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Pomu is basically just Lulu but for NijiEN.

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You mean the cancerous fanbase full of Holobronies who only watch her and shit on other Nijis? Yes.

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Agreed because i really want to fuck both of them

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It's only a matter of time for Pomuposters to get bullied for the actions of a few retards :(

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It is better tonot compare one vtuber to another anon. Pomu is pomu

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I just want to see her play more DOOM

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Hololive reject? Hololive reject

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Pomu on suicide watch

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None of the Nijisanji girls applied for hololive. I bet HoloEN2 will have Nijisanji wave 1 and 2 rejects though.

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She’s Pomu

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Fish did and reached the last stage

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They probably all did, but none of them had any experience at all with making content at the time.

>> No.5862603

Except fish they all had experience. Their roommate just didn't have enough subs on their channel

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I think anyone with a bit of talent and interest in being a vtuber or being a bigger vruber applied for holoEN1, NijiEN wave 1 and 2, and HoloEN2. Why? Because good spots like that are rare.

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No both maid and Nova was made after holo auditions

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No, Pomu is Pomu.

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Pls don't do her dirty like this, Pomu is the most nijifag out of the three Lazulight.

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Which was the one that followed all of HoloEN except Kiara on her personal account?

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Whoever that was, they were based.

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>who only watch her
Why is that a problem?

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I am Pomu!

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Okay Pomu

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It was fish but she retweeted art of kiara too so don't go thinking she's a chicken anti.

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IIRC Mint said she started because she didn't pass the HoloEN auditions.

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Tribalfaggotry demands you pick either holo or niji

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No they are absolutely nothing alike. If any Lulufans check out Pomu because of this they will be very disappointed, they share like no qualities.

Why do you keep spamming this in every Pomu thread? Pomu is a massive nijifag, and her fans pretty much creamed their pants when Shizuka Rin was in her stream chat or when iinchou replied to her on twitter.

It is true that all of nijien have a lot of hololive fans though, that is just how it is. Just look at all the dadfags spamming dad in Elira´s chat almost every day. Or when any of them do something that could even remotely be interpreted as a hololive joke and just spam that for minutes

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Wonder if she'll slip up if she gets too specific about work.

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if pomufans are similar to lulufans why havent there been any decent pomu lewds after six weeks

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You're god damn right.

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And Pomudachi are obnoxious tribalistic faggots. Seems about right.

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Oh no no no no no no

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Lulu has fat tits. Pomu is about to have no tits.

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It is funny how every nijien thread gets like half the posts removed every time that insanely dedicated schitzo gets banned

>> No.5870559

Why are you like this?
Don't take your meds, hang yourself.

>> No.5870572

>Implying NijiEN will be relevant when HoloEN Gen 2 debuts

>> No.5870641

Yeah, I thought so.
Imagine pledging fealty to some japanese anime girl company instead of just watching the ones you like.

>> No.5870800

When are western fanbases going to become tribal enough that they would give this traitor shit?
Its only a matter of time for them to catch up to Japan, no way something like what this faggot did would fly over there.

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>keeping Mori
Delusional Deadbraps

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>there are no jp artists that have designed art for both niji and holo

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fuck pomu

>> No.5870917

Professionals don't compare to fans, idiot

>> No.5870968

Would the NijiEN girls even collab with the HoloEN girls?
It seems like both companies used to collab a lot all the time back in the day, but very rarely nowadays other than Holos like Towa and Matsuri.

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Don't forget the only reason to insult pomudachi's rather than pomu is because there aren't enough critical things to actually say about pomu

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Easy fix.

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>dragon and not fishe
Why are you gay?

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Fixed for real.

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Dragon and Fairy have good chemistry.

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>holoENfags are literally begging for Niji girls
That's how you know that Nijisanji did right with their picks.

>> No.5872202

just pomu

>> No.5872263

Only Pomu

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>Does a 9 hour autist stream singing 1 song
>Literal 5 second clipfag videos get more interest and views
When stupidity meets hard work

>> No.5874056

>Keeping ame
Do we really need the 13 year old twitch audience?

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Better them than mentally ill idolniggers apparently.

>> No.5874392

Holofriends dislike the Fish. According to them, she's the same as a boring female twitch streamer.

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I don't watch her a lot but she knows her boundaries at least.

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Now it's fixed.

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Someone people will probably pass on Niji EN just because they're holding out for a Hololive spot. It's sort of clear based on who got the Niji wave 1 spots that no big names applied in the first round, maybe when they miss out on EN2 they'll decide they don't want to wait another year and go ahead and apply to Niji wave 3.

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I don't care that much for nijis but Pomu is good enough to deserve being in Hololive

>> No.5877997

and proven by posts like
to holobronies niji = bad, holo = good and they can't fathom otherwise

>> No.5878025

fuck off, Pomu would be graduated on day 1 in seisoLive.

>> No.5878089

90% of holos are great, but only like 20% of nijis are any good, so...

>> No.5878136 [DELETED] 

yes, that is what (you) people honestly believe, and that is why pomudachi are cancer

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>of a few retards
Pomuniggers need to be gassed

>> No.5878172

I will not apologize for speaking the truth

>> No.5878194

The only objectively good holos are Pekora, Korone, and Marine

>> No.5878204

No one was holding out for holo en 2. Hololive is not some name that brings all the applicants to bare.

>> No.5878237 [DELETED] 

your "truth" is based on you not understanding what the fuck 99% of Nijis say

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In Nijisanji you can have 260k subs and make $140,000 in a single stream, with one 3D. Like Tomoe. You are insane if you think there is no money potential in other companies. Fuwa made even more.

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The problem is not that they only watch Pomu. The problem is they only watch Pomu AND refuse to give other Nijis a chance and use her as a means to shit on Nijis as a result. Basically they don't know shit, act like they do and use her for tribalistic purposes.

>> No.5878381

Wouldn't that apply to all the holoJPs as well, dumbo? Come up with something else

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Pomu is much happier in Nijisanji, where she has more freedom to do what she wants, and gets to be with her vtuber friend of over a year (Elira). Sorry holofags, but you can't have her.
t. Pomudachi

>> No.5878424

I like how Tomoe milks gachikois while being a hardcore lesbian

>> No.5878430

>watch fish
>she's shit, a twitch zoomer with pepe humour and collabs with fucking shartemis, zen and other awful people
Now what?

>> No.5878460 [DELETED] 

>Wouldn't that apply to all the holoJPs as well
Not when they all have live translators and subtitled clips up the ass and several talents that regularly pander to EOPs AND 2 (sorry, 1 now) Japanese talents that regularly speak English whereas Nijisanji has fucking none of that

>> No.5878463

She keeps everyone happy and is genuine. She doesn't even try to fake a persona.

>> No.5878478

Ibrahim 3D soon, brother.

>> No.5878511

It is almost like you are in a 3 way with her and Kana

>> No.5878528 [DELETED] 

So you watched a shitty collab and judged your entire opinion of her based on that? Bravo. Either way, what you're saying is like me watching Gura from Hololive and only Gura, watching Kiara once (1 time) and saying all other Holos are shit as a result. Can you understand why that's retard logic?

>> No.5878556

>So you watched a shitty collab and judged your entire opinion of her based on that? Bravo
Actually I already knew I'd hate the fish based on her twitter before she even debuted.

>> No.5878569

Ame is the best HoloEN. She is the most creative and entertaining

t. Nijinigger

>> No.5878573

They will never see Finana with her limiters off or her lewdness and blunt talk, it's their loss.

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I still don't understand why people actually care about companies outside of the talent they have. Can someone explain it to me?

>> No.5878613 [DELETED] 

Oh, okay, so you judged her based on TWEETS and a shitty collab. That's better. Don't forget people were giving Pomu shit for her "seed" tweets as well, they were all doing cringe shit on Twitter.

>> No.5878649

First impression matters too, not my problem. Maybe if Fish wanted respect she shouldn't have flooded her twitter with pepes, fart videos and coomer tweets.

>> No.5878665

I feel that people use the company as a way to attack the girls I like. I get very defensive when I feel like my girl is getting criticized for things she has no control over.

>> No.5878670

Elira's JoJo reference got like 50 thousand likes so being cringe worked out at least for one of them.

>> No.5878690

>Don't forget people were giving Pomu shit for her "seed" tweets as well
Only because she didn't say "sneed"

>> No.5878695

it is just baits, he has never seen any of the lazulights stream

>> No.5878704

I can't watch anyone but Pomu lately.
Will I be ok?

>> No.5878716 [DELETED] 

By that logic Pomu deserves no respect as well. Shitty unfunny tweets are shitty unfunny tweets, yes even when your fairy does them. And don't forgot how shitty Amelia's debut was. The problem isn't first impressions here, it's that you're a tribalist biased against Nijimems besides Pomu for whatever reason. Probably because she's shilled as "le lost Hololive member" here for whatever reason.

>> No.5878721

I've watched a bit of Elira and some Pomu. Elira is ok but Pomu is great.

>> No.5878760

A lot of holochads see the true potential of Pomu and recognize she deserves to be in the best idol vtuber company. It's no coincidence that so many people agree on this.

Of course, you would never get it.

>> No.5878830

>A lot of holochads see the true potential of Pomu and recognize she deserves to be in the best idol vtuber company
She's an idol FAN, she doesn't want to be an idol, she said as much in her past life and she's a huge Nijisanji fangirl. You're absolutely baiting at this point, but this is why Pomudachi are niggers, they can't even respect their supposed oshi's wishes or the senpai she adores.

>> No.5878868

We're gonna take her away like vikings used to take women in other villages

>> No.5878903

Kill yourself.

>> No.5878907

> while being a hardcore lesbian
Ever know why most of idol anime and franchises using yuribait for their romance relationship? Gachikoi love yuri for their oshi because that's mean their oshi doesn't get dick on daily basis

>> No.5879015

The irony is that Pomu is the designated shitposting victim when of the three girls she’s by far the most Nijisanji

>> No.5879033

Retard gets banned, half the posts reply to nothing

>> No.5879044

What's Ibrahim like? Apparently he'll do pachinko on that stream.

>> No.5879194

Imagine shilling your oshi using someone's graduation. What a fucking faggot.

>> No.5879229

>thinking this is not a bait thread

>> No.5879244

Crossick isn't fake though so being in love with them is close to cuckoldry

>> No.5879266

all pomuniggers are like this

>> No.5879272

>watch Pomu's stream
>chat keeps indirectly begging her to name her favorite HoloEN member
>she doesn't take the bait
Pomu is good.

>> No.5879285

Guys who fantasize about being with an online personality are the same guys who don’t believe that lesbians are real

>> No.5879307

She’s clearly a deadbeat

>> No.5879404

honestly probably Sora, she is a huge fag for the old guard and talked about Virtual-san wa Miteiru yesterday, and Sora was a part of that

>> No.5879434

A true holo at heart

>> No.5879458

you should check the cast on that show, many nijis

>> No.5879496

Pomudachi go 5 minutes without pretending she's a Hololive member challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)

>> No.5879523

Sometimes you just want to watch love bloom anon

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Can we please fucking drop the fish nickname? I've spent pretty much middle school to college being called fish and it just reminds me of the jumpings I'd get from lesbiens walking home from school, this ain't a shitpost either please stop anons

>> No.5879539

This has been going on literally since her debut

>> No.5879604

13 year old twitch audience > 10 year olds watching from YouTube For Kids

>> No.5879626

Who are the the ones on the left and right?

>> No.5879660

(you) going 5 min without replying to (you)rself might be an even bigger challenge

>> No.5879680

Hate to say it dawg, but you should get over middle school trauma. Go dress like a mermaid and get jumped by those lesbians again you slutty fish.

>> No.5879743

It was great when a retard asked who her favorite vtuber outside of niji was, and she answered with Pikamee.
I follow Pomu since her past live and it's a shame that retards and false flaggers give her such bad publicity. Pomu is perfect in Niji with her friends, and their group have a great chemistry. UNITY LOVE

>> No.5879770

>Pomu braps them all

>> No.5879902

>I gave two of 170-ish a chance.
Don't be a twitch zoomer

>> No.5880006

>Muh idolfaggotry

>> No.5880033

the best part of Finana streams is seeing people freak out at this cute sounding girl say things that would get her graduated in other companies.

>> No.5880044

She's better off as the one of the three that are being falseflagged. Fish is too inexperienced and needs time to grow, she doesn't need to be attracting antis right now. Elira doesn't have that problem but also doesn't have the saviorfags to jump to her defense when being flamed, so I'd be worried it'd damage her more over time. And honestly without enough negative things said about her, she'd just attract more Goslings which is already annoying enough. That kind of thing has made some other threads on this board totally unreadable.

>> No.5880058

>Everyone on this anonymous board known for being dregs of society, plz stop calling me trauma nickname in current year because I can't get over it.

Not happening, victimchama, sorry to say.

>> No.5880136

Sounds like a vshojo

>> No.5880177


>> No.5880202

Yeah they tried with Finana first, then with Elira but both attempts failed, the first success was with the KR nijis and now they are determined to do it with Pomu

>> No.5880207

That's basically it. Though, she at least keeps to some amalgamation of character. Not too much better than VS, however.

>> No.5880227

nope, she goes from pure to yabai in an instant, but she isn't actively trying to be dirty.

>> No.5880267

There are some similarities with what they think is funny, but it's not done in as crude a way. It's more of a "hehe that looks like a dick" kind of thing.

>> No.5880291

>Retarded holofags wanting pomu added to that gaggle of introverted autists
The best thing about Lazulight is their interaction and unity, you'd never get that with those 5.

And stop shitting on the chicken, every goddamn time with you discordfags.

>> No.5880293

What's really special about the fish is that there're a lot of dirty vtubers, but she manages to come off as inexperienced

>> No.5881022

>Can draw
>Can sing
>Isn't a political grifter
>Actually has a pleasant personality and appreciates her fans to the extent she retweets pretty much anything in her tag
But she's basically Vshojo right? I swear you fags want to bring everything down to their level.

>> No.5883797

clips please

>> No.5884355

Would vshojo do this: >>5881350

>> No.5884599

ok dropped

>> No.5884848

>all of them
>all of them
Damn you sure showed them

>> No.5885616

I get that you're a Vshojofag but if you think Vei or Froot or Nyanners have pleasant personalities you might have brain damage

>> No.5886287
File: 87 KB, 192x197, TIME FOR AAAAAAAAAAAA.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's ok to be a fish, I love you anon. Everyone is fucked up, but you don't need to let it define you.

>> No.5886568

And if fish acted the exact same but was in Vshojo instead you'd say the same about her.

>> No.5886737

Anon you're comparing a girl who shits on other companies openly, talks about sucking dick and her bloody diarrhea on stream to a softspoken girl who makes amogus jokes, there is no comparison here

>> No.5886828

And your only using one specific girl to refer to a whole company, there is no comparison here.

>> No.5886870

Do you want me to go through all of them individually anon? A cheater, a hypocrite, a girl who's sole personality trait is her big breasts? Can't you just go defend Vshojo in your own thread?

>> No.5886913

Don't forget the girl that erp'd on ffxiv with a creepy fetish list

oh wait...

>> No.5886954

vshojo shills out

>> No.5886962

What's creepy about it? Pretty vanilla stuff.

>> No.5887035

>Comparing actual cheating to fictional fetishes
Now you're really desperate.

>> No.5887036

Watch pomu

>> No.5887045

>if you aren't a tribalist nigger your a vshojo shill!!!

>> No.5887193

Why are pomutards like this?

>> No.5887195

haha what a fish

>> No.5887271

>people still mad about the collab
It will keep happening and there is nothing you can do about it. Cope.

>> No.5887305

nobody who actually watches the fish cares it's literally just holobronies

>> No.5887566

They seem to care enough to keep on posting

>> No.5887623

yes, notice how they're holobronies and don't like the fish

>> No.5889783

This is actually true, most only tolerate her because she has a Nijisanji brand

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