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No males - Edition

>What is /wvt/?
/wvt/ is a thread for viewers to find, share and discuss English-speaking vtubers
>Shilling your oshi?
Include a picture and a link so we know who they are and how to watch!
>List of commonly discussed vtubers
>Twitch FAQ, or "Why aren't they on YouTube?"

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Based thread already

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Move forward with the arrangement.

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corpse is doing more DS3 cinders in about 2 minutes!

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I know I'm in the minority, but dot_lvl is easily in my Top 3 favorite chuubas period, not even Top 3 babis, Top 3 in the same category as Jerma and Macaw. Something about their content just vibes with me way better than anyone else.
Give 'em a shot if you haven't already.

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Today's chicken gacha roll!

From yesterday's >>6231915
to >>6227415
to >>6227204

Also come tonight for the tiger watch-along! Showing: Weathering with you!

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Cute little serial killer shows you animal videos

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Guess the break is still going huh...
Every day until Slugma comes back.

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She is gone slugbro... she is probably giving rimjobs at 5$ at a KFC bathroom.

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Awesome you got Susan's new outfit it looks really good in your style

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>alium doing a watch react stream


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don't make me choose

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I like him too but I also get genuinely confused as to why he's so popular. He doesn't do anything that unique outside of always playing games on their original hardware. Hell sometimes, he even still has spaces of dead air which people usually attribute as a flaw of up and starting chuubas.

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/asp/ discord shut down because people were posting screens from it in the thread to cause drama. Since becoming private there hasn't been drama and people are free to reach out to any known /here/ people in it to get in.

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Lots of personality and fun, a lot of starting out chuubas need to do their charisma reps.

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game selection, hands on experience translating

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People only complain about dead air with new chuubas anon, I've seen 5k streamers go for full minutes with no commentary or talking and no one cares

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It will make them drop their guard until the real drama happens.
t. herd

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With this character's death, the thread of prophecy is severed. Restore a saved game to restore the weave of fate, or persist in the doomed world you have created.

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>asp/ discord shut down because people were posting screens from it in the thread to cause drama.
how would that cause drama just join the server for full context

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>Discord for people to get info on how to become chuubas
>Have to already be a chuubas to get invited
Rofl aspies

>> No.6274980

Alium ended, problem solved!

>> No.6274994

you have the solution to the drama at your finger tips

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>/trash/ trolls join claiming they want to be a chuuba
>no effort, no twitter, no twitch channel, no idea, refuses to vocaroo
this at least sets up a bare minimum amount of effort required to demonstrate that you actually want to be a chuuba

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see >>6274994 when someone proves themselves they get the right to talk outside of the newchuuba questions channel. IT ISNT THAT HARD

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Because it was never a server meant for viewers. A ton of pre debut people have joined no problem since the closing. The people who are in it aren't a secret. Although Elliott and Lance seem like the most open about it.

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the discord is for chuubas, not a fucking viewing zoo for the public

>> No.6275064

Maybe if autists stopped pissing themselves over chuuba only discords drama would be so much less likely

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>To show you want to be a chuuba
>Must already have a name, identity, model, and be streaming
What's the fucking point then isn't the thread for newbies to figure out how to get set up?

>> No.6275100

because png tubing and making a twitch account and going live twice is not as big of a barrier to entry as you're trying to make it out to be, anon.

>> No.6275112

Then who's in the Discord server?

>> No.6275134

Basically the thread is for getting the bare minimum and the server once they do their reps they can get in. This isn't a hard concept.

>> No.6275136

No it's just annoying for new chuubas trying to get set up
>T. New chuuba who can't get feedback in the asp thread and has to migrate elsewhere because you're all posting exclusively in your circlejerk diacord

>> No.6275146

Do you love me still chat?

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>> No.6275170

>has to migrate elsewhere because you're all posting exclusively in your circlejerk diacord
DM an /asp/ie, it's not that fucking hard

>> No.6275173

do you need my validation?

>> No.6275193

What do you have to hide that is so damning

>> No.6275200

Are you subbed to me? If you are I'll pretend

>> No.6275215

I need (you)!

>> No.6275232

Look from experience stuff will eventually get leaked it's inevitable you'll slip up and let a schizo in. Making it public ensures leaking can't happen

>> No.6275245

Someday you're going to let someone join who's going to leak some dirty shit, and then you'll regret not making it public.

>> No.6275247

Nothing in particular, it's just a good for vtubers to have a place to themselves.

>> No.6275278

>it's just a good for vtubers to have a place to themselves.
so you are shit talking people behind their back good to know

>> No.6275288

Just don't say shit you don't want to leak lol how is that so hard?

>> No.6275301

>i'm a viewer and you'll regret this

>> No.6275317

Take meds you weirdo it's nice to just share with fellow content creators and also have some people to be out of character towards since you all don't want to hear how much I hate my job

>> No.6275325

Hey faggots, go back to your fucking thread to talk about your discord drama

>> No.6275333

>Just don't say shit you don't want to leak lol how is that so hard?
privacy gets your guard down

>> No.6275335

The people there 100% save the designs, posts, and vocaroos of the asp thread to discuss and shit talk

>> No.6275336

>be chuuba
>have been playing games for 30h so far this week
>have streamed 0h of this
i'm ngmi, sorry bros. enjoy the small streams in the meantime

>> No.6275341

that is flattering to hear, I will now proceed to keep watching your streams with parasocial intent

>> No.6275353

Doesn't matter. If it's not public someone can easily take something out of context and make it look bad

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This is about /asp/. This is the /asp/ thread

>> No.6275381

>be out of character
none of you even have kayfabe

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>> No.6275396

there are more than just /asp/ies in /asp/cord, anon.

>> No.6275410

Lmao truth hurts

>> No.6275438

Wow. Epic diss. Get your heads out of your asses and stop looking down on people

>> No.6275446

the only one with an "out of character" to be had is kongou and he isn't joining your discord

>> No.6275464

Then who's in it?

>> No.6275479

And /asp/ drama goes right back into /asp/ thread

>> No.6275484

aspies shit talk viewers in their private discord why would they want to stop looking down on people

>> No.6275495

seethe more, the discord isn't an art gallery. you're not getting in, tourist

>> No.6275526

For me, it's the retro rat. also dot is trans, she just doesn't mention anything about it

>> No.6275541 [SPOILER] 

Hi you can DM me for the discord

>> No.6275549

Time has proven the folly of private discords are you that arrogant to repeat the past

>> No.6275571

Which is the correct way to do it.

>> No.6275578

why don't you just shove your thumb up your ass and wait patiently until it the day of reckoning then?

>> No.6275603

Stay in denial if you really want to

>> No.6275622

>why don't you just shove your thumb up your ass and wait patiently until it the day of reckoning then?
i want to prevent reckoning you sanctimonious asshat

>> No.6275625

thread theme

>> No.6275629

i'm not denying it won't happen. just saying you can keep seething all you want, you're not getting in.

>> No.6275666

m*le chuubas SUCK

>> No.6275690

Friendly reminder that only Nelson and Spooki rejected aspiecord because it is a shitty clique

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>> No.6275723

cut the nose to spite the face

>> No.6275734

Nelson left because he is socially awkward. Spooki was no longer welcome.

>> No.6275737

Based nelson
Idk spooki yet but I will give him a try if he rejects the clique

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>> No.6275778

This person is right, I left because I'm socially awkward. I hang out in the Velcord now, and try to join voice chat when I can to work on my socializing reps.

>> No.6275783

Fake, also shilling

>> No.6275810

imagine if you will,the egg.

>> No.6275819

You can come back at anytime nelson you're a cool man.

>> No.6275823

>Spooki was no longer welcome
Was he kicked? I thought he left because it was a clique?

>> No.6275834

What's good fellow raw egg_ch slonker

>> No.6275845

Based Nelson

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>> No.6275859

>Clique says they kicked him
>He says he left on his own
Who knows, either one could lie

>> No.6275860

MUITO REAL my DMs are totally open you don't need to follow, nor do I expect you to do so

>> No.6275877

You probably believe that because he told you that, right? He is a narcissist and pissed off everyone in the discord by being an asshole. He claims it was all clique and no actual /asp/ content but there are /asp/ questions being answered literally every day.

>> No.6275883

what is she going to do with him

>> No.6275906

Wow I'm dumb.

>> No.6275921

Ninas new model looks really cheap…

>> No.6275944

>Who knows, either one could lie
there is a way they could prove it but it would involve going public
>there are /asp/ questions being answered literally every day.

>> No.6275963

I know I can, but I'm also not a fan of private Discords. I feel like the things you say are under more scrutiny, the things you do are judged harsher, and one of the reasons why I only stick to public Discords is so that I remind myself constantly to not say things I shouldn't. It's working pretty well.

>> No.6275966


>> No.6275991

sounds like you're sour grapes because even the dude who will be friends with literally anyone who is nice to him thinks your clique is full of losers

>> No.6275998

privacy makes one complacent and slack on their opsec

>> No.6276033

Holy shit fuck this captcha, and apparently I have a embed link?

>> No.6276067

fuck spooki because he's an annoying narcissist but he has slightly redeemed himself if even he knows you are a self centered clique then you're fucked

>> No.6276084

It's true, man. I've been a part of a lot of secret clubs over the years, and it's only the ones that were the most secretive about their shit that eventually fell apart.

>> No.6276107

Stop trying to get attention lel

>> No.6276129

he isn't that bad. We already know from archive reps that it's like 2 people antiposting like schizos about him

>> No.6276162

>he isn't that bad.
no he is he proved to falseflag as his own fan and that isn't forgivable but ill give him credit on this

>> No.6276195

proved is a strong word for that shitshow of a thread

>> No.6276226

he admitted to it but called it "third person posting" instead

>> No.6276294


>> No.6276323

no one cares Naoki

>> No.6276345

I like Lance Maverick, please stop deadnaming my favorite aspie.

>> No.6276368

yeah but he said at the same time that he was trying to avoid talking about himself and he has constantly said he wants nobody to talk about him

and yet here we are

>> No.6276406

All this bait... so easy.

>> No.6276409

It doesn't bother me, I'm still going to use the avatar when I stream with my wife.

>> No.6276412

>he was trying to avoid talking about himself
which is why he was using a spooki image when doing that?

>> No.6276413

Shut the fuck up spooki

>> No.6276417

Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki Naoki

>> No.6276455

4chan user forgets how to use site and then violates OSHA guidelines...


>> No.6276476


>> No.6276492

Are you making any progress? I'm like 80% sure absolutely no one is watching you, prove me wrong so I can have faith.

>> No.6276580

That's true for anyone that doesn't develop a paranoid mindset. How comfortable you feel in a place determines how you act in it. If you feel that no one is looking and you're around buddies, it is more likely for you to let the bad things show, or play around with boundaries more.
t. someone who developed a paranoid mindset

>> No.6276621

I'm spookicus

>> No.6276642

No, I'M Spookicus!

>> No.6276652

>so I can have faith

>> No.6276663

>> No.6276677

spooki and /asp/ies have ruined /wvt/

>> No.6276702

what got demon quads I wonder

>> No.6276724

you can't make this shit up

>> No.6276747

not wrong it was comfier before them

>> No.6276751

>miko atop the bodies of m*les
She just keeps winning

>> No.6276888

Do you love Suha chan?
She loves you

>> No.6276985


>> No.6277010

This thread is dead. Let me jam.

>> No.6277021

Shill her NOW

>> No.6277087

She is a yandere VTuber with a youtube channel and a twitch channel she's streaming a tomb raider game right now

>> No.6277093

Yeah I miss rin wasabi and shania being the stars of the thread...

>> No.6277128

Why must we always have some autistic males like Rin, Shania and Spooki. Nobody likes them and it's just not funny

>> No.6277185

Living a blessed life with my bros!

>> No.6277206

It's probably just that the artist she commissioned it from was already burnt-out and had a million others to finish, and so the art turned out a little bare-bones. From the sneak-peeks we've seen, it's very expressive and well-animated, though. Plus all we've seen are extreme close-ups, and nobody's model looks great at that range. Wait till we see the whole thing on stream before being disappointed.

>> No.6277207

I just came here to shill suha, but someone was faster

>> No.6277243

<30 views? I'm in.

>> No.6277299

Because groomers figured out long ago the easiest way to get closer to anime women was to become a vtuber.
Now tell me male chuuba, is your heart pure?

>> No.6277314

there was a time before Shania and Rin wasn't that bad before he got worse

>> No.6277317

Is this the cockroach girl?

>> No.6277386

Nobody is watching me but I do it for fun so its okay if nobody does

>> No.6277406

Nope, thats another chuuba

>> No.6277409

go watch Cadence do another collab with her friends incl. deer

>> No.6277487

>Now tell me male chuuba, is your heart pure?
I'd like to think so, my oshi is corporate so I'll never interact directly with her nor did I become a chuuba to do so.

>> No.6277501

ASS drawing alt model then Dragon Quest XI

>> No.6277550

Egg you are truly a saint.

>> No.6277580

Yeah I don't have any attraction to the chuubas I watch and just want to have a good time and make friends
If anything, back office showed me the female chuubas are 10x hornier and less pure than the males

>> No.6277594

dumpster dived and found this shroom girl

>> No.6277611

Link you fag

>> No.6277615

she a gobo?

>> No.6277699

please god share link rebel fucking redeem yourself NOW

>> No.6277704

Feels good to be a femchuuba and getting to hang out with girls without having to worry about a thing

>> No.6277708

lenti_numa on twitch

>> No.6277720

>dykes get to hang with chicks for free

>> No.6277721

>kenji goslings collab + naoki

>> No.6277784


>> No.6277822

nothing wrong with that

>> No.6277941

Did you know the majority of Mikoposters are lesbians?

>> No.6277949

I am not seiso. I am the miscarriage of the Virgin, the forsaken sibling of the Anointed One. I haunt this world as it haunts me. I am half-formed and fully abominable.

>> No.6277993

>Did you know the majority of Mikoposters are lesbians?

>> No.6278017

https://www.twitch.tv/maroony rrat finishing superman 64

>> No.6278051

Fuck Little_S you didn't have to take it that hard.

>> No.6278151

Cadence you are streaming stop posting

>> No.6278184

U guys like monster trucks?
Cause um...
This stream includes monster trucks.

>> No.6278249


>> No.6278271

(Collab w/ Kokichi Ouma!) GOING INSANE. POKEMON PINBALL.
Pokémon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire


>> No.6278626

Beer Susan's new model is so hot, that one anon was right, now that she's sexy it makes me feel weird.

>> No.6278770

I still get less than 10 views but I'm not as bad as these /asp/ies

>> No.6278806

Given that numbers are the only objective measure of quality, you clearly aren't.

>> No.6278996

Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
And if you find the time to say hi tiredsquidd won't pass you by
I have spent many hours watching her stream
I like her image on my mobile screen
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
I have never been disappointed by her
Tiredsquidd is a treasure a pearl
She can make bitter coffee sweet
Tiredsquidd I would like to meet
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Vtuber with a passion for games
Tiredsquidd deals her enemies pain
She has killed a god with her glowing stick
Tiredsquidd streams aren't something to miss
Tiredsquidd is a lovely lass
With style and grace each floor she'll clear
Tiredsquidd if you're reading this here
I'm trying to tell you I love you my dear

>> No.6279063

As long as someone is talking to me in chat I'm happy :)

>> No.6279095


>> No.6279098

this but unironically

>> No.6279100

that anon could be better than me; i'm still under 10 viewers!

>> No.6279109

Shut up

>> No.6279126

probably rin or heartstar

>> No.6279142

Shouldn't you be streaming, Val?

>> No.6279175

I'm sorry that Pedo-baiting Shark outshines you, Slut Rabbit.

>> No.6279202

¿Qué diablos?
¡Es la forma de la hombre asesina!

>> No.6279210

This tiger is a cute dork.

>> No.6279255

She's cute!! Cute!!

>> No.6279275

shimada LOVE

>> No.6279282

Yes she is and the movie was great my bedroom is all flooded....

>> No.6279304


>> No.6279321

i loved that movie
they animate water so well

>> No.6279382

Tiger LOVE!

>> No.6279401

western vtubers SUCK

>> No.6279488

It looked better than what flooded my room

>> No.6279514

it's ok anon, pat pat

>> No.6279532

super cute!

>> No.6279537

Goodnight/day sweet dream/have fun /wvt/ love (you)

>> No.6279553

night shimabed!

>> No.6279583

This fish is having a birthday karaoke:

>> No.6279661

g'night shimabed!

>> No.6279704

gn shimabed

>> No.6279707

Good night.

>> No.6279756


>> No.6279769


>> No.6279833

they look like siblings

>> No.6279853

isnt there that one small chuuba on twitch that looks exactly like her? that pic could just be her therefore it is on topic

>> No.6279871

I never understood why she had to be a Korone clone...

>> No.6279883

they aren't /asp/ies right

>> No.6279894

Robot flower is live playing RE3

>> No.6279897

just because of the hair color?

>> No.6279915

lobster is an /asp/ie, i don't know the vroid

>> No.6279931


>> No.6279933

not talking about purin, some small indie i saw while dumpster diving with around 20-30 viewers earlier today

>> No.6279938


>> No.6279964

Originality is fucking dead

>> No.6279978

Just FYI, Purin is getting a new outfit tomorrow night.

>> No.6279989

She's getting a new outfit this weekend. No more Korone comparisons, hopefully.
Now is a good time to check her out, she's great.

>> No.6279992

I made my femboy chuuba happy today!

>> No.6280008

Woops, meant to reply, but too late.

>> No.6280009

rosuuri drew her face crooked, she should fix it

>> No.6280013

I don't feel happy so you picked the wrong one ;_;

>> No.6280044

shut the fuck up akashi

>> No.6280058

which cute male chuubas aren't femboy bottoms?

>> No.6280061

Shut the fuck up Spooki

>> No.6280070

Shut up before I have to mating press you.

>> No.6280113

i'd post some but they're /asp/ies and the thread has some anger at them right now

>> No.6280163


>> No.6280172

both wrong


>> No.6280185

I love this tiger in a completely platonic way. She's too much of a bro for me to want to lewd or think about any other way.

>> No.6280211



>> No.6280297

the truth is anon, I actually enjoy seeing korone so much that I could never be upset at her being posted here.

>> No.6280444

¡Dios Mío!

>> No.6280518

Ironically, feef

>> No.6280525

Reading Psycholonials in 10 minutes on twitch.tv/teruteru_ch. Something about clowns, content creation and zoomer-depression.

Here's a picture that made me cry from laughing.

>> No.6280536

>aren't femboy bottoms

>> No.6280553

which chuuba has big _hands

>> No.6280574

Feef is a femboy top with how much schmeat he's packin'

>> No.6280610

I wish I can make you happy too!

>> No.6280620

oh fuck that's the new andrew hussie work isn't it?
if only i didn't have work in the morning... ;_;
i'll try to catch some of the start at least!

>> No.6280798


>> No.6280815

like, monster energy can big orrrr

>> No.6280835


>> No.6280901

According to that colt and akashi lewd art, Akashi is at least 7.

>> No.6280909

found who i was talking about: https://www.twitch.tv/pwuppygf

>> No.6280937

"small indie"

>> No.6280941

oh she's the whore with the onlyfans

>> No.6280965

my bad, when i saw her live earlier i saw 30 viewers

>> No.6280987

Really? isnt the whole point of being a vtuber not showing yourself?

>> No.6281004

she posted her face on twitter like a couple of days ago lmao

>> No.6281023

i think only ugly rejects of society should get to be vtubers

>> No.6281040

chastity is not a cage
it is a liberation for the man of pure spirit

>> No.6281051

this but unironically
Good looking people are always dying to do face reveals

>> No.6281060

how can an egg a cock

>> No.6281066

cope leon

>> No.6281068

okay mau

>> No.6281207

she looks like a pig

>> No.6281252

>western vtuber
>duolingo english
>gets it wrong

>> No.6281336

I follow a lot chuubas only because their design makes me horny and I'm not afraid to admit it.

>> No.6281399

does my design make you horni?

>> No.6281446

if you're not afraid to admit it, which ones do you follow?

>> No.6281576

Nearly everyone I find that wears pantyhose.

>> No.6281585

>$4k commission
>faceless and expressionless

>> No.6281632

I don't follow anybody because they make me horny but I do follow one chuuba whose design makes me horny because it appeals to my niche fetish and feel bad whenever I get a boner watching her

>> No.6281648


>> No.6281706 [SPOILER] 


>> No.6281723

based taste anon

>> No.6281745

size difference is fucking godlike

>> No.6281748

You know some western vtubers are probably spics too right?

>> No.6281759

la cucaracha...

>> No.6281774

I was getting close to being gosling for Alice but she is a Stalker disciple so I had no hope, also I dropped my spaghetti in front of her and I'm ashamed.

>> No.6281829

sometimes i see dudes drop their spaghetti in front of chuubas in chat and i think to myself "how do you even recover from that"

so anon, how do you recover?

>> No.6281856

Watching my first teru stream....I....I wasn't expecting to fall for a teru teru bouzu.... (His little genuine laugh he made when he pulled away from the mic.....!)

>> No.6281857

>I dropped my spaghetti in front of her and I'm ashamed.
You did what anon

>> No.6281876

I can totally understand.

>> No.6282002

It wasn't in stream chat which is why I can't recover.

>> No.6282024

now im even more curious... dont tell me anon... grooming dms??

>> No.6282051

Welcome to my one true love's stream

>> No.6282057

Nah I just tried making small talk and she's not the kind of person to engage in small talk so it was just awkward getting no response.

>> No.6282063

something something "fuck off with your small talk" pasta

>> No.6282074

Cute Chimera with more re4

>> No.6282091

I want to FUCK Mera!

>> No.6282108

I forgot to mention that I did send her something which she did reply to so that's why I tried extending the conversation which is why it was awkward getting no response. She's still cute and I'm still a fan though.

>> No.6282111

All I can think of is her getting fucked by the dog.

>> No.6282126


>> No.6282127

Few people want to talk about absolutely nothing with someone they don't know.
She's pretty open about her interests, why not try chatting her up about horror movies or something?
I think most chuubas are more groomable than you guys think, you're just no good at it. Make her feel like you're interested in her specifically, don't just say the same script you could say to anyone in the world.

>> No.6282132


>> No.6282139


>> No.6282166

I did ask her about horror stuff, I think she just didn't want to talk to someone she barely knows, I only lurk and do my sub renewal thing when I can.

>> No.6282245

Good try then anon, sorry I underestimated you. My other advice would be to join the movie nights she does on her discord every once in a while if you want her to notice you!

>> No.6282278


>> No.6282297

wanting to get chuubas to notice you is cringe, just lurk like a normal person

>> No.6282316


>> No.6282331

nu corpse I'm guessing

>> No.6282339

Sometimes one must go the way of the gosling

>> No.6282347

w-what does this mean?

>> No.6282427

She probably has to deal with lots of weird fans all the time so she puts up a barrier around herself, I've seen her in other streamers chats and she's really talkative so it's not like she hates conversation.

>> No.6282798

She's also Finnish and Finns are stereotypically kinda like that, not overly friendly at first compared to Americans etc
I can see how it could come off like that but there's a chance that she really didn't mind the conversation, anon, and it was just her Finnish personality.
I'm sure it's a barrier that can be broken through!

>> No.6282980

It looks like a card for a TCG.

>> No.6283232

There's a Vtuber I enjoy watching who goes by tired squid. Great streamer. High energy with a upbeat attitude. Great artist too. Makes all her own stuff from scratch sometimes even on the spot. Tiredsquidd has quite a loyal small but loyal fan base. I would like to think that I am a member of her fandom. Tiredsquidd is constantly getting squid jokes and handles them well. Tiredsquidd can sometimes be heard sipping on a coke or munching on a cookie. Tiredsquidd is a sweet delight who enjoys sweet delights. Tiredsquidd did a five hour Morrowind stream that was really fun to watch. During tiredsquidd's Morrowind stream tiredsquidd may have let slip the secret ingredient in her special dish that she has spent years perfecting. I forgot to mention tiredsquidd is a incredible chef often willing to push the boundaries in the culinary world and have fun but still managing to appreciate food, and to enjoy food for the flavors and satisfaction of eating something that has been specially made.

Tiredsquidd clip

>> No.6283247

now this

>> No.6283681

We got to level 1000 as Faust in Strive! Thanks everyone who stopped by, doing a FT20 with Feef was really fun c:

>> No.6284347


la cucaracha is live

>> No.6284527

also i straight up got two things wrong last thread

she is NOT a vtweeter and she is friends with Malice, not Munibug, i got confused as both are menhera, scare me, and start with an M

i shall repent by watching this stream.

>> No.6284546

Thank you for stopping by the stream! I had a lot of fun. It's wild but weird and comical. I can see it go into any direction.

No worries, work comes first. There'll be recaps too next stream if you don't feel like doing an archival watch. Thank you for thinking of me.

You're both too kind. thank you for reading along with me

>> No.6284624

Anyone know who did this art of her?

>> No.6284671

man her design is amazing and she has a nice voice but she posts pics of her dildos and weed on twitter, im out.

>> No.6284694

Why do you

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