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Bros… and even worse… she uses an android. We have to save her.

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Stop making bait threads

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Oh finally a redeeming quality. I was beginning to think she was just cartoonishly bad.

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>apple sheep
You HAVE to go back.

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Go back

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Apple is a cult.

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Android anons... I must save you

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Im not trying to be an asshole but i think the surgery might reallly fuck up her mental state. I hope she gets better and can somehow afford reconstructive surgery if the rrats are true.

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RIP Pomu's breasts. I wonder if they were nice.

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Fuck off concernfag, she'll be fine.

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Ask for a picture before the surgery for one last look

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Anon, you know you can't save me. You have to move on already.

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Andoird is the Nijisanji of the smartpphone market.

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Pomu is based and financially responsible

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Anon there is being positive and then there is being delusional. Removal of any part of the body is gonna cause some serious mental stress. Not to add to the fact that such a thing becomes a problem in any relationship she might wanna have, men normally want a women with breasts.

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>we want the saviorfag audience
What did 2434 mean by this?

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You can't even play webms. If anyone needs saving it's you.

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>Apple is restrictive and overrated
>Nijisanji allows freedom and has lots of trash

Seems about right

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pettan pomu when

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It's been in beta since February.

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>makes awful thread
adds up

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She's pregernet

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I still hear God Knows when I close my eyes, listening from 37 onwards was a mistake.

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Laughs in SD Card

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You are beyond saving.

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Don't worry, I will marry da fairy

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>since February

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This thread is stupid
4chan for Huawei P9

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well, I would be legit worried because the no-password-backdoor is still in the android twitter app...

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nijisanji ironmouse
I doubt she has no illness

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fuck off itoddler

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what's wrong with Android?
all of Japan uses Android

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are you pretending to be retarded? https://www.macrumors.com/2021/02/25/apple-biggest-mobile-brand-japan-2020/amp/

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It's okay, Lennie. Just turn around and imagine tending the rabbits.

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>Being an applenigger
OP is a fucking faggot.

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Sage all applethreads
Report all appleposts
Do NOT reply to applefag shills

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>laughs in replaceable battery and SD card

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imagine being a burger applefag

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Great post, me.

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Predisposition and a preventative surgery for said predisposition. Locate the nearest trash bin to plant your face into it, anonchama.

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Hololive reject? Hololive reject!

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You’re late Anon and you didn’t even add the picture you’re a failure.

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>Kneeling to Google

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No apple.
Only Watamelon

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I don't use a phone
You're all cucks to me

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Imagine being on 4chan with a computer.

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Well of course Hololive would reject Android's crap tech.

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You're kneeling to a corporation regardless, this is nothing to feel superior about

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Now you guys resort to tribalfagging about phones jfc

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Imagine being too stingey to buy a new Iphone with the gorullions in pay pig money. Fuck.

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I don't need to. I cqn afford a premium smartphone, not the iCrap fed to commoners.

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>she uses an android.
Holy based.

Her singing's great too, guess its time I sub her. Cheers OP.

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10 rupees have been deposited into your apple account

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im sorry, but the test results have come back positive
youre retarded

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>actually caring what brand of glass aluminum silicon sandwich she tweets from

Is there anything you retards won’t tribalfag over?

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If I had enough money for an iphone 12 pro max I'd still get a Samsung 20
Or that Xiaomi phone with a mechanical camera

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>unironically thinking that apple > android
kill yourself immediately. at least we won't have to hear from this anon again once apple does to 4chan what it did to discord.

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This but taking chink phones out of the equation.

There's no point in getting an Iphone anymore if what you're looking for is to encrypt your info, Samsung has it on their flagships and enterprise models now, it's pretty good.

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I want to ____ the Pomu

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>office lady tweets from her phone
>using the most productive smartphone OS
>while properly looking after her health
>op wants her to be socially and medically isolated while using a counterproductive OS
I don't think you understand the meaning of salvation. It's about making someone's life better, not worse.

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What are we going to do if this is literally her last tweet?

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i'll move on with my life like a normal human being

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Pretend to be said for 5 minutes then move on

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I must applaud Apple, being able to lobotomize your users- sell them worse products than the competition and DEFEND it.
That takes effort, or a stupid amount of luck.

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you already are

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