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Poor Lulu. She doesn't deserve harrassment

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so you're telling me that fucking Kiara has a stronger spine than chthullu?

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Whos this? Why does she have this info? How do you know she not pulling this out of her arse?

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No, that jp antis are stronger than western ones.

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Brainless retard, she's streaming right now

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I knew my mean tweets will get to her someday, death to all nijiniggers!

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Good that what they get for everything they did to Hololive

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5chan retards doing their thing again
Why can't they just stop being such faggots

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>kill yourself
When will internet newfags learn?

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step up, en fags

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Weak ass bitch or just wants attention. Bet there were no "harrasement"

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it wasn't "kys" threats
it was "i will kms if you dont get with me" threats

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It wasn't on the Internet.

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Oh, well telling them they won is sure to stop it.

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more than death threats I think stalkers were the main reason and nijisanji have a lots of these, it happened to Gilbara too.
I remember Sio didnt give a shit about being hated, it was that one stalker that made her feel the true fear

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Why would I know that? I dont watch low teir vtubers

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Should've told them to do a flip

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rape is legal in japan and even encouraged by society so they have less risks to be an anti over there...

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It's a top 2 vtuber stream to this date.

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So Anycolor doesn't protect their talents? So much for that PR statement made after Aloe's graduation. What a black company.

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>the thread eliminates itself if I refuse

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That's what happens when drama happens doesn't make her top tier all the sudden

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Oh, no, poor Lulu! So anyway...

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Not the only drama that ever happened.

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Anon you've been reading too much hentai again

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Remember Nijisanji's statement to protect their talent against harrasment and bullying? What happened?

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Will be third tomorrow.

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anon i know you are a waste of space that isn't afraid to get killed by some shizo but other people like to be alive

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Duh! Your point

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This is the power of autistic JP antis.

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Just an empty lie to make them look "better" than hololive

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any colour stalkers are the type to organize bell ringing campaigns during streams to find the location of talent. It's scary shit.

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Japan is famous for stalkers stabbing idols.

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People really don't appreciate how based rappers are.

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She did, though. That's what people are complaining about.

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damn abe must be taking desperate measures to ensure japan's birth rate uprising

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It's already third though behind the niji koshien and gura outfit reveal.

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Is this tweet real holy fuck kek

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Firstly, it wasn't Cyber death threat, it was send to her home despite her job has been hiding her personal information
Secondly, since it's not Cyber the Anycolor protection stuff can only leave the work to police and it was up to the police
Thirdly, these autist just won't even if Lulu move to other place, since they can just look again and the process repeated again.

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nijibros... did one of our own made her quit?

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getting threatened on the internet isn't exactly the same thing as getting threated at home or when you leave your home. Are you 10 or something? Or are you just another internet tough guy who has no concept of reality outside this site? Fucking retard

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Way to be a fucking retard. I guess Mel and Aloe should have done the same thing amirite??

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Has she considered not leaking her personal information online willingly? I dont get it, is she asking to be raped?
99.99% of the people online dont get doxxed and their place or residence doesnt get found because you know, its kind of hard to do so. You cant just call some random guy and he tells you where someone lives.

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How do they keep finding her personal info

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Niggersanji simply cannot contain the force of its own toxicity. It needs regular outflow. Normally Hololive threads are enough of an outlet to prevent overflow elsewhere, but recently with Gura poised to overtake Ai as the queen of vtubing and take the throne of best vtuber, there's been a rapid build-up of excess bile.

Lulu was one of the many targets.

I'm so sorry, niggersanjifags. The only way to redeem yourself is to jump into a clay oven and bake yourselves.

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Her colleagues and management are probably selling the infos. That's how they received investment from Sony.

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If she's too retarded not to post her address online, maybe she shouldn't be an e-celeb

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She's lucky she didn't get raped. She had an idolshitter fanbase and idolshitters are notoriously mentally ill: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10115291/sexual-assault-japanese-pop-star-singer-raped-selfie/

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Adding to this, the stalker(s) have been dealt with, but new ones appear to take their place. She's graduating because she can't go on hiatus everytime some creepy fag threatens to kill her.

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>I dont get it, is she asking to be raped?
Oh, I think you know. This graduation isn't because she feels threatened - it's because she's having CONSTANT hatesex with a group of niggersanjifans and has no room in her schedule for streaming.

Not that she needs to pay for food anymore, since her diet is now 100% semen

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Well ignoring flamers is the one thing a streamer must be able to do. If they can't do that then they shouldn't be streaming.

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She's a real C tier celebrity Anon. She does appear on broadway and TV. She only does this vtubing stuff on the side. Tomoe for one is also an actress. Their profiles are all known to the public.

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Time to copy paste responses from the other thread I guess.

>Didn't she say it was dealt with but the possibility of future incidents is what made her quit?
>They dealt with it but it kept happening from different people and she decided instead of having it continue and keep worrying her fans she'd graduate.
>Yes, people are repeating shit without watching the stream. The person who sent one back then causing her to take a break was arrested, but since then multiple people have sent more.
>Jesus Christ you people are idiots THE STALKERS WERE ARRESTED ALREADY but the damage was done
>They did arrested the freaks, but you can only fight this shit after they act, unless you hide your talents and filter everything addressed to her there's not much to prevent it, and not even that wouldn't protect them from everything
Lulu quit because it became too tiring for her, even if the police arrested every new creep

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where did she do so willingly?
and im not being a sjw here but making one mistake that leaks your personal info (even if its on purpose) doesnt really mean they deserve bad things happen to them pal...

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The doxx are spread by someone inside Niji themselves. There are rumors about that.

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Most chuubas have past life as public entertainers - idols, streamers, you name it, which makes it harder than "99.99% of people in internet" to hide their information.
The personal identities of a majority of Holo and Niji vtubers are easily accessible everywhere in internet. People are telling each other to "do your roommate reps" because it's easy to do so even without understanding Japanese.

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Lulu had an idolshitter fanbase, holobrony. This is your fault.

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That statement always irked me because of its timing. This just further confirms that was just shameless PR faggotry.

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fuck you and die

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>The only niji that i watched was Lulu
Not like this bros...

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Anon...Kiara's roommate used to be harrased by jp idol otakus before Hololive

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Apparently not even the police helped with it, what a clusterfuck.

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All her activities are public because that is her job. It's easy to stalk her. You just have to know what her next show is.

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They did though.

>> No.5869745

They arrested the fucking guy.

>> No.5869790

That's the problem anon, It doesn't matter if she's hiding it or not. these people will found out about it.
They are that autist, have you ever heard the story of Idol who got her private home found out simply because refection in her glasses

Personally i don't know, but my experience with 4chan and it's shenanigans. there are so many way to doxx people out.
Including thing's like spamming bike horn.

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That's true for many westerners, since she was so one of a kind. Even her chat was at least 15% En with live translations at the end. Usually you only get that much in EN learning streams for Niji JP.

>> No.5869809

>Yo what if we keep telling people to do their roommate reps it's a harmless thing no way something bad could happen from constantly spreading personal information about people

>> No.5869832

they did

>> No.5869836

See, this is the kind of knee-jerk toxicity which caused Lulu to graduate. Really, the world would be better off without niggersanji. You trolls would slink off back under your bridges.

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How do people found out about her address? Is it that easy to find someone's address?

>> No.5869876

Most of the Holopros don't show up on T.V. or do broadways in person. I think Mel is the only person that can be tracked easily. Lulu was an easy target. Even if holopros have active roommates, most don't share where they are going to be. I only know of Mori doing this

>> No.5869882

It should be kept to Hololive threads, then, because they're a peaceful sort that love their chuubas.

Niggersanjifags clearly can't be trusted with that information.

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Even if that is the case I still dont get it. Do you instantly tell everyone in nijisanji where you live when you move? Thats fucking retarded, is she a clinically diagnosed retard? It just doesnt add up.
You'd think that the LAST Thing you would do when you are getting stalked is to reveal your new location to other people and again, even if she did that would make it extremely easy to figure out who the leaker was

>> No.5869897

Anon...Kiara's roommate had to graduate as an idol and become a pro-mixed-sex-wrestler long before joining Hololive.

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>Tfw just now finding this out
Well that really sucks, she was the only Niji I tried to watch consistently.
Can anyone recommend me any fun Nijis worth watching?

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Time to fly to Japan, my hentai library has trained me for this moment!

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It's just like Aloe

>> No.5869946


wait they got him? then why the fuck? Ah whatever, I don't follow niji anyways, just gonna leave this to you guys and schizos to discuss.

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>> No.5869961

This is why Vtubers shouldn't encourage parasocial relationships

>> No.5869962

Yeah, It was holobronies that send her death thread

>> No.5869963

All its fucking did is spawning a lot more death threat to her house.

>> No.5869968

Maybe I gave rappers a harsh time...

>> No.5869983

Matsukai Mao if you like cute retards

>> No.5869991

You fucking don't know who she interacts with. The most she talks to are debi and honhima. She's a celebrity that appears in person. A motivated stalker will just have to follow her to her home.

>> No.5870014

They have to tell the company though. If the leaker is someone from HR then it will always be leaked. No way Anycolor is going to admit this even if it's true.

>> No.5870015

Well,doing roommates rep would be a start and there's A LOT of that kind video.

>> No.5870016

The issue is that more people kept showing up because you really think only one psycho saw the information?
Stop spreading this stuff and encouraging it.
/vt/ and 2/5ch need to learn some common fucking sense

>> No.5870029

Rushia and Polka are gonna get raped one day

>> No.5870037

Anycolor at least cooperate with police.

>> No.5870038 [DELETED] 

>vtubers being broken from stalk and shit when they know that it's literally the job
Ah yes, let me appeal to mentally ill yuricucks shipfags, lonely incels and "gamers"
What could go wrong

>> No.5870061

Nigger she said the stalker was arrested. She just feels like there's more people like this to come if she keeps dteeami

>> No.5870076

I'm suprised it hasn't already happened to Rushia.

>> No.5870080

Anon, if they have to go to the office for anything, for concerts, etc. All a stalker has to do is afk outside in person or in a car, and then follow them home. What are they going to do? Just never go outside their house? Wear a full body costume whenever you're outside and get into a tinted car? Use a goddamn clone jutsu and get into 5 cars and have them all go in different directions?

They got multiple people, but Lulu doesn't want even more people to send letters and have to take a break every time.

>> No.5870116

Cover protects their talents better

>> No.5870130

It's no coincidence that most of her hardcore fans were Holofans as well

>> No.5870136

>Gura poised to overtake Ai as the queen of vtubing and take the throne of best vtuber, there's been a rapid build-up of excess bile.
You chudbuds deserve everything that's going to happen to you, especially for pissing on Lulu and boy oh boy can I not wait

>> No.5870145

Well, if you know their previous address, you can work from there, unless that person cuts tie with their family

>> No.5870150

>Do you instantly tell everyone in nijisanji where you live when you move?
The company likely requires your address from you every time you move, yes. You know, like any other job on the planet

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All vtuberfags are idolshitters

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So what actually is the link between having more EOPs and having stalkers? Both Gibbers and Lulu had a stalker and both were popular with EOPs.

>> No.5870181

Rushia do not do public appearances in person. This is the reason Pekora's big event was denied. She wanted to do something like this. Stalkers would have followed her home

>> No.5870188

Cover employees and contractors aren't allowed to talk about it

>> No.5870192

Mel is still around
checkmate Nijishits

>> No.5870195


>> No.5870196

As a schizo I'll bite.
Makes sense if right now she has additional extenuating circumstances that makes her likely to attract more dangerous stalkers.
Like being in relationship or being pregnant.

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>> No.5870206

she bought an assaul rifle from the black market

>> No.5870243

Based 50 cent.

>> No.5870245

Lol. Nijicope.

>> No.5870246

In the modern internet, not hard at all. With basically every single web service using gps stuff now, for "advertising purposes" it's kinda impossible to completely obfuscate your irl location from your internet activity
t. /g/fag

>> No.5870249

This should be a time of love and celebration, not for making posts with such unconcealed hatred. So some literal who nijishit graduated - so what? Gura's the new queen.

>> No.5870267

Polka would be the one doing the rape

>> No.5870308

nta, but who's Gura?

>> No.5870314

She seems cute so far, thanks anon.

>> No.5870327

Maybe. One weird thing, though.
Why is there no Narukami rrat video about this yet if that's the case? He's famously a niji anti and gobbled up niji rrats like crazy.

>> No.5870332

But that's not the kind of info that some random schmuck can access.

>> No.5870334

She's not and like Lulu she will never be inspirational to the industry as a Whole like AI, Coco or Lulu, your shitposting will have Ichikara fans harassing Gura until she leaves do you want that?

>> No.5870348

A streamer who uses chuubas like Lulu as toilet paper.

>> No.5870356

It's easy to just follow her unnoticed, especially if you are that much of an autist. Probably the fear of such threats was making her daily life hell. Scared of going out, of any time she had to go to the studio.
The danger of someone following her is real. What if one autist just assaulted her?

I see why she quit.

>> No.5870365

He's afraid of getting sued. Maybe Anycolor preemptively tells him to shut the fuck up and ignore any rrats that is reported to him.

>> No.5870376 [DELETED] 

Lulu has 20 dedicated stalkers watching her every move according to schizos ITT

>> No.5870378

My head hurts trying to make sense of this. Can you write that again in English?

>> No.5870381

He's currently being held down in kiryuukai dungeon and raped by some fat tatsunokos. Too busy to make a vid.

>> No.5870398

What happen to Lulu is basically a Paparazi situation. Like said >>5870080 all that they need is Roommate's picture and some real stalking after she's doing work

>> No.5870401

Kiara is actually extremely brave, not joking. She's got a lot of mental strength.

>> No.5870420

That's true. She knows as well anyone in Niggersanji that her 'fans' would sooner kill her for fun than cuddle her to sleep.

>> No.5870429

To be realistic, all you need is one skizo assaulting her to end it all.
That mustve been her biggest fear.

>> No.5870452

Yes, it is. It takes doing some illegal stuff, and the bigger places like google are well protected that you can't, but many smaller sites are really lackluster about protecting the sensitive information they hold on users
I don't know about this specific situation, seems like people are saying it's someone leaking stuff, but in general people who are really psychotic can usually piece together your general location/ip address from some scraps of information if they're willing to break the law to do it

>> No.5870456

she didnt seem to be in with the act with the wrestling stuff, i dont think she knew what she was in on that she seemed scared.

>> No.5870467


The way she was going on about how it wasn't the viewers fault and they are all great, leads me to rrat that it was internal again.

>> No.5870495

That's idolfags in a nutshelll.
JPs are mentally ill, this kind of behavior doesn't happen on these waters.

>> No.5870515

you can doxx basically anyone on the internet, but no one cares enough to doxx the pasty white ass of some retard who shitposts online all day

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>It's Nijiniggers!!!
>No it's Holofags!!
Anons, Lulu was a legit former idol. Vtuber fans aren't the only insane fandom in JP. Use your brain and stop doing this shit console war in every single opportunity.

>> No.5870549

Abe stop shit posting and enjoy your vacation

>> No.5870561

I agree that in japan it tends to happen more often due to their mentality and society, but nooe. This stuff happens everywhere.
Source - me. Saw a similar case happen in my country not too long ago. Europoor here.

>> No.5870571

Schizos have no limits


>> No.5870574

Kiara was harrassed by people inside the industry, not by fans or idolfags. Though it is kinda surprising because Kiara stand out too much in Japan as to not be recognized by nips so Idk why

There's one video of a guy telling Kiara to kill herself but that's unironically common for foreigners in Japan so it's likely unrelated to her previous job

>> No.5870593

don't know about Japan, but in America, property and rental records are literally public info
you can just google "first name, last name, city" and get like 10 hits with their last 2-3 addresses on doxx sites even for random nobodies

>> No.5870602

This too. Probably it could've been old schizos from her previous fan base who wanted revenge because she quit that.

>> No.5870618

Nah, you can be a good viewer in front of your Oshi, but still have criminal mind behind her.
If you look at lot's Idol stalker case in japan, Lot's of them even started with fans.

>> No.5870635

Funny you should mention that, there was a post in /hlgg/ the other day where a guy detailed how, because he was curious, he systematically doxxed a KFP just from his username and the fact that he donated in Turkish lira.

>> No.5870643

What drives people to do this? vtubers are just entertainers you watch the stream and go on with your day

>> No.5870647

>There's one video of a guy telling Kiara to kill herself
Ah yeah the bikeman. Reminds me of a certain manga author who got arrested for groping schoolgirl's assess with his bike

>> No.5870658

holy shit you're fucking insane
grab a rope and meet your gura in hell, retard

>> No.5870659

Honestly i wouldn't surprise that it was her Idol fans turned into Lulu anti.

>> No.5870702

purist and idealist fags.

>> No.5870707

>Niggersanjifag wishing death upon others
Sad. You've already lost Lulu and Gibara to that attitude. When are you going to learn?

>> No.5870708 [DELETED] 

Except no you cant.

>> No.5870716

rare reasonable post attached to a gura image

>> No.5870772

Anon, your eigo rep

>> No.5870805

Just like Cover claim to protect their talents

>> No.5870820

Anon, I know you're shitposting but it doesn't work when you break your own logic. Trying to call other people out for being hypocrites is just empty when you don't bother not being one yourself.

>> No.5870826

yeah but that's not even close to Toriko's mangaka actually having sex with a 15 yrs old girl when he was like 25 then paying taxes and continue his activities on Shonen Jump as nothing happened for years

>> No.5870839

pomu if you aren't a tribalfag but also don't really watch any nijis

>> No.5870858 [DELETED] 

All this talk of her former idol self made me look behind her mask. I wish I didn't. She seems like a nice girl but that's not my Lulu and now just created a weird disconnect in my brain.

>> No.5870884

Wasn't Kiara and her friends playing in the middle of the road, and bikeman was jsut angry because of that?

>> No.5870895

>he doesn't know
the only privacy you have right now is the fact you're a nobody, the minute anyone actually cares enough to want to doxx you they can at any time have all your information

>> No.5870928

At least she has that creepy eyes

>> No.5870955 [DELETED] 

Why are the only vtubers that got doxxed the ones that posted their face online?
How come even though they got doxxed they still dont know where they live?

Oh right, its because you are a full of shit retard.

>> No.5870959

I'm not shitposting, I'm trying to help you Niggersanjifags. I'm trying to elevate you to a higher capacity of intellectual thinking - the same one that Hololive fans are on.
Here I was thinking you'd be more receptive after one of your beloved chuubas was forced to graduate after you threatened to kill her (out of love, I'm sure).

I'm sorry to see I was wrong.

>> No.5871014

america nukes made japs be the retards they are nowdays

>> No.5871058

if it wasn't for america's nukes forcing a surrender, they would unironically have been wiped out

>> No.5871128

>this mad over being so wrong
Gura was doxxed based on her weather alerts that triggered on her stream, multiple online personalities have been doxxed by planes flying overhead that can be heard, there is so much information you cannot control it's useless
even for nobodies, there used to be multiple people on twitter and kiwifarms who would just doxx random 30 follower retards who pissed them off and dump their personal info+ job + last 3 addresses

you are not fucking edward snowden, your only defense is how unimportant and below the radar of everyone you are

>> No.5871180 [DELETED] 

qrd on gura?

>> No.5871193

The most reasonable post not only in this thread but possibly in the short history of /vt/ so far.

>> No.5871199

Bruh that one youtube singer got shot and that one roosterteeth guy had a deranged fan break into his home with a gun and etc. Fans be crazy.

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>> No.5871227 [DELETED] 

And yet gura has received 0 irl visits from her "rabid" 3million fans despite you claiming "everyone" knows where she """""""""lives"""""""""
You are a fucking retard.

>> No.5871247

Best vtuber in the world

>> No.5871283

what you witnessed is the terminal form of the schizos who post here.

>> No.5871291

>You are a fucking retard.
I mean, that was a given seeing as he likes Niggersanji.

>> No.5871294

cute voice

>> No.5871307

We failed to protect her

>> No.5871339

Has Kiara gotten stalked since she became Kiara?

>> No.5871340

she wasnt really doxxed that poster is just trying hard to win his argument, people just found out the state or something, I dont think her address ever got found that I know of.
even if it did nobody is going to do shit like that. well, maybe someone will but nowhere near as much as if it happened in japan.

>> No.5871345

You have to admit that living in a country of over 100 million with the square mileage of montana is a major contributing factor. Also their public transport system is better.
It's simply much easier for an obsessive freak to track down the object of their obsession.

>> No.5871352

I'm outside her window right now, anon.

>> No.5871368

Can't pretend I care. We lost Aloe to the Nijis, now we've taken their best oshi. They still owe us more blood; Lulu wasn't worth anything.

>> No.5871382

Japan was already crumbling. A lot of higher ups considered surrender even before nukes and military fraction was losing support.
One more month of blockade and Japan would surrender.

>> No.5871390

If it happens, expect it to be a crazy lesbian who kidnaps her and Mori and forces them to make out on video for her shipping fantasies.

>> No.5871400

Why do you Gurafags hate /jp/ and old gen Vtubing so much?
We birthed you zoomers so you could have your own containment board.

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>> No.5871442

That's why it's so hot.

>> No.5871547
File: 114 KB, 300x300, d44525-30-324182-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no but i found her another not well know account

>> No.5871598
File: 19 KB, 222x203, 1370225257248.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>anyone can be doxxed even nobodies
>"nuh uh prove it"
>here's someone who was doxxed from random shit like her phone doing an unavoidable Emergency Alert
>"yeah but no one came to her house"'
god it must hurt to be this stupid and dense

this is just pathetically transparent, the information is out there as long as you're not a lazy retard

>> No.5871615

They wont stop because she left Niji, either.

>> No.5871618

Since when were you a nijinigger?

>> No.5871621 [DELETED] 

Based, fuck kfp

>> No.5871632
File: 1.57 MB, 1920x1080, 1613909038146.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good joke.

>> No.5871649

She won't get any more.

>> No.5871661 [DELETED] 

>information is out there
>she STILL isnt getting stalked or getting irl visits despite "information being out there"
Fuck off retard.

>> No.5871667

I doubt it, this kind of shit happens all the time at any place. It also happens inside building like markets

>> No.5871669

This, but unironically.

>> No.5871719
File: 118 KB, 746x1295, 1605145378595.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's a better one

>> No.5871725

How do you protect your talent against random stalkers?

>> No.5871756

how new?

>> No.5871787

>Doxx isn't real unless someone breaks in and rapes her
Why are chumbots like this?

>> No.5871801

Armed guards with the directive to shoot upon suspicion.

>> No.5871817

that was never the argument faggot, stop moving the goalposts every time you get proven wrong

>> No.5871912

Have someone else stalk your talents to catch the other stalker and hope that the fear of being caught is enough to scare any future stalkers.

>> No.5871914

Not antis. Obsessed nijifags.

>> No.5871950

Hire Yakuza

>> No.5871964

Feels good to live in a country where some sort of personal info safety exists and there's no way some retard will easily get your full name, phone number and address for a couple of bucks because there are tons of leaked databases sold online, huh?

>> No.5872011

Hey, I know you probably never have any real life interaction for months now, but you should probably know that getting threaten in real life and on the internet is very different.

>> No.5872014

She's so used to it that she even accidentally brought a stalker to an offcollab partner once

>> No.5872042

Why not just be american and shoot anyone who try to enter your property.

>> No.5872070

From the statement, seems like it's mainly legal support. Basically it was timed after Mel's yab so Anycolor's statement is basically if you got harassed, Anycolor will back you up, provide legal support, and psychological counseling instead of leaving it to your own to solve your problem, and if you got doxxed Anycolor will sue the doxxers.
Probably not much help for Lulu who has a well-known past idol life and had self doxxed herself in streams several times. The first several stalkers did get arrested as she confirmed in her streams.

>> No.5872082 [DELETED] 

You dont know where a vtuber lives. You will NEVER be able to find where she lives based on a fucking random cloud flying over a county.
You are a delusional schizo that suffers from mental illness. Mentally handicapped people like you need to be put down like the old days, you contribute nothing to society, you are a worthless waste of air.

>> No.5872123
File: 799 KB, 715x715, unbothered.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5872174

Nope that was after Aloe. It was just a pr stunt, even though her harassers were also reported to the police and even sued.

>> No.5872232

Her insatiable crave for attention makes her numb to everything else

>> No.5872235

Do you motherfuckers seriously not remember people finding shia labeouf by triangulating his position based off a flagpoll and the stars?

>> No.5872249

Oh I dunno anon, as a corporation you think maybe something like hiring bodyguards to watch their homes might be an idea if they have concerns about such things eh?
Oh no wait that costs money, they want to definitely protect their talent but they don't want to actually *do* anything or have it cost them anything to achieve that, that's right.

>> No.5872287

The drama was announced after she reached these numbers tho.

>> No.5872289

they're just fishing for gura doxx you can literally feel the desperation in their posts.

>> No.5872306 [DELETED] 

>in real life, in real time 24/7 stream with a random person basically telling people the exact town where it takes place is comparable to a vtuber not disclosing any information about herself other than her voice and potentially face

take your meds

>> No.5872321

That was only after Narukami leaked it out, which reminds me, where the fuck is that guy now? He should be the one at the front of Nijisanji rrats.

>> No.5872326

You do know that bodyguards cost like 500$ an hour.

>> No.5872406

Archive reps

>> No.5872500

Stop being deluded election tourist and go back

>> No.5872545

Explain the Tomita Mayu stabbing incident, then. Fucking retard.

>> No.5872612

Yeah for who? For a fucking celebrity they're expected to take a bullet for maybe. Bodyguards are not all just one tier, they start at essentially night shift security guards and go all the way up to protecting your government officials and corp ceos, and their cost scales similarly. You don't necessarily need someone to take a bullet, even just a security guard would act as a massive deterrent and give the girls a sense of safety. As well as you know, housing them somewhere decent or ensuring their place is well equipped so that it's difficult to break into with alarms and stuff.
Again, they care about making slightly more money than they do their talents safety that's really the bottom line anon. When they're talent make cash hand over fist every stream, I think they can shell out for a fucking 20 dollar an hour security guard to sit around and watch for shit.

>> No.5872667 [DELETED] 
File: 599 KB, 500x790, hackerman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5872742

Just literally just had to walk away from the screen

>> No.5872775

Yeah walk away from the stream into the fucking stalker. The stalker surely won't do anything, right?

>> No.5872805

Wouldn't having bodyguard just making it much more easier for stalker to found her?
Also her personal information probably already being shared to the Stalker circle, since the threat keep appearing even after one of the stalker was captured.

>> No.5872840

>"afk" will be listed as a verb in English dictionaries within your lifetime

>> No.5872938

I'll spoonfeed you this once, search hololive seiyuu thread on jp archive, all of en have been doxxed to hell and back, gura isn't an exception

>> No.5872979

If it gets to the point where you need bodyguards than that’s already past the point of no return.
Lulu just wants to play vidya and have a chat. It’s way easier to just quit

>> No.5872989 [DELETED] 

and you still dont know where she lives and you will never know despite "everyone knowing where she lives" and "all the information is out there"
fucking retard

>> No.5873047

>Wouldn't having bodyguard just making it much more easier for stalker to found her?
I mean if you make it super obvious sure. But for example if she lived in an apartment complex, easy enough to have a security guard on the bottom floor making sure nobody is getting in to her, or sitting on her floor in the hallway making sure.
If she lives in a house which I assume she does, easy enough to sit in a car or across the street and be on the lookout. Don't necessarily have to be standing at her front door drawing attention to yourself. Could just have cameras set up all around her house and be in a van nearby or some shit who knows.
All you need is something that gets in the way slightly, because it works as a deterrent super effectively cutting down the likelihood of anyone trying anything by a huge margin, and their primary goal is really to make the girls feel safe right? If anyone tries to break in you'll have someone there in about 3 seconds flat to knock the shit out of them. Alleviating their worries like that goes a long long way to their mental state

>> No.5873070

>Lulu gets terrorized into quitting by mentally ill fags

>> No.5873189

Honestly to me, while your solution might be work for Stalker it's could also resulting in different kind of problem.

>> No.5873252

I can't believe my bodyguard was my stalker...

>> No.5873272

I mean Lulu is a model and everybody knows her address. Kiara is a bellow average jewish pollack girl. Not really comparable

>> No.5873326

jav and anime aren't real life you donkey

>> No.5873363

You think she's fucking Bush or some shit? To hire a permanent bodyguard and van? The fuck

>> No.5873367

Some guy in my country had to hire a bodyguard after Africans started constantly entering his property and attacking him, his neighbourhood being full of Africans.
He pays 500$ an hour.

>> No.5873395


>> No.5873419

Fucking kill those stalkers isn't that hard to make it look like a suicide and the jp police don't even care about crimes

>> No.5873438

Is that guy a trillionare? Holy fuck....

>> No.5873481


>> No.5873497


Have you seen those hips tho? Maybe it was the angle but damn.

>> No.5873530

Those were different times anon
Now the manga and anime industry rely too much on foreign investments and a company like Shonen Jump can't risk to taint it's image with kagai nikis woke money.
If they were still niche on the west you bet Act-Age would had been just on break and then came back.

>> No.5873550

My mistake, I rewatched it.
It's 500$ a day for one body guard and he has two, so 1000$ a day.

>> No.5873553

>Hates schizos
>Unironically acts like a schizo
Sasuga, anonchama

>> No.5873591

Not that, but since her stalker have malicious intend.
Let's use your example of placing car at her home or close, they could spin it and spread a rrat that Lulu actually have boyfriend or something like that.
We are dealing with literal schizos on who willing to take matter seriously(like that KyoAni guy) here

>> No.5873630

antis get bored easily. just graduate. lay low for a few months. and reincarnate. They only had to be mentally strong to go through it. This is why i believe aloe is never coming back but coco will strive on somewhere else.

>> No.5873676

But they introduced them special measures to protect the talent after Aloe was harrased by their fans, what happened with those?

>> No.5873704

let's not pretend a corp doesn't have the money available to do just that, and let's not pretend these girls aren't making enough money to justify it. again, you're not hiring someone to take a bullet from an assassin, you are not paying the kind of prices bush would pay lol
i dunno that sounds kinda different anon. guarantee that violence is coming, groups of them not just lone people etc.

>> No.5873758 [DELETED] 

>Missed those spams of Gura's roommate addres and photos of her private facebook page

Anon, there is a reason why she acted paranoid for a while after the J*y gate.

>> No.5873807

Didn't he supposed to release a follow up to his Coco rrat with cancelled projects and shit like that? Perhaps it's his priority atm or Cover sued his ass.

>> No.5873822

clearly they mean shit

>> No.5873890

Too busy being raped by ugly bastard tatsunokos in kiryuukai dungeon.

>> No.5873892

Even if the threat is low, bodyguards are still 'risking their lives', so it won't be cheap regardless.
And I correct myself, it's 500$ a day for one body guard.

Much more tolerable but still, at least one for each talent, everyday...

>> No.5874002

just wait until the chumbuds get their allowance

>> No.5874121
File: 107 KB, 414x300, sadge.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

does anyone have a compilation of her emotes

>> No.5874200

It work, the problem is the floodgate was breached.

>> No.5874460

My bet is they have a rat either in anicolor, nijisanji itself or both that keeps leaking shit to them if you remember Mel's stalker turned out to be her (former) manager stalking is not magic if they keep finding her even after she moved out there have to be some sort of insider behind it. Not to mention how would leaving nijisanji solve anything... unless she was told to leave?

>> No.5874488

Zero that you know of. I know you guys aren't big on twitch here but multiple twitch streamers have been harassed for years, had people show up at their homes, etc, and did it all without letting their fans know they were being harassed. People getting their houses shot at with pellet guns, one guy had someone show up at his house, knock on his door, and ask him to take a picture with her kids. Considering how much of Gura's information is out there, I wouldn't be surprised if she was in the same boat. Also pretty sure one of her family members had a business harassed.

>> No.5874547

she wants to not be in the public eye anymore, how is that so hard to understand? being stalked, harassed, and having people tell you theyll kill themselves if you don't bend over to them is traumatizing

>> No.5874552

That will only happen if the corps unironically build a Holohouse (or Nijimansion or whatever). Throw them all in one gated estate and get it over with. But for VTubers, which is an attractive career at least partly because it's a freelance job you can do from your bedroom, there's no way you can expect all of them to move into your new condo, and it increases the risk of all of them getting exposed at once and getting KyoAni'd.

Like I know there are exceptions: ID1 used to all just bunk in a dorm together until Moona moved out, but it also proves it's not sustainable because Moona had to move out to help her family.

>> No.5874607

>armed guards
>that can aim

>> No.5874627

She mentioned some weird guy running into her in public but I don't remember if that was in relation to Holollive or her old persona.

>> No.5874643

fuck off retarded twitch frogposter
Literally kill yourself

>> No.5874686

looks like someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed

>> No.5874698

if you wanted to today, you could pay an off duty or retired cop about 25 bucks an hour to sit outside your house in a car at night

>> No.5874720

I mean Kenshin author not too long ago was convited with carrying pedophilia, paid like 2k in fines and now they are releasing two big Kenshin blockbusters.

>> No.5874746

Didn't he actually faced legal problems and the only reason why he was allowed to work on SJ again was because Oda moved influences?

>> No.5874766

Isn't lulu already said that stalking problem can be solved but requires lulu to reduce her activity & stay low for a while. She refuse it that offers and possibly that solution are hiring bodyguard & private detective and moving (again)

>> No.5874770

ah, that's more reasonably. Ok so he isn't a trillionare but still has to be a millionare to be spending 360k on security per year. I bet Ronaldo and Messi don't spend that much and they're billionares. Africans really do ruin eveything

>> No.5874801

Wasn't pedo stuff legal in Japan until like 30-40 years ago or something? I recall there being some stupid thing along those lines that finally later got a law.

>> No.5874816

she had them from before being Kiara and had to keep the day she left Japan a secret and also the way she entered Europe so multiple continent stalking

>> No.5874820

Just in case you're a newfag, frogs are associated with /pol/. Also, what kind of stupid request is that?

>> No.5874847

yes the problem is not that she has no way to deal with it, it's that every time a stalker gets her info she has to go on 2 week hiatus without saying why, pack up all her shit, move, do a cleanup of doxx sites about her, and hire security for a few weeks
and that's too much for her to want right now so she's quitting

>> No.5874882

if we go by the prices that anon said. Of 500$ per day per body guard. Just for one girl it's $180k for security for 1 girl. You are crazy if you think a company can afford that. Most girls don't even make that much, specially after cuts and taxes, why would they spend more money on security for the girls than what the girls can give to them in revenue. They would be burning money. It makes no sense

>> No.5874907

Yeah, your mom was blocking the right side of the bed

>> No.5874928

Kill yourself, unironically
genuinely choke on a shotgun barrel wrapped in barbed wire and pull the trigger

>> No.5874962

security guards do not cost 500 dollars a day unless you're living in south africa and are guaranteed someone will try to come with a gun

>> No.5875013

Stop talking out of your ass without knowing what actually is going on
Go back to global you subhuman shit

>> No.5875025

You dont hire one per girl, you hire 3-5 and distribute them as needed until the particular thread is neutralized.
And no, security guards dont cost anywhere near that much, especially if Niji hired them onto their own payroll instead of paying another company for contractors.

>> No.5875055
File: 287 KB, 489x430, 75533243245246545.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are you so angry?

>> No.5875075

Actually how does bodyguard work in Japan and how much their price?

>> No.5875077

Bad mental health mostly, being a fucking idolfag extremist too...

>> No.5875103

she has a gun, she doesn't care.

>> No.5875125

Coco's graduation will pull 300k

>> No.5875151

I can see her reasoning. Most of nijis don't take streaming that seriously, they're just normalfags who want to play games and probably use it as an opportunity to get wider gigs and sponsorships along the way. If it's already at the point where you need to live a fugitive live with high-security corporate protection the pressure's just not worth it.

>> No.5875177
File: 2.82 MB, 500x278, Kenshin Wirework.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm just saying that if you're respected enough in your workplace, its not the kind of life destroying event that is in america.

Hell, the dude continues to publish whatever spinoff of Kenshin has to this day, regularly has tributes to him by other famous mangaka and has the most succesful live action adaptation of an anime/manga in the world.

You can see everyone on twitter lose their mind on how little the admitted pedophilia charge matters in the manga world anytime Watsuki gets a new tribute, or a new movie is released..

>> No.5875186

I'm not saying she won't. But 180k+ is hardly a who.

>> No.5875196

Guy is full of shit. He’s waiting for 5ch to make the rrats first.

>> No.5875268

He fears Niji ever since he fell for Meiro's menhera delusions.

>> No.5875363

5ch ghostwriter

>> No.5875750

>Just in case you're a newfag, frogs are associated with /pol/
The anon is even worse, he is a fucking twitch fag

>> No.5876073

why can't they just take it out on themselves like everyone else

>> No.5876122

I personally don't know how to feel about owning pedophilia material allegations. It's not like they actively did anything to children, we don't know the severity of the material, or if even the layman would consider it pedophilia.
And even if he did own some degree of it, is it worth literally ruining his life over it? Especially when other much more serious crimes get off way easier?

I think it was Canada, some country with people who actually checks imported material, labeled some small-breasted adult idol shit as pedophilia or something.
Australia also has (had?) a big problem with small breasted adult women appearing in porn.

Dumb shit like it just makes me skeptical whenever news do reports on it, especially with no details. Or like how most news reports featuring 4chan are extremely biased and often just wrong. To some of them /b/ is the entirety of 4chan even.

>> No.5876301

So that's how Lamy did it.

>> No.5876318

Hana Macchia's dad.

>> No.5876356


>> No.5876419

He's waiting for Coco to graduate out of respect for her, then he'll bury Cover for good.

>> No.5876426

What do you think the bear was? That's why it confiscated her alcohol.

>> No.5876501

She doesn't have to hire them. They already work for her dad.

>> No.5876551

To talk about what?

>> No.5876657

>Missed all those stuff that didn't happen
ogey retard.

>> No.5876729
File: 17 KB, 480x360, 1617575397531.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Me putting up foot up your ass, retard.

>> No.5877168

sometimes it take a schizo to deal with schizos

>> No.5877194

Not even kill them. Just knee cap them. You can't stalk if you can't walk.

>> No.5877272

I like Lulu from the very little I knew of her.
What did she do to get so many antis?

>> No.5877324

Meanwhile certain YouTube channels see nothing wrong with doxxing VTubers and running Discord to gather background info

>> No.5877411

antichads win again. Simps BTFO.
and many more

>> No.5877527

Because for all of your edge, none of (You) [spoilers]funny faggots[/spoilers] will stop them - and I'm just as guilty. We should all an hero.

>> No.5877595

It is?

>> No.5877620

goddammit abe you're getting more based everyday

>> No.5877628
File: 398 KB, 1509x1173, WorldRobinCountryLinesPrint.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine this world.

>> No.5877681

You misspelled Japan as a whole, my good negro.

>> No.5877939

nobody is going to rape polka. Trust me bro she's safe. It's more likely for polka to rape some manlet

>> No.5878000

Those poor, lucky manlets.

>> No.5878030

yeah it is. 99,99% of internet threats don't constitute a legitimate threat. If they did then the internet would be illegal fucking dumbass

>> No.5878078

They're not antis. They're stalkers. Why? Because she used to be a model and is fucking hot. Everybody knows her face so she got doxxed easily. How to fix? No idea

>> No.5878120

Most people who talk shit in real life don't do anything either though and you never see them again probably. With the internet at least you have people who spend all day and night on there and can make campaigns against you. I would rather take my chances in real life I think.

>> No.5878205

fuckfuckFUCK bro imagine if she covered this
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nkqeDDWpgE dude FUCK this song is purpose built for her I am so MAD fucking idol otaku need a trip to the oven

>> No.5878453
File: 86 KB, 937x376, 1612089520427.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5878685

A world free of schizophrenia

>> No.5878790


>> No.5878995

You live in a country run by pedophiles. The music you hear was made by pedos. Every media you consum is made by pedos. The only thing you can do now is enjoy it

>> No.5879097

You WILL be a feminst.

>> No.5879101

Consuming and especially buying the media perpetuates a market. It's literally how gacha works with small scale of really high spenders making the game profitable. Man also apparently had over 100 dvds or "early teens".


>> No.5879153

so what the fuck do you want people to do? become communist? eat bugs? vote for trump?

>> No.5879191

orange human bad

>> No.5879380

That comment was downplaying what then case was when we have details of it. It's real kids man, not loli shit. It's 100% fair for people to be disgusted that a *convicted* pedophile was let off so easy and had the equivalent of a vacation and a $2000 dollar fine on him.

>> No.5879588

Well why don't you just fucking fly to Japan rape Watsuki yourself then, if you're so goddamn smart?

>> No.5879642

>It's 100% fair for people to be disgusted that a *convicted* pedophile was let off so easy and had the equivalent of a vacation and a $2000 dollar fine on him.
There's tiers of pedophilia, you know. While yes it's horrible and he should prefer massive tiddy like all good men of taste, he still only owned contraband material. He didn't make them, he didn't sell them, he didn't participate in them.

People act like he wasn't punished but what should've the punishment been? Something proportionate to his popularity and wealth? First time offenses generally have more leniency to begin with and he probably doesn't have a massive rap sheet from littering to violet assaults like many American criminals do yet still get to walk the streets and purchase guns legally.

It makes people mad, yeah, especially since he was/is a beloved mangaka, but you really got to look at this shit from an unbiased objective standpoint too.

>> No.5880037

>he didn't participate in them.
Consuming is participation.

>> No.5880166


Consuming SHOULD be participation, but legally, it isn't. It's not up for debate.

>> No.5880200

You know the kind of participation I mean you sophistic fuck.

>> No.5880236

People can seethe at every pedophile in their country then, justice is a joke where geting real prison for raping real children suddenly make you straight mommy milker lover

>> No.5880262

Jap otakus can be fucking deranged.

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