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Knocking back cold ones with the bros and hunting down supernaturals.

HoloEN TTRPG General
Previous thread >>5988169


Character creation
Kiara's character intro
Ina's Character Intro
Amelia's character intro
Gura's character intro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MiGxbsKyO8
Official Mythbreakers playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB8Nt5W7hnKA-nna_2FcXRSeg0un0dogU

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Out of curiosity I checked around for other good TTRPG streams but it’s tough. I’m not a critical role fan. And with HoloEN there’s almost a years history between the players and audience that can’t be easily replicated so even their tutorials are top tier entertainment. Also there are a lot of absolutely dire streams with bad/boring/annoying GMs that have like 20 CCVs out there that make me sad, although if they are having fun more power to them.

What I’m saying is I’m in withdrawal. Help

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Dumping complete comic panels of Mythbreakers prologues .


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Yuul B Alwright

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Right, exactly. Since it was just awkward and not a total disaster, just rolling with it for the stream was the right call.

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>Her pickax is mechanically better than an actual sword using typical WoD rules.
Haha. No. It's basically just a crowbar. +2 is not impressive

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Mass downloaded #Mythbreakers on Twitter to upload on the booru and over half of it is just this image. Got over 1,000 of them lol

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Isn't it made out of demonic mine metal? That should count for something, probably

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What is it?

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newspaper cartoon or something, idk

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Could be used as a base for J-Chad making the Athletics deficient party members train up.

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If rule a pickaxe as two handed 3L. Most swords are 3L/4L. Depending on rules +2 successes would mean pick does more damage than a sword on average

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I want this but with J-chad going "You only got 1 Athlethics"

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I forgot the numbers, how much does Tiara have? All I know is that she is the only one with any dots in it at all.

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She has 2, but yeah, everyone else actually has 0 now that I realize.

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I wonder if they all didn't understand how athletics were going to be used and trusted Yuul to just drive them around

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Just have segways so they use drive instead of athletics. Penalties for any non flat terrain.

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We don't know what it's made from so no one can say. All we've seen is that it's a +2 lethal weapon, which is not really much to write how about at all. Even in oWoD that's not all that impressive, it's just standard sword stats, and in nWoD 1e that's worse than standard sword stats. As for the metal it could be a million things but we haven't actually seen what it does. People are suggesting it'll be Siderite though, not that I buy it, but if it is then it's still just doing crowbar but it'll ignore Durability on objects.

I'd rule it as improvised fire axe. That's easily the best place for it, but you can say this pick was built to be a weapon and just rule it as a fire axe. They're using CofD rules now, so it's functionally doing the same as a crowbar. Damage is just auto-successes after you hit in CofD. So crowbars are +2 weapons, they're +2B weapons in nWoD but that is extra dice instead. All weapons in CofD are now lethal too. From everything we've seen and been told it's just a crowbar so far.

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>All weapons in CofD are now lethal too
Yeah, about that... If I punch someone in the stomach that's lethal damage too?

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No, that's unarmed. That's not a weapon.

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and if I punch them with brass knuckles?

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What about baton and tire iron in the examplr list? These are clearly blunt weapons.

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Does lethal, unless you're trying to pull your punches. But the option for bashing instead of lethal is an ST discretion thing, as it doesn't make sense in all contexts. It would make sense here, but not if your intent and action mismatched what you were trying to do mechanically. "Otherwise, the only way to avoid dealing lethal damage is to stop using a lump of metal or wood to inflict trauma". Y'know, like you'd actually do IRL.

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You've clearly not seen what those weapons do, both those things cause laceration very easily. So it's lethal. Other wise see >>6034066

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Well if the book says so I won't argue. But what's bashing damage then for humans? Falling on your ass? Hitting toe on a piece of furniture? Because any trained combatant can easily inflict internal bleeding with fists and knee/elbow to the head is easily fatal IRL.

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Trained combatants either have a high unarmed, or martial arts, which allow them to inflict more damage (possibly just stacking enough damage in a couple of hits that it's lethal damage.)

>> No.6034935

Mostly just unarmed damage. Or people pulling blows with weapons. Trained combatants get access to ways to make unarmed lethal, as well as overflow damage upgrading bashing to lethal.

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Falling, getting hit by an unarmed human(feet, fists, or teeth), ballistic armor reduces lethal damage to bashing damage.

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>ballistic armor reduces lethal damage to bashing damage.
From Firearms attacks specifically. It doesn't do anything vs Brawl or Weaponry attacks, there is general armour for that.

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You possibly could ask about it on /tg/. The only other sessions online I watch are either not in english, or more comedic than anything - If you'd like see boys dicking around in Warhammer, WarHams are good

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If you want CofD, there's a lot of actual plays on spotify

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Credit Card Verifications?

>> No.6037065

Concurrent viewers, I think.

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kiara is a selfinsert fag and will ruin all naturally occurring and funny interactions between the other characters

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Yuul B in her head rent free.

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but will i be?
i have to wait 2 weeks for the stream!

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Now it needs one with 0 athletics for 3/4s of the group.

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To be fair, 1 Ath is basically fine. You can get by with 0 too, but 1 is a worthwhile spend for most people because it's the most efficient use of XP.

>> No.6043364

>Get by with 0 athletics too
>In this party

>> No.6044449

They'll be fine as long as they don't have to run in any surface that isn't perfectly flat without being chased or having to get in a place in time.

>> No.6044474

I just really hope they have ford and bike on standby.

>> No.6044521

I know this is a joke but still
They'll probably trip on their own feet in such a scenario too.

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Watoto's session summed up in three images

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Sorry for the autism, but there's a typo in the fourth panel.

>But, if you are a little worry
Should be:
>But, if you are a little worried
If the original artist has any intentions of updating them, that is.

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Here are Yuul and Watoto's comic strips compiled into one.

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File: 2.85 MB, 3768x9468, Watoto4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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I said this in the previous thread but I hope mori has a name for not J-Chad, especially if she'll be a recurring character like Vic.

Iirc the Ford and Harley is thier only transportation since the van Yuul was diving had a flat and left it behind.

>> No.6046317

Oh there are a bunch, the artist is probably an ESL

>> No.6046372

>I said this in the previous thread but I hope mori has a name for not J-Chad, especially if she'll be a recurring character like Vic.
It's gonna be something along the lines of Notujey. Chad was her confirmation saint.

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did it finally start?

>> No.6046652

It always made me laugh how shit 90% of the popular streamer GM's are.

>> No.6046683

On one hand it would be funny and on the other hand that would imply she went to Justa University; desu I hope for something cooler but we have to wait and see.

Starts in two weeks.

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LA by Night is a pretty decent one. Using the Vampire 5th Edition system if I remember right. Jason Carl is a good GM and the core cast is pretty decent. Some of the guests are... annoying, but nothing unbearable.

>> No.6046842

Yuul = chemical crafter
Watoto = drug crafter
Scout = tool crafter
Tiara = traps crafter (if I remember right)

We're going to get a scene where everyone goes to their little corner alone and works on something.

>> No.6046866

Home Alone tier final battle incoming.

>> No.6046882

Gotta have the crafting montage. Everybody loves a montage.

>> No.6046886

>LA by Night is a pretty decent one
Seconding this. It's a little pozzed and overwrought at points, but it's still fun.

>> No.6046888


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It's like I'm really watching the Ishgard Restoration!

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I think Kiara's crafting is rudimentary at best. She went for a power fantasy gunslinger with a bird companion that is essentially acting as 1/2 a player with how active it is.

Scout and Watoto are surprisingly well-rounded for being newbies to TT. The only PC who I worry about is Yuul. Vehicular homicide is nice, but I doubt Calli is going to have all of their encounters take place in a demolition derby or on the interstate. Ina had better think up some Macguyver-tier stuff to make in combat (gatorade + matches = bomb) or she's going to be deadweight.

>> No.6047933

>Oh shit, a fight!
>Anyone know where Yuul is?
>I think she's parking the car.
there ya go

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The run back against The Hook will be epic.

>> No.6048628

I'm a little curious as to how a vehicle works in combat mechanically.
>Party encounters a group of werewolves leaving a Home Depot with their newly purchased toilet seats and drain cleaner
>Yuul close by, parked horizontally across 3 cripple spaces while searching the radio for the Rushia Limbob Show
>Sees enemies and floors it
>Calli: "Okay, time to roll for initiative-,"
>Ina splats them all before they take a turn

I've seen some whacky WoD greentexts, but is this seriously how it would work?

>> No.6048833

Any guesses on who drops out first because they don't like TTRPGs?

>> No.6048958

I think they'll all stick with it - at least until the end of the first 'arc'.

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>> No.6049401

Gura seems super into it. And despite Ina's generally "sleepy" personality, doing this was one of her goals she listest when she debuted in hololive. I think Kiara will just be happy that she can collab with everyone so I doubt she'd bail. Ame is the only one I worry about. I can't tell if she's generally just not into the idea or if her anxiety is getting the better of her.

>> No.6049550

During CC everyone was acting as though Gura didn't give a shit, not knowing that she had just come out of a 12-hour endurance stream and was dead on her feet (or ass, as it were), so the first draft she made was a complete mess. Now everyone's money is on Amelia. TTRPG requires a certain level of patience to enjoy and immerse oneself in, and Amelia has NO patience at all. She is ADD adderall zoomer personified. Couple this with how solitary she is + her lingering discomfort in any collabs larger than three holos, she's definitely the weakest link right now. But I honestly think she will suspend all of that and do her best to get into it, especially since all the others are massively invested.

Here's a big question to all of /vt/. Let's say someone drops out and the only replacement they can get is an outsider like Pikamee or Bronzeferret, or even a Holostar (if any of them have good enough English). Would the viewers and/or management be okay with that? Even if the newcomer was intensely passionate about it?

>> No.6049996

Where is this whole, Ame doesn't like the TTRPG come from? If is about how she handled Watoto then she played him as one would play a goblin like merchant. If it has to do with not adding anything to her tutorial then that has to do with her being a newcomer, same with Ina.

We'll see when the season starts if there's improvement but it's too soon to say of anyone dropping out on TTRPG.

>> No.6050252

It's not that Ame doesn't like it, the whole process of playing a TTRPG runs counter to her personality and pace of life. These games require some pre-thought, some prep, and a good bit of knowledge on hand (like having your perks and stat sheet ready to access when needed). Amelia is so damn squirrelly and unfocused. Not to say she can't get into it, she's just a fish out of water here.

>> No.6050269

>Would the viewers and/or management be okay with that? Even if the newcomer was intensely passionate about it?
I think the numbers and intesne fan engagement prove this to be a Calli thing primarily. The characters have not met yet and half the players were dead on their feet the last time they were togetehr so it's not like you'd be getting rid of anything overly entrance.
>We're going to get a scene where everyone goes to their little corner alone and works on something.
Tiara is going to be posted outside with her animals like a sentry turret operator.
>What I’m saying is I’m in withdrawal. Help
Roleplay Public Radio.
Delta GReen & Call of Chtulhu games.

>> No.6050367

>Not thinking the tried and true trope of "Spies in a Van"
Yuul is great on the hunt to run all the back end stuff and be a getaway driver.

>> No.6050411

Well it's good she's not alone in the season and can bounce off the other girls as she tries to get the hang of it all.

>> No.6050464

Isn't one of her favourite games Obra Dinn? A super slow game that's all thought based?

>> No.6051344

Yeah, she also loved Outer Wilds, which is one long investigation puzzle. I think she's just overwhelmed with TTRPGs being an entirely new beast to her.

>> No.6051383

These sounds like facts and logic. That has no place on the hate train.

>> No.6051574

Hopefully that's true. And apparently she has anxiety issues? If her friends are there then I think she'll be fine.

>> No.6051724

>hate train
Surprisingly there's very little sperging in these threads, even during peak hours. Most of the previous posts about Ame are a bunch of concernfags wringing their hands over the long-term health of the project. I do share their feelings; Huntermyth is one of the best things going on right now, and I want what's best for it.

>> No.6051902

What's best for it probably isn't a bunch of dickheads going "So and so is going to quit because they hate the game" based on nothing but their own brain damage.

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File: 945 KB, 600x480, 1596956221670.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not expecting the first group session to go smoothly anyway, the girls will be afraid of stepping on each other's toes and will end up neutering their own characters.

>> No.6052047

No first session in a new group of players goes well. This is a normal part of RPGs.

>> No.6052195

I hope they don't sabotage their characters too much in fear of being agent's each other in squabbles. Like I have a picture in my head that Scout and Tiara will argue a lot and expect scout to try to cook Tiaras owl at one point.

>> No.6052328

It's going to be a learning process. If Calli is lurking this thread, craft up some "Please forgive me, I am a trainee" tags to put on everyone's models (and on Ina's forehead) during the sessions. Hopefully it will keep the spergs and backseaters in chat to a minimum when it's established it's not a CR production.

>> No.6052419

If you mean "against each other" then it's likely not going to happen. You've barely seen these characters interact with anybody else, you won't know what character sabotage is and PCs only come into full realisation when you play them. Anybody who doesn't allow their character to change for the betterment of the group is a poor player, and so almost every character will change. It's not sabotage, it's playing the game as intended.

>> No.6052437

Do they look at chat when playing? I thought they ignored it for the most part.

>> No.6052461

>"Please forgive me, I am a trainee" tags to put on everyone's models
Just get them to put their fingers and their thumbs in the shape of an L on their foreheads.

>> No.6052469

I would rather she permaban anyone who brings up CR

>> No.6052595

Several autists were REEEE'ing in the /tg/ thread during Kiara's tutorial session for getting banned for sperging out in the chat every time Calli or Kiara slipped up or forgot something. Their autism was inspiring to behold. And Gura's chat kept reminding her that she couldn't read, and her actions with the pickaxe had a +2 effect on them. In Gura's case chat was helping for the most part (I think it was them who also told her to use the belt + bandanna combo to save the doc?).

>> No.6052766

My god how did I misspell that, anyway I feel they'll be fine but will have a few hiccups on the first season as expected.

Also, one of the first scenes better be Scout entering the bar last kicking the door down wit her Tongs and Thongs hat.

>> No.6052782

Yea chat said she could use her belt, but it was her idea originally, just misunderstood and denied by Mori at first. She did use craft to make the Rapunzel rope on her own though, no chat input on that I believe.

>> No.6053052

That was good because Gura was ignoring chat until she found herself overwhelmed. It was really the only good form of backseating/chat suggestion I've ever seen.
Even a little kino as her character panicking and finding a desperate solution sounds pretty neat.

>> No.6053338

>Yuul limps in, still bleeding out
>Scouts kicks down the door and shouts WHATS UP, FUCKERS

>> No.6054769

>Deals enough damage with the door kick to put Yuul back into unconsciousness

>> No.6055543

>second dose of Vic's blood right there

>> No.6056021

>Watoto tries to help
>Mushroom is one of the poisonous ones

>> No.6056156

>Scout kicks down the door

>> No.6056813

I feel like Ame would probably play through the campaign, or just leave without making a new character if Watoto dies. I could see Ollie or Reine jumping in to take her place in that case

>> No.6057113

>mushroom is one of the hallucinogenic ones
>Yuul meets God
>automatically gains 5 points in occult and true faith

>> No.6057774

>God what do I have to do with my life
>Sleep normally nigga, how hard it can be

>> No.6058168

>true faith
Not a thing in nWoD.

>> No.6058273

God damn, what the hell did they keep when they switched from oWoD? It sounds like they removed all the fun stuff.

>> No.6058324

I mean, it's an entirely different setting. Why would you want it to be the same when you can have it be something new with its own fun stuff?

>> No.6058394

Hi, I'm new. Do I ave to watch the character creation in order?

>> No.6058532

It's a good idea, I think, since Mori gets more confident in her handle of mechanics.

>> No.6058539

You can sort of see Mori improving in real time if you watch the tutorials in order.

>> No.6058557

I will be more enjoyable and you'll understand everything more but you don't have to if you want to for some weird reason.

>> No.6058590

More like a lot of people have been in both good and bad TTRPG groups and internally groaned when they saw Ame’s character concept and her first stream. 2 hours of gremlin voice zork commands was kinda painful. If someone brought that that table as their first ever character I’d really urge them to reconsider.

>> No.6058679

Sure, and regular conversation is fine. Being a whiny dickhead that's just doomposting isn't going to improve anything.

>> No.6058737

Gura's talking about ttrpg

>> No.6058805

Which is why Calli's first line in Gura's tutorial was a notification about OOC chat. Ame grunting for two straight hours was a taxing experience, but I respect Calli being gentle and considerate enough not to scold Ame in front of 25k viewers. Would've embarrassed the fuck out of her.

>> No.6058807

Mori's meaty mines...

>> No.6058827

The problem is a lot of people have at least some familiarity with old WoD in no small part because it had a ton of fun lore and world building. nWOD is probably a better game system but apparently literally no one knows about it and assumes the old stuff still applies when it doesn’t. Mori is wisely taking parts of each.

>> No.6058900

Gura currently gushing over the results of her tutorial right now; seems she's very satisfied with it.

>> No.6059008

>Yuul meets the godmachine
>only has one request
>a doohickey that does Yuul.setSleep(true) when button is pressed

>> No.6059083

Shit, listen to her cheers when Dr. Nice didn't get devoured by the eldritch Cavernmouth well being. She was 100% immersed.

>> No.6059261

Eh I dunno if it’s doomposting. The hardest part of any TTRPG is getting people to actually show up regularly. After a while you get a sense for the ones likely to flake and make plans for if and when it happens. To me Ame seems by far the least engaged and the most likely to dip. Which is fine, nothing worse than a player cancelling at the last second/showing up late, being on their phone the whole time, asking what’s going on during sessions. If she’s not invested she can just die in a blaze of glory and step out. Everyone’s happier that way. Mori already planted to multiple seeds in and out of the narrative so people can leave guilt free.

>> No.6059433

Even Mori said that there's no problem if someone leaves and that the game isn't for everyone. I won't be pissed if Ame leaves since watching her play something she clearly doesn't like wouldn't be enjoyable.
And it's already amazing she tried. I've been trying to get a group of friends to play some DnD with me but they don't want to, not even giving it a try.

>> No.6059797

I think Amelia is engaged and invested. Someone who wasn't paying attention would not have called back to the camouflage mushroom, or set up reporting only half their income as a form of savings by deception, or remembered to bring the guard dogs. I suspect she just didn't know about the ability to speak both OOC and IC. And she's kind of shy and quiet in any collab that doesn't involve just her and Gura. If you look at her prior collabs with Calli, she's about the same level of rambunctious as the TTRPG tutorial. She'll be okay.

>> No.6059858

There has been so much doomposting. Not really in this thread but pretty much since the character creation stream.

>> No.6061414

I'm 20 mins in Kiara's tutorial. Does she ever drop the 'ara' shit? Like she even uses it when her character doesn't talk, like when she's describing something.

>> No.6061508

She forgets about it sometimes, but she won't drop it completely

>> No.6061589

i'm betting you will love watoto

>> No.6061783

critical role isn't new player friendly that's probably why

if you don't mind watching dnd, death and debts is entertaining


>> No.6061983

You might get used to it.

>> No.6062022

i regret watching scout first so yeah that's probably the best

>> No.6062449

Ame's stream is perfect for you.

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File: 457 KB, 817x592, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Courtesy of anon in the /hlgg/ >>6064075

Timestamp for extremely cute and excited Gura gushing about the TTRPG for about 5 minutes

Also skip to last five minutes if you want to see Gura's sexual fantasies with Scout.

>> No.6064637

Thanks anon. Any other links to the other girls talking about their experiences?

>> No.6066145

Clown werewolf in the forest.

>> No.6069410

How many sessions before one of them dies?

I'm going to rage hard if Yuul or Scout are taken out too early.

>> No.6069466

I'll be real with you, regardless of edition World of Darkness is a very lethal game, even if you're a supernatural (even the tank with fur called Werewolves in War Form can tank a lot). But I don't think Mori will just toss them through the grinder, unless the girls get too cocky and get tangled in a mess they can't get out of, luckly she has plenty of failsafes in the form of the many NPCs set up (like the Brohood).

>> No.6069479

If they're careful and smart? Noone's dying. If they act dumb? Might be first session. It's not a computer game, there's no failsafes and scripts to steer you. The tutorials should've taught all of them that when you see weird shit, you better be ready to carry Yuul to the closest car and have her get all of you away from said weird shit.

>> No.6069488

*can't tank a lot

>> No.6070142

Yeah, regenerating ALL bashing and lethal damage each turn does make them pretty poor tanks. Very squishy. Obviously.

>> No.6071060

Haha silver bullet goes blam

>> No.6071657

I was initially sceptical about this since I don't like CofD's pedestrian approach to lore, but knowing Mori is using some Classic World of Darkness stuff really encouraged me to watch.

>> No.6071714

i have a feeling her homebrew willpower system will reset whenever there's a big battle

>> No.6071984

CofD has great lore though.

>> No.6072119

It's pretty sub-par and uninspiring but I'm going to guess you'll write a 4 paragraph astroturfing response about why I should give a fuck about True Fae correlating to themes of narcissistic abuse survival so I'll save you the need for that conversation.

>> No.6072235

too late idiot i'm typing it up right now and i'm not even going to use punctuation

>> No.6072539

Eh, I don't really give a shit that you don't like it. CofD has great lore even if it doesn't appeal to you, I can't stand a solid 75% of oWoD's lore. Still got great lore though.

>> No.6072836

what timestamp?

>> No.6072872

NTA but Chronicles lore is pretty safe and middling. World of Darkness meanwhile has greater highs and greater lows.

>> No.6072879

ah, nevermind, I'm retarded

>> No.6072973

Wanna give examples? I don't really agree. I think it's better on average and has higher highs. Especially when you take into consider it's a game to be played as well. It's all way better intergrated and supported mechanically too IMO.

>> No.6073398
File: 2.20 MB, 1500x1500, whatswrongwithher.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ninomae Ina'nis is one of the dumbest girls in hololive that I’ve had the “pleasure” to watch. A sullen, dull and quiet girl, she added nothing to holoEN except, “Gee, let's blow up KFP.” Also, illegally released many classified Chickens. A real dope!

>> No.6074304

Chronicles is just doesn't have the same cool conspiracies, factions or world state World had. The mechanics are marginally better aside from obnoxious beat farming but the splats are very narrow and bargain bucket.

>> No.6075222

The first part is fair. I 100% disagree, but you're entitled to your opinion. Well, except the world state bit. But I also felt like that held the games back from being better games. The second part is a little insane though. Marginally better is a massive understatement, it's in no way controversial that CofD has a much better ruleset. Really going against the grain on that one. Beat farming isn't really a thing, you can obviously do it in some circumstances but it's not more egregious than the power gaming min maxing possibly in any oWoD game. It's also totally disassociated from the context of the rules and narrative. Bad players will make anything bad. Splats are a little more focused, but oWoD was pretty much just everything all the time to see what sticks. Bargain bucket is a nonsense insult.

>> No.6076558

Hey man you're entitled your opinion, I just think CofD is bland as fuck. I'm glad Mori is using stuff from World of Darkness though, that really pulled me in.

>> No.6076569

I really liked the Week of Nightmares. It was cool.

>> No.6076992

Is that the one with the orbital laser(among other things)?

>> No.6077097

As a Magefag I really didn't like how the Technocracy's Ragnarok command was kind of shitty...but actually reading it through was really cool. It even made the Kuei-jin present come across as badass.

>> No.6077402

I want Reine to play with the girls, she loves this type of stuff.
Ollie would be good too if she can tone it down a bit, she can do voices and can really get into roleplaying going by her litenovel streams.

>> No.6077443

Anya showed a lot of interest too and was saying she's like to set u pa game for the ID girls as GM

>> No.6077494

>not knowing that she had just come out of a 12-hour endurance stream
oh shit, Character creation was right after DMC3? yeah, that explain things

>> No.6077645

If Anya does that she's my new oshi. She can even integrate some Indonesian monsters into the game, so it can be a pretty unique thing for Holo ID

>> No.6077678

what's a "u pa"?

>> No.6077709


>> No.6077758

cute idiot

>> No.6077768

lmao sorry anon, for some reason my fingers like to type things out of order.

SEA myths and monsters are fucking nuts and the best part is a lot of people there still believe in it

>> No.6077863
File: 213 KB, 1020x1320, E5agdOmXIAU-WSw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yuul B Ghoul

>> No.6077887
File: 25 KB, 1511x85, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's even a possible Kiara cameo

>> No.6077910

Why can't people read like 2 lines on a wiki page before committing to drawing shit?

>> No.6078065

but it's like one of my japanese animes!

>> No.6078145

Everyone knows the human servants of vampires are infinitely more conspicuous than the actual vampires.

>> No.6078204


>> No.6078346

As someone who is passingly familiar with oWOD that nWOD event existed was a complete surprise to me, which I feel is somewhat indicative of the the impact it has had. It also feels like during the TTRPG it’s pretty common for the viewers to mark out about something Mori added to the campaign only for someone to chime in with “actually x isn’t a thing anymore. It’s been replaced by y”. And my reaction has almost always been “Huh. That’s not as cool. Fuck it looks like Mori decided to stick to the old lore let’s go!”

I don’t think I’m alone in this. Paradox/Onyx path has a real marketing problem on their hands really. The weird edition naming system does not help.

>> No.6078433

Paradox/OPP made the marketing better. WW fucked it up but naming nWoD just "WoD".

>> No.6078478

Yeah, the full story is that western and eastern vampires are warring over India, the western vampires start making cannon fodder en masse, the cannon fodder dying sends feedback up the age chain that wakes up the oldest western vampires in India, those oldest vampires dying ends up waking up the founder of the clan, the eastern vampires send their heaviest hitters that make a literal soulstorm to block out the sun so they can fight, the mages end up taking notice and go DEFCON 1 and nuke the battlefield to disperse the storm and use satellites to focus sunlight like a giant magnifying glass to kill all the vampires in the area. Shit was wild. There's no real equivalent stories in nWoD yet.

>> No.6078506

I feel like WOD is a pretty newbie friendly system compared to D&D. You could even simplify merits or add one per session to make it easier. ID would also have the EN girls as a template. That actually sounds like a great idea. The Indonesian/SEA angle would also give it a great unique twist. But it would require a lot of the GM. Are any of them familiar enough with TTRPGs in general to pull it off? Or they could just accept it’s super scuffed and grow into it like…. Almost every other ttrpg group among friends in history. But then I worry they would be compared unfavorably to Mythbreakers. Getting the group invested early is key. If they have a bad experience it could fall apart before it gets momentum.

>> No.6078542

Calli could potentially ST for them, at least the start, but I think that might be too much work for her.

>> No.6078562

Add some giant robots to that mix and you've got Sunrise's next original anime series

>> No.6078593

Yeah the fucked up the marketing hard in the early 2000s and never really recovered.

>> No.6078595

The ID do have enough members for a 5-man party if one of them is willing to ST. In that case, all Calli would need to do is coach the ID ST from afar.

>> No.6078640

Is Watoto's mom super dead? Dad might be fine.

>> No.6078684

Hmm, Moona has a series about haunted places in Indonesia, so this kind of thing would be right up her alley

>> No.6078801

The tutorial sessions have great 1:1 collabs, let everyone learn, and get good numbers too. Just a ton of work for the ST. And then there’s the language question. You know there will be some butthurt especially if it’s SEA flavored. On the other hand SEA has a ton of absolutely batshit insane myths and urban legends tailor made for a WOD campaign.

>> No.6079025

I remember there was some language controversy, but I think the ID purist audience could probably be mollified about the campaign being mostly in English if the ID flavour of the setting is unmistakable. But it does open up the problem of the insane amount of prep work that would be needed, though. Both oWoD and nWoD have a blind spot in regards to the events of SEA. There's little material that directly touches on it in either game. The setting would need to almost be entirely homebrew.

>> No.6079163

That actually seems like a good way to take the focus off combat. Investigating a local haunting. Getting information from suspicious locals. Crafting charms and weapons for its weakness. There’s no baggage with preexisting material they can make their ghosts and demons as strong or as weak as they want. Maybe they could crowdsource material as well in addition to art?

>> No.6079260

I don't remember any fan-made stuff covering indonesian myths, but I'm positive it exists. I don't think there's any trouble using unnofficial material (as in, about asking permission from the owners of whatever pdf they found), but who knows.

>> No.6079698

CofD does a good job of providing a good deal of SEA setting info. Just to explain what this list means. Anything with a date attached is from the Dark Eras books, which are historical setting supplements. Everything else is from the core books though, bar the Chronicles example which is from the Contagion Chronicle. That's another setting book that is built to provide settings, scenarios, and some mechanics to allow for all the games to play a chronicle together. The whole horror building system, and ephemeral entities are built to be pretty culturally agnostic too. Very little you couldn't pull off with that.

Contagion of the Persona - Kyoto
Eighty-Nine Dreams of Home, the Yuanfen Pavilion - Hong Kong
Three Kingdoms of Darkness - China (220-280)
Doesn't have one
Doesn't have one
Mega City 4 - Beijing
Three Kingdoms of Darkness - China (220-280)
Hong Kong
Fallen Blossoms - Japan (1640-1660)
Rise of the Last Imperials - China (1644-1911)
Hong Kong
Rise of the Last Imperials - China (1644-1911)
East Meets West - Hong Kong
The Seoul is in the Software - Seoul
The Bay of Dolls - Tokyo
Broken Things Remembered - Beijing
The Three and Four Diamons - Tokyo
Father Governs Child - Thailand (1238 – 1368)
Forsaken and Forgotten - Tokyo

>> No.6079720
File: 513 KB, 379x519, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They could enlist fans to stat stuff. Imagine them tracking down a cannibal witch in the jungles then their head pops off and turns into this (which apparently was already statted in Night Horrors: The Wicked Dead)

>> No.6079883
File: 1.51 MB, 1032x668, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, penanggalan get stats in NH: Wicked Dead. They're statted up as heavily heavily modified Kindred rules, but they not actually Kindred in fluff.

>> No.6079941

That shit's fucked, dude.

>> No.6080028

There are also aswang, and jiang shi in the same book.

>> No.6080273

I know there some stuff for oWoD and nWoD covering India, Korea, China, and Japan. I can see that on the list. What I mean is stuff like Thailand, which has one book on your list. Vietnam is really only mentioned as the spot where the Vietnam War happened, and the effects of the war on the organizations headquartered in Japan and China. I can't really find anything mentioning Indonesia and Malaysia, let alone Papua New Guinea. There's this triangular area between Bangladesh, China, and Australia that has minimal coverage in both nWoD and oWoD. Which means there's going to be a need to stat native monsters in one of the systems, and scrabble a few scattered mentions like what these anon mentioned about the penanggalan.

>> No.6080275
File: 1.58 MB, 1024x1203, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indonesia has their own version of it too with the far more demonic looking Leyek

>> No.6080395

man, it literally means "detaching" in Indonesian I'll read it when I have time.

>> No.6080757

>How many sessions before one of them dies?
Now I don't wanna promote superstitions but I suspect Ame's rolling will be too poor for her character to survive without some serious fiat.

>> No.6080780

There is also Bloodlines of the First Kingdom of Thailand, an nWoD vampire setting. Basically a Dark Eras setting but in 1e. But stuff like this isn't exactly uncommon, there are swaths of Europe, South America, and Africa without any singular representation. It's really not hard to stat stuff up though, it's about as painless as you could possibly make it and half the point of CofD is making up the setting as it specifically relates to your particular Chronicle. Every US setting in the CofD books has got something unique going on. It all works as inspiration regardless of where you set a Chronicle too. Just going back to horrors, HtV2e has the Cheonyeo Gwishin of South Korea, the Devalpa of Iran, the Mongolian Death Worm, the Nekomata of Japan, and the Teke-Teke of Japan all statted up as examples of how to use it's system.

>> No.6081210

There's a bunch of VtM setting books for the Philippines in the vault for inspiration as well.

>> No.6081426

People here seem to have missed it but Kiara is planning to redraw/redesign Tiara after seeing Gura's and Ina's designs

>> No.6081430

I'm surprised none of them went the occult hedge "magic" path, it's actually a lot of fun when you're not sure what does or doesn't work.

>> No.6081566

If I was going to make myself as a character i'd be sure to put at least one dot in occult to represent my knowledge of RPG bestiaries.

>> No.6081679

Hunter, Demon, and Mummy do, sure.

Vampire Werewolf, and Mage are mostly shadows of their former selves.

>> No.6081781

Oh when did she mention that?

>> No.6081955

I was under the impression that Watoto's mom got turned into the weird wyrm plants

>> No.6082148

I don't know anything about TTRPGs
Is there like an overarching story that the GM has to respect (with enough wiggle room for creativity)?

>> No.6082217

During Friday's SC reading, timestamp should be in the comments

>> No.6082231


>> No.6082266

>Is there like an overarching story
Yeah, there's a few.

>that the GM has to respect

>> No.6082290

It depends. There are setting and lore books, and the players might expect the GM to at least follow the lore there. After all, why bother playing in a distinct setting if you're just going to throw out all the lore. But ultimately, the GM can do whatever they want.

>> No.6083058

Watching Ame now. Watoto is funny.

>> No.6083235

Dissenting opinion REEEEEEE

>> No.6083566

>Watoto is funny.
He is. Ame also made smart plays by holding back her earnings and committing to her character's strengths.
I'd say I think she could be one of the better players in the group, but they're all doing so well.

>> No.6085285
File: 1.04 MB, 1577x1073, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ame's 2 minute MSPaint Watoto design

>> No.6085335


>> No.6085426
File: 424 KB, 1280x720, 【MEMBERS ONLY】Drawing Stream_ 37-14 screenshot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

watoto has shoes too

>> No.6085633
File: 80 KB, 773x788, 1625427143243.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Plato version from the thread (I think)

>> No.6085691


>> No.6085701

Watoto is a relative of Pikamee?

>> No.6085726

>He isnt a literal disguising goblin with mushrooms and fungus growing on him
Thank you Miss Watson

>> No.6085780

I like it & kinda fit for the setting.

>> No.6086468

Has Ame given an age for Watoto or indicated whether that mustache is removable? Not a member.

>> No.6086520

No and I don't remember her mentioning Watoto having a moustache at all

>> No.6086563

I like British crackhead Watoto way more than twink Watoto. I hope artists actuall stick with that design.

>> No.6086646

Less fucked up looking than his behavior would imply. I honestly thought he was much younger like 14 or something.

>> No.6086680

I assume Ame just has no concept of BMI or scale in general. That concept could work. The actual dimensions she gave were monstrous but thankfully her drawing doesn’t depict a morbidly obese midget.

>> No.6086685

I think Watoto actualyl has brain problems, like he's a high functioning autistic or something. Like Rain Man but with drugs

>> No.6086757

>1 int

>> No.6086867

Did you... not look at >>6085285 ?

>> No.6086902

Weight is just government propaganda.

>> No.6087079
File: 8 KB, 429x113, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lmao. I meant she never mentioned it before about the character. It was just assumed by some fanartists and I guess she liked that.

>> No.6087111

The weight is counting all the anti-government crap he carries around.

>> No.6087165

>she never mentioned it before about the character.
She was wearing the moustache in the tutorial, but i'll grant you that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

>> No.6087191

Did she talk about the session a lot?

>> No.6087243

Kek my bad then. But i do believe she envisioned watoto with a mustache at some point since she showed up to her session with her own mustache, which she rarely uses

>> No.6087260

i took wearing the moustache as getting in in character to play a male.

Barely talked about it at all since the tutorial. All I remember is her mentioning that Mori gave her advice on how to improve for session 1 and that she's looking forward to it.
She didn't talk about the session while drawing Watoto either, but she did give some more details on where he stores all his stuff and how he should look generally.

>> No.6093332

Weight is a lie perpetuated by the Illuminati. It is used to bind your soul to the earth with gravity.

>> No.6094162

I don't get why they need to reroll 10s.
Like if I got a 10 that's the highest I can get. Why reroll it? Does the reroll act as an extra dice?

>> No.6094227

>Does the reroll act as an extra dice?
That's exactly it.

>> No.6095155

Shut up Char.

>> No.6095486

Some weapons(see >>6032674 ) have a skill that also let you reroll 9s.

>> No.6095796

Filter by date to May 16, 2021 and forward

>> No.6095810

It's not a reroll, it's exploding dice. If you roll 10 you have success already. But then you roll d10 again and you can roll additional successes.

>> No.6095923

They should honestly fucking use Exalted's Double 10s rather than Exploding 10s.

>> No.6096353

Watoto is so paranoid he always gives false information on all documents since grade school. This extends past the fourth wall into his character sheet.

>> No.6096417

But exploding 10s are fun. I will always remember Ulric's Fury shenanigans from WFRP2ed

>> No.6096721

Exploding 10s is 9/10 less cool than double 10s.

>> No.6096808

I'll be honest with you guys, I fucking hate Cali's voice but the more I watch the more I can tolerate it.

>> No.6097490


>> No.6099265

Can someone summarize key features briefly for a non-member? I've been wanting to draw him for a while.

>> No.6099418

Double 10s is guaranted two tens. Exploding 10 can explode into three, four, five etc.

>> No.6099448

That's how she gets you, watch her more and you will soon catch yourself thinking "damn she's cute dork".

>> No.6099523

I don't really get how rolling for actions work. Specifically the successes. Like a perception check with 6 dice. If one is the only success then does the action mean it's a success? As long as there's one successful dice roll then it's fine?

>> No.6099585

Yes. Thats why the better you are at something (the more dots you have in an ability) the more dice you get to roll, giving you more chances to success. The more successes you get the better you performed in said task.

>> No.6099674

Necklace is like a bullet, backpack is like a terrarium, with mushrooms and plants in it. On the sides of the backpack are various storage pouches with potion equipment. There are some holes in the top of the backpack with plants sticking out. The hat has an antenna sticking out of it, and is also foil lined. Watoto wears a trenchcoat and conceals various items for sale under it, as well as weapons. The necklace is like a charm or bullet. The shoes are supposed to be kind of like Ame's shoes and the socks go up high.

>> No.6099706

>If one is the only success then does the action mean it's a success? As long as there's one successful dice roll then it's fine?
The number of successes determines the degree of success- how well the task has been performed.
Certain tasks might be so difficult they require more than one success.
Opposed rolls (when acting against another character) compare the number of successes to determine the victor.

Source: My ass.

>> No.6099846

Nope one sucess means the action was a success, unless is opppsition in which case rhe action only succed if you have nore success than your oponent,
Otherwise the number of success are irrelevant but if you manage to get 5 success the action become a exceptional success an you recieve something extra or the cost of the action is lesser (certain powers have rules about what 5 success give you otherwise the ST must decide)

>> No.6099880

jesus christ
sounds fucking confusing

>> No.6099936

1 Success good, 5 Successes good-er. If you have more success than your opponent, good.

>> No.6099937

Obvious noob question then. How does GM resolve actions like building a rocket to space like Gura did? What would have happened if Gura had rolled 5 successes for building her rocket?

>> No.6099996

It was just a stupid example for how you roll. She's not a rocket engineer she could make a rocket that flies maybe 500m that's it.

>> No.6100033

Build something complex require many rolls, second you need materials, 5 success mean her progress would have being extraordinary but i doubt she got into space although given that is was a roll for a demostration perhaps scout coild have ended as an space cowboy

>> No.6100044

Thank you very much, anon.

>> No.6100047

She builds the rocket in less time than expected, or she gets spare parts to use for something else or any other relevant little advantage you can think off. It's all up to the gm

>> No.6100049

/tg/ here.
There are three cases:
>The action is trivial (opening an unlocked door)
>The action is possible (Opening a locked door)
>The action is impossible (Walking through the wall because there is no door)

Only in the second case is a roll necessary. Building the rocket would have been in the third case, but it was supposed to be an example to show Gura how rolls works.

>> No.6100115

There are also extended actions. Generally things like crafting or breaking down doors will require X successes. Each roll you make represents a certain amount of time passing.

>> No.6100220

Hey Tg friend how is the reception over there? is it giving t any notable increase in popularity?

>> No.6100322

Iunno, I don't generally read the 'of darkness' threads. In fact, I barely read /tg/ anymore, since I've been on /vt/ and focused on running my own games and systems.

>> No.6100430

about 25% this is the greatest thing of all time.
about 50% meh, sure whatever

>> No.6100725

Would you say CoD or Call of Cthulhu is a better system for a mystery game like this?

>> No.6101145

They're trying to do two different things, I think. Hunter the Vigil in particular is about fighting back against the monsters and that is what Calli is doing. Mortals CofD might be more like CoC, where you're more often than not just trying to survive some horror going on, but they're obviously not doing that at the moment.

>> No.6102905

It makes me really happy that Calli is running something other than D&D even if I don't care much for CofD personally
maybe the newfriends that come because of this will be open-minded about trying systems

>> No.6102966

What's wrong with DnD?

>> No.6103419

It's the McDonalds problem. Years of being The Face of the hobby gets a few fans of the hobby bummed out because a lot of players don't ever look at any other games because they're already too invested.

>> No.6103792

To add, I personally don't have a beef against D&D, because while I think that every edition does what they're set to do, it has a few too many mechanics treated as sacred cows. But towards that I just look for another game so I'm neutral about the franchise, I do like the 4th Edition as a co-op roleplaying boardgame, for that matter.

>> No.6103818

But VTR and VTM aren't the same thing. VTM isn't the "former self" of VTM. that's retarded, it's a different game not a different edition.

>> No.6104059

On top of what >>6103419 said, it's a specialized system (for dungeon crawling and high fantasy) that idiots try using for EVERYTHING. Superhero game? D&D 5e with homebrew! Cosmic horror? D&D 5e with homebrew! Cyberpunk? D&D 5e with homebrew! Never mind that it also lacks a lot of the niceties of modern games, such as narrative rules and limited ways to affect rolls like willpower. It's not a BAD system, but it's a specific one, not something that really tries to do everything like GURPS or Savage Worlds, and so many D&D players refuse to branch out from it.

>> No.6104137

System is designed around bog-standard RPG of meet quest, navigate area/dungeon, kill monsters, get reward. It's better designed around combat than it is with social stuff. This encourages more number crunching/min-maxing but not necessarily a bad thing, it's just that newbies get suckered into this and absolutely refuse to try stuff outside of the loop.

>> No.6104190

I've watched too much Japanese vtubers and not playing Call of Cthulhu lightheartedly that I can't look at it like a horror game anymore. Even DnD is scarier than CoC from my perspective at this point.

>> No.6107982

Real Mage Hours, reject technocracy embrace tradition(s)

>> No.6108232

I'd generally say CofD, not because it's a better game for investigation and mystery though. CoC edges that one out, although it's pretty close all in all for my money. But CofD has the pretty distinct advantage of not being Lovecraft, which is a thing that as really seeped into all sorts of genres and media. Lovecraft is a much larger part of the zeitgeist than CofD is, which means people are more familiar with it. That sort of thing tends to make CoC a weird game to play, it works best when you've either go no information or you love the shit out of the Mythos. For groups like that I'd suggest CoC, but for most people who will sort of know about Cthulhu then I think CofD tends to have better mystery stuff going on. Way more flexible too.

>> No.6108428

Just because no one said it, the actual value of the result doesn't make a difference. An 8, 9, or 10 are all worth 1 success. Most rolls by default just have "10-Again" on them, which means when you roll a 10 you get a success and you can then reroll that dice for a chance at another success. You can theoretically roll an infinite amount of successes like this if you just keep getting 10s. 9-Again, and 8-Again also exist which work the same but for those values, and above. So if you have 8-Again on a roll every success you generate from a roll gives you a chance to get a further success.

>> No.6108507 [SPOILER] 

Looks familiar..

>> No.6108590

Yes. You only need one success to do the thing you were trying to do. On a standard roll extra successes only give a mechanical benefit when you get 5 successes, which gives you an Exceptional Success which comes with some benefit. Otherwise the amount of successes you get is more of a descriptive tool. Like if you want to push over a wardrobe to barricade a door, 1 success might look like you push with all your might and barely manage to topple it over, and 4 successes could be you making it look effortless. The result is the same but the competency in the narrative is different.

With that 6 dice Perception roll, you have 88.24% to see whatever it is there is to be seen that triggered the roll. But plenty of things to modify these rolls, so if it's darker, or you're sprinting through a room, or some dude through sand in your eyes, the likelihood of you seeing whatever it was decreases. Which is represented by rolling less dice. The inverse is true and things like flashlights, being really cautious, knowing what the thing your might see could be, etc, might all give you more dice to roll. So more dice doesn't strictly equate to a better result, but it does equate to more consistent results and the ability to off-set penalties. You really don't want to drop below 1 dice on a roll.

>> No.6108863

I see your point, but if a person only kinda knows about Cthulhu, they are still in for a ride (at least if the gm is familiar with the mythos) since there are tens of other deities in lovecraft's cycle and hundreds of other lesser monsters to use. Cthulhu is not always the antagonistic force behind it all. And even then, all the average person knows about cthulhu is like "oh big squid dude who sleeps a lot, something about starts I guess". And still, a CoC game can very well have no references to lovecraft at all and still work as an "ordinary" horror/investigation game

>> No.6108963

Oh yeah, of course. But when you hear "Call of Cthulhu" and most people having this passing familiarity of what that's going to mean it sets expectations. I mean, we've even seen that with this game. Ame made a goblin because they heard "RPG" and went "Oh like fantasy". I'm not saying CoC is bad for it, I love the game, I'm just saying as a generality I think CofD is an easier time with mystery because of its lack of expectations. You can also strip the Mythos off of CoC but at that point I would be all in on the CofD camp, the Mythos is a pretty large part of that game and it's not built to be setting-agnostic.

>> No.6109051

The actual way to handle this in play is super simple. You just tell the player they can't do it. It's clearly well beyond the realms of the possible. In the example roll an Exceptional Success would just reduce the time, or maybe it'll fly faster or whatever. But it's a generally poor example of a task. However, if you had a task like this that was possible it'd be a special kind of roll called an "Extended Action". These are used for complex and time-consuming tasks and require a series of rolls to complete.

It's pretty simple all in all but is more complicated than just standard rolls. Dice pool is determined the same way, but you need to note down you relevant Stat + Skill + Specialty (id you have one) as that value is the amount of rolls you get to attempt the task. The ST sets the amount of successes required to achieve what you're attempting, then sets a time frame for the task.
>Most actions require between five and twenty successes. Five reflects a reasonable action that competent characters can achieve with the right tools and knowledge. Ten represents a difficult action that’s still realistic for a professional in a field. Twenty represents a very difficult action that even a particularly skilled character will have trouble pulling off.
So this is certainly more on the 20 side of things, and I'd argue it's more than that. But lets stick with 20. And we'll say it's going to take a few weeks to complete so there will be 1 week interval between each roll to represent them working on it. So in Scout's case, it would be Int + Crafts to design a rocket, this mean she gets 5 rolls to accumulate the amount of successes she would need. So they'd make a roll, count their successes up, do work for a week, and repeat. She has 5 rolls to accumulate the 20 successes needed. This is very hard for her as she averages 2 successes per roll. If they get no successes on one of those rolls they can choose to abandon the project, or keep going but gain a Condition that might make things harder.

There are rules for building equipment that work differently to this, but those rules aren't designed for anything like this. They're stuff you can do fairly fast, between two scenes, not something like a rocket. You could also find a friendly Sin-Eater and show them a picture of a rocket.

Just to expand upon this. Even if a thing is possible you might not always want to roll. If there isn't any sort risk, time-pressure, or drama to it and the outcome of failure won't be interesting you can just let them do it. Picking a lock in a vampire's haven needs a roll, picking a lock for practice in your bedroom doesn't.

>> No.6109249

Pretty alright, I'd say. Anything's a welcome relief from Critical Role and frogspammers shitting up the catalog, really.

>> No.6109315

When it comes to an increase in interest, though, I don't think I've noticed much aside from the /vt/ tourists. /tg/ is really the last place you'd look to see an increase, though, almost everybody there knows about WoD already.

>> No.6109342

They know of it, maybe, most of them haven't played it though. Especially for CofD.

>> No.6109395

To add to other answers, it is popular to the point where almost everybody's first idea of a TTRPG in terms of practically everything is D&D hence why there was a lot of fantasy themed Mythbreakers fanart and Watoto being a literal goblin for some.

>> No.6109461

True, true.
On a mostly unrelated note, I really wanna see HoloEN play Paranoia.

>> No.6109482

Paranoia would be a total mess. I'm not sure it'd be a good mess or not.

>> No.6109545

I want to see their brains melt when Calli hands out the paperwork

>> No.6109597

At least it's a game we can't get annoyed at them not reading the book for

>> No.6109895

Now I am disappointed Ame isn't going with a Tim Curry voice for Watoto

>> No.6112015

>You could also find a friendly Sin-Eater and show them a picture of a rocket.
I don't get it

>> No.6112905

Oh, it's a thing Bounds* with access to The Tomb can do. The Tomb is one of their unique powers (Haunts), and it focuses on the recreation of objects linked to death, or the repair of destroyed objects. At it's base effect they need a piece of the destroyed object, but at 2 dots they can use a photo or video of the object instead. There is a hard cap of Size 18 on what they can reproduce with this though, and that equates to something a little smaller than light airplanes, yachts, or semi trucks. So no rockets really. There are a lot of other effects it has access too though.

*A person bound with a Geist, all Sin-Eaters are Bound but not all Bound are Sin-Eaters

>> No.6115978

"Scout never met up with the other girls at the bar and is now having the time of her life in space" is a good ending.

>> No.6118613

I guess the thread is almost over so this derailment doesn't matter, but how does the Tomb change with Keys?

>> No.6118981

Oh, it doesn't. There isn't a seperate version of each Haunt for each Key anymore. It was cool but a massive mess. Keys do still effect how things manifest narratively but it's not a mechanical thing anymore. At least, not in the same way. Each Key now has a Resonance, and a Doom. They're also now tied to Attributes, not Skills, and when you use a Key you gain Plasm equal to your dots in its Attribute. Plasm gained this way ignores your max Plasm and the limit on how much Plasm you can spend in a turn, so using a Key can make a Haunt more powerful than would otherwise be possible. Additionally you can add the unlock Attribute to the Haunt's dice pool. When you unlock a Haunt with a Key in a situation that matches its Resonance you get Exceptional Successes with that Haunt with 3 Successes instead of 5. A Key's Doom applies when you unlock a Haunt and either don't get an Exceptional Success or don't spend 1 Willpower, if neither of those things happened the Sin-Eater in now Doomed (attached). Each Key applies a secondary effect to your Doomed condition. So for some examples of each.

>Key of Beasts
>Unlock Attribute: Wits
>Resonance: The Key of Beasts is resonant when called upon in a place where humanity is no longer the dominant force: abandoned buildings inhabited by nothing but rats and roaches, untrammeled wilderness, or city parks after dark, for instance. Additionally, using a Haunt on an animal target always counts as resonant.
>Doom: Automatically fail an action targeting an animal, or any action an animal could plausibly hinder (e.g. a barking dog could foil a Stealth action) to resolve this Doom.

>The Key of Stillness
>Unlock Attribute: Composure
>Resonance: The Key of Stillness is resonant when the target of a Haunt is unaware of the Bound’s presence, helpless, or if there is no one present in the scene except the Bound and the target.
>Doom: The next time your character speaks even a single word, resolve this Doom and the Condition from the Haunt she unlocked with the Key of Stillness. If she unlocked the Key without a Haunt, she instead gains the Mute Condition until the end of the chapter; when that Condition ends, resolve this Doom

I loved the ideas for 1e's power set but it did lead to a lot of jank and made any sort of expansion a nightmare. This works better as a game now. You can also unlock a Key without using a Haunt, gaining you the Plasm and the Doomed Condition. Useful if you need to downgrade damage as unlocking is reflexive. And you can also use Haunts without Keys, which is great as only 1 Key can be used to unlock 1 thing at once. You get the Key back when the Conditions resolve, so if you've used all your Keys you can still use your powers they're just worse.

>> No.6119011

>Tiara is literally just Kiara with a verbal tic
>Yuul is literally just Ina without sleep
>Watoto is so low IQ he basically can't roleplay

Will they get their shit together for the real TTRPG?

>> No.6119040

That's all fine.

>> No.6119686

Do people even watch streams? Kiara pretending to not speak English and being timid, eating beans in her empty apartment don’t jive with personality at all. She wouldn’t passive aggressively take picture of Vic she would be aggressive aggressive. Arguably once she got stressed out and Uhu was birdnapped she acted more like herself.

Ina is hiki but she can be assertive when she wants to be. She’s not actually a cute anime girl she just wrangles her fan base well. The running joke about her anger issues was only funny because there was a grain of truth to it.

Regardless the whole idea behind Hunter is normal people thrown in the crazy world of battling the supernatural. The slice of life segments were great for developing their backgrounds and character and most of the girls were invested enough they genuinely panicked a little when they started getting bodied by the occult. The real game hasn’t even started yet.

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