPs and Japanese fans because she needs viewers and donos to keep going. Fuck the weird retarded nationalism SEA people have

>> No.5593300

if the ID girls were HoloEN instead they would have a shitton more views, members and supachats, and that fact does not change the fact that ollie herself is a dirty INDOG

>> No.5593357


Ollie and Reine would absolutely thrive in HoloEN. Maybe not Kiara/Ina numbers, but they would inevitably have a larger fanbase.

>> No.5593450

>Why are you guys showing off your inability?
Yeah, why do EOPs do that?

>> No.5593679

what a horrible language. Is indonesian the german of asia?

>> No.5593748

I want Ollie to scold me more!

>> No.5594110

Japanese is fucking bullshit though. If not for kanji I'd have already learned this shit a year ago.

>> No.5594962

Why bother learning another language when everyone is learning ours?

>> No.5595320

Good, there's literally no reason to not pick up another language especially in their line of work, almost the entirety of ID speaks ID,JP and EN. The EN's and JP could at least add ES and EN to their existing languages.

>> No.5595535

To do that just bcuz cover can't be ID dono friendly is just astonishing, imagine being the top ID agency but still clueless about ID market after a year here is just wtf.. If niji knows how to be locally stonks in around 10 months then there's no reason for holo to be that dependent on kaigaifags today

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>> No.5595677

Nah the thing is this is a cringy meme from indog egdelords tryin to ruin others fun, nuff said. This is their local version of like that rushia virus last year

>> No.5595915

>If not for kanji
Started learning a few weeks ago, you have no idea how deep the rabbit hole goes
>晝 聿 毒
>or not even kanjis シ ツ ソ ン
Shit tons of memorization to do.

>> No.5596058

as much as i don't want to defend Ollie, but if you're millennial or zoomer can't speak english in 2021 your life is fucked up

>> No.5596131

This is slow for Indonesian.
She's still got limiters on just to make sure the idiots can hear every single word.

>> No.5596247

Holy shit, I can't even describe what I just heard from 45 to 55 seconds.

>> No.5596254

see >>5589254

>> No.5596310

Those katakana looking almost identical is the biggest bullshit. I tried to rationalise that b and d might be confusing to foreigners but even then this is just bullshit.
Same how SA in katana is just se in hiragana but mirrored. Who the fuck thought that was ok

>> No.5596338

Not being able to speak English in 2021 is shameful. There is no excuse.

>> No.5596520

I'll try. Reine is my oshi so I feel like I should learn at least a bit of ID for her since she panders to my EOP ass so much.

>> No.5596542

she should respect her language

>> No.5596618

can't believe ollie covered rap god before calli

>> No.5596661

I wish we had a bilingual JP vtuber rant like this. Pretty much every EN vtuber stream that's popular with Japanese has JP comments saying useless shit like "I wish I knew English" or "I need to study English".

>> No.5596673

This is such a giant projection
Look at EN's numbers, that's the reason

>> No.5596965

You speak the truth but the weebs here will not accept it. "Don't defile Japan!", they cry.

>> No.5597001

the reverse is true too. it's just a natural thing

>> No.5597092

hey bro, you get used to it. i learned kk like 4 years ago and along the line shi, tsu, so and n became really fucking easy to distinguish. they key is tsu and so are vertical strokes whereas shi and n are horizontal

>> No.5597158

I came here to say this. Decapitated under blowies are exquisite. Don't ask how I know this.

>> No.5597323

ollie is a typical minority woman, she only wants white cock and is disgusted by her own race. As a female she lacks the self-awareness to understand that she just as well could been born a male and carries the same genes as males of her race. Even if she has kids with a white man she will hate her own sons

>> No.5597485

her ranting is like music i often put it on loop

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I'm in the same boat but I don't really know where to start aside from like Duolingo. That and it feels like it would detract from my Japanese learning.

>> No.5598009

prepare to get some /jp/ guy try to shill you on their totally amazing /djt/ 6 month program that will definitely not burn you entirely out and leave you only able to read japanese porn

>> No.5598116

lmao anglos got mad

>> No.5598285

Non-ironically for the first year of study your best option is to take classes at a community college and work through Genki I. After that you should have a solid basis to continue on your own through Genki II and eventually Tobira.
Also do vocabulary and kanji reps using Anki at a steady and non-burnout pace throughout. In 3 years you'll be pretty good.
Don't even touch Duolingo, it's shit

>> No.5598432

I appreciate the tips but I meant I was thinking of learning some ID since Reine is my oshi. I've already started learning Japanese.

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>speaks mostly JP
>speaks mostly EN
>spoke mostly CN

>speaks mostly EN
Why are Indogs so self-loathing?

>> No.5598564

based yubizombie

>> No.5598690

That's tough then given the scarcity of ID easily available learning resources compared to other languages. My experience learning multiple languages at once is that it does detract from whatever you were already learning. You should think about how seriously you want to learn ID before you start anything. If you just want to pick up words and phrases here and there Duolingo might actually be your best bet for low-effort learning imo

>> No.5598715

Wouldn't you be?

>> No.5598732

because besides the HoloID girls, Indonesia has no redeeming qualities. And it's not like the girls are THAT good to begin with

>> No.5598767

Ollie herself explains it pretty plainly: If you're not a retarded Indog, you know English. If you're an Indonesian and you don't know English, and you cry about how the Indonesian streamer with a large EOP audience doesn't ever speak Indonesian exclusively, you are advertising that you are retarded (and proud of it). This is bad and those people should feel bad for it.
Even more importantly, the people she's talking to are explicitly complaining about how she's speaking English in response to ENGLISH DONATIONS, instead of saying every line twice.

It's not quite the same as going into a JP streamer's chat and going "WHY DON'T YOU SPEAK ENGLISH". I guess it would be like going into Kiara's chat and bitching at her about not exclusively speaking German.

>> No.5598831

Yeah I'm definitely not looking to be fluent in it, just maybe learning some basic stuff.

>> No.5598969

i na chuj ci ten polski

>> No.5599036

I'd create jungle babies with this undead slut

>> No.5599440

I'm a crazy hypochondriac and my brain is convinced Im dying so learning anything new seems pointless since my demise is near.

>> No.5599532

I unironically don't see the issue here.
Sure she's from ID so you could argue that she should only be speaking Indonesian, but she's second gen so it's natural for her to follow the example of first gens like Moona and Iofi who mainly speak English

>> No.5599591

Kagura Mea tells ESLs to learn Japanese since she can't be bothered to learn English.

>> No.5600034

There isn't one. She's calling retards retards.

>> No.5600351

glad someone like ollie is in hololive kek

>> No.5600596

I don't get why Yagoo would start an ID branch, if not for them speaking English, I doubt it would have been profitable.

>> No.5600757

He did it because Niji did it and was relatively successful. Except NijiID was successful because of Hana, an American who speaks mostly English in her streams.

>> No.5601116

Hey now Anya mostly speaks Japanese

>> No.5601450

And still, she will never be Japanese…

>> No.5604994

they actually just wanted her to react like this right? I love how she sounds when she's like that, even if i understand nothing it's a string of cute angry cartoon noises

>> No.5606306

It's hot is what it is.

>> No.5607237

>people in the chat getting turned on by her anger
glad I'm not alone

>> No.5607333

Why is it that all her outrages have been against her ID fans? This is the second time in a short period, are SEAniggers really that bad?

>> No.5607525

The worse one is comparable to clipniggers and japanese apextard.

>> No.5607657

Some said ID is the perfect testing ground for EN, also if you cracked ID you'll get a very loyal and militant fanbase, NijiID is one key example of it

>> No.5607768

Weirdly enough now Hana can channel more indog content than holos, Niji likes to do it more locally than holo and unlike holo, they do mean it especially in ID with their imo one of the top iniative makers in nijiholo

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Same here, anon.
>tfw she started speeding up

>> No.5611037

Arrogant bitch

>> No.5611134

absolutely MADE for BWC lmao

>> No.5611269

JKT48 was insanely popular

>> No.5611359

Does this language always sound like Tolkien's orcs, or is she just making it sound that way?

>> No.5611500

>spoke mostly CN
Not anymore.

>> No.5611563

the whiners are right. if it says "ID" on the tin, it's only fair to demand "ID" to be inside as well. Ollie is being an anti-professional bitch and a brand liability.

>> No.5611634

I'm not so sure about that. Most of NijiID, except for Hana, get live viewers just under or a little over 100. I've seen indie vtubers pull in more than them.

>> No.5611696

She's talking extremely fast plus with a regional accent.

>> No.5611729

I feel like a white man could call Ollie an indog to her face and she's just lick his hands and moan softly

>> No.5611758

I want Ollie to yell at me for leaving the toilet seat up!

>> No.5611839

>Ollie is garbage on Apex right now
>Sounds depressed as all hell
>something something self quarantining
>Doing that chess tourney with gigacuck, IronMouse's AIDS recepient, and a roundhouse kicking furry
Should i even ask why her numbers are so low too?

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How will indogs ever recover from this?
She just called you lazy AND poor.

>> No.5611994

Why are third world girls so based?

>> No.5612070

they aren't whiny they are just cringy attention seeking egdelords, if ya think that is justified then you a fucking fool

>> No.5612092
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"He asked for no pickles" Ollie edit when?

>> No.5612114

idk, maybe in Indonesia this is fine, but in developed countries a business that lets its employees badmouth customers like this soon goes belly up.

>> No.5612130

>How will indogs ever recover from this
pay more than the equivalent of 5 dollars every 6 months

>> No.5612191

Indogs got BTFO.

>> No.5612244

The speed that people talk at in Indonesian makes my fucking head spin. I wonder how it ranks for words per minute among all languages.

>> No.5612467

>be american with hispanic descent
>work at a grocery store
>mexican comes in and stands in line
>sees you speaking english to another mexican customer in front of him
>starts flipping out about you speaking english, DEMANDS you speak spanish
>kindly tell him that this is America and that the customer in front of him was speaking in english too
>he goes into a rage and starts yelling how he doesnt understand english
>for the next 5 months he sends the management petitions how english should not be allowed to be used at the grocery store
>also sends demands to make the grocery store more mexican friendly
Nah. You'd be called a cunt regardless where you try and pull this shit.

>> No.5612677

>DEMANDS you speak spanish
except in this case the customer demanded you spoke english in america, retard

>> No.5612690
File: 78 KB, 742x385, DFC52A5A-FAC1-425C-81CD-B9A39632337E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Non-ironically for the first year of study your best option is to take classes at a community college and work through Genki I.

>> No.5612774

that language sounds fucking demonic

>> No.5612843

Indonesia has an extremely large weeb population, just behind America, China, and Taiwan, and because cost of living is so low there you can set up shop really cheaply. It's kind of a no-brainer.

>> No.5612854

Everyone's making fun of Indonesia but I kinda feel like they're winning
>same time zone as Japan (or close enough)
>fluent in Japanese AND english, plus their own weird language
>6 hologirls, EN only has 5 and one of them just speaks German/Japanese
>They have the most creative freedom to do what they want

>> No.5612897

SEA people seem to have "mongrel complex" like BRs.

>"By "Mongrel Complex" I mean the inferiority in which Brazilians put themselves, voluntarily, in comparison to the rest of the world. Brazilians are the reverse Narcissus, who spit in their own image. Here is the truth: we can't find personal or historical pretexts for self-esteem."

That last sentence seems to be the gist of it. What's to be proud of? The BR reaction I guess is to try to create something. Monkey nationalism and military dictatorships. The SEA one is to jettison oneself from their own culture and become more of a global citizen. Speaking and producing in English being the best way to do that. If you don't, you're a dirt mongrel indog fuckup stuck with the culture of a dead-end language and probably a shitty job too.

>> No.5613186

Yeah but that only applies to upper-middle to upper class.

>> No.5613338
File: 12 KB, 156x165, 8E6D8F64-2426-445D-A0BE-60CDA01A5A6F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But 2 1/2 out of 5 holoEn understand Japanese why she complaining about Jap donating to them. Sounds like she’s just jealous

>> No.5613358

Former colonies tend to have problems with overvaluing whiteys but that's not the issue here. Indonesia has its own distinct culture that has resisted both Dutch rule and Islamification to a large extent.
You should also really learn English especially if you're on the internet all day because it's so convenient. And also you took classes in school how did you forget all that.

>> No.5613361

That turned me on more than it should

>> No.5613421

Mori's been real quiet ever since Ollie dropped her new single.

>> No.5613548

Indonesia has an extremely large population in general. It's the 4th most populous country in the world. Just figured that could play some role as well.

>> No.5613602

Sorry to break it to you but colour is spelled with a u.

>> No.5613623

not when they charge you for each letter you want to write

>> No.5613657
File: 303 KB, 1116x1448, Screen Shot 2021-06-25 at 12.39.59 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cover should stop looking at population charts and start looking at this

>> No.5613683

Imagine being an indo man and your oshi hates your guts as she shills out for Jap businessmen and Murricans

>> No.5613684

Aren't French people some of the biggest weebs on the planet? That would probably make a pretty penny if you could tap that market. I have no idea what the French internet looks like though. Hopefully they're mostly on youtube.

>> No.5613759

Somewhat related: https://twitter.com/etna_crimson/status/1408279936570322945?s=21

>> No.5613875

this is kinda a ham-fisted argument though because Ollie is in Nijisanji INDONESIA, she should either go full Pikamee and do both languages or just stick to fucking Indonesian like she should be doing anyway.
Only reason that she and the other Nijisanji ID girls get away speaking EN all the time is I don't think the Japanese management really pays too much attention to what they are doing, and ID management doesn't give a fuck as long as their numbers are superchats are hitting targets.

>> No.5613898


>> No.5613906

if it was limited in size like HoloID it would probably do alright, but germany is probably a better bet, their autism knows no bounds

>> No.5613944

They made their own form of anime via shows like Lupin III, so yes

>> No.5613960

You may be right, germans are known for being secret freaks and sex creeps, furries and scat fetishists. Theres potential for unhealthy exploitation there.

>> No.5614073

What customers? These people do not give her any money. Most of her donations come from western viewers. If she wanted to pander to her “customers” she would speak even more English.

>> No.5614160
File: 110 KB, 886x1245, 20210318_140803.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Leafistan has a very similar problem with Francophones and their almost smug elitism of being barely literate in English, and then demeaning you for having less than perfect French, as if Quebec French isn't a fucking butchering of European French anyway.

She not even really saying "do your reps", she saying "Don't take pride in being basically retarded by even your own country's standards".

Based Zoombie

>> No.5614304

Turkish is a pretty fast spoken language. One of the Indian languages is rapid fire too.
Deport these shitters.

>> No.5614504

Ollie is in Hololive you retard. And it’s clear you don’t watch her, Ollie often goes 50/50 EN/ID during her streams. She just had retards like you complaining about her speaking too much English in her donation reading stream even though most of her donations are in English.

>> No.5615060

>all those finger addict girl apologists in this thread
Jesus. I bet you've all sent superchats.

>> No.5615155

Never sent a dime
It's just easy to agree with the idea that taking pride in one's illiteracy is embarrassing.

>> No.5615597
File: 754 KB, 3464x3464, Numbers.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This should make it clear

>> No.5615839

Learning a new language is not mandatory. If you berate others just because they are not bilingual or more like you you're just being a bitch. Just like Ollie.

>> No.5615864
File: 496 KB, 750x831, Blunaberry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>EN's speak JP
>ID's speak EN
>JP's speak ESP
Where will the chaos end?

>> No.5615871

It truly is Lunacy.

>> No.5615966

Being a bitch is coming to a channel that uses a variety of languages and bitching how your personal lack of education is causing you inconvenience and expecting others to accomodate you.

>> No.5616418

>lack of education
Again, get over yourself. People do not need to learn a variety of language, this is not a lack of education in any way.

>> No.5616475

It is. Mustve hit a nerve.

>> No.5616492

Imagine being proud of your own stupidity.
LMAO what a loser!

>> No.5616633

I actually find Indonesian kinda cute

>> No.5616669

>ESP branch gets added eventually
>they speak russian

>> No.5616691
File: 246 KB, 463x453, pek19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>When she said "Menjijikkan"

>> No.5616917

Is it worth learning indo to get an ollie gf?
Or would her family kill me for being an infidel?

>> No.5617027

>Or would her family kill me for being an infidel?
Just kill them first and take your prize, faggot.

>> No.5617031

No, you're just both retarded. And what's more funny is that I probably speak twice the amount of languages you retards can at the moment.
The world is bigger than you think, but I guess retarded people like can't comprehend this so it's ok.

>> No.5617112

>People do not need to learn a variety of language
They do in Indonesia

>> No.5617155

I started learning German 5 years ago, and I can now say that I can understand spoken German, and kinda speak it

>> No.5617168

She may not be perfect in Japanese, but she can kinda speak it

>> No.5617196

How do Indoanons feel when they notice non-SEA anons learning Bahasa Indonesian so they can understand their oshis?

>> No.5617234

Indonesia has the most liberal form of Islam in any Muslim-majority country, and it's not even that big of a majority so there's no proof Ollie is Muslim. You won't be killed for being an infidel, just for being a gross otaku.

>> No.5617342

Niji tried India anon, never go well.. Besides the weeb market is different and ID is one of the most the most J-culture fanatic out there, Even in vtuber ID builds their scene as early as early Ai days. Their market is a veteran!

>> No.5617477

Nobody told me Ollie was this hot

>> No.5617522

HoloEU soon lads

>> No.5617619
File: 587 KB, 768x756, 1622033256812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>another pseudo-EN

>> No.5617671

Except the one french girl who refuses to speak the language of les rosbifs.

>> No.5617775

>irish oshi
>polish oshi
>swedish osi
>russian osi
>portuguese osi
>croat/bosnia/serbia osi

>> No.5617811

Imagine the amount and level of balkan shitposting.

>> No.5617828

Don't learn Polish you goober.


>> No.5617836

I just want HoloEESTI.

>> No.5617863

>balkan shitposting
The best kind of shitposting

>> No.5617885

I suggest them to give up

>> No.5617968

>tfw 2 languages masterrace

>> No.5618038

>"are you allergic to english?!"

>> No.5618060

literally at kindergarten, most SEA does

>> No.5618080

you're a fucking goblok

>> No.5618108


>> No.5618152

>Are SEAniggers really that bad?
You new here?

>> No.5618260

portuguese and japanese pretty fast too

>> No.5622045


>> No.5622128

I speak Japanese and I still wouldn’t watch her shitty streams

>> No.5623247

Wow, this isn't very sponsor friendly of her.

>> No.5623347

I think part way through the rant she got self aware and kept going because she was getting off on the adrenaline rush.
HoloFR will be most likely.

>> No.5625854
File: 589 KB, 916x535, peko doesn't want you here.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>peko played cod4
I believe it

>> No.5626123

Goddamn man, Americans are RETARDED and rich.

>> No.5627615

You mean sexy indog

>> No.5627877

They teach it in school, it's like taking pride in being bad at math

>> No.5627925

in any decent establishment, you're a customer as soon as you open the door, not just when you part with your money.

> Most of her donations come from western viewers.
That definitely has nothing to do with her shitting on her ID fans like this

>> No.5628015

EOP cope is, as always, hilarious.
Burgers have refined it into almost an art form

>> No.5628721

cope with what, retard? English language is The international language of the entire planet. It's dominant in technology and culture. If anyone needs to cope it's those who were not taught it from birth. ESL here btw.

>> No.5629017

lmao based

>> No.5629131


>> No.5630306
File: 117 KB, 1280x720, 1522939848332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Reminder to do your reps
Why? The indog will speak english for me and worship the ground I walk on. That's what I got out of that horrible barking that was apparently her language.
I only wish jap bitches would also hold this attitude.

>> No.5630566

>I only wish jap bitches would also hold this attitude.
they will soon. You already can't watch their fiction without hearing thousands of butchered words from English, German, and other superiour languages.

>> No.5633712

Yes anon you had the power to do it why the fuck are u still here? Do something about it anon. You are her last hope in preventing her graduation. Do you hate her so much that you are still taking your time doing nothing? Being lazy is not an excuse for you to not do anything! If anything I'm fucking disappointed that you had the ability to stop her from graduating yet here you are schizoposting . Take your meds anon and do what's right

>> No.5635662

angloids SEETHING at this post

>> No.5635746

Fuck that! Give me HoloYugoslavia now!

>> No.5636102

>Indonesia has the most liberal form of Islam in any Muslim-majority country
people really need to know the difference between salafism and other branches of sunni islam

>> No.5636349

I shall not do my language reps.
I shall also not bother the chuubas about my language skills or lack thereof.
I shall however laugh my fucking ass off as she roasts the shit of the stupid cucks that insist on whining about her skills exceeding theirs.

>> No.5636413

US is the consoomer nation

>> No.5638019

im thinking the same
does it always sound like that or is ollie talking in a special way?

>> No.5638384

Holoviet union

>> No.5642864

new outfit when? I hope it's fucking slutty

>> No.5643064

>learning a few weeks ago
>still struggling with kana
sorry anon You Can't Learn Japanese.

>> No.5644298
File: 317 KB, 1118x768, Verovering van Tjakra Negara.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Maybe you guys have disease or weird genes that makes you allergic to English
My sides

Not when that language is Indonesian.

How could they not be?

>Learning a new language is not mandatory.
It is in Indonesia.

>Indonesia has the most liberal form of Islam in any Muslim-majority country
Completely untrue; Syrian Alawites are basically not!Christians.

>> No.5644807

You can be profitable in Indonesia even with NijiID tier numbers, anon. Why do you think they're sticking around?

>> No.5651559

Here's some perspective anon: $200 USD is an middle bracket weekly income in SEA. And they definitely make more than that a week.

>> No.5651713

If Kiara from HoloEN spoke Japanese 90% of the time and only pandered to her Japanese fans I'd be pretty fucking pissed.

>> No.5652713
File: 10 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

because Indonesia is based, anon

>> No.5652922

Foreigner and stranger is two different thing anon

>> No.5653128


>> No.5653205

This makes me want an Indonesian wife, imagine getting yelled at like that for not taking out the trash

>> No.5653308

That image makes me wanna fist.

>> No.5653366

You will be surprised how many retard thats doesnt understand English in indonesia

>> No.5654280

based on what?

>> No.5654356

Based on her fist sized gaping asshole, retard.

>> No.5654395
File: 1011 KB, 977x858, 1600750286617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5655143

Just practice, no one complains about how e, o and c are so similar it's impossible to distinguish

>> No.5659349

Reddit reddit reddit...

>> No.5660771

honestly, what WOULD be the best third language for a vtubes, because I 100% don't think it's ES

ID? RU? CN? (I might even put Portuguese ahead of Spanish just for all the huehue's)

>> No.5660792

there are shitload of russians watching vtubers, especially kana and Botan. RU seems like a plan. Better plan than indonesia, at least.

>> No.5660883

Really shouldn't take more than an evening or two to really hammer the difference between シ and ツ or ン and ソ into your head. Kana is very easy.
Kanji, on the other hand... Make sure to do your reps.

>> No.5660953

That's because Amerifats and most other English-speaking people can't really speak any other language. Most indog fans of HoloID can understand English, especially the ID girls' fairly simple English. Add that with the EOP overseas viewers means indo-exclusive is complete no brainer.

>> No.5662008

None, unironically. It attracts nationalistic shitheads.

>> No.5662667

subscribers are useless metric

>> No.5662811
File: 80 KB, 480x552, 1566345698547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>HoloID member hates ID

>> No.5663188

Oui mais non. As a frenchmen myself you could say its true but the problem is the french's way of always being either in or out of the language conundrum. You'll get streamers who either go all out on the french or those who acknowledges the debuff it is and doubles down on being an english channel. You'll see most of the french streamers that do this also prevent the use of the french language in their chat to prevent the overbearing language to affect the viewing experience of their audience.

TLDR: You can't do half measures with the french market. You either are a french content creator or you're not and you run away from you ancestries so you can have the illusion of a global audience.

>> No.5665983

My point still stands, that's 3 million potential customer not to mention there's so many weeb in Indonesia and being a weeb in Indonesia is somehow considered normal, if hololiveID management done it right. Like opening local donation, do a Hololive ID promotion to reach for more Indonesian Audience, hololiveID can make it big in Indonesia. Like really big im not even kidding

>> No.5666204

but they are getting 200k+ concurrent viewers for Tokyo Revengers every week

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