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this is the haachama global you have to post in it if you just like her!!!!

la ba bi dooo labi daba
laba di da boo da dey baba
laba di ba ba labem laba
limba dim dam dom dam dey daba
libo dey dam doh ba dey dabooo

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rratchama: haachama made this thread

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Is Haachama stuck in the "boredom room" when it comes to doing English streams or interacting with HoloEN?

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Hi, how are you?
Are you calling on my phone?

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Haachama is very cute and funny!

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better rratchama sad edition: She unsuccessfully made a big scene about Coco leaving and is still upset/hasn't gotten over it yet.

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I never realised how dumb that question was before now.

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she awayed herself

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You mean she tried to stop it by throwing a fit?

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I feel like this may be a case of management awaying her because they clearly don't like haachama in their haachama, since most of her most recent videos were deleted without any explanation or apparent reason. rrats aside, I think it's pretty clear they want her to color mostly in the lines again. Thinking this was probably a last chance compromise for her if she actually wants to stay.

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Or something similar yeah. Like "If she's leaving I'm leaving too" and she's a girl so add lots of crying etc.

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I think she hid that week of videos to make Infinity more visible. It's now the second video on the list. I can't say if management is trying to put a squeeze on her. What do you think she did wrong recently that drew their ire?

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>drew their ire

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they were really close friends so yes probably and perhaps she will end up recovering from it but fragile people like haachama tend to not take bad news well at all im really worried for her

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>fragile people like haachama tend to not take bad news well at all
hugging Haachama telekinetically

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Don't lump Haato in with Coco please. Despite whatever issues she had, Coco always worked hard and continued streaming without taking months off for no reason. Coco had to deal with real mental health issues and a lot of pressure and she still did it. I think only the most deluded Haatons can continue to make excuses for Haato at this point. She doesn't care much about streaming anymore, so don't care too much yourself if she ever comes back before taking yet another break out of boredom. it is what she does.

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Watching coco's last meme review there was one with her eating tarantulas, which is a pretty typical haachama meme, but they both utterly avoided commenting on it in any way when just a month ago they'd be playing it up. It felt really like both a "management doesn't want to acknowledge this side of haachama anymore" and a "Haachama also doesn't want us acknowleding this anymore" moment. My rrat is that this break is meant to be an intentional reset for her so she has an excuse to get out of the content corner she backed herself into.

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haaaah.... its that stupid and ugly haachama anti again..... what am i gona do about him?
I know, I just gona ignore him!

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Coco is 32(?) y/o and probably harder-working/independent/resourceful than most anons in this thread

Haachama is like barely 18 and has had a rough childhood putting it lightly, the kind that breeds loneliness/dependency/seperation anxiety. You're a giga-retard for comparing them.

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Stop sucking his dick man

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I asked elsewhere about that moment in the recent meme review. I was told it is just part of the lore of the meme reviews. I know in a previous stream Coco avoided talking about her eating a kagai niki. Honestly, I think the only content that the EN management should issue with would be her lewd reviews, lewd line punishment games, and certain ASMR streams.

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I'm sad that she didn't participate in the Usaken festival. The HoloEN members were there. We could've had memorable interactions between them and Haato.

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She wanted to visit the HoloEN server with Watame. I wonder if she is actually allowed on the server now or if she just forgot she is banned.

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The ban couldn't be permanent. I mean, she's a holo member for fuck sake. I'm sure they will allow her in if she asked nicely.

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I miss Haachama more & more each day

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I think Haachama is a hair away from graduating, and i am pretty sure it wont be a "peaceful" graduation like Coco's where they can still mention her,

Cover has been fucking her repeatedly since the Taiwan incident, and her reaching 1 million i think triggered the begining of the end
Fubuki is already a member of 2 generations so there was no reason Haachama couldnt become am honorary EN member, although the same could be said for a number of the ID girls who are farm more fluent in English

Honestly I think the best thing Haachama could do is go independent and make the content she wants to make, maybe moving west so she can use fair use

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haachama become indie she can just live with me! and i make her pay no rent
and not any weird sex stuff
I stay in basement she has my whole house and whatever that she want

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Coco raped Haachama

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man I fucking love haachama

I think a lot of the restrictions got cut after Coco passed the point of no return, but haachama suddenly having to "take a break" after her EN0 stream might be a bad sign that a manager has it out for her specifically. Also hope watame knows getting a collab means doing most of the work to set it up herself

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haachama will return in 2025

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Tell me about the pepeloni

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Which pepeloni?

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cant rape the willing

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That's not what Ina thinks or she wouldn't have made such a big deal about it

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Athena is going to make another song for Haachama's birthday
She's the one that made the Haachama horror song that she really liked

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grant us pepeloni, grant us pepeloni

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I like pepeloni.

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>Shes trying to solve somthing really...uhh, is a really big issue

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I think she was talking about world hunger, could solve that and the chinese question in one go

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I'm 32 myself and can say that if I had what was on Haachama's plate at 18 I probably would have An Hero'd twenty times over by now. Her mental fortitude at her age is frankly unbelievable to someone like me and more than a little inspiring to a recovering near-NEET like myself.

She's a goddamn superhero in my eyes and will keep receiving my akasupas until the day she retires, however sooner or later that may be.

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I heard y'all niggas had pepeloni

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File: 143 KB, 1390x1384, 9496173D-5BBA-4AE5-AFD2-669B7EE73528.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no Haachama and Ame interaction during Usaken Festival
>no Haachama having wholesome moment together with shy Ame during Usaken Festival
I remember when Haachama tried her best to bond with HoloEN girls. Haachama doko?

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Do your infinity reps

>> No.5761725

What did she mean by this

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i miss her...

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She will be attending Coco's graduation in 3 days. Have patient.

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>Haachama missing out on the festival

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i know but worries me at the same time i hope she won´t have any sad announcements after coco´s graduation....

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Please, Haato is stronger than that. She have been in way worse situations before. As if she would quit because the meme dragon graduate.

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I miss Haato

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I know shes having fun getting fucked and all but its hard to sleep without minecraft and chill...

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I don't understand how it doesn't have more views. It's a really good song. Haachama's not even my oshi

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isn't she graduating

>> No.5764823

No, other way around - Watame proposed that idea, likely because Haachama would miss out on the festival. There’s no way in hell Haachama would’ve wanted to miss out on all of this.

>> No.5764863

What happened to haachama world?

>> No.5764881

It's catered towards a smaller audience. I love infinity but I can see why people hated it. It has a less vibrant vibes compared to Red Heart.

>> No.5764882

I like Chammers

>> No.5764905

I think it’s to do with the people that manage EN, I can’t remember what their actual job was but there was stuff in one of the Hololive EN interviews where they spoke about how they wanted to handle EN.

Segregating Hololive EN to their own minecraft server (though they probably had their say in that), not wanting to say “generations” and calling it something like a “team”, or whatever (Gura was talking about it sarcastically last night...)

I dunno, the people in the EN department are just incredibly pedantic about some things

>> No.5764936

Ame wanting to dive into the lava at the end of the stream reminded me of Haachama when she went through her lava diving phase

>> No.5765489

More than half her subscribers are dead or only interested in her shocking/sexual content.

>> No.5765922

Counting the days until she comes back to announce her graduation. ;_;

>> No.5766239

yeah it sounds nice, but it isn't as catchy as Red Heart, nothing you play on repeat again and again and again 2bh

>> No.5766279

Prior to her current hiatus she was not showing signs that she felt particularly chained by Cover's restrictions. Her manager is practically nonexistent. She just had no idea what to do for content. I don't know if she couldn't find something she found entertaining or if she felt pressured to make everything have some sort of twist to entertain the audience. It's her ADHD that hurts her the most. If she does decide on something, she can't plan, organize, and execute properly and will do everything last minute. She doesn't know how to make the content she wants to make because her skills are still immature.

Haachama somehow becoming officially associated with EN could be a great motivation for her to stream. All those years of half-assed EN study abroad would not have been wasted. Finding a proper balance between EN and JP streams would be difficult.

>> No.5766828

>Haachama somehow becoming officially associated with EN
As if Cover would ever let that happen. They are hell-bent on making her suffer. Worst thing you can do to an ADD person is to stomp on their dreams and force them to do boring normalfag shit. Without their dopamine dose they will easily fall into great depression. Cover is playing dangerous "game" here.

>> No.5767306

Which of her dreams did they stomp on? What is her dream now? She keeps changing her mind about it.

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Haachama's biggest problem is she DOESN'T plan and tends to be ADHD as fuck about what she wants.
The fact the Tower of Haachama got as far as it did is a minor miracle for her.

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>you have to post in it if you just like her!

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Truly the strongest idol. o7

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It’s the opposite for me. Haachama is my oshi but I’m not a fan of her voice. I mainly listen to covers from Sora, Shion, ect.

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Apart from that huge hiatus where Cover forced her to drop her plans for the ending of her first arc. I think it's a bit naive to assume that that had no effect on her, considering that after that her streaming schedule never really recovered and kept getting thrown off by random inactivity and sudden breaks. It can be that she struggled with what content to put out, but this could just as much be about her never really knowing anymore what she can put out in the first place. In essence after her schizo arc Haachama has been stuck recycling her own content, a greatest hits of Haachama experience, while she's trying to come up with something more creative again to get back to the heights of the schizo arc. And that's probably where all her ideas are leading her down paths that will involve shocking content which just does not fly with Cover.

>> No.5768741

>In essence after her schizo arc Haachama has been stuck recycling her own content
Before that too, with eating a scorpion in Jan 2021
following eating a Tarantula, arguably her greatest hit of late 2020 (with regards to mainstream impact on the audience).

Her original claim to fame prior her Haachama phase (again, with regards to mainstream appeal) was her Late Night English Minecraft calm streams and that was something she couldn't really return to after the English streaming market got really saturated

>> No.5769287

I'm glad she did a slow song for variety, but I guess Red Heart was too tough an act to follow

>> No.5769404

What I find interesting is people shitting on EN for not doing songs in English, but look at the performance of Reflect and Goodbye Sengen compared to Infinity - turns out singing isn't english isn't a guarantee for success

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her timing with it was bad too, red heart probably gets a bigger buff from the algorithm with it's momentum but she dropped reflect then went on hiatus after a week of not streaming

>> No.5773999

I wish she built more Kirby-type Yagoos, that shit still makes me laugh

>> No.5774254

I would say it’s probably because of ADHD that she could make something like that, as a kind of sporadic hyper focus. Consider the way she constructs it compared to say, Pekora (uh, botan?) organising and constructing the summer festival — that takes communication, team effort, working to a deadline, schedule, nearly organised and constructed attractions, etc

Tower of Babel is more freeflow, somewhat aimless, by herself, she builds stuff based on scribbly diagrams... she goes off of impulse/hyper focus

>> No.5775110

Red Heart was also hyped for months since that was supposed to released upon her return to Japan, which was delayed by lockdowns.

When Miko was making a map of the server, I was surprised at how unsymmetrical the outside was. It was absolutely a huge effort, but she only did the bare minimum in planning it and might've even winged the patterns.

>> No.5775432

I could definitely see that with the hyperfocus issue.
Although Botan's definitely a structured builder. Pekora's one who gets distracted a lot and delegates to others (then claims all the credit later)

Really with Haachama I think if we trace the roots back more it's not the Schizo stuff where we can see her problems getting more noticeable. It's when she came back from Australia. She lost the structure that schooling gave her and with how she is that probably lead to her getting unfocused and starting to wander around.

>> No.5775852
File: 1.53 MB, 2571x4096, __akai_haato_and_haaton_hololive_drawn_by_makinan__39b058dc599e9447e44b3bc611bd4ca9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My depression has come back quite hard since she stopped streaming again & I've been skipping out on my diary reps. I hope she is ok.

>> No.5775911

She’s going to graduate and become a chuuba for a new agency

>> No.5775940

>no fun allowed

>> No.5776187

i was always fascinated by her minecraft builds, like the Sky Castle and the Church. I also noticed most of her structures were treehouses or mostly made of wood.

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ossoi anon please

>> No.5777061

When you think about it wood needs no real mining or smelting. Just Chop Trees and build. Maybe she'll do something with glass but that's usually the limit.

Also did she ever actually finish the GunChama as it always looked incomplete like she only did one arm before giving up

>> No.5778221

AFAIK this was the last King of Haachama stream she did, and yeah looks like she gave up before adding the right arm because the Shubangelion was blocking the whole thing.

>> No.5778298

Pretty sad because that was a nice design they gave it. I don't think she thought Subaruwould put that monster blocking the vision of it

>> No.5780395

the no one?

>> No.5780570

I post!
Bucause I like her!

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posting for chama
praise be to chama

>> No.5781684

Now that we're some time out, and the dust as settle that rrat's been completely slain.

>> No.5781720

The domino pepeloni and without pepeloni

>> No.5783389

Imagine if she did and all she got were complaints and criticism, like usual.

>> No.5783634

>that rrat's been completely slain.
by who you? and because you said so right i have read that pr tactic before.

>> No.5784399

It's complete but she fucked up the placement and the second arm is on the back instead of the side, she cried about it a little then started making the tower

>> No.5785494


>> No.5786244

In our hearts anon our big red hearts

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File: 208 KB, 1450x2048, BF5EBA4C-404F-4D17-BBC5-4392C80295CC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 3.91 MB, 1415x2000, 1624044953984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i fucking love haachama so much i don't give a damn what she does as long as she has fun, stay positive haatons. She's been streaming her whole adolescent life so even if she graduates like a large number seem to think she'll reincarnate. i know if I find a reincarnation ill run to tell you all anons, promise me the same. i don't care anymore i just want this bitch to be happy, I've shed far too many tears over her to not just want the best for her. CHAMA LOVE

>> No.5793177

ah! The pepeloni...

>> No.5793692

Ok riddle me this. Why the fuck won't this chick eat pepperoni but ate a fucking tarantula??

>> No.5793934

She piles up all the pepeloni and eats it by itself afterwards

>> No.5795337

ahh the pepeloni, pepeloni. you know the pepeloni? the nooo one. i always, i always order the, the domino. domino pepeloni and without pepeloni. i always order the pepeloni and without pepeloni. pepeloni! i like pepeloni, yeah. i always, i always order the, the cheese- cheese pan. ahh how can i explain? i can explain by my drawing! i always order like the cheese pan that it has cheese on here, this part, the ear. ear of pizza. and then, i order, when i order pepeloni, the ear- it always have a pepeloni on a top, but i pick up these,,,, away! cause i don't eat it. and then i eat the cheese pan pizza. okay? you understand? understandable. pepeloni! yes

>> No.5795461

Based she's the reason why I started working after being laid off 8 months back and became jobless for 4 month until I realized my bank account does not have enough to SC her and started working

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File: 1.06 MB, 1203x1701, 1621785153549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I really miss her, bros. I hope she can solve everything that's bothering her so she can go head first into more streams happier than ever.

>> No.5796649

I hope haachama realizes that self love is true love

>> No.5797575

Peperoni is greasy. Tarantulas aren't.

>> No.5798249

It'll be peaceful, too peaceful, she wont have weeks of easing people into it with tons of great content or a graduation live. Her channel will stay up and she can still be mentioned but we'll be lucky to get anything more than a short message announcing her graduation and a goodbye message

>> No.5801344

Wow, you really think she is just going to suddenly leave like that? For some reason, I can't help but feel the same way now.

>> No.5801456

I miss her bros...

>> No.5801704

Yeah, I don't think she's mentally strong enough to handle a big sendoff, especially live, or help gosling haatons to cope over a period of time.

If we're lucky we'll get a premade video celebrating her time

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File: 802 KB, 1170x1117, D5FDBDC6-1EEB-445D-96AD-A617F1385FF0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5802758

Considering how much difficulty she has had communicating with anyone at all the past 6 months, I can see that. She'd probably get depressed again if she tried to do it over a length of time like Coco.

>> No.5803950
File: 1010 KB, 1068x601, 1BD4387D-56BA-436D-9B25-921AD697C574.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey folks, just wanted to say I love you all and wish your oshi will be back soon. Have faith in the strongest idol!
t. Watamate

>> No.5804272

thanks for your words watamate anon, watame giving occasional updates on chammers really helps, if I can't trust that sheep I don't wanna trust anyone

>> No.5805437
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>t. Watamate

>> No.5806065

Yea, it's really nice that this time we at least get some updates from sheep. Last time she disappeared there was literally no info about what's happening with her

>> No.5806407

I interpret that as mate with watame

>> No.5806663

yes, that's correct

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>Coco's Graduation
>but Haachama promised she will be there
I'm so conflicted. In the end though I just want them both to be happy.

>> No.5807320

She’s ovo-lacto-insecto-vegetarian

>> No.5807338

It's calling up my phone

>> No.5807424
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I miss her...

>> No.5808498

Did Watame say anything more than that Haato wanted to go with her to the en server?

>> No.5809243

I’m just happy Coco finally fuck off. It’s mutually beneficial for both parties. She got to get away from Cover’s mistreatment and Cover get to be an idol company.

>> No.5809439

Protip: Coco isnt the only one there who wants to be more than a generic idol

>> No.5810071

Haachama is dead :(

>> No.5810339

JWU what's the situation?

>> No.5810544

Imagine if this hiatus is Haachama going on strike but Cover doesn't give a fuck.

>> No.5812016

Reps, anonchama.
Let's at least get it to 400k beforo Haachama, hopefully, graces us with her presence on July 1st

>> No.5816387

She'll be back in two weeks then take a month off again.

>> No.5816411
File: 3.60 MB, 498x280, 255CEA2C-EDB4-4BD3-B7D7-BF69D7B0E39A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just 2 more days...

>> No.5816437

haachama is black

>> No.5816531

Cover has the #1 vtuber in the world on their payroll. What do they care about some has-been like Haachama?

>> No.5816584

I liked Infinity and fuck the haters.

>> No.5817559

Haachama, come home ;_;

>> No.5818601
File: 109 KB, 412x316, haachama in indonesia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know! She's working on it!

>> No.5818686
File: 208 KB, 850x850, sample-267bf0f40edb852300c2fe21e0f48576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah she is a black cat now

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There are 43 universities in Australia, there is therefore a 2.32% chance I walk the same grounds as Haachama and have a better chance of meeting her than any of you!

>> No.5819094

You have to investigate now, start playing english music and see if she takes the bait

>> No.5819208

anon she won´t go to a uni in australia
she has been back in japan for a while now

>> No.5819918

Ching chong bing bong

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> start getting into Haachama late last year
> she motivates me to finally get off my ass and start working hard, get transferred out of a dead end role at work to one with way more earning potential
> have recently been contacted by a lot of companies who would give me a 30k+ raise if I get through their interview process
> can't even motivate myself to study for them now because Haachama isn't streaming and it is making my depression worse
Is this what late state Goslinging feels like?

>> No.5820365

I don't even know what Goslinging is but ma put hit this way. Do the studying. Get the Raise.
Put money into a Red Superchat box so when she comes back you can make it rain.

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