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Trips or higher decide her fate.

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leave her alone

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you're not the piss and cum guy, right?

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human feces

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Cum jar it. At least once a day. Post results on June 24, 2022.

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Cum, as much cum as you can manage

>> No.5596632

remove from jar, keep in safe and clean place

>> No.5596665

Burn it

>> No.5596686

Frame it

>> No.5596768

Mail it to Cover as fan mail for Susie. After kissing it with lipstick, along with a letter describing how big your American penis is.

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Do nothing

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Eat it

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why does suisei get all the schizos?

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Put her up your ass

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ringo juice

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Treasure it like Suisei treasures your support.

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I'm not lucky enough to get trips, but blue koolaid.

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Remove from jar, put on table and leavi it there

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4chan is weird

>> No.5596953

If dubs, fill it with shit and piss

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fuck off

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Hot glue it then eat it

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eat it

>> No.5596976

draw dicks on it with marker

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Kiss her and take care of her

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>> No.5597011

cover it in olive oil and stick up your arse

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Give me a couple of minutes to get some or something similar.

>> No.5597097

I swear hoshiyomis need to chill the fuck out

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Make it a fish tank

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Fill the jug with pee

>> No.5597124

Paper cut urethra with it

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Well, it could have been worse. Thanks for your luck, anon

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I'm glad my pun made it instead of the generic 'lol piss cum'

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Rainbow Dash

>> No.5597398

Add catsup and honey mussy
And cum

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Frame her on a wall and treat her well you fucking troglodyte.

>> No.5597698

eat her

>> No.5597751

Not my Sui-chan.
Change her for the graduating holowhore

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So close

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Bring it to your mother and/or father and confess your love for Suisei to them

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Don't have relish in my house and I don't know any near places that sell it, so I had to use ketchup, I'm so sorry.
Happy (almost) 1M subs!

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Now get to sweeping, jannies

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>lost an oppurtunity to make another screencap about a schizo hoshiyomi
Anon you are a giant faggot

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Op I require more pictures of her and her saucy suzy glory. Maybe lick the card a bit

>> No.5598738

Post it and send it to her on Twitter

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apple juice

>> No.5598939

Why does Suisei attract these kinds of people

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smash with hammer

>> No.5599066

sui BTFO

>> No.5599111

Kyou mou kawaii....

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nigger you could've asked for something else to add on why are you stupid

>> No.5600130

op ad more condiments

>> No.5602068

You aren't making a good example yourself

>> No.5602363

Autism. Not only because she's autistic herself, but because she loves Tetris and that game draws autists like flies to honey.

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eat ketchup off suisei with a french fry

>> No.5602625

I would like some fries on my Suisei ketchup, please.

>> No.5602676

Cum and ringo juice. 1:2 mix. Dm daily progress to Suisei

>> No.5602689

She like it

>> No.5602723

Nor are you

>Ringo juice and cum 2:1 mix.

>> No.5602753

Throw it out and delete this thread

>> No.5602825

cum jar

>> No.5602827

Burn it then frame it

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well, there's only one natural next step

>> No.5603278

now cum in it faggot

>> No.5603601

Pour bleach in it op

>> No.5603766

Set her free outside

>> No.5603995

Cum Ringo 1:2

>> No.5604117

milk pls

>> No.5604171

Kek, imagine if I got that
Still keeping the same request tho if this one gets trips

>> No.5604220

Rerolling this, she deserves to be free

>> No.5604275

you got a fetish or are you doing it for the meme? I can respect both.
also I'm the anon asking for milk

>> No.5604349

Add milk and cerwal

>> No.5604369

Draw a penis on her face in detail with a sharpie

>> No.5604423

Comet deserves freedom

>> No.5604469

boil eet

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>> No.5604556

Eat fries off of comet

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>> No.5604665

piss in the glass OP

>> No.5604761

Set her free

>> No.5604771

Rolling for cum

>> No.5604778

Clone her

>> No.5604790

cry into it

>> No.5604844

Cum and then piss

>> No.5604863

Hug her and tell her she's cute

>> No.5604941

how about some toothpaste

>> No.5604960

Give her a friend

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>> No.5605005

milk and toothpaste

>> No.5605019

I'll be her friend, print out my post and put it in there

>> No.5605067

vinegar and bleach

>> No.5605127

well done steak

>> No.5605174

thats just evil

>> No.5605214

Ya blew it

>> No.5605347

OK now eat it

>> No.5605395

Send it in for an autograph.

>> No.5605414

finger and toenail clippings now

>> No.5605494

or put ur pubes in it

>> No.5605583

Leave her in your mom's underwear drawer still covered in ketchup

>> No.5605602

put your yubi in

>> No.5605665

Sing to the Suisei jar.

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>> No.5606119

Insert penis

>> No.5606416

The meme, imagine the reaction

>> No.5606485

you take a picture of her, with your credit card number, expiration date, name, and the three numbers on the back showing

>> No.5606487

Cum Jar

>> No.5606597

still requesting pubes and/or nail clippings

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print this out and drop it next to it, or tape it on the outside looking in.

>> No.5606728

I hope 606606 counts for something
and put bread in it

>> No.5606749

rolling for dipping fries in the ketchup

>> No.5606909

orange juice

>> No.5606930

Relieve yourself

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>> No.5607141

Pour water to clean it

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Use it as the basis of a shrine then kill yourself.

>> No.5607437

I also vote for this.

>> No.5607567

Piss in ass

>> No.5607599

Try adding it in a omelette and feed it to someone

>> No.5607668

Roll it up, put it in your dickhole and timestamp it

>> No.5607903

Get a whopper and feed it to the jar, take half if you are hungry

>> No.5608093

mix rice or bread with your cum and put it in the jar

>> No.5608421

cum on it take a pic and send to your family

>> No.5608653

Put it on the table and don't touch it

>> No.5609202

submerse in water, freeze and then break with a hammer

>> No.5609221

Rolling for KYS

>> No.5609254

Fry it and eat it

>> No.5609263

microwave for 60 seconds with bar of soap

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yo is that All That? nice.

>> No.5609372

print out ur favorite lewd jpg and throw it in there, op

>> No.5609410

Build a shrine around it

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cum on it and eat it

>> No.5609475

frame her on your wall and tell your parents how cute she is

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can you just fucking cum on it already?

>> No.5609604

Underwhelming. You should have told relish anon to fuck off

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Cum on it already fag

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>> No.5609650

Shit on it, OP.

>> No.5609677

shit and cum please

>> No.5609698

put it on a burger or hot dog and take a bite

>> No.5609710

Cum on it faggot

>> No.5609729

cum, post on twatter and @ her

>> No.5609737

do nothing, put a cover on it so that no dust gets on it and she stays in mint condition

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Piss in it

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I second this.

>> No.5609853

mail to me

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>> No.5609904

Cum on it then put it on her art tag

>> No.5609978

I'm hoping whoever gets the next trip picks the lamest option so that all of you who want OP cum on it seethe eternally. Op put another suzy in the jar, she looks lonely

>> No.5609989

kiss and then strain it with tea and drink

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pubes pls Im still asking

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>> No.5610036

OP put another suisei in the jar and print out this faggot’s reply >>5609978 and put it in there too. Then cover it in cum poop pee and oregano

>> No.5610047

stick to monitor with the ketchup

>> No.5610069

Piss shit and cum on it

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Stop posting. Forever.

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>> No.5610121

shit and cum on it then post it to the hololive subreddit and tweet it at her

>> No.5610134

print out both replies and then print out 10 suiseis and enshrine

>> No.5610153

Op put >>5610036 in the jar and nothing else

>> No.5610167

give it the ol' piss/cum/shit triple combo deal

>> No.5610184

cum and shit on it then tweet it at her

>> No.5610203

Keep the jar as is but change the tablecloth. Checkerboard is tacky

>> No.5610210

op put every post in this thread in the jar

>> No.5610211

hot piss on the tip of her lips

>> No.5610213


>> No.5610225

Piss shit and cum

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Do absolutely nothing.

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>> No.5610263 [DELETED] 

Cum and shit on it then dm her it

>> No.5610274

cold brew

>> No.5610278


>> No.5610301

shit piss and cum on her

>> No.5610314

I would like a piss shit and cum, sir

>> No.5610335

Shit on it

>> No.5610351

classic piss shit and cum combo

>> No.5610365


>> No.5610394

Shit and cum on it

>> No.5610417

Step on her bare footed, put foot in pic

>> No.5610444

piss shit and cum on it op

>> No.5610448

I would like my Suisei on a platter with a side of cum and shit, and a nice tall glass of your finest piss

>> No.5610449

Put Pekora in the jar OP

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piss shit and cumbros won, Op better deliver

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