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>> No.6174440

i love this fucking bear

>> No.6174605

isnt she just the cutest

>> No.6174651

Drawfags, why is there no dabbing Bea yet? I need it for shitposting purposes

>> No.6174667

Love my daughter!

>> No.6174677

troll OP

>> No.6174724

draw it yourself

>> No.6174744

How did I only just realize now this is watercolor

>> No.6174751

have a dabbing Chihiro

>> No.6174756

>> No.6174798

it’s digital regard

>> No.6174833

Bea, I love you but I am not sure if my love is stronger than the captcha.

>> No.6174862

Never mind, it's not troll OP, but OP was 71 IQ and copied the troll links when making this thread.

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>> No.6174894

Weak dad, die

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>> No.6175038

>I want to send her a letter
>But I'm pretty sure that she hates me
I want to die

>> No.6175067

>> No.6175127

Imagining her scrunching up your letter and throwing it in the trash while laughing is in itself a pleasure.

>> No.6175150

Send a letter and change her view of you

>> No.6175176

Maybe it'll turn her opinion of you around after seeing how much yoy care. Just say you feel that she dislikes you but you want to fix it somehow.
I know I'm still sending a letter

>> No.6175211

...your writing reps.

>> No.6175226

Based on her current progress in Yakuza, I predict she will get a lot of game overs and forget the game to go on an ADHD tangent, if she plays far enough.

>> No.6175267

based, who came up with this
also i prefer the new captcha

>> No.6175299

i just hope tech support dad's advice was useful. i will sit thru bae at 0.5 frames per second, but 30 fps would be preferred.
I just failed the captcha 3 times. I'm so close to getting a fucking pass. Fuck this shit. Is this a giant marketing ploy?

>> No.6175307

Well say something.. what did I write wrong? I just woke up from a nap

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>> No.6175362

>I know I'm still sending a letter
does she hate you too?

>> No.6175370

How the fuck do I even write a letter? I hate being a zoomer

>> No.6175407

Not at all, but she might if I shitpost too hard in the letter

>> No.6175435

yup. hiro realized how fucking useless the pass was, so now he's putting up bullshit like this to make people like you go and buy it. Don't fall for it. you got better things to spend your money on than a inner Mongolian separatist forum.

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>> No.6175486

slap your dick and cum. the semen will act as a seal to prove that you and you alone wrote it.

>> No.6175487

I just hope ya'll won't send weird things to her.

>> No.6175493

>If the next stream does not start after 15 minutes late, the stream will be canceled. Probably no problem. I'll tweet just in case

>> No.6175513

It is fine, it is readable. Just the way the characters are written is rough. Sorry didn't expect a reply.

>> No.6175523

>better things to spend your money on
i don't though, it's important for me to be able to post on /yah/ with speed also sometimes it seems VT blocks my mobile data IPs

>> No.6175544

Maybe i'd send Bea a letter if she sent me one. Instead she made up a bunch of bullshit rules at the last minute and let a bunch of faggots win the competition instead.

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>> No.6175572

I want to draw Beachama. Or Chihiro. Or Risuna-chan. I'm having this sudden urge to create something for Bea and the Dads.

>> No.6175599

The wording is weird. But you should get some rest. We can survive another day if we need to. Leave it to the board schizos.

>> No.6175609

What is stopping you, Dad?

>> No.6175630

>i don't though
is beatani not important anon?

>> No.6175641

Do it. Who cares how it turns out. Practice makes anything better, just enjoy the time you put into it.

>> No.6175655


>> No.6175673

you dumb fucking bear if you skip the only fucking stream available to watch in euro hours im finding a new vtuber to send my money to

>> No.6175685

>tfw I have had the urge for a while but the only creative thing I can vaguely do is writing
Do it if you can

>> No.6175686

>assuming I don't already donate.
shameful dad.

>> No.6175725

How many of you dads have already sent your letter? I will do it next monday.

>> No.6175748

then you will die in your sleep

>> No.6175758

>figured out something I can send her with the letter
>small enough to fit into the envelope
>culturally significant to my region
>but the catch is that it's off season
I'm still gonna do it. The hardest part is finding something that crosses all of my checkboxes.

>> No.6175783

>implying he can't use the funds for pass to donate more or upgrade their membership
two can play this game

>> No.6175785

You know what, fuck it, I'll send something too.

>> No.6175793

I sent mine today and I'm scared shitless customs will notice it and track me down. There's no return address so hopefully I'm safe unless they do some FBI shit.

>> No.6175823

Mine is ready to be sent but I will do tomorrow.

>> No.6175844

Haven't sent it yet. Shouldn't take me more than a few days to work up to visiting the store and the post office.

>> No.6175860

I feel that sending a letter wouldn't be enough to express my feeling, so I'm doing also a drawing
I'm scared of the letter not arriving in time, so I'll most likely clean up a little the doodle and send it asap

>> No.6175878

We should do one of those drawings of her where each dad chooses a square to draw then add it together, print it out on nice paper and send it to her.

>> No.6175886

This morning, YAH
>5 captcha fails

>> No.6175947

Let's do it

>> No.6175976


>> No.6175994

Hm i'm interested... But we have to organize quickly.

>> No.6176018

That's actually an amazing idea, but we have very little time to work with

>> No.6176066

They'll have to finish it first before I get the tracking number

>> No.6176086

ok then donate more
be the change you want to see
READ [/spoiler}

>> No.6176117

>t noreps dad
you don't deserve your namesake. if you had held it in, MAYBE that cup would be worthy of her lips.

>> No.6176119

What the fuck did you send?

>> No.6176146

I can print it and send it easier since in Japan but fuck if I know how to go about making it. I guess we need to determine the base pic and then what resolution we want each square to be?

>> No.6176150

based noreps dad

>> No.6176176

Not noreps dad.
If she smashes it it's fine too, would be funny

>> No.6176203

Polar bear pocket pussy.

>> No.6176225

what the fuck did you do?

>> No.6176231


>> No.6176234

How would she use it?

>> No.6176246

shitposting is fine but if any of you send inappropriate shit to her i will unironically hate you forever.

>> No.6176261

Anyone else writing a 20 page manifesto in a mixture of their blood and semen? I don't want to steal your idea.

>> No.6176262

>inb4 the box becomes full and half the dads get their shit returned due to lack of space

>> No.6176266

deep think

>> No.6176269

Hurts a little

>> No.6176281

The second point is already refuted lol

>> No.6176301

>I send her inappropriate shit
>She sends me inappropriate shit
>We start talking
>We get married in a couple of years

>> No.6176302

this anon isn't me >>6176203
i cant go into details but lets just say theres enough dna contained in the envelope for the fbi to find me in their databases

>> No.6176315

a vibrating strapon

>> No.6176400

So true

>> No.6176414

She needs some more donations, so she started teasing (you) again

>> No.6176417

profound, even

>> No.6176427

But we already did one on her birthday though

>> No.6176438

Deep, if you will

>> No.6176445


>> No.6176481

Sagacious, you might say

>> No.6176487

Ah my bad. I am pretty new to her and still doing my reps.

>> No.6176505

New rrat
Bea is an anagram for Abe

>> No.6176527

We all wake up tomorrow with cute Japanese waifus. Is ok with me.

>> No.6176530

What did he mean by this

>> No.6176550

>checking out the R18 tag

>> No.6176581

cunny cream pie

>> No.6176597

I want to say bea is his daughter, but he doesn't have one, despite wanting it.

>> No.6176632

send me 4 good beas and I will make a Beatani prism gif

>> No.6176765


>> No.6176769


>> No.6176776

you are all aware that Bea is going to send everything you send to her, right?

>> No.6176788


>> No.6176801

>going to sell
fuck me

>> No.6176805

Guys, I don't think she likes us anymore
We are just too menhera

>> No.6176816

Donating with extra steps

>> No.6176819

I don't understand, what do you mean?

>> No.6176836


>> No.6176859


>> No.6176872

thats fine isnt it? as long as we still like her its fine.

>> No.6176931

Don't know how much yen she is going to get selling a used post card.

>> No.6176932


>> No.6176958


>> No.6176986

We did this to ourselves...

>> No.6176990

Who's gonna buy my cumsock?

>> No.6177001

I'm starting to think that, yes
>You mistyped the CAPTCHA, or the CAPTCHA malfunctioned.
But I don't blame her
>You mistyped the CAPTCHA, or the CAPTCHA malfunctioned.
this is a menhera nest and we are just too mendokusai
>You mistyped the CAPTCHA, or the CAPTCHA malfunctioned.

>> No.6177005


>> No.6177028

Bea successfully grooming 4chan yet again.

>> No.6177044

how did you sign your letters dads? im thinking too much about it

>> No.6177048


>> No.6177060

Sending Beatani a printed and signed photograph of my erect penis!

>> No.6177089

What do you mean how?

>> No.6177094

Nonono this was just supposed to be escapism. Now this is all playing out exactly like it would in real life. I've scared off yet another girl in my life

>> No.6177096

To hate us is to hate herself.

>> No.6177112

[Youtube name]
>You mistyped the CAPTCHA, or the CAPTCHA malfunctioned
>You mistyped the CAPTCHA, or the CAPTCHA malfunctioned

>> No.6177128

that old familiar sting. it was much more expensive this time though

>> No.6177136

i mean the name you used, i was almost thinking of using my online handle but that seems like a weird idea
ok i'll probably do this too thanks

>> No.6177142

yt/twitter name

>> No.6177160

>not 僕

>> No.6177189


>> No.6177204

I'll use my handle on the letter of course, she doesn't know my name. The envelope will have my dox anyway because the postal services are extremely anal about it.

>> No.6177218

I would like to say that after it happens several times you get used to it, but that is not the case

>> No.6177227

Just think, in a few years time you won't be able to hear the song Clover Club without feeling anxiety and dread about how /yah/ went down in flames.

>> No.6177272

It will probably take me a week to write the letter and get the courage to leave my house.

>> No.6177273

I have my real name on my youtube account, I'm an idiot , she'll know who I am

>> No.6177430

Is there a size limit? I'm thinking of sending a drawing, would an A4 envelope fit on her mailbox?

>> No.6177434

think 4chan readers were removed from google play store.I have the old catpcha for app but its not working at all , and all 4chan readers on android that are still on google playstore cost money now.I thibk 4chan had a date to where they had to stop using all services so they were forced to make there own captcha .You think hiromoot would make an alternative in years without being forced to?

>> No.6177466

may have to ram it against the opening a few times before it slips in

>> No.6177489


>> No.6177499

Boku is part of the Bea character she does for stream. We know she doesn't always boku when talking to Chihiro because she's family.

>> No.6177515


>> No.6177517

Use Dashchan, Clover or Kuroba. You just have to install the apk

>> No.6177524

I don't want to speak for her, but I'd imagine any normal envelope size is just fine.

>> No.6177544

A4 should be fine

>> No.6177569

I sure hope this is a placeholder thumbnail, she completely botched cropping her hair from the green screen background. She has the basic technical knowledge to remove a green screen, right?

>> No.6177575

She's blogposting about how much she hates us in vague terms on her real twitter, isn't she?

>> No.6177580

> jewgle playstore
Well there's your problem.

>> No.6177584

No, she always uses 僕 because it's cuter.

>> No.6177590


>> No.6177690

Wait you guys can't just slap some stamps on the card and drop it in the box?

She already knows my real name from Streamlab so it's fine.

>> No.6177694

Bea is actually an anagram of bae.
That means "before anyone else" for you boomers out there

>> No.6177695

Dear Retard,
You're streams are pretty ok, I guess. Tone down the faggotry a bit though, this is the third monitor I've shot and my neighbors keep calling the police.
Justin Igger

>> No.6177708

i can just use browser
i was just trying to give reason for the sudden change in captcha

>> No.6177753

>which Risuna are you today

>> No.6177786

I sure wish I were this Risuna.

>> No.6177804

Maybe he's sending some stuff in the envelope? I don't think you need a return address if it's just a postcard or a letter.

>> No.6177822

Naked Bea checking out her friends in the onsen uooooh

>> No.6177865

So do I. But my name is so generic there's millions of mes. That's just where I live, not the worldwide mes, we are many.

>> No.6177896

is this some of the new art? can anyone post it here, its not showing up for me in hashtags

>> No.6177918


>> No.6177935


>> No.6178019

>I named this Cum-agai Chisato

>> No.6178029

I use my online name for secret s/a/nta and other online card sending events

>> No.6178100


>> No.6178111

Nope, I intentionally fucked up all the links because I thought it would be funny.

>> No.6178132

Bong here. Are they gonna ask for proof of address if I send a small letter through her majesty's stationery conveyance officers? Otherwise I might just randomly generate an address in my city and put that as the return address instead. I'm not going to send anything expensive so I won't really mind if it bounces.

>> No.6178171

damn seeing my autistic content-aware scale beas being used makes me happy

>> No.6178184

Kdenlive fucking crashes when I try to make a gif of the render so you have to make do with a webm. So here you go /yah/ selected prism

>> No.6178210

I like it

>> No.6178260

very based
reminds me of the structures my gray ancestors used to build a long time ago.

>> No.6178281

Are they shadowbanned or something?
How come their posts don't appear when you search the tag?

>> No.6178307

Try sorting by latest

>> No.6178339


>> No.6178381

I used my gmail account with my real name on /g/oogle wave. God, we ruined those waves. Utterly ruined. Abusing bots to spam waves was too funny.
The fact my Google Account hasn't been banned is a miracle.

>> No.6178420


>> No.6178714


>> No.6178755

We never got another Mu review... she hates us...

>> No.6178801

>She never did the iceberg review

>> No.6178828

second artist is shadowbanned on twitter.
first one don’t know.
i Think both accounts have been shadowbanned.

>> No.6178903

Morning sickness again, sorry dads

>> No.6178913

>find something just right to send
>get hyped
>not taking orders until next year

>> No.6178914

another period means yet another month with an empty womb. no wonder she's so sad lately, one of you should help her out

>> No.6178978

I will paint my spaceship like this when I get one in 30 years

>> No.6178984

Bloody hell, you were planning to send something expensive instead of something with soul!

>> No.6179026

Make an imitation of it using lollipop sticks and PVA. I believe in you anonymous!

>> No.6179032

Would you volunteer to get your dick removed so Bea can have the penis transplant she so desperately needs?

>> No.6179038

lol no
just off season as I said previously

>> No.6179126

No, she probably wouldn't want to have a small dick.

>> No.6179136


>> No.6179137

I give her my dick, then I get her womb transplanted and I let her try it for the first time

>> No.6179159

This is a wise man (female)

>> No.6179193

There's no way she actually wants a child. Mendokusai

>> No.6179194

I don't think she wants an uncircumcised spic dick

>> No.6179207

Being hairy human is disgusting, but having fur is lewd according to bea. Explain this

>> No.6179212

so groomers, have you fucked her yet?

>> No.6179238

No but she fucks me

>> No.6179256

No, but I put a spring loaded tranquilizer dart and GPS tracker in the package, so it won't be long.

>> No.6179278

polar bear fur is white, human hair isn't.
simple as

>> No.6179281

she is the groomer, anyone has been fucked by bea yet?

>> No.6179289

Do you prefer to see Risuna as a girl or as an otokonoko in R18 art? What about in a r18 doujinshi? Bea would be in it, that goes without saying... and likely with a dick.

>> No.6179304

she like the kawaii. she gets away with a lot because she is a cute and funny bear, the same goes for things you want to fuck i guess

>> No.6179330

a girl, but either works

>> No.6179332


>> No.6179358

I don't believe there are many cutted dicks in Japan, anon.

>> No.6179380

Risuna-chan is definitely a girl in my mind

>> No.6179385

I hate having two dicks in the same art piece because I'm not gay. So if bea is going to have a dick I want risuna to not have one. And if bea will not have one then I want risuna to have one.

>> No.6179392

>She is drunk
Please Bea, stop drinking so much...

>> No.6179399

Is the address Beatani gave actually accurate? When I tried stalking it on google maps it showed me a picture of a hotel. Do hotels have PO boxes?

>> No.6179426

futa bea raping anallya otokonoko risuna

>> No.6179429

Many do, yes. Some hotels also let you get things delivered straight to their actual address even if they don't have a PO box system if you are nice enough.

>> No.6179488

I just thought that we should have a grey emote but then I remembered...

>> No.6179519

is https://xphiil.com/ down for anyone else?

>> No.6179573

No, but this is my reminder to clover.club dad to get his certs god damn it, http in current year

>> No.6179586

>he fell for it
kek, look at this retard

>> No.6179610

anonchama... your spelling reps
LE takes like 2 minutes to setup. He should have done it already.

>> No.6179623


>> No.6179684

>I hate having two dicks in the same art piece because I'm not gay
Adding a dick to a girl doesn't make something gay.

>> No.6179718


>> No.6179733

>Nope, I intentionally fucked up all the links because I thought it would be funny.
Well, it's not. You are just being annoying and making things harder on others.

>> No.6179763

Maybe you should make your own threads if you don't like it, faggot?

>> No.6179882

>make your own thread
I do sometimes. I don't want to make a duplicate thread though.
Cool it with the homophobic language

>> No.6179928


>> No.6179974

No of course not. Futa on female action is alright with me. But if it has one person with a dick fucking another person with a dick, then that is too gay for me.

>> No.6180025

Can we pay the guy of futa elf to draw Bea fucking Listener?

>> No.6180067

Futa Elf is very good. Is it possible to pay the guy?

>> No.6180076

>he actually clicks links in OP posts
You absolute cretin.
I bet you Google for 4chan.

>> No.6180090

>guy of futa elf

>> No.6180120


>> No.6180180


>> No.6180257


>> No.6180296

If I were to get a ticket to tokyo and camp outside the hotel for the next two months there is almost a guaranteed chance beatani would walk past me. I'm tempted

>> No.6180367

be sure to get a picture of her if you can

>> No.6180382

I'm already doing it. you wanna join up and have a threesome?

>> No.6180391

She isn't going to go there, she is sending Chihiro (her boyfriend) to pick them up. She's not stupid enough to say the address where she's going and what day she's picking them up, probably.

>> No.6180415

Sorry anon I dont wanna get ass fucked by two different people

>> No.6180448

>She's not stupid enough to say the address where she's going and what day she's picking them up, probably.

>> No.6180459

>the same person who has slowly leaked personally info about herself and others won't do it again
come one now...

>> No.6180497

You have a toxic, elitist attitude. Think about someone new checking this thread. They see that we have a site to explain who she is, but when they click the link it's broken.
>ha ha they should know how to fix the link themselves
They won't bother. It just turns away new people and makes it harder for others just so you elitist can feel good about yourselves.

>> No.6180540

I'm just saying she is legitimately terrified of running into one of us or getting actually doxxed. Tourists are not allowed in Japan right now anyway, but still I think she will either have them forwarded or pay a male friend to pick them up.

>> No.6180542

Dude, it was a joke. Chill your rawtism. I was fucking with you. Of course he is a faggot for fucking the OP.

>> No.6180562

faggot where do you think you are?
>toxic, elitist attitude.
go back, nigger!

>> No.6180619

>Tourists are not allowed in Japan right now anyway
>implying I'm not already in japan

>> No.6180665

Best of luck then.

>> No.6180687


>> No.6180732

realistically even if she were to send someone in to get letters for her(which she wont) it'd be fairly obvious who is the one leaving with beatanis letters, because there will be a shit ton of them, and they'll probably all smell like cummies.

>> No.6180744

Why does she hate us?

>> No.6180777

Holy shit you're an absolute faggot

>> No.6180778

She will smell bad too

>> No.6180780

because we are just as mentally ill as she is

>> No.6180817

This is why you get the letters in small groups at a time. Over the course of a day, or even multiple days if there are that many deliveries / large items.
Easiest way to avoid being stalked from your PO boxes.
Don't forget the lead lined container and EMP.. Smart devices are the worst thing to happen to privacy.

>> No.6180823

op is a nigger for fucking up the OP
but you are a giant faggot

>> No.6180824

But I was just pretending

>> No.6180828


>> No.6180831

Dads, the sleep is getting to me...

>> No.6180846

I honestly think that most of her usual viewers are at least decent people, but I can understand if she is worried about some schizo wanting to hurt her

>> No.6180859

yes reading her reddit mini rant hurt a little but understandable. getting thirsty guys liking all your posts within seconds and constantly stalking you is probably a little draining

>> No.6180873

Kek thanks for the many laughs, anonchama.

>> No.6180874

Beatani is spending time with her boyfriend, so I might not stream today. She is a bitch.

>> No.6180884

better safe than sorry

>> No.6180900

would be more obvious who she is then
a person who stays in a hotel would enter and then probably stay for a while and then leave
a person who goes in every few weeks or so and then immediatly leaves makes it obvious that they're there to pick something up.

>> No.6180925

a little sus, but I don't think she posts here much anymore. the last week of threads would suck to read if you're the bear

>> No.6180939

We're not around to explain stuff to her when she's not streaming. I wonder if she has misinterpreted anything posted here or has ever gotten the wrong idea from a post.

>> No.6180954

I think she barely comes here anymore

>> No.6180958

Didn't see this, don't have a reddit account, what did she say?

>> No.6180963

it is funny how /yah/ is different for me when I dropped her when she shamed publicly this artdad and I realized that she is actual sociopath, but retarded
>trash talks you constantly and then deredere moment for mini Stockholm syndrome like toxic relationship
>have couple favourite dads that talks to them constantly, but calls you cringe replyfag if you actually try to interact with her
>is nice to people that she have something from them like paypigs and drawfags, and mentions ONLY them, but not so often like her masturbation circle of favourite dads
I didn't had any expectations of decency by this complete degenerate menhera, but I was still dissapointed
inb4 failed groomer. I didn't even had Twitter account

>> No.6180969


>> No.6181004

Nice one anon

>> No.6181009

she comes still and most recently proven by the hokkaido bus tour tweets

>> No.6181020

>getting thirsty guys liking all your posts within seconds
Except those are her favourite people, nice projection

>> No.6181023

She has been really busy in general lately.

>> No.6181052

I wouldn't be surprised if she read multiple threads and got a least a bit discouraged

>> No.6181059

retard spotted dont interact

>> No.6181065

She's practicing the shit out of the karaoke songs she's chosen.

>> No.6181075

basically this. it's understandable, but acknowledging it leaves me feeling a little empty

>> No.6181103

Imagine getting hurt over shitposting, you fucking child.

>> No.6181118

>over half the post are hers and the rest are 2 other people
that is sad really

>> No.6181128

>I should practice singing to next karaoke stream but I don’t think I can take enough time to do…it make me frustrated!!!
Unless she cancels today's stream for "technical reasons" to practice.

>> No.6181150

She's practically BEGGING for a discord..
Just imagine.. getting to regularly talk with Beatani...

>> No.6181152

Forgot it's in a few days, I will buy your rrat. Hardworking daughter!

>> No.6181179

Glad I decided to follow only her streams and /yah/, otherwise it would be draining.

>> No.6181180

Thinking about this hurts me a little, I was one of those that were disappointed about how she handled the DM issue, but most of last week's threads were just nasty

>> No.6181296

Yeah...but part of the 'territory', unfortunately. I want to believe bear won't give up!

>> No.6181309

Cringe DM guy destroyed our little menhera community.
Cringe DM guy HATE

>> No.6181311

>last stream at decent hour was 5 days ago
I-it's fine, I guess I will just watch the next one... oh it's at 5am too... oh well...

>> No.6181330

Our bear is the strongest

>> No.6181354

I am afraid to send a letter, I think she will make fun of me with her boyfriend or friends

>> No.6181369

>A full week with just 2 streams, both at 5am
I guess she does hate me
It's fine, I've started to check around for some other chuubas I guess

>> No.6181414

Ok dads, I'll dial down the schizoposting.
I expect you guys to do it too.

>> No.6181423

>shows him your address
>weeks later you receive a parcel full of used condoms

>> No.6181436

She's not 80 miles away, but 6000 miles away, it takes a bit more efffort, please understanda.

>> No.6181462

unironically this. it doesn't need to be a hugbox but i at least have shitposted a little too much

>> No.6181494

Many of you are schizos or falseflagging as schizos and you probably creeped out plenty of real girls in your lifetime which is why you are having PTSD flashbacks right now. With that said, canceling streams at the last minute without a good explanation is pretty shitty, You finally stumbled upon a legitimate criticism but it will be drowned out by all the other times you cried wolf, congratulations faggots!

>> No.6181509

I'm going to be honest: I have never shitposted on /yah/ because I am too afraid of hurting the bear by accident

>> No.6181515

>new ip
of course

>> No.6181529

>his dick isn't long enough

>> No.6181531

I'm thinking schizoposting is like alcohol addiction, sometimes dads go a bit too hard and feel regret days later of course it'll happen again, such is life

>> No.6181533

>you probably creeped out plenty of real girls in your lifetime which is why you are having PTSD flashbacks right now
How did you know? Not saying you're wrong.

>> No.6181535

you guys are too invested in a virtual bear
go outside
retard dads

>> No.6181537

Crashing this community with no survivors

>> No.6181540


>> No.6181598


>> No.6181599

Only proves I am not samefagging arguments back and forth like many of (you) do. Also, I am taking the bear's side here for the most part, clearly not an anti (of which there are definitely a few who regularly post in here).

>> No.6181604

>tfw you're not hung like Jay

>> No.6181605

If she streams today I will donate 500 and apologize to her.

>> No.6181619

I usually don't care so much about drama in the thread but when people where having heated fights with each other in the middle of the release of the covers, a moment that was supposed to be special, I got really annoyed and angry. You guys have to learn to contain your fights a little bit. Ideally drama should not last more than one thread or two at absolute maximum, but certainly not drag on for days.

>> No.6181626

faggot you've been saying this for like a month kill yourself
drop 1k or fuck off

>> No.6181645

Pretty everyone at some point wondered if they were creepy or got awkward around a girl. The likehood of it happening does increase a bit for people here, unless you just never interacted with other humans. He just wrote a pretty generic statement.

>> No.6181674

No, if anything people here have been on the contrary very accepting of bea's antics. Which is why it's easy to tell you're a tourist fishing for (You), which I'm giving you right now, one of it. Because I'm nice like that.

>> No.6181679

Going outside to send a virtual bear a real letter!

>> No.6181691

I'll prove you wrong today

>> No.6181698

i will not touch the grass

>> No.6181710

>not a single watchable stream for a full week
It's only natural mental health is starting to really go out of the window

>> No.6181711

The first person to say they were gonna donate 1k was making those claims right around when streamlabs opened. Of course, he never sent it.

>> No.6181713

no you wont

>> No.6181725

I don't believe you but if you go through with it I'll kneel

>> No.6181732

I agree. But can also understand menhara dads feeling passionate about something and not being able to keep it in like a normal person

>> No.6181749

Just got home. What are dads arguing about today?

>> No.6181772

just the way generals weed out normals. maybe a discord will form a break away from here

>> No.6181774

bush or paipan

>> No.6181785

If he donates $500 or more I'll donate $101.xx

>> No.6181795

who loves her most

>> No.6181798

Nothing, dads have just realized how mental they've been the past few weeks. I hope things start to calm down now.

>> No.6181818

The calm before the storm.

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