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So originally people tried to put Ina in the "Ina is so lonely not having anyone like Takamori or early Amesame." category and this was being pushed even after the infamous Among us collab with Nene and Polka, as well as the stream where Ina got invited to the JP servers by Nene and Polka (which had even heavier flirting than the Among us collab) which showed even more that Ina was far from being lonely. Fast forward to Ina talking to Nene off stream and then most of gen5 on their discord even more

Now Ame and Gura didn't want to make Ina feel left out since Kiara and Mori have their thing, so Ame wanted all three of them to have something of their own, so it'd be like everybody wins and no one gets left out. We've even seen this in the form of more collabs with all three and even when Gura talked about how they'd collab after the E3 watchalong, she chose a game for three. Then Ina and Lamy had their date and boy did that show alot more of Ina's flirtatious side but it really enforced even more so that Ina just thrives and enjoys the harem with Gen5. Also Ina had some great chemistry them, you saw sides of her she rarely ever brings out.

As you can imagine, this even caused a shift with Gura and Ame where they were actually the odd ones out since Ina had Lamy (and all of gen5) and of course Takamori doing their own thing. Ame even said that she'd rather just watch things going on and be the cameraman of the event, like Fubuki, but even Ame actually let her guard down, had alot of cute moments with Gura and participated in somethings. Oddly enough this actually had some huge dynamic changes and introduced some questions for the future of Gurame

Ina essentially showed that she is doing extremely well for herself and isn't at all lonely and in fact thriving, loved and having the time of her life with gen5 essentially inviting/taking her in and Ina being more than willing to accept it. So with this development, Gurame may actually have less cause for concern on becoming an official pair (If they even want to that is), especially now that alot of JP find them to be a cute pair/ship after seeing them have alot of big moments like the boat race, fireworks with fubuki and oddly enough them fighting to the death in front of a few JP members both times. Gurame had some coverage at the festival in alot of weird ways.

This could possibly be a big enough moment to really make Gura and Ame at least take some different things into consideration but I guess we'll see in due time if this situation made them see things differently

>tldr Ina is doing extremely well and went on a date with Lamy instead of going with her genmates to the festival. Gurame showed signs of progression, so maybe now Gura and Ame won't be so critical of their pairing and worrying about if it'll make Ina feel dejected

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i come to /vt/ to talk about vtubers, not read a book

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>Ina is doing extremely well and went on a date with Lamy
That better be a newly transformed Lamy or I am telling Botan

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fubuki want to take gura home and do things to her

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Botan was there, she’s fine with it.
Gen 5 are adopting Ina, dressing her up like Aloe and taking turns on her.

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You would get more interest if you post this in reddit, anon

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Holy shit go outside

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You are a huge schizo for writing all this shit, even if it was ironically.
Ame and Gura are really good friends, that's it.

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I can't believe you wasted quads on a lie just like that

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I’m not reading that but Polka ships them after the festival and that’s pretty cute

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Small brain.

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This is why I come to /vt/, for the schizo posts. I wish I could make posts like this but I'm an ESL and anons just think that I'm a retard.

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Don't worry, hermanito anónimo, I believe OP is a retard even after reading their massive post

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Just write multiple paragraphs and then make one in the middle in your native language saying the rest of the post is a lie and see how many people don't even notice the language shift because they're too dumb to read

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This is why I hate shippers

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why do you shift from AmeSame to Gurame?
which is the real name?

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>even if you didnt mean it... umm, writing this much is kind of weird?
>be like me, I never do anything unless im told to do it
>yes I spent 8 hours a day wasting my time but I get paid for it from my boss. so thats normal and acceptable and not weird
>but you spent maybe 5 minutes writing this post that could have been spent working towards something else. and now im thinking I must remind you what society wants from you!

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Look ma I warosu'd my own post.

Ame doesnt speak Japanese, she watched hololive through clips. However, she made sure to watch everyone in hololive, holostars, ID or CN.
This is when she realized Flare was always "Noel's girlfriend", most of the clips at the time were filtered through her being Noel's girlfriend and most of the clipped parts were about their keyfabe ship. To a lesser extent, okakoro and kanata+coco had the same "problem".
Maybe you dont remember but she specifically asked not to be shipped with Gura, on stream. She doesnt want to be the Flare to Gura's Noel, she knows she has a much smaller channel and viewerbase and if she lets her character be pigeonholed into "gura's maybe girlfriend" she'll never be able to do anything again.

She sees Gurame as a threat to her career, and she is STILL ABSOLUTELY FUCKING CORRECT.

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What's this weird projection? When did I ever imply any of that?
What I meant is that I couldn't think of enough dumb shit to write a post that long, even if I was TRYING to sound like a schizo.

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Based. Never take your meds.

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Not him, but I think amesame sounds better and that's the "official" tag on twitter, where all the good art is posted, while gurame is only used here and is used by massive schizos that care about muh sekrit club names.

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>um I did not say that? you are acting so weird
>are you crazy? you sound crazy for implying I said it
>I just simply meant this
>you just misunderstand you see, perhaps you are insane?
when will you stop gaslighting people??? it might work on others but not on me sorry!

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I feel this applies to Kiara too

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Maybe she doesn't want to be shipped cause she isn't a lesbian?

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>goes to the festival with Gura
>follows Gura around the whole tome and only interacts with her
>rides the tunnel of love with Gura
>tells Kiara that they’re holding hands during the fireworks
I’m glad Ame’s not encouraging this shipshit

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Quads of truth.

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How? Kiara is the half of takamori that pushes the ship the most.

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>What I meant is that I couldn't think
no need to spell it out, we got it the first time, you brainlet normalfag

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Nice cope, at this point Ame pushes the ship more than Gura does.

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she is only known for the ship
Mori, by far the more popular of the two, is more known for her music.

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You are confusing the fact Ame has recently encouraged the ship at all, with her pushing it more.
Gura still gushes about "Ammme" every stream to an extent that Ame never does, or probably will.

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Yeah, but what I mean is that is not even remotely similar because Kiara doesn't seem to care that much if that's what she's mostly known for.
Isn't Kiara being a "lesbian icon" or something, one of the memes in her fanbase?

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you linked a 76 minute stream
at least link a timestamp

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That link IS a timestamp, you retard.

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I did not mean that she was like Ame in not wanting to be known for being the girlfriend of a famous streamer

I meant that she was like Flare being known as "Noel's girlfriend". In her case "Mori's girlfriend"

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do timestamps not work on embed anymore?
I have to copy the link and past it into a new tab to get the timestamp to work

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dunno, works on my machine™

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Its not at that point yet but she's definetly more "kiara from takamori" than she is "kiara from EN", on twitter.

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They randomly decide whether to work for me.

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classic 2^2chan™

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Ones i post work for me but no others do

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You don't watch Gura right? She is the biggest Gosling you will ever see

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td;dr fubuki is my oshi>>5782663

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>Ame and Gura
These two are more or less like sisters

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incestuous, lesbian sisters

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Yeah we’ve all seen the karaoke screenshots, still as of late Ame has been feeding the shippers more than Gura has. You can even take a look at the pages of the many /u/ schizos if you want.

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Based as fuck. GurAme is the best Holoship alongside OkaKoro and don't let them think you otherwise schizo-sama, keep preaching.

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I just came to the vtuber board to post about vtubers, not see faggots complaining that people post about vtubers on the vtuber board.

The tldr is that Ina is a multilingual who always gets along well with jp, while Gurame are the token monolinguals who will only ever be a novelty to the rest of the company. They should've done their Nihongo reps and at least became jouzu. Then they could communicate with their senpai using more than just their most elite eigo. It actually makes Gurame look lonelier and lazier than Ina (who's based enough to not do superchat readings) because they've presumably had ample time to brush up both on and off stream. Duolinigo/lingodeer is free quota-filling edutainment, but they'd rather stay in their lane and be the odd ones out during cultural exchange collabs. Truly shameful.

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Lamy is for Botan and no one else
bad rrat

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I wonder how erect Fubuki clit were in OP’s picture. Harder than steel? harder than a diamond?

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Lamy is for Nenechi

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A ship has to develop naturally or it's no good

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based quads

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>he thinks the entire gen is gay
Anon I don't know how to break this to you, they just do this shit to entertain the fans a bit. When the yuri fans start pushing it too hard like lunatics and making endless shipping art they try to move away from it because it makes them uncomfortable. Just like how Mori is forever uncomfortable about the short guys thing her fans pushed endlessly when she was just trying to be nice.
On a semi-related note, fuck Kiara for creating this retarded powder keg of faggotry to try and get viewers.

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>uncomfortable about the short guy thing
>when she hams it up every time a character slightly under 5'6 appears on screen
All she's done is turn her fetish for short guys into a running gag about being a child predator and intentionally causing the deaths of tall people across the globe

>> No.5790231

>her fetish for short guys
she doesn't have one though

>> No.5790277

Do you really believe that she's lying every time we've seen her swoon over a short male character?

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Good shit OP thanks a lot.

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this is why no one likes you gurame niggers, take your meds

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Holy based

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Good keep acting like a creepy retard.
Ame will want to distance herself from Gura again in no time.

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>Isn't Kiara being a "lesbian icon" or something, one of the memes in her fanbase?
I can safely tell you that Kiara's "lesbian" tendencies is vastly overstated. She's more known as a sadistic cult leader to KFP than anything else.

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So who was the most autistic? Ame or Mori?

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Both, Ame can't stop seething over chat and Mori can't maintain social interactions.

>> No.5803688

They are in the same powerlevel

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I was surprised to see Ame doing the yuribaiting during the festival, with the handholding comment and the roses, and Gura shutting it down when Kiara commented on their tee tee moment. Its usually reversed.

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lesbians don't exist

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They both are, in different ways.

Ame is the kind that, when she's actually forced into the situation and has no choice of escape, is actually functional and even does well. If there's even the slightest opportunity for her to go wallflower mode, though, she will. Mori is the kind that doesn't actively avoid situations like Ame does, but when she's in them she still has no idea what the fuck to do or how to function.

See: Shitpost Review episodes

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What the fuck is wrong with you people holy shit lmao

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It's Sameame you tourist

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smells like reddit here

>> No.5807471

Then shut the fuck up and stop wasting my bandwidth.

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Gdi, its amesame.

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/u/schizo shit is really starting to consume EN. Beginning to feel really Tumblr-ish around here these days.

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Ina has been doing just fine ever since he formed the tag team with John.

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>Ame literally stands and watches people in the corner of VRChat

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Coming up with this gurame bullshit was one of my best ideas lol, everyone completely forgets that ame is actually straight and that I'm her boyfriend and we have sex every night because you virgins are too busy jacking yourself off to a fake relationship.

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These autism posts are why I come to /vt/

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BASED external observer

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This. If I wanted to read a book I would go to the writing general. They write better fanfic than this shit

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I literally can't parse out what the fuck you're saying.

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Gurame should have taken the hint that Ina would be fine when she did tons of collabs with the Salonpass gang (Pochi Iofi Reine)

>> No.5819554

i ain't reading all that nigga

yurishits are all schizos, i swear

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