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Nuts edition.

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hand them over now

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tell me about the squirrel
why is she so thirsty for nut

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Risu, if you read this thread. Pls make a fucking karaoke stream


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Uncensored sauce?

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This one is actually gross to look at. It reminds me of that one baseball game glitch.

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I can give Risu fresh juice nuts few times a day if she wants !

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I wonder if this thread will last

@bakuhakudraws on twitter, can't get link cause mobile stuff. He draws a bunch of Hololive stuff, mostly Ina it seems.

The earlier days were not that bad. That one is the final day of NNN. The goal was to add cum every single day of November.

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That is horifying

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bro wtf it looks like her skin is melting

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Jesus this is some Junji Ito shit, disgusting

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This happened because (you) sick fucks didn't stop cumming for 5 solid minutes

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she loved it

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Why are people lewding Risu, she could literally be decapitated by Sharia for this. She was warned once already.

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she can live with me if she wants to escape it, I have a spare room

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Garbage thread edition

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Warned when? And for which thing exactly?

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Anon, sharia only exists in one province in Indonesia. A province that none of the ID vtubers (Maha5 and Niji included) live in due to the ultraconservative culture there.

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Adding to this, that sharia province is so strict that no movie theaters exist there, and non-Muslim women must wear a hijab and be accompanied by a male guardian. Refusal to comply will result in either a fine or public caning.

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and I'll do it again too
because it's fun to violate taboos and i'm sure that's why she likes it too

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