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/wvt/ - Western V-Tubers Thread

aluminum - edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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alium is on btw!

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Watched the Tiredsquidd bunny collab. This is actually pretty cute. I hope they become gen mates and play a lot of ARK together

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Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
And if you find the time to say hi tiredsquidd won't pass you by
I have spent many hours watching her stream
I like her image on my mobile screen
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
I have never been disappointed by her
Tiredsquidd is a treasure a pearl
She can make bitter coffee sweet
Tiredsquidd I would like to meet
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Vtuber with a passion for games
Tiredsquidd deals her enemies pain
She has killed a god with her glowing stick
Tiredsquidd streams aren't something to miss
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Tiredsquidd if you're reading this here
I'm trying to tell you I love you my dear

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>western vtuber
>japanese name

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Ah fuck why does this keeps happening to me?
I swear I the minute of difference was because I couldn't solve the fucking captcha

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wait 6 minutes then try again deletion is on the same cooldown as posting

>> No.6182762

this spam has unironically turned me off her it's sad

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I did it before both of you but the captcha made me lose like 5 minutes

>> No.6182921

Then the spammer won, because he hates her and all vtubers in general.

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Stop letting people you despise dictamine how you should feel about things.
You should for example make your own research on Spooki and finding your own ver, very justifiable reasons to hate him

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cum jar tuber

>> No.6183361

I still couldn't delete it...
Jesus christ someone needs to fix this shit already

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Not feeling well. Please post your own links.

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shady inclining?

>> No.6184181

Green... ganbatte

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western vtubers SUCK

>> No.6184454

I love Nina! Can't wait for Season 2 on Saturday!!

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I don't want to tell my viewers that I'm dying. I still can't believe... I hope they can forgive me for just disappearing one day.

>> No.6184531

You got cancer or are you bad at streaming?

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>> No.6184676

its ok, you're very much replaceable

>> No.6184820

Alice (forma de Anya)

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Everyone is dying as we speak, just more slowly.

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Is this shady's literal irl mom?

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First decent sketch in 69 attempts
still hate you btw, but maybe if you turn your shit around you'll stop getting banned from tuber chats HAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAA

>> No.6185956

Can you post the bat one?

>> No.6186118

I want to mating press the tomboy werewolf while her tsundere vampire gf cheers me on.

>> No.6186208

uhn uhn beep bwop uhn uh beop bwop uhn uhn

>> No.6186414

Fuck mate, how have you not improved at drawing in 69 attempts?

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i'm sure your viewers will love you enough to forgive you!

>> No.6186846

nice larp and fuck you

>> No.6187039

as well as Mau's

>> No.6187403

Would you still love your oshi if they turned into a furry?

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>> No.6187482

I'll love my oshi even if it turns out she's a man

>> No.6187625

Nice, replace the knife with a kris

>> No.6187670

The image Callie is too afraid of to give a comment on...

>> No.6187745

I still love Lapin yes.

>> No.6187798

you sick fuck

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>> No.6187959

tit femboy collab

>> No.6188123

Any good micro vtubers to watch ? I mainly like watching JPRGs

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>> No.6188246

>micro vtubers
explain, there are potentially multiple meanings to this

>> No.6188573

When the chuuba is less than 3 inches, they're medically declared microchuubas

>> No.6188816

Vtubers with low viewers but decent content

>> No.6188958

well which is it?

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>> No.6189249

That reminds me I should go back and try to find all that old The Outsiders yaoi I used to read in middle school

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>> No.6189314

size fetish related vtubers

>> No.6189322

Stay gold buttslut, stay gold...

>> No.6189324

stay golden ponygirl

>> No.6189458

stay gold-mind

>> No.6189526

This is about how much effort I'm willing to put into this4ghq

>> No.6189585

indies for this feel?

>> No.6189640

I doubt you're the Vtuber I watch but if you are I knew. I knew since you were in /asp/
You don't have to worry about me. I hope you can find someone to hold you and tell you that you are loved in the time you have left. You didn't betray me (chat). You're a good person and I regret that one day my memory will betray me and I won't be able to carry you with me anymore. I will carry you with me in my heart as long as I can and I hope someone can touch your heart the way you touched mine. I wish I could keep you company and save you from the silence and the lonliness the way you have done for me.
I wish for your days to be days of love and joy.
I hope future generations can learn to love and appreciate all that you've done and I'm sorry this world slept on your radiance.
Keep shining in all you do vtuber or not.

>> No.6189849

holy fuck

>> No.6190059

Today's chicken gacha roll!

From yesterday's >>6141019
to >>6131019
to >>6130831

Also tonight: Another Jazz listen along!
Featuring: Charlie Parker!

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>> No.6190265

¡no puede ser, es la forma de anya!

>> No.6190510

I love this dog like you wouldn't believe

>> No.6190586

Do you have a paperbag on your head?

>> No.6190652

fixed image, the hair had a mistake

>> No.6190722

Based Anyon

>> No.6190795

la forma de anya (peinada)

>> No.6190989

rrat" the paperbag is setient and it posses a human body.
The man under its control wants to be released.
You too could be loved by Koragi.
Are you ready to make the ultimate sacrifice, human?

>> No.6191084

Make an SCP out of it.

>> No.6191377

Thanks for showing up to the stream if you did! I had a fun time playing stepmania and apparently putting your game as FNF even if you aren't playing FNF gets you new viewers!

>> No.6191509

Corpse is (almost) live with Darks Souls III, with the mod that makes it good.

>> No.6191642

>Please do not have your first time with a corpse.
What's it going to do? Try and stop me?

>> No.6191661

A ninabro submitted a clip to the big clip channel but it isn’t doing very well… why is she so unclippable?

>> No.6191674

Charlotte return guerilla, internet unfucked itself. Eating snacks.

>> No.6191683


>> No.6191717

zoomers only want girls in sexy clothes

>> No.6191745

Can someone please make her more black? I hate this whitening shit.

>> No.6191932

what clip channel is this?

>> No.6191933

Whats a SCP?

>> No.6191948

But her season 2 looks really dull as well… is there truly no hope for her?

>> No.6192006

The one that Yozora got the 200k clip on. Vtubers r us

>> No.6192114

Damn I should submit clips then if Nina got on there, Nina's pretty big but my oshi is still 100+ so she probably has a shot.

>> No.6192267

it's not the first time he's clipped Nina, but a 53 second clip is pretty long to do well on that channel which targets literal zoomers

>> No.6192293

Is this nigga even trying?

>> No.6192296

The account just tweeted that they are feeling burnt out so maybe now isn’t the best time to submit. Bat has been featured on the channel too but no one has been able to pull the views other than Yozora.

>> No.6192341

The little S hey sugar clip is on the verge of breaking 100k

>> No.6192471

Do they have a place to submit? I might be retarded

>> No.6192510

Ninabros, just chill out for a minute. The clip is just over an hour old and has 1.3k views. Just let it sit and let Nina's power do the work.

>> No.6192573

It’s doing worse than the one that was posted after it

>> No.6192590

>burnt out
>editing clips that are like 20 seconds
>it's also just clips of the same thing 80% of the time
I hate these niggers.

>> No.6192591

1.3k after an hour is not good on that channel so don't get your hopes up

>> No.6192772

Ninabros aren't the ones making a deal out of it

>> No.6192800

It's fucking obvious bait

>> No.6192939

>ninabros can do no wrong
this is chumbud tier logic

>> No.6193137

Who are worse? NTRoopas or Ninafags?

>> No.6193392

Troopas , ask linkanon.
He never had any trouble with Ninabros and he is a schizo.

>> No.6193641

>Streaming when the mysterious HoloEN countdown is about to hit 0

Oh no no no

>> No.6193692

I am Doing a private vtuber thing for playing rpgs with my lads

Just messing with OBS at the moment

>> No.6194020

Post some caps here, I'm too lazy to browse now

>> No.6194186



>> No.6194497

who cares

>> No.6194711

I have NEVER watched HoloEN and I never will.

>> No.6194859

>8 hour countdown for a thirty second teaser

>> No.6194991

Elira breathes a sigh of relief...

>> No.6195686

Goodnight/day sweet dream/have fun /wvt/ love (you)

>> No.6195876

gn shimabed

>> No.6195935

this is dumb

>> No.6196044

shimada (forma de cama)

>> No.6196050


>> No.6196362


>> No.6196458

Anyone know when Ironmouse is going to do another deep dive on indie vtubers? I want to be prepared and make her cream her pants on stream like the 2 hot JP bartenders. I get the feeling she won't double up on the /here/chuubas she's already visited.

>> No.6196543

Coqui got featured twice.

>> No.6196601

She actually exclusively features people she's already featured before.

>> No.6196633

i think she does it like once every one or two months

>> No.6196648

She did two in March, one in late April, and then this recent one two months later. It'll be a while

>> No.6196672

G'night Shimabed *slaps you're butt*

>> No.6196682

The two JP bartenders were new... One of them hadn't even debuted for the previous deep dive.

>> No.6196765

Sounds like I've got at least 2 months then. Thanks anons. I'll put them to good use.

>> No.6197104

Listen alongs aren't dumb

>> No.6197192

we look forward to your future progress, mysterychuuba

>> No.6197267


I wonder chimera feels like this for anyone in her life at the lab?

>> No.6197384

hey anon, it's time to redpill everyone on chimera

>> No.6198078

dumb holobrony

>> No.6198242

in his defense, there was no way for him to know it was just going to be a 30 sec teaser

>> No.6198607

new guilty gear tiger art

>> No.6199180

you just know

>> No.6199239

just know what?

>> No.6199407

Go watch Cadence play Worms WMD with two friends.

>> No.6199410


>> No.6199441


>> No.6199451

is one of those "friends" Kenji?

>> No.6199470


>> No.6199495

kenji is streaming nocturne right now so probably not

>> No.6199517

>collabing with the catboy that one anon confused Kenji for

>> No.6199533

Tiger is only half white... surely she wouldn't...

>> No.6199544

ASS drawing stream

>> No.6199564

Thanks for reminding me

>> No.6199768

He will fuck your oshi

>> No.6200024


>> No.6200026

https://www.twitch.tv/maroony (embed) rrat reading gaming magazines again

>> No.6200079


>> No.6200111

>https://www.twitch.tv/maroony (embed) (embed)
this guy

>> No.6200137

Night based shimabed!

>> No.6200176

and I forgot my image, this is just a disaster

>> No.6200213

Why didn't you simply copy your post BEFORE posting?

>> No.6200249

I need a comfy night chuuba to relax to.

>> No.6200263

I usually do, I just forgot this one time

>> No.6200273

We must take this further beyond
>https://www.twitch.tv/maroony (embed) (embed) (embed)

>> No.6200329

>We must take this further beyond
>> [twitch:symbol] https://www.twitch.tv/maroony (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

>> No.6200342

Cocobungus is a gremlin and I love him

>> No.6200415

>>>/We must take this further beyond/1
>>>/[twitch:symbol] https://www.twitch.tv/maroony (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)(embed)

>> No.6200418

>>> [twitch:symbol] [twitch:symbol] https://www.twitch.tv/maroony (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

>> No.6200435

Oh hey this person is live, the chick who had the rants and shit in that one stream several threads ago.

>> No.6200519

for me its the bat

streaming now: https://www.twitch.tv/batatvideogames

>> No.6200575

I really want to become a goblin vtuber

>> No.6200707

I watched all clips from youtubers are us channel to find funny chubas my if anything my iq decreased why are they burping and moaning

>> No.6200719

Perfect position to snap the neck

>> No.6200810


>> No.6200862

Based Roach is live

>> No.6200882

its pretty cool desu

>> No.6200910

Odette has mastered the 'keep talking' half of the game.

>> No.6201129

what is this

>> No.6201166

la cucaracha...

>> No.6201205

Something tells me she will end up like Carol. Start saving her VODs

>> No.6201337

she reminds me of Nimu, aka the spanish nyanners who had that menhera spergout while playing among us

>> No.6201376

Holy shit this egg/odette collab is everything I thought it would be

>> No.6201435


>> No.6201465

what's wrong with her?

>> No.6201470

just let it be. the delete buttons are leftovers from old times and do nothing these days

>> No.6201548

Nyaru announced an endurance stream

>> No.6201660

is she turkish?

>> No.6202146

what the fuck is this

>> No.6202207

to expand on this, the entirety of this chat and the people she is in a call with are just groomers

>> No.6202222

actual grooming

>> No.6202262

thia guy's model is a bit bad but he's got a good voice for it

>> No.6202387

If you hate your model so much why don't you fix it first?

>> No.6202426

what if there were grooming factions with two different groups vying for her attention

>> No.6202476

not him, he's an hour or so into the stream already

>> No.6202496

i don't think that's a selfpost i'm pretty sure that was *********_**

>> No.6202569

why are you dumpster diving so late into the game then? My agenda is already filled to the top.

>> No.6202623

its not a dumpster dive he's been posted here a few times and is adjacent to Rummy/Coqui/Krimbo i'm pretty sure
also shares a mama with Kongou i believe

>> No.6202640

why would anyone want anything to do with that

>> No.6202746

this cute flower AI is playing some RE3

>> No.6202761

look at the filename, anon....

>> No.6202831

Why do you say his model is bad? Because it isn't a boring generic facing-the-camera anime girl? This guy's artist is the same as Kongou's.

>> No.6202920

nta but i think it's mostly the mouth animations that are shaky as hell

>> No.6202961

the mouth and eyebrows move in a really uncanny way for me
other than that it's fine

>> No.6203027

Most chuubas here hardly have any mouth tracking at all, just a flap or not even. I think if anything there is just a sync issue where he has to delay his microphone a bit but otherwise it's fine.

>> No.6203105

Want to give her something but don't want your identity revealed? Don't want to support Twitch? Buy her a skeb. Just select "Anonymous" when ordering and it won't show your twitter. It will only share the image with NO account associated.
Don't have a lot of money? They can be as cheap as $5-$15

Better yet work on your own art reps. Your chuuba will love fan art regardless of skill level. You can start your art rep journey here

Need an art program? Try Krita or FireAlpaca

Have no money at all and art isn't your thing? Clip your favorite moments. Clip as much as you can.
Clipping is vital for growth and improvement.
Your chuuba will love you forever if you send her polished and edited clips too. You can edit clips for FREE. You can use Davinci Resolve, Lightworks, or Hitfilm Express to edit clips and it's all free programs. Youtube has tutorials on how to use all of these


>> No.6203308

Kinda tempted to commission art of myself from these skebs with how affordable they are.

>> No.6203330

This guy has an official spot on the Krimbocord so he must be pretty close to that group. At least he is more interesting than Reda who also somehow has a spot there. Dance has just started though so he'll end up going quite well if he keeps grinding.

>> No.6203391

I'm not sure I can keep following this advice. My efforts seem to be in vain and my chuuba is only getting spreaded out thinner and thinner with each work I make for her. I feel I may be exausting her attention and patience whether she loves it or not I don't think it's good for her.

>> No.6203444

Do it. Twitter artists complain about skeb but the artists on skeb are people who are just trying to make ends meet too. Support kind skeb artists with their affordable prices

>> No.6203624

>started fairly early
>spot on the krimbocord
argh, maybe i shouldn't be shilling him here then?
might effect him negatively if he gets comfortable with 10 viewers

>> No.6203674

How do you mean?

>> No.6203777

>anime and vidya cons start coming back
>your oshi cosplays as herself at a con near you
What do you do?

>> No.6203792


>> No.6203793

i perceive respectfully and ask if he would consent to having a picture of him taken

>> No.6203819

RL femboy orgy

>> No.6203859

>fembegger oshi

>> No.6203889

>awkwardly hand in pencil lineart fanart
>don't say anything else besides maybe smiling or nodding if they thank you
>fucking make like a tree and scram

>> No.6203919

>banned from a Vtubers chat
>like clockwork she is in my reccomended almost everyday
>never have to follow because she is in my reccomended
>never have to read her wonky chat
>Never have to worry about being gifted a unwanted sub
>hours of free entertainment and amusing spectacles
>never have the urge to clip because you can't clip channels you're banned from
Sometimes the loser wins it all.

>> No.6203978

Hand her a bowl of eggs while you're at it

>> No.6203979

if you do this with me I will hug you before you can escape

>> No.6204037

bongocat got an official vroid model?

>> No.6204058

what? and link?

>> No.6204080


>> No.6204140

>stick the drawing in a bowl of eggs to distract them
this is the perfect plan, anon
thank you

>> No.6204159

Unless she calls me out by my name I'm going to sit in the presentations and sweat from the anxiety of being in public. If she calls me out by name I am going to briskly walk away as fast as I can without being tackled by security. This isn't my first rodeo and as much as I would like to boast otherwise I've been in this situation and now I know how I react.

>> No.6204326

Get them to give the other vroid shitters a lesson in making them look better.

>> No.6204468


>> No.6204488

put a cuter boy there

>> No.6204519

I didnt make it and its less fun as a shitpost that way

>> No.6204527

Femboys aren't cute.

>> No.6204550

bad taste

>> No.6204561

fuck off spooki

>> No.6204580

>fresh off GME tendies

If you made it with that much money, who would you pay up to make your vtuber model? Maybe your oshi who is also an artist? Will there be ever enough money to make a JP artist do a commission for a foreighter?

>> No.6204581

Who's that person Rummy raided today?
Can't tell if guy or girl kek
But also can't tell if in love

>> No.6204600


>> No.6204602


>> No.6204633

fuck off?

>> No.6204642

forgot pic, but they're the one that draws cute girls eating tons of food

>> No.6204665

def a femboi

>> No.6204679

>Hitsujin talking about being contacted to make a vtuber model
>she puts it on stream
>turns out it's HLive
>Comdost is in the chat

rrats on this?

>> No.6204710

who's that boy?

>> No.6204717

Not all JP artists are super expensive, but the communication barrier can be an issue.

>> No.6204732

funposting is its own reward and spook gives me ammo

>> No.6204741

Dippy's HispanicTubers Remove-Comdost-Project must not have completed their dark task then, huh.

>> No.6204774

that's spooki he was coming back from hiatus since yesterday

>> No.6204776

Out of all the normal anime style vroids I know this is probably one of the best. vroid tier list anyone?

>> No.6204828

that model is fucking cute

>> No.6204883

Toma is fucking dying

>> No.6204925

I wanna know too

>> No.6204993

I had to check Rummy's VOD to find the name. Judging from their Twitter they seem to be friends with Coqui?

>> No.6205013

Yeah they're Coqui's friend or something

>> No.6205027

what boys are cute?

>> No.6205066


>> No.6205072

all boys who try hard are cute

>> No.6205093

I'm okay with most of the femboys but there are one or two who should fuck off

>> No.6205099

Oh ok. Not as manly sounding as Spooki at least kek

>> No.6205101

Boys that actually lean into being masculine.

>> No.6205129

so Lance's redesign?

>> No.6205131

What about femboys who aren't fem?

>> No.6205157

El Finalo Yabo...

>> No.6205222

>fembegger hours

>> No.6205237

What the fuck is a fembegger?

>> No.6205268

She's so cute, bros...

>> No.6205327

they can learn be patient

>> No.6205349

Is there any evidence of that at all?

>> No.6205356

schizos have decided that anyone who is a fan of femboys are somehow beggars because they say you should check them out

they're just trying to shit up the thread. ignore

>> No.6205392

So like what? A bishounen?

>> No.6205420

A couple of the femboys use femboy avatars but don't put any other effort into being feminine.

>> No.6205428


>> No.6205449

Some chuubas are too good for us

>> No.6205467

Name them

>> No.6205493

That implies we are too good for the rest.
And it is true.
We have the best viewers in the world, you know why? Because anyone stepping out of the line in chats gets publicly lynched in the threads.

>> No.6205496

Hmm this is good, but the visor covering the eyes is meh. I do like the cocky aura it has though.

>> No.6205527

the mask lifts up

>> No.6205537

he's posted this before too, if visorless is up your alley

>> No.6205560

Oh okay, that's good. Good on them for having the design sense to design a vtuber with the eye consideration. Predebut I assume based on the sketchiness?

>> No.6205577

I am sad that this term is dead
half of the femboys aren't even femboys

>> No.6205590

yeah he's getting a new model done. for the time being he's pngtubing with this model

>> No.6205628

Tragic, I can already feel the debut tba

>> No.6205664

Dumb Cowboy is streaming Ocarina of Time

>> No.6205668

he streamed since july 2020 with his first model i don't think it would be fair to call him a debut tba he's just rebranding to a different character

>> No.6205699

I still think he should have just leaned into yaoi chin and been a chad about it

>> No.6205705

fair enough

>> No.6205718

gonna stream nier and pray twitch doesn't fuck me over like last time


>> No.6205772

hasn't reda been streaming for like over a year or some shit? he ain't going anywhere

>> No.6205787

the minute someone says "bishie" I can already tell they own at least one yaoi paddle

>> No.6205829

what the fuck is a yaoi paddle?

>> No.6205845

oh no you poor naive zoomer

>> No.6205846

you must be 18 or older to post on this site

>> No.6205858

In all my dumpster diving I have never found a vtuber that has a slots gamble redeem like the channel point bots of old. I wonder if it would be possible? Eh probably not and it's probably for the best nobody has integrated heists or slots with the channel crypto as it would only spam up chat. While chat spam may help with drumming up engagement it can also be a hinderance as it can gunk up chat and disrupt the flow of chat if you don't have the energy to hype it up. For example if the bot says to click on the twitter link and you disregard it then the chat will likely disregard it leaving that message to look like nothing but unwanted spam. If you have the emergy to hype up your bot links and interactions when they pop up it increases the quality and engagement.

While this sounds simple it is actually very draining and so I understand why so many streams endure a certain level of poor quality and disengagement.

>> No.6205875


>> No.6205879

Kids these days, am I right?

>> No.6205915

>Soul hackers
Okay based, bad model though.

>> No.6206005

not a kid just not a faggot weeb

>> No.6206101


>> No.6206178

but what the fuck is a yaoi paddle

>> No.6206232

someone call eira over I think we need another impromptu lecture

>> No.6206239


>> No.6206243

I want seep to explain yaoi paddles to me yes

>> No.6206256

>not a faggot weeb
are you lost?

>> No.6206344

this is the best bait I've seen in a while

>> No.6206429

Holy fuck these two are fun

>> No.6206430

Guys, Hot Lava is discounted! It's got pvp for a FLOOR IS LAVA game.

Let's goooo!

>> No.6206471

If I enjoy corpse, what other chuubas would be a good watch?

>> No.6206493


>> No.6206501


>> No.6206503


>> No.6206513

The vampire puyo girl

>> No.6206610


>> No.6206625

Hal for /tg/ stuff I guess, but he streams in the same timeslot

>> No.6206633

What the fuck even are you

>> No.6206642

is spooki here too?

>> No.6206656


>> No.6206658

everywhere at all times

>> No.6206684

if an anon can't be assed to shill their chuuba (pic, link, description), then disregard them as shitposters

>> No.6206694

he wasn't then he was and now he might be

>> No.6206701

requesting the "IS THERE ANY CHUUBA WHO CAN TOUCH" pasta with her as Slugma.

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