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She’s adorable and probably the best designed character in her Gen if not all of Hololive.

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Best designed why? Her neck and head proportions are kinda weird in motion. If you just think she is cute, plenty of other girls fall in that category too.

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she's also a massive racist

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Bassed and droppilled

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No one cares.

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Wtf i love ayame now

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The amount of 'based' proves that you're a liar, and cringe.

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But why does her little joke still sound far less racist than the things the little kids on this board say every single day?

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I agree with you about her head and neck proportions, they do seem kinda off in her L2D model. Aside from that, her design to me is so eye catching. It’s flashy and elegant and the color palette works really well for a shrine maiden, sword wielding oni. Yeah all of the girls are cute, but Ayame is especially cute imo.

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How wide do you think her asshole is?

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She's also never streams because she's lazy af.

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Because you don't understand Japanese culture or social normalcies, and are far too much of a lazy stupid nigger -probably from reddit- to ever comprehend true racism.

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Why doesn't her mouth move when she speaks? Her live2d rig is one of the least mobile in hololive.

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What's even remotely racist about that?

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It does move though, it just doesn't move very far.

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Using that language and whining about racism lol. If you have to go back to at least WW2 to justify being offended, go die in a gas chamber.

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I'm not whining about it, you retard, I'm supporting it. Racism should be the norm.

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Not when you are saying things on the same level as a fucking child, dumbass. If people wanna argue like adults about why certain groups should stay out of their homelands, cool. But it is very embarrassing to see the low IQ China takes on here from total idiots, probably like yourself.

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You talk like a fag and your shits all retarded. Go be a niggerfucking faggot back on reddit, kthnxbai.

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cute and based

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She's a cunt for ignoring Ina's drawing.

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I'm also joking about Ayame being racist, she's just really ignorant.
Please don't bother her in chat she doesn't like rude comments.

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Kill yourself

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I kinda hope she is, that way Mel won't feel lonely.

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I never understood why that rushiacuck wasn't into Ayame since she get railed more often than she stream

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But Ayame being racist is awesome. Literally what's the problem?

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reddit tourists who think they're welcomed here because it's a new board.

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Which one?

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Am I missing context here?

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Her model isn't as cute as her laugh and demeanor. Which is actually what makes her cutest holo.

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I'll NEVER forgive this bitch

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I mean that was rude but Ina didn't have to call her a "dirty Imperialist Jap" who should "pay for Korean reparations

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Maybe, but saying "Two more should have been dropped, one on Tokyo, another on Osaka." Was based as fuck.

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What was truly based was when she said "the bugs will be next, we will form Greater Korea"

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I agree. I know how frustrating it would be when your talent is ignored. But Ina shouldn't have said, "Die you slant eyed Jap cunt. Your whole family should've died in Hiroshima or what's her name in WW2." Which I admit, it was a little based. But that was just too far.

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Wtf? I love Ina now

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A lot of people who say they enjoy her are just dealing with the honeymoon period, they end up moving on after they realize she rarely streams and rarely interacts with other members.
Her take it easy style is really unique in hololive and a big reason why her viewership is so high.
She's a really underrated comedian too, she's one of the funniest girls in hololive.

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I just want to smear my cum all over her face.

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Can someone explain why it's racist? Don't keep up with the /pol/ stuff

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She is really popular with the nips and i like her autism.

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You're on 4chan, we enjoy any kind of racism here.
If anything she's right when you was kind of specimens show up when english take over the chat. Not to say that they don't exist in japan either, far from it.

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i don't get it either. maybe it's racist by reddit tourist standard

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I'm weak to girls with that banshee laugh. Makes me fall in love every time.
Can't understand a word she says unfortunately.

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I can't believe ayame said the J word

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is she the alpha female (stachy) of hololive.

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Are you really forcing the ayame is a racist meme?

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and that's a good thing!

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]The eternal Koreanigger, forever buttmad and jelous.

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Yeah, I am jealous of Japan right now. It's fucking -12°c in my area, in the fuckin South. If someone would drop a nuke on me that'd be great.

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Her model is shit, when is she getting a 2.0?

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>read the entire thread
>still don't understand why Ayame is supposedly "racist"

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It's just Raimi posting.

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It was a different time?

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>best designed
Nah, it's all personality

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HoloEN racists not welcome

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Racism is welcome and encouraged on 4chan(nel), fuck off back to plebbit, faggot.

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>Racism is welcome and encouraged on 4chan(nel)
Racism and trolling are only welcome on /b/ newfriend.

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Remember when she couldn't be bothered to send in a message when Miko returned?

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No pity for the weak.

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She is shameless, and a confirmed slut, not even her colleagues can stand her.

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It still baffles me that she didn't show up during Miko's return

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She fucks old jap business men

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Who was in the wrong, though? Miko or Ayame?
Should Miko have accepted the lava to warm up? Or should Ayame have not brought something so dangerous into a house?

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God... I love her so much, her boyfriend is so lucky.

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>she's one of the funniest girls
no, she is not, average at best, i agree with your first sentence though

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Webm related, her bouncing on a cock

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really? if it's cold, you can always put more clothes, i'm at 32°, and you can't escape the heat

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I heard she has chronic intestinal inflammation and has explosive, watery shits regularly.

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Thank you, I am indeed very lucky.

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Bad hearing, poor eyesight, intestinal issues, prone to illness, general physical frailty, allergies, low blood pressure, probably other things I'm forgetting. Ojou is made mostly out of of defective parts.

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I was with her until she said 'and a fifth on your grandmother personally.'

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i didn't like her but ayameposter forcefully converted me

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Remember that she has stubby legs and smol hands

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I've been a fan of Ojou for a while and I really like her timetables. Not having to catch up on so many vods when I go a while without watching, or have other things to do is nice.

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Common schizo denial

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