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>someone in chat makes my oshi laugh
>feel jealous
Is it too late for me?

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Yes, but you can do harder. Make your oshi laugh next time. Preferably in a red suppachat

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Why don’t you make her laugh too?

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I do sometimes, but I want to be the only one.

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Yes. Now kys

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Make her laugh too. You can do it anon, I beleib.

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Who is she? If it’s ironmouse then she pretty much laughs at everything.

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Anon listen to me, I'm telling you this for your own good.
Stop watching your oshi.
This isn't healthy.

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You either keep being retarded and say stupid shit for the entire stream in hopes she sees your message and reads it, or you can be a transcended cope lord like me and believe in a fragmented singularity entity that may or may not be "god" who was bored with existence and broke itself into a trillion souls which ended up becoming humans, so essentially you are me and I am you, that guy who made her laugh is also you and me, we are all of us and all of us is you. The choice is yours.

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A jp indie.
It's hard because of the language barrier but I'm sure I could make her laugh a lot more if I learned.

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>someone spams 50 ars superchats
>know that my oshi is 10x more likely to recognize and remember when he post in chat compared to someone who only chats
It really grinds my gears

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Bring in love is healthy

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Best to take your meds, schizochama

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>grinds my gears
fuck off Chris Wilson

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>Someone in chat makes her laugh
>But I influence entire streams with good suggestions
Nothing personnel, kid

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Phew, I'm not alone. My oshi has a pretty small membership and there's one other faggot from my country who keeps donating and I hate him so much.

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You gotta outspend him bro.

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>see lewd of my oshi getting brutally anally raped by fat ugly men
>get hard
>imagine that happening irl
>get harder

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Snap back to reality

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>'that guy' in chat who always tries to flirt

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Ope there goes gravity

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Ope there goes rabbit, he choked

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Holofags are so insecure that they get jealous by youtube comments now. This is what being a gatekeeping unicorn does to you

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hate to break it to you but if she's an indie she's just laughing because she wants you to keep watching her not because you're funny

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only 'people' that are too retarded to integrate use this buzzword
if you don't like it fuck off

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Chat acts as a self insert.
Be like me:

>>Chat makes funny joke
>>*Vtuber laughs "you're so funny"
Me: you're welcome

>>Chat sends red superchat
>>Vtuber giggles "thanks akasupa"
Me: You're welcome


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Sorry I used a trigger word. I'll put in spoilers next time so it's not as tramautic

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my new oshi tenma maemi get her laffs of the schat instead

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I have a little anxiety now when wrote superchats since my oshi took a 5 s pause before answer it (i was afraid she will call me a faggot on stream) but no
My oshi is the shark

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What’s her name?

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rent free

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She's called me cute twice.

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That’s even more suspicious

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anon this thread is literally people complaining about anyone interacting with their oshi, is the hypocrisy lost on you?

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You've won at life, anon

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you'll never be Indian.

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turn back before it's too late

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Anon you're a champion.
The indie chuuba I watch always says my name...

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Tree rrat called me cute unprompted, and I'm not even a risuner. You too, Risu.

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with love, artemis

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You fucking bastard I'LL KILL YOU!

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I will also kill you.

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we are unity. victory for one is for all of us. for oshi, chat is me and you. SHE LAUGH AT YOU AND ME!!!!

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Jealousy is a useful feeling. It means you know you're capable of doing it and are frustrated because you didn't make it happen. All you have to do is have better timing and be smarter and you can make your dreams come true.

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The other shark, the cute one

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You have gone too far down the deep end. It's time to double tap yourself with a Deagle to end your misery.

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Get happy for your oshi being happy you fag

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Who cares, just do what comes natural. Do you expect them to discriminate?

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i was neither a member or a donator before i made Reine laugh, now i am though

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is this the day when anon get groomed instead?

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Don't worry: it could be worse.
I'm convinced that my oshi never reads out or hearts any of my comments because she's in love with me too.
Reading my name or speaking my words would be too much of an erotic experience for her so she has to keep ignoring me so that our relationship isn't revealed to the world.

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Reine laughs at everything though

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Have you ever considered that (your) oshi just laughs at your jokes so you'll keep sending those akasupas?

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Generally you can get more laughs out of indies with a smalller viewerbase. Obviously, a quickly moving chat isn't going to attract many eyes.

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>I don't supachat at all
>only post shit in chat
>my oshi always read my chat but she never laughs at my jokes
What does this mean anons?

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I've made mine laugh while chatting in Japanese, feels good. I'm happy when she laughs even when it's not me

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I’ve never been good at making jokes so I just accepted that I’ll never make her laugh early on. I’m
Not good at writing in general really. Even when I donate my messages are kind of generic unfortunately. I’ve attempted to write something more interesting a couple of times but I always second guess what I wrote and erase it.

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I’m pretty much the same. I send a decent amount of SCs but most of them are just thank you messages or congratulations. And even then I usually write them in advance. I don’t really feel bad about it though, I’d argue getting a heartfelt “thank you” from your oshi feels just as good as making her laugh.

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Just type amogus in chat, bitches love amogus

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They're just don't want to integrate with (you)

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Literally nothing wrong with that, as >>5664574 said, you don't need to make your oshi laugh for her to appreciate your message. It's up to YOU if you're comformable with that, or if your objective is getting a reaction out of them.
And it's with regret that I must inform you that not only it takes time to be able to make silly, situation-related, jokes, it's also something you're kind of born with.
It's never late, one way to improve your funny commentaries is by observing commedians (not stand up, I'm talking more in line with Map Men) and imitating them, you'll gradually understand and grasp what makes a funny comment, funny.

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Am I doomed to be unfunny forever?

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That's me. I didn't even superchat, coco just saw the comment and laughed.

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Chat may seem pseudonymous but only a few notables have names. The rank and file chat members are fingers of an amalgam. Chat made her laugh and you are chat.

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But that is the thing they are not akasupas.

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There are patterns to humor.
You can learn, adapt, and improve.
I believe in you, anon.

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learn to take entertainers less seriously anon

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Watch some indies and use them to do your humor reps. Worked for me.

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Ironic "humour" is what encompasses 99% of jokes on the internet now (none of which are funny at all ever) so it's a low bar. You could probably just post some really lame joke like
>What do you call an exhausted elephant? An ele*pant*
And that would have more value than the 99% of shit trash I mentioned there now.

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haha you're so funny

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Be glad that someone is making her happy. If said person is an attention whore then you should get pissed.

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