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/wvt/ - Western V-Tubers Thread

A night at the bar - edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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It's a little late but here is my week

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This is cute, what's it from?

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its a whiteboard; here's the link if you wanna contribute too

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aren't the whiteboards supposed to be a back office thing?

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Shota chuubas?

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The image Alice Sawyer is too afraid of to give a comment on...

>> No.6138625

They are

>> No.6138628

super late but this cute flower AI is doing some art!

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ah fuck sorry i'm retarded

>> No.6138789

It's my fault for resuing the OP of the trash thread no one was making a new thread and I didn't want to use my own fan art

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It's nbd dude

>> No.6138900

the link doesn't get shared a lot to keep things comfy, y'know
maybe i'll draw some /asp/s on today

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Corpse SUCKS

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Please do based anon, just don't include you know who

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Bros... I know I'm not gonna make it, but I never wanna graduate. I don't wanna stay small, but I don't have the health to grow big right now. How long can I keep pretending and giving my seven viewers hope?

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Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
And if you find the time to say hi tiredsquidd won't pass you by
I have spent many hours watching her stream
I like her image on my mobile screen
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
I have never been disappointed by her
Tiredsquidd is a treasure a pearl
She can make bitter coffee sweet
Tiredsquidd I would like to meet
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Vtuber with a passion for games
Tiredsquidd deals her enemies pain
She has killed a god with her glowing stick
Tiredsquidd streams aren't something to miss
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Tiredsquidd if you're reading this here
I'm trying to tell you I love you my dear

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Fuck that

draw all the femboys

>> No.6139206

Don't pretend and be upfront about it. Sometimes being transparent about a situation is necessary. Don't go into specifics, just say that your health issues may impede on your streaming in the near future. Plan accordingly and pick games that won't go on too long and know when to bail when your condition calls for it.

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But the femboys include you know who

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Time to shit things up with hate drawings

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rrat schedule

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Have you been following shishou's advice? This is what I mainly got from it so far

>Make sure to absorb the information in all of its entirety and regarding its context
>Put it into practice and adapt it to what best duits your need
>If it doesn't work stop doing it

>Start the day off by physically writing down tasks that you plan on accomplishing that day; compartmentalize them according to inportance: things that you need to do for others (Work/School), things that you need to do for yourself (Hygiene), things that will help you achieve your goals (Fitness/Drawing/Research), and things that you can afford to miss from time to time (Entertainment)
>Do not set unflinching deadlines for each task because each day comes with its different challenges; be flexible
>Once you've done the task cross them out/check them off the list
>Don't neglect inportant aspects of your personal and social life for the sake of productivity
>Set tangible goals in mind for you to accomplish rather than nebulous ones and remind yourself what you're working towards ("I'm drawing so I can make art of a particular character" vs "I drawing so I can be good at art")

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reda isn't that bad don't be a dick

>> No.6140715

corpse will be going live in about 10 minutes!

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Just don't draw Sp**k*

>> No.6140947

>Have you been following shishou's advice?

No. She is a vtuber. A source of entertainment and amusement Not my life coach.

>> No.6141019

Today's chicken gacha rolll!

From yesterday's >>6098883
to >>6052183
to >>6055314

Also in about half an hour: Horror game!

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western vtubers SUCK
Corpse can't suck, because she's dead!

>> No.6141113

i need to watch randon more, he seems like a cool guy
when does he usually go live?

>> No.6141141

fuck forgot image

>> No.6141197

He's live right now!
he streams mon/thurs/sat 8:00PM EST

>> No.6141208

Good to have another male!
Rolling for some aspies

>> No.6141235

I believe his schedule is Monday+Thursday evenings, and Saturday mornings (burger times)
he's live right now

>> No.6141245

Awesome it's Random

>> No.6141249

We're gonna play AM2R today. It's a Metroid 2 fan remake or something, people seem to like it.

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>> No.6141283

I've been wondering whether you think I'm a femboy or not?

>> No.6141332

No, it's not random, chickanon has a system for the picks

>> No.6141336

gael? i was under the impression that you were a babi based on the design but i don't think it ever got discussed much so you're probably a femboy

>> No.6141380

I'm not a babi

>> No.6141389

of fucking course the schizo 2view is a trap

>> No.6141412

Does she really stream everyday?

>> No.6141417

>Start the day off by physically writing down tasks that you plan on accomplishing that day; compartmentalize them according to inportance: things that you need to do for others (Work/School), things that you need to do for yourself (Hygiene), things that will help you achieve your goals (Fitness/Drawing/Research), and things that you can afford to miss from time to time (Entertainment)

The list thing is working. For example I did not have the motivation to tend my own bed but now I do it because I know it's an easy item to cross of the list and it is free dopamine rush.
Weird how I never even considered making a To-do list in my life.

>Do not set unflinching deadlines for each task because each day comes with its different challenges; be flexible

Failing. I have not been able to finish an entire day of tasks so far. Maybe I'm too ambitious.

>Once you've done the task cross them out/check them off the list
>Don't neglect inportant aspects of your personal and social life for the sake of productivity

Yare Yare Daze.

>Set tangible goals in mind for you to accomplish rather than nebulous ones and remind yourself what you're working towards ("I'm drawing so I can make art of a particular character" vs "I drawing so I can be good at art")

Harder than it sounds like.

>> No.6141418

I think you posted that Venti was one of your design inspirations so I'd say femboy.

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>> No.6141470

what should she be drinking?

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>> No.6141512

Re:Creators was good

>> No.6141528

Movie nights take place in the Discord but yeah there's something happening everyday.

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One thing I haven't addressed is the /asp/ie bias this place have. Some of the most talked vtubers in the /back alley/ are barely spoken about in /here/ and vice versa.
This is also a reflection of those who browse this thread in particular, I suppose.
This means they have an statistical advantage over others who might have been streaming for longer.
I sometimes do runs on the /trash/ threads just to test and the results are wildly different.
On that topic, Cadence has actually a seed but Kenji has not. It's a matter of time until both are featured anyway.

>> No.6141753

Ganbatte ne Anon, you're progressing! Just make sure to set reasonable goals, don't be afraid of breaking a single task into smaller chunks so you can cross them off rapidly. Osuuuu!

>> No.6141786

I miss TiredSquidd. I'm not the least bit mad like that other anon thought I'd be. I just miss her. I hope she gets well soon.

>> No.6142025

i feel bad for asking but who's this little guy?

>> No.6142064

Looks like Alaric

>> No.6142087

Always looked like an effeminate male to me.

>> No.6142108

Gezu streaming more Duke Nukem https://www.twitch.tv/gezugezu

>> No.6142127

I think that's T4N3 based on the hair

>> No.6142226

can't be
he has longer hair and looks significantly more serious

>> No.6142262

That's good
He has the same hair as that one next to bunzel and ceci so it's Alaric

>> No.6142358

guess im watching him for a while before sleeping.. https://www.twitch.tv/powernelson

>> No.6142380

I think it's just a contextual thing as the people who post here and in the back room are basically the same people as far as I can tell. I think people just have a conceptual demarcation about who they talk about here vs there, which sometimes leaks. Thats my theory at least.

>> No.6142445

I believe so as well, I know I separate things at least

>> No.6142500

aspies shill each other harder where else do you think the 2view check out my oshi aspie post came from

>> No.6142515

Based. He's streaming right now, btw!

>> No.6142545

Too many chuubas streaming at once! Can't watch them all! Not Fair!

>> No.6142587

Why wasn't 4clover ever that blatant?

>> No.6142665

4clover was taught about shame early on. /asp/ies were taught to do whatever it takes to incline and get attention.

>> No.6142692

i think it was because nelson, callie, toma, teruteru, and bodega all started getting talked about within less that a week of each other and they were all probably supporting each other; i don't know if any of the 4clover groups started up with such close proximity

>> No.6142702

I'de be pretty curious the order of chuubas hatched if this was in the backroom.
I appreciate everything you do chickenanon. Your posts make my day.

>> No.6142740

Tiger starting with one of those Japanese horror games you finish in one run!


>> No.6142785

before any aspie got popular it was very blatant how they were talking about and shilling each other

>> No.6142815

Shimada told me to watch Chicken Life but I'm never going to watch it. :(

>> No.6142821

there's a difference between natural talk and aggressive likely discord backed shilling

>> No.6142927

>> Be me
>> Be tranny but not want to make it a big deal or anything.
>> Do vocal exercises every day for hours to sound more naturally feminine.
>> Get dunked at for being tranny.
>> Worried I’m a rebuff to all my collab partners and anyone who associates with me.

>> I just want to give you a cute anime girl to lust for and have fun watching.

>> No.6142985

I donno if the discord thing is just a meme, but there is simply a natural mutual benefit to back up your fellow peers, so the coordination happens without any planning.

>> No.6142988

As someone who watches people like you, the best thing you can do for your own wellbeing is learn how to mentally filter people who are never going to like you in the first place.

>> No.6143025

>I donno if the discord thing is just a meme
aspies have one

>> No.6143032

Schizos will hate for literally any reason, so even if you're perfect they'll find a reason to shit on you.

Honestly you should consider jumping into the LGBT hugbox because at least you can get 20-30 there (though never any more).

>> No.6143051

>>debuff fuck being on phone.

Also the new captchas are a pain in the neck

>> No.6143084

you can't please everyone but honestly as long as you don't use the alphabet tags on twitch and just refer to yourself as female (and only specify if someone really cares enough to ask, but don't make a deal out of it) most people won't really care

>> No.6143107

Sure, but I mean in terms of the coordinated astroturfing thing which people conspiracy theory about all the time.

>> No.6143123

>Captcha testing thread
Did PiCKY draw captcha-tan? Art style seems similar.

>> No.6143126


>> No.6143138

as someone who is in the discord, the shilling happened a few weeks before they joined it and also nobody ever talks about "organized shilling" in the server
if we did, a lot of the earlier /asp/ies would have been talked about more often

>> No.6143161

why believe people in a private server after the aggressive shilling happened

>> No.6143221

Look, I ain't no tranny ally, but, just ignore the retards

>> No.6143223

May I join?

>> No.6143267

I earned a reputation here for something I’ve almost completely stopped with since and I’m worried it’ll haunt me forever.

>> No.6143288

Thank you for your service Hyanon

>> No.6143299

Oh don't worry, it will 100%. You reap what you sow.

>> No.6143313

You stopped being gay?

>> No.6143323

4clover are hobbyists
aspies are career seekers

>> No.6143373

>accusing aspies of shilling each other
Mother fucker you can't even get any feedback on that thread without a bunch of "fuck you kill yourself" posts
They aren't working together in any way

>> No.6143405

It's okay pink they'll get over it eventually unless it becomes some super entrenched meme/ritual post.

>> No.6143453

Place your bets anon. How long until Krimbo gets outted as a sex pest?

>> No.6143528

>almost completely stopped
that could be why it keeps haunting you

>> No.6143589

Miwa live with Hades.

>> No.6143730

Almost completely ;)

>> No.6143749

Tell me /vt/, what other co-op games from the Steam sale should we tell people to get? I'd like to add more games to this list, yes.

>> No.6143778


>> No.6143804

dm someone on twitter that you think is in the asp cord

>> No.6143805

if trannys were all like that i would not have problems with them, but most of them have the gender thing as their only feature and that just sucks

>> No.6143911

t. jealous

>> No.6143957

The hyper sexualized horndogs who erp publicly and order porn skews of themselves are the worst when they start spouting LGBT stuff.

>> No.6143970

Risk of Rain 2
Remnant: From the Ashes
TES3, 4, 5 have co-op mods
Fallout 76 :^)
Portal 2
all looter shooters, ARPGs
Divinity: Original Sin 2 and 1
Don't Starve Together
100% Orange Juice (drunk stream preferred)
Battleblock Theatre, Pit People (same devs as Castle Crashers)
Earth Defense Force (any, I like 5)
Magicka 2
Trine series
Payday 2
Rock of Ages 2, 1
Sonic ASRT or any kart racing game
Terraria, Minecraft, etc

nostalgia bait (think Coqui's Kickback):
Spiral Knights

>> No.6143979

every male will get me too'd eventually

>> No.6144014


>> No.6144073

la hombre asesina...

>> No.6144266


>> No.6144522

We must go wider

>> No.6144535

seep here, i don't really post or lurk here as often as i do the back office. i'm a bit of a nervous and awkward person and blatantly shilling myself makes me a bit nervous.
i do take this seriously though! i want to make this my career. i'm passionate about it.

>> No.6144571

You just need one >
>And the new captchas are actually vetter than when the image ones decide to bug

>> No.6144590

Backdeskers should fuck off back there

>> No.6144613

It's the same people we just talk about different stuff in different contexts.

>> No.6144625

I've never watched you surprisingly, but I see you from time to time in the back office. Good luck in the future.

>> No.6144668

>be new viewer
>see post shilled here
>join stream
>think about saying hello
>stream chat is full of other vtubers talking to each other about inside jokes
oh ok I'll just leave then thanks

>> No.6144669

back office is gay, you should move to the better thread (here)

>> No.6144708

Stop being autistic about the names meaning anything.

>> No.6144764


>> No.6144810

it's probably based on Cordelia since she is her counter and Picky draw Cordelia.

>> No.6144816

you're talking to a vtuber right now, how come you don't care anymore?

>> No.6144820

Go watch Cadence and Elliot play We Were Here!

>> No.6144845

i appreciate the offer, but i'm content to just lurk here for the most part! i hope you're all doing well out here.

>> No.6144896

>don't want a chat full of inside jokes between the streamer and their vtuber friends, alienating you as a new viewer
>why are you making a big deal about them being vtubers
wasn't even the point of the post

>> No.6144899

You're talking to a veteran right now, how come you haven't thanked me for my service yet?

>> No.6144967

Wouldn't it be the same problem in any other chat?

>> No.6144974

which chuuba?

>> No.6144981

>pretends he wasn't going hard at peony and drew porn of her
>didn't notice that shit cooled off and now krimbo is showing up in lower female chuuba streams trying to groom
>ignores krimbo is constantly talking about sex
>"oh no MY SLIME got on you. haha you should help me charge up my jo crystal and give them to your friends. lol its just a joke"

Anon youre either fucking retarded or part of the krimbo discord. I'm sure everything will be fine if you asked him to babysit

>> No.6144995

hi seep!

>> No.6144999

Because I'm not an israeli

>> No.6145023

you still watching the muv luv anime? :)

>> No.6145056

male vtubers need to be seiso or they'll get me too'd or outed as a pedo

>> No.6145063

I hope it burns

>> No.6145083

>be 4chan user
>refuse to lurk and gain context
yeah makes sense

>> No.6145090


>> No.6145094

I don't have any animals that have gotten sick

>> No.6145133

The slime and crystal joke are routinely brought up by the girls just as much, if not more. this just sounds like jealousy. He shows up in smaller male chuubas chats as well like mine a few times :)

>> No.6145145

Peony is into it, he asked permission, and she draws porn of herself. It hasn't really cooled off at all unless you mean he isn't constantly drawing her, which, of course he isn't because he draws lots of different people all the time. In that sense it wasn't even 'hot' to cool off with to begin with.

Who is he grooming and how? Lots of chuubas constantly talk about sex. The slime and sleasy jokes is part of his character.

>> No.6145168

Cadence is such a slut, she's moving in on every male!

>> No.6145178

there's dozens of chuubas shilling themselves in here at any given time
you're selling yourself to the viewers not the other way around buddy

>> No.6145224

>See someone is collabing with a chuuba I like.
>Click on their channel to get a sample of their content.
>skip to a random part of the video
>silence for over a minute
whelp I'm not watching this collab

>> No.6145231


>> No.6145314

Fuck off???????? being horny is even less interesting than being trans, you're fucking annoying

>> No.6145324

enjoy repeatedly leaving over never understanding context of anything just because you can't comprehend a channels chat culture i guess

>> No.6145345

who are you quoting?

>> No.6145373

lewd is good
sex is good
the reverse corruption of veleck is the worst crime wvt has ever committed

>> No.6145382

>theres no discord coordinated shilling here!
>krimbo discord immediately whiteknights their sex pest

"Its just a joke bro, it's not bad! Like 4 women said it was okay."

Pathetic. I'm going to laugh so fucking hard when he gets me too'ed. Maybe you should take your shilling to reddit

>> No.6145408


>> No.6145430

the second person you quoted was spooki

>> No.6145482

Do you have literally any evidence that he has ever been inappropriate or is it really just based off the fact that he is open with his sexuality?

>> No.6145522

I'm not spooki but this is like the 4th time people have said I type like him...

>> No.6145525

>he is open with his sexuality

>> No.6145571

watch the squid play oblivion bros

>> No.6145612


>> No.6145748


>> No.6145767

If you could only pick between lurking/posting here or the back office, which would you choose?

>> No.6145768

this is what i feel like very often but instead of leaving i just lurk. as an autistic retard im actually happier if others do the chatting for me and i can just enjoy the content

>> No.6145778

Updated list. I omitted some for either being too expensive or just being plain RPGs.

>> No.6145782

6 months. I hope Rummy and Coqui don't get dragged down with him, but I figure they probably will.

>> No.6145793


>> No.6145833

thats like every smaller vtuber. if they have chatters its almost guaranteed to be mostly other vtubers

>> No.6145874

here easily, back has 10x the schizos and ZERO viewers

>> No.6145921

do chuubas here really enjoy shooting themsleves in the foot?

>> No.6145930

I don't need to choose, fuck the back desk

>> No.6146012

I had to leave before I became a gay furry too

>> No.6146013

This thread is boring, full of newfags, and has no OC. The choice is obvious

>> No.6146040

is rebel really as bad as you guys say
he can't be that autistic can h-
>live streams as a pickle
yeah, nevermind

>> No.6146044

bro if you go into any chuubas chat for the first time you'll be missing context on all sorts of shit regardless if they're /here/ or not
stop being so autistic

>> No.6146053


>> No.6146067

He literally refuses to draw porn of chuubas unless he gives them direct permission and even then he gives then levels of lewds to be comfortable with. How is that being a sex pest

>> No.6146093

Prince put your trip back

>> No.6146106

Grognard writing games

>> No.6146124

but most streamers don't have 2-3 of their friends posting "hey did you see x in discord earlier?"

>> No.6146131

does he draw porn of males?

>> No.6146173

>no OC
Sad but true outside of
Tigerbro has been carrying this thread for months now. We need more artfag viewers making OC for the thread.

>> No.6146174

Thank you anon! We are starting now!

>> No.6146181

anon is just a incel puritan

>> No.6146225

yes, lots

>> No.6146235

I'm sure he would if they ever stepped up to give him permission to do so

>> No.6146261

Mau and Reda from the threads, as well as commissions

>> No.6146293

i watch vtubers that have chats i don't understand but i still manage to survive in them somehow

>> No.6146301

hes also posted old art he has done of characters or other OCs which are burly guys

>> No.6146356

I'm jealous of Groomzel but he's honestly kinda based, I should learn from him.

>> No.6146369

More Binding of Isaac! I'm getting addicted to roguelikes again send help.
Also have a schedule c:

>> No.6146377

Is the thread deader than usual due to the new captcha?

>> No.6146390

Yes, the new captcha sucks but mostly because you have to do it every post.

>> No.6146395

New captcha is based. I don't get the hate for it.

>> No.6146406

Hey ZET, how's the captcha treating you?

>> No.6146419

oh thats different and can be annoying, but still happens other places all the same
if anything that's an incentive to join their chuuba discords though for some people, i just ignore that generally unless its someone who i'd join the discord of but wasnt aware they had one
if you have a sub discord and twitch are partnered to let you use sub emotes on discord if you are part of a server that has been properly integrated (which is easy to do)
yeah thats what I was saying, that other guy can't seem to contain his autism

>> No.6146433

I don't feel like making edits for you anymore

>> No.6146472

I've always had to do captcha for every post so I don't get the whining
it's a shitload easier to read a few letters in captcha text than it is to have to sift through a billion pictures of "parking meters" that are always just mailboxes anyway

>> No.6146482

It's mildly irritating that it broke every nonbrowser passlet posting method, since I won't be able to post while watching my overnight tests run at work, but it's better than fucking mailbox-parkingmeters.

>> No.6146559

No? The old captcha lasted for like 5-10mins for me.

>> No.6146573

Yeah, that's fair.

>> No.6146581

Do you think that a channel whose focus is making a character come to life (animations from scratch as the focus, maybe some streams but entirely in character) would fare well in comparison to a regular vtuber? What would it need to be executed well?

>> No.6146599

i don't really enjoy the vtubers that have been streaming for years and have "regulars" that they treat like their best friends but i still understand how that could happen.
its just a huge turn off when the streamer keeps talking to some annoying mod most of the time instead of trying to be entertaining to potential viewers

>> No.6146645

Streaming is being an entertainer, so if the character is entertaining, yeah

>> No.6146665

That sounds pretty cool but you can only figure out what works and what doesn't by doing it

>> No.6146761

Are you intending to be a mad scientist like Dr. Frankenstein?

>> No.6146765

dumb captcha actually making me considering a pass. 4chanx needs an update to make this shit bearable.

>> No.6146807

The voice, personality, and design would have to work well together. Seems like the most important part to me.

>> No.6146825

not so sure about that. theres people that might invest in the model but are actually just streaming for fun or for their friends so the stream would be very unentertaining

>> No.6146871

nah. now that i understand it i like it much more than the old one with the tiny blurry pictures

>> No.6146890

>entirely in character

probably not

>> No.6146919

You must be at least this cultured to post here.

>> No.6147096

>HATES Spacer Haywire
Bro... fuck off.

>> No.6147120

culture deez nuts

>> No.6147153

come watch me blast anime girls dressed like wolf brigade members in a brutalist hellscape

>> No.6147185

DM me for sex in French.

>> No.6147197

Spacer deserves to be hated

>> No.6147244

Why, because he did what every other viewer wanted to do? Please.

>> No.6147273

Fuck of Koopa

>> No.6147300

>western vtuber
>japanese name

>> No.6147319

That's definitely true. I'm not sure if the character I want to go with would fit this content format the best to be honest. In the end, the concept of a dustbunny that came to be in the corner of your room that wants to spend time with you might not be very entertaining. If there's a plethora of other anime girls being cute in streams, what would draw people in to watch that in animated videos that don't last long? I think I'll spend a lot more time rethinking about what concept would fit this the best and the direction I want to go in before I get into it.

I suppose it's a pretty good idea to work these things out along the way. Thanks for the encouragement anon.

I'm not too sure about what you mean, but I definitely would feel like the creator of a character than the character itself.

>> No.6147344

Shouldn't all this go in asp?

>> No.6147356

LMFAO sneed

>> No.6147400

We all know the answer. Please, cease to ask rhetorical questions. High quality posts are necessary to the functioning of a healthy board.

>> No.6147498

If you're a female, non-human forms are going to be a debuff no matter what. As for in depth character acting, it's really hard and only the only ones who pull it off are hardcore tabletop autists like kongou and spacer. Animation sounds like a very unique twist so I think that's a good idea to go for

Bullying aspiring chuubas away to /asp/ was a mistake

>> No.6147530

It's easier now though?

>> No.6147546

Goodnight/day Sweet dream/have fun /wvt/ love (you)

>> No.6147567

That sounds super cute, I'd watch your clips at the least.

>> No.6147715

i also think it sounds cute, id definitely check it out

>> No.6147776

if you're the same one who posted concept art a while back, it was adorable and precious as all hell. i'd watch comfy art streams

>> No.6147943

Soz anon, was browsing both threads and must've mixed them up in the process. Little embarrassing to go and make the same post there now...

It'd definitely be an anime girl, maybe with a toonier style though to make her easier to animate. I'm wondering if I should forgo the stream element almost entirely but that's such an integral part with today's vtubers. I think writing out scripts for animations fixes the character issue, but I'm not sure to be honest.

I very much appreciate it anons! I was indeed the same anon that posted those doodles. Hearing it's cute definitely pushes me to just continue on with that concept.

>> No.6147958

g'night shimabed! love you too

>> No.6147962

you mean like those gimmick episodes of looneytoons where the animators are screwing with the characters?
seems like a gimmick you'll tire of quickly
most of the people that post in /asp/ aren't people with experience and give bad advice
i think i saw a sketch of your design and it looked very cute and though people will say that 'cute anime girl' is over saturated, that doesn't mean it's a full field unable to be competed in
I think that if you want to make a dusty looking chibi style character it would work really well just being cute even without the high effort gimmicks, so everything past that is a bonus

>> No.6147973

Aria didn't linked herself so I assume she is one of those people have trouble with the new captcha

>> No.6148024

are your fan artists based?

>> No.6148094

ESL just keeps losing

>> No.6148129

fucco is based I wonder if he posts here?

>> No.6148160

I want to be someone's based fan artist!

>> No.6148444

fucco is based af

>> No.6148650

fuck yeah, iirc fucco has made art of all the krimbocrew girls yeah?

>> No.6148660

Not really Looneytoons. More like short slice of life anime for the main content, and perhaps something story based to keep engagement? Thank you very much for the encouragement. It's nice to know that it'll have a chance in the sea of thousands and thousands of cute anime girl vtubers.

I love fucco's style. Always so chunky and cool.

>> No.6148689

Seven Swords Sheathed in Stone,
Seven Souls Wish To Atone,
Seven Hands Take Up The Blade,
Seven Hearts Destined To Fade,
The Hour Grows Nearer,
The Costs Grow Dearer,
For Six From The Path Have Strayed.

>> No.6148701


>> No.6148718

I've never seen such a misinformed, desperate, limp dicked attack on my person in my entire life, and I'm older than most of you.

>> No.6148784

Heroi I'll pay you 125 dollars to draw porn of Terumi

>> No.6148817

based krimbo dabbing on the haters

>> No.6148845

It was pretty pathetic but honestly not worth paying any heed to, people will just make up whatever rrat they want to have 'fun' on this website.

>> No.6148874

Cadenceanon dont look

>> No.6148875

>> No.6148884

They should just go play Hunt showdown if fun is what they are after, its 50% off!

>> No.6148893

Nemu's getting a free 3D model. jellyfish cannot stop winning.

>> No.6148898

What is this in response to?

>> No.6148925

who's this louis guy?

>> No.6148930

Hello, Notepad.

>> No.6148938

ah I see
live streaming is a bit different than vod content, but it does sound like what you mainly want to make is a high effort origin stories video while streaming the making of
might be cool, don't forget to make archive of the whole process

>> No.6148941

I'm not going to say it is a good thing in the long term but I think a lot of the hate on this site is just a way for people to cathartically explore their feelings in a safe (meaning no repercussions) way.

>> No.6148942

Yeah it is dude but you should ignore it anyways. Not worth your time etc etc.
May I offer you some Feef ASMR instead?

>> No.6148976

Actually, no.

>> No.6148979

If you don't mind saying, how old are you Krimbo? What decade at least?

>> No.6148982

A Nice Chill Stream :)

>> No.6149017

What is krimbo's OPINION on the containment leak in that drawing game stream?

>> No.6149026


>> No.6149065

Love ya Krimboy.
But I NEED to know your opinion on the new captcha, because I can't form my own.

>> No.6149092

one of meat!

>> No.6149094

Deer's boyfriend apparently

>> No.6149096

Yeah I think if you look through his posts you'll fine he has done the whole krimbocrew

>> No.6149130

How many boyfriends does Deer have?

>> No.6149160

fuck this new capture shit

>> No.6149200


>> No.6149204

new captcha sucks but I'm pretty sure fucco did all of them at least once, seems to be a fan of them

>> No.6149222

This rrat wants to get fucked by a big black cock

>> No.6149227

that's all I got

>> No.6149237


>> No.6149250

I give you 8 months before it blows up in your face or someone finds your real name on registry. Its the best i can do.

>> No.6149274

holy fuck that rummy art

>> No.6149312

mid 80's!
Id be delighted to check out Feef ( also watching Leon and Alice )
Who broke what?
It's kinda cool.

>> No.6149315


>> No.6149323

he has done meat rummy and coqui but I don't think he did peony or any of the others and of course none of the boys

>> No.6149335

are you that coqui gosling?

>> No.6149377

>implying Coqui only has one Gosling

>> No.6149378


>> No.6149382


>> No.6149389

>Who broke what?
When you were playing that drawing game with 300 people in the audience, someone did this Krimbo posting on 4chan meme and then Miwa said she would go post it on 4chan on stream.

>> No.6149409


>> No.6149432

Fucco is felti-adjacent right?

>> No.6149434


>> No.6149458

If anyones mad about that they can take it out on me.

>> No.6149461

I don't know what that means, afaik fucco just loves making kick ass art

>> No.6149476

Fucco has been with tiger for a while, this one is even in the tiger tuesday video.

>> No.6149483

I'm fucking pissed krimbo
I'm so goddamn mad

>> No.6149485

the original reda anti was a butthurt coqui gosling

>> No.6149506

They probably will I guess

>> No.6149529

>being so insecure you respond to shitty anon opinions

Bruh what are you doing? You're being cringe. Why do you even care what 4chan thinks?

>> No.6149548

this is just a rrat but makes a lot of sense

>> No.6149610

from what i can tell on twitter, deer is in a relationship with beemo and whoever mojavepunk is

>> No.6149827

It's in the archives there was a thread where the guy was sperging out because reda is a mod, then one day he gave 10 gift subs and the guy posted in the thread "At least he's good for something."

>> No.6149876


>> No.6150104

chimera streamed without posting again pain desune

>> No.6150133

Mera lives within 80 miles.
Sorry Rebel, this one's mine.

>> No.6150166


>> No.6150222

Thanks for posting my schedule on the thread! I'm having my 6 month celebration stream at the end of this week so I'm pretty excited, though I'm nervous about the new thing I'm gonna do for it!

>> No.6150233

you don't have dms open!

>> No.6150403

have you just considered that people just browse the thread regularly and defend someone they like when they see retarded claims being made
besides, when people talked about shilling earlier in the thread it was about /asp/ies and now you're talking about krimbocord? weird leap

>> No.6150432

Done! also wtf is this gay captcha

>> No.6150510

I don't like Krimbo or their content and my solution was to not follow them. Pretty simple desu.

>> No.6150552

"It's 4AM and I don't want to wake anybody up" voices are cuter than I thought

>> No.6150553


>> No.6150562

>remembers gravity glove
>ugh, use... the force
>only uses it enough to pull it out from under the table
>still bends over and physically picks it up
why is she like this?

>> No.6150614

Which chuuba?

>> No.6150638

why'd you delete you weak willed bitch

>> No.6150648

sorry, was watching Ame do Half Life VR again and got the threads mixed up

>> No.6150656

Ame poster. Carry on.

>> No.6150662

Thanks for being reasonable and putting your energy on shit you do like.

>> No.6150698

No grooming the ones with talent unless you groom them to be their best self, please.

>> No.6150699

Get the guys from this video to try.

>> No.6150725

request sent

>> No.6150798

I'll try it in a couple days not-Eira, the pacing of the words is hard to get a hang of.

>> No.6150803

I litteraly found $100 in the sewers. Who gets it. Small tubers. Dubs LETS GOOOO!

>> No.6150818

rolling for chimea

>> No.6150835


>> No.6150842


>> No.6150845


>> No.6150854


>> No.6150861


>> No.6150885


>> No.6150901

Is the bat small enough?

>> No.6150905

Return it to the sewers, give it to this rrat

>> No.6150906

If you found it in the sewers return it to its rightful owner, Rummy and Coqui.

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