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The only tierlist that matters

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I love these because it's painfully obvious who does and doesn't watch the vtubers featured in them.

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You only need to watch a few clips to get a good idea of how they'll act in bed, though. My methodology is sound.

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Choco is an autist.
All EN aside from Ina had tens of partners, so they’re good
Matsuri is at least orange tier
Yagoo does sex interviews with all talents before letting them in.

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Aren't wiggers racist?

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lol is that yagoo aka best girl? lmaoooo xddddddd

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>not racist
yeah right...

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Rapes you

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She has the best English out of holojaps. If she was racist she wouldn’t try so hard.

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In accepting the reddit dragon aka literally jesus christ as our lord and saviour we have completed our conversion to reddit. /vt/ is now just a name, The italians are not romans, and /vt/ is not 4channel.

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she was raised by an english speaking mother, she resents her and the language itself

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You're wrong about Aki
Don't care about the rest

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>ayame a dead fish
>miss 'i dont wanna stream cuz i play league and have sex all day' ojou


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She needs to learn all the racial slurs anon

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>not racist
>any chuuba other than EN
you mutts really see the world differently eh?

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Way to expose yourself as a mutt yourself, because racism doesn’t exist outside of America.

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Do you have any evidence to back these claims

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yeah, it doesn't, but it does by mutts' definition and I was talking from their perspective

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>Polka in 'Won't even do it'

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Breast size best size

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I disagree, Nene must be fucking wild in bed.

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do your reps and find her riot name

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With "urusai nye ga" and her hatred of endermen, she should be moved to moderately racist.

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How is flare envy? And ayame is more sloth than polka

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>Aki and Nene in dead fish
nigger are you brain damaged?

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Envy cause she was sad about how her channel is quite smaller compared to her other gens. You got a point with Ayame tho.

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They dont

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All Asians should be in "dead fish"

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i don know about the rest, but Aqua and Shion is based

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Nene is definitely a dead fish, she wants to be shat on but not do anything herself

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>Kiara in "Won't even do it"
Ask me how I know that you know nothing about Kiara.

Also Yagoo definitely fucks.

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>Dead fish

I mean yes, but more in that a literal dead fish is probably going to be involved somehow.

Otherwise, not bad. Would raise a few up a tier here and there and put both Iofi and Watame alongside Choco, but otherwise, good effort.

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Polka a literal frenetic workaholic
Maybe Anya, Gura or Shion cause she keeps sleeping in

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Lying in bed, getting fucked, making moaning noises out of courtesy, and doing nothing is not "great in bed".

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>Letters in the list don't correlate to the letters of boob size that already exist.

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>Dead fish

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SEA basic trait is racist

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I laughed out loud at that one.

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Which rrat is your preferred one?

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Aki's hips are something else I'm pretty sure she'd ride like a cowgirl, so I'd at least put her in the "will get better with experience" category.

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Ollie? WTF? I need to stitch back all her body parts after 1 session LMAO

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>until 731 was justified

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Imagine thinking Fubuki and Ina don't already have the most experience out of these.

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Shion should be sloth and Noel should be envy

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Every time

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>dead fish
She's too menhera to be boring in bed.

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Alright, taking all evidence into consideration, I have updated my list. When refuting, please present evidence.

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>not racist
Anon she said the n word on stream, knowing what it means. Give the chicken her own tier.

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>Noel should be envy
Why tho. I don't really watch her.

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Marine is a paper tiger, she would scream and run away if she ever saw a cock

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This is the only tierlist that matters.

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This is still completely wrong. Take into consideration if they're doing girl on girl or not.

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Flare's in the top ten most superchatted vtubers I assure you she doesn't care about her subs

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Well who else would fit envy then?

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all joking aside this is the only tierlist that matters and it's contents are not up for debate

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It doesn't really have to be anyone. Iofi seems vaguely envious but that's just a rrat.

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Ollie literally called indogs disgusting

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Maybe baqua. With her crying bitter tears from being beaten at mario kart.

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Sweet piss is a symptom of type I diabetes.

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You mean type II.

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No, when type I goes untreated, the unmetabolized sugar is all expelled through urine.
Read a book, nigger.

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> lamy and nene in a
Cmon man at least try

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Wouldn't all the animal girls need to be in the very strong flavor category? Also birds don't even pee.

>> No.6032177

noels fat all goes to her massive slobberknockers

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Once blood sugar exceeds 180mg/dl in the blood the kidneys are no longer able to filter it and the piss is sweet. Can happen on both types actually.

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The canon fat is the only remotely accurate tier here. Just from the second tier, Luna is a frail twig, Matsuri's weight fluctuates but she isn't fat currently, and Suisei is actually underweight for her height.

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Why Aki?

>> No.6032394

Matsuri's glass noodle diet would put her in dark yellow, not orange. God I'm a fucking degenerate.

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so many dubs in this thread wtf

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I feel like Anya would be the kind of girl to be very clingy and get very bitey during sex.

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Im going to kill myself!!

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>Aqua who drinks only redbull and has arguably the worst diet in hololive
>sweet and refreshing

>> No.6032577

We literally have pictures of them, Marine and Noel aren’t fat.

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The only correct tier list in this thread

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She's Aphrodite, Godess of sex incarnate you faggot.

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The seven deadly sins and the virtues. Who fits the virtues?

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She says she get's jealous when Flare hangs out with other girls

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watame for all of them

>> No.6033224

Charity is 100% Fubuki

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>Clip fag detected.
Polka literally gets into bed as she is doing ASMR stream. You can her the creaking of the mattress and fluffing of the pillows as she cuddles and nibbles on your ears.

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Ollie is an indog, that's just self-hatred.

>> No.6033421

not even joking, the only one that watame might not be is charity depending on how you define it (i.e. money vs time vs promoting, etc)

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Current virtues and sins.

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best tier

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Take this garbage there

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Tough because I feel like Fubuki fills like half of the virtues. She's just too pure.

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Close but not quite, try this

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No she's a zombie.

>> No.6033647

Chastity: Sora
Temperance: Kanata
Charity: Amelia
Diligence: Suisei
Patience: Korone
Gratitude: Watame
Humility: Ina

>> No.6033670

Have you forgotten Towa's yab already?

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anyway I’ll redeem us both with these

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She's a pure maiden I CAN'T HEAR YOU LALALALA

>> No.6033795

I see it more as how the maker interprets the personality of the Vtubers rather than them just not watching them, i like to think of it that way anyway

>> No.6033834

best post, someone shut this shitshow down.

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is this canon?

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Coco and Miko seem out of place, charity should probably go to the one who collabs with no name 2 digit indies most frequently and gratitude to the one who didn't rape the bunny.

>> No.6034072

>gratitude to the one who didn't rape the bunny.

>> No.6034188

Move Kanata to gratitude. Ina to temperance
Kiara to envy. Suisei for greed

>> No.6034302

Remember when Coco had to give her a pep talk because she was literally crying about her subs on stream?

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I think Matsuri is a better candidate for Lust than Marine. Marine talks more about being horny, but Matsuri has groped multiple hololive members, which is more sinful.

>> No.6038488

>Unit 731 was justified
It's not really racist when it's the truth.

>> No.6039048

At least make the orders of the sins match their corresponding virtues, you retards.

Chastity > Lust
Temperance > Gluttony
Charity > Greed
Diligence/Fortitude > Sloth
Patience > Wrath
Compassion/Gratitude > Envy
Humility > Pride

>> No.6044884

go gag on a chode

>> No.6045784

>he doesn't know her hatred of endermen is a metaphor

>> No.6046169

what the fuck, Lamy, Marine and Botan are obviously SS

>> No.6046367

We need more Appalled Sex machines in hololive

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Nice try, Melonposter. Let the original model show you how to really check'em.

>> No.6046489

>wont even do it
Iunno about you but a 4 time divorcee surely would

>> No.6046936

Subaru loves brown people and watches foreign shit all the time

>> No.6046957

she played league during cocos graduation, don't underestimate a league addiction

>> No.6046958

divorced 4 times for not putting out

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allow me to counter with these digits in turn

>> No.6047546

>Not racist
She literally grew up in a Sothern ghetto as an asian girl.

>> No.6047825


That slut would do it just for any attention

>> No.6050520

>tall dark creatures that go around stealing things.

>> No.6051026

I can literally smell the sucrose when my sugar is high

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>> No.6051567

They also get extremely aggressive upon eye contact, chase you around while speaking an indecipherable language, and can easily be avoided by swimming.

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>Not speaking múltiple languages to improve at racism

>> No.6051809

there are stories of noel being a bitch with her sister in law

>> No.6052331

Sloth must be Luna

>> No.6052467

t. someone who dont watch luna

>> No.6052833

ITT: Braindead virgin coomers

>> No.6052897

which chuuba has the hairiest asshole tho?

>> No.6052913


>> No.6053767

nice numbers

>> No.6053927

she fucking died doing like 8 squats

>> No.6055118

Needs more than one per tier. Noel in wrath, for one.

>> No.6056726


>> No.6061258

Why wouldn't she be smooth? I'm not familiar with her, but she seems like the type.

>> No.6063564

Wrong, the truth is racist.

>> No.6063621

She's always laying down.

>> No.6063699

Yes. Choco great in bed if we can tell by her ASMR. https://japaneseasmr.com/19996/

>> No.6063701

she can't stand for 2 minutes before losing her breath

>> No.6065241

Be honest, did you make this tierlist? If yes, have you watched even a single Polka stream?

>> No.6065274

>Flare, Watame, Aki, and Mio have all cried about sub counts at one point or another
I have a theory sub counts are very important to talents.

Do you you think any holomems aver stay awake at night thinking about them being in the 99th percentile in live views, VOD views, and vtuber sub counts is a complete fluke and they just happened to be at the right place at the right time?

>> No.6065339

>Ex(?) Belly Dancer
>Used to be a MASSIVE party girl when she was younger, slept at a traino in her own vomit etc
>Got hit with the modesty bat almost as hard as Choco but for different reasons
>Dead Fish
Yeah ok good one mate

>> No.6065364

She literally cannot sit still for more than 3 seconds, how the fuck do you think she's going to be able to lie there and let the other person do all the work?

>> No.6065469

And that's why Botan is superior

>> No.6065517

>not putting twap in Quantum Size
Towa is HonkaDonkaBadonkers!

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prove me wrong

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File: 1.05 MB, 1428x679, futa_cocks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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MAN after getting traumatized watching "seven" the sins here are making me replace the victims with the girls damn,help me

>> No.6068695

Roboco too low, Nene too high. Roboco is just a bit airheaded whilst Nene is probably the biggest space cadet of all time.

>> No.6068736

Got any more info?

>> No.6069340

dont watch comet, why is she greed?

>> No.6071244

Holy kek

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How fucking new?

>> No.6071387

to be fair, this game was developed by Notch who's a notorious /v/irgin

>> No.6071459

>not racist
Mori is the only chuuba I can think of who has said racial slurs, on purpose, knowing what they meant

>> No.6071633

Same said in
but related to Aki instead of Flare

>> No.6071645

Sorry, meant

>> No.6071660

That's cause she's a wigger, not because she's racist.

>> No.6071673

Most all Asians are racist. Most will simply never see a foreigner that isn't a tourist or working in the country on a tentative work visa in their lives, and if they do, will see them as a negative influence on the country unless they're some kind of white-monkey celebrity.

>> No.6071863

she's fat in the right place

>> No.6071865

Mori Proof?

>> No.6071909

best tierlist in this thread
thank you based futachad.
Although Coco and her cocock should obviously be placed higher.

>> No.6072207

>kiara retarded
Even if she's retarded she's diligent enough to make it into light green

>> No.6072421

Anon Subaru is from Okinawa she’s pretty brown herself

>> No.6072449

We have pictures of them all. She’s not brown.

>> No.6072556

Woah stop doxing this is a no dox board!

>> No.6072641

Coco has a massive dong for sure but I doubt hers is bigger than Kanata's. Sora's and Nene's are no laughing matters either.

>> No.6072661

Suisei definitely falls under pride. She loves nothing more than flaunting her victories to her rivals and shitting on their failures. Even on her 1 million stream, she said "I hope everyone who rejected me before feels despair now".

>> No.6072671

You highly underestimate ID racism

>> No.6072691

I think Moona or Reine will fit Gluttony better

>> No.6072780

Goddamn that's hot. I love it when flatties have that.

>> No.6074158

Right. The only Holos I've seen who were actually kind of fat were Okayu, who has since lost weight from what I've heard, Polka from being a hikikomori, Matsuri said she used to be fat, and then Botan used to be kinda big, but has since lost weight as well from biking and going out. I kind of feel bad that an older video of Botan where she's bigger gets passed around quite a bit, because she actually looks quite pretty in some more recent photos where she's slim.

>> No.6076320

rushia isn't fat which you should know if you had done your doxing reps

>> No.6076431

Do ya roommate reps, bitch nigga.

>> No.6076803
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He's at it again...

>> No.6078598

Korone graduated from Tokyo University

>> No.6078865

She said she's hairless below her eyebrows

>> No.6078925

Ina deserves her own tier.

>> No.6078953

Sloth is most definitively Ayame

>> No.6079129

Do your reps

>> No.6079331

replace sloth with ayame and we're golden.
Maybe Envy with Mio or does Flare care about numbers?

>> No.6079923

If you cried and begged in naked dogeza Miko would begrudgingly put out eventually. At least a handy.

>> No.6080051

Kiara is a virgin because idols can't have sex.

>> No.6080227

does this apply to the transformed lamys?

>> No.6080459

Do you think Aki's cock levitates like her hair?

>> No.6081990

>fuzzy shark

>> No.6082036

This guy has permanently tainted Suisei for me. I was watching her stream the other day and when she went to drink ringo, all I could think of was piss.

>> No.6082050
File: 88 KB, 1280x1116, 1612284224357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6082405

>canon fat
>most likely fat
Nigga go do your homework.

>> No.6082578

You're wrong. Marine is "worldly" and "wise" but she's a ditz.
>Nene not in her own, special, FFF "functionally retarded" tier
>Ame not in "above average" - if only for her OBS chops vs.the rest of EN and JP
>Roboco too low
>Botan too low
>Coco way too fucking high. Brainlet.

>> No.6082674
File: 522 KB, 1052x404, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6082685

>not ripped

>> No.6088672

Sasuga Obasan lion, and my respect for the octopod has risen tenfold.

Is there a tier under *hysterical laughter* for (me)?

If your urine looks like apple juice, please consider seeing a doctor.

>> No.6088867

>Aki being literally /fit/ but not in ripped
Shit tier list. Go back.

>> No.6089022

She has a boyfriend and had to edit a video when he interrupted a stream

>> No.6089153

Just cause she european and speak German and English and learned Japanese from anime doesn't make her smart

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