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shilling the cytube stream in the OP -edition
Happy 4th of July

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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Attention all Vtubers! This is your new manager speaking!
Throw away all pride. Throw away all pride and just join Tsunderia.
Minimum qualifications:
>Asian heritage
>Mentally unstable
>Ability to go on hiatus minimum three times a month
>Ability to break containment within 24 hours of debuting
That is my advice. Just throw away your pride and join Tsunderia.
Thank you for your attention.

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Alice chatting and working on another painting

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Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
And if you find the time to say hi tiredsquidd won't pass you by
I have spent many hours watching her stream
I like her image on my mobile screen
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
I have never been disappointed by her
Tiredsquidd is a treasure a pearl
She can make bitter coffee sweet
Tiredsquidd I would like to meet
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Vtuber with a passion for games
Tiredsquidd deals her enemies pain
She has killed a god with her glowing stick
Tiredsquidd streams aren't something to miss
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Tiredsquidd if you're reading this here
I'm trying to tell you I love you my dear

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I don't have the courage to post my drawings yet boss, can't make you the thumbnail.
Please stream anyway I'm running out of pics of these.

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Miwa sounds like Towa

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western vtubers SUCK

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Links dozo

>Bat at Pokemon Snap
>Little murderer drawing
>Horny snek Souls II
>Motherland chicken World of Tanks
>Bat with a fat ass Dead By Daylight
>Lamia Digimon World 2
>Coke gremlin and frens Minecraft

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Bad OP, bad You.

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I like Moriko.

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bros he doesn't even use vtuber avatar...

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Drawing lady liberty!

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goes hand in hand

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What is the least crazy mental health tag I can use for an algo boost? There's gotta be something less meds than schizoid, autism and depression. Maybe disabled veteran or invisible disability?

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>something something stolen valor

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Pakistani Amputee Ally

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What's wrong with it?

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Is this a pumpino model?

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Today's very special chicken gacha roll!


Also here's the folder for the second month!
65 chickens!
I will upload the png folder at some point in the nearby future!

Also, tonight: Guilty Gear with viewers! https://twitter.com/ShimadaTiger/status/1411835425627377672

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>> That vampire is putting together a Pokémon Showdown tournament this friday
>> Is also doing a collab with Kongou

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Yes it's a pumpiino wobbler.

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Holy shit! You've really outdone yourself.
I love you, DM me.

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Look at all those chickens!

>> No.6099031

This looks amazing, great work!

Is the bee really going to change to a cat? :(

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What now?

>> No.6099142

Salty is there and I here she is thinking of changing her model to a catgirl instead.

Sorry it was a bit of non sequitor

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Well, that sucks. Her design is great.

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You included Tiredsquidd :')
Thank you so much.
I'm happy to see you including her in your reindeer games. She works so hard, and gives it her all everyday. She studies Vtubing like it was a study to major in and tries to encorperate what she can into her show to honor the culture.
This is the first time a gacha has hit home with me.

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Pumpiino is best mom.

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Damn this is old

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Please check if your dms are actually open.

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It's extremely visually unappealing

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Yo femboy hatch!?

>> No.6099558

Wow that's a lot of eggs hatching!

>> No.6099587

Umm... they're open...

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>tfw like bat but hate pokemon
Life's tough.

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but why?

>> No.6099961

>can become anything you want as a virtual streamer
>decide to become disabled

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Doesn't this mean we basically got all the femboys as chickens now?

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Newfag here, doing my archive reps and who the fuck is this Gael dude? I checked out his twitch and his voice is horrible. Why is this place obsessed with him?

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/trash/ native.

>> No.6100117

who is the one on the right? I don't recognize him

>> No.6100118

keep doing your reps and you'll see
no spoonfeeding

>> No.6100147

>Why is this place obsessed with him?
its not and you should know better than giving schizos the time of day

>> No.6100240

I think it might be cocobungus? But I was mostly thinking about symmy and akashi, and feef was featured a while back iirc

>> No.6100325

Vtubing is back on the menu.
Start earning those channel points boys!
Big gains in the near future for Vtubing!

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Give me fun redeems b*nzel.

>> No.6100484

Go subscribe to Teru!
Look at these cute emotes!

>> No.6100535

corpse noticed me bros

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threads have been a solid 3/10 lately but its okay im going to increase the quality by ten-fold and save /wvt/

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Megbert's mom keeps retweeting Gezu. I don't mind it, I have a weakness for shortstacks.
But it also makes me feel compelled to shill her even though I haven't gotten around to watching any of her streams yet.

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>TORA! Guilty Gear Strive
>Bug queen drawing
>Mutant mouse with a motor mouth Dark Souls
>Corgi osu!

>> No.6101769

stop trying to stir shit

>> No.6101813

You forgot
>Medo pop punk karaoke

>> No.6101831

it makes his haters restless to hear that Gael is improving

>> No.6101964

my king finally has his crown

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So I'm confused now, is pink a femboy or a babi or a troon? They seem to stream sometimes sounding like a girl but outer times like a dude and I'm not sure I can enjoy that.

>> No.6101988

Quite the shilling you're doing by including no links

>> No.6102090

he's healing anon... and when he does, so will /wvt/...

>> No.6102429

>whoreschizo dead
>Shania gone
>Koopa drama died down
>recent increase in UNITY
it is true

>> No.6102451

thread quality went up since the tripfags fucked off so you're full of shit

>> No.6102480

shhh, you'll summon them, they are listening right now

>> No.6102528

Who cares how they label themselves. They're cute and have a dick.

>> No.6102587

Femboy arc also sort of ended and we've revived reda hate. This is truly a blessed timeline.

>> No.6102607

any english speaking vtubers that play strategy games other than rts?

>> No.6102620

>community thrives
>refuse to assimilate

>> No.6102680

>"oh I saw green link Shimada before!"
>Remember he never does it if someone did it before.
>Realize I forgot to shill her

fuck fuck fuck fuck

>> No.6102689

Wanna watch uhh... Monster Train? It's like Slay the Spire.

>> No.6102704

Makes get the rope

>> No.6102784

well he does refer to himself as "this boy" sometimes so femboy is my best bet

>> No.6102793

elliott has done some FE streams and has also expressed some interest in other SRPGs

>> No.6102826

Im here dont worry you guys, im back from hiatus

>> No.6102876

After wifeposter got his heart broken all hopes of reda being seen in a good light were gone

>> No.6102960

fuck off, you'll never be even close to the nice chuuba gael is

>> No.6103001

you fucking nigger

>> No.6103040

Ironic how Prince is even worse than Gael despite Gael getting more shit. Fuck off Prince.

>> No.6103045

Stop schizoposting pink. Nobody /here/ watches you. Just fuck off already.

>> No.6103071

I play FTL and Darkest Dungeon
not gonna play 4x though

>> No.6103160

as the thread quality control I rate your posts a 2.3/5
the delivery just wasn't there and the sheer epic anon posting just showcases the buttmad feelings emitted. If you used a bit more anger you would've raised that to a solid 3

>> No.6103182

by strategy I meant something more like age of wonders, total war, dominions, homm, disciples, EU, etc, rather than those desu

>> No.6103204

Gael plays Crusader Kings 2 and 3
Egg plays Crusader Kings 2 and Victoria 2
Alaric... he plays Victoria 2
Lobster will play Hearts of Iron (4?)

>> No.6103272

Just ignore him. He doesn't even create content these days.

>> No.6103301

I play endless legend and endless space 2 from time to time :)

>> No.6103312


>> No.6103322

I heard he is streaming tonight..

>> No.6103356

>Cooking Simulator
based since it's a kusoge game
could be good but meh, not feeling for it right now
>Dark Souls III
kinda bored with the game at this point
could work since I enjoy the chill from it
>Just Chatting
same as Art streams
>Guilty Gear
I don't usually watch AA games but ok-ish

Picking a vtuber to watch is a hell of a job...

>> No.6103370

Egg and Gael do grand strategy, iirc
Egg tends to not get good numbers for GSGs so please give him a watch

>> No.6103373

Prince doesn't get shit because everyone learned that he posts more when he gets hate so the best solution is just filter and ignore.

>> No.6103381

If it's not 2hu sunday I ain't watching. Those pokemans streams suck.

>> No.6103389

i miss wifeposter...

>> No.6103392

im back from hiatus stupid. Sometimes im taken aback with how dumb /wvt/ is on average

>> No.6103420

Deep Dive with IRC I think

>> No.6103453

come watch some mexskel, friend!

>> No.6103494

well great, let me just look up "anonymous"

>> No.6103501

How about an Art stream? I heard a certain manager is looking for a thumbnail.

>> No.6103502

he posted in the back office a couple threads ago he wants to sound and look feminine so definitely a troon

>> No.6103520

>Lobster will play Hearts of Iron (4?)
I saw you post about that on the other thread, and wait she really is?

>> No.6103565

thanks anon I hope we meet.

>> No.6103644

i might actually do that after my initial stream

>> No.6103700

Dozo. Dunno when.
You don't have a creative bone in your body. You're welcome.

>> No.6103810

>You don't have a creative bone in your body. You're welcome.
We will see about that

>> No.6103859

Found this grognard. He's writing a homebrew game.

>> No.6103893

Castle Clique makes the most based content on YT rn.

>> No.6103938

Front Desk is scary . . . Back to the trash I go

>> No.6103976

based retsu

>> No.6104020

Why does that corpse person not talk? She must be deaf and dumb! Seriously

>> No.6104030

the trash goes into the trash bin. pottery, lads.

>> No.6104151

What is the most canon ship in /wvt/?

>> No.6104155

She's dead

>> No.6104188

How does she start and stop the stream then? I don't believe it

>> No.6104199

>expecting a corpse to talk

>> No.6104202

she's dead

>> No.6104309

Unironically Leon and Alice.

>> No.6104317


>> No.6104343

The gravekeeper duh

>> No.6104384

amazing how a single 2view can ruin a thread and filter potential viewers for other chuubas here

>> No.6104389


>> No.6104483

reinhard gets a little more than 2 views sadly

>> No.6104536

I don't like EU4, maybe I should play Age of Wonders 3 since it's on sale

>> No.6104625

yeah spooki sucks

>> No.6104647

she haunts some random computer somewhere

>> No.6104848

The femboys are tempting me hard tonight boyos

>> No.6104853

it's time to go into subnautica: ice version

>> No.6104874

incomplete list of unbased yikesposters:
shane nya
pink cat

>> No.6104876

Just ignore him. Attentionwhores crave attention in all forms. Deny it and they will shrivel and die. He might still falseflag to drum up discussion towards him, but that doesn't give him the satisfaction.

>> No.6104895

corpse's streams suck so fucking hard but the gimmick is so powerful I keep going back

>> No.6104979

I didn't even start though, let's have some cuddles first and then we can talk

>> No.6105047

koragi and bag
callie and nelson
I guess leon and alice but if they're unironically married it isn't much of a ship at that point

>> No.6105058

Whats wrong with the last one?

>> No.6105065

Oh yeah I think he posted himself in /asp/ a few weeks ago

>> No.6105071

containment breaker

>> No.6105101

whos pink cat and newse

>> No.6105618

Slowly getting there

>> No.6105715

What was that even about?

>> No.6105871

And today's result, a date with Liberty-chan!

>> No.6105916

i would do things

>> No.6105924


>> No.6105978

She looks great! Happy 4th of July.

>> No.6106138

He vanished since then so nobody really knows. All he said was that of the femboys crushed his feelings or something.

>> No.6106229

>wifeposter got cucked by akashi and colt

>> No.6106390

It was a lot earlier than that but could be that he found out about akashi being into colt I guess.

>> No.6107407

you're in luck, she's french!
happy 'merica day everyone!

>> No.6107709

To be honest I don't think anyone other than wife poster saw reda in a good light anyway and the wife posting wasn't helping.

>> No.6107904

akashi is a buttslut

>> No.6108085

Stop posting about yourself Akashi no one fucking cares

>> No.6108112

Why are there so many buttsluts

>> No.6108155

The ass is an underutilized erogenous zone

>> No.6108172

Based. Now rig her.

>> No.6108201

I want to marry akashi but he keeps hitting on everyone else :(

>> No.6108234

marry someone that knows what faithfulness, loyalty and devotion are.

>> No.6108262

I have yet to learn how to rig... but would be fun to see her as a chuuba

>> No.6108268

he posted some other femboys sometimes but mostly reda. ironically he said it wasn't reda that fucked him up kek

>> No.6108297

There's a Vtuber I enjoy watching who goes by tired squid. Great streamer. High energy with a upbeat attitude. Great artist too. Makes all her own stuff from scratch sometimes even on the spot. Tiredsquidd has quite a loyal small but loyal fan base. I would like to think that I am a member of her fandom. Tiredsquidd is constantly getting squid jokes and handles them well. Tiredsquidd can sometimes be heard sipping on a coke or munching on a cookie. Tiredsquidd is a sweet delight who enjoys sweet delights. Tiredsquidd did a five hour Morrowind stream that was really fun to watch. During tiredsquidd's Morrowind stream tiredsquidd may have let slip the secret ingredient in her special dish that she has spent years perfecting. I forgot to mention tiredsquidd is a incredible chef often willing to push the boundaries in the culinary world and have fun but still managing to appreciate food, and to enjoy food for the flavors and satisfaction of eating something that has been specially made.

Tiredsquidd clip

>> No.6108374

Probably doesn't even watch reda (no one does)

>> No.6108385

Oh m yfucking GOD i'm getting tired of this guy
SOLING tiredsquid's name

>> No.6108425

I dropped her because of him

>> No.6108447

Go back to your dead chat you god damned book burning commie. We discussing Vtubers here on freedom day.

>> No.6108458

I don't watch her but she seems nice and I don't get what this guy has against her.

>> No.6108785

maybe for you

>> No.6108866

Callie, there are children around!

>> No.6108907

Wrong anon?

>> No.6108923

Did we ever get spooki or reda or are they excluded because schizo spammers?

>> No.6108957

you ok cadenceanon?

>> No.6108971

im going to fucking kms

>> No.6108985

gay as fuck
can't believe catboy is getting dicked down by green babi

>> No.6108987

I think the picture that was rolled might have been a screenshot of the symmy coco akashi collab but I'm to lazy to look it up.

I don't know if schizos are excluded but it's probably a good idea.

>> No.6109062


>> No.6109145

>Sex Collab
Cadenceanon...don't look...

>> No.6109209

i love koragi..........................

>> No.6109226

We know paperbag

>> No.6109243

We know Corpse

>> No.6109258

Everything is not daijobou

>> No.6109292


>> No.6109305

You're the best dude. Do you happen to have the first month as well?

>> No.6109330

So it turns out Colt and Kenji are just huge fuckboys. Which of the aspies is pure?

>> No.6109352


>> No.6109361

>Which of the aspies is pure?
no vtuber is pure

>> No.6109362

I am Gosling.
I am gachikoi.
I need help.......
Please... someone be within 80 miles.................................

>> No.6109391

TiredSquidd is the purest of the aspiring vtubers.
Lethal dose of purity wrapped up in one squid. A true Vtubing miracle.

>> No.6109392

prince is pure

>> No.6109403

I like to think I'm pretty pure.

>> No.6109420

This >>6109361 guy is right, but the closest thing is probably Egg

>> No.6109438

Reda is actually the perfect lewd femboy because he has a rice score of 90+ but it's still a degen. He will never cuck you.

>> No.6109476

>> No.6109489

please fuck off?

>> No.6109520

Despite being pretty different she reminds me a lot of my oshi in some ways, honestly. Kind of the yin to her yang.

>> No.6109640

Who's your oshi?

>> No.6109643

>I think the picture that was rolled might have been a screenshot of the symmy coco akashi collab but I'm to lazy to look it up.

The picture is right there in the post, anon.

I explained this before but might as well explain it again: The RNG currently mimics a MonteCarlo method Algorithm, which means it favors even distribution across long periods of time instead of focused spam.
A "spammer" is only active during a short period of time, meanwhile, Corpse goslings do not stop posting Corpse EVER, across all hours and across all threads. This is why the Algo pops Corpse like there is no tomorrow.
This was an unintended consequence.
So far Spooki has no seeds and Reda has one.
I have gained certain insight about the behavior of this thread by just checking out which images pop, but that's a story for when the strip ends.

>> No.6109701


>> No.6109735

Do you not have one?

>> No.6109737

do you consider actionpts an aspie? I thought he was just seiso but i think he might be asexual

>> No.6109764

i fucking love asari mitsuha

>> No.6109835

Big fan myself.

>> No.6109841

I'll be reading The Stranger by Camus in 10 minutes twitch.tv/teruteru_ch
If you subbed while I was asleep I'll read your name out at the start!

Thank you for all the work! I treasure my little chick.

>> No.6109927

Collab games from the steam summer sale:


Unless your genmates have no life and want to drive each other insane and want to make lasting memories like the smell of sour milk in your backseat then

ARK Survival Evolved: Abberation

>> No.6109980

Why do they suck?

>> No.6109992

>> No.6110011

Subscribe to the chicken channel!
Also fun book choice, by the way.

>> No.6110021 [SPOILER] 

Don't ask me to explain why they remind me of each other since I'm not sure of it myself.

>> No.6110038

literally who, literally who, and literally who

>> No.6110048


>> No.6110050

I actually understand perfectly.

>> No.6110067

does anyone watch Pren?


pretty high quality model

>> No.6110081


>> No.6110084

i adore Pren, got the same rigger for her expressions as Snuffy (Fofamit's work is great), but Pren is too big for most of /wvt/ to really care.

>> No.6110102

oh I see. I just found out about her earlier this week

>> No.6110186

and so my collection of founder badges increases

>> No.6110203


>> No.6110209

I love pumpiino... I even love saying pumpiino... hehe... it's really fun to say. Pumpiiiiino... por favor, mi amor, cuando vendras a mi, PUMPIIIINOO...!

>> No.6110212


>> No.6110235

I gladly will watch this german ghost for the rest of my days

>> No.6110253

Chimera breaks out of her 2 view mold.
Hey now you're a Vtuber
She no longer shills here.

Okay. Fine. People only called her off brand odette anyways.
Not like anyone here looked forwards to clicking on her link and watching for a little while and asking her how her day was anyways.
Baka! Tch...

>> No.6110276

damn i didnt realize Cadence was so based

>> No.6110285

Shut the fuck up, Rebel.

>> No.6110286

literally who

>> No.6110289

BR0B0T Live: WTF is WarFork?

>> No.6110298

find me a chuuba that plays the gacha game epic seven that speaks english and i will also support the chuuba of your voice until i die

>> No.6110349

Careful there anon, linkanon keeps doing dumpster dives and he will make you support a male chuuba.

>> No.6110375

she's not streaming tho
Also somebody please reach out to the chimera and collab with her or something

>> No.6110394

I already did. Then he quit. He had a really good design too.

>> No.6110439


Too easy.


>> No.6110442

Vanilla af

>> No.6110448

this is for you, cadenceanon

>> No.6110450

Greetings I'm here dropping a png
Saraba DA

>> No.6110456

[ENGVtuber] Chill Q&A and Lore stream, I guess. Join us, we'll be talking werewolves, and computers?


>> No.6110464

how the fuck do you guys do this

>> No.6110468

please have a good voice please have a good voice

>> No.6110480


>> No.6110493

that's not kenji
that's his friend hiro

>> No.6110520


>> No.6110522

Hazard Hornet. Only one of his videos is still around.

>> No.6110538

that's literally not kenji

>> No.6110542

I saw that he's coming back but as a babi with a voice changer this time lol

>> No.6110546

What chuuba are you going to make him support?

>> No.6110551

yeah but I unironically liked the model concept

>> No.6110561

is this a selfpost
who is this

>> No.6110584

Royce maybe

>> No.6110587

Yeah it's a shame he was malehera, he wasn't even doing that bad being a no name on YouTube.

>> No.6110590

The entirety of ClarityEn was underwhelming. Why do boring guys have cool avatars?

>> No.6110637

fuck it
they look like the same black-haired e-boy
it's fine

>> No.6110657


>> No.6110662

double cucked

>> No.6110664

All of those guys were wasted potential 100%. I watched the debut of the flathead guy and the purple dude and it was just unfortunately lame all around, didn't even bother looking at any of the ones afterwards.

>> No.6110665

No it's the artist pink troopa, that's gelisor

>> No.6110670

Too easy

This is the last link I can post today before the meidos gasado me again.
Try making a website where you can make requests and I serve you the vtuber you want. This place isn't keen on my links.

>> No.6110676

fair point
hiro is basically a kenji recolor

>> No.6110687

>black catboy in a hoodie gets confused with another black catboy in a hoodie

>> No.6110700

Why does he dress like a whore.

>> No.6110703


>> No.6110710

All catfuckboys look the same.

>> No.6110712


>> No.6110733

literally talked about >>6110448

>> No.6110738

I miss this roach like you wouldn't believe

>> No.6110746

because he is? just another cat slut, nothing out of the ordinary

>> No.6110753

purple haired chuubas are the most powerful chuuba on the planet

>> No.6110763


>> No.6110796

Purple hair is brilliant, but I prefer dark green hair.

>> No.6110801

That entire debut felt like a fever dream.

>> No.6110831

Is her debut archived anywhere?

>> No.6110834

heh spacer_haywire_ch is bury nice

>> No.6110857

fuck guys if she's /here/ i can't post except when she's live

>> No.6110911

can i get a timestamp for when cadence mentioned the edit

>> No.6110948

how do you guys watch indies without the fear that they'll just quit tomorrow

>> No.6110954

>cadence is still waiting on a comm of cadence x colt

wtf kenjibros?

>> No.6110967

i will breed this cat slut

>> No.6110971

I've accepted that's just how it might be.

>> No.6110979

She doesn't have vods saving enabled

>> No.6111002


>> No.6111048

>vtuber from sweden
>says yall in her texts
Bravo Discord hive mind. Bravo on claiming another young mind.

>> No.6111076

i bet he would like it

>> No.6111082

Goodnight/day sweet dream/have fun /wvt/ love (you)

>> No.6111111

By making many clips and downloading them to black box to be then shipped to my abandoned nuclear silo fallout shelfter.
Simple as.
All chuubas quit eventually. It all boils down to if you saved her or not before she cashes in the chips.

>> No.6111113

g'night shimabed!

>> No.6111119

Y'all is the most correct version, never settle for youse or you guys.

>> No.6111149


>> No.6111164

I can fix that
t.pink troopa

>> No.6111174

gonna do this because of digits

>> No.6111191

Teru bros.....

>> No.6111215

anons, obey the digits or your oshi will die

>> No.6111237


>> No.6111240

Thank you everyone who stopped by, we finished half of Death Wish in Hat in Time! Next time we play it we should finish all of it!

>> No.6111259

Thank you for gifting to the cute ghost!

>> No.6111286

The numbers...!

>> No.6111295


>> No.6111305


>> No.6111324


>> No.6111573

>tiger over 200 today
>krimbo over 100
did the ironmouse buff work?

>> No.6111626


>> No.6111671

Shimo's currently suffering in Touhou.

>> No.6111688

I am glad she's indirectly and directly helping chuubas get a leg up. She was one of the first bilingual vtubers I found and I knew she was going to go places. Good luck on getting noticed, everyone

>> No.6111705

I hope tiger says "no way fag" when the tax woman comes to collect

>> No.6111800

>channel rewards are expensive and boring
Classic /here/

>> No.6112117

>image posted is SEX
>actual model is meh

>> No.6112425

>So far Spooki has no seeds
literally no chance... that's sad

>> No.6112503

You should clearly spam spooki and reda to get them in then.

>> No.6112616

Spook said to stop talking about him.
He doesn't even like the board and he cares about thread quality more than people who are /here/

>> No.6112659

>currently watching a 16 year old JP "indie" singing karaoke to 6k people
>i'm pushing my late 20s and i can't even keep a beat to a song

>> No.6112764

Welcome to the Millenial's anguish. We've been dealt a shit hand. Have fun.

>> No.6112791

Are you sure she's actually 16 and not """16""" like all chuubas?

>> No.6112802

rrat is she leaked her real age by casually inputting it on screen during RFA without a second thought

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