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It's physically impossible to have any sexual thoughts or feelings towards Haachama, she is too dumb.

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Yeah but that pic of her in panties on her phone is pretty hot. I'll be sad to watch her upcoming graduation.

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So it's psychologically possible?

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unironically, although her avatar is one of the lewdest. she has really nice tiddies and a big butt

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Good to know I'm not alone

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Retard pussy is good though.

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i dont think you seen her ecchi fanarts

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She has some of the horniest fanart

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it is.
>source: I have sexual thoughts and feelings towards Haachama

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please turn this thread into haachama ecchi fanart dump.

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She is at least smarter than Coco

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actually, it triggers the saviorchama and the groomerchama in me at the same time and makes me double horny

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Haachama's attractive avatar and push for sexual humor content has spawned some of the horniest fans I have ever seen. They won't shut up about wanting to fuck her.

The actress herself is really quite retarded. She has shown many moments of weakness beneath her tough mask in the past year. She inspires a paternal guardian instinct in those who know this side of her. She yabs on purpose so much that its like having your very own rebellious teen daughter.

So there are people out there that want to totally wreck the character but find the person behind the character to be just cute.

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Wrong, I'm gonna lick the sweat off her fat tummy and have a boner the whole time, ENTIRELY BECAUSE she's so dumb she still doesn't understand why she's gaining weight.

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Are you saying the retarded don't deserve love?

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her vomit sounds make me cum

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dont care still buying purple haato coin

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I agree, but personally I apply this to all vtubers altho for different reasons

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You do you, anon. Meanwhile, I'll do Haachama.

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It's physically impossible to not have any sexual thoughts or feelings towards Haachama, she is too dumb.

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PLEASE PLEASE post more fatchama

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You must be a homosexual if you don't want to fuck this fat retard until she's a drooling mess

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Coco doesn't need Hololive to keep up her standard of living. Getting out while the majority of fans still love you is a good decision. We only saw a small bit of the decline in quality. If she hadn't decided to leave we'd have Fat Elvis Coco by the end of 2022.

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What was her name again?

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Anon, I know it sucks that Coco is leaving but making up a bullshit scenario about her declining to cope with it is just sad.

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Holowhore #15

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Imagine not wanting to fuck this fat ass.

Anon, why are you gay?

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I’d make retarded babies with her

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Sex is not love

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Why does she dance like she needs dick

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People don’t just have sex without being in love you animal.

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Give me the quick run down on Haachama is she actually retarded, is it an act, what's up with her voice, all I know is that she ate tarantula ramen and threw up spicy noodles and sounds like a weird airheaded doofus (in a cute way). And is apparently actually insane?

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Surely you wouldn't have depraved sex with this cute girl?

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Is that a challenge?

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Have you never heard her ASMR?

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Link me a good one

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She has a lot

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>not wanting your genepool to be sullied by her inferior dumbdumb genes

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You have to either be a member or download them. There might be some reuploads on YouTube, not sure.
KFC ASMR made me sick to my stomach, but I respect that she had the ability to do that. The rest of them are good, except for one that pretty much a zatsudan.

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…what is kfc ASMR?

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Lets go
Go where?

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On Twitter she liked a fanart of her giving someone a footjob

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Picture a horror movie where the monster is slurping on someone it killed. But for an hour.

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She ate KFC on mic.

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But that's the secret anon, her being dumb is why I want to have sex with her.

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she is actually smart for making a new roommate

don't put all your eggs in one basket

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Who is the new roommate?

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me, it's me

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Everyone's mileage varies for her ASMR. If you are sensitive to sighs and mouth noise triggers you will think it is lewd. If you don't go in with a dirty mindset it won't seem lewd. Much of what she says is the result of interactions with chat. Sometimes she picks out weird things to say like any other stream. Her attempts at roleplay are cringe because everyone knows she is just a loveable retard with a cute voice. JPbros are constantly dunking on her in chat but no one notices because of EN hornyposting.

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You've answered your own question.

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What makes her a whore?

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That is not what roommate means.

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why does she attract literally all architects?

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Outifts, lewding herself, Haachama cooking, mention of weight a couple times, embracing fat art on occasion, etc. Marine gets similar treatment, especially considering her base outfit is perfect for it, starting to realize it too

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The truth is she's probably thin from all the neglect.
Wanting to fatten her up is just parental instinct.

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If only. Then prostitution would be fucking void as a business lol

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Reddit Meme Review

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Isn't she going to college soon? She'll have plenty soon I'm sure.

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She has the most coomer fanart, and her being blonde, blue eyed, retarded and stacked just makes her more coomable.

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She attracted hordes of coomers with her lewd reviews and ASMR. Their cum tributes sustain her while she ain't making any content.

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You've never watched Aho Girl

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Disagree. She's the daughter you lewd.

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What I would give to be that haaton

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She's already in one anon

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Unironically do it I want to masturbate knowing everyone else is too.

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She reminds me of this one hentai ova where some guy's blonde haired big tittied sister is basically retarded and gullible as fuck, having sex with people because they trick her with something dumb. Like one time she went to get ice cream and the ice cream man raped her.

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all me

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is this old or new? i kinda remember something like it, name?

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what about Haato

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shit negro, no need to stealthy, if you just wanted to fill your haachama fap folder, you coulda just asked

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it depends on your triggers, she's got some very good asmr triggers for me. if i want something comfy and relaxing ill put on noel, but if i want to get smacked with asmr tingles ill put on old haachama. and this is pre En wave asmr, the one's she's done since then are garbo

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None of it feels erotic, it's rather cute like as if she is trying so hard to be lewd but everyone knows she isn't

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I disagree

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I wanna make a dozen retarded babies with Haachama!

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This is a thinly veiled attempt at getting lewds og Haachama, and I'm happy to oblige

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It's not that she's dumb, but rather she's fucking crazy

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baka na imouto?

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But Anon you just described why it's erotic

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The Haachama molesting sleeping Haato ASMR was the best one ever. Choco's ASMR does nothing to me in comparison.

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I coomed to her sexy curves earlier today anon what do u mean

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In that case, your future presents itself in rather dark colours...

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she's the first hololive i fapped to.

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care to post it please

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Scroll up.

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many thanks

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it is impossible for me, yes.

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How is it that her coworker, like miko for example, has to hide her voice from being recognized in public but no one has recognized haachama irl? Hard to believe someone like her hasn't had anyone come up to her and say "You sound like this one vtuber"

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it's not as common if you go outside once in a while

most holos go up a few notes when speaking for the camera. haachama has used it ocasionally, at least it sounded like a more genuine human voice.

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