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Merch: https://draw-a-lot.booth.pm/items/3010917

Schedule: https://files.catbox.moe/om3tcw.webm

Previous thread: >>6058098

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Ina doko?

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Can't believe Ina said this about western taiwan

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Schedule doko

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Disgusting bug...

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She was playing with her feet it doesn't count

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Anyone else find this site too addictive sometimes??? I wanna do reps but I get stuck browsing this board and youtube too often. Maybe I have ADD...

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>Maybe I have ADD
you're just procrastinating

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I can quit anytime I want desu.

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He's improving! Do your fucking reps as well.

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i'm thinkin about licking every inch of that body

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>Anyone else find this site too addictive sometimes???
Don't be silly I've been here since 2004 because I wanted to be.

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I can't rep...

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Sometimes I get burned out from reps because they keep me away from the threads and I need to fix this or find a way to balance it

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>Ina between Gen5 and the trinity, holding Nene's hand

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fuq yea

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This is really cute bro.
For some reason seeing Reine holding Anya like that make me want to see Reine swinging her around like a longsword

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Ina is holding hands with Nene, which is holding hands with ........

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This is why you limit yourself to one thread at most

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I tried to draw chibi again. I think this looks cuter than the previous one despite being more simplistic, I don't know.

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Ina said herself that the less details chibis have, the cuter they look. Good job.

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Sex... Reddit dragon...

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Looks fairly decent, good job tako.
Im not a chibi expert by any means, but it might look better with simple one color shading (each color having one shading color).

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Takos knew that they cannot change society
So instead of reflecting on themselves, they blamed KFP

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The head is a bit too oblong for my taste but it's cute! You should try looking around for existing chibi styles you like and try studying those.

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I love Ina so much that nothing does anything to me
I can't cum to anything else but Ina
Every time I think about dragging my hard dick on her flat chest and playing
xylophone with her ribs
I cum buckets in seconds

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good picture

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But they found beauty in the chickens of KFP.
And they couldn't lie to themselves about it

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But they found beauty in the lives of KFP employees, and couldn't lie to themselves about it?

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This sounds like something from Hypernormalization

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So how was the anime expo thing?

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damn I wish Ina would stream right now

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Ina was cute, stream was slightly less scuffed but the balance between Kiara's high volume and Ina and Ame's low volume still wasn't fixed
But that's about it.

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i have to go to work in 4 hours and i haven't slept yet
i'm fucked

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>He hasnt worked 12hours then played games 11 hours just to sleep one hour before going to work for 12hours again
Ngmi tako.

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>had to work till 8pm
>have to be at work 6am (in 4 hours)
3 shift system fucking sucks

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Have the image of upcoming Ina nendo give you power to complete your sleepdepraved mundane workday.

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you're right. may the priestess bless my work reps, my coffee and may the patients take their fucking meds today

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No, improve your SOULreps
Skill is a beginners trap

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>I'm human

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takos what is a good drawing?
i am having an existential crisis

>> No.6099666

do you enjoy looking at it?
yes? congrats. you found/produced a good drawing

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>Kiara is bottom-most left-most
I know it's old and overdone but it always gets a chuckle

>> No.6099811

If someone paid you to make it/paid to see it, then its good.

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how come Kiara's volume is never low

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A drawing is good if it's pleasing to look at.
If pleasure is derived it is good.
Skill is not a be-all factor, only that passion is seen throughout.

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>do you enjoy looking at it?
>A drawing is good if it's pleasing to look at.

how one makes a pleasing looking drawing?

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>how one makes a pleasing looking drawing?
We just don't know

>> No.6099963

Draw what you like with more passion and effort that supersedes your abilities.

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I'M A CLOWN OF FAAAAAAAAAAATE i wish i never went and looked at the actual lyrics, avoid it at all costs

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who's the big bubba behind Ina?

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what if i am a tinman without soul? is this my existance? i am gonna be bad all my life? does this harships forges one soul?

>> No.6100699

i really want a cool videogame where you can play as the priestess
or even just some well made mods

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Please, no...not Monhun...

>> No.6101652

How Ina managed to be so popular?

>> No.6102088

Must have something to do with her bachelor status, all the lusty JP girls want another fine addition to their harem

>> No.6102372

Which is funny cause they all end up getting added to Ina's harem instead.

>> No.6102390

Because she is Cute & Dope.

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All according to keikaku

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Meditation my man, inner peace and shit. Figure it out man

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She is based.

>> No.6103683

gonna fap to this later/10

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Erase the clothes ONEGAI

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I want her to make Kiara watch War in the Pocket, mostly because I'm certain it'd make Kiara cry.

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Clothes are the best part, when you see it all its over. There is nothing better than clothes digging into those voluptuous thighs and ass (and flat chest). Along with the tease of "you almost see it all", leaving something for the imagination.
I feel disgusted sharing /wah/ with barbarians like you guys sometimes.

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>leaving something for the imagination.
My imagination is terrible, Erase the clothes ONEGAI

>> No.6104995

Oh god I need it
bonus if it's in December

>> No.6105606

Ps-Psychtako, is that you?

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The best lewds are those that leave a bit to the imagination

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>> No.6105856


Boobas too big.

>> No.6106154

Thanks, I don't really know how to draw chibis so I just go with a "big head and small body" mentality and hope it ends up cute. I'll look up some reference material and try to improve!

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>> No.6106220

Yes it is. Hope you're taking your meds as well, tako. And don't ignore your sleep reps like I'm doing against my better judgement.

>> No.6106460

Incredible job

I thought you had died tako.

>And don't ignore your sleep reps
>Slept less than an hour last night
At least I'll make it to my bed soon

>> No.6107334

>implying you wont decide the floor next to you looks comfortable enough and just lie down and sleep there.

>> No.6107356

>I thought you had died
Never left and I'll certainly stay.
Rest well, tako.

>> No.6107494

Somehow the best part about this picture is Inas amazing thighs/legs, despite it having an cool mecha on the background.
Am i turning into a coomer?

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>> No.6107686

Great job tako, but I think you got a bit of her back with the roadroller

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>> No.6107827

Yes, I did. It was looking a bit weird so I decided to remove it.

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It might not be perfect but you're doing god's work here.

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Ina daki WHEN

I know Kuroboshi and Ina's powerlevel are both high enough to produce an excellent daki.

>> No.6108498

That's an understatement. They could very well produce the most high quality daki hololive is capable of.

>> No.6108530

the KDTD is the fruit of their labor

>> No.6110012

Still can't get over the fact that Ina made a daki of us that she's going to sit on every day

>> No.6110065

I promise not to sniff. No promises.

>> No.6110083

I want to have sex with Ina. That's all.

>> No.6110089

Good post

>> No.6110134

hello om3tcw my old friend...

>> No.6110555

Hathaway's flash was fucking amazing.
Are there any recent anime movies that are like that?
I really hope Ina does a Heaven's Feel trilogy watchalong as well. I know she's already watched it but it's not like she hasn't done watchalongs like those before. Also it could lead to some giggles from the HF and HF acronyms

>> No.6110830

non-moe anime is a dead medium, same as western sci-fi and fantasy

>> No.6111427

Hello takodachis, I have come on behalf of the teamates to return your compliment. Your oshi is CUTE.

>> No.6111473

y-you too

>> No.6111543

Thanks, senpai

>> No.6111723


I didn't notice at first but it looks real fucked. Her body under the bra is twice as thick as above the bra.

>> No.6111869

I really hope your oshi fucks my oshi on stream one day!

>> No.6112032

Unity through schizophrenia.

>> No.6112207

Since no one has posted anything to read in a while I'll share something I found on twitter. https://archiveofourown.org/works/29810517/chapters/73341501
It currently has 9 chapters. I'm at chapter 2 and god this is cute. Nothing schizo and 0 cocks until now, just cute Iname fanfic.

>> No.6113270

i hope our oshis collab more teamate

>> No.6113392

Im confused with the ending

>> No.6113472

I don't know how people express their ideas so well in words.
Every time I write something it sounds like some monkey smashed a keyboard.
I do enjoy reading these though.

>> No.6113878

Thank you for your work.

>> No.6113981

This is a really fucking cool picture

>> No.6114058

bike sex with ina..

>> No.6114230

ina is like charles dexter ward except the ancestor whose power possessed her was a wizard of cuteness and drawing instead of necromancy and thaumaturgy

>> No.6114695

I wanna be her bikeseat...

>> No.6115153

Soft spoken, always friendly, only EN close to streaming like a JP holo, can draw, tries her best to speak moon

>> No.6115154

I did it bros! I actually drew a pic i like!

>> No.6115177

let me see

>> No.6115275

Why the does hololive en have such bad merch the second wave was a huge disappointment. Only Ina has anything decent with tako plush and Miko shirt the rest was just filler trash

>> No.6115827

Damn, I despise both footfags and pantyhose fags, but this picture might just make me reevaluate my life.

>> No.6115938

Next up is the "Ina is disgusted by me" fetish

>> No.6116362

You're welcome!
Yes please! They could even get the tentacles involved for maximum fun.
What was your favorite Iname collab? Mine is We Were Here!

>> No.6117143

I was in the same boat as you month ago, but then I saw this picture and I now keep thinking about massaging Ina's feet.
thoughts? I guess

>> No.6117197

>I really hope Ina does a Heaven's Feel trilogy watchalong as well
I really hope she doesn't, fuck those movies

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>> No.6117388

>Ina flirting with Kuroboshi

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>> No.6117622

Does that make you a footfag tho? Or just a Inafag?

>> No.6117707

>Or just a Inafag?
I gave in and worship every part of her body including armpits. But I won't bring myself any step further into being a feeetfag.

>> No.6117779

>> No.6117838

Thats what i tried to imply, but im tired.
>and worship every part of her body including armpits
Me too tako... Me too... Shes like a siren that lures us in with the tastiest bait.

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>> No.6118755

Rare Ina Bunny

>> No.6118853

It's posted every other thread

>> No.6118952

>> No.6119015

Garbage taste.

>> No.6119092

ina ! ina ! Cthulhu fhtagn !

>> No.6119440

Finally managed to finish the Mc VOD, and damn Ina was so cute

>> No.6119521

Hope you didnt miss the "secret" ending and yeah, Ina was extremely cute last time.

>> No.6119899

>> No.6119949

A tako commissioned an Iname doujin. Thought you oughta know.
What's your opinion on the resident Iname schizo?

>> No.6119993

I want to FUCK Ina's hands

>> No.6120036

>> No.6120972

I can't believe I've never thought about it, but I now want an Ina hair udder job

>> No.6121327

Schedule doko?

>> No.6121351

>> No.6121355

After violet :^)

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>> No.6121470

Do you think Ina owns a vibrator

>> No.6121581

yes, it's Ame

>> No.6121617

should send akasupa and ask her

>> No.6121831

i'm willing to bet she has one of those egg ones and squirms every time she uses it

>> No.6121877

Vibrator fund.

>> No.6121962


>> No.6121990

She lives with Mom and Sister and also a shy person.
So I have big doubts about this.

>> No.6122198

Yeah she is a woman (female)

>> No.6122265

Yes, it's ME.

>> No.6122305

Its bikini day on japanese twitter
Are ya drawing

>> No.6122322

I am not Japanese.

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>> No.6122392

I am not Japanese.

>> No.6122535

I love my wifes daughter.

>> No.6122690

I am not an artist.

>> No.6123233

Beach episode with my Priestess!

>> No.6123244

Burrito's roommate

>> No.6123507

Holding Ina'nis's hand...

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>> No.6123761

>ywn crawl on ina's xylophone window

>> No.6123844

>> No.6123884

>> No.6123918

Mmm yes, very good.

>> No.6123998

>> No.6124033

Ina with blach hair is so goddamn hot

>> No.6124057

>> No.6124061

nice artwork but booba too big

>> No.6124104

>> No.6124149

Cant wait

>> No.6124205

Keep it out of the chum jar please.

>> No.6124217

not an emotional guy but nene always kill me when she makes these references
great image all-round

>> No.6124343

>> No.6124349

Ninomae Ina'nis is one of the dumbest girls in hololive that I’ve had the “pleasure” to watch. A sullen, dull and quiet girl, she added nothing to holoEN except, “Gee, let's blow up KFP.” Also, illegally released many classified Chickens. A real dope!

>> No.6124416

I wish I could draw faster.

>> No.6124425

Have Hamburgers as props as well.

>> No.6124461

I love my Priestess!

>> No.6124489

Ninomae Ina'nis is one of the cutest girls in hololive that I’ve had the pleasure to watch. A fun, talented and entertaining girl, she added everything to holoEN including, “Gee, let's inspire thousands of people.” Also, legally released many enslaved Chickens. A real cutie!

>> No.6124507

Is this a ritualpost?

>> No.6124515


>> No.6124711

>> No.6124806

>No chest
Is that femboy ame

>> No.6124854

Its a me

>> No.6124930

I'll do you one better:
Seeing this image and immediately having the intense desire to massage those back and shoulders

>> No.6124959

Please shower before imagining things.

>> No.6125172

sorry, for no stream today guys but Ina is moving in with me and we need to sort your king bed out

>> No.6125204

I already did

>> No.6125367

i don't remember writing that

>> No.6125370


>> No.6125393


>> No.6125432

yeah me

>> No.6125475

Yes, our bed.

>> No.6125507

Ina doko?

>> No.6125562

I remember when those were a ban, good times.

>> No.6125590

Me casually enjoying the midday nap with Ina

>> No.6125637

Didn't watch AX day 2 after the trainwreck of day 1, was Ina cuter than usual?

>> No.6125667

?okod anI

>> No.6125668

>> No.6125701

Yes, she also did some cute doodles

>> No.6125833

Day 2 was much better, pretty decent overall.

>> No.6125946

fuck that scared me

>> No.6126052

what did she mean by this?

>> No.6126059

>> No.6126094

She's waiting for some big furniture.

>> No.6126189

>ina won't be able to wish me a happy birthday
this hurts me

>> No.6126239


>> No.6126256

You can always guilty trip her to read your SC in her next solo stream.

>> No.6126266

have a nice one

>> No.6126344

Good Happy Birthday though

>> No.6127502

whats this artstyle called? is it chibi?

>> No.6127583

technically chibi but at this point walfie is his own artstyle
fucking walfas. brings me back

>> No.6127592


>> No.6128651


>> No.6128701


>> No.6128741

>> No.6128786

They're based. Iname is cute.

>> No.6128840

This never happened

>> No.6128877

Happy Birthday anon.
Ask her next time, just pretend it's a different date.

>> No.6128884

Did she win, lol?

>> No.6129002

Polka won

>> No.6129024

It's ogre
The end of an era

>> No.6129087

God, if only.

>> No.6129091

It's all because Ina kept fooling around with her wives nene and lamy...

>> No.6129100

If she had to lose to anyone, I'm glad it's Polka.

>> No.6129156

Same, though was hoping for it to be nene

>> No.6129177

At last she lost, and in a kino match no less

>> No.6129225

We live Ina society

>> No.6129236

Polka took all that punishment and refused to die.
It was a great match but I'm a bit butthurt over how easy ina went down when the tables were turned.

I guess she had all her points in speed and no endurance.

>> No.6129284

2K21 when?

>> No.6129407

>Virtually everyone before Polka had some level of hype to it (Takobro promos, a potential return for Mikoler)
>Polka just casually racks up a win streak and takes it

I heard they actually opted to skip this year since 2k20's release was THAT bad.

>> No.6130512

>Have Hamburgers as props as well.
Anon please

>> No.6131035

Is it /mu/ reps time ?

>> No.6131229


>> No.6131258


>> No.6131393


>> No.6131434

>Schedule on monday
Sure anon

>> No.6131467

>I leave for work in an hour
why must my life be Inaless again

>> No.6131572

Gorilla please Ina...

>> No.6131607

https://twitter.com/ninomaeinanis/status/1412126423263838209 its up

>> No.6131612


>> No.6131617


>> No.6131646

I was thinking about Towa a minute ago...

>> No.6131775

Ina was busy watching holofightz, and the "installation" is only a ruse

>> No.6131808

you guys have been doing your pso2 reps right?

>> No.6131872

yea, ready to stalk ina in my max lvl gear and be obnoxious af!
it's a joke btw, chill retards

>> No.6131956

I got a symbol art of Ina going wah
not like I'll get a chance to show it off...

>> No.6132003

No, I have no one to play with and MMO alone are not my thing

>> No.6132066

No, I won't play a genre I dislike just to stalk Ina and try to show up on stream.

>> No.6132077

My oshi's MMO addiction is coming back...

>> No.6132085

Takobro Haitus...

>> No.6132119

Jesus christ that guy is such an attention whore, second time hes done this.

>> No.6132154

rrat: takobro is graduating to bang coco roommate. ganbare takobro

>> No.6132169

to be fair he deserves the attention, he produces lots of great content

>> No.6132218

He's put out quality art almost non-stop for 9 months
I await his return

>> No.6132236

Now we won't find out if Takobro really is Ina :(

>> No.6132332


>> No.6132387

>> No.6132443

Yes of course!
I haven't even played the game

>> No.6132977

Ina doko...

>> No.6133009


>> No.6133039

When's Ina?

>> No.6133053

Fell asleep on top of her new 9000$ bed.

>> No.6133066

>She's not taking well her first loss in HFZ

>> No.6133076

She's not sleeping. She's trapped under her new furniture that fell on her.

>> No.6133079

In -5 minutes!

>> No.6133081

>Now that HFZ is done
It's what?

>> No.6133135


>> No.6133136

>> No.6133154



>> No.6133158


>> No.6133163


>> No.6133203

Nobody asked you to do that, fucking Chicken.

>> No.6133210

Shut up Kiara.

>> No.6133214


>> No.6133244

>Ina has one of the AC suits
she paid for the gacha didn't she...

>> No.6133278

Nice suit.

>> No.6133291

>MMO shit
>no paid promotion
Ina, no! You must resist your genes!

>> No.6133306

She's a gacha addict with a ton of disposable income
What do you think?

>> No.6133314

negrohombre fase dos...

>> No.6133349

Shes also hit end game already. ina is mmo addict for sure

>> No.6133367

>done for the day in half hour because there's almost nothing in the game

>> No.6133387

what you do for love...

>> No.6133393

Ina's "Sorry I'm late" sounded really cute and lady like if that makes sense.
Makes it feel a lot more adult than usual

>> No.6133406


>> No.6133408

>someone asks to see her battle power
>tricked to know her block
i hate ikas

>> No.6133423

Oh no, people already found her

>> No.6133438

did she manage to turn of the chat bubbles?

>> No.6133445

god some of these people are fags

>> No.6133462

People just can't help themselves can they.

>> No.6133521

This is very cute and all but as soon as she's outside she's gonna get followed isn't she.

>> No.6133552

This is the reason why she will NEVER EVER stream ffxiv.

>> No.6133580


>> No.6133581

Are takos assuming Ina's intentions and getting annoyed in her place again?
She's asking for the cosplays and costumes.
She's not angry and neither should you if everyone is behaving just fine.

>> No.6133588

>Ina is missing the extremely detailed ina cosplay

>> No.6133614

I hope so, but Anya will probably make her stream it unfortunately

>> No.6133637

Anon, all content creators are attention whores.

>> No.6133659

Does this suit have an armpit window? Am I seeing right?
Anyone got a ref for it?

>> No.6133676

This. Ina fucking loves when I stalk her.

>> No.6133678

Open world zones are actually instances with a player cap of 8, and everyone kinda just does "FATE trains" so it wouldn't change the experience much anyways. Also, you tend to get automatically dumped into an empty instance anyways and need to manually choose a higher population instance if you want to join a train.

>> No.6133696

it does
and depending on the height of the character, it also has a peek of cheeks

>> No.6133698


>> No.6133713

was it the same she saw later after chat told her? I feel like the one she was missing was more detailed

>> No.6133723

So is there any worthwhile endgame in the game?

>> No.6133734

different one. she missed the one that had the squishies and hoodie

>> No.6133759

Didn't get your cosplay noticed by Ina like all the others?
Don't worry you'll get it next time tako!

>> No.6133782

grinding money for the big tit accessory coming in a bit

>> No.6133811

>4chanX broke so I can't just paste images into the post anymore

>> No.6133837

Finally he stopped using his annoying (for me) bouncy artstyle

>> No.6133853

Ina's a professional, but all that means is she has more class than an ameteur

>> No.6133854

>big tit

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