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This is Snuffy. Snuffy is more popular than any JP Nijisanji nobody you could name. Say something nice about Snuffy.

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something nice about Snuffy.

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I want to fuck her so hard she loses 20+ pounds per fuck fest

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buy an add

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Does she like 8mm and Hostal?

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How the fuck can people look at that and think that it is appealing? Sure she got the tech, but that is all she has going for in regards to her model

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I bet she's not clinically obese by american standards.
however, she's probably got a zip code in europe

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Personality is more important than model, and Snuffy is funny and entertaining. Her awesome model and mouth tracking are just pleasant bonuses.

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Do KFP really?

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>dude weed lmao

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Do Nousagi really?

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Well we can't all be like Okayu and... um... what's her personality again? Be a monotone Korone hanger-on?

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mogu mogu nigga
unfortunately for snuffags you need a personality to get into hololive, or at least have your wife kick the shit out the manager

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I like Snuffy and rarely watch nijisanji but she hadn't gotten that popular until this year. She's getting there, though.

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Is snuffy into snuff
how hard will she cum when I strangle her to death?

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She isn't more popular than Mito, Kuzuha, Kanae, Kenmochi, Lize and many others. Her numbers are below all of them.

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>gained weight and a lot of it went to her tits
>we don't know what she looks like


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Why does she wear the mask?

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>believing her lies
fat girls always talk about how big their tits are cause it detracts from the size of their gut

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Fat chicks need love to.

She's on the lamb.

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Make a new Snuffy thread without dramaniggery instead.

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No one cared who she was until she put on the mask.

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It's been almost two weeks, I miss the snuff

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get ready for the snuff film coming out next week

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>the size of their gut
That's the best part.

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fat people are subhuman
women are subhuman
fat women aren't even on the level of pigs

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/pol/ is thataway

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>women are subhuman
then why does this here escapist loser hugbox have so few of them?

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They gather in their own pigsties like Twitter

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I like Snuffy but this post is pure faggotry.

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>Juniper is love

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Juniper is too good for this ugly vtuber world.

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I will not have slander of Ogayu.

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>gaining weight but a disproportionate amount going into the tits

this is always ok

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you're on vacation, Snuffy, stop browsing 4chan.

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She's on vacation from streaming, not from living.

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I doubt she browses /vt/, you're thinking of nyanners

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but twitterfags are at least not ashamed to go outside

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Love ya Snuff

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Snuffy is the most likely to browse /vt after Vei.

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wild how big she got and is still going while never even remotely trying to or wanting to be big

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>browsing anything outside of normie websites

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bruh Vei is the most typical femanon schiizo
I bet your ass she browses and seethes here

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I wish Juniper threads could get any amount of traction here without getting dogpiled by the rrats.

Yeah yeah, she was anti-loli for a while and probably still is, but I still enjoy her. Just compartmentalizing that bit.

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