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Hololive Global

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I love Ina!

>> No.6268592

That would literally make the progress slower

>> No.6268618

A real dope!

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I love Ayame!

>> No.6268889

post Kiara edits

>> No.6268978

who will get the first blue oopa? kanatan, friend, or ina?

>> No.6268983

I love Ayamefriend!

>> No.6269039

I love Nakirigumi!

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>> No.6269042

This garbage board finally did it, it managed to make more schizos that are more annoying than the kiara ones- the vshojo schizos.

>> No.6269044

Gura tummy

>> No.6269048

Sell me on Polka

>> No.6269049

I love Ina too!

>> No.6269053

Gawr tummy

>> No.6269054

Man, only mc autism could actually make people talk about a Ina stream huh?

>> No.6269059

its been 8 hours almost kanatan im not asking anymore i demand you take a break

>> No.6269065

Isn't it really disrespectful that Ina is changing Ame's build? Like if she wanted a more efficient PPP she should just make a new one holy shit.

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>> No.6269071

Ina just built this:


>> No.6269075

I love edgy fanart

>> No.6269076

Ina's perfectly flat chest is so hot

>> No.6269078

Ame is gonna make PPP 3.0 tomorrow!

>> No.6269080

Would you be willing to go down on your oshi even if she's on the rag?

>> No.6269084

They act kinda fishy

>> No.6269086

Everyone else is already asleep. Prove me wrong.

>> No.6269087

This world would be a better place with more blonde holos.

>> No.6269088

This is your typical shiposter.

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>> No.6269093

Ame too!

>> No.6269095

>Collabing on a weekly basis
>People star calling Ame names
>She does a full stop and now we get one to two collabs per month
Imagine being against EN actually interacting with themselves.

>> No.6269098

I'm going to reveal an unfortunate truth of HoloEN that people here don't like to admit:

All 5 members of HoloEN are not friends, they're co-workers on friendly terms. Anyone here who's worked a job can distinctly understand the difference.

>> No.6269099

WAHtching Ina flee for her life as she an escapee from Ame's makeshift PPP chases after her like a bat out of hell. At least she managed to escape it and can continue on with fixing everything wrong with Ame's attempt at making the EXP farming tower. I smell another Minecraft arc starting for the EN Gen...The Ender Dragon will be defeated in August! I believe this to be true!
While Kanata's still mass breeding Upa Lupas in search for that rare as hell Aoi Form. There's nothing ethical about Kanata's Upa Lupa breeding farm by the way, she's revealing why she became a fallen angel in the first place.
While Fubuki's getting assaulted by literally every monster in the book, getting into a scuff with a trident tossing Drowned and then getting sneaked up upon by a Creeper. All Friends wants to do is breed Upa Lupas and get a blue one, is that so much to ask for?
So friends, where we at?

>> No.6269101

its the best

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>> No.6269113

Waiting for Gura, friend

>> No.6269115

*unintentionally intimidates your oshi with pseudo-extrovert energy she uses to mask her own social anxiety*

>> No.6269118

Should of kept them in >>>/trash/ where they belonged.

>> No.6269122

me too!

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>> No.6269125

>> No.6269127

So is Gura just going to ignore she hit 3M?

>> No.6269129

Looks like the schizos are waking up

>> No.6269131

Now he's complaining about collab, any angle that can attack Ame and shit up the thread.

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>> No.6269133 [SPOILER] 


>> No.6269134

still not as bad as orcschizo, but saved regardless

>> No.6269138

I love Mori!

>> No.6269140

Speaking of mc collabs, I believe Kiara in her birthday strteam, invited Pekora to EN server stream. So now she has both Watame and Pekora lined up for that.

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>> No.6269145

Thoughts on Matsuri retweeting this?

>> No.6269149

Right here, Ayamefriend!

>> No.6269151

How to change Ame from being a passive cuck that would rather watch her genmates prosper and have fun while she watches?

>> No.6269153

Why did Gura like this, she should think of the children.

>> No.6269156

why does this small ame look so familiar

>> No.6269158

What was her plan?

>> No.6269159

>that mini id next to collabs

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>> No.6269164

boin boin Ina!

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>> No.6269170

Redpill me on iofi.

>> No.6269171

>He can't tell it's from Fishtank.

>> No.6269173

She's building a blaze rod farm what does it look like she's doing?

>> No.6269175

Ame antis are unironically psychos

>> No.6269176

It's Umaru.

>> No.6269178

Proclaim your love for your oshi right fucking now, you posers

>> No.6269179

It's Matsuri. I get worried when she doesn't do stuff like that

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>> No.6269181

watch streams

>> No.6269182


>> No.6269183

an EGG?

>> No.6269186


>> No.6269191

I love Ame so much, bros.
No Ame tonight, but I'm excited to see her again this weekend.

>> No.6269194

>gura love
gura love

>> No.6269195

Watch streams, at least one stream

>> No.6269199

I almost forgot this all started because Ina wanted to enchant her diamond helmet and needed levels.

>> No.6269201

Let me drink your sweat friend!

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>> No.6269203

Ina, you dork...

>> No.6269204


>> No.6269205

don't have time for that yo

>> No.6269206

>those thighs

>> No.6269207

>bug review


>> No.6269210

She's been spamming Ina's chat!

>> No.6269213

is this the teamate verison of the egg discord

>> No.6269216

a QRD?

>> No.6269217


>> No.6269219

Based and UOHpilled

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>> No.6269222

this dope is too smooth

>> No.6269225

Even the closer JP pairings like NoeFura and OkaKora don't collaborate every week. You're just obsessed

>> No.6269226

still not on the same level as this

>> No.6269227


>> No.6269228

Poruka oruka?

>> No.6269232

It's been 2 hours and not a single blaze rod has been farmed.
I love this dork

>> No.6269233

[Good news] I'm a cute dork

>> No.6269237

>suddenly fake collab concernnigger appears in the ame split with a neraly copypasted post from here
Can you retards be any more obvious

>> No.6269238

But I already do so every thread! I LOVE YOU INA

>> No.6269239

Her tail looks extra pillowy in this.

>> No.6269240

>Change in writing styles
Am retard? I can't really tell how it's changing

>> No.6269241


>> No.6269242

It was her own fault desu
She stacked late September and all of October with Gura collabs
Then out of nowhere she got really anal about not wanting to be seen as an accessory to Gura and stopped collabing as frequently
Like the entirety of the "Gurame" as we know it was built from that they were collabing once a week in October

>> No.6269244

Except that never happened, threadreader. They stopped collabing weekly before any of that and still collabed fairly frequently after that point.
>> 5941838
> Imagine being against EN actually interacting with themselves.
Nobody collabs weekly. Gura and Ame have 14 1:1 collabs and even more trio collabs and yet Guramefags act like they are dying of thirst.

>> No.6269245

I love her so much

>> No.6269246

What's Ina doing on top of PPP?

>> No.6269247

Hey, me too!

>> No.6269255


>> No.6269256

Gawr was the best thing Gura has done for the fanart.

>> No.6269258

She building a blaze rod farm

>> No.6269259

>Can't proclaim their love without shitting on others
Typical takos

>> No.6269261

are Ina's Asian eyes fucking up her perception

>> No.6269262

She's a talented voice actress and singer who's great at improvising characters and jokes on the fly, and when you get to know her she also reveals a sweet and thoughtful side that shows she's a bookish girl with a soft heart underneath the clown costume. She loves her supporters dearly and sees the relationship between oshi and gachikoi as a two way street that gives both sides the courage to take on the world, and she wants to be that girl for you!

also her design and voice are violently attractive and she'll lick your ears in her member's ASMR

>> No.6269263

When Gura sees an opportunity to cunny tweet, she takes it.

>> No.6269266

same desu

>> No.6269270


>> No.6269271

blaze rods dont spawn in the overworld dumbasses its not a blaze rod farm

>> No.6269273

Well maybe Ame should stop being a retarded autismo who thinks "DOZEN'S OF POSTS FROM HERE" is the majority.

>> No.6269276


>> No.6269278

Enjoy your ER visit and stitches.

>> No.6269281

What the fuck is Ina doing?

>> No.6269282

I LOVE KAWAIIOPE MORIRIN! x4444(her favorite number)

>> No.6269285

A wonderful girl that loves her fans and loves to sing

>> No.6269286

This is such a comfy time, I like it.
Tell me, who are you watching /hlgg/?
And, if you're multitasking, what are you doing?

>> No.6269288 [SPOILER] 

Oh my so many streams in 1 week, this would be terrible for your sleep schedule teamates... Don't worry, I know a way keep you and Ame safe and well rested...

>> No.6269289

Well you see, sometimes he types with proper punctuation and capitalization.

other times he just types like this so it seems like its a different person replying

>> No.6269291

Are takos the most psycho fanbase? If not, who?

>> No.6269294

Her best

>> No.6269296

amelia watson is a simp

>> No.6269297

Is she fixing the spawning problem by making the waiting room really high up?

>> No.6269301

I will!

>> No.6269302

haatons are literal schzios....

>> No.6269303

Playing Senran Kagura while having Ina on in the background
I think she's playing Minecraft and adjusting PPP?

>> No.6269306

Oh so she's not actually fixing ppp

>> No.6269307

I was thinking why "It's your Move" sounded so good when Ame sang it last week and I've come to conclusion is it feels like you sitting next to your gf at a late night karaoke who doesn't know how to sing but tries her hardest.

>> No.6269308


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>> No.6269312

Why are there so many cross thread posts.

>> No.6269313

they never left

>> No.6269314


>> No.6269316

Watching Ina while waiting for the Gura member stream and also playing Diablo 3

>> No.6269318

schizo #1 predated eggs but you could also argue eggs are just the modern version of seagulls

>> No.6269319


>> No.6269321

that's sinfag right?
99% sure all the "teamate" vs "deadbeat" shitflinging is him

>> No.6269323

Ina cute and a dope!

>> No.6269324


>> No.6269328

Iofifags, because they chose Iofi over literally everyone else

>> No.6269332

Anon, eating that would put anyone down just from the sugar crash

>> No.6269333

Just watching Ina while I play the guitar

>> No.6269334

Based Kawaiiope poster

>> No.6269335

Veibae is trying to do a hololive collab again

>> No.6269336

Gura cute

>> No.6269342

ina while I do kanji reps

>> No.6269344

Matuli is a menhera of a highest degree. No one in hololive comes even close to her.

>> No.6269345

i didnt realize fbk was streaming again already... she really really wants that fucking blue upalupa....

>> No.6269346

>Ame only showed interest in chat when she had a monster that gained something from it.
>Chat won't fall for it.

>> No.6269347

what's the name for IRyS fans?

>> No.6269349

>I want to fuck this girl who thirsts for other males
Fucking why I don't get it

>> No.6269350

How did Ina get an enderchest?

>> No.6269351


>> No.6269352

Your dick literally won't survive. Speaking of which would you have sex with Matsuri for one night but you lose your dick for it?

>> No.6269357

You need to stop thinking 4chan is a secret club.

Any post you see here has been repeated 5 times over on twitter, shitty filipino facebook pages, and youtube's comment section.

>> No.6269360

Polka Oryuo!

>> No.6269361

Watching Ina and doing my JP vocab reps

>> No.6269362

>THAT rentry update

>> No.6269364

any acoustic guitar recs anon? been looking to get one to start learning again

>> No.6269366

>Cod Howard

>> No.6269369

yes, now they have to take 2 trips up and down to get XP. so it's better, but still shit.

>> No.6269371

Honestly a lot of her initial momentum came from being associated with Gura

>> No.6269372

thanks, Codd!

>> No.6269373

She made one.
You don't need to beat the game for it

>> No.6269376


>> No.6269377

this isn't naked kiara

>> No.6269378

It has been 1 minute how are you holding up

>> No.6269379


>> No.6269381

I've been watching Ina while I replay Dead Space 1

>> No.6269384

Well, at least you cracked the code.

>> No.6269385

But it was a Match, despite that message.

>> No.6269387

I wish I could take on her mental troubles for her. It'd be worth it to have her back.

>> No.6269389


>> No.6269390

A little too much frosting for me but those are some good looking cinnamon rolls

>> No.6269393

Good explanation

>> No.6269395

She made them last stream.

>> No.6269396

Guess Ame's in the right then!

>> No.6269398

No that's chumbuds based purely on a number game.

>> No.6269400

Getting back down to the killing chamber is a pain. Could offset the waiting platform so she can go straight up and down, but still not optimal.

>> No.6269402

Oh I'm thinking of Shulker boxes

>> No.6269404

The one where she is drinking it out of a mug is more disgusting

>> No.6269407

kek Ina

>> No.6269408

That's the saddest part.

>> No.6269410

at least the egg discord is multiple obsessed schizos, schizo #1 rivals them by himself

>> No.6269413

It's not hard to make

>> No.6269414

Codd Howard > The others

>> No.6269415

Those look fucking amazing

>> No.6269427

Has there EVER been a cross-thread reply post that was actually good? It's always someone trying to drag an argument into another thread

>> No.6269428

i love astel
do you happen to be the one guy from the previous thread who was turned on by septum piercings? would make sense

>> No.6269429

Is anyone else having issues with 4chan X not tagging your own posts?

>> No.6269431

Hey, me too!

>> No.6269432

Are we taking bets on which stream(s) get cancelled?

>> No.6269433

Bros when is Kiara going to stream? I'm going into withdrawal here

>> No.6269436

I bet the cod already despawned

>> No.6269437



>> No.6269439

Impressive but in like a bad way

>> No.6269446

That's Ame's karaokes in a nutshell. There are some songs she does pretty well, but no matter the song, you know she's having a ton of fun.

>> No.6269454

You know that the game literally only gives 1 person as the choice between some joke answers for the audience right? Like you couldn't actually pick anyone else

>> No.6269455

Months old grudgeposts are pretty funny.

>> No.6269459

All my cum desu.

>> No.6269462

No one got cancelled in the last schedule.
She fit airplane in the same schedule

>> No.6269464

>some songs she does pretty well

>> No.6269468

Works on my machine

>> No.6269471


>> No.6269472

I believe this for some pairings, but I think Gura truly sees the rest of EN as close friends, and Kiara defiantly at least wants to be friends with the girls. Like Ina and Kiara get along way too well to just be friendly coworkers. There are genuine moments of closeness between them that would never just happen with a work friend.
Honestly I could truly believe that they ended up getting very very close and friendly with each other leading up to debute, since from how they talked they thought they would be massive flops, and were being treated kinda bad. Maybe post debut they've grown a bit apart like Kiara and Mori, but the bonds they share are still there and you can see them come back some times in collabs.

>> No.6269473

kek I honestly don't care about that because I enjoyed the rap- collab with pink cat

>> No.6269476

Mines on the Members Ukulele and Bug Review. They're just too early for Ame.

>> No.6269482

why did you just stuff some of them in like that? Didn't have a dish big enough for all of them?

>> No.6269483

Reminder that the best Karaoke is people having fun

>> No.6269486

mori types like she thinks in offwhite

>> No.6269487

>strawpoll instead of poal

>> No.6269492

I hope this weekend's Holotalk clears the air about Matsuri. She is a normal girl and the Menhara meme is totally overblown.

>> No.6269493

Reminder to ignore the schizo
He's having a breakdown and posting on cooldown because Ame posted her schedule, happens every week

>> No.6269495

Mitsuri is so fucking cool.

>> No.6269496

I voted Codfather

>> No.6269501

Cod Howard > The Codfather > Cod of War > Cod of Duty

>> No.6269502

s-she's not here...

>> No.6269506

IRyS debut stream

>> No.6269507

>People unironically trying to push a meme about Mori taking too many sponsor streams

>> No.6269509

>noels king cover has almost 2 million views on youtube

>> No.6269511

>the worst option is winning
I thought takos were based...

>> No.6269512


>> No.6269513

Kiara will ask her about her pissing herself

>> No.6269514


>> No.6269515

I never watch holotalk

>> No.6269516

Ina is going to take a piss

>> No.6269519 [SPOILER] 


>> No.6269521

Ina's delicious piss

>> No.6269522

>Polls of any kind of variety

>> No.6269526

The only ones with a coworker relationship are Ame and Kiara

>> No.6269527

I miss Ina...

>> No.6269529

there is unironically a chance she is gonna cancel the gura collab tomorrow. Pray she doesn't get vaccine side effects over night

>> No.6269530

i want ina to have an idol meeting on my face

>> No.6269531

She won't stream Waaaah that soon after staying up all night for NO STREAM. I expect that one to be canceled.

>> No.6269534

>Cod Howard
Oh fuck you guys

>> No.6269535

Its really offputting how fucked up in the head he is.

>> No.6269536

im creaming my jeans for jk Botan

>> No.6269537

cod howard love

>> No.6269541

>Not taCODachi

>> No.6269544


>> No.6269550

Who has the most idol meetings?
Who has the least?

>> No.6269551


>> No.6269552

So are collabs just night out events with your co-workers and boss and sometimes they do turn into great events just like collabs.

>> No.6269553

>> No.6269555

I revived Blockbuster in order to rent a Airplane VHS for that first stream, she'll never be forgiven.

>> No.6269556

How many holos are gonna play Monster Hunter Stories 2? Will they get it/should I get it for the switch or PC?

>> No.6269558

Only the takos here are based, and only when they aren't talking.

>> No.6269560

He's just taking cowardly potshots right now, too much of a cuck for insults since his last ban, pretty funny desu.

>> No.6269562


>> No.6269565


>> No.6269566


>> No.6269567

Gura's childlike proportions...

>> No.6269568

>strawpoll instead of youtube poll

>> No.6269569

friendly fat cat

>> No.6269570

They are friends at the very minimum, they've all said as such.

>> No.6269571

Hmm... would you look at these poll results.
It's almost like your audience wants you to play Skyrim, Ina.

>> No.6269573

They have been extremely stacked recently, combine that with Mori reducing her stream volume and you easily understand why people think she's taking too many of them

>> No.6269575


>> No.6269577

Fubuki is like the epitome of an ironic weeb

>> No.6269578

Crinch but also based

>> No.6269579

Both Skyrim and Oblivion sucks. I don't get the obsession here.

>> No.6269580

>best one is highest voted
>people suddenly want to vote for the "underdog" and vote the second highest one which is just worse
This is like Yuul's hair all over again

>> No.6269581


>> No.6269593


>> No.6269594

No rrat here

>> No.6269595


>> No.6269596

>Hey Roberu, I have an imaginary shota big bro who gives me stuff, bathes and sleeps with me. Do you want to be it?
Yeah totally overblown.

>> No.6269598

..Poor Luna

>> No.6269599

>1fags are still seething
Will never not be funny

>> No.6269604


>> No.6269605

Kiara wants to fuck Ame if not for the predetermined pairing with Mori.

>> No.6269606


>> No.6269607

That's the best part

>> No.6269611

>It fits

>> No.6269612

>> No.6269613


>> No.6269615


>> No.6269616


>> No.6269617

>official art where she looks like a literal child with bare feet
She requested this right?

>> No.6269619

>Hold hold it takes a while for me to get into this one

It's like she was right there bros.....

>> No.6269620

Wasn't Ina supposed to get blaze rods...

>> No.6269621

Noel speaks Japanese like its her second language.

>> No.6269624

Ame and Mori are by far the most distant members of EN.

>> No.6269626

Same desu

>> No.6269628

I mean sure, if you literally ignore what happens on streams

>> No.6269630

She can actually finish Celeste in one stream.
>Bug Review.

>> No.6269635

What does it look like she's doing?

>> No.6269640

ame, mori, and gura
>worked hard to earn their 1m subs
>deserved the 1m by playing good games
>celebrated by playing even more good games
kiara and ina
>shit taste in video games
>did not deserve the 1m
>i bet they like new vegas (shit game btw)

>> No.6269641

What did Ina even do to PPP?

>> No.6269643

No, but sometimes when I hit "get captcha" this will pop up, but I still have to type something in the box in order to post

>> No.6269644

I appreciate artists keeping it canon

>> No.6269649

i have one for her

>> No.6269651

Ame, don't look..

>> No.6269654

If you update 4chan x it fixes that.

>> No.6269655

>ONE cute girl

>> No.6269656

Skyrim sucks
Oblivion is suck kino.

>> No.6269657

ame likes new vegas, what are you gonna do now huh?

>> No.6269660

kek. Nice to know she still browses here

>> No.6269661

is kanatan ogey?

>> No.6269665

>>i bet they like new vegas (shit game btw)

>> No.6269666

Celeste will be a struggle, but I believe she'll be able to finish.

>> No.6269667

t. odd

>> No.6269668

I've always wanted to be edged by a woman who has a gun to my head and is threatening to shoot me if I cum.

>> No.6269672

Seems like it was an issue with passes. I think it's fixed in the latest update.

>> No.6269675

I miss Ame Minecraft...

>> No.6269677

Skyrim is the only game in recent memory that created a fuckton of hype and not only lived up to it but surpassed it. It is the "good old times" of a lot of people.

>> No.6269678

She got through two levels and like halfway through the third before being distracted by that bonus area, and there's seven levels
I do think she'll probably finish it by the third stream though, I cannot wait to see that final level

>> No.6269679

sorry buddy

>> No.6269681

Holy kek Fubuki

>> No.6269685

Built a waiting room high enough up to despawn any mobs on the ground.

>> No.6269686

Imagine this:
Ame and Noel collab song

>> No.6269688

sure thing todd, whatever you say

>> No.6269690

ppt determination can't be beat

>> No.6269692


>> No.6269693

Any MorrowwindChads?

>> No.6269696


>> No.6269699

>not only lived up to it but surpassed i

>> No.6269702

Tomorrow. How can you say you miss Ame anything if you don't even look up schedules? Just shitposting?

>> No.6269707

what about dmc5

>> No.6269708

This post makes me want to play modded Skyrim.

>> No.6269711

Oh so it's a band aid.

>> No.6269712

The pain doesn't stop

>> No.6269715

pretty much all of them are either existing contracts (moved readalong with Ollie, SV, the web store she shilled in the zatsu which was being delayed until now and turned more into a short mention) or group sponsorships (SN was with Gura, bookwalker with Ollie again, PSO is with both Kiara and Ina, bleach was with Kiara and JPs) so it's like... okay?
is she supposed to tell the other girls to fuck off?

>> No.6269716


>> No.6269717

>Putting Ame, the one girl on the list who has played New Vegas on stream in the past in the category without New Vegas
How new

>> No.6269719

Majestic. Nature...

>> No.6269721

Someone has not seen her beating
Sans and Jump Maser streams.

>> No.6269722

t. hasn't used skyrim sex mods

>> No.6269725

You have refined taste, f’lah.

>> No.6269726

i'm going to superchat her exactly 84 ars telling her why her opinion is objectively wrong and why she should play fallout 76

>> No.6269727

>i bet they like new vegas (shit game btw)
t. odd

>> No.6269731

Fubuki is killing all the reject axolotls she's got while hiding it behind the Holofes 1 poster

>> No.6269734

[Terrifying News] Friend is currently exterminating her excess Axolotls

>> No.6269742

i dont expect them to say what exactly happened but the fact its HL related is pretty interesting

>> No.6269746

>good old times
less than a decade ago you stupid zoomer

>> No.6269749

that doujin was great. I wish there were more like that one

>> No.6269751

She had a snack a few hours ago. She'll be fine.

>> No.6269752

Yeah. Not much else she could do without just building a new one.

>> No.6269753


>> No.6269755


>> No.6269756

She started the Sans one in the morning didn't she? Not sure about the Jump King one since I didn't watch it live.

>> No.6269758

>Kanata MOGGING Ina in live viewers
How will takos cope?

>> No.6269759

Ah, I can relate to that.

>> No.6269762

Holy shit

>> No.6269763

Morrowind is casul babby shit
Im a Daggerfall Gigachad

>> No.6269766

Honestly, I've been playing games all day and missed the schedule.

>> No.6269767

You got the one of her singin the mario/luigi rpg music?

>> No.6269768

Powerful Social Commnetary.

>> No.6269769

>censoring the mass murder of axolotls
best handling of it so far. friend has a knack for making entertainment out of nothing

>> No.6269771

Don't worry Ame likes 76 as well. And Fallout 3.

>> No.6269773

interminable sufferkino streams are her healthiest state
i was getting worried she hadn't done one in a while

>> No.6269775

>Friend sending babby axolotls to the oopa world

>> No.6269777

So has Ina fixed PPP?

>> No.6269780

>less than a decade ago

>> No.6269783

The Japanese love gacha in all its forms. Ina is just playing by coincidence.

>> No.6269784

That’s the nice part about Bone Bros, neither is an accessory to the other.

>> No.6269787

cocochi... ame... the fallout 76 collab that never was....

>> No.6269788

I thought it would be a cool idea, but Holotalk being "let's introduce EOP clip watchers to Holos" rather than "let's ask hyper specific questions about the Holos that their biggest EOP fans are wondering" made it feel redundant for someone who pays at least some attention to all the Holos.

>> No.6269789

By watching both.

>> No.6269791

As expected of the Japanese, pray to god they don't add whales to the game.

>> No.6269793

Killing kids with Ina!

>> No.6269795


>> No.6269796

Holy shit, Just found out that Ina a

>> No.6269797

>Not Arena
You're small time.

>> No.6269798

In a roundabout way yes

>> No.6269806

moss is the best but you need high autism to appreciate it

>> No.6269808

>Not an Arena Ascended being

>> No.6269809

Shiny hunting.

>> No.6269812

"Fixed", its still not as efficient as if they had built it properly from the start.

>> No.6269815

>Schizos here whittle my patience
>Can't handle the idea of being identifiable so discord is out the question
>Is be caught dead on reddit every other community is too slow to have any real fun on

>> No.6269818

She's fixed my PPP....

>> No.6269824


>> No.6269827

So what exactly is Kanata doing?

>> No.6269828

she's on thin ice until she finishes oblivion and starts skyrim right after

>> No.6269829

>Skyrim is 10 years old in a couple of months

>> No.6269833


>> No.6269834

I mean, technically. PPP went from shit to just slightly inafficient

>> No.6269836

has there been a single bone bros collab that wasn't initiated by mori

>> No.6269838

the fuck is with the loli wars in the split threads?

>> No.6269841

>Relevant clip

Inb4 I get shouted down by your fucking orbiters but do you really not see the irony in your actions? You started posting with Ayame's picture, I'm guessing, to try and counteract the bad rep she got from that schizo Chilenigger. I bet even in the beginning, your intentions were good, to try and give people a brief glance of what streams were on at the moment. And you know what, fine, that was a little weird and self important. Plenty of other Holos had less than stellar images in these threads. Flare falseflaggers, Smug Watame shitposters, Hoshiyomi falseflaggers. Yet you alone took it personally and decided Ayame's image needed helping.

But as the months rolled on, it became less and less about Ayame and telling people what was going on, and more and more about you and your opinions. You've added more commentary into your posts over time. During the Deadbeat meltdown after Mori's latest shot into her own foot, you took it upon yourself to tell all the worried Deadbeats to shut up, because of course you're the one who decides what goes in these threads. Your blogpost during Coco's graduation was the most self absorbed bullshit I've ever read, and I read other kids AIM profiles in middle school. Now we have people addressing you and only you, Ayamefriend, not Ayame. People drawing porn of you, discussing KK cards of you, asking your opinion on things totally unrelated to Ayame or Hololive for that matter.

Now what kind of easily influenced faggot lets himself like a chuuba less because of what a fan does? But it's like Ui-mama says, subconsciously, by always taking Ayame's picture, you do become her representative. Your avatarfagging has entwined you with her. Even if the posts I mentioned weren't you, even if it was someone else with an Ayame picture, you started it and have linked yourself with her. I know I'm in a minority here, we have so many newfags, you only started posting in February, yet most people haven't even been here that long. And some of the attempts to tell you to fuck off have been pretty schizo themselves. I just want you to know that because of you and your actions, I actually like Ayame less now. And that may not matter to you or her. She just hit 1 million after all. But at least, in my eyes, you've lowered my opinion of her, for actions she hasn't even taken herself. And that's a real shame. Because to me you've become what that Chilenigger was. A bad representation of a Holo. Just had to get that off my chest. All your defenders can "ogey" me now.

>> No.6269842

Lets point and laugh at this plebeian
t. Arenachad

>> No.6269844

this one?

>> No.6269846

>Ina a-

>> No.6269849

Holy shit Ina

>> No.6269850

>Is be caught dead

>> No.6269858

Her best!

>> No.6269859

Imagine playing a game with fewer than 2 rereleases per year.

>> No.6269861

Was there a reason Ame didn't use a guide?

>> No.6269871

In tired and s is next to d on the keyboard. Please andastd

>> No.6269874

Why poeple pronunciate it "FUGU" if it is "HUGU"?

>> No.6269875

That's some good shit. Thanks senpai.

>> No.6269877

Do you expect me to read all that shit?
Right here Ayamefriend!

>> No.6269879

JP has to breed Oopas, Ina is doing everything in her power to make the Enderdragon collab happen short of beating the dragon down to its last pixel of HP herself.

>> No.6269880


>> No.6269884

dunking on chat

>> No.6269885

All replies after this one are me.

>> No.6269886


>> No.6269887

I want Ina to sit on my face

>> No.6269889

Chat told her to

>> No.6269890


>> No.6269897

You wouldn't get it

>> No.6269901 [SPOILER] 


>> No.6269902


>> No.6269903


>> No.6269904

Imperfections add c h a r a c t e r

>> No.6269905

The Ameway...

>> No.6269906


>> No.6269907

Mucho texto

>> No.6269908

I'm already on board with calling them Auditors and she hasn't even had a debut.

>> No.6269909

jesus he's still at it?

>> No.6269913


>> No.6269914

inass is clearly inferior to kanatass

>> No.6269915

She's gotta do it the Ame way!

>> No.6269916

This, but unironically.

>> No.6269919

She wanted to make one with chat.

>> No.6269920

Ask Hurea

>> No.6269921

The true Axolotl master shows herself via numbers.

>> No.6269924

damn thats a lotta words homie
gimme the 101

>> No.6269925


>> No.6269927

>I want to include chat in the build.

>> No.6269929

Honestly I blame the other three girls for not being available at the time.
Here's hoping that EN2 are geographically closer to each other, and that they finish up their prior obligations before debut.

>> No.6269940

>Then out of nowhere she got really anal about not wanting to be seen as an accessory to Gura and stopped collabing as frequently
See >>5941838
Nobody collabs weekly forever.

>> No.6269942

>In tired

>> No.6269944

Number of votes on Ina's poll is higher than the 'view count'. Oh Susan...

>> No.6269945

Didn't read, have sex, back to discord, etc

>> No.6269949

right here, ayamefriend!

>> No.6269952


>> No.6269954

What she could do is reroute the mobs so they travel upwards and can be killed up top where you AFK, instead of having to go back and forth.

>> No.6269959

how can a person be this mentally ill?

>> No.6269961

>Now what kind of easily influenced faggot lets himself like a chuuba less because of what a fan does?
this but unironically. this type of person needs to fuck off regardless because of the incessant schizoposting anyway. ayamefriend doesn't hold a candle to shitposters if you're worried about subconsciously influencing opinions.

>> No.6269962

It went from OK to good.

>> No.6269963

based. said it way better than i ever could
KYS and your orbiters

>> No.6269969


>> No.6269971

Mosf if not all of the "bad" hololive singers are like this. If they're not into the whole music production of hololive they at least try to make their singing streams fun because that's usually the normie thing to do with GF.

>> No.6269972

>migo in gen 2
another EOP in gen 2

>> No.6269974

Let's settle this once and for all.


>> No.6269976

>Elder Scrolls game
Not Civilization DOS version

>> No.6269980


>> No.6269984

>open Ina's stream
>click on the poll
>close before the ad ends

>> No.6269986


>> No.6269987


>> No.6269989

Mods really need to do some kind of intervention, what's the difference between this dude and a tripfag?

>> No.6269993

>replying to yourself

>> No.6269997

Anon, it's nice you articulated your posts but they're just going to get mad at you. I've agree and have been annoyed for months now but the moment you try and speak out against it you're Labeled a newfag who should fuck off even if you've been here longer than they have.

>> No.6270006


>> No.6270007

>Flare falseflaggers
Literally never happened /hlgg/, shouldn't have tipped the hand that bad. Also this started in December, but that's less notable.
Try again next time, or just don't. Acting like you associate the chuubas with random posters on this board makes you the same as people who think Watame is equivalent to sheepposters.

>> No.6270008

>replying to yourself
That's kinda cringe desu

>> No.6270012


>> No.6270013


>> No.6270019

I'm pretty sure PSO2 is just an open sponsorship to whoever wants to take it for a 1 hour stream.

>> No.6270020

If "HOPE" is supposed to be the official name of EN2 then I can't imagine her genmates will be far behind her.

>> No.6270021


>> No.6270022

>Gets made fun of
>Starts samefagging
Laugh at him.

>> No.6270024

If you poay attention, you'll notice Miko says HUCK YOU

>> No.6270025

Ina is trying to secure her home away from home in Nene's bedroom at all costs. Cute!

>> No.6270028 [SPOILER] 

Guess what?

shark butt

>> No.6270029

I love Polka!!

>> No.6270031


>> No.6270032

So, why exactly are people bothering about inability to control Ame's gameplay through chat? Don't like - don't watch, simple as

>> No.6270036


>> No.6270037

Ina you dummy

>> No.6270038

I'll try better next time

>> No.6270040

It's not nice to laugh at the mentally ill

>> No.6270041

people with a normal life style

>> No.6270042

You are right. You care too much, sure, but you are right.

>> No.6270045


>> No.6270046

You forgot.
This bitch started giving her faggot opinion about geopolitics, while also garnering for attention and (Yous) by leading anons on with small increments of attentionfagging as some horny woman

>> No.6270047

Flare falseflaggers were a thing in the /jp/ threads, just like the Chilefag. Which is where he got the idea.

>> No.6270048

No matter what your feeling toward the ritualpost is, it ain't remotely comparable to Chileanon

>> No.6270051

>People are unironically replying to the bait
I should just vomit ten thousand words into a post its free (you)s

>> No.6270052

Far more /vg/esque to thread personalities

>> No.6270055

>> No.6270056

Fuck, I looked at some African cat and got stuck for last half of a hour
Did Ina do anything in that timeframe?

>> No.6270057

I guess her lack of an specific talent made her insecure

>> No.6270058

>Todd is an Arsfag
I guess those Zenimax checks aren't big as they used to be...

>> No.6270060

the real reason why gura and ame don't collab that much anymore is that neither of them have any ideas for collab games, and they don't want to just default to minecraft. mori actively looks for collab games to have an excuse to hang out with gura because they don't talk as much off-stream as ame and gura do, but there's not much they can play together because of the ping so she just goes with minecraft.

>> No.6270061

A happy person

>> No.6270062

a literal disney princess does

>> No.6270065

>flare falseflaggers
isn't that a /hlg/ thing

>> No.6270066

>12k watching
>13.6k votes
>every single person and THEN some voted

>> No.6270067

I wanna see Astel & Moona do a singing collab

>> No.6270070

Somehow you've managed to be a bigger faggot than the ones lusting over "her."

>> No.6270073


>> No.6270075

Hard to tell, I definitely think Mori has come up with the collab ideas but Gura may have said “Hey Calli wanna collab?” first.

>> No.6270076

to have*

>> No.6270078

What post are you implying?

>> No.6270081

Ina is a genius

>> No.6270083

I love thicc gura, I want more bottom heavy art.

>> No.6270084


>> No.6270087

It would honestly be pretty cool and based if they did a debut relay sort of thing. At the end of each debut, they show the trailer for the next girl, and a couple days later that girl debuts and does it again. Each girl gets their own couple days of hype instead of one giant burst of hype with the full announcement.

>> No.6270088

I wake up at 5 AM every day

>> No.6270089

>14k votes
>12k live viewers

ogey susan

>> No.6270090

I'm confused why a consistently pro-unity stance would sour your opinion of a Holo, even if I buy into your idea that you associate the chuuba with the poster.

>> No.6270091

Oh shit, thanks anon!

>> No.6270092

Ina's IQ while playing minecraft goes down 50%

>> No.6270094

blue axolotl is a myth

>> No.6270095

When's irys debuting againg?

>> No.6270097

They should play secret of mana together all the way through in one stream

>> No.6270098

>Irys's debut is a 3D concert and she already has a 3D model made before any of the EN girls
how hard would you seethe? would you start becoming an Irys anti?

>> No.6270102

Right here!

>> No.6270103

I read through this entire thing and...there's actually so much wrong in it that anyone who agrees with you unironically did not read a damn thing you typed.

>> No.6270105

I absolutely agree with you, this avatarfagging is getting seriously annoying (and I hate the whole "thread celebrity" thing in the first place), but come on, why do you have to write that like an absolute faggot?

>> No.6270106

do you break into song when you wake up?

>> No.6270107

I love Kiara.
I spent 30 minutes in the last thread wondering why it wasn't moving until I realized it got archive

>> No.6270108

it's not bait. ayamenemy is sincerely obssessed and has been for months. ironically, he's as recognizable as ayamefriend.

>> No.6270110


>> No.6270112

no i saw ayame get one

>> No.6270116

I guess the ''bug'' is still there.

>> No.6270117

I'm going to masturbate to Ayamefriend because I know it's going to make that one schizo extremely mad.

>> No.6270118

Why has Anya been stream Korean Duolingo for over 15 hours?

>> No.6270119

>using "worked hard" to describe Gura
Kek! Good one

>> No.6270120

She not HoloEN Anon

>> No.6270121


>> No.6270123

Polka does this like, at least once a month.

>> No.6270129

I can buy this but they could be slamming their clams together daily and it wouldn't change the fact that I want to actually see them play stuff together since what they do off stream is frankly none of my business.

>> No.6270133

>Now what kind of easily influenced faggot lets himself like a chuuba less because of what a fan does?
>you've lowered my opinion of her, for actions she hasn't even taken herself
Why are you an easily influenced faggot?

>> No.6270135


>> No.6270137

vSingers need 3D models a lot more than normal girls

>> No.6270141

same mentality

>> No.6270142

>She not holoEN
Are you retarded? She is literally marketed as HoloEN Project:Hope vSinger

>> No.6270143

How likely is it that we'll get a /k/ holo in gen 2?
It doesn't even have to be guns, but a tank/warship autist would be fine too.

>> No.6270144

You're not very bright, are you?

>> No.6270145

Not defend YouTube being a piece of shit, because it is, but viewers do cycle in and out

>> No.6270146

Anti-avatarfags are always worse than the avatarfags themselves. No exceptions.
Now go back.

>> No.6270147

Based. You shouldn't care so much but it's true that this Ayamefriend faggotry has gone way too far and for too long.

>> No.6270148

Will people in these threads ever figure out the definition of avatarfag?

>> No.6270149

Let's test it out

Many people across the world understand the nature of an idol, and her relationship to her fans. An idol wishes to succeed, and be loved by many. Her fans reciprocate that idol's wish, and are granted a form of love in return. For the grand majority, this is a relationship that manifests as a competition to find the peak of the mountain; the attempt to be the world's number one idol, and their fan's support of that goal. A symbiotic relationship forms, built on the pursuit of success.
>But this is not the only form an idol takes. Many unique relationships form, and perhaps the most unique comes from Hololive, the world of virtual idols, where a fan and an idol's true nature can be both hidden by the virtual indentity, and allowed to blossom uninhibited by reality.
>The most unique may be the story of a clown, the idol who wished to make everyone in her sight smile. She dedicated herself to that goal, slaving away for days and nights on end to entertain everybody that came into her sight. Whether it be a crowd that could fill a schoolhouse or a stadium did not matter; she worked so that each person could find their smile in her.
>But as is the nature of clowns, the smiling mask hides the face behind it. The clown's bright face was seen by all, and as an idol, one wanted to grow closer to her, to stand by her, not just as an entertainer, but as a supporter. She gladly accepted their love, and wished to reciprocate their dedication with her own.
>As they grew closer, the idol spoke to her fan more. Weeks turned to months, and they crew closer still, as their trust grew and their bond developed. In time, the fan grew curious, and wished to know, why had the idol chosen to be the clown, the jester? When one wishes to climb the mountain, is that not for the recognition of success? Yet, a clown cannot be respected; to give one respect is to rob them of their position at the bottom. A clown is to be laughed at, while an idol is to be respected. And so the fan asked the idol these things.
>The idol, who always strove to give their fan happiness, seemed hesitant at first. But seeing the worry on the fan's face, she opened her heart to his request. She told the fan that his understanding of an idol was true. But so was his understanding of the clown, the one that exists to be a joke. She told the fan that it would be great to climb the mountain, and find the adoration and respect. She had tried it before. But her time on the mountain taught her the truth of it's ideal.
>The mountain is a cold, dark place. The mountain strips you of everything; your work, your devotion, your pride, all fall away to nothing on the mountain. She thought she could climb the mountain alone, by depriving herself of those traits first. She stripped herself of her work, her devotion, and even her pride, so that she could gain the traits of those who reach the mountaintop. If one must become a shell on their climb, she would preempt the mountain, and become a shell suited to it.
>But she had been mistaken. The truth of the mountain was not the same as it's effect. The only path up the mountain is one made by an idol and her fans together. A fan does not come to an idol for the shell; a fan finds their idol in hopes to shelter them from the mountain's damage. This mistake cost the idol everything. She could not attract the fans to bring her to the mountaintop as a hollow shell. In desperation, she attempted to become a hollow vessel for the masses, one who would cross the taboos to provide for those fans who were shunned by all others.
>But they could not carry her to the mountaintop. They were too few, and those who came did not come to bring her to the top. Those who came wished to hold onto the idol as their own prize, a tool to satisfy their needs. The idol did not want this, and in time, was broken. In attempting to best the mountain on her own, the mountain had broken her utterly.
>The idol lost her dream. Those who saw the idol would be forgiven for thinking they saw a discarded doll. But somehow, it was not the end of her story. She was found again, given another chance. She was asked how she wanted to be known. Her identity would be chosen by her. The girl thought long and hard about what form would best express her inner self. But when she looked inward, she saw nothing, having lost herself to the mountain. A pitiful creature, one to be mocked, one to be laughed at. It came to her; she would be a clown. If she could not climb the mountain, then she could at least bring others happiness as their fool.
>Thus, the idol told her fan it all. She winced, expecting the fan to leave her like the rest, knowing the truth. But the fan did not leave. Instead, the fan wiped away the tears that formed on her face and his own, and with a smile, said one thing:
>"Let me show you the view from the mountaintop."
>And for the first time, the clown who wished to make everyone smile understood what it meant to smile herself.

>> No.6270150

>When breeding Axolotls, there is a 1⁄1200 (0.083%) chance of the offspring having the blue mutation, leaving 1199⁄1200 (99.917%) chance of matching one of the parents (including blue parents)
>0.083% chance

>> No.6270151

If you would unironically rape your oshi given the chance then you are actually a horrible person and need to seek therapy. That's an absolutely terrible thing to even consider doing to someone you supposedly care about.

>> No.6270154

I love and miss my debiru more than you could imagine

>> No.6270156

It's not. That's just a cope made up by people who want EN2 to come out earlier

>> No.6270157

they should play Serious Sam co-op

>> No.6270160

Yes my alarm is Roar of the Spark and I typically start singing along with it while doing chunni anime poses to hype myself up for the day.

>> No.6270162

Do any druganons here know anything that could make me perceive my oshi as real and in front of me? I don't really care if it kills me in the process just give me a substance

>> No.6270163


>> No.6270167

I love Gura!

>> No.6270168

No Ayamefag, I've been here longer than you.

>> No.6270170

So how long do you need to be subscribed to Astel to send messages?

>> No.6270172

They hated him because he spoke the truth

>> No.6270178

Ina please stop eating my people I'm pretty sure it's a violation of human rights

>> No.6270180

Ya that's me

>> No.6270182

Fantastic content if you can get her T3 membership

>> No.6270184

Try mixing some acid and pcp. Not too much though

>> No.6270185

>COVER Corporation (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Tanigo Motoaki) has announced that member of VTuber group "hololive English," under "hololive production," the VSinger IRyS will be making her debut as part of the “Project: HOPE” generation.

Idk unless it's just an error in communication it kind of sounds like it is?

>> No.6270187

Wtf how come AZKi got a new 3d before IDs?

>> No.6270188

considering they already had a joined sponsorship before and Calli confirming a collab coming between TakoToriMori in PSO2, it doesn't feel like it
overall, it's a really weird thing to jump at Mori for again, especially considering Ina just had a big art sponsorship in the middle of increasingly constrained schedule and Kiara became Arise's ambassador which will probably lead to a good handful of lengthy shill streams and those both were solo obligations, meanwhile the latest Mori solo shill was a 5 minute mention of a webstore that gifted her streaming setup, and even then she spent more time geeking over Aki merch
which was ultra based btw

>> No.6270189

>12k viewers
>15k votes

>> No.6270193

It's easier to sing low notes in the morning.

>> No.6270195


>> No.6270196

Literally labeled as HoloEN

>> No.6270197

It's that fucking BGM

>> No.6270199

chickens are humans bird brain

>> No.6270201

I can't post Botan pubes, Fuck you meidos

>> No.6270203


>> No.6270204

She Hololive EN Vsinger not Hololive EN

>> No.6270205

Fan base reflects oshi
i love her though

>> No.6270206

Why would I seethe at something excepted?

>> No.6270208

Im watching Ina and didn't vote, so...

>> No.6270209

Relevant poal
Do we still like her? Or is this anon right?

>> No.6270210

>cuphead: gura popped in during mori's cuphead stream and mori asked if she wanted to collab with her
>river city girls: mori is a friend of the sprite artist and wanted to promote the game, asked gura to collab with her
>matrix watchalong: mori's the one asking for this one, whenever it happens
maybe the minecraft thing was gura's idea, but gura kinda hates playing minecraft now so i think that was mori too

>> No.6270211

Would you follow the #AmeWay even if it leads you off of a cliff?

>> No.6270214

>unironically concerned about Ayame's reputation in these threads
>when Ayame barely streams anyway
Anon, to EOPs, Ayame's reputation is and always will be "le cute giggles"

>> No.6270220

Final warning.

>> No.6270221

They literally say Hope is a generation anon

>> No.6270223

>not believing in the heart of the gacha

>> No.6270225

Yeah and chat screwed her over because they had a power that let them steal hearts by dating her twice.

>> No.6270226

fanbase reflects the oshi ...

>> No.6270227

Well I can't argue with that.

>> No.6270230

Considering that music will be her main priority and is expected to perform and do concerts, no seethe. Everyone will get 3d eventually.

>> No.6270231

Weed can really immerse you in your oshi and when I close my eyes during an ASMR stream, it feels like they're actually there. I don't have any experience with other drugs but I'm sure acid could help.

>> No.6270232

No, because you should have accepted by now that 3D EN will happen at least on 2023 unless they made Mori 3D years before the others.

>> No.6270237

Obviously some people came and went during the poll

>> No.6270238


>> No.6270240

Is that so.

>> No.6270242

you're not even wrong, the porn stuff and blog posting is pretty nauseating, but holy shit you care way too much
the ritualposts themselves are inoffensive at worst and actually useful at times
and the way you frame the Mori timeloop incident makes it apparent you're just a shitposter who got rightfully told to shut the fuck up

if you take the effort to type out a whole essay it just to be laughed at it stops being bait and you're actually mentally ill

>> No.6270244

What did Susan mean by this?

>> No.6270248

So was Ayame's bad repuation, which I'm assuming Ayamefriend was around for. In the beginning there was only /jp/ and /hlg/. Before dogfucker even. Now all that remains are dogfuckers but a fair number of the original posters in those threads have migrated here. Ayamefriend I assume was one of them.

Just like all the people who associated Ayame with Chile schizo? Including Ayamefriend himself, which is why he started this whole shit, because he knew her image was damaged?

>> No.6270249

I feel like there's a lot of untapped Minecraft kino in EN. They should schedule 'event builds' similar to the Usaken festival where they have a theme they have to build around for a month. For example they could go for a western/ruins theme near PPP to make it feel less empty and match the look of the tower.

Maybe I'm just being autistic

>> No.6270250

Fuck Ayamenigger. He should stop attaching easily recognisable images to every single one of his posts, and stop replying to people that ask for his opinions on inane bullshit. That's all it would take to stop lowering the quality of the thread.

>> No.6270253

tl;dr, waiting for Astel too demanding

>> No.6270254

Don't listen to the haters, Ayamefriend. I'll always love you.

>> No.6270255


>> No.6270257

Not sure why you'd shit on Ayamefriend. They provide the thread a service that I doubt any of you would do. So what if people want to fuck them? It's not getting in the way of your conversation...wait, you do start conversations here, right? You don't just come in here to bitch about nothing?

>> No.6270258


>> No.6270259

It's REALLY hard to make a website

>> No.6270264

Violet is a myth

>> No.6270265

Spam viewers, please understand.

>> No.6270266


>> No.6270267

Working as intended

>> No.6270271

>Fags have never shiny hunted in Pokemon before

>> No.6270274

thats pretty based tbqhdesu

>> No.6270275

1 hour

>> No.6270276


>> No.6270277

Pajeet feature

>> No.6270278

>yet another nousagi overdosing
at least provide updates like that other anon

>> No.6270279

>Ame bad at platformers
>this weeks schedule is full of platformers
why is our detective like this?

>> No.6270280

I have to say you used more words that I ever would because I don't care as much but you also aren't entirely wrong besides the part about the faggot lowering your opinion of a Holo. I used to not mind him since they were just 35p poster but with more words, until the orbiter retards came into being its own subgroup in this thread.

>> No.6270285

I love Gura more than anyone else on this entire board. I am going to marry her one day!

>> No.6270289

>> No.6270293

Thing is nobody cares about ayamefriend as much as you do, not even the mods give a shit

>> No.6270295

Getting >100% of people to vote is pretty impressive.

>> No.6270297

its a dirty job and someone has to do it

>> No.6270298


>> No.6270302

IRyS T3 community post is wild

>> No.6270303

>the one post in the thread that always actually comments on ongoing streams
>even when the rest of the thread is just pointless shitflinging and tribalfagging
no, fuck off and watch streams, dramanigger

>> No.6270304

Gura hates playing minecraft solo

>> No.6270306

Based Mori calling it as it is

>> No.6270307

I had a dream that Pekora was acting really funny on stream and no one knew why and I saw her ears in my neighbor's window and realized she lived across the street and I walked into their house and asked if pekora lived there.
They said maybe, they were renting a room to some weird girl upstairs.
I walked upstairs and there was a little alcove that didnt even have a door and it was a big red bed and a pc battlestation and pekora was sitting there. she broke her finger 2 or 3 days before and it was all purple and swollen and she hadnt even wrapped it,
I convinced her to go to the hospital but she was too dizzy to walk so i called my friend to come pick us up and drive us to the hospital.
I princess carried her outside and my friend was already there, as I approached his jeep he just drove off.
Instead of putting her in my car and driving her to the hospital I princess carried her like 2 or 3 miles to the hospital

>> No.6270309

Nothing to Kikkeriki about

>> No.6270312

Don't worry bro. She'll cry a bit at first but eventually her female instincts will kick in and she'll learn to love me. Stockholm syndrome is one of the greatest gifts in human evolution. If anything you should be thanking me since I would treat her wonderfully after dicking her into submission thus making her happier than she currently is

>> No.6270313

I dislike the drawfags and orbiters, I like Ayamefriend though

>> No.6270314

I mean, they have literally said they want to do a similar project to the Summer Festival, so yeah.

>> No.6270315

It's like the bug never went away.

>> No.6270316

she's been falling behind so she needs some of that rage clips boost

>> No.6270321


What we've known since the new "feature" was implemented. Obfuscating viewers. The reason behind it, however, is up to speculation.

>> No.6270322

There's nothing there indicating that EN2 will be part of Project: HOPE. It could just be a separate thing that contains any future vsingers they may hire

>> No.6270323


>> No.6270324

Then HoloEN Myth is not HoloEN. Wtf, we never had a true HoloEN in the first place.

>> No.6270326

Mucho texto

>> No.6270329

That sounds like a challenge.

>> No.6270331

>IRyS T3
She doesn't even have memberships yet you retard

>> No.6270332



>> No.6270334

I was about to call UI on her bullshit, but I remembered I dislike Watame despite never watching her stuff due to watamelonposters alone, so she might have a point

>> No.6270336

>Friend streaming at this time again
I imagine it's actually comfy as fuck for those who get up early in Japan and also great for overseas fans

>> No.6270338

>> No.6270339

Youtube execs hate how popular vtubers are.

>> No.6270340

>Ever giving a shit about thread quality
That's not even a low bar, the bar doesn't exist.

>> No.6270341


>> No.6270342

>3000 takos are asleep...

>> No.6270344

nay, hombre

>> No.6270346

No idea, between that Ayamefriend and that one flip posting Facebook screenshots through his phone, making sure that there's always that discussion bubble with a Towa image profile, I don't even think that this rule is actually getting enforced in the first place.

>> No.6270347

she actually likes mario 64 so far

>> No.6270348

>Wasting your life shiny breeding
>With perfect EV/IVs

>> No.6270352

i voted with my phone and laptop then closed the stream

>> No.6270353

you'll have a good time

>> No.6270354


>> No.6270355

this but unironically, I hornypost him sometimes but most of the times I just ignore him

>> No.6270359

>During the Deadbeat meltdown after Mori's latest shot into her own foot, you took it upon yourself to tell all the worried Deadbeats to shut up
based, that's exactly what they deserved
hopefully you felt extremely upset by being called out as a schizo too

>> No.6270360

That sounds really pleasant. Thanks for sharing.

>> No.6270363

rejecting us from humankind is also a human rights violation anon
it's written somewhere in that paper we all signed at KFP
I don't know where though I don't know how to read

>> No.6270364

Obviously there is 100% poal engagement and viewers are cycling in and out.

>> No.6270365


>> No.6270368

Gura likes Minecraft with friends, that’s why she’s doing it twice this week

>> No.6270371

As long as you're aware that you're also an easily influenced faggot, that's all

>> No.6270373

SM64 is a godsend after Sunshine's jank.

>> No.6270375

There is nothing wrong with the ritualpost. Everything he does outside of it is retarded and attention seeking.

>> No.6270379

What does PPP stand for?

>> No.6270381

Because that's not what avatarfagging is. Spend 5 minutes in a /vg/ thread and you'll soon learn what actual avatarfagging looks like

>> No.6270389

You will take Astel's voice into your ears whenever you want or not you stupid tako!

>> No.6270393


>> No.6270395

Pain pain pain...

>> No.6270396

powerpoint presentation

>> No.6270398

Right here Ayamefriend!

>> No.6270400

hmmm yes i understand (doesnt really understand)

>> No.6270402

Penguins Performance Project

>> No.6270407

>do nothing but post about ongoing streams 18h every day
>literally spend your entire day on /hlgg/, literally sacrifice your sleep for /hlgg/
>never post anti comments unless it's against zhangs and always be pro-unity, pro-anon
>still get dedicated antis
fuck off and leave ayamefriend alone

>> No.6270410

>Ayamefriend antis are also doxniggers

>> No.6270412

>not the soundpost

>> No.6270415

Go back.

>> No.6270416

U-until what?

>> No.6270420

F-Fish Tank... onegai...

>> No.6270427

Why the fuck is he starting so early this time?

>> No.6270428

I don't have the soundpost

>> No.6270429

I love Gura more than anything in the universe

>> No.6270431

T2 teamates remember - no leaks :3

>> No.6270433

YouTube counts viewers by the number of clients reporting back that they're on the live fragment within some timeframe, probably between 15-180 seconds. 15 seconds is the time between heartbeats sent by the YT client and 180 seconds is roughly the time between the bumps in the view graph.
Something is clearly broken with their verification of viewers but they don't care enough to fix it and chalked it up as part of their spam filtering features.

>> No.6270434

Pekora's Prickley Penis.

>> No.6270435

Ptummy Phorts Pgluten

>> No.6270436

Ina cute!

>> No.6270441

Watching Ina and Fubuki play minecraft
I really want to play minecraft with other people some day..

>> No.6270444


>> No.6270447

2h30m + prep time lets gooooo

>> No.6270448

Once Mori decides she’s comfortable she’s actually pretty motivated about setting up collabs, Takamori shrek and ITT were pushed by her as well.

>> No.6270449

Like a Tulpa? Weed can make your mind more malleable if you go that route, really bad idea but it could work. The trick to visualization is just editing memories for the most part.

>> No.6270450

Calling it a "generation" seems to imply that the members will join around the same time, though I admit it could be a translation or communication error.

Anyway do we really expect more than one English VSinger?

>> No.6270451

What I don't understand is we have plenty of ritual posters but Ayamefriend is the only one that gets shit because people horny post about them. They don't avatarfag at all, just on their original posts.

>> No.6270453

>I dislike Watame
this should be a bannable offense

>> No.6270455

There will always be one hater

>> No.6270456

So the fucking viewbug is still there? It's so fucking tiring.

>> No.6270457

Thank you Astel for providing me with a better BGM for Ina's stream

>> No.6270458

Ina's going to be invincible.

>> No.6270460


>> No.6270463

2k+ viewers over a 5 minute poll? Unlikely

>> No.6270464

You can make it one, but you can't beat my love for the shark

>> No.6270465

based but then
>because of you and your actions, I actually like Ayame less now.
holy faggot

>> No.6270466

Proofread your posts, anon. This hurt to read. I'll switch to him whenever Ina finishes desu.

>> No.6270471

Daily reminder

>> No.6270473


>> No.6270477

>They don't avatarfag at all, just on their original posts.

>> No.6270478

It never left since it was introduced in early December.

>> No.6270479

It's been proving time and time again that the person is not only a discordfag but has been doing this for months now. I'm almost certain now that it's just an angry jealous female. I think somehow Ayamefriend managed to get her very own orcschizo.

>> No.6270480

Nice cherrypicking.

>> No.6270481

Wtf is his obsession with the "teamates vs deadbeats" narrative? It's fucking weird man

>> No.6270484


>> No.6270487

Maybe he means he misses Minecraft-Ame, like in the first three-four months where she was the undisputed queen of the server, founder even. At least I speak for myself. Even when she plays these days, it feels like she's just there to sight-see, reliving her glory days and the marvels of the new ruler, Ina, before seemingly remembering why she burnt out and proceeding to leave for weeks

>> No.6270488

They are seething femcels jealous of the attention ayamefriend gets, just ignore them

>> No.6270491

Stop obsessing over "thread celebrities", it's cringe

>> No.6270492


>> No.6270493

>That data
I guess my conclusion from that would be Ame is retarded can't take a definitive stance if she doesn't want to be seen as Gura's side kick or do shit to tease their ship
>Amazingly, they were still each other's most frequent collab partner during this timeframe.
I think this is just circumstance, they both live close to the same time zone (excludes Mori and Kiara) and they're both full time streamers (excludes Ina and Mori)

>> No.6270495

>>river city girls: mori is a friend of the sprite artist and wanted to promote the game, asked gura to collab with her
nah, it was actually from an SC suggestion, she looked it up and really liked the style

>> No.6270496

Is that in German or English?

>> No.6270499

no... not the numbers...

>> No.6270503

I've never watched Watame besides seeing her on Coco's stream, she was a sweet girl.
Nevertheless, I still fucking hate her. I want her to graduate. Yes. I am a Watame anti, even though I've never watched her. Why?

>> No.6270504

i genuinely like astel's thumbnails
they have a unique feeling to them

>> No.6270506

This is nice knife

>> No.6270507

>Fubuki cheerfully scooping up all the non-blue babby axolotls saying their colors for hours

>> No.6270508

We'll have to agree to disagree on this one, friend.

>> No.6270512

>> No.6270513

Jealousy, pure and simple, just like with Kiara.
I guarantee there's a good chance the antifag is girl.

>> No.6270515

you are weak

>> No.6270516


>> No.6270519

From now on I will be the Inafriend. I will stay in these threads for a lo

>> No.6270520

I would enjoy sleeping next to you. After sex of course but I think the embrace of passion would be the real prize.

>> No.6270522

>proofreading 4chan posts
unemployed behavior

>> No.6270527

I wish she would just fuck around in creative mode, charity stream was kino.

>> No.6270529

It's better to realize that hololive is still a small fish in the pond.

It's absolutely massive by "weeb" standards, but mainstrain normie streamers are still in a league of their own

>> No.6270534

Eat on stream, onegai...

>> No.6270535

Also, didn't the hornyposting started because some schizos wanted to bully him out? In the end, they shot themselves in the foot by giving him more attention

>> No.6270537


>> No.6270539

Desu I wish holos would try out this mode, it's really fun even unscripted
They suck too much for any of them though, even the freeze one

>> No.6270540

Are takos the least cringe fanbase?

>> No.6270542


>> No.6270543

you first discordnigger

>> No.6270545

Power Point Pikamee

>> No.6270546

You're not just a faggot, you're a retarded one

>> No.6270547


>> No.6270548

Sounds good. Ill make sure to tell her how much you love her too after we get married.

>> No.6270553

This is me

>> No.6270554

Uhhhh... Explain this

>> No.6270558


>> No.6270561

go back

>> No.6270562

Acid will make them start moving and appear 3d and pop out the screen. You might even start confusing imagination with reality.
Datura will make them really real, except it will be horror. Youll see blood flowing out their eyes kind of shit but you will believe it is real

>> No.6270563

Can we go back to hornyposting? I'm sick of this schizo nonsense

>> No.6270564

>Ina reads a happy birthday SC
>there are no SCs in the chat

>> No.6270567

I’m full 100% homo for Astel

>> No.6270569

she was also the one to set up the Mario Party with Coco, reached out to Suzy for the collab cover and set up the APEX collab with Mel
also we can't forget the TTRPG, which is her setting up a stable schedule for her entire gen
honestly, it's overshadowed by Kiara being Kiara but when it comes to people she's comfortable with, Mori can be a networking monster

>> No.6270570


>> No.6270573

This is Ame*

>> No.6270574

Post coitus cuddling is the best part of sex.

>> No.6270575

But I'm employed.

>> No.6270576

oops wrong target

>> No.6270578


>> No.6270579

DrDisrespect is basically a Vtuber, so he should count.

>> No.6270580

Hey, me too!

>> No.6270581

>Irys will have Towa's deep voice but PPT's high pitched screams

>> No.6270582

Not sure, he likes to bring up condomates a lot, so idk. I can't remember if he was an Ame anti or a Mori anti, but if he's the former, he probably got filtered in October.

>> No.6270583


>> No.6270586

>I just have to lie about my birthday to be read by Ina on-stream

>> No.6270587

Don't worry about it.

>> No.6270588

it actually would be a lot of fun to see them try though

>> No.6270591

upaluupas lol

>> No.6270592

She probably still associates Minecraft with how miserable she was back in December. It's retarded, but the brain is a fucked up wrinkly orb-thing that tries to attach memories to things to try and cope with emotions it doesn't normally process.

>> No.6270593

I did watch her because of the wataposters just to give her a chance and she turned out kinda boring so meh, but she's not bad.

>> No.6270597


>> No.6270599

Based, if wordy. Being 35P with a summary was great, being an thread personality is /vg/ tier shit.

>> No.6270600

i'll make calls

>> No.6270601

>anon posts a literal 0/10 bait
anon....are you ogey?

>> No.6270603

properly previewed pekora

>> No.6270605

I hope it stays that way desu

>> No.6270606

Maybe that's for the best.
I really don't think the audience that watches stuff like >>6270499 really belongs anywhere.

>> No.6270607

what in the fuck, this is even worse than when it was initially thought to take away 1/3rd of live viewers. I don't even get the poll shown on my phone.

>> No.6270608

This is literally part 1 of her sexual fantasy. The next page will be her pulling out the knife and stabbing the guy to complete the fantasy.

>> No.6270609

It was a yellow one that already timed out.
She read it from her filters.

>> No.6270611

It just makes more sense to me if IRyS and EN2 are in different groups. That would explain being revealed separately, even when both groups are theoretically ready
>do we really expect more than one English VSinger?
Depends on how successful IRyS is.

>> No.6270612

Its always amazing to me how I never know these "massive streamers" Other then Doctor D and Ninja of course.

>> No.6270613

It's pre-recorded.

>> No.6270614

interesting message to attach to an image that also showcases a statistic where hololive is the biggest fish: superchat earnings.

>> No.6270615

why is it always nousagis

>> No.6270616

>> No.6270617

>you only started posting in February
Why would you out yourself as a newfag by saying this?

>> No.6270622

It's a nip girl thing. Ina after all is infamfous for trying too hard to be a grorious nipponese

>> No.6270624

Hope is a new branch a part of HoloEN

>> No.6270625

I seriously don't get who the fuck is this and why he warrants so much attention. The only thing I found is that he plays with some youtube clique

>> No.6270627

axolotls lmao

>> No.6270628


>> No.6270630

It doesn't stand for anything it's just a sound you make with your mouth.

>> No.6270633

Watame is... an aquired taste.

>> No.6270634

I really admire Kanatan! She's so persistent! Ganbatte, Kanata~n!

>> No.6270636

Who you gonna call?

>> No.6270637

This is true!

>> No.6270641

How the fuck are spics so powerful?

>> No.6270644

Hey, someone remembered my old post. Thanks, man

>> No.6270645

>> No.6270649

>Already stealing Ina's content
What a bitch

>> No.6270652

Hell yeah.

>> No.6270654

>leaking members content
fuck off fag

>> No.6270656

>Ina read my live comment on the pre-recorded stream
She's too powerful

>> No.6270657

You should check out some of their earlier ones, they are pretty fun to watch even if just for novelty of seeing someone speedrunning with someone trying to kill them

>> No.6270660

the ultimate numbers will be attained...

>> No.6270662

Go work at a morgue and dip weed in the embalming fluid, then find a good-looking corpse and project your oshi on to it in Minecraft.

>> No.6270663

Ina Minecraft with Astel karaoke, maximum comfy

>> No.6270664

>> No.6270668

>federated states of micronesia

>> No.6270671

Cun cun

>> No.6270672

i saw the guy send it (yellow) and then he sent her an @ telling her "you missed my superchat!"
then like 5 minutes later she read it. i wasnt paying attention to chat but either he kept @ing her or she eventually caught it in filters or jenma pointed it out

>> No.6270674


>> No.6270676

>IRyS' first member stream is a cock rating stream
I would kneel

>> No.6270677

I feel like tie pantsu would be a bit uncomfortable but they're pretty popular in art. I guess maybe they're a bit more visually interesting.

>> No.6270679

It's good to be confident, but it's better to accept when you're outmatched.

>> No.6270680

Fish Tank will only happen when Ame has good ideas for it (whatever they are). She wants to enjoy the preparation and not just churn it out.

>> No.6270681

>all of EN2 live on the east coast in burger land
>they overlap with each other every day

>> No.6270684

>> No.6270685


>> No.6270688

I can confidently say that I am the only UNIRONIC auditor in this general.

>> No.6270689

I'm here to fuck trapbeat bussy and watch Ame streams.
And there's no Ame streams tonight...

>> No.6270690

astel is doing it again
my captcha was fucking ass ky

>> No.6270693

A lot of these very high number streams are full of kids, particularly Spanish and LatAm kids. Not the demographics of this board. Also worth jackshit in terms of monetization.
True, Coco made more than most of those channels do in a month with that one stream.

>> No.6270695

No, you are just really predictable and unoriginal

>> No.6270697

I have a confession.

I don't even watch Ina's streams. I just have them open and listen to her soothing voice cure my troubles.

>> No.6270699

The Ayameposts as they are now, with the signature and all that bullshit, the oldest archived one is Feb.

>> No.6270702

This, Mori just doesn’t call attention to the fact that she does all of it. We only know this much because she got a bit pissed that people were telling her to collab more when she was already doing a bunch of collabs.

>> No.6270703

At leas Mario64 is a good game and is not hard at all.

>> No.6270704

>> No.6270707


>> No.6270716

Jesus dude. Do Takos really?
I get it, it's nice to have your oshi notice you on your birthday, but having to @ her?

>> No.6270717


>> No.6270719

Its because he literally figured out how the YT algorithm worked and he exploited the fuck out of it with scripted content presented as non-scripted.
There's a reason he got millions of subs in a matter of months, and it has nothing to do with the quality of what he's putting out.

>> No.6270720

If she's only allowed to play games she's good at, she wouldn't be streaming.

>> No.6270721

>when Ame has good ideas for it
So never

>> No.6270722

I'd dox myself right now but it wasn't a common phrase!

>> No.6270724

She said she's looking forward to M64 and can't wait to play more.
Celeste, I'm sure she'll like it when she gets to certain parts. Its a shame she got in that optional minigame that filtered her, that shit is hard as balls.

>> No.6270725


>> No.6270726

>> No.6270732

>Entering month 7 of Gura enjoying playing Apex with somone, expressing a desire to want to do more Apex collabs but not asking anyone even though 90% of Hololive would love to play Apex with her, doesn't mind her being a newbie and she has Ame and Mori on speed dial.

>> No.6270733

Mhm. Dream fans are different sort of weird to say the least. Most of them are actually underage too.

>> No.6270736

Deliriants are your best bet. They might kill you for real though. If they don't kill or physically harm you, theres a high chance they'll probably at least leave you a bit mentally scarred. You won't enjoy the dementia experience.

If you want to see something interesting and don't kill yourself in the process, use psychedelics and have a poster of your oshi on the wall. things might get interesting. This is by no means an endorsement. I got burnt by psychs and don't wish it on anybody else. Just living life was the real trip all along

You are a sadistic one, Anon.

>> No.6270737


>> No.6270738

/hlgg/ is older than February...

>> No.6270741

and then you just dig yourself even deeper god damn dude

>> No.6270742

it's just a shame JP government seems intent on nicking every single offcollab idea she has, when we seen with Kiara how strong she is in those

>> No.6270746

>Being 35P with a summary was great
Until he started feeding timeloops

>> No.6270747

Stop outing yourself as a newfag.

>> No.6270751

that makes no sense anon, iris still hasn't debuted and memberships take some time before being activated. Also, hololive members don't rate male genitalia, that would be inapropriate and I'm pretty sure it would break Youtube's rules and get them banned.
I'm pretty sure this is fake, why would you fake this anon ?

>> No.6270752

>> No.6270753

people actually watch streams?

>> No.6270757


>> No.6270759

>> No.6270760

>Ina is doing everything in her power to make the Enderdragon collab happen
Honestly, if all 5 of them are gonna collab for it, they could have done it in the first month with barely any problems. Ina alone has been ready for months.

>> No.6270766


>> No.6270768

everyone in this thread is a newfag except for me

>> No.6270769


>> No.6270771


>> No.6270774

Chicken thoughts...
Get out of my head Kiara, why do I yearn for you so?

>> No.6270778

If you take view count and likes as a consistent ratio, it was up to a 50% cut depending on the channel.

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