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Thread for discussion and content creation of the first vtuber Annoying Orange and related media thereof.

Previous thread: >>5637650

Latest video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=OjZNhUB8zcQ

Thread Theme (Photon/Futaba/Yotsuba): https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UxpEDTBrrU4

Question of the Thread: What are YOU hiding under your bed?

Fruit Basket: https://mega.nz/folder/RfIiBLjT#6l8soWvkaB9aj-PiA3wqRw

Heads up in the thread for:
>Project /OAG/
>Pear Sex Commissions
>OAG fanfics
>Hungry Games
>GET hunting

OAG Eternal

Orange Annoying General
Onnoying Arange General
Annoying Orange General

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Orange is no more. The biggest Vtuber agency said so. Your days are counted. Might as well stop these threads now.

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>listening to the opinions and whims of a whore agency
>giving a fuck about what women think
/vt/ is in a sad sorry state. Drink orange juice.

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First time coming to this board since it went up last year. I have to say I'm very impressed at the endurance of this meme

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Belittle the Orange all you want, his true followers endure

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I’m gonna be expanding on my OC content again. The guy working on project /OAG/ hasn’t given any updates, so I figured I’d delve into something of my own

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>last year

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>Question of the Thread: What are YOU hiding under your bed?

My mattress is on the floor like a true chad

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Why are you hiding your floor, anon?

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Nijisanji talked about the annoying orange? When?

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How would you write your name in Citric, orangebros?

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Anyone got that manifesto the schizo wrote about his hate for annoying orange?

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Orangebros are truly the most powerful race.

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Even after half a year we still have people sperging out when they see the orange outside of this thread. /OAG/ has truly won the victory.

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>5 hours
>7 ips
oh no no orangebros we got too cocky

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Falseflaggers like you should honestly be banned, but maybe you’ll come to realize the error of your ways

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>orangefag telling me i should be banned

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Forgive my shitty mousewriting

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Seriously. Get out of this general

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Peared. Nice job man. Should’ve added a D but I guess the closest is either B or T

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but i like the orange

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How can people bear to watch this garbage? Also she doesn't understand how the annoying orange is animated.

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You might like seeing him ousted from this board, but he’s here to stay I can tell you that much

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Getting desperate, eh?

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>/vt/ gets hit by AO threads so hard that holocucks have to start throwing shade at the OG

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Didn't it go up in february?

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Exactly. People often forget Dane reuses the same lip and eye animation sets and just uses Adobe auto filling to fill out the tween frames. It’s literally vtubing as Ame describes it. ffs of course the worst gatekeeping vtuber is a dumb blonde

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Shit is AO gonna start drama with Ame now? This I’d pay to see. Of course I’m only donating to Orange-sama

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i was trolling, i legit think your stuff is funny>>5804613
i'd take orange any day over shit like vshojo
also i don't think that many people hate orange, i've seen orangeschizo getting baited countless times even ridiculed in a watamelon thread.

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I say that

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A shitty bow, a shitty crossbow, a bunch of arrows and hopefully a vtuber target.

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Repeatedly writing teardrops is kinda difficult.

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I am very sorry but I simply cannot accept the opinions of a (((person))) who has an an*me avatar.

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What is the Annoying Orange's opinion on the holocaust?

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Since passionfruit is a confirmed glownigger and glowfruits were instrumental against osama bin ladle, I'd hazard a guess that there is a fruit counterpart to the holocaust. Juice were killed in the kitchen(https://youtu.be/MkCyVId3KY8) and Orange just made puns. It is safe to assume that Orange is supportive or, at the very least, minimally compliant to such events like the holocaust.

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forgot the digits

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BASED DIGITS and its good to see the project back

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