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I love my dommy mommy moth

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inb4 dramapicture.jpg

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Same she's one of my favorites and being a moth with a eldritch form is wonderfully original.

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>shes still posting threads about herself and how great she is

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Advertising is against the rules

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Ahh yes the monster form.

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eat shit hypocrit

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fluffy eyebrows aaaaaaa

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Would still fug.

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I respect your bravery.

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Lets not forget about the other moth.
Moth girl collab when?

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She has already admitted to saying she was inspired by the doujin. Then then went to virtue signal against lolis and lewd loli vtubers. She then got a bunch of pushback from people and started to say she is indifferent to the subject. Everyone still knows she thinks lolicons are pedos and loli tubers pander to pedos. It's not that hard to figure out. She's just now hiding behind this tweet >>5630516 in hopes people will let her off the hook. I'm a hundred percent certain that she will virtue signal against lolicons and lolitubers if she thinks she can ever get away with it. Then, these threads will turn from,"She never believed it fuck off", to,"She's based to btfo the pedos". The sad truth is she'll probably never get lolicons off her ass about it. It is what it is. I'd suggest ignoring her threads if her "fans" don't talk about the streams. One thing you realize quickly is that all drama threads based around a vtuber never have people discussing the content of streams. I've yet to see a juniper thread where the majority of the thread is discussing juniper content. Just circlejerks around her "DIY" model that these "fans" use as a gimmick and hook. They also use service level hornyposting. Can't even post clips of their vtuber. Just ignore the dramafags in here and move to a different thread.

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What about the other other moth?

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I really like this one 10-10 would fug.

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Yuni Luna WAS great. I don't think she streams anymore, and if she does it's not as a moth. I think she tried to rebrand herself when she was only pulling ten viewers per.

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Looks like a HuniePop character.

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She's fuzzy and fluffy and I want to hug her.

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Would you?

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she have the skills but lacks the personality, sadly that's a deal breaker for me

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