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What kind of music do /vt/ anons listen to? Genuinely curious.

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i start with safe music like tame impala then let youtube work its magic. i call it algowave.

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nothing special really: anime OPs, EDs, insert songs, OSTs, some vidya OSTs, a little bit of Mägo de Oz but most recently I've been having hollywood's bleeding on repeat

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Drain gang, hinoni, boysnightout, oaf1.

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J-core and adjacent edm genres

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My top genres on spotify are math rock, shoegaze, and indie. I'm not happy about this either.

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idol songs

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Mostly game/movie/anime OST.

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50% VGM shit
20% anime soundtrack
30% Dad rock

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What the fuck is 'math rock' and 'shoegaze' supposed to be?

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Trance, Progressive, sometimes Lo-Fi House and anything adjacent to these. Recently also got more into Techno.

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Death metal, power metal, post-punk, IDM

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vocaloid, utaite, idols, anison, vtubers, denpa, post punk, twee pop, emo, post rock

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Based psychedelicfag

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Shoegaze is like garage rock but has more effect heavy on it's guitar. Example : Deep Purple

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Math rock is a label I dislike but it refers to rock with unusual time signatures and song structure. Bands like Polvo and Slint.

Shoegaze is heavy droning atmospheric guitar music drenched in reverb and delay. My bloody valentine and Slowdive are the most famous. So named because the intricate pedal setups often mean the bands are staring at the floor while they play.>>6115869

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Been listening to a lot of STRLGHT, GHOST DATA, and Mox lately. Like a lot of Hardcore, Trance, Glitch, Electro, House, and even Dubstep when I'm in the right mood.


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noise, power electronics, harsh noise, harsh wall noise, musique concrète, etc.

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I only listen to melon approved albums

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Psychedelic rock/pop, japanese shoegaze, classic punk, dream pop, vocaloid, or musicbalong those genre in general

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Nu-Hardstyle, Hardcore, J-Core, Gabber, Frenchcore, Speedcore, Melodic Extratone

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Mostly K-pop.

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house jungle, old drum & bass, breakcore, lady gaga, trip hop/electronic, jp rock

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Dad rock and edgy electronic music. Rarely vgm and nerdy songs. I only listen to music when I'm drunk.

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I mostly hear vidya music, especially final boss themes, sometimes I'll hear anime OSTs, a few occasions movie/TV soundtracks, and very rarely "actual" music but not the exactly the popular kind
I also listen to original music created by whos, fanmade and official tracks of things related to what I enjoy like Hololive, and clasical music; but nowadays I don't do it frequently.
When it comes to musical genres, I don't think I have a preference outside of "ominous" and "weeb" if it makes any sense, so 95% of the time I don't what's trending
This is what I have been frequently listening to recently:

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Orchestra (OSTs), indie, triphop, electric, anime, piano.

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Before Hololive I only used to hear pre 2000 rock music and powermetal, now I listen the same plus Hololive covers/originals and Eurobeat

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Nigger rap

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Kiara, please don't post on 4chan.

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Anything similar to Asuiro ClearSky by hololive IDOL PROJECT

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Mostly drum and bass, neurofunk with the occasional vocaloids and j-pop. Also whatever music chuubas might put out, I really enjoyed HimeHina and Patra Suou, also Hololive

Also a big fan of Reol.

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black metal and death metal, ambient, hip hop, house, techno
teamate btw

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Hard rock, metal, eurobeat, idolshit, vidya and anime osts

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only the finest shitpost music one can find, from local shores and abroad:

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I don't listen to music and in recent years when playing games I've started muting soundtracks and only listening to sound effects + voices

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Mostly soundtracks but lately I've been liking synthwave a lot. There's also some pop stuff that always goes well like Chvrches or Florence and the machine

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almost exclusively midwest emo with saudade brass/wind instrument

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Hyperpop, cloud rap, surge and hexd

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I mute the soundtracks in games when I want to concentrate, I've been doing this since I was a kid

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reol is based

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pRpkbJdqVg stuff like this.

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i don't listen to music

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Yeah she has an absolutely amazing voice

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Same desu.

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I think my favorite genres can be divided into groups and I mostly cycle between these groups depending on my mood. Also dive into other genres sometimes using Spotify. The groups are something like these:
Weeb shit: chuubas original songs and covers, vocaloid, anime OSTs, Jpop + Bemani music
J-core, speedcore, gabber, UK hardcore etc. (please listen to S3RL, anons, he's good)
Chiptune and chiptun-ish electronic shit like Shirobon or Anamanaguchi. Also some electronic guys with more dreamy? vibes, like Porter Robinson. Listen to him btw, he's based in general and he's a massive weeb, had Kizuna Ai and livetune in his festival lineup last year, also was supposed to do some project with Niji but I haven't heard about it for a while now
Vaporwave and its subgenres, mostly future funk
Postpunk and shoegaze (I've been listening to a lot of it lately for some reason)
Indie and garage rock revival

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J Rock
French House
Goth Rock
Alt Country

If you heard the Smashing Pumpkins song Cherub Rock, and noticed the fuzzy guitar sound, its pretty much that up to eleven

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I also forgot to mention I'm into Shoegaze like alot of other people here

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>Van Der Graaf Generator
Unfathomably based

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Mostly instrumental, and often orchestral or electronic. If a song I listen to has vocals, it's usually because there is some other aspect of it I like and I intentionally seek out instrumental versions of those songs. I typically care less about the genre and more about having multiple parts overlapping and creating special little interactions that I can keep finding even on the 100th time I listen to a song.
Gura's voice though, her karaoke is the first time I've decided to listen to someone singing again and again for the voice alone.

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any kind of EDM hardcore they'd listen to in the Netherlands, Frenchcore, UK Hardcore, Gabber, Speedcore. And Jazz.

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I only listen to Towa

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Here's a nice one for you anon

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