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Her last day deserves at least this much right?
Kiryu Kai is forever!

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Everyone go on to bed early so they can get up for the big stream tomorrow?

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For you Dragon.


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They should be

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It's a terrible day for rain (in minecraft)

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So this is it, huh?

Time for the rendezvous with fate.

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what one stream do I watch before bed, pick anything old of cocos

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Don't know how many of you guys watch HFZ but I really want to share Takobro's Coco tribute here.
We will make it bros...

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adding a bit of context to this

A group of dedicated Coco fans from Hong Kong created and purchased bus panel ads in commemoration of Kaichou's graduation. The LCD panel runs the ads displaying videos and 8 unique artworks from local fan illustrators.

this is their tweet, if you wish to see the original art and their respective artists they are posted in the last two links


pic related: my pictures the ads in context of their environment.

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Proud of this girl. Staying positive was easy.

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They chose some really beautiful and positive art to display

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She's precious, sweet and smart and i'll follow here wherever she goes.

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Forgot the image.

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I liked this when you posted it before.
I still like it now. Keep it up.

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I'm impressed by how nice & beautiful they turned out too.

here is one more which I shared in a previous thread; might post more if its not distracting/ off-topic

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what a based way to die

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>Kiryu Kai is forever!
Kiryu Kai is forever!

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It's in 5 hours

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COCO ;__;

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reminder that yagoo implied that he wouldnt be against inviting Coco for special occasions.

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Yagoo said she'd be welcome back anytime IF it was up to him but convincing the company is another matter

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smile because it happened

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Reminds me of that subway Coco Hololive ad sitting next to a Genshin ad

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the ads look even more surreal and mystical at night

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Holy based. Coco will be gone, but she had become a symbol.

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wait did the graduation time change? pretty sure it moved an hour

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it was indeed magical to see when I was looking for the ad and it suddenly pops up on the screens. Not sure if a random passerby would feel the same NGL

Here is a video shot by another fan showing the display in action

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Thanks for everythign RedALice

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Hong Kong bros...keep up the good fight

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It's not fair

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I watched him make this on stream. He planned out a whole "Shion yo..." section but decided against it and ever since then it has always bothered me a little whenever I hear the "Watame, Watame" in Haato's intro.

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At the end of the day, Coco gave up. Coco threw everything away. It's fine to say "What does it matter? She doesn't even know or care who we are." but then, it wasn't just us. EVERYONE at Hololive was abandoned in doing this, and they pleaded with her not to leave.

As much as you feel that affection or wistful sentiment welling up inside, never forget that she is doing this IN SPITE of everyone, not FOR everyone. Is it possible she allows herself to feel regret during this? Yes, but she will still do something she knows is wrong. If this is the extent of her making a stand, she never should have to start with. Keep this in mind as the time gets closer.

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imagine being a CEO and having no say in how your company is run

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Coco LOVE, not gachikoi tho.....

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just here to say when coco was forbidden to collab and the spam was in it height the zombie had am impromtu collab with her o7

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Lurker here. Wanted to write this since I can't watch her graduation stream live. While Coco was never my oshi, as the day drew nearer, I started reflecting on everything and her situation. I've come to the conclusion that this was probably how it would have always turned out. Coco loves to push boundaries but at the end of the day, Cover is still marketing hololive as an idol group. The content restrictions were destined to happen and the T-incident just accelerated the process. But the fact that she got to go out on her own terms, in a blaze of glory, makes me feel better about this past month and makes the memories I've made watching Coco much more precious. Despite being a shitposting dragon, it was her thoughts on life and her kindness towards others that made her truly unforgettable. Thank you and Godspeed Coco. To the Kiryu Kai, your strength and togetherness throughout all of incidents and drama was a sight to behold. You folk are truly examples of what a good fanbase should be. I applaud your effort and love towards Coco and I wish you all the best.

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I've been listening to this song alot as I feel it fits my feelings to losing coco but still loving the moments I've had enjoying her content

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It was fate, we never stood a chance.

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Its more common than you think. Especially for a small company that suddenly had explosive growth.

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The content restrictions probably has less to do with idol shit and more with the fact that even pre Taiwan/China shit, the company was getting burnt with stuff like the permission arc, youtube demonetization on shit like ASMR, the Aloe incident and even that small run in Pekora had with bilibili ragers. As they grew, they fall under more scrutiny and with all the shit they faced, you bet your ass the company wants to be safe.

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Yeah, everyone's waiting for an opportunity to bite. There's no reason the BL doujin incident with Miko and Marine should have been such a big deal but it was.

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I went to sleep after last Minecraft stream. And of course i dreamt about Coco graduation in Minecraft. Full anime style, with speeches, parting gifts and crying.

Im not ready

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Shouldnt have disrespected china overseas people dont understand

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I will see her in the next life...

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You deserve the nuke, bug

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The last voice pack she'll be taking part of. You should listen to this before the stream, it fits.

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We've always speculated who would be the first one to go. I never expected it would be my oshi. She's the one who introduced me to Hololive and I don't think I can continue watching with her gone, everything just feels empty without her genki energy.
I'll stick to indies for a while.

What are the chances she comes back next year? Right now I give it like 15%, but if management knows they fucked up and try to contact her I could see it happening.
Yes I know, let me have this final cope.

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>Yes I know, let me have this final cope.
I'll be a hypocrite if I wouldn't

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I'm not ready to let her go yet.

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I thought I was prepared bros. I thought I was ready for today. I didn't think it'd hit me this bad. I don't want her to go. Tatsunokobros... how do I ease this pain?

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Ten minutes, friends. Where are we at?
I'm getting ready to toast.

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she's dead bros

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get in here

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I'll never forget you, kind doragonl

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This is gonna suck. Watching the last pre announcement bar coco helped me regain some positivity but this will be painful. Kanpai

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I can't do this bros. I'm going to miss her so much.

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just like the CN branch got to keep their outfits

>> No.5909494

Watching on mobile data right now

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Guys, my heart is breaking.
I'm not gonna make it through the entire stream.

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Shin yo...

>> No.5911209

I can't imagine how much coordination it took to get each of these gens all together at once. You'd think it would be easy because it's their job, but I'm sure it was a nightmare for Coco to schedule it.

>> No.5911256

the CN branch didn't keep their outfits artia and civia were fucking chingo chongo cockroaches pieces of shit and the only reason i'm sinophobic they didn't keep any shit, they got thrown off and they tried to spam hololive to keep their shit

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Do it for her, anon. Keep smiling until the end, it's what she would want.

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Tough it out with the rest of us. Send her off with a smile. We'll all cry together afterwards

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no you pekora

>> No.5912546

I hope Coco herself shows up with Gen4

>> No.5912829

Is there a chance we'll see ID and EN?

>> No.5913020

We better

>> No.5913832

I want to see Coco interview Coco.
That would create some legendary bants.

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How can I face tomorrow without her?

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>one last flip
Alright, I think I can go in peace now...

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with smile

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I... it sounds strange... but I think I agree.

>> No.5917144

HKBros. keep fighting.

>> No.5917451

man, shes taking us for a fucking ride. i feel like someone just punched me as hard as they can to my sternum but ive also had this stupid goofy smile this entire time.

>> No.5917926

coco's hairstyle....

damn i wish more girls had hair like this

>> No.5918222

wasn't that a rrat?
the whole artia thing was done by zhangs wasn't it?
some one even made a whole compliation of the false flaggers. i don't even think artia is gonna be that autistic to go full ccp
she literally an american citizen in california, what does she gain from going full on ccp bootlicker

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noooo not letters

>> No.5919022

Oh shit, they're going to read the letters they wrote?
I was holding it together until now...
Guess I'll my whiskey will be watered down with with these tears...

>> No.5919141

Here come the waterworks.

>> No.5919922

Luna drew a picture.
She drew a fucking picture ;_;
It's all crayons and shit. I can't do this.

>> No.5920069

I'm right there with you. We'll get through this together bro. ;_;

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Why did I cry druning the ark stream and not this
I demand a catharsis. I wana let it out
>towa breaking down
this helps

>> No.5920459

Goddammit Towa...

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no idea what people are crying about. i have never watched hololive and found independent vtubers first

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>Kanata breaks down when saying "my family"

That caught me off-guard so hard.

>> No.5921204

You may never understand.
And that's okay. No hate to you.
Just let us be today.

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I really believe she feels bad about this but feels like its something she has to do
fuck man

>> No.5921629

She has held up so well this entire graduation month, I already tearing up from Luna but Kanata broke me, and I'm having trouble typing this without typos because of my tears.

>> No.5921776

The "it was all a joke" is about to come, right? They are about to laugh it off, then go into 3D, sing Knot and SSS and close.

>> No.5921998

No but shes gonna come back in a year when yagoo cleans house and changes management

>> No.5922524

I always forget how much of a delight is listening to Watame singing.

>> No.5922749

hang in there towa

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>> No.5923109

What annoys me is none of this had to happen, its not like she wanted to stop streaming of vtubing. Dumb business choices and geopoltiocs/retards forced her hand
I hate it

>> No.5923494

2/3 so far, pls....

>> No.5924113

I'm a grown fucking man, why does this make me cry so fucking much?

>> No.5924358

the veneer cracked and she had the courage / ability / balls to actually get out while it was still special and dear to her versus just hanging out and slowly resenting that her more talented peers, singing wise, game skill wise, inched past her. it's probably what spurred management saying no to her more as she spiraled into i've got to do crazy shit to stay on top. it really speaks to her character that she was able to figure all of this out and just go, man. it's a good thing. it's not bad. but i guess it's shitty

>> No.5925250

Last Song

>> No.5925393

I fucking hate chinamen

>> No.5925503

>good morning weather hackers

>> No.5926252

I weep for the 60K viewers loss to youtube drop at the end...

>> No.5926257

>Everyone quietly walking off the stage

Goodbye, Kaichou

>> No.5926385

It's over...

>> No.5926539

this remind me of "The weight of the world" (Nier ED song)

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>> No.5926602

Only way I'm coping through this night is if I remind myself that they'll still hang out as good IRL friends


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Is this the official laugh at Coco thread?

>> No.5927019

Quick, Kanata is having a premier in her channel.

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>> No.5927032

Goodbye Motherfuckers...

>> No.5927116


>> No.5927148

>no final words to her fans to end the stream

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>> No.5927268


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>there wont be a stream where she reacts to the whole ordeal and provides interesting details

>> No.5927506

*clap* *clap*


>> No.5927566


>> No.5927588

I couldnt reconnect til it was already over

>> No.5927695

>all holos crying ln twitter about it
>ayame doesn’t care at all

Her commitment to the bit is astounding

>> No.5927755

somehow I was able to cry during arc and a few silly streams like bar coco but not this
Guess we just have to live on

>> No.5927763

Loneliness and pain start to surround me again

>> No.5927945

Anyone can link me the artwork shown during the concert part?

>> No.5928042

That really surprised me.

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Well she broke the vtuber superchat record and destroyed the vtuber viewer record. Pretty good sendoff I think.

>> No.5928669

leaving on the highest of highs is the most coco thing i can think of honestly.

>> No.5928811

She's one for leaving on a high note, but I never could have imagined she'd leave on a note THIS high

>> No.5928915

Could've broke 500K if not for SUSAN FUCK YOU WHORE

>> No.5928997

I can't believe its actually over

>> No.5929275

yagoo barely controls anything in cover lol.

you realize ceo's can literally be fired from their own company right? same with the founder

>> No.5929309

Smile that the entire Coco month happened

>> No.5929418

anyone else doing a yakuza marathon for her? I never beat 6 so this is gonna be my excuse

>> No.5929428

i dont like this feel bros...

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So...what are you anons going to do next?

Imma binge some of the Gen4 highlights again.

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It was fun to be there.

>> No.5929538

>Playing 6
How appropriate

>> No.5929552

I'm watching Miko's stream, it's amazing

>> No.5929571

fuck this I can't cope

just took a few pills I'm gonna overdose in an hour

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>> No.5929668

if only 6 ended the kiryu saga as well as coco ended hers.

>> No.5929692

>music box weather hackers

just fucking kill me

>> No.5929709

>stream breaks TWICE
>last one was literally a minute before the end
Fucking hell youtube

>> No.5929860

its so sad, I can't help but feel like it shouldn't of happened. I never wanted to see her cry and leave even if she said to stay happy. I just wanted this fun train to go on forever. I can't cope

>> No.5929930

I will try to improve myself and actually do my reps so I can be proud of myself when we meet again

>> No.5929984

CEO is not Owner
as soon you go from owner to CEO you lost all your real power and are running on "credits", and people can not only overrule you now but also kick you out of your company
If you ever want to go back to owner the only way is to go public and buy back the majority of stocks yourself, and even then it is not certain you won't be overthrown unless you actually own over 51% of the shares

>> No.5930055
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I thought it was done raining...

>> No.5930169

What do I do now? Seriously, I'm lost, I'm just sitting here, a mess of emotions. Happy because she went out on her own terms but devastated that she's gone.

>> No.5930179
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I feel empty inside.

>> No.5930224

First, you gotta try stop being such a faggot.

>> No.5930375

Haven't felt like this like since the ending of GLT
Truly an end of an era.

>> No.5930390

its ok anon I feel you, it feels wrong like if just a few things went different we'd still have her smile
Don't listen to this faggot he doesn't understand

>> No.5930405

Keep smiling and be glad you were here during this time, just tlike Coco said

>> No.5930439

epic comment bro

>> No.5930451

Take a walk, clean your room, cook a meal, anything besides sitting here staring at the computer. Get up and move, it really will make you feel better.

>> No.5930655

Please read >>5930451

>> No.5930710

I want to play through the series, but I'm too lazy to actually play games. The past like 4 years the only game I played was Spyro, and that's like half the length of a single Yakuza game.

>> No.5930713
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>> No.5930720

I'm going to sleep off this sake, then yeah... I'm going for a long walk.

>> No.5930727

watch miko and talk with other faggots about the experince and how this is the end of an era. Dont listen to the touch grass faggots, did that, felt even worse about how kuso the real world is

>> No.5930743

>a fully grown man breaking down over an animated nip cartoon virtual YouTuber retiring her character and that you'll find under other avatar on another character anyway
Imagine being you

>> No.5930796


>> No.5930805

it's ok to cry anon but remember that you have to smile for her tomorrow

>> No.5930808


>> No.5930900

Have to do some data science exercises, maybe that'll keep my mind occupied with something else

>> No.5930949

I can imagine being him.
The variety of human experience is pretty vast.

>> No.5931015

Are you all bunch of adults really crying over this shit?
I like vtubers se much as the next guy but holy shit this is a new level of cringe.
End of an era lmao take a hint.

>> No.5931131
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>> No.5931173


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I'll miss the Kanata collabs so hard

>> No.5931387

Not everyone is psychopath like you.

>> No.5931539

Sadly no where to be found atm. Not even the gen 4 twitters have it

>> No.5931640

If I don't sleep tomorrow won't come right?

>> No.5931716

it will come regardless. That's life

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>> No.5931779

I teared up a bit during the Kanata letter reading. It's called empathy, anon

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>> No.5931885

Not if I sleep forever :^)

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>> No.5931979

Damn you lasted til Kanatan's. I was already a mess at Towa's letter.

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Well I guess all that's left for me are Kanata, Korone, and Nene.

But it won't be the same.

>> No.5932104

Within the next year? 5% at best. If Hololive is still around and in a potentially better place in 3+ years? Not insignificant, but not likely, if we're talking a permanent return. Even ignoring roommate shit, I firmly believe this is not the last we'll see Kiryu Coco.

>> No.5932128

Hey, look forward to Friend C on Kanata's streams tho

>> No.5932212

Honestly was on the verge of tearing up the whole time, but Kanata mentioning family hit something in me. Seeing her genmate's reactions made it bittersweet as hell. I truly hope Coco is happy with the way she went out.

>> No.5932303
File: 1.37 MB, 4096x3418, 1625147637621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5932359

Same. I have been the most upset about KanaCoco this whole entire month and that hit hard. I just love their friendship.

>> No.5932393

I've just been staring at this thread with the graduation stream still open on a secondary tab.
I don't have motivation to do anything today, I just want to get into the bed, but then I'm reminded of those iconic zatsudans where she would put her avatar under the sheets of a bed and how comfy they were... fuck.

>> No.5932462

not looking forward to my hangover, love you anons thanks for making this ride what it was, ill cherish the fun I had with you

>> No.5932534

Ready some hangover food in the fridge. You'll thank yourself later. Bring in the saltiest shit.

>> No.5932677

One last member post
See you again in 500 years Kaichou

>> No.5932717

godspeed, anon

>> No.5932778


>> No.5932850

Hey, grab a beer and put on the archive then snuggle up in the sheets for the 4D experience, you'll get your motivation in like a few days, anon.

>> No.5932906

Fubuki is actually bawling. Jesus

>> No.5932942





>> No.5932955
File: 176 KB, 512x512, 1594447103486.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Graduated right as her creativity and content was reclining anyways
>Would have just ended up as another has been senpai once the new gens debut and holo culture was changed away from her influence
>Only thing we really miss are some collabs, not that big a deal
>Made the model graduation, immortalized her career and influence in the company, retired when the impression of her was at the top

This bitch won, no matter what zhangs say. If she didn't graduate now, she wouldn't have nearly as much impact. Cover being more corporate clean was inevitable, but this way Coco chisels her mark into it before she was washed away.

>> No.5933039

Coco lives on forever, because she’ll never be forgotten

>> No.5933079

Anons, I am making something and I need some old pictures of Coco. Preferably with other Holomems, but they don't need to be.

>> No.5933104
File: 182 KB, 513x331, 1614241839375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's just too soon man. Less than a year and all because Cover was trying to play it safe

>> No.5933197

It was obvious that this was the true story anyway, most everyone just wanted to shitpost and Poe's Law came into effect eventually.
Coco can finally spread her wings and do what she wants to do. Godspeed, you motherfucker.

>> No.5933265

>Graduated right as her creativity and content was reclining anyways
It was reclining some time last year. Her rocket was slowing down already pre-Taiwan/China but that drama did slow her down further. She should've hit 1mn last year dammit.

>> No.5933330

>content reclining because she wasn't allowed to do anything besides be the reddit spokesperson
What sucks even more is seeing all the girls have to say "I wish I tried to reach out" knowing damn well she was officially banned from collabing outside of meme review until the graduation was final

>> No.5933679
File: 43 KB, 1195x309, 1625148959533.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Btw, good news for a change

>> No.5933760

What did her last member post say?

>> No.5933767

I like how Matsuri is using the Reddit Shitpost BGM right now.

>> No.5933832

What the fuck ? We didn't even get a last "GOODBYE MOTHER FUCKER!"

>> No.5933857

why aren't you making a stand against your tyrannical government, chang?

>> No.5933956

For a second there I thought I was reading a /qa/ post discussing /vt/.

>> No.5933961

I'll smack your face in faggot!

>> No.5934072
File: 8 KB, 193x200, 1401640858936.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kak at the last part. Hope all this is true.

>> No.5934125

That wasn't so hard, was it? Thank you onion.

>> No.5934146

She isn't allowed to say fuck on official streams.

>> No.5934212

Hang in there, Friend.

>> No.5934289
File: 10 KB, 159x200, cocoret.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still in denial

>> No.5934445
File: 2.15 MB, 2500x1064, DSCH0386_20210701_Jpeg - 2500 px long edge_JPEG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One last pic. Shot today shortly after the last stream ended as I listen to her signing "Together Forever". I will be honest I never am as much as a fan as most of you here, but it still sink my heart watching the graduation stream.

>> No.5934497

Perfectly empty. Thanks /p/ anon

>> No.5934562
File: 1.34 MB, 1473x1042, 20210701_092834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.5934693

We were Lelouch all along

>> No.5935138

What do you mean anon, she debuts in december, im looking forward to watching her streams
time to live the last year and a half on repeat

>> No.5935304

Pardon my stupidity, but what site is that from?

>> No.5935408

little too late...

>> No.5935455

I'm going to assume is the chink site antis were using to organize raids.

>> No.5935487

NGA, a Chinese "gaming" site. Basically the base of Chinese IDF to seek and organize raids on whomever and whatever they deem to be "insulting China". Not limited to vtuber stuff btw

>> No.5935519

That's a liminal space if I've ever seen one. Actual framing at work too, nicely done. Thanks /p/ anon.

>> No.5935572

Place your bets
>Guaranteed: 2 month NEET break of being a degenerate fucking kanatan and playing video games all days while watching holostreams

>Debuts as her own indie and does a show where she promotes small vtubers in the scene
>Goes on to Japanese television as either a vtuber or herself and becomes a representative for the industry
>Just hangs out on KSON channel and does her own content style.

>> No.5935657

>2 month NEET break of being a degenerate fucking kanatan
She'll buy a 90k yen bed for that

>> No.5935667

>Not limited to vtuber stuff btw
I'm not surprised. Thanks anon.

>> No.5935710

that all sounds really nice, anon

>> No.5935979

if only they got sick of it earlier

>> No.5936037

All of this in that order

>> No.5936085

Is it too late to play ARK bros? Is it really as fun as Coco makes it appear to be?

>> No.5936179

No, because you have no friends to play with.

>> No.5936183

>redebuts in 2 years (if Hololive is still alive by then) because she misses collabing with all her friends

>> No.5936264

Isn't there a Coco now Aki hololive server, though? You could make friends!

>> No.5936544
File: 3.89 MB, 640x640, 1590220979349.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She obviously can't call herself Coco anymore, but is there anything stopping her from redebuting with the name "Kaichou"?

>> No.5936564


>> No.5936573

bros I'm trying to archive coco members only streams, is it normal the download speeds are slow as fuck compared to downloading regular videos from youtube?

>> No.5936575

kill yourself bitter faggot, you caused this

>> No.5936618

isn't her roommate's name kumichou?

>> No.5936690

That's a title, not a name

>> No.5936756

I haven't downloaded it yet, but there's a 20gb torrent of members videos that someone put on nyaa right after her announcement. You might only have to archive the last three weeks worth.

>> No.5936795

When I did it the first few videos took like a minute each, then one cockblocked me and took like 5 hours to download, then the rest were minutes each again. And then the slow one was corrupted, so I had to download it again, and the second time it took like a minute. It's just Youtube being shitty.

>> No.5936911

what did her roommate tweet out bros? i don't understand

>> No.5937015

oh yeah much better after I restarted it. Thanks, anon.

>> No.5937052

>That membership post
I love her so much.
Looking forward to her streams, she's not going anywhere.

>> No.5937096

She posted something in YT membership

>> No.5937161

I am not >>5936573, but am also a member, and downloading member videos individually is a pain. I'll look for that torrent. Thanks.
If I can't find it I might come bother the kind people here.

>> No.5937194

What was it?

>> No.5937242

I never watched any Coco streams or even watched any clips of her yet I've cried more today than I have since I was a child. I'm sorry tatsunokos if it was my oshi graduating I'd have probably killed myself by now so I hope you guys stay strong

>> No.5937281
File: 1017 KB, 838x547, 1608708132766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get her membership
Thanks a lot, you may not believe it but posts like this really help.

>> No.5937306

>Get her membership
No she isn't real anymore

>> No.5937356
File: 2.47 MB, 1920x1080, 1594310081395.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ok, then you shouldn't care about her anymore, your love was always superficial in the first place anyway.

>> No.5937791


It's pretty much exactly what I expected, but good to have it confirmed.

>> No.5937865


>> No.5938112


>> No.5938353

You know, the very last stream wasn’t as sad for me as the ones before it. It always ends up like this for me; I dread the final goodbye, but when the time finally comes, I find myself able to accept it somewhat stoically. Same thing when a family member dies, actually, I never cry at the funeral. I suppose i’m just happy I don’t have to worry about the graduation coming up anymore… and I know I can see Coco in other places, in other forms. ;) Besides, she literally shaped the vtuber game. Every single vtuber around is enjoying a boom in popularity that she was a main part in creating, and even the off-kilter crazy stuff the industry is known for only really got out of control when Coco entered the fray and one-upped everyone, which pushed the envelope and made the entire vtuber industry have to try to one up her, which became one big yab race that still goes on today. No matter who you watch, you’re watching Coco, in a way.

>> No.5938694

If you really look back… she put out her best, most consistent, most unhinged content this last month. I’m so grateful to her for just saying fuck it and ending it with a bang rather than a whimper.

>> No.5938718

I'll deal with the slow downloads on the more recent streams. Getting these historical videos faster is a huge help.

>> No.5938732

Incredible the Coco’s story ends just like her husband’s. She is a perfect parallel.

>> No.5938762

>I’m so grateful to her for just saying fuck it and ending it with a bang rather than a
Same. It really feels like her going out at the top of her game, rather than being resigned to sinking or stagnating. I am still sad but I can respect that.

>> No.5938874

Hey Tatsunokos, Message from Coco that she relayed through Kanata

>> No.5939106

Said she's gonna stream more now. Also a sweet personal message. Pay up

>> No.5939514


can someone explain to me what does she mean when she says "Now it's gonna be my turn to do the helping, Bossman."

>> No.5939599
File: 1.04 MB, 4093x2894, 1620578088711.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5939707

Nice street photography anon.

>> No.5939842

The impression that they're just gonna get together after to have a takoyaki party really helps. She might not be on screen for us anymore, but they're still there for each other.

>> No.5939890
File: 146 KB, 1200x1429, 1601599189538.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a lot of crying in her last stream? I want to watch it but I always get watery eyes when someone starts crying and I don't want that right now.

>> No.5939961

Quite a bit.

>> No.5940011

if you want spoilers theres quite a bit of emotional bits during her 3D segments with 4th gen I left the overall stream feeling better than I thought I would in the end, infact FBKs talking stream afterwords made me feel the lowest today overall.

>> No.5940105

Thanks, I'll leave it for later then.

>> No.5940190

I can smile but it doesn't stop the tears.

>> No.5940235


>> No.5940365

The yonkisei segment kind of wrecked me and the very end when Coco leaves the stage. I feel empty but I know they'll all still be friends behind the scenes. Coco's gone but the person behind her isn't.

>> No.5940392

I felt myself die a little whenever the lights went off.

>> No.5940398

Even though they're all talking about what they're going to do offline I can't help but just look at their schedules and wonder when the fuck they're going to fit it in

>> No.5940489
File: 175 KB, 1920x1080, 1619172723566.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After enduring the graduation stream with hopes and optimism what broke me was Miko's book.

>> No.5940519

Yeah man those friend C cameos will be nice.

>> No.5940529

But the pain of her no longer being apart of Gen 4 still remains

>> No.5940554

oh only roleplaying, I thought it has hidden meaning behind it

>> No.5940565

Coco and some of the other Holos also mentioned playing games together even after she graduated, of course it'll probably be off stream but it'll be nice when they make mentions about it here and there. This month was packed with collabs but a lot of Holos still probably want to make up for the times they regretted not reaching out while she was still in Hololive.

>> No.5940591
File: 53 KB, 397x310, RAT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5940645

it gets from bad to worse for me by the minute.

Thank you for the kind word anon. What I hope I shown is the beauty of the ads within their environment beyond a record of "this happened". Am glad that you enjoyed my little contributions detracting a bit and don't want to to be pedantic or pretentious but perhaps what I posted would qualify better as "cityscapes" over "streetphotography"

I can understand.

>> No.5940862

The girls streams after the graduation hurt a lot more than expected, Fubuki sad as fuck, you could tell Watame was also sad and Kanata's Owari e Mukau Hajimari no Uta cover killed me too.

>> No.5940892

Those photographs were amazing, keep the good work and thank you for taking them.

>> No.5940914
File: 862 KB, 800x1066, 1594227997641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course anon, you don't even have to say that.
I'm just proud of her, she stuck to her convictions and left the place that made her happier than ever in her entire life.
Knowing she left before she started resenting it is what helps me cope, she has immense courage and i'm just happy to know i can continue watching and supporting her though her journey.

Of course i wish things didn't have to be like this, i'd rather she could continue doing what she loves in hololive, but that's not what happened and it's better to stay positive.

>> No.5941055

>Finds the time to include every hololive member even though it's her graduation stream
I fucking love this bitch

>> No.5941178

Is this a cope or is it real? Can't find the post

>> No.5941193

>it gets from bad to worse for me by the minute.
There are people out here, overseas, watching.
We're not sure what we can do yet, but we're watching. Stay safe and thanks for the amazing photos.

>> No.5941216 [DELETED] 
File: 153 KB, 1920x1080, BBNIJHw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greetings from /tv/, I am sorry about your oshi bros. I decided to try and make something for you in these trying times.


>> No.5941273

You're probably looking in the wrong place, it's not Coco's membership.

>> No.5941279

look harder

>> No.5941446

The final Coco thread created when she was an active Hololive member has reached the bump limit...

>> No.5941557
File: 153 KB, 1920x1080, BBNIJHw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Greetings from /tv/, sorry about your oshi. I tried
to make a thing for you guys in these trying times.


blane bloke and had to reupload.

>> No.5941745

You sick fuck, why would you do that to us?!
Thank you.

>> No.5941784

thanks I left after the end card

>> No.5941956

Thank you, anon.

>> No.5942237
File: 66 KB, 900x900, unnamed (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Time, Ms Kiryu...? Is it really that time again...? It seems as if you've only just arrived... You've done a great deal in a small time-span. You've done so well, in fact, that I've received interesting offers for your services... Ordinarily, I wouldn't contemplate them, but these are extraordinary times...hm...
>Rather than offer you the illusion of free choice, I will take the liberty of choosing for you... if and when your time comes round again. I do apologize for what must seem to you an arbitrary imposition, Ms. Kiryu. I trust it will all make sense to you in the course of... well... I'm really not at liberty to say. In the meantime... this is where I get off.

>> No.5942626


>> No.5942956
File: 57 KB, 640x640, lol.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.5943008

I want to buy her tshirts, does anyone know how Japanese sizing works? I'm a guy and normally wear M, do I just buy M or go 1 size up with L?

>> No.5943074

If you live in the states buy the largest size you can, japanese sizes are always smaller than you think

>> No.5943102

>Her last day de

No, fuck off and die

>> No.5943175

I like this one

>> No.5943709


>> No.5943912

I was doing surprisingly well. A lot better than I was post announcement. Then Migo posted an english version of her picture book to twitter, and that just fucking wrecked me. Had to sneak off to the bathroom and legit cry.

>> No.5944294

please don't
I don't want to cry

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