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Found this awesome article from a year ago, describing how Hololive used their connections to Nijisanji (i.e. leeching) in order to grow to where they are today.

Covers a lot of early hololive history incl. clip data back when vtuber clips were mostly on NicoNico.

It's in Japanese so EOPs will need some translation addon in order to understand most of it. Do your reps.

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> forgot to link it


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>It's in Japanese
Bye. Also, you didn't tell the name or give a link, retard

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> forgot to link it


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Holos leeching off nijisanji didn't lead to their current success, Cover pandering to China who filled youtube with a million poorly translated english clips right after their chinese pandering got them an azur lane collab and right before covid lockdowns is what did. It was the perfect storm that got them a million EOPs which made the youtube algorithm take notice and started recommending to actual nips even after the eops started to lose interest.

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Thanks, OP. I bookmarked it but it's so fucking long I don't think I'll ever bother to read it, let alone translate it.

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I'll return in 3 months after reading this.

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Understandable, it's a pretty big read. It covers a lot of stuff that EOPs never really knew from Hololive's early years, and for the most part, does it impartially.
e.g. Pic related

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Nijisanji Decline Theory!

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This doesn't cover the 2019-2020 boom.
This covers the early years, and how hololive grew themselves in Japan during the 2018-2019 era, and how the various generations helped with it in their own ways.

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It lead to their success in Japan, not overseas.

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>Low and behold the legendary nijicope!! For it is uncontented, undisputed, and unmatched!

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And I'm saying that "growth" was completely irrelevant and the outcome would have been the same either way

The majority of them had under 50k subs. It was completely irrelevant. It was the overseas boom that reverse-fedback into japanese success.

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Nijinigger's cope by writing full length essays' on note rumao
They're the ones that gave Aqua the title of Nijikiller

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Don't use Sora for tribalfaggotry.

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If they never grew in Japan, they would never get Azur Lane collab, nor clips in Chinese/English.

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Nigger the reason they started doing bilibili is BECAUSE they weren't growing in japan.

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Good to see a documentation of it. I remember the early Aqua/Shiishii/ days and thought it was kinda distasteful what Cover was doing to stay relevant. I remember they debuted Roboco and directed her to specifically deliver content like Nijisanji while using her friendship with Deron to their advantage. When Hololive started doing well, the collabs with Kaede started thinning out.

The success of HoloEN was mostly due to chinese clippers, the pandemic, and viral clips like Miko's "nigga" tho. Now they're trying to monopolize the market by keeping their talents tight on leashes so that they don't accidentally give away clout to other vtubers in the EN market, particularly Nijis. Vshojo is big on twitch so they were used to enter that territory, plus Kiara was insistent on collabing with them. Wouldn't be surprised if most of Cover apologists here are chinese shills

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reminder sora likes macho man.

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Hololive wouldn't even exist without Niji, but tribal faggots will never accept that.

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NijiCope: The Video

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Cover realized that associating themselves closely to Niji's style of content limits their growth potential so most of the vids on that list were already deleted. And as the other anon said, they found their success by pandering to chinks and then later on to eops.

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Nijisanji wouldn't exist with Hololive either. Sora is the one who popularized live streaming before Nijisanji's 1st wave. The actual truth is that both companies rely on each other, both companies worked together and copied each other to grow.

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>Hololive would cease to exist without Siro
fixed that for you

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So why is it so bad to collab with Nijisanji? The Niji livers consented, no? I don't see the big fucking deal.

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Doubly true because Sio tanking Idolbu actually played more of a part in the growth of hololive's japanese fanbase than any nijisanji leeching

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I bet she'd take it back if she could.

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Ultimately, Nijisanji's influence weren't that important to Hololive's success. It was thanks to Ai and Siro and then the timely pandemic that they managed to establish themselves somehow as the best vtuber agency in the world.

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Collabing with them wasn't a problem, it was how Hololive threw away Nijisanji like a wet towel after they got popular. Sure, some collabs still happen like Okayu/Shiina but a lot of them have been abandoned. When's the last time Maimoto has shown up in a Subaru stream or vice-versa?

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Hololive has become steadily more insular as they've become more popular, and their fans love to throw "leech" around at anyone outside the agency that interacts with them. Those combined with Hololive's own history of "leeching" (which IMO isn't a problem on it's own in the first place) frustrate a lot of people.

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I see Niji girls with Holo girls often enough from girls with connections between companies. The only real body count of this supposed abandonment is Yashiro/Matsuri and Subaru/Miamoto. The former is management and the latter is because Subaru has gone full idol(in her head) and is aiming for more gachikois.

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She did have somewhat of a name for being a vsinger, but I don’t be elieve Sora was particularly relevant as a streamer, even back then. The most attention she received was when she colabed with v-gorilla and killed off her unicorns. If you have data to back it up I’d love to see it though.

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If subaru reclines enough she'll definitely come crawling back

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Holostars are picking up the slack.

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I'm convinced that this tribalfagging is almost entirely a Chinese psyop. Why would anyone care which company has more fans? Cover had a better strategy for expanding globally and getting numbers while Nijisanji stuck to appealing to the current fanbase and what they wanted. There are downsides to both. Hololive gets overwhelmed by management issues while Nijisanji doesn't but retains a niche market with no memetic appeal whereas Hololive's success is almost entirely memetic.

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Why though? Why is okay for Matsuri to collab with a male Apex streamer but not Yashiro?

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I just want Oozora family back...

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Why though?
It will be extremly awkward

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Because Yashiro is based and makes unicorns and idolfags seethe since they can't match up.

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Nah, the board is just flooded with people that rather shitpost than watch vtubers. Not saying OP is that since he seems to have dug a little and is just trying to share something he found interesting.

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Kill your ID from this database

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OP provided an insightful article. I am nowhere near finishing it but it doesn't seem too tribalistic, just talking about collabs

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>maimoto 3d debut was a year ago
jesus fuck time moves fast

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newfags like (You) should never believe garbage from note.

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>Likes a NSFW voicepack from his coworker on Twitter
Based indeed.

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>Subaru has gone full idol(in her head) and is aiming for more gachikois.
That's pretty fucking dark and cynical. She's abandoning a unique and appealing side of her character to become something more generic and streamlined. Actually Hololive as a whole has been feeling increasingly cynical in the last year and a half or so. It's gone from a streaming company that seeked to entertain with a virtual idol theme, to an actual idol company with all the gross baggage that comes with it. It's fucking disturbing to see something that I used to like so much change for the worse like this.

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Don't believe that garbage you fucking wanker. Most of the replies are shitting on that jap nigga.>>6437252

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I’m pretty sure alot of inflammatory threads are falseflags from JP aggregate blogs that cash in adsense by clickbaiting vtuber clout. They pipe replies through DeepL and curate it as Kaigai-niki opinions.
They’ve already been exposed for doing similar on 5ch and it works wonders as a revenue stream. Have this in mind when you see an ESL OP.

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Holomembers are good friends with each other, they don't have any incentive to find other vtubers to collab with or get in touch with old passing acquaintances from dissolved streaming circles, and them being above in popularity means it's rude to ask for collaborations. Apex is one of the few exceptions, because most Japanese vtubers play it and playing as a duo or squad is better than solo for entrainment and doesn't carry much weight as a real collaboration.

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Money > everything else

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>Sees History post
>It's from note.com
>Visible look of disappointment

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>Nijisanji wouldn't exist without Sora.

There I fixed it for you.

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>Holomembers are good friends with each other
Yeah, especially gen 2...
>them being above in popularity means it's rude to ask for collaborations.
Rude to who exactly? I wish this leeching buzzword just died off already if it's just a barrier that keeps friends from interacting thanks to some shitty numbers.

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Good. Nijisanji belongs in the garbage bin where they belong. Fuck all nijilivers.

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Sigh.. another episode of Nijicope Season seeth now avaliable on /vt/

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>Holomembers are good friends with each other,

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Stop trying to rewrite history you fucking niji faggot.

>> No.6438530

Who cares. Niji is a small fry now. Their fans should just shut the fuck up and groom their retarded daughters/sons to become big and strong like Hololive members.

>> No.6438545

Go back

>> No.6438560

> he says, posting on 4chan
The message/information conveyed matters much more than the medium.

>> No.6438574

Why do you try to speak on shit you don't know anything about?

>> No.6438633

> instantly triggered by facts

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Nijisanji has my respect and karaoke watch time. Holo en is what I watch for a comedic trainwreck. If an en niji ever turns out to be entertaining, hololove en is over.

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>Be Nijisanji faggot
>Lose the quality wars
>Lose the numbers war
>Heavy seething ensues
>Try to cope with note propaganda
>Get called a faggot by holochads
>Heavy seething ensues
>Cope Central


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They get big money and numbers doing what they're doing right now. Don't like it? Go away, they don't need you. You aren't gonna be able to find any vtuber that's better than Hololive anyway.

>> No.6438749

Isn’t it ironic that people are quick to point to Matsuri/Towa/Fubuki as examples of diplomacy, when they’re a relative outcast within the context of Hololive?

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>They get big money and numbers doing what they're doing right now. Don't like it? Go away, they don't need you.
This is true, they don't need me.
>You aren't gonna be able to find any vtuber that's better than Hololive anyway.
Why do you equate money and numbers to quality?

>> No.6438819

They can be the most entertaining vtuber in the world but no one's going to watch them other than the creepy Nijigroomers.

>> No.6438862

Do you think Fubuki is representative of what Hololive entails as of this moment?

>> No.6438871

How else are you supposed to know who is good or not without having to watch anyone?

>> No.6438893

It's quite disgusting how subaru want gachikois so much that she throw away maimoto

>> No.6438904

You are a migration nigger who jumped on the Nijisanji bandwagon. The worse kind of fan. The only faggots spreading this note shit is always the newfags. Thanks for outing yourself by the way. Makes it easier for me to tell you to Fuck Off. And do your clip/stream reps instead of relying on 3rd party propaganda from a coping Jap schizo.

>> No.6438930

Fubuki is an anti-unicorn as someone in hololive can get

>> No.6438934

>Why do you equate money and numbers to quality?
Because those are objective. Anyone can say their indies are more entertaining and better than Hololive. That's just a sad, pathetic cope.

>> No.6438939

I'm pretty sure it's that blog from japanese schizo rather than an "article" people posted it baack in /jp/ days, it's nothing special just a hardcore niji getting frustrated and that was before Holo EN was even a thing.

>> No.6438946

Nijisanji is better than hololive in almost every way.

>> No.6438949

Is this your go-to buzzword now? You can't even groom Niji livers, their chat is way too fast for that because (surprise) they're still the No. 2 vtuber company in the world. If I wanted to groom I'd go after Masquerade or Tsunderia or something.

>> No.6438958

I wouldn't consider her particularly odd for a Holo.
And even if she isn't the biggest now, the fact that she was effectively the face of the company during the big EOP boom still matters to me.

>> No.6438984

After what Cover did to Coco and Haachama why would you blame anyone for migrating? Are you a brand loyalist?

>> No.6438992

Groomers go after literal (and I mean LITERAL literal) 2views. Try another insult.

>> No.6439003

She still baits gachikois, just the ones that aren't nearly as schizo and dangerous.

>> No.6439016

So Nuxtaku objectively mogs most Holos, got it.

>> No.6439020

I'm just gonna point something out, since we all know that chink subs and covid getting eops into hololive is the real reason for their boom. All this nijileeching? Happened in early 2019.

You wanna know how many bilibili subs fubuki had in may of 2019? Half a million.

>> No.6439024

This is why people hate nijiniggers. Not only they are so holier than tho, they just keep coping when someone get more popular than their massproduced low effort trash tier livers.

>> No.6439025

The sad thing is that most of the faggots here weren't even around during that time. They're just talking shit about things they don't know.

>> No.6439038

Blah blag blah I watch nijis, holos and indies and I couldn't care less about what you're going on about. I'm just calling out retards that shout "muh revisionism" when they don't know anything about the history themselves, that's why they can never actually refute what is said outside of screaming cope

>> No.6439070

This. The person who wrote the blog is obviously coping from all the hololive mogging he witnessed for over a year now. Hololive has tripled since then. Damn. I can't imagine how this shizo is managing to cope. Probably already committed self die. Shame.

>> No.6439096

>Because something is popular that means it's good
Never thought I'd see people say this on 4chan of all places.

>> No.6439144

Yeah, Hololive more than doubles and triple Nijisanji numbers on an individual basis. You can't really leech more viewers than the people you supposedly leeched from have ever gotten.

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>Are you a brand loyalist?

How could you tell.

Also why do Nijisanji pretenders love to move goalposts. You're a fake fan. Go watch Nijisanji. And stop spreading this outdated nonsense. There. Now we're back on topic.

>> No.6439180

>After what Cover did to Coco and Haachama why would you blame anyone for migrating?
I mean Graduations suck, but Coco got the best imaginable graduation a vtuber can ask for. They dragged out everyone in hololive and even let her interview the fucking CEO for a comedy skit. It was a celebration of her achievements rather than a funeral like Lulu's graduation. It's one of the few things Cover actually didn't fuck up.

>> No.6439245 [DELETED] 

I fucking hate nijiniggers so much bros... How do I cope with this?

>> No.6439294

Lulu's graduation wasn't that fucking bad, until the very end. Had it just stayed without the bombshell way it would have been a bittersweet and intimate send off.

Coco even getting outed says a lot and leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth.

>> No.6439308

> “This”
> Fails to comprehend context

The article is entirely about shitting on Niji for letting other agencies exploit the shit out of them and yet being so oblivious. The author is as critical as he can get. Way to express being an ignorant EOP lmao

>> No.6439350

>Lulu's graduation wasn't that fucking bad

>> No.6439363

You expect people on this board to read? Especially something that requires reps?

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I feel sorry for you niji fans, honestly. It's always the same tired arguments from you people. I pity you. If only you stayed in your very small corner where you can slowly die of envy as you watch hololive quadruple in every single way. Your note.com rrats will never fly.

>> No.6439458

That jap is a closeted coping Nijisanji fan. Stop twisting reality nijinigger.

>> No.6439470

>Coco even getting outed says a lot
Coco says for the 50th time she left because of creative differences and she doesn't want to deal with managers = getting ousted. Ogey.

>leaves everyone with a bad taste in their mouth.
And yet public support for Cover and hololive has not only remained unchanged, but arguably has grown stronger since Coco left. Funny when reality doesn't reflect /vt/ rrats.

>> No.6439538

>kfp falseflagging as chumbud

>> No.6439539

>Lulu's graduation wasn't that fucking bad

Ruru really left on a bad note huh. The bitch didn't even leave her fans a parting gift. All her vods will be deleted. And her final goodbyes were just tragic. Nijisanji Is a shit company. That much is clear.

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How could you tell.

>> No.6439572

no u

>> No.6439586

>All her vods will be deleted

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Mate, I LOVE Lulu and Nijisanji, and that bombshell absolutely soured her graduation for me. My sadness was replaced by rage at the assholes who did this to the liver I loved so much. Calling it "not that bad" is wrong.

You're wrong, and you should fuck off. Anycolor tried hard to protect her, but the anti power was too strong.

>> No.6439611

Watch stream

>> No.6439622

> Ruru

why are you speaking like you know anything? At least try to make an effort to falseflag.

>> No.6439681

>Gets harassed/Death threats and stalked by rabbid Nijisanji faggots

>Gets harassed/Death threats and stalked by retarded Nijisanji faggots

Not only do Nijisanji love bullying their own. They can't help but bully non niji vtubers as well. Disgusting.

>> No.6439706

Do your stream reps. You niji pretending nigga.

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>why are you speaking like you know anything? At least try to make an effort to falseflag.

Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru Ruru

I don't aim to please. Especially not to a faggot like you.

>> No.6439739

>Nijikids don't even watch their talent
Figures and you fucks have the gal to call out "dead subs" on Holo talent.

>> No.6439748

Let's say chuuba A gets 10 viewers and chuuba B gets 6 viewers. Both of them collab together for a bit. 1 year later chuuba A has 8 viewers and chuuba b has 25 viewers. Is this the product of chuuba B leaching from chuuba A?

>> No.6439814

>Eats up Aloe narrative as served

Holy EOPchama
Does you kind deepthroat every leddot thread as fact?

>> No.6439822

>You're wrong, and you should fuck off. Anycolor tried hard to protect her, but the anti power was too strong.

Nijisanji fans really are a dedicated bunch huh. To think hololive was the idol agency but even Nijisanji's toxicity dwarfs anything that happens in hololive. Poor Chiro has to deal with all those niji apex faggots... Shame.

>> No.6439902

Too easy

>> No.6439914

Look at this anon belching about toxicity
how kino

>> No.6439938

You'd have to account for the number of viewers B gets after the collab period.

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File: 28 KB, 480x263, Screenshot_20210704-174813~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Even the japs don't like that name. Nijisanji is currently the only big vtuber agency with Pooh's honey drenched balls and dick in their mouth.

>> No.6440084 [DELETED] 

vshojo had no effect on Hololive's entrance onto twitch. Miko had her channel before they ever interacted, and streamed a game there before they ever had any colllabs.

>> No.6440097

What did Niji do for China other than having a Chinese branch? Genuinely curious.

>> No.6440139

Here's a article written by the same guy talking about how nijisanji fans shits on their own livers.

>> No.6440140

>What did Niji do for China other than having a Chinese branch?

Why are you trying to trying deflect. That's what you Nijiniggers know best.

>> No.6440158
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> Most of them saying that it's an interesting article or bringing up more supplementary points that the author missed
> The only 2 comments blasting the author are containment breaking faggots from /here/

EOP detected

>> No.6440173


>> No.6440208

Watch Nijisanji faggots pick and choose which article (from the same person) they should believe. Nijifags are bottom of barrel of pathetic. Worse than the Groomer/Saviourfag indie fans.

>> No.6440210 [DELETED] 

What did you expect? Yagoo will accomplish his dream, no matter the methods.

>> No.6440222

Oh that looks like another interesting one.
Thanks anon!

>> No.6440242

Now that you remind me, Cover totally didn’t deepthroat them with their specially curated chinese apology, oh no? Sucks that someone decided to bite while in the act, Pooh didn’t even like it.

Get your facts straight before spouting crap, you’re being an embarrassment to what you represent.

>> No.6440258

I will now become like the nijifaggot scum and use this article like the absolute of FACTS that it is.

>> No.6440298

>Nijis and Holos collab
>nothing really affects the numbers
>Holo suddenly is very popular
Surely this is the work of leaching and not algorithm shenanigans combined with global recognition.

>> No.6440306

And who's getting railed by pooh as we speak? Nijisanji of course.

Anonchama, Your ignorance is showing. Nijisanji is the only one who's currently in bed with China.

>> No.6440350

You didn't answer the previous post asking what niji did for China outside of having a branch.

>> No.6440413

Oh, so he's unbiased enough that he can be trusted then, got it.
Hololive is full of leeches and Nijisanji has shitty fans. Everyone loses, no one who was here before 2021 is surprised.

>> No.6440459 [DELETED] 

why are the "elites" being bitter about the commoners being more popular than them?
shouldn't they be happy that niji and their authentic japanese experience are gatekept from disgusting eop?

>> No.6440487

As if Cover or any other remotely competent entertainment business won’t have a gaping asshole ready for Mao to penetrate.
I’m sorry for those who weren’t skilled enough to be considered as their whore.
But go ahead, rewrite their incompetence as a valiant protest so it suits your narrative, like you always do.
People know what was going on LOL

>> No.6440492

Good thing that group is quickly getting outnumbered.

>> No.6440528


>> No.6440555

This, guy is going full Anaheim Electronics and playing both sides for his own personal gain.

>> No.6440605

>disgusting eop?
LMAO they're bitter than can't keep those away now either thanks to Lazulight, I wonder who's the "leech" now?

>> No.6440639

Imagine having multiple perspectives about a certain passion and being objectively critical. Incomprehensible.

>> No.6440707
File: 47 KB, 746x263, rarity.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude certainly makes some interesting points.

>> No.6440842

This is one of the reasons it's hard to get into Nijisanji, and even Hololive to some extent. There's too fucking many of them. If you want to keep up with the lore on all of them it's a nightmare.

>> No.6440953

This is true. This is true. Holy shit this is true. I will now use these 3rd party acquired FACTS to Shit on Nijisanji and their unsightly fanbase.

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Don't worry brother, we will prevail and capture Japan. the West have already been captured. In Indonesia, there is still Maha5 to overcome. Next we will expand to Korea and ES.

Glory to Hololive! HOLOLIVE GLOBAL!

>> No.6440988

Even the jp fans know that Niji is declining.

>> No.6440992
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Impressive Anonymous.

>> No.6441026

At least with Nijisanji there's no expectation that you should follow all of them. Find one you like and watch them and they people they collab with, no need to be a DD. Hololive encourages the opposite, so it's more of an issue there.

>> No.6441100
File: 58 KB, 720x540, excellent.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nijisanji fans can't even support their own livers. Shame. It's a good thing us Holochads BELIEVE in brand loyalty. Fuck Nijisanji.

>> No.6441201

When's the last time you watched an Anya stream?

>> No.6441233

People watch vtubers?

>> No.6441287

What a record breakingly cringe reply, I am proud to be a part of this glory

>> No.6441293

Not the average /vt/ poster, and especially not the ones posting during SEAnig hours

>> No.6441325

>he doesn't even know that Niji had a Taiwanese branch they retired so that they could focus on sucking chink cock with VirtuaReal

>> No.6441333

> It's a good thing us Holochads BELIEVE in brand loyalty.

What does this sentence even mean? Enlighten us.
My brain melted trying to make any sense out of it

>> No.6441359

Good job, you learned how to google

>> No.6441380

This is probably a good place to ask:
Should we have company anti threads or a dedicated tribal thread?

>> No.6441397 [DELETED] 

What does nijisanji fans mean when they mention you'll "experience uncorrupted jp tradition" if you watch niji livers?

>> No.6441403

That's all you can come back with? Weak.

>> No.6441441

There should be a rule against console war faggotry. Containment for stuff like numbers is fine, this shit should be banned entirely.

>> No.6441459

the one where the female livers are shared out between the male livers at the annual company trip (orgy) every year

>> No.6441483

> Regurgitate google searched rrats
> weak

>> No.6441502 [DELETED] 

only nijiniggers are against this corpo war.
in fact, mods should have a weekly d*xx thread against them and avoid giving them sticky like always.

>> No.6441508

Where did you hear that?

>> No.6441514

>This dumb anon
>Is on /vt/
>Expects full sentences from schizos
>His brain is too low level to understand anything
>Heavy Seething begins

>> No.6441540

Lame. Do better.

>> No.6441550

Oh, it's a newfag. Guess that explains the projection.

>> No.6441584

Desu I have yet to see a benefit from indulging numberfaggotry. That should be gone too but since mods allow it they'll allow consolewar shit too.

>> No.6441593
File: 989 KB, 1000x1288, doggo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A moment from all the tribalfagging in this thread. Please subscribe to this doggo from nijisanji and support her. My Oshi is Suisei and both are equally talented in singing.

>> No.6441649

>She's supposed to be a Cerberus
>Only just noticed the two small heads on her shoulders
Dammit why'd this take so long

>> No.6441672
File: 648 KB, 784x1264, daisenpai.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Niji founding member & daisenpai treated as less than dirt by new fans due to zero separation between Niji generations and old yabs.

I wonder if the holo gen separations and 1 month collab bans are intented to help with new fans' integration to the overall brand and avoid this issue.

>> No.6441730

Hajime dug his own grave lol. He's hated for saying Mito would overtake the 4 heavenly kings and Ai-chan way back when.
Huh, wonder where I've heard that one before...

>> No.6441779
File: 180 KB, 519x341, 1618225368051.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tongoyami Yappi!

>> No.6441783

lol, a man ahead of his time huh

>> No.6441798

That's funny but really unfortunate. Yeah it seem that attitude rubbed of on people, Mito has been in for awhile and still hasn't overtaken AI

>> No.6441840

Nijiseethe, Nijicope, Nijidilate.

>> No.6441916

Listened to her RE:I AM cover, breddy good. Thanks for the recc.

>> No.6441927

Mito is far more relevant than Ai nowadays, even if she isn't inclining anymore and her high point of relevance was 2 years ago.

>> No.6442015

If it was important they would have translated it and not just posted it in some dead worthless language. Discarded.

>> No.6442037

>Overtake AI
How is he feeling right now that Hololive , LITERALLY obliterated that kind of title?

>> No.6442084

I think his Antis have made him regret saying it enough that he doesn't care anymore.
Also, I hope you realize what I was getting at at the end there.
Chumbud gloating has and will give Gura antis, and they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

>> No.6442130

This again? This thing already made its round on 5ch back when it was just published. To inform you, the original title was not にじさんじ文化論 (Nijisanji Culture Theory) but instead にじさんじ衰退論 (Nijisanji Decline Theory).
The guy was pretty much ousted as a fan-turned-anti of Nijisanji and was using Hololive as ammunition to attack Nijisanji, all while also bringing down Hololive reputation in the process. The guy writes in a pretty convoluted way while using highlighted words to assure the readers that what he's writing is the 'truth', while they're pretty much his 'headcanon' of said topic. Put disclaimer saying that 'the writer has no malicious intent of slandering people whose name are mentioned in this article' then proceed to brand a streamer as 'Nijikiller' along with his numerous headcanons explaining why this girl is doing maximum leech, didn't even bother to mention that all of them were 'possibilities born from observing certain topic from certain perspective', just straight up highlighting words as if they're the truth.
Heck you can even smell that he didn't do his research enough when writing the article. He spoke as if Mito was the one popularized the term おるやんけ, ○○じゃい and FBK is stealing it to trademark as her own. In fact both terms (○○やんけ, ○○じゃい) were born and been used since old NND days. If you have been digging around roommates information then you'd know why both of them were using it a lot.

TL;DR a Nijifag (probably also a numberfag) was salty his favorite company isn't keeping up with Hololive, turned into hardcore anti and started writing long headcanons to defame both companies since he hate both of them now.

>> No.6442170

>Try to push some garbage rrat from note of all sites
>Still manage to not include the link in the OP
>It's longer than Umineko
the state of nijifags, I just feel pity now

>> No.6442244

>TL;DR a Nijifag (probably also a numberfag) was salty his favorite company isn't keeping up with Hololive, turned into hardcore anti and started writing long headcanons to defame both companies since he hate both of them now.
Does he need meds or a hug? Just watch streams, everything else melts away.

>> No.6442287

nice goalposting, faggot

>> No.6442294

It's not his fans that said it but he himself?

>> No.6442349

This is what happens when you watch numbers instead of streams.

>> No.6442364

I won't pretend to be enough of an oldfag to have seen it myself, but that's what I've heard. And in his defense, Mito WAS growing at the time, and she's still relevant now, unlike any of the 4 heavenly kings.

>> No.6442415

I see, now I understand why he has so many antis

>> No.6442433

Nah, after that Coco mogging, I am happy now that I've sided with HL and able to move on from constant number fagging. Since we're on the topic of Niji's recline theory, it's true if you read the latest archived numbers thread. They don't have any notable incline from recent debuted livers. And to answer OP's question, "is hololive the strongest and worst rival?", the answer is Yes and it's the fault of the company for not branching out globally or giving a vision/mission for their livers.

>> No.6442451

The fan suck then. He was cheering for his friend who was rising in subs. With the heavenly king title, it could just be a reference to any lame old jrpg. Jap have autism.

>> No.6442473

>With the heavenly king title, it could just be a reference to any lame old jrpg.
Newfag please.

>> No.6442476

which is it?

>> No.6442505
File: 33 KB, 1000x500, 1599034063606.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.6442512

who the fuck is chiro ?

>> No.6442523

I'm a newfag, but who is the 4 heavenly kings?

>> No.6442542

The on that sounds the most asshurt is probably in the wrong. That is my experience anyways.

>> No.6442560
File: 67 KB, 400x600, 1618378244716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kaguya Luna, Siro, Nojyaloli, Mirai Akari

>> No.6442602

sorry, but what?

>> No.6442745

Yes and you are part of the problem. They were given the title 4 heavenly king, he might have made a refence to jrpg with a yuusha, hero for you gaijin, going to beat hem and the demon lord. In this case it was Mito. Kazuna was a unclimbable mountain back then.

>> No.6442755 [DELETED] 
File: 1.14 MB, 2814x1945, 1621742090577.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

nta, but ogey chink, here are your meds.

>> No.6442797 [DELETED] 

she's certainly not an outcast, only someone who hasn't watched hololive could say such a stupid thing.

>> No.6442819

Chihiro. Autocorrected is Chiro.

>> No.6442820

Well depends on which one you want to believe, and even then the correct answer is probably something in between.
Did all the collabs boost their numbers? Most probably yes. Even now we can see that collabs tend to boost all parties involved, and for someone on the lower side it's definitely impactful.
Did they collab simply for the numbers and have some 200 IQ planning on how to maximize it as that writer claimed? Most probably not. This might come as a surprise, but not all individual on this earth think 10 steps ahead before they start doing anything. If they do have the ability for that then most probably they aren't applying for this job in the first place given on how volatile and luck dependent this industry is.
Most likely scenario is that they are friends (in some case even before they became vtubers), and start collabing just because they can. Then they noticed on top of having fun they also get numbers, so put two and two together and you get the assumed reason for
all the collabs in the past. Why they aren't doing it as much now though might have something to do with the management rather than the talents themselves.

>> No.6442822

People still repost those rants of a buttmad nijifag? This is the guy who claimed Aqua to be the "Nijisanji Killer" lol

>> No.6442824

Early holos still collab with their niji friends. I mean Choco and RBC have one in a few hours.

>> No.6442851
File: 109 KB, 1024x1024, 9671.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gura, Kizuna, Pekora and Korone desu.

>> No.6442869

The one that's not pushing Niji propaganda.

>> No.6443079

Nta, but I watched her RE ending stream.
It was okay, but nothing memorable.
Can she sing?

>> No.6443101

Oh, so he is the one who tried to push it, never really get why some people calls Aqua that

>> No.6443178

ive already subscribed to her. she's fantastic

>> No.6443216

Gura is the Apex predator or maou. Not part of the 4 heavenly king.

>> No.6443325
File: 30 KB, 732x597, smugsora.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6443358

Please do not use images of Sora for threads like this.

>> No.6443386

>Can she sing?
From what I've heard, Anya is pretty low tier when it comes to Hololive singing. Not Ame/Noel tier, but she's not good.

>> No.6443435


> blaming Miko for cutting off Shiba.
> when Shiba was acting menhera on the eve of Miko's event (acknowledged by Shiba herself).

Alright, seems that he's a rrat merchant.

>> No.6443473

>niji was popular first in japan
>holo suck up to niji and ask for constant collabs
>niji is nice enough to give them collabs because why would they be rude towards their competitors
>holo get popular internationally
>drop niji like week old garbage
>refuse to acknowledge niji at all
>holo will never help niji like niji help holo
This is sad. Why is Cover and Hololive so evil?

>> No.6443545

Flare and Roberu also did collabs with Nijis in literally just the last week. Do you actually keep up with streams?

>> No.6443583

Don't bite into bait, anon

>> No.6443587
File: 40 KB, 530x530, 964395.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You got outplayed son

>> No.6443623

There is a Hololive/Nijisanji/774 collab going on right now...

>> No.6443640

It doesn't count if it's not Pekora. If Pekora could boost Moona up that high she certainly can do the favour for a few Nijis...

>> No.6443669

Didn't Ollie pass Moona?

>> No.6443691

>like niji help holo
Tell me again how many collabs did niji do with holos before hololive blow up and niji was at the top? How many did hololive do collab for nijisanji when hololove become popular?

>> No.6443694

Pekora doesn't have any friends and used to leach off of Miko. Flare and Roberu have friends because they are decent people.

>> No.6443744
File: 494 KB, 630x500, 8c4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You tribalfaggots sadden oyabun. She kickstarted this niche with the sense of Unity. Promoting new chuubas that came after her and shilling vtuber in general. Even when niji flooding the market like the souless corpo they were, she still shilling them and encourage 2Dlivers, even when Sora was just a little no name she shill her and her newly established group so they can gain attention from her massive fanbase at the time. Even the 4King follow this unity tradition and here (You) faggots tribalfagging and shit on each other. Sigh... where did it all went wrong?

>> No.6443758

>When Hololive started doing well, the collabs with Kaede started thinning out.

>> No.6443761

Anon.. they boost each other and even the whole holo during that PekoMoona arc. Do ur number reps

>> No.6443787

Oh no no no, Aqua is one of the leech

>> No.6443799

/jp/'s culture of hateful elitism meshing with console war culture.

>> No.6443803

new world record

>> No.6443828

People complain about the elitism and gatekeeping on /jp/ but I thought this site generally agreed that gatekeeping is a good thing?

>> No.6443829

Who the fuck cares about what the bottom tier trashes do? Niji sent their absolute top members to collab with Hololive, why can't Hololive do the same now that Niji is in deep shit and need some serious help to stay afloat? They don't even need to boost those 3-digit people. Just boost the mid tier ones until they can consistently get 20k viewers on their own is plenty good enough.

>> No.6443858

It is a good defensive strategy and all the power to people who can gatekeep. The problem is that people use it as an offensive strategy in other threads.

>> No.6443873

Nijisanji doesn't need help you retarded falseflagger. They are doing fine.

>> No.6443875
File: 1.37 MB, 2000x2000, 1521143163273.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like Ai chan but it went wrong with her and Activate, had she not existed we wouldn't be here tribal fucking.

>> No.6443937

Sukoya should play this game as Plague. She'd love it.

>> No.6443967

Yeah, doing fine fighting other vtubers for some leftover scraps from Hololive. Every single one of them is playing Apex like crazy because that's the only thing that'll make people watch them. The only one that's consistently doing well is Kuzuha.

>> No.6443999

You've let the numbers get to your head anon.

>> No.6444013

You let numbers upset you again anon.

>> No.6444023

choco-sen still collabs a lot outside hololive
which you would know if you actually watched streams

>> No.6444207
File: 118 KB, 850x601, 81d92d8415193ff70a4d7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6444364

She and Roboco are literally collabing with Tomoe right now lol

>> No.6444431

based holobrony

>> No.6444672

these "people" are all redditors, anon

>> No.6444820

>sora likes macho man.
That's good, i'm macho

>> No.6444831

hahahhahahaha holy shit i fucking hate niggersanji but you holofags are seriously retarded if you actually think this.

if you don't watch eliene you are a newfag and should neck yourself

>> No.6444963

What are those 2 things on her tongue? Candy?

>> No.6444993


>> No.6445039

Legally prescribed, right?

>> No.6445096

up to your imagination

>> No.6445123

based narukami

>> No.6445155

lol sora was a nobody before 2019.
in 2018 she literally had like 100 subs

>> No.6445158

Didn't the artist also have one with both Sora and Suisei?

>> No.6445177

>no modern vtuber content would exist without eliene
*fixed that for you

>> No.6445199 [DELETED] 
File: 17 KB, 389x389, 1622581235184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Le my OGrrino!
No matter how much you shill your OGrrino, she will, and forever be irrevant. Stay on your lane scrublord.

>> No.6445205

>wtf is nda
underage shouldn't post here

>> No.6445278

>kfp schizo's make 20 threads an hour on bait topics
>hundreds of slide threads everyday
>always posts biggest rrats/bait
>targets reddit eops who don't know what saging is

man I don't know why only hololive boards are in the first page. dramaniggers pushing hololive up? no it can't be impossible guess everyone else must be irrelevant.

>> No.6445296


>deletes post in seconds after being called out

ah pottery

>> No.6445422
File: 17 KB, 389x389, 1622581235184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Le my OGrrino!
No matter how hard you shill your OGrrino, she will never be relevant.
>Nooo my KFP schizo
Using a reaction image is a shizo? Stay on your lane scrublord OGrrino.

>> No.6445492
File: 140 KB, 254x265, 1625105033297.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seething this hard, so this is the power of OGrrino

>> No.6445609

I only started watching vtubers recently and I didnt even know there was console war faggotry in vtubing too I had enough of it in /v/ they are just entertainers

>> No.6445668

blame corpobootlickers

>> No.6446537
File: 30 KB, 429x421, 162602705449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Butthurt Nijinigger using the graduated Holostars member Kaoru as an "example of leeching" because he couldnt use the girls as a punchingbag for his rrat schemes
You faggots and whoever made that misleading shitty note deserve the rope. Kaoru had a lot of connections and was interacting with literally anyone on Twitter, Vtubers, Voice actors, Youtubers, Artists, Streamers and even Fucking "Beyblade Accounts" because he was a Beyblade Addict and that was his darn niche.


The nigger who made the note didnt even bother to do his digging reps properly and include members like Pekora, Korone, Miko and Shion, the ones who collabed with Niji males and females that he could "label as leeches" and retards would buy it, and instead went after someone who was minding his own damn business. I hope for that nigger and his family to step on Legos for generations to come.

>> No.6447292


>> No.6447338

NTA but
>search: tokino_sora rating:explicit

>> No.6447398

What did he said about Kaoru?
I don't want to click on that fuckin note link

>> No.6447477

found it on sankaku, thanks

>> No.6451320

None of what you said will pay the bills or further their career. Imagine wanting your oshi to stagnate just because it makes you feel good. Go be complacent somewhere else.

>> No.6451514 [DELETED] 

Damn now I want to make a fan game where Gura boss fights the four kings, AI gaming and AI

>> No.6451649
File: 78 KB, 1280x720, WIN_20210414_16_49_44_Pro.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hell yeah brother! Soramania LOVES Machoman!

>> No.6452069

Meds please.

>> No.6452243

What bombshell?

>> No.6452403 [DELETED] 

Yeah the article is just schizo cope making huge reaches to claim leeching into the gen3 era when by that point it was long over. Niji and Cover were in similar positions offering slightly different products then Coco revolutionized the company and cemented Hololive as number one. To call streaming the same FOTM games leeching is just jap cope not understanding how streaming metas work.

>> No.6452464

Yup it was a thing. Holo going as far as using Nijisanji for their metatags and got called out (given that it wasn't a problem until the incident) Congrats on finding these stuff out now LURK MORE

>> No.6452515
File: 711 KB, 1176x832, 1626022710580.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking filtered by being an EOP. pathetic really

>> No.6452800

Nijisanji elitist found out about common Vtuber history for the first time and thought nobody knew it

>> No.6452920

>Wasnt fucking bad
let do it again

>> No.6456110

Extremely comfy

>> No.6457581
File: 1.84 MB, 200x198, 1612044054763.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.6458532

That’s not the only reason he’s hated it’s just what set it off

>> No.6458603

Yeah, he's just incredibly easy to make fun of because he's always saying stupid shit or being cringy. His antis remind me of Kiara antis here. Screenshotting his tweets with "what did he mean by this"

>> No.6458606

not him but you sound like an insufferable faggot

>> No.6459915

God reading this shit is entertaining it's like reading about the Sengoku Jidai.

>> No.6459930

Its kinda sad in a way, and the article highlights it. Because he was cringe during his early years, his reputation was trashed in the Niji fan circle, and every time he tried to gain back some relevance via collabs (supposedly open to all Nijis), the fans of his collab partner straight up stopped watching that stream when he shows up.
In HoloJP this level of hatred for a fellow holomem is very rarely seen among the fans.

>> No.6460566

He was and still is a big collabfag, and he's toned down the cringe compared to his starting year, but his antis are extremely dogged. Even when he isn't doing anything outstanding they'll find things to shit on him for, it came back after the garlic phone collab so he's had to turn off comments

>> No.6461239
File: 456 KB, 675x700, akirose.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>hololive leeched nijisanji to grow
>yet aqua was nicknamed the "nijikiller" by always playing solo like a true autist
smells like a nijinigger rrat blog. And you are a retard, OP.

>> No.6461286

What do you mean? He had comments turned off except for on some projects way before that collab, and in fact it looks like he opened them back up for every stream since his 3.0 reveal for some reason

>> No.6461343

I'd kill to go back to 2017, a better time for sure

>> No.6464103

Agree with you but
Anon, Cover has great talents, but as a company, they luckshitted their way to the international market.

>> No.6464730

>>yet aqua was nicknamed the "nijikiller" by always playing solo like a true autist
it's the same writer that coined that term...

>> No.6464911

Still better and more organic than niji who used nepotism to get popular in NND

>> No.6465354

Aqua collabs with Nijis more than most of the members, along with the rest of Gen 2, 1, and Gamers. Gen 3 is when management decided to cut ties with Nijisanji.
If you watch Aqua's and Korone's streams, you can tell they rather collab with Nijisanji members over their own.

>> No.6465364


>> No.6465677

Is there anything sadder than an indietard?

>> No.6471982

is this delusion or what? Kizuna Ai is still finding success on the more musical side of virtual tubers

>> No.6475513

>You holofags better watch out, one day maybe one of our vtubers will be entertaining, and THEN you'll be fucked!
This is how you sound, anon.

>> No.6476090

lol That's pretty accurate next they'll say
>We got a EN 2 coming out to saturate our 1st 3 even more Holobrony one of those will definitely be less irrelevant than the first 3 or your Vsinger.

>> No.6477968

>"I only watch Nijisanji karaoke streams and don't consider them entertaining"
>"Ah, this must be a Nijisanji fan."

>> No.6482733

Note blog posts' reputations aside, this is a good account of the early history of Nijisanji and Hololive. Even if you disagree with the conclusion, when it came to the supporting evidence, none of it was faked.

>> No.6482875

Yeah, that level of hatred from within the company fandom itself is the weird part. Despite so many different talents under the same banner, the fanbase seem to consider them as separate entities somehow, despite there being no division.

Normally you'd expect such things in Hololive, where the talents (and thus, fanbase) is officially divided into Generations. Like Gen3 fans hating Gen5 fans or something. But that doesn't happen.

>> No.6482880

It would be good if some centrist anon could translate this. I think it's important

>> No.6483318

What do you expect people to suck his dick just because he’s part of the same company as the vtubers they like or because he’s part of first wave, while some of it is just complete nitpicking he gets hate for a reason

>> No.6483340

That's why Nijisanji isn't popular. Their fans like to drag other people down so that their oshi can be the best, there's no respect whatsoever.

>> No.6483540

you all seem to forget that nijisanji has units too. and at this point hajiki's antis are schizo tier, so they shouldn't be raised as the nijisanji fan standard

>> No.6484059

Ha said shit about other people(Kizuna AI) so people will hate him, simply as that, just like Japanese holofags hated Aloe

>> No.6484154

There's sure is something weird about nijifags in JP, bcuz surely that's not the case with other nijibranch

>> No.6484162

>makes one cringey numberfag joke
>is flamed for the rest of eternity

>> No.6484338

correction : NijiJP

Once you branched out from JP you'll see less of that kind of division

>> No.6486540

>Japanese holofags hated Aloe
Those were NND nijiniggers, and netuyos were pissed because she liked korean dick lol.

>> No.6487152

more than that actually. utaitefags hated her because she shittalked them and cheetosfags hated her because she spread a rat about chitose that the person in question debunked herself.

>> No.6489296

Now I wanna see a niji liver using holo metatags, especially since YT is super bias with holo rn, it's gonna be sweet

>> No.6489427

Ah yeah, the nijinigger lol. holobronies and their boogeyman

>> No.6490226

The author is actually whining about Nijis not using said tactics themselves even when they were losing viewers to hololive.

>> No.6494374

was it the superman reaction image that gave it away?

>> No.6496689

fucking nijiniggers ruin everything

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