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Find a more entertaining streamer with a better model. I'll wait.

you literally can't

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mommy dommy moth

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Here before the angry diaper snipers
She probably has the best self-made model

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The fact that it is both drawn and rigged by her is hugely impressive. Half of the streamers /vt/ sucks off can barely form a coherent sentence half of the time, let alone be self sufficient.

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Need moth mommy gf

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So because Juniper has no drama people can pick at for a week her threads just die? Typical /vt/.

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You mean /wvt/ yes?

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literally anyone

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You're literally lying to yourself and to me.

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Is she a repulsive Veibae type? She has a cool model i might check her out sometime.

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model is great but she's boring. Pretty much the case with all rig praising threads. All that tech isn't going to help with a terrible or boring personality.

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Not repulsive, but very boring.

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this is why clippers are a necessary evil.
I actually found her and a YT archive channel on accident but have my hands full to watch any hour+ long stream

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You can say any chuuba is boring based on full vods. Over four to five hours of content, only maybe thirty minutes will be truly knee-slapping entertaining. The rest is idle boring bullshit.

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Wasn't that model ripped off from an shota-monster rape doujinshi?

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Moth girls did not begin with Layers of White.

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Abayo clipfaggot

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okaeri neet-chama

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Model is directly copied from solopipb's doujin series so no thanks. I don't support tracers

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You can’t be serious

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shes in the thread lol, most likely made the OP as well

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Why are threads about western vtubers always about how good the avatar is and not, for instance, the content?

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You must be under 13 years old to ride

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cause vtubing in the west is dead, and vshojo killed it

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Because I don't speak nip so I watch vtubers I can actually comprehend? Pretty straightforward, summerfriend.

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Because most western vtubers are twitch thots with a coat of paint and no one wants to discuss the twitch thot part.

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lol you clearly don't watch JP tubers then, because every single one of them without fail is just as much of a skank as the reviled Veibae. Hell, some of them are even more transparent about it than she is. Case in point...

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You also don't read English apparently, talk about a double whammy

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>muh marine
like clockwork, gb2 nyancord faggot and come up with something that isn't just a verbose version of "no u"
oh and do your jp chuuba reps

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Doesn't mean I'm wrong, fag.

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Sorry unlike you I have not flushed my brains down the toilet can do basic match the picture

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You're not only wrong but you're also a lazy ass faggot that isn't even trying

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there's a bunch of indies who have drawn and rigged their own model, you dumbasses just don't bother to look for them and want to be spoonfed by clip channels

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snoozefests that deserve low views, theres a reason why nobody cares about westerns

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Use your brain cells if you ever had one to begin with and try to match the picture.
Left - Juniper. Right - Nakamura Regura's - Moth Girl created 3 years ago

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What's the problem? Juniper flat out admits she was inspired by Layers of White. Other than being a white moth, the similarities are few. That's the benefit of actually having talent; you can take inspiration without outright theft.

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They were actually created about same time. Juniper as a character is 3 y.o. too.

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Oh the smooth brain white knights can't handle the truth are seething.

If you guys don't know tracing art & not giving proper credits is a crime.

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it is specially true if the said is used for commercial purposes.
It's kind of ironic that Juniper herself is a freelance paralegal is the one committing this.

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Inspiration doesn't equal theft retard

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And while her streams aren't very high energy their very comfy especially since she interacts with chat alot I wish she would stream more often

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The reality is clipfags are necessary for a vtuber's growth.

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Except that's not traced at all. The design is similar but the linework is clearly distinct.

>> No.5619337

It's a traced copy from a doujin not something she actually came up with herself.

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that's not what tracing means

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>She draws and riggs her own model
>Also has a law degree
Truly this woman is impressive

But then again when you live in Alaska you need to find stuff to do or go insane

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Just a reminder she's one of those loli antis that tried to get Kyuotto cancelled, despite basically taking her model from a lolisho artist's works.
She also hates openly hates weebs, I'm not sure why this kind of person is even doing vtuber stuff

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>She also hates openly hates weebs
Corroborate. I don't remember her ever saying anything close to this.

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Can confirm, used to follow her on Tumblr ages ago, she would call people pedophiles over dumb shit like that. Her art is great but I literally cannot stand her.

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So you're upset she thinks you're a creep lmao

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Anti-loli scum that tried to pass her shitty opinion by citing dead for years Japanese law.
While she's talented as fuck, she's still garbage.

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But if you're a lolicon you probably wouldn't like her model design anyway, right? Does it matter?

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Well, i'm not only into lolis xD
Still - not liking lolis is ok, trying to misinform people about something that is not relevant anymore to make your opinion look legit is being an asshole. I cannot enjoy her content knowing that she's this kind of person.

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Feel like it's been a while since she put out any mommy energy. Last stream was more tomboy. Maybe I like her more this way.

>> No.5621074

I like /ss/ and apparently that makes me a pedophile according to her so eh.

>> No.5621157

She could have just been ignorant of that law being defunct

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Lets just pretend people trying to cancel Kyuotto over having the "wrong" type of model didn't happen. Just like, close your eyes and it'll go away bro :^)

>> No.5621483

I guess that's reasonable.

Yeah I mean it could be a dozen things, I doubt there was genuine malice behind. But it doesn't change what happened. Assuming it did happen, I don't actually have the facts.

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Lolicons are the most sensitive of any fetishist even furrys cry less when ragged on

>> No.5621545

Big talk coming from a namefag defending a hypocrite. Birds of the same flock I guess.

>> No.5621639

Proving me right

>> No.5621655

Says the guy from a Lamy transformation thread

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>harass artists and their fans over nothing
>"you're just being sensitive"
Sorry, these attempts to downplay the stupid shit your oshi and her friends don't work here.

>> No.5621706

She has at least addressed the issue, unlike Nyanners, and said that she used to care a lot about what other people did with their free time but now really doesn't.

>> No.5621721

The Chad TF fetishist VS the virgin lolicon

>> No.5621735

>harass artists and their fans over nothing
>"you're just being sensitive"
Sorry, these attempts to downplay the stupid shit your oshi and her friends do won't work here.

>> No.5621747

Sorry to burst your narrative but in the real world someone disagreeing with you doesn't mean that you are right. That's a pretty dumb conclusion to make to begin with. How old are you?

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Gura, deny the truth as much as you want but this moth will hit a lamp and die way before Gura graduates.

>> No.5621777

Hahaha how is cyberbullying real like nigga just look away haha

>> No.5621785

Well, better than nothing. Too bad she did harass a loli vtuber, proving that she does care about that virtue signaling, but I guess it goes to show you can't trust people like that.

>> No.5621882

Do you have a link?

I thought the past tense implied she addressed it afterwards

>> No.5621962

TF is based

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The sabre in your hands
Is a pen to write it down
Words to save this world

>> No.5622122

Then can I intrest you in our lord and savior Lamy?

>> No.5622179

Redpill me on Lamy TF

>> No.5622210

you need a prescription for those pills

>> No.5622296

You become a big boob sake loving snow elf with a successful YouTube career what's not to love?

>> No.5622338

she's your ultimate weeb lawyer waifu

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She made her model herself

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You have to be a closeted MtF tranny.
Tranny Lamy.

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she drew it? the whole thing? whoaaaaaa!!!!!
no way she drew it!!! this must truly be the best vtuber, she drew everything that you see right there in her model!!!! and whats more she rigged it too!!!! wowwwwwww!!!!!!
this is THE BEST model I have ever seen, even though its ugly af because SHE DREW IT ALLLLLLL!!!!!!
can someone sends me a funny video of her?
wait.... there is nothing funny?
but I thought shes entertaining.... *clicks scrolls through her channel* huhhhh???? nothing is good here... you lied to me?? *clicks and scrolls right clicks videos and looks through all the tabs* where is something good to watch???? what the fuck!!!!!!!!! this fucking bug, I am going to stomp on this bitch, nothing is funny its all just boring shit!!!! and whats more the drawing us fucking ugly!!!!!!!!

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WHOAAAAAAAAA!!!!! she drew it herself OMGGGGG I am going to watch all her videos right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how does someone draw a vtuber model LET ALONE the entire thing all by themself? THIS IS SO CRAZY! lets get her to 5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS before gura because she drew the ENTIRE MODEL by herself, simply unbelievably amazing!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.5623102

I thought this was porn thing not some weird tulpa shit

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This is who said anything about Tulpa?

>> No.5623240

the ironic weeb comeback of "bro I just dont like that trope".... can she get any more dislikeable?

>> No.5623251

You do know the first half of the doujin doesnt have the SS shut right?

>> No.5623302

That's what tracing actually means, schizo. Stop trying to deny reality

>> No.5623343

Depends on what you expect I guess. She's not 'seiso' by any means, but wholesome for normie standards.

Like during the heatwave few days ago. Juni was embarrased to admit she had to sleep naked due to the heat. Meanwhile Vei complained about her sweaty vag on stream.

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this post is so cringe....
>haha she was embarrassed about sleeping naked, so wholesome/kino, she is pure
>not like that veibae whore, who said about sweaty.... you know what!
is it too late to delete it by now? it really sucks, its like the post would be better not existing

>> No.5623455


And the latter half does. Whats your point?

>> No.5623494

Are there any other vtubers like her who show us the "behind-the-scenes" of how drawing and live2D rigging a model works?

>> No.5623534

Are you referring to this image >>5614455

Tracing means literally tracing the lineart with a pecil, real or digital. We can argue whether the character design is "inspired by" or actually stolen, but straighten out your word definitions first.

>> No.5623540

she is literally the only vtuber who drew AND rigged her entire model. there is no other, if there was then she wouldnt be the number one vtuber worldwide. sorry but no other vtuber has done this....

>> No.5623568

Didn't Froot draw her own model and several others?

>> No.5623585


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>she is literally the only vtuber who drew AND rigged her entire model
This is part of the reason you Juniper fucks get shit on so much

>> No.5623675

it's obviously a falseflag

>> No.5623746

My point is you can like the first half and think the rest Is gross trash

>> No.5623854

She seems pretty okay using a design made by an artist that draws "gross trash".

>> No.5623973


<shota is terrifying degrading experience
hey guess what,it sounds like a reasonable and morally coherent position I'm impressed anon

>> No.5624039

I didn't realize there were vei stans on /vt/, but honestly, the guy wasn't even complaining, he was just giving an accurate description of the difference in personality.

>> No.5624128

Inspired by and that was my point you can like the first half and dislike the rest

>> No.5624261

So you're saying Juniper liked the half in which the moth woman built literally for ss entraped a young man through manipulation (but didn't rape him yet..) and hates the half where said moth rapes the man
Makes sense especially the part where her character was designed off a ss before the rape that one time so that makes it okay.

>> No.5624442

Which half of the design does she dislike then, because I'm pretty sure she used all of it.

>> No.5624457

Ya different people draw the line at different things it's not hard

>> No.5624503

You can like a design separate from the media it's from you know that right?

>> No.5624592

Yeah, just let me grab this thing you made real quick, use it to make money, then shit on you for creating it in the first place.
Juniper is a shithead.

>> No.5624723

Cry about it loli fag

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here's your (You) for the bait
don't make me laugh clipfag, I can tell you don't watch indie EN vtubers just from this post because a lot of them are self made

>> No.5624988

I know this is how life is on \board\ but it does you to assume malice without evidence. your not going to get clicks or likes or clapback points here and if you need that kid of validation start a goddamn blog

>> No.5625170

Why would someone who thinks lolishits should kill them self’s be reading shotashit to begin with?

>> No.5625283

I've seen the moth pussy meme way before I knew what it was from

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Not everyone is obsessed with how many numbers their posts make, that's why I'm content posting anonymously. The fact you even bring it up blatantly tells me you're not from here. You didn't even get the dashes right. Go back.

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>that image
stop posting deformed pekoras, she said herself she doesnt like it....

>> No.5625557
File: 796 KB, 828x817, becomerat.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's not even deformed anonchama

>> No.5625662
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>shes not deformed
>post image of her being LITERALLY deformed into a rrat
hehe, nice one

>> No.5625668

Outside of flexing her models and their gimmicks, is she really that entertaining though?

>> No.5625758

Not really, no.

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>> No.5625822

depends on the person its subjective

>> No.5625983

someone got banned for posting this, be careful of the jannies when they wake up

>> No.5626030

and yet your ego compels you to answer. Just sublimate into the background anon. Unilaterally declaring someone a shithead for specious reasons to get your e-dick sucked is pointless anyway see >>5625983

>> No.5626132

So we’ve gone to “b-but I didn’t know it was from a rape doujin!”

>> No.5626191

you say that like its not possible

>> No.5626326

Does she have an official YouTube channel or is it all just clips from another site?

>> No.5626498

ya but shes mostly on twitch

>> No.5627078

I just want fluffy moth tits on my dick is that too much to ask for?

>> No.5627759

Just be aware she's kinda boring and hates japanese stuff, despite what the avatar might lead you to believe.

>> No.5627920

>hates japanese stuff
Kek, what's the fucking point in being a vtuber then? Sounds like someone just hopped on the bandwagon train if true.

>> No.5628037

shes literaly known for drawing monster girls before becoming a vtuber wtf are you on about?

>> No.5628315

Do you even watch her?
And no pedophilia isn't Japanese stuff

>> No.5628373

Three things are certain in life
Diaper Snipers seething in a Juniper thread

>> No.5628643

the fact she's got all the pedophiles in this thread mad is just proof of her dominance. seethe and go to jail, sex criminals. get em queen

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>> No.5629960

ogey *jacks off to loli doujin just to spite you* UOOOOHHHH LOLI CUNNY CUNNY CUNNYYYYYYYY

>> No.5630021
File: 66 KB, 900x637, __nekomiya_hinata_and_mirai_akari_hinata_channel_and_1_more_drawn_by_henry_bird_9__27d2ba31bed7e780a5c955875e9c84fd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just a drawing anon, calm down.

>> No.5630128

Wow, I didn't mind her or care about her at all until now, I just thought she was as dull as a brick. But after coming across this on the front page, I realise that she's actually one of those pieces of shit infesting vtubing. I guess I'm no longer exclusively an anti towards Nyanners.

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>Find a more entertaining streamer with a better model. I'll wait.
Funnily enough, if you go to the local schizo thread you'll find out there's a streamer who is better. Unlike this thread where it's obviously made for drama and (you)s. You have a community dedicated to creating, discussing, and interacting with all things that revolve around her. Best part is, her fans aren't stuck on the crutch of, "she did it herself". Her talent and her hardwork really shines through. If Juniper had more to offer why hasn't this thread drop more links and not just a debut? Why doesn't this thread actually talk about streams? Why is this thread just a circlejerk of Lolisho vs anti-lolisho? I have a hard time thinking anyone in this thread are actually fans. Just dramaniggers. Well, whenever you guys decide to stop shitting up the bored with your tribalism I'll go ahead and answer OP's Question.

That answer by the way is Beatani. Each and everyone of you are welcomed at /yah/. Just ask for a few clips and we can get you started on some truly kino shit.

>> No.5630333

Never mind, ignore that post. Stop spreading outdated shit to mislead people. She backtracked so I couldn't care less.

>> No.5630423
File: 18 KB, 590x159, Moth3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where did she backtrack? Provide evidence.
Her twitter is filled with shit like this btw. She's the type that complains about female objectification while having a porn anime moth as an avatar, lol.

>> No.5630516


>> No.5630608

>b-but I was a tween so it means its ok :(
These posts were made only 1 (one) year ago. Actually, slighly less. At least make your lie believable, jesus fuck.

>> No.5631098

Doesn't she have a tweet where it's something along the lines of,"Why did the entire vtuber community go from bringing down a vtuber to propping one up the next day?". I swear, a tweet like that has existed.

>> No.5631353

Coming back and it seems your main issue is still just that she finds your intrest in animated toddlers gross

>> No.5631419
File: 8 KB, 248x203, 1589563477392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So wait, did she seriously rip her Vtuber design from a fucking shota rape doujin?
That's hilarious.

>> No.5631428

I literally do not care. She knelt, she submitted. I will no longer pursue her for it because that's how you force people to change. If you're never happy, they have no reason to change. Stop being an SJW.

>> No.5631551

Do you do I guess. But I find it funny you genuinely seem to think she changed when you can clearly tell she just said it not to catch shit (she literally mentions her numbers as the reason) and even lied about the teenager thing. That's not a sincere, she's still the same, and its a shame you believed it anyways.

>> No.5631625

I didn't really believe her. She kissed the lolicon ring and I accepted it. It doesn't matter what she thinks, it matters what she expresses. If she's forced to keep quiet due to backlash, that only makes my dick harder.

>> No.5631651

Yes, at the very least she was inspired by a shota rape doujin. It's pretty hypocritical. In fact, I'd just call it projection.

>> No.5631663

That's reasonable then.

>> No.5631964

Not to mention that most women and even many men base their opinions not on what is true, but on what's "acceptable". She went out of her way to name Twitter/Tumblr. She knows exactly the kinds of people that rotted her brain into thinking what she thought, and she named them. Most pieces of shit like Nyanners would never do something like that, they would double down until the end of days.

>> No.5632014

Has anyone ever confronted her about this?

>> No.5632097

Kyaami’s been doing rigging streams, her stuff is alright. Animation is a little floaty but she’s pretty thorough which is nice to see

>> No.5632769

>I, an opinionated westerner, can't be a sanctimonious twat about certain aspects of otaku culture without receiving blowback, so I must pout
Why are they always like this?

>> No.5633467

She has already admitted to saying she was inspired by the doujin. Then then went to virtue signal against lolis and lewd loli vtubers. She then got a bunch of pushback from people and started to say she is indifferent to the subject. Everyone still knows she thinks lolicons are pedos and loli tubers pander to pedos. It's not that hard to figure out. She's just now hiding behind this tweet >>5630516 in hopes people will let her off the hook. I'm a hundred percent certain that she will virtue signal against lolicons and lolitubers if she thinks she can ever get away with it. Then, these threads will turn from,"She never believed it fuck off", to,"She's based to btfo the pedos". The sad truth is she'll probably never get lolicons off her ass about it. It is what it is. I'd suggest ignoring her threads if her "fans" don't talk about the streams. One thing you realize quickly is that all drama threads based around a vtuber never have people discussing the content of streams. I've yet to see a juniper thread where the majority of the thread is discussing juniper content. Just circlejerks around her "DIY" model that these "fans" use as a gimmick and hook. They also use service level hornyposting. Can't even post clips of their vtuber. Just ignore the dramafags in here and move to a different thread.

>> No.5633643

The thing is not only is she a cunt, but actually pretty boring. There's no much to talk about. Even when anons aren't shitting on her, fans only dump images.

>> No.5633707

not in her case

>> No.5636910

I like your model Juniper, but embrace the entirety of animu culture or fuck off. Apathy is not acceptable.

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