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Ladies and gentlemen, your HoloEN Vsinger, Generation Two

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Never understood the appeal of that song or singer, is okey, is a nice song, but nothing special...
Its there a deeper meaning to it?

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It's relaxing. Many people really like that aspect of songs.

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Make city pop great again.

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this bitch really got into NijiEN? crazy

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Shouldn't we have a gen 1 first? I like irys but she's EN in streaming alone. Music wise not so much. Which is fine i like jp music

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It's not that special. It was boosted by the YT recommendation algorithm and the general interest in vaporwave (and other nostalgic-sounding music) at the time. It ended up kicking off interest in the "city pop" genre

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>only 135k subs on youtube
>9 years of videos

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Woh bro. We dont use the G word in Hololive English

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She's dead anon...

I like Vaporwave-esque songs and 80s jpop.

70-90s jpop has gotten popular in the last 5 years. Youtube is recommending me song after song.

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this art is from caitlin myers's cover and mariya takeuchi is still alive...

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she auditioned for wave 1, didn't even get interviewed. auditioned for gen 2 same story. she cried her friends about not passing. considering one of her friends got into prism and has seen "big" success outside of the big 3, i have a feeling she will be prism unless she is trying for niji.

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I mean, sure.

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Prism hasn't made any indication they're adding more girls anytime soon.

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See the pin comment, that story was shared around and many couples see this song as a lucky charm.

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wrong bitch

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yes, they have.
they have been joking about gen 4 as well as captain talking about artists. they are doing it by the end of the year 100%

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It's nostalgic I guess. Fusion chads get in here!
Here's some Masayoshi Takanaka

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>Pinned comment
>YouTube account has been terminated.
What did he mean by this?

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hag love!

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literally an algorithm created fad, the most soulless shit ever

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actually one of my favourite albums ever, glad there are fellow fusion enjoyed on this board. I'm personally a really big fan of Jun Fukumachi https://youtu.be/6Dri2nvN7jo

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i wasted a lot of time learning music theory instead of doing my college so everytime i heard a song with chord that is not using the common 135 formula it makes me so fucking hard, man. you cant believe how many times i masturbate everytime i heard a V#5 chord get resolved to a more stable neutral sounding chord. for you whi think that studying music is worth it, dont. you lost your soul. listen to your favorite artist and loop it instead. music isnt about learning, its about listening and having fun, and someday maybe, you can share it too. go watch eric clapton live performance, see how much he is having fun just using a basic ass pentatonic scale.

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Based Masayoshi Takanaka enjoyer

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Anon... your miki reps....

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It's the first decent-to-good City Pop song to blow up in the west. That alone is why its the most popular one.

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Where my /ohnuki/ bros at

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Your soundpost is broken because you can't into URL encoding retardchama.
Anon, did Miki sing Plastic Love? Your ear reps. RIP Miki.

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Yeah it was deleted by youtube few hours after i posted it. the channel is Plastic Lover and that version have 68m views

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just droppin by..


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>there will never be a chuuba that sing this stuff regularly

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you're rude

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I feel like a 30 year old lady listening to this album
Pretty sure Gura said she liked City Pop but maybe she doesn't want to sing just that

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Hello fellow cool guys. If you haven't already you should also check out Rainbow Goblins and An Insatiable High by Masayoshi Takanaka. Oh, check out Kazumi Watanabe's Mermaid Boulevard and Olive's Step, too.

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Takanaka's albums are so fucking great

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wtf Mariya Tekeuchi? isn't she like 60+ years old now?

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So? Botan is still older

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I try.

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How old is Botan again? 62?

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mariyakeks this is your oshi?

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She is the Ira Gamagori of Hololive, her age is "older than you"

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im retarded

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tfw no Tatsuro Yamashita husband

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>city pop
Literally ripping off gura

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Like a hollywood love story
if only they had more kids

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I want a gen of vtubers who all know an instrument

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gura did a cover of plastic love. Once Hololive gets permissions all of the girls will sing some of the city pop classics

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Got ya senpai

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Seems some idolfags are lost here, let me guide you

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I meant actually play.

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>complaining about idolbuta in the holobrony board

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I unironically hate that song.

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I guess it is pretty overrated after it blew up and became the gateway song for people getting into citypop stuff, I prefer Yume No Tsuzuki more than plastic love personally, mainly because Tatsuro has a nice part in it

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I just realized this was a bait post because the VSinger also only sings in nip

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Fucking Japan copyright

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the singer of that song is a vtuber now

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Here's a reup.

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ITT: motherfuckers sleeping on Toshiki Kadomatsu

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>Tfw no jfusion vtuber to play ewi with
Why even go on bros?

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Meant for >>6553152

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Wow, she's good at singing. How often does she stream herself singing?

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>alessandra mussolini
wait wait wait, THAT alessandra mussolini? She was a singer before arguing with meme rappers and being a senator cause funny name?

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>music isnt about learning, its about listening and having fun, and someday maybe, you can share it too.
>see how much he is having fun just using a basic ass pentatonic scale.
You could say that about any art and that's basically life if you pay attention to the shared message

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people wanting to go back to the 80's and forget the shithole 2010+ is. Just look at random clips of 80's people, everybody fucking smiled while if you looked at modern people, you can barely see any soul left in there.

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Honestly things just get worse and worse with every year. Modernity was a mistake

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Nice try but THIS is the real Vsinger generation 2

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>everytime i heard a song with chord that is not using the common 135 formula it makes me so fucking hard, man. you cant believe how many times i masturbate everytime i heard a V#5 chord get resolved to a more stable neutral sounding chord

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Bay City > plastic love

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You have no idea how badly the 80's sucked for the majority of people. Quit projecting and be the change you want to see.

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I think everything went to shit after 9/11 is all.

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THIS is what you fags keep calling the best singer of Hololive? She's mostly on pitch and her voice is pleasant to listen to but nothing more. She might not even make it in top 10 Holo singers.

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Holy shit. That sounds amazing. I think I have the actual instrumental and it sounds like she's mostly on beat with it. Give me a few minutes.

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there won't EN Gen 2, let along Vsinger 2

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Now with music

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Where's the reverb?

>> No.6588430

purease undastand, t. retard that just slapped this together in Audacity in like three minutes.
You really want it done right?

>> No.6588467

It's the same reason so many people on the west like hololive, since it's their first contact with a media they act like it's the best one ever made

>> No.6588478

Yes, make it sound like the original.

>> No.6588590

The "born in the wrong generation" hipsters are very into it.

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The 80s sucked for anyone that was in NA (excluding Mexico) and western Europe.
In fact, anyone that says any of the 19th century's decades was "the best" is most likely an American.

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I have no fucking idea what I'm doing. Audacity sucks dick, I'll try again later at a machine with Audition and all of my VST plugins.

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based and halal

>> No.6590414

based and sodapilled

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Sounds good enough, thanks anon.

>> No.6592365

You're welcome, but my ass fired up Audition now and I'm almost done...

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Great, now I want to make sweet love to this god damn squirrel.
my monitors aren't as good as I thought, the chorus/reverb are a bit too wet now that I listen to it on my speakers. if I do any more of this there will be no saving me.

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>19th century
god I miss the 1870s

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meiji restoration best time of my life

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for me it was the franco prussian war

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They play it For (You) on KIKI!

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Jadoes fucking slaps, sasuga Kadomatsu production.

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It's not that special, it's a very comfortable and inoffensive 80s city pop song. It's city pop at its most accessible. It's a lightly melancholic ballad, drenched in reverb and a cute idol singer with a nice voice.
It's important to recognize that city pop isn't really a monolithic entity, city pop started in the 1970s and lasted until the early 90s, with heavy variance between the styles. What most people recognize as city pop today is just the 80s portion, which incidentally is the most straight forward of the bunch.
The 70s and 90s both saw a LOT of experimentation, the former to figure out what the genre even is and the latter to figure out where to take it. Early city pop had a LOT of jazz and yeye influence and both of them were subsequently reduced for a more electronic sound (largely championed by YMO in 1978 with their release of Pacific), while also being streamlined to be more pop-oriented.
There's a LOT more to city pop than the few songs the youtube algorithm spams at you, especially at the fringes.

Also, on a note that is completely unrelated, except that it's also Japan and the 1980s, go listen to Togawa Jun.

The shibuya-kei influence really sells what would otherwise be a fairly forgettable neo-city pop album.

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>No Anri
Come on bros


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Thema de Gosling (forma 80s)

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No, it's just a meme.

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