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Has Apex gone too far?

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redpill me about chuubas and apex

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Laugh now but come back in a couple of months.
Once the honeymoon phase is over and she's bored of playing random shit and wants to rank up on Apex.
Then you'll see her just do apex nonstop. And she's gonna want to drag others with her.
This game is a blight. I can already see them all playing Apex all day.
It'll be the death of their content.

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It's popular among japanese vtubers and zoomers.

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It's the Japanese League of Legends for streaming

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Don't worry. I'm sure she'll put in Genshin Impact somewhere in her schedule.

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Based, I hope she'a Miragechad

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>not being a causticchud

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What do u expect from an apex pred

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Sorry, I'm not a fat shitter

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sorry you aren't a based chud with the aryan skin for him

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Pomu is safe from the Apex curse at least.

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Choco BTFO

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Please, Chocosen will play more Apex in one sitting than this dragon will in a week.

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Apex is an infection
Imagine having an oshii and seeing her taken away by that game.
You pretty much lose her.

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And choco will still suck compared to this dragon.

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Long neck

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I fucking hate Apex

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>Selen has successfully memed herself already.
I'm proud of this cute dork.

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It's weird. Apex is full of butt-ugly characters, and yet the Japanese love it. Normally, the game needs to have an East Asian aesthetic to succeed in those markets, just look at how League of Legends changed over the years. Apex looks like an ugly Western shooter full of niggers and trannies, and yet they love it.

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She memed herself with Salad Tzatziki as well. This one has a lot of potential

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Yes. Apex took my oshi.

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why do people hate apex so much?
actually, did you even play apex legend before? or did you play fps game before?

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>or did you play fps game before?
Yes, that is exactly why I hate it. I like fps games with good level design that encourages players to fight each other over the course of a match, not this hide and seek while collecting loot shit with only a killer bubble forcing you to get closer together. "But that is the whole point of a battle royale!" you say, that is what makes it such a degenerate subgenre.

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its fun for 1 month and then you realize competitive seasons are way too short and you have to put in a degenerate amount of time for the grind. Also taking fights is too much of a risk so you basically camp for 20 minutes and do nothing until late game. Finally you play the lottery praying to get a good zone for a potential win. Its retarded, rewards inaction, and is overall a massive waste of time

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Nijisanji is known as the APEX company in Japan.

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Yeah I hate it.
The arena matches are fun (3v3 pvp) but there's way too many issues as a whole with it. One of the big ones is the guns just feel like complete trash. It's supposed to be to increase the ttk, but it just feels garbage. In general the ttk is fucking ridiculous unless you have a fully modded gun and are 5 feet from them.

Also battle royals suck.
There was 1 I was playing for a bit, super mecha champions. It's chink garbageware but it does a lot of things other battle royals don't, and one of those is encouraging you to just murder people. It's basically titanfall as a battle royal ironically, complete with the retarded lasers that make pilots a bigger threat than mechs half the time.
Don't recommend it, but its a battle royal I like more than apex because the guns are actually usable and it encourages combat rather than teaching you to run away like a bitch.

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>Apex company
That is VSPO, retard.

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Which of these girls are the strongest?

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Tachibana Hinano collabs with Kamito are great

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Smallbrain CSfag that cant handle engagements in different directions

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Kurumi Noah with Nazuna in close second.

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Notice how many Wraiths use the skins with the mask. Also, JP fanart of the characters make them look good looking.
VSPO is more than APEX, sadly people only care about APEX. Numbers for PUBG/Valorant/Siege/etc don't match it. The most popular girls in VSPO now are those who invested in APEX.
Depends on the game? For APEX, Noah/Hinano and Qupi are Masters-ranked I believe? There was some clip/video where they said Hinano was the best but imo, Noah's the strongest in APEX for VSPO.
OreApo has led to crazy growth for her.

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>VSPO is more than APEX, sadly people only care about APEX. Numbers for PUBG/Valorant/Siege/etc don't match it. The most popular girls in VSPO now are those who invested in APEX.
Funny because Noah was explode because of Valorant. But Valorant is too hard and too frustrating for them.

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>normally, the game needs to have an East Asian aesthetic
Retarded weeb

League at its early days had western designs and butt ugly character / map, it got insanely popular in Korea
Starcraft is filled with ugly monsters and creatures, it did amazing in Korea
Knives out has none of that East Asian aesthetic, it was one of the most played japanese game
PUBG had nothing to do with east asian aesthetic, it did better in east asia than anywhere else where fortnite took over instead

East Asian aesthetic is only a selling point to anyone not living in East Asia.

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That period when so many APEX streamer tried Valorant and struggled because they die so fast. I also don't think Valorant as good a stream game since there's less time for talking.

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Apex is a good streaming game that works well with the vtuber format. There's a lot of downtime just spent walking around the map or exploring, with short, somewhat unpredictable bursts of action, which means you can fit a lot of idle talk in, while also having decent amounts of tight moments and close calls leading to cute noises.

Basically everything that's shit about the BR genre works in a vtuber setting specifically.

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Valorant is just shitty Coubter Strike and even a CS clone is still gonna have issues when streaming, because it requires a lot of focus. You can't play CS and entertain an audience at the same time.

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Pretty much

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>League at its early days
And then it got completely overhauled to make sure the popularity stays consistent. Now, most cosmetics cash comes from East Asia, with stuff like KDA skins making tons of money.
Starcraft is not ugly like Apex. It's sci-fi with monsters.
The other two examples have no style to speak of, they're just "realistic".
>East Asian aesthetic is only a selling point to anyone not living in East Asia.
Korean MMO market says hi. Those games are very popular in Korea, they all put a ton of emphasis on attractive characters, and your Western ass won't ever see them translated.
So don't be retarded, they love beautiful characters, and Apex is only popular for its gameplay. Give it time, and EA will overhaul the entire aesthetic for the better.

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There are a handful of attractive or well designed characters like Loba. But it’s not like they give a shit about the character design when it’s an fps with a large arena.

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yeah shibuya hal got repeatedly carried by nazuna, it was pretty interesting to watch

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Considering the jokes she made it's almost certain that she browses here right?

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Becuase battle royales are not good indication of skills in the game.
If you make 20 teams have 20 matches in the same day, you're gonna have like 5 to 8 different teams winning at least once, that's a near impossible occurrance in any other multiplayer competitive game

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Don't fuck with us Vtubers:

We only play Midpex and Midcraft.

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>Give it time, and EA will overhaul the entire aesthetic for the better.

If this was a different company I'd agree, but it's EA. They are more concerned with making new demiqueerkin characters than pandering to the asian market.

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