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>> No.6098525

Korone is not for lewd

>> No.6098697

Hotto doggo

>> No.6098933

Tell that to Korone

>> No.6099521

>> No.6104073

Does anyone have the pic she used in the thumbnail for Henry Stickmin?

>> No.6104429

Threadly reminder that Korone has anatomically accurate female canine genitalia.

>> No.6104712

This is just an attempt for you to get more Korone lewds.

>> No.6105592

It's drawn by pero-sensei: https://twitter.com/peromekuero/status/1408842775840231424

There is a large overlap with many well-known H-artists and holos.

>> No.6108829

>> No.6112560

To me this is the best Korone from pero-sensei. Is a huge contrast with those ultra H art.

>> No.6114287

Yoshi filters me hard, its so goddamn boring that I've been going through the archives at a snails pace

>> No.6114487

Anything she plays entertains me. Especially easy shit like Yoshi that ends up kicking her ass anyways.

>> No.6114518

Fuck the dog

>> No.6114849

When's the next Okakoro? You promised to sing Meteo together again...

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>> No.6115222

>Korone is 156m
dumb dog

>> No.6115283

156 quintillion subs vtuber

>> No.6115628

Doggos are for headpats, and nothing else.

>> No.6115780

1.56 septillion, actually

>> No.6115831


>> No.6116014

[Eng TL]
I missed it, but thank you so much for 1,560,000 subscribers!! Also is it okay to do that singing stream today? Yaay!!

>> No.6116120


>> No.6116170

I can't get over how funny this looks, with Korone getting sad while wearing the dumb yoshi hat

>> No.6118320


>> No.6119188

>【記念歌枠】15600000000000000人ありがとう!【sing DOOG】

>> No.6119788

She's special.

>> No.6119836


>> No.6120126

I cant believe Korone has 15 quintillion subs...

>> No.6120328

>it's a 'Korone is trying to seduce YouTube in the description' episode

>> No.6120502

>guitar version of jingle bells
blessed doog

>> No.6120525

ay yo how the fuck did she get access to my webcam

>> No.6120555

>1.56M celebration stream
>she currently has 1.57

>> No.6120618

I miss this shit like you wouldn't believe.

>> No.6120655


>> No.6120986

Leave to Mr Koro to brighten my mood~

>> No.6121274

She will beat the shit out of you if you say she's too old for Tokusatsu

>> No.6121299

I love when she does Toku songs

>> No.6121377

the fact that she sings toku songs is the reason why i watch her utawaku streams over others

>> No.6121717

based /m/ boomer

>> No.6122092

what the fuck is she saying

>> No.6122182

>almost full green chat with some western names writing in japanese
I'm lowkey proud of you anons

>> No.6122342

>"I'm gonna sing an idol song"
>It's the fucking Yokai watch song by AKB48

>> No.6122417

You can't even compete with him

>> No.6122422


>> No.6122491

It's okay anon, it's better for the climate if the likes of us don't breed and prosper

>> No.6122622

Korone, your real voice is leaking...

>> No.6122677

you can hear the delinquency in her voice, I love it

>> No.6122845

>OG pokerap
This boomer doog...

>> No.6122940

Why does she like pokemon so much

>> No.6122957

can't get better than this

>> No.6123040


this song is gold

>> No.6123295

i like korone's lower tones

>> No.6123820

Of course Mr Koro is the best, I only have eyes for Mr Koro I swear, yes Mr Koro, you can keep my fingers, I never needed them anyway, Mr Koro numba wan!!!

>> No.6123833

Now I want to hear Korone singing Go West https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNBjMRvOB5M

>> No.6124610

I appreciate this girl so much right now...

>> No.6124721

Micheal Koroson...

>> No.6124776

Koikatsu VR is a thing? Damn...

>> No.6124880

Everytime I hear this song I cant stop thinking of that one dude who banged the drums on it

>> No.6124970

Ominous ending

>> No.6124991

Well, that was an unexpectedly dark ending

>> No.6125021


>> No.6125081

>tfw doog leaves early so she can continue to celebrate ohtani's birthday having sex

>> No.6125186

>groans sadly towards the end of the final song
>sad face while doing something off screen
>abrupt ending
>just a joke bro
I'm not buying what this dog is selling...

>> No.6125211


>> No.6125298

Ganbanging Korone!

>> No.6125442

cute bitch

>> No.6125448

She's sad because she's gonna be busy with work for the next couple of weeks and will only be able to do short morning streams

>> No.6125575

Mr Paradise needs 4 to satisfy her sex drive

>> No.6126176

>fall asleep at the start of the stream
>VOD gone

>> No.6126277

It's not gone though.

>> No.6126316

>anon doesn't know how to use youtube

>> No.6126359

Oh you're right, I've never changed it to show all videos before

>> No.6126389

the bakery isn't real anon

>> No.6126407

she's been making me want to listen to christmas music

>> No.6126438


>> No.6126462

>completely gave up on learning english

>> No.6126554

Koroneglish is blessed.

>> No.6126609

I know, but she literally said that

>> No.6126621

uber based, a true example for all koronesukis

>> No.6126692

Korone morning streams?!

>> No.6126847

Yeah, short streams at 6AM JST

>> No.6126868

I'd rather watch that than yoshi kusoge

>> No.6126969

i don't get the distaste for the yoshi streams. even if the game was simple korone was as cute as ever and seemed to have a lot of fun playing it

>> No.6127148

>missed last 30 minutes of the stream
feels bad man, i wanted to throw yubis at her song

>> No.6127252

listener-san can't be this cute!!

>> No.6127304

Yutti watchalong when!?

>> No.6127314

also has a nice par of tits, would watch korone's streams while cuddling with her

>> No.6127327


>> No.6127497

Just realized I recognized Koone's last song from another video:

>> No.6127568

Anon... Anpanman is famous in Japan

>> No.6127601


>> No.6127665

I'm not Japanese.
And I'm not a colossal weeb faggot.

>> No.6127678

lmao what a beast

>> No.6127746

Kek I learned about that because Korone is a fan of the franchise

>> No.6128338

Why is it called /doog/ and not /yubi/?

>> No.6128430

>I'd rather watch that than yoshi kusoge
The second stream was really good actually.

>> No.6128548

I don't know

>> No.6128566

>I'm not a colossal weeb faggot
You can't fool me, I happen to know you visit the vtuber board on 4chan

>> No.6128618

oh yes she is

>> No.6129183


>> No.6129292

Her bakery is a real place that exists in all of our hearts, anon

>> No.6129620

I think a huge part of the appeal is that Korone plays unique games. Not a huge platformer fan anyways but I'd rather watch something old? Idk.
Also nintendo stuff isn't really big here.

>> No.6129772

Has Korone at least eaten a real baguette when she was in Paris?
Japanese and asians in general don't make actual bread, theirs are all pastry-like.

>> No.6130029

Do you think Koro has dog breath?

>> No.6130183


This song is so perfect for her

>> No.6130291

Nah. Smells like penis and semen, courtesy of me

>> No.6130648

dog's hands typed this

>> No.6131812

Don't like don't watch, faggot

>> No.6131881

What if your penis and semen smell like dog breath?

>> No.6131947

>*bing bing*
>So long gay bowser

>> No.6132389

This will be always my favorite song from her

>> No.6132629

Only dogs with rotting teeth have dog breath

>> No.6133324

thanks for the info, okayu.

>> No.6135861


>> No.6136358

Cease this slander immediately

>> No.6137193

What are you talking about?

>> No.6137244

Anpanman really seems like the kind of thing Ko'one would like.

>> No.6137905


>> No.6138018


>> No.6138120

Well well, looks like my intuition was on point.

>> No.6138864

What kind of outfit do you want Korone to get next? She has two cute ones so it would be pretty nice if she could get a cool/sporty one next. I also want her to get the BABY cap but maybe that's too close to a roommate outfit.

>> No.6139041

>What kind of outfit do you want Korone to get next?

>> No.6139890

Will Korone ever collab with Arino?

>> No.6140045

You can buy Korone's figure on the Square Enix Store!
>Wowowowow, kupo!

>> No.6141079

>too close
reminder that mori exists

>> No.6141193

>> No.6144912

so true

>> No.6149416

Already preordered mine off amiami. Can't wait. The Pop Up Parade figure will be much cheaper if you guys are considering getting something less expensive.

>> No.6150231

Berry hot watuh watuh!

>> No.6151624

when do you think we will get a nendoroid of Mr. koro, I really want one

>> No.6152849

She already forgot about Sonic lmao

she lost interest fast as always

>> No.6153242


>> No.6153326

>TFW you will never sit on Korone's lap
Why live

>> No.6153479

Soon™. I'm willing to bet her and Okayu's initial announcements are in the pipeline along with a few others like Shuba and Roboco. Hopefully Mio, too. Maybe even Coco, so long as her merch deals didn't get axed post-grad. Pretty sure most holos will get one eventually.

>> No.6154316

Marine sure did though. I laughed when Marine said she was sitting in Korone's lap and Korone was bouncing her ass up and down as Yagoo walks in.

>> No.6154373


I was thinking the other day of what it could come with, maybe three faceplates, an axe, a Listener and the two inus

>Maybe even Coco

I'm afraid there is a high chance of such thing not happening at all, even if Coco never graduated; you might guess why.

>> No.6155194

21 JST

>> No.6155236

The true dragon queen

>> No.6155820

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9UyhOxYJB8 What was this about?

>> No.6156052

Eating Korone's ass.

>> No.6156176

only if she beats Adventure Island

>> No.6156307

>also has a nice par of tits, would watch korone's streams while cuddling with her
Look at the shape, if the cleavage is Y shaped instead of | then it's pushup/pads

>> No.6157428

nonono Mysterious gaem

>> No.6157498

Cunny dog?

>> No.6157508

I like to laugh at retards and schizos.
/vt/ has both of them in plentiful supply.

>> No.6157706

Another mario maker stream.
Strap in, boys.

>> No.6157774

kino is back in the menu, nice

>> No.6157785

Senkyu Mariyo I guess

>> No.6159255

She's going to make a level she can't beat, isn't she?

>> No.6159406

This level is madness.

>> No.6160060

that's the best part in my opinion, the face she's going to make when she sees that she has to finish it first lol

>> No.6160693

>makes inescapable trap
>keeps finding ways of escaping
>keeps adding more ways of preventing escape
>keeps finding ways to escape
bless this doog

>> No.6160863

>no escape
Is this level supposed to be a metaphor for her relationship with risuna-san?

>> No.6160913

yeah pretty much. Just imagine that mario is a mustached risuna-san, and this is no different than your average stream ending

>> No.6161169

this is where the fun begins lads

>> No.6161258

What are you talking about?
Watching her insanity on full display making the level was also entertaining.

>> No.6161922

>pyong pyong
>pyong the stage
sasuga koone

>> No.6162074

She's losing it...

>> No.6163153

And this is the easy part, wait until she arrives at the gauntlet

>> No.6163406


>> No.6165106

Ero dog

>> No.6166992

new sex soundpost when

>> No.6167230

>checkpoints don't count when doing a clear run

>> No.6167541

It's already gone.

>> No.6168147

Korone pretends to suck. There's no way a woman that's played hundreds of platformers can be this fucking awful at a game made for children. She just wants to entertain her audience.

>> No.6168249

At least she's got the first part down

>> No.6168302

watch all her works and you will notice that she can't get good at mario to save her life

>> No.6168595

Is this Korones level? I havent watched any of her recent SMM2 streams

>> No.6168719

>Choking on the ice
mr koro...

>> No.6168804

why doesnt she spin jump on the thwomps?

>> No.6168819


>> No.6168858

I wish it showed the amount of deaths when you upload the level (it shows level clear time which is how you can avoid bs levels and sniff out dev shortcuts)

>> No.6169573

Backseat chatters has spammed her about it in other streams, she said she doesn't want to make it too easy or something that time. At this point I'm sure she refuses to use it just to spite backseaters.

>> No.6169586

>> No.6169614

forgive my newfaggotry but how do i extract the http link in the name? file name just becomes https://i.4cdn.org/vt/1625584637751.jpg

>> No.6169644


>> No.6169684

>Is this Korones level?

>> No.6169717

final last eternal revolution

>> No.6169751

Ignore those posts, people who want to post sound webms should either crosspost from gif/wsg or upload it to some site and link. Don't install their spyware extension.

>> No.6169843

How assblasted is she going to be when someone clears it in 20 seconds?

>> No.6169964

She's getting more powerful.

>> No.6170069

jesus christ man how hard is it to just spin jump

>> No.6170322


>> No.6170340

>getting rid of both checkpoints

>> No.6170364

>if i remove checkpoints i won't have to do the level 3 times

>> No.6170390

listen my dude not everyone is a bing bing wahoo expert okay? I understand that you might be good at *blip blip* and *ding ding*. Some people just casually *deedle deedle* for those YIPPIE so keep those 1UP for yourself and let others have fun their way. So long Gay Bowser.

>> No.6170426

Based I think

>> No.6170447

>spyware extension
Are you dumb? 4chanx and the sounds player are both open source scripts that you can just read through. There's no fucking spyware in them.

>> No.6170573

Did Korone say when she will play SA2 or she will take a break of Sonic like she did after 3?

>> No.6170743

After her randomly pulling out Sonic Adventure 1 I think she probably eventually will play it

>> No.6170956

>dude trust me

>> No.6171508

You don't have to trust anyone, retard. Just read the code and see it for yourself

>> No.6171674

she's retarded, please understand...

>> No.6171703

muh sides

>> No.6171742

Not installing your spyware.

>> No.6171784


>> No.6171884

>korone it's 2AM you said last one half an hour ago
>nahone :3

>> No.6171943

is the sleep police still a thing? Haven't been around for a while.

>> No.6171998

i don't think so, they got ignored or punched pretty hard, depending on the stream

>> No.6172127

jesas. urusai

>> No.6172145

Has she taken a single break this stream, to pee or to get water?

>> No.6172182

fucking spics man

>> No.6172241

I'm sure she owns a gaming potty.

>> No.6172319

Has she really been on this level for 4 hours

>> No.6172321


>> No.6172355

Spics are amongst the most annoying people on the internet. This is why they don't deserve HOLO ES, it would be a literal pile of crap with such a shitty comunity behind.
t. spic

>> No.6172438

She went to go get her angry face.

>> No.6172485


>> No.6172487


>> No.6172609

I had no idea.
>Jugemujugemu Gokounosurikire Kaijarisuigyono Suigyoumatsu Fuuraimatsu Kuunerutokoronisumutokoro Paipopaipono Shūringan'no Choukyuumeino Chousuke

>> No.6172723

So she’s not getting any sleep before work

>> No.6172759


>> No.6172853

Knotting. You forgot knotting.

>> No.6172862

snip snip

>> No.6172979

>Korone finally finishes the level
>Okayu beats it first try in 30 seconds
I wonder how much the others will struggle with this level once she finishes

>> No.6173000

>>Jugemujugemu Gokounosurikire Kaijarisuigyono Suigyoumatsu Fuuraimatsu Kuunerutokoronisumutokoro Paipopaipono Shūringan'no Choukyuumeino Chousuke
she just said the whole thing.

>> No.6173029


>> No.6173050

4chan external sound or 4chan soundplayer
you can find on google or even in some /g/ posts
or you can truste the illiterate that can't read and install nothing, just copy the last part of the filename and put on the catbox link

>> No.6173105

external sounds is kinda crusty. "sounds player" is the better one. https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/402682-4chan-sounds-player

>> No.6173106

Why would she make the boss rng gamble part the last one

>> No.6173140

because she didn't knew she'd have to test the full level in one go

>> No.6173158

Good one

>> No.6173239

Why is she so determined to finish this damn level? Jesas.

>> No.6173267

because if she doesn't finish it she can't upload it

>> No.6173287

Oh, it's her level? That makes sense.

>> No.6173324

I can understand "zettai clear" but what does she keep saying about archive?
t. JLPT N9

>> No.6173543

Dog ran out of difficult games to get stuck on she made her own

>> No.6173715

she's telling the people watching the archive in the future that *this* one is the last one (it hasn't been)

>> No.6173785

Nande is the longest time you have spent on finishing one level, anons?

>> No.6173802

Remember when she promised she would stop at 1 AM? it’s almost 3 AM

>> No.6173807

nauhone. thanks. Was hoping it wasn't "not gonna archive this" or something. This is kino and I may not be able to see her finish it live lmao

>> No.6173850

the ones that i've made, 10 minutes tops. I've made them, I know how to beat them. From other people I'd say 30 minutes for one of those bullshit rng levels

>> No.6173855

At this point I feel like I have to watch her finish it I'm too invested

>> No.6173876

>joined an hour ago
>she's still here

>> No.6173907

NGL I just want her to finish it so I can try to beat her record ASAP

>> No.6173978

I just want to draw a comment on her level

>> No.6174008

Post bets on how much longer she takes on this level I got 30 more minutes

>> No.6174039

she's getting slightly better, I'd also go for 30 minutes

>> No.6174045

10, she's getting close

>> No.6174081

Bold, she seems hardstuck on that last part

>> No.6174086

don’t get your hopes up. I say ATLEAST 3 more hours.

>> No.6174113

six hours late, am i better off just waiting for this to end and watching from the start? how long did she spend designing the level?

>> No.6174170

she got to the end but died to a fireball after getting PAST the goal
man, fuck that SMW mechanic

>> No.6174206


>> No.6174211


>> No.6174212


>> No.6174232

she spent maybe one hour and a half making the level, the rest trying to beat it

>> No.6174234

>> No.6174240

we did it bros

>> No.6174241


>> No.6174251


>> No.6174263

Now watch some turboautist destroy her level with some unintended skip

>> No.6174272

>how long did she spend designing the level?
About an hour, maybe less, I don't know what's real anymore though so I could misremember things.

>> No.6174277

Welp… i stand corrected

>> No.6174288

More like three more minutes.

>> No.6174348

based turboautist

>> No.6174368

>go for a piss right as she dies
>come back and she finished it
I've watched for 4 hours straight and missed the climax

>> No.6174418

I want to buy mario maker 2 just to beat her level!!!

>> No.6174472

Let's fucking go. Post your times fellow koronesuki.

>> No.6174519

thank fuck she removed the checkpoints, otherwise we'd still have to wait 2 more clears

>> No.6174570

>WR is 42 seconds

>> No.6174604

Fuck I have the game but I stopped paying for nintendo's shitty online

>> No.6174610

>cleared in 42 seconds
>dropped a akasupa for good measure

Absolute chad

>> No.6174626

>already beat it

>> No.6174670

How does it work, do you have to complete it from the start one time plus the amount of checkpoints (why would it even be this way, sounds retarded) or do you have to complete it from the start and then from each of the checkpoints?

>> No.6174728

>do you have to complete it from the start and then from each of the checkpoints?
like this, this way you make sure that the level is doable

>> No.6174757

you have to complete from the start plus from the checkpoints, it's to check whether you get stuck after getting a checkpoint because people like to throw troll checkpoints that just put you in jail

>> No.6174938

>> No.6175046


>> No.6175146

There's gotta be a big skip possible with all the springs.

>> No.6175173


>> No.6175205

I concur
t. spic

>> No.6175700

Korone you fucking monster. I'm never making fun of her platforming skills again.

>> No.6175981

>22 seconds
fuck man, how did he do it?

>> No.6176925

hacked switch or found an exploitable route

>> No.6177132

I am not nearly good enough to follow through, but I can already see a few possibilities.
I've grabbed the spring at the beginning and just running jump-ed onto the first note block.
>bounce crazy fucking high off the top spring in the bundle of springs.
>toss spring onto chain chomp post.
>jump onto first moving platform you normally can't get on because of the tower of hairy balls.
>get another spring
>you don't actually have to ride the platform to the end, you can bullet bill jump
>take spring through pipe
I did actually get through the pipe with a spring, minus most of those hypothetical skips. Then I got rekt by the whomps and gave up.
Korone is a fucking terrorist.

>> No.6177778

only time I died has been to ludwig because that fucker can fly and got me while I was getting away on lakitu's cloud

>> No.6178651

I haven't played the stage yet, but there are so many springs it wouldn't surprise me if someone used them for midair spring jumps to cheese the stage somehow.


>> No.6178688

definitely the latter. The level seemed pretty poorly put together in terms of forcing you to do the actual intended route

>> No.6181036

Timestamps. Now.

>> No.6181544

a couple of times in the last hour. I'm pretty sure some clipfag will clip it, it's been a good stream

>> No.6182808

>Koone got the gold maker points (weekly) award in MM2
>203 clears out of 23870 tries
>average clear rate of 0.85% and dropping
>WR is at 18.9 seconds
I wonder when will FBK and the others play this level, it'll be fun

>> No.6183689

is that a good or a bad thing?

>> No.6184160

christ, watching this stream makes me feel like i'm in a timeloop

>> No.6184447

Why isn't there any official merch ANYWHERE? I don't want knock-off keychains, just something I can have on my desk like an acrylic stand or something. Only stuff I can find is either way too marked-up in price or the pre-order for that 1/7 statue.

>> No.6185019

welcome to koone endurance streams
this one especially reminded me of the crazy taxi and r-type streams

>> No.6188954

It's all time limited made to order. Need to get better at ordering at the right time.

>> No.6189276

Wrong, Okayu confirmed it's real.

>> No.6193120

>> No.6194246

True, but he's still no Babe Ruth.

>> No.6197578

me on the left

>> No.6198186

Some time around (but AFTER) the 5 hr 15 m mark. Likely around 5 hr 25 m, judging by the time stamp on the angry face screenshot filename and the "she said the whole thing" comment.

>> No.6199028

>all those red peppers in the chat during that part
fucking lol

>> No.6199257

I imagine Korone living in a street similar to that of Tamako Market. But instead of mochi she sells bread of course, and during the night you can see her silluette playing video games and vtubing from the second floor's window.

>> No.6204005


>> No.6207234


>> No.6207242

Bakery is euphemism.

>> No.6207834

I believe it. I imagine the bakery as being pretty regular but very comfy.

>> No.6208117

wan wan

>> No.6209145

Paizuri with doog's fat tits!

>> No.6209738


>> No.6211111


>> No.6211901

I want to watch but gotta sleep. Last year Tanabata stream was great too.

>> No.6211928


>> No.6211954


>> No.6212547


>> No.6212580

please dog god, I have 20 dying children whose last wishes are to see you play Ikki Online before they die, will you grant their wishes?

>> No.6213070


>> No.6213102

I wish Korone were real

>> No.6213633

She's probably going to use this outfit today, right?

>> No.6213816

or this one

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